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II . ,' -,. ined With The Lehi Banner b'X lUlJj.. 1 ,,' fl
Ifljli " ' t'EHI, UTAH, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 471020 ' , g KQ 14 I
Ildslide For Republicans
h and the nation casts biggest vote in history
i nucan nominees, locally, in the state and nation-
given nearly two to every one for the democratic
E'nees, returns yesterday showed.
i. fnr 1L0 Itopubllcana wiib tho lcsiilt of Tuesday's tmllut casting
a ?hn I nlt-l States. Lohl, Vtah County, the Statu of Utah and a
Bttl ii, nation, from which reports lind boon received late yester-
'B i ft, overwhelming voto for tho Republican nomlneos, In many
B f m twi to tmo to throo to ono Itoturns horo and olietthero
B iho ballots cast thin year will by fnr out number those of any
B i n ml tlo majority for the Itppubllcan party will also bo Rreator
Bisection In tho country's hlalorj.
B:L mnirritv Klvcn locally and In other partB of tho stato and county
B irnrl" as the return of the, 101G olcctlon whon Lohl, and tho state
rNB'.'.Vfnr tho first tlmo In sixteen yenrs.
B?hB exception of dlBtrlet numbor two Lehi went Hopubllcan strong.
trirt tho Democrats obtained a majority of only olRht This snme
slB,i n cast fourtocn Socialist and six Farm-Labor tlekoK In district
MB Farmer-Labor voto, In district thrco four Socialist and two
HHbor ballots woro voted and In district four two Socialists oted.
SsBl LenI precinct 1143 votes wuro cast, about ono-thlrd more than
MBfreDorts last evening gavo tho entire stato and Utah County Up
B candidates credit for a big victory except In tho enso of .IuUro A
Bn who will probably succeed In rotalnlng tho olllco of Judgo of tho
Badlclal District. Ho will bo the only Democrat olected In Utah
B i mMorlty of 1.100 was claimed by tho rtah County Hopubllcans
Borityln the stato was estimated at 10.000 to 12,000.
Bmdmonts wero lost In I-ehl.
Bt Is tho entire Lohl voto of tho Republican and Democratic parties-
B District District District District
Wm No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 No. 4 Total
ISroSSr3" 201 U2 ISO . W CS7
WStllMlt Juild 200 112 ISO 185 CSS
Bmk Wal -201 JL12 180 IbS CS7
m?B AMclllle ftfou:.. 112 100 185 G88
' Br Alien W3 118 OR 88 421
BiaE Dames 1C3 118 04 88 423
MtZ 1B3 118 Of, 88 42
fllam Edwards 1B3 118 01 - 88 4J1
Bed states Senator- .J. m
nTwelllng 1U 110 07 Vg Jg
Boa 11. Welling 125 119 07 85 423
1, iuprosentatlvc. Second District
Kurterwood 202 " 111 100 4 087
honlUh Thomas 1G2 110 CO - S5 420
fcVlIabey 200 110 183 ' 1s7 680;
mi N. Taylor 152 121 C'J b, UJ
to of the Supremo Court . , '
. Frlck 201 110 18S Is3 ?21
iMldM. Stephens JC&L 110 05 89 424 ,
M retary of Stato tf&Eb
'W; Crockett 00- 11 ! J
LutP.Dobbs 153 . 117 03 85 418
Hi Treasurer 10 fiS7
afiatlon 200. 2 188 187 087
BrgeM Whltmoro lHfyH 117 05r , 80 420
te Auditor ' '"',, -" riRR
, Bk Tattle 202 U2 187 - ISC 080.
Bid 0. Larson 162 118 Ma... 88 423
'. Bertlntendent of Public Instruction 'iP't?, 10i r!n
Brge Thomas 200 111 1 TfcjifJ $20
Bte Representative 11th District Tl ,
J BlLBOfWoU 100 113 187 "TJg 084
jBraaMJooth 1C4 118, 0. 88
Buml V Knight 212 132 A v 188 10 712
Blasters 141 --fr ,52 S
'Br.W IB.'' U '' 3, J eg?
BieiD.Thon.0 . 20l ' Vl2 100 181 C87
Bee Reynolds 152 U2 04 8S 4lf.
ttlctJudgo, 4th District ,eo , .m CQ0
Ba Hanson 205 112 188 m C0
BJ"w B Morgan 107. HO GIi 2 "
I Wrlct Attorney, 4th District ion iai C80
I d J. Wahlqulst 201 112 189 184 CbO
ae D. Tucker 102 U9 05 , , ., JU
IgMunty XjommlBsloner. 4-year torm-:' ' 712
hBacaflardnor 211 l20 100 19 Jjj
BhardlFVadloy 152 . J 117 04 . 1 '
I unty Coramlsslbnor, 2-year torra 1B, G90
'PB,oM-"arni 2 113 Xl I? 420
B- Hunttagtfe 152' 117 C4 87 420
unty Clerk .nrf roe
BllaceN. Hales 192 118 190 f g
, Bn8-D'8 1C9 I" 04 85 425
fcjBjuaty Sheriff nt 1Br fiGg
D.Doya 187 105 191 185 068
Bt Williams 4a 103 125 03 88 439
? iCContliiu.ed on page 8)
L. V. Larson ami Annlo Johnson of
Union, Salt Lako County, woro
married at tho Stato Capitol Saturday.
Tho mnrilago was a comploto surprise
to frlonds and acquaintances of Mr,
Larson but nil Joined In congratulating
Mr. Larson, who has filled tho call
ing of shoomaUer hero for a numbor
of years, (says ho concluded u widow
cr'a Ufo was not tho bost and looks for
ward to a happier and moro pleasant
Ufo as married man.
u ..
Prices are Slipping You'll mako n
big mlslaka If you buy anything from
nnybody before you get our prlcos
Peoplo'ft Co-op. Inst., wo boII for Iobb.
, Hi . . i
We fit them and guarantee satisfaction.
Jeweler and Optometrist
"At The Gift Shop"
Devey Beet
Topper Sueeess
rhreo Machine Now Operating In
Ffeld. Work Equal to Hand Work
and Several Times as Fast
John Dovey of Lohl and associates
ino now realized success with thalr
joet topping machlno, upon which
thuy have boon working for tho past
ten years. Three of their latest typo
toppers nro In oporatlon, ono at Pleas
nit Orovo, ono nt Spanish Fork and
3UO nt Garland. All fall, oven during
tho recent storms, they havo boon
proving their biiccoss on boot Holds of
thosd districts. Tho boots topped by
tho machlno oemparos very favorable
with tlioso that aro hand topped
:omparJao!i shows.
Tho toppor ImB been changed con
ildorablo from tho original ono with
which Mr. Dovoy mndo his first de
monstration In Lohl In tho fall of
1912. Tho trouble experienced then
ivns In cutting Just enough of tho top
)tt. On tho lato machlno this Is regu
lated by a catlplllar roller which pre
cedes the revolving disc knlfo, rais
ing or lowering tho knlfo according to
tho hoghth of tho bcoL Tho distance
betweon this roller nnd knlfo Is regu
lated by a loaver, enabling tho opcr
utor to cut Just nn little or Just as big
n slice fioni tlip boots as Is necessary
or desired. In tho hanging of tho
rollor nnd knlfo it is so arrongod that
thuy work out of proportion, that 1b,
whon a high boot forces tho catlplllar
UP tho knlfo doofl not riso as high nnd
consequently cuts a deeper sllco from
' .I,
tho beot. This foaturo fa a' big part '' !
of tho success of the machlno no high tH
bcotn generally havo a deeper crown jfB
than tho lowor boots and need moro jB
cut from them. Tho loworlug of tho 'B
roller works opposite to tho raising, f 'B
thus trimming less from tho i small J A jB
boots. r'.W '
Powor from tho two drivo and sup- pH
porting wheels propolis tho roller and i'B
Bllclng or topping disc. Two horaoa 'H
handle tho machlno which is opor- -H
nted from u riding Boat by ono man. B
Tho cheapening of tho harvostlngiof B
beotB by tho uso of tho machlno is do ,. H
monstrated on tho William Qreon 'B
farm Just north of iho Ploasant B
Grave cutting station. Thoso farmers .B
nro putting beets onto tho wagon at , -B
a cost of about U per ton. H
Their system of digging tho beets 'B
is to top any number of rows, ono at WU
a time, With tho toppor. Ono man and iflfl
ono team does this tdgolhor with liar- B
rowing tho beota, llvo rows at a time, H
to relievo them of tho dirt that ad- jH
heres to them, Anothor loam and man B
removes tho tops from flvo rows at a- B
tlmo, with a sldo dollvcry hay rack. ?B
This samo man and team plowB tho "B
topped boots. Thon elx boys pick up 'B
thoso boots, which havo boon harrow- B
ed by tho llrst man and toam, and, H
throw them into n wagon. Thoso two H
men and teams and tho Rlx boyt, with H
tho help of tho machines, top, pull and 'B
load onto tho wagons from 25 to 35 H
tons of boots por day at a cost of( H
131.00 por day. This allows & por H
day for man and team and '$2,50 par H
day for tho boys. This Is eald to -ha jH
conBldernblo Iobb than it costs to har;..
vest tho boots by baud. , WM
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'. JF fl
1 Siw i Attraction Extraordinary I
fl !'nSJi H Beautiful FIRST APPEARANCE IN LEHI 'fl
I JrHfe I Edna Goodrich 0F A BIG STAGE STAR ' -ft-,,.. m
lP iBBfl 8ji Herself in Person and Company in IN A BIG ROAD SHOW ' ' II
,m Wiytf ' i laia,Bimr ravl'Fl PkfQ Miss Ooodricli nnd company are playing alt Lake 1
m r ., &Jr T sleeping rdiuicra Thc.ltre all tUi8 wcek. ji
B 4k fe mW J A Comedy ndnptod from the French of Saclia Guitry by ,lQ inanaf,en,eut wishes to impress on the theatre- If
fl lv U ,- t ; -1 4 Seymour nicks. goors ji0l.e thnt this is the only company on tour in this y r II
flL w . Xit'ik " ""1 The original prodyction direct from 7 months run play and that it comes here direct from a season of s,uc- f U
fl , SKF'nsdWJSu ?k ' ! at tho Bijou Theatre, New York, cess in New York arid Chicago. '.9 fl
sJ9HR wSSKHrv'ljf ' -1 i Garden of Kden episode in three acts. & ;1
JHp ' ,W "v'jF J "Miss Goodrich will he Been as the charming and ROYAL THEATRE ONE NlGHT ONLY i 11
A Wm'r ;'1$$W'' M wilful Frencli wife and nevor iu her career has she ihad ' THURSDAY NOVEMBER 11TH ' ' , M 11
I M Mr Wrftp&. m wch nn cpportimity to display tho supreme taste in THURSDAY, noWhMXiuK, iixxx ..
iWfl V' fMf'F H gowns as in this plav. No other actress on our stage v Ai '"ICE DAY ' ' c fl
mrW '-' 'S)R &fi - JKl "an nonrly approach tho wealthy Parisicnnc in jewels, ;$ d w Tax t , j
r SmM't ' Jill gowns and furs. The scenery and costumes are fresh ? Seat. tonday. -" H
BKBBf .t'j.flWVlr JB and new and tho cast is most, notable. ; i:,, - " ' M
r B mjf vfaHt-iSsHm f ) m. . " " ii ih
T '''BIB i - - i, ft! i MiiiiiiiiMiiiw MMM"'MawMM"Ml'iaaMM"MaiBNM"MIIwlM H
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