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II FarjreTwo . THE LEHI SUN, LEHI, UTAH . .. Thursday, November j ,. H'
IBB 13 '
Articles and Illustrations I te3gh I
for Lehi Housewives...... I Read The Sun 1
IS Old Greece Is
1 j4 In Style Note
IK .it
luf Greek Effects in Dresses Are Be
lli ing Liberally Used by Paris
Bl Designers.
MR More Somber Colors Are Favored for
T Daytime Wear; Brilliant Hues
SB Are Preferred for Evening
IB Attire.
HE Paris designers nro using ever so
IK toany Greek effects In dresses, writes
UB a prominent fashion correspondent
MJ Tho romantic morganatic mnrrlngo of
Iflj tho young king of Greece and his Juno
UH Wilt to his bride, living In Paris, act
IKg the Frcnrh dressmakers to thinking of
HI tho beautiful possibilities for fall fash-
HJ Ions In tho natlvo Greek costume, both
HJ ancient nnd modern, tho result being a
HJ decided Greek noto In tho autumn col.
K lections.
H Tho wifo of tho king of Greece, who
M Is very beautiful, nnd her younger sis-
In tcr, equally lovely, wear charming Pa-
Hi rlslnn clothe. Tho youth and beauty
Sjjl of theso two girls plus thn rnynl ro-
H Plaited Dreis of Blue Crepe Roman
HHJ Embroidered In Gold.
HB manco of ono of, thorn nppenl to tho
HB crcatlvo gcniUB of tho Paris dross-
HJ maker nnd milliner, consequently "a
Hi; la Grccquc," will bo very fashlonublo
H. In Purls. As there Is so much of real
HB merit In Greek Inspiration, ono may ex
W pect mnny lovely things during tho
HK coming winter.
Hi Designers Turn to Qreeee.
HR' Greece Is only ono of tho mnny conn-
I tries to which designers hnvo turned
HE, for their Inspiration. Makers of
IKl clothes appear loath to glvo up any
ylt successful Idea that has been brought
Bill out recently, and wo llnd tho old mlu-
fl? clcd witli tho now.
HIe Tho Egyptian Influence is still felt,
OH! rb Ib tho Italian Itcnnlssancc. To
US Persia have dressmakers turned for
wll embroideries and to Ilussln for loose,
Mjml baggy tleovcs nnd Mousing bodices as
mml well as embroideries. Truly, wo have
an unusual mlxturo of fashions. Span
ish styles hnvo not relinquished their
hold. Many ideas aro still gathered
from tho plcturcsquo costumes of
Thero aro several things, however,
upon which all agree the slender sil
houette, the moro somber colors for
day time wear" black, browns and
grays leading nnd, striking contrast
to these, brilliant hues for the evening.
They ngree, too, In the tendency to
ward tho high collar, long sleeve and
the unevenness of skirts at the hem.
which tends to muko them more grace
ful. All of theso points are brought
out In every collection. The collec
tions are being constantly augmented
and wo mny expect n great mnny In
teresting developments from tho nu
merous Ideas already advanced.
Dresses that flt In with tho present
day fashions mny bo mado by using
tho forms of tho ancient Greek cos
tumes with few changes. In an Inter
esting frock wo see tho straight Greek
dress of about the Sixth century. Tho
embroideries arc exact copies of those
used on an old Giuek costume. In tho
slcovo lies tho only real chango In tho
design. A medium shado of tan duve
tyn Is used for this frock and tho em
broideries aro In beautiful shades of
brown. A narrow belt of brown leath
er girdles it.
Model of Moutsellne.
An Interesting model Is developed In
coral mousscllne do solo and gold
cloth, with coral chains forming a gir
dle nnd shoulder straps. It will bo re
called that tho ancient Greek military
dress showed plaits and oven thnt of
tho present day carries a remnant of
tho. idea of plaltings which were so
characteristic of tho costumo of
Grecco during tho height of their lin
perlnl glory.
Wo usually think ot Greek dressca
as having been slmplo and beautiful
always, consisting of ttio straight
chiton a garment which was cut nnd
partly sown or tho costumo achieved
entirely by menns of drapery. Tho
Greeks, howovcr, had changing fash
ions, Just as wo hnvo today. There
wero periods of overclaboratlon, which
saw tho dress laboriously and artifi
cially folded.
A Grecian, effect with plaits, very
much modernized. Is developed In palo
bluo crepo Itomnn. In color this model
suggests tho Greek, being palo blue
and gold, tho latter forming tho cm
brojdery nnd bands on tho skirt and
on tho Jacket A big doublo looped
sash nt ono side Is seemingly a con
tinuation of tho crepo bodice.
Autumn Models Have Plaits.
Any number of tho smartest models
for autumn havo plaits. Coats, suits
and frocks fresh from their recent
voyage from Parte show plaits of every
kind and description, which Indicates
thnt It Is Impossible to go tpo far with
this trimming to please women.
Ono of the , most cxtremo uses of
plaits for tho now senson appears on
a model milt developed In benutlful
crepo Itoman. Block Is tho color se
lected for this suit, tho coat of which
Is very long nnd slightly blouslng nt
n low waistline. Tho sleeves lire
loose and cut In ono with tho garment
itself. Tho Interesting application of
plaits lies in tho form of a fan
slmped panel on tho Jacket This
panel has lino horizontal plaits placed
as closely together us possible. Theso
llo very Hat, Tho skirt has n corre
sponding plaited panel In tho front,
which hangs u fow inches below the
hem of tho skirt Itself. A lovely whlto
embroidery and whlto fox collnr and
cuffs cmphnslso tho voguo for black
and white. A bnnd of tho embroidery
Is placed down cither sldo of tho panel
aud around a shoulder and buck yoke
In tho coat
Uy Designers Use Erminette
Hi A fow yearn ago, when women wore
R whlto furs In tho sweltering heat of
Hpf summer, tho crazo for whlto fur
W touched such an cxtromo that for some
mM time after tho well drosscd woman was
KB loath to wear any whlto fur. We can
R ( only hopo that tho present-day rc
H N viral will not run to any such ex-
IHi treme. For tho present, at least
HE. snowy fur trimmings aro on models
II, from tho most exclusive houses.
BL Kralnotto Is bolng extensively ex-
Bll plotted as a trimming by tho I'nrls
In designers. This fur very closely re-
Bit ,, gambles real ermlno, ono of tho pelts
m& always greatly In vogue. Whllo It Is
Huf not 33 expensive as tho real fur, It Is
M not cheap. As well us being used for
mm a trimming in tho form of nnrrow edg-
vR I Ing and for largo collars and deep cuffs,
flWl It Is combined with seal In evening
MB wraps. Whlto skunk Is used to make
Hfft" great muffling collars and deep cuffs
HJ r on tho ' most clnboruto of evening
m11 I wrapi, some of tho newest of which
ffl t Rn form(;l1 ot benutlful silver bro-
' Tilt 4bki 0ne Erwt designer has Invented mi
HMHtV 3mmmmmm;ji&to&!&!S'iAyrTJm
entirely nov shoulder lino of Greek
Influence in which tho material Is held
up over ono shoulder and cut to ap
pear as though falling off tho other.
Martial ct Arrnnnd featuro cmbrold
ery on tho backs of garments only. A
largo disk design In contrasting colors
Is a favorlto pattern. An embroidery
design may extend across tho back of
Ii coat from shoulder to shoulder or bo
placed horizontally from shoulder to
An Interesting rnodl In whlto and
black has n foundation skirt nnd bod
ice of black satin, with tho tunic of
whlto net embroidered In a grapo de
sign, the grapes being white and the
leaves black. Whlto velvet dresses aro
embroidered In heavy black silk and
Gray wool on bluo sorgo Is a com
bination that wo havo grown nccus
lomed to and ono that Is still used,
hut whlto worsted embroidery on
black velvet Is untiMint. Gold nnd sil
ver embroideries are not neglected.
Tliie nre usually seen on chiffons,
laces ur uinu-Hellnw,
tm wsv, wwurn rt.wipapar union.)
"All riches ore deslrablo and. wo are
Justified In seeking them all; but the
riches ot mind and soul Klvo the
greatest happtnofji and add tho most
to life."
Now that school has begun again,
tho problem of getting tho lunch bns-
i 1 Mi mm mm cts ready has
II SQmB nlso begun. To
"" " jjj ffy-PJ prepare a good,
.. 11 jjk wholesome lunch
II tX VJI which will satisfy
gBMMjy, a growing child
C"IRd fm nn t0 nDD0"
B. yB tlto and tnsto Is
no small plcco of
work, for flvo days In tho week, nlno
or ten months of tho year. In many
schools lunches aro served, but In the
great majority children still must car
ry tho noonday luncheon when they
llvo too far to go homo.
A few Miggcstlons ns to tho lunch
box: Iluy a packago of paper nap
kins nnd wrap food In them, or In par
aflln paper, thus keeping tho food fla
vors unmixed. When practical small
paper cups for custards and Jelly or
gelntino desserts are light end attrac
tive. A meal In which all tho Important
kinds of food nro represented tends
to keep tho child in good condition and
glvo him good habits of eating.
Tho following aro somo suggestions
for n bill of fnro for tho lunch basket:
Sandwiches, with sliced tendor meat
for filling; baked apple, cookies and
a few raisins or two or throo pieces
of pure, home-mado candy.
Slices of ment or bean loaf, bread
and butter sandwiches, stewed fruit,
or a cupful of Jelly and a small frost
ed cake.
Crisp rolls hollowed out and filled
with flaked fish mixed with salad
dressing, an orango or an apple, and
Lettuco or celery sandwiches, cup
custnrd, nnd Jelly enke.
Cottago cheese, chopped green' pep
per with bread and butter sandwiches,
fruit, enko and a few peanuts.
A bottto of milk, corn bread and
butter, a handful of dates and un ap
ple. Itnlsln or nut bread buttered, cheese,
orango and roaplo sugar.
Chicken salad In n crisp ro.ll hol
lowed out, apple sauce, a plcco of
sweet chocolate
Who (hall have vision to pierce the
Enshrouding the common thine,
Or see In the dark hours, sorrow
The gleam of an nncel's wing?
The world la wide, and tho world la
Its mysteries pass our ken;
And only to Ood are the secrets told
Which llvo In the hearts of men.
Christine Davis.
For thoso who like rich pastry or
enko tho following will bo a treat:
HTvHsH Bread. Heat ono
PvO cupful of buttor
k to a cream, add
vj l .J one-half cupful
4jSSgi--VOL of light brown
yStZmLgv 8Bar, then work
of postry flour.
If tho flour Is slightly warm It will
work In moro easily. Form the mlx
turo Into two Hat cakes seven Inches
In diameter. Dccorato tho edge with
a fork or by crimping with tho thumb
and linger. Sprlnklo the top with
chopped cherries, caraway cundles cr
preserved citron, llako In a slow
Tapioca, Pineapple Sponao. Scald
two cupfuls of grated pineapple nhd
half a cupful of boiling wnter In a
doublo boiler, add ono-fourth of n cup
ful of mlnuto tapioca and one-fourth
of a tenspoonful of salt. Stir occa
sionally and let cook about half nn
hour, then add tho Julco of half a
lemon nnd ono-fourth of n cupful of
sugar. Fold In tho whites of two eggs
beaten stiff nnd cook until the egg Is
set Servo hot or cold In glass cups
with whipped cream as a garnish.
Marshmallow Cream. Soften one
tenspoonful of gelatin In two or three
tablcspoonfuls of cold milk, then dls
solve by setting tho dish In boiling wn
ter. Add half a cupful of sugar one
ono cupful of doublo cream nnd ben
until firm. Ilent tho whlto of a Bmal
egg, then fold It Into tho cream wltl
half n tenspoonful of vanilla, half of j
quarter-pound box of marshmallow:
cut In qunrters, half n cupful o
skinned nnd seeded whlto grapes cu
In halves, ono banana cut Iri cubes
and mixed with n tnblespodnful o
lemon Julco to keep tho pieces fron
discoloring. Dispose In glass cupi
with a cherry hero and there. Gamlsl
the top with n quarter of a mnrshmal
low, sprlnklo with fine-chopped nut!
nnd chill before serving,
gP Daddy's
Fairy Tale
"We'll hnvo to hnvo a party," said
Vcfvr Gnomo to tho other fairies.
4 ... "That wo will,"
J AtJgJjl agreed Bllllo
plllSPs "Let's have It
7 JT nbflCxj)) soon," said Ben-tVv$-3pJi
ulc Brownie.
rVsZCy "Very soon,"
S? cfsSu snld I,e,cr 0ob"
iSEgij "We'll have It
vrtp! JBo?w ,n,s vcfy nftcr
RAI p5 Gnome. "I'll go
IT Tfc? for the pumpkins
feJ" JpF" now. Wo must
t have them for It
mbZI must bo a rcgu-
H3 lar autumn par-
"8end Around the "Surely It must
Invitations." bo that," agreed
Peter Goblin.
"Shall wo ask tho Breeze Brothers
to take around tho invitations?" asked
Bcnnto Brownie.
"They're nlwnys tho best ones," snld
Peter Goblin, "except on tho quiet
days when they're too sleepy and lazy,
poor dears 1"
"It's windy enough today," said
Bennle Brownie.
So they sent around their Invita
tions that very morning by tho Breezo
Brothers and In the afternoon nil tho
creatures of Fairyland nnd Brownie
land and Gnomelnnd and Gobllnland
and from nil thoso pnrts wero at tho
autumn pnrty.
After the guests had all arrived, In
camo tho pumpkins, dressed up Uko
Jack o' Lanterns, with llttlo candles
burning nnd flickering.
They wero brought In on nn enor
mous liny wagon driven by Witty
Witch, nnd the horses wero decorated
with nil tho different autumn flowers
which could bo found along tho rands.
Then old Mr. Giant camo wearing a
huge wrenth of Everlasting Flowers
around his head.
"I want to wear them to show you
I meant I'd always be coming nround
nnd I'd never desert my friends," he
"Goodie I" they all shouted.
"Well, hndn't I better bo coming
nround?" usked Jack Frost
"Of courso you must como before
tho chestnuts aro ripe, nnd soon
we're going to have chestnut parties."
"Hurry up, Jack, and ask no mora
questions," said Master Chilly.
"You'd better wait awhile," snld
old Mr. Giant "Walt until the eve
ning nnywny."
"Oh. I will," whispered Jack Frost,
and they all felt as though their
checks had been nipped ever so slight
ly by the cold.
They built houses of leaves nnd they
mnde groat bonfires which they danced
about. Tho bonfires wero largor and
more wonderful than ever they had
Lots of the guests kept arriving all
tho time. For you see the nutuuin
leaves had been Invited, nnd they enme
rushing In, running and dancing, nnd
flying nnd scampering nnd rustling
and falling from the trees.
They camo In nil sorts of costumes.
Somo woro red nnd some wore brown
and somo orange
nnd somo yellow, ffsCT' I
somo woro Bcnrlet 3""If,0'"K
and somo wore CJ fOp
pink, and ns tho JllfcVV'
leaves dropped the j rVw3Xf5s?
Fairyland creatures Jw jt
danced with glee Jai2wt rSv
for such beautiful 3zfm- crt
colors wero falling ySav,
down on the houses jj i p) ' (
of leaves. JviJvj
But after tho y JW
houses of leaves vTsfJ tk
had been made, nnd ) VM, Vf
there wero paths j4Mpv Ju
and walks and ttll'Bg&SMi
yards and every- I VSSfcSflJ
thing you could Glii-IsEiLtZSji .
think of the Breezo D0n.t Know"
Brothers came ' I
B scampering In blowing everything this
way nnd that.
j "Wo wero asked t the party too,"
they said.
"Of courso you were," said tho lute
' nutumn (lowers ns they blew nbout a
llttlo In their places on the horses.
' "Of courso you were," everyone
: shouted.
. So as tho BrecTO Brothers blew
their trumpets which they had for
special parties and as they blow the
leafy guests this way nnd thnt. ami
k as old Mr. Wind whistled and the
, flowers sang ever so softly, tho people
. of fnlrylund danced nnd sang this song
. "Many colors In leaves we see.
' Many colors In (lowers so free
( Oh what joy It Is Indeed, '
I To know we've all the colors we'll need
I There are colors for everything
And. ot tholr beauty let us alnjr "'
pv fttfl
npUEUIS are a good many women
X who have no uso for more than
ono ar two frocks for formal wear nnd
who aro sensible enough to buy only
whnt they can use, no matter how
ample their means. Theso women
wnnt conservntlve styles, equnl to
serving for both afternoon and eve
ning. They rely on accessories to tono
up such gowns to tho requirements of
any dressy function.
With tho return of nets nnd dyed
lace to favor and the perennial black
laco and satin dress thero nro offered
two very snfo choices. And there nro
added to these In tho new displays,
very handsome frocks in silver cloth
jmbroldcred with Jet, In duvetyn com
bined with metallic and other bro
cades, In veilings draped over satin
mid, more than nil, embroidered frocks
In which silk or glittering bends
brighten up quiet colors on crepo do
chine, satin, chonneuso or wool fab
rics. Two frocks that will prove nn en
during Joy to their wearers nnd servo
for any sort of formal wear arc shown
Id tho picture. At the left n brown net
with lurgc dots Is made up with MtiHi
to match and worn over a nut In tI1B
wtth accordlon-plnltcd skirt BiitH
of plcot-edged ribbon alternate jrtiHu
rows of dots on It nnd the shirt lwH..
pended from n yoke of sntln ronkiltiH
tho edge to give It n flare. The ul&H
glrdlo Is of satin, and there Is n ftu4H
folded vesteo of It and folds of utltH
finish the sleeves. H.
Black charmcuse and chnntMly ItnHp
flouncing make the dignified frock rK
the right of tho picture. The lncoforoH
a long overdress extending ncroox tbB
sides nnd back of tho full satin ftttlnB
The sleeves nnd underbndlce are riH
lace nnd tho satin ovrhlousc nffortH
an example of a nev nnd much itH
mired neckline. Evn In evrnlvH
dresses thn low decolletnge I belli; nH
placed by a straight neckline. Tm
girdle of this dress Is worth iioflclrjH
for It Is very pretty and new. AtmrlH
can Beauty In color It Is made of wdlrl
soft satin rllibnn twisted and u-owrfH
with u twisted silver rlblmn IntotH
rope thnt encircles tho wnl t nniliiB
looped and knotted nt the kn B
Hide. H
About the Season's Blouses!
EXCEPT for somo elaborate, much
decorated and sometlmeH.stnrtllng
models, which might bo classed nB "ex
hibition blouses," tho fall season bus
not brought In many designs that ciiii
lay claim to originality In these very
popular garments. But why should
designers strive for new IdeaR whllo
we nre well satisfied with Jhnse we
huvo and contlnuo to buy thejn?
The search for something new does
not go entirely unrewarded even when
tho too-elnborato models aru not count
ed In tho finds. Among the tailored
blouf.es there nro some In which crepe
do chine Is used for long-sleeved mod
els that hnve turned bnck cuffs of
pique nnd collars-of this material that
roll high at tho back and open In a
long "V" ut the front. This combina
tion of materials Is new und the col
lar unusually becoming and mwlest
Plaits and itolnta are outstanding
features of the handsome new blouse
pictured. A soft figured crepo do chine,
Joins forces with plnlted ppppete t H
make this Ingenious modol, the & H
gette rormlng the upper portion nfilH
blouse nnd sleeves. It cud in "'i"H
from which nre suspended loops of ft'H
material fattened to the pntiiiH hIiH
small, sutln ornaments. The cr pe H
chine fnlls over tho plaited iu'irsetta'H
which forms the lower part of ("H
blouso nnd the peplum. A belt of if mt
crepe slips through the Kiwiem H
loops nnd confines tho hloiist u '''''H
waist line. "The frills that fl ' ' ,w H
sleeves nre wide nnd the nltw 'hi H
selves rather large nnd sllg'nh liar'1" HJ
The new jiiock line nppenrs hi ''"
model and, altogether. It i n'ir'it tM HJ
most promising In stylo nnd ,v lfllrPJ
ness that hua come up fr ju'ioH
tli us far. HI
I . UI9i WwUtn NwspDr Uo!-' m

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