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J B Combined With The Lehi Banner . 1
sMJTvZZ gs. . . LEHiTUTAHT THURSDAY, NOVEMBERTi. 1A2Q . v " -1 . wn ik ' ' ' ifl
Hit " - ;
! Kgineer Makes Report
I On Paving Cost
I B0ckS Main Street Pavlno, Curb.
V. .nt Guttering Amount to 13,--Abutting
Property Owner.
Retortion $10,680, Clty-a Shar
2-Councll Authorises Tempor
L Use of Sinking Funds To Pay
Hor improvement.
ho engineer's report on tho cost of
H Mai" Stroot lmprovomont ond tho
Has of paying tho contractors for
work consumed tho groator part
tbo regular Novomlior Council
Hctlng Tuosday ovonlng. Tho Mayor,
Kncllmon and Attornoy woro nil
, Hhe report of Englnoor Huddloson,
1 A Hgsl t Lake, who has had chargo of
v com0nt work, was hoard and oc
Bttl. Tho cost of tho Improvement,
HglYon, totaled $13,307. Of this tho
Kr'j proportion was figured at $2,627
H nearly 1300 for extra englnoorlng
Ek. And tho property ownors pro
Hlon totaled $10,680.
Blnce tho contract accopted on tho
Hrk called for payment at tho tlmo
Hcomplotlon tho Council proposed to
Ktho sinking funds of tho Water
Ktem and Contingent Fund tempor
al, that Is, until tho amounts can bo
Hlectcd from tho property owners.
4 Bmajorlty of those said owners had
Himtied to pay cash for tho Improve
Hat but, until tho report of tho
a Hrincor. tholr various assessments
Eld not bo made This necessitated
K use of tho sinking funds,
u a conclusion to tholr discussion
tho matter a resolution passod, In
Buctlng tho treasurer to tranafor tho
Kter Sinking and Contingent Sink
K Funds tomporarly to a now fund,
to known as Paving District No. 3
Bed; second, to pay tho cost of tho
ttrut from this nowly created fund;
jBd t&Ird, to roplaco to tho aforesaid
Bilng funds thb mcjtoy as fast as It
Haes Into tho Paving District No. 3
Bsd. The nocordor was thon
Hthorlied to draw a warrant on tho
lBtuurer for tho amount of tho pav
K contract, $13,307.
Attorney Gardner pointed out that
M would bo nocossary to pass an
Biendmcnt to tho ordlnanco boforo
Bie city could sell warrants for any
WoproYomont such as comont roads,
)Bdewalks, etc., and duely presented
Bicb amendments, which woro road
Hid passed. This ordlnanco will be
IHund on pagos throo and flvo of this
Bsue of tho Sun.
nH Other buslnoas disposed of Included
JBe mattor of stroot lights on tho
JBrnos-Mnnnlng-Trlnnaman stroot In
B8 Third Ward. A wllllngnoss to put
"MV two street lights was ozprossod by
Bhe Council If tho power pcoplo put
V a lino thoro.
fH The mattor of kooplng paper and
IBfher rofuso off tho main streets was
Brought up. Tho printing commltteo
vaa authorizod to havo cards printed
Bnd placod about tho buslnoss dls
rlcts, calling tho public's attention
Q the necessity of not throwing things
Hn the stroots. It this fails to chock
tbe practlco thon city officers will
toko stringent moasuros to enforco
Jho ordlnanco covering this matter, It
was determined.
B Tho flooding of stroots and proporty
Hby water from flowing wolla was up
Bfor discussion. It was polntod out
H If not don't do It until you soo our
selection. Wo hnvo Diamond Illngs to
H "ult tho particular customer.
B Wo also havo somo very flno Ruby
Hand Saphlro Rings" and Dlrthstono
H Kings for every month.
H In rings wo sell nothing but solid
Wt &ld all backed by a doublo guarantoo.
H Jeweler and Optometrist
R "At The Qift Shop"
that with no much molaturo around as
wo now havo flowing wells In various
parts of town woro causing tho Hood
Ing of BtrootB nnd other proporty. Tho
Council ordorcd tho city woll closed
and nsks that citizens coopornto In
nloavoatlng tho troublo by plugging
thoir wells or shutting them down to
as small a stream ns possible..
Tho usual nmount of bills woro
ordorcd paid nnd tho mooting adjourn
ed to Saturdny, November 13th.
Tho American Red Cross la carrying
on a wldo program of service for tho.
disabled World War votcrans receiving
treatment In United States Public
Health hospitals, and those-being train
ed through agencies of tho federal
Board for Vocational Education.
In each of tho Public Health Service
hospitals Rod Cross workers devoto
their tlmo to tho general welfare of
tho Borvlco men from tho day they
enter tho receiving ward until thoy
oro discharged. After tho soldtor's dis
charge tho Red Cross continues Ita
friendly service through the Homo
Service Section in hla own community.
Tho Red Cross maintains a convales
cent houso at all of tho hospitals,
where patients can arouao themselves
after they are well enough to bo tip
ond around. Parties and plcturo shows
in tho words are also furnished, with
cenco comes.
Great scrvtco has been rendered by
tbe Red Cross In mental cases In iden
tifying thoso who havo appeared In
stato hospitals for tho Insane, and help
ing them secure compensation duo from
tbo Durcau of War Risk Insurance,
In the Federal Doard's various dls- o
trict offices the Red Cross worker, act- y
ing with tho nomo Scrvlco Boctlon, f
makes necessary loans to tbo men, or- "
ranges suitable living conditions, holps
collect evidence and supply facts to the
Hoard, assists In "appealing cases" and
settles various personal difficulties for t.
tbe men. The workers also follow up
nnd aid all men who discontinue train
ing. Tbe Red Cross agents find men lost" t
to the Board, help clear up delayed
coses ond aid tbe college counselors Id
Iholr friendly work with tbo men.
Many Red Cross chapters havo set up
recreation fucilltles, and la somo In
stances living clubs, so those victims
of war may have attractive surround
ings and tbo fun which muat go with
effective .school work.
To tho American Red Cross Institute
for tbe Dllnd near Baltimore, Md
moro than half of all the Araerlcnns j
blinded In tho World War havo come ,
for training. Tho Institute, through
tbe Red Cross, long ago conducted an
exhaustive Industrial survey to doter- r
mine tbo vocations for which blind
men could bo fitted. As result it la E
putting forth well trained men equip- i
ped to meet tho social, civic nnd ceo- j
nomlc requirements of their respective
communities. m i
Where the Rub Cornea.
It Is frequently cnslcr to count tno
cost than It Is to pay It. Doston Tnn- i
A marked difference In tho Bplrlt
with which tho school children horo
proparo nnd fiet to school has boon"
noticed by parents nnd timehors dur
ing tho past wcok. All students from
tho First to Seventh nnd Klght grados
looso no tlmo In gottlng to school but
nro Invorably lato in getting homo.
Tho reason for this clmngo is tho
now play ground apparatus Installed
on tho school ground during tho wook
end. Kqulpmcnt costing botwoon
$1,000 and 11,100 hns been rccolvod
and put up for uso of tho students.
Included In tho lot nro: Giant
Strltlo, Totcr-tottors, Swings, Laddor
nnd Shoot-thoshoots. Tho cost of tho
now apparatus was born by tho school
dllsrlct and Lohl citizens on a fifty
Hfty basis.
Tho body of Frcdorlck S. Hnrrison,
son of Mrs. E. L. Crolghton, arrived
last ovenlng and funoral sorvlcos are
being arranged for Sunday afternoon
at 2 p. m. In tho High School
Tho local American Legion will con
duct tho services and thoy with tho
Lehi Scrvico Star Legion will attend
In a body.
Tho body of Mr. Harrison, who dlod
In Franco whllo a mombor of tho U.
S. army, was oxpectod n voak ago but
a delay hold It up from leaving New
York until last Sunday.
Down! Down!!
Wo aro crowding prlcos DOWN
vory day. Wo aro In business to got
our buslnoss, by giving you tho most
or your monoy. For oxamplo wo aro
iow selling:
lugar, per sack .......$13.20
0 Pounds for $M5
lorn, per can IB
'cas, por can.......... 1C
lest Cheese por pound 35
We glvo you a reduction of COc to
1.C0 on ovory pair.
Children's, Ladles, Boys' & Men's.
You can bo safe by shopping at
Broadbent & Son's
For oxamplo wo aro now soiling:
iOc Hopo Bleach for 20c yd.
15c Percolos, 1 yard wldo 25c yd.
iOc and 45c Ginghams 35c yd.
3est Amoskeg Apron
Glnnhama 20c yd,
lest Outing Flannels H5o quality
for - 30c yd.
iOs to $1.50 off on ovory pair shoos.
Uidles' good black hoso 25c
Men's good sox 25c
Comparo thoso prlcos with what
you havo boon, paying nnd then
romomber you con got thorn at
p. 8. Just In new raisins and cur
rants; and $1.50 valuo brooms for 38c.
Sacrifice Sale
Wc have decided to close out our entire stock of j
merchandise regardless of cost. We arc willing to
snerifico our profits, you get the henefit of our good
luck in buying in many lines before the advances that
have taken place on merchandise during tho middle ,
months of this year. I
Wo will be pleased to show you the reductions
that wc will make in nearly all lines. We expect to
make sacrifices that will be a big advantage to the i
publics i
Clarinda Electric Washers havo again taken an
advance tho third time since wo bought but as wo
only havo two left you can havo them at the prico we
have sold them at this season. i
The Racker Mercantile I !
ygMaaMMFBMMBsMBWsMMMWMWsMsMMsM v-nitm iiij. - skum
During tho pnst wook thoro has ap
peared around our city an advertise
ment for a danco to bo glvon Thurs
day, November eleventh, In tho Smuln
Dancing Acadomy. In as much as Tho
Lohl Post No. 19 Of Tho Amorlcan
Legion gnvo a danco on this dato ono
year ago and at that tlmo decldod to
mnko this dato their annual day of
colobratlon, tho public at Inrgo havo
taken it for granted that tho ox-sr-vlco
inon aro tnktng chargo of tho day
nnd tho danco In tho ovenlng.
This howover Is not truo, and wo,
tho mombora of tho Post No. 10 Ameri
can Loglon, wish to inform tho public
that this dato was taken from us after
wo bad spoken for it nnd had not yet
complotod arrnngomonts with tho
manngomonL Wo also wish to call
tho attention of all ox-scrvlco inon to
tho fact It thoy hnvo boon out of tho
scrvlco moro than sixty days thoy aro
not allowod to appear in uniform and
If ,thoy do so thoy aro putting thorn
solves liable
It is our duty to honor tho uniform
as' Amorlcan citizen to oboy tho law.
Taking all things Into consideration
wo aro corapollod to encourago and In
sist that whero- posslblo all ox-sorvlco
mon stand back of your commrads and
colebrato Novombor olovonth with tho
Legion cither in Salt Laiko City,
Provo, or American Fork.
Tho danco at Lchl Is absolutoly
nothing to do with tho ox-sorvlco men
In any way, and onco mora lot us
warn you not too appoar In tho uni
form of a U. S. soldlor lost It got you
Into sorious troublo. Back tho ox
sorvlco men nt any and all times.
William Potorson, who was oporatod
upon last wook for appendicitis, Is re
covering rapidly and will bo ablo to
loavo tho hospital by tho ond of tho
Room for a Rumor.
Nothing keeps a woman so busj- or.
an idle rumoft-Cartooas Magazine )
- .. . i .. Hi i. u i 'iii I, 7H
Republican Ratification 1
Proves Big Success I
In splto of pouring rain tho" Utah
County Republican Ilarbacuo and
Rntlllcallon horo Saturday ovonlng, In
honor of tho election vlotory, was n
big buccoss. Hundreds of Utah
County nnd local pooplo bravod tho
storm nnd onjoyod n ploasant tlmo
feasting and dancing.
Oovornor-Rloct nnd Mrs. C. It.
Maboy and sovoral victorous Utah
County candldatos woro proBont and
. . - ... - i ii
Lohl can now boost of an up-to-dato
Main Stroot as far as tho stroot Itself
la coucornod. Tho completion of tho
comontlng of tho stroot and tho curb
ing nnd guttering, which was com
plotod last wook, puts tho stroot on a
par with anyln this section. It can
now bo polntod to with prldo by all
cltizon8 as it prosonts a vory pleasing
appoaranco and is wldo enough for
parking on both sldos nnd tor traffic
going both ways.
Tho work is a crodlt to tho City
officers, ospoclally to Councilman
Cottor, who had chargo of tho bvor
soolng of It nnd, also, to tho con
tractors, who put it in. All who soo
tho lmprovomont complomont tho
city on tho work. Tho stroot wilt bo
oponod for uso about Novombor ICth.
Tho Lohl Mothers Club will moot nt
tho club room In tho Now Wost School
Houso Friday afternoon, Novombor J.2
ot 3:30 o'clock. Tho following pro
gram will bo given:
Dovotlonal Mrs. Dlancho Evans.
Paralamontry Law Mrs. Iono Oil
chrlst. Constitution of. tho U. 8. Articlo
VIII Mrs. Iono Holmstoad.
Story of Ruth Mrs. Marlon Dorton.
Discussion ot District Fodorntlon
Mrs. Florcnco Cottor.
X : e i l
Joined In tho colobratlon. Tho B
Qovornor-Eloct was lntroducod to the; H
crowd and rosponded with short ro- M
marks at tho danco hall. ,H
Docauso ot tho rain tho roaatod M
hoof, whjch It had boon planned to "
sorvo out-of-doors, was carrlod into :M
tho hall ot tho Grammar school build- H
ing whoro tables woro urrangod for H
tho serving ot it. Tho crowd, soar ' H
400 In number, lilted tho halls and ;H
stairways whoro thoy woro onllvonod '
by band rausjo by tho Lohl band. All H
nto to tholr hearts contout ot Tmrba- H
cuod boot sandwlchos and thon wont 11
to tho dancing acadomy across tho ' B
Btreot. Horo punch and enko wan 'H
Borvod all ovonlng. Everything was '
froo and in plonty and oyoryono on- iH
joyod tho ovonlng from start to IH
finish. H
Had tho storm not Interfered thoro 'H
would havo boon over a thousand por- H
bous prosont but, as It was tho danc- H
ing acadomy was woll filled. H
W. C. Brighton, manager of tho J. H
M. Klrkham . farm, formerly of Salt H
Lako City, was married In tho Salt H
Lako Teraplo yostorday to Miss Edna H
Hlntzo, also of Salt Lako. Tho )H
couplo woro church workors In tho H
Holiday ward whoro Mr. Brighton act- H
edas assistant superintendent ot tho H
Sunday school. Thoy will mnko H
tholr homo on tho Klrkham farm. H
D. J. Thurman is homo again and H
is Improving. High blood prosauro to- M
suited In a rupturo of a blood vosboI H
ot tho oyo which was thought at first H
was going to causo tho loan ot his H
sight However, ho is Improving and H
tho oyo scorns to bo clearing. It Is M
now hopod ho will rocovor-hls full H
sight again. H
. H
The one you have been looking for ' ' I
BargainsBargains Bargains M
I In Every Department. I
X sH
Millinery Half Price. ' ! 1
Coats, Suits, Dresses, Skirts, Waists, I fl
All One-third Off. j I
Shoes, Clothing, Furnishings, Rugs, I H
Linoleum, Furniture, Stoves, I H
People's Co.op. Inst. I
Ii The Busy Store on State Street ij
1 H

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