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3S Page Foar. THE LEHI SUN, LEHI, UTAH Thursday'Novcmbt1 B
1 1 8UCH A STEP.
IKlj touth American Delegates Are of the
WM Opinion That Any Amendment
Rjjlj Should Await Propositions Ex
Iji'iW pected From United States.
jEff Genera. There will bo no nmend-
ffl merits to the covenant of the tongue
W 8 of nutlonH ut thin session of Uie ns-
H fl acmbly if tho decision of committee
h No. 1 that of general organization
w I which has been considering amend-
NE went, Ib approved In full session.
HI Arthur J. Iiulfour, chnlrmnn of the
3K committee, suggested to tho commJttco
Wm eii November 23, thnt It wns too early
Km to draw conclusions ns to tho working
tHf of the league or to form an idea as
to how tho covenant may bo Improved.
Hj Ho proposed that the committee rec-
H ommcndod Uie appointment of a spe-
ffi clal commltteo to consider amendments
M and report to tho next meeting of tho
H assembly.
B The Scandinavian delegates on the
Hjj committee. Instated upon consideration
IMB Immediately of amendments they pro-
K posed, but they wero outvoted. The
in South American dologntes accepted Mr.
HS Balfour's recommendation tho mora
HJ readily becauso thoy nre of tho opinion
H that any nmendmont of tho covenant
K should await propositions that are ex-
IHj pected from tho United States after
H President-elect Ilardlng's consultations
0 on the subject. Thoy doclared It would
Hi bo entirely out of order to revise the
HI covenant In tho absenco of one of
HI tho most Important nations of the
H world.
H Drastic Step Taken In Dispute With
Hj Telegraph Company.
Hj Washington. Secretary Raker an
Hj nouueed Tuesday that ho had revoked
H IlcrmlftAlon granted the Western Union
Hi Telegronli company last May to lay
HJ certain cnblea at Iilscnyno bay, Miami,
H Kin. The permit was Issued by tho
Hj district engineer nt Jacksonville, Fin.,
H snd Mr. linker directed ltd withdrawal
n by telegraph.
Uj Mr. linker mndo no explanation of
Dl his action. Ho merely authorized,
Hj through hlH secretary, tho statement
Hj that tho permit hail been recalled. Tho
HJ annpunccmant followed, however, the
Hj statement in New York by Nowcomb
HJ Carlton president of tho Western
JH Union company, that his company hnd
TH not only rights granted by act of con-
U gress, but specific permission of the
iu war department to do certain cabin
iH work In tho vicinity of Mlumt with
K which "the navy department hns for
jHj months arbitrarily Interfered" nt the
HT request of the state department.
H National Move to Encourage Employ-
Hj' ment la Outlined.
Hj' St. Lols.r-A national inovo to pre-
H. vent business stagnntlou nnd encour-
t ago eniQloymcnt bos been lnunched
Hj liy local merchnntH nnd manufacturers,
Melville Wilkinson, president of tho
HF Associated Ilctallors of St. Louis, nn-
H', nouned Tuesday.
Tho plan wns suggestod by David
HL May, bend of several largo department
Hf stores. , Mr. Wilkinson snld ho would
Hi appoint n commltteo to enlist tho co-
H operation of business men throughout
Hi tho country.
H t Mr. May explained thnt tho plan was
H to keep factories oporatlng by rotftllrrs
H making linmcdlnto purcliases for
B , spring trade.
H ,' Seaplanes and Submarines Greet Pree-
H , Ident-elect at Chrlstobal.
H ' Colon. With submarines and sen-
v planes Joining In tho welcomo, I'rosi.
m dent-elect Harding and his party en-
H turcd tho canal zono on November. 23
m at Chrlstobal. Governor Harding of
H ., tlio cnnul roru, nccompiinlcd by a dls-
mr tlngulshcdi party,, welcomed tho vis-
n , Mors.
U , Tho steamship I'nrlisnilna, carrying
11 ; Iho president-elect, arrived1 In Chrlsto-
Hj bat harbor at 3 o'clock- In tho morning
m " and docked an hour tutor. Knrly In
II tho forenoon Senator Harding came
18 ; ashore and rodo to his- hotel through
IS flug-bedecked streets. Cheering crowds
n turned out to welcomo him.
M ; Poet Starts Hunger Strike,
I Hiivann. Hornclo Itlnnco Fombonn,
H held prisoner by tho American mill-
I tary authorities In San Domingo, hns
' started a hungor strike, according to
I I wortl received here. Kombona Is h
H newspaper man and has gained con-
alderablu fatno as n poet.
ij Six Men Are Cremated.
Jtisper, Ala. Six men wore burned
to donth In a fire nt tho Parish mlno
H of tho Itnltwny Fuel company, nine
Eh miles south of hero, following n pis
rat explosion- In tho mine. Ton others
j were Injured, six of them seriously.
IBM. L'eyaweo.ami Lloyd George to Confer.
Mjjj l'nrls.-r-PremlOr I.eyguus, It wns tin,-
IV Bounced Tuesday, 1ms decided to he-
Hi fin his conference with Premier Lloyd
9bHIH George of Great Drltaln over tho
HJHHJ Greek and other situations earlier than
PjHHJY t first Intendeds
HHHbW. .-jB9SffiILi!.ii!?'Jaslu:
Possibility of American Aid for the
Armenians Touched Upon In
Oebato by the Assembly of
the League of Nations.
Gcuovn. A resolution presented by
M. Vlvlnnl, Inviting the council of the
league of nations to confer with tho
various powers with the vlow of con
stituting a forco sufficient to put nn
end to hostilities In Armenia, which
wns Joined to Lord Robert Cecil's reso
lution along the nmo lines, wns adopt
ed by the assembly of tho league Mon
day afternoon.
Tho possibility of American aid for
tho Armenians was touched upon In
debate Monday by the assembly of the
lcaguo of nations on resolutions de
manding Intervention by tho league In
Supporting Lord Robert Cecil's de
mnnd thnt tho assembly appoint a com
mltteo to examine Into means for ond
Ing tho hostilities between the Turkish
nationalists and the Armenians, M.
Spalekjovltch of the Serbian delega
tion rocnllcd that tho United States
senate at one time had approved the
use of tho American fleet to succor the
Armenians, It was recalled horo In
this connection that Senator Harding
was the senator who rnportod the
A. J. Balfour of Great Britain,
speaking on the resolution, said that
If tho United States had been willing
to tnko the mandate for Armenia, Bhe
had the men, money and spirit to mnko
her nn Ideal mandatory. The lcaguo
has been unable to accomplish any
thing with rcgnrd to the Armenian sit
uation, Mr. Balfour admitted, because
tho condition of Armenia, he argued,
was not such as tho league was or
ganized to deal with.
Mr. Balfour satd an appeal must ho
sent to tho forty-one states of the
lcaguo for n united effort to savo Ar
menia. Rene Vlvlnnl of France, following
Mr. Balfour, said nil wero agreed that
compaHHlou would no louger ufflco
for Armcnln.
"It Is not tho fault of France If tho
lenguo today Is disarmed In tho fuce
of tho situation In Armcnln," Raid M.
Vlvlnnl. VIrtunlly tho entlro assembly
applauded this statement. It wns noted,
however, thnt tho British delegation
did not applaud.
"If thq conference hnd listened to
France," continued M. Vlvlnnl, "wo
would huvo had an International staff
and an International forco to denl with
this situation."
Nine Burned to Death.
Quebec. Flro which caused tho
deaths of nine persons In a I'ndono
farm houso Monday night, was caused
by tho explosion, of n kerosene lump,
which was being filled.
Fight Duel With Hose.
Two members of tho French volun
teer flro brigade fought n duel with
flro hn.so recently nt Shanghai. They
used tiio high pressuro hoso at a dls
tmiro of 20 fent.
H. M. Hyndmnn, leader of the
Trade Union of Great Britain and
chairman of tho British Socialist
Turks Demand Treaty Revision.
Constantinople. Tho defeat of the
Venlr.elos government In the recent
eloctton In Grooco hns resulted In tho
Turks formulating demnnds which are
equivalent to n requost for n revision
of tho treaty of Sevres.
I. W. W. Referendum.
Chicago, A referendum is being
conducted by the Industrial VYorkers
of the World to determine whoihrr
that organization sh,;: in.iorno. tli
program nf the th r,l Inern it'onilo
formula' ! at M s ., . M r , lino
I IJI The Turkey's Revenge j
Small Bodies of Men Enter Homes and
Murder Victims In Bed or Whllo
at Breakfast Ten Killed
at Football Game.
Dublin. This city became the scene
Sunday of far-spread murder and re
prisal. Not since tho first outbreak
of tho vicious civil wnrfaro that has
been shedding blood In Ireland have
the nssassluntlons been so concerted
or tho retaliation so swift ant) pro
nounced. Not less thnn fourteen men nro
known dead n tho attacks arranged
simultaneously all over tho city Sun
day morning. Tho method wns the
same In ench ense, and all the men
assassl anted wero officers or former
officers, or otherwise In tho service
of tho government.
Shooting began ngaln In tho streets
Just heforo midnight unit a number of
persons nro reported klllod.
The casualties In Croko park, whero
a football gamo was In progress, nre
officially given as ten killed and sixty
flvo Injured, cloven seriously.
Small bodies of men, numbering
generally from six to eight, presented
themselves at various houses, culled
their victims out or entered nnd shot
them In bed, whllo dressing or at
breakfast. Tho districts In. which the
murders wero committed nro In some
Instances closo togother; others arc
sepuratcd by miles; but all the as
sassinations took plnco about the
same hour, 0 o'clock In the morning.
In tho afternoon nt Croke park six
teen lorries filled with auxiliary po
Hco moved nwlftly up and surrounded
tho place.
Accounts differ ns to what happened
when, after mounting machine guns
on heights nbovc, tho pollco broke
through tho gates. Tho auxiliaries
wero hooted and, according to eye
witnesses, first fired Into the uir ana
then Into the crowd. It Is declared
from another sourco thnt tho Sinn
Fein pickets first fired on too govern
ment forces when they were seen i.p
pronchlng and thnt tho flro was re
Within tho pnrk tho great assembly
of 15,000 becamo panic-stricken. Sev
ern! nre reported to huvo been
trampled to deuth.
Wyoming Family Battles With Huge
Bird In Effort to Save Boy.
Glerido, Wyo. It took tho combined
efforts of tho Spnuldlng family to savo
8 year-old Walter Spauldlng from be
ing carried away by a giant englo at
their ranch near here. Tho hugo bird,
with a spread of eight feet, attacked
Walter In tho ranch yard. He grasped
tho eagle by tho neck nnd serenmed
for help,
John Spauldlng, Wnlter'a 7-ycar-old
brother, enmo to tho rescuo ond a
third boy ran for help. Mrs. Spnuldlng
bent off tho bird with a stick nnd tho
englo nttneked her. She was saved
when Mr. Spauldlng coma with a shot
gun nnd dispatched tho bird.
Tho two boys wero severely lacer
ated by the euglo's claws.
Central Americans End Dispute.
Washington. Tho United Stntes was
represented unofficially at tho meet
ing of the presidents of Honduras nnd
Nlcnragun and tho foreign minister
of Costa Rica, at Amnpnla, Guatemala.
Friday, when an agreement wns signed
looking townrd a settlement of some
Central Amorlcnn problems.
Bread Prices Reduced.
Chicago. Several Chicago bakeries
on Snturdny reduced their prico of
one-pound loaves of bread to 10 cents,
and their twenty-four ounce loaf to 15
cents and 14 cents, n reduction of 2
to 3 cents.
Constantino Is Awaiting Vote.
Athens, Tho Greek people will voto
November 23 on the question of tho
return of ex-King Constantino to tho
throne. The cabinet hns decided for
'a plebiscite on this question on the
' t'e tuu it'll. j
Orders the Railroads of New York to
Establish Passenger and Baggage
Rates on Interstate Traffic to
Conform to Interstate Rate.
Washington. In Its first decision on
tho right of tho federal government
Under tho transportation net to re
qulro railroad rates within a statu
to correspond to tho higher levels of
Interstate tariffs, tho Interstate com
merce commission on November 18
ordered tho railroads of New York
to estubllsh passenger nnd bnggnge
rates on Intrastate traffic conforming
to advanced Interstate schedules. Sim
ilar proceedings nro pending affecting
moro than half the states In the union.
By Its order of Inst August, the com
mission authorized In tho New York
region an Increnso of 40 per cent In
freight rates, 20 per cent In passenger
rates, excess baggage charges and
rates on milk and cream und also u
surcharge of CO per cent on Pullman
accommodations. Tho New York pub
lic service commission granted the
freight ndvnncc except milk, but de
nted the other Increases within tho
State, and the carriers appealed to
tho Interstate commerce commission, j
Tho federal body held that there I
was a general obligation resting upon I
It "to exercise control over Intrastate
commerce so far as it uffects Inter
state commerce."
"The decisive fnctor," tho ruling said,
"Is whether the rates under considera
tion Injuriously nffect Interstate com
merce." Congress directed that rates be al
lowed which would yield an aggregate
return of from 5 to 0 per cent on
the vnluo' of tho railway properties,
tho commission stated.
President's Health Improving.
Washington. President Wilson Is
ngaln walking considerable, nnd tho
fnct has raised tho possibility of his
appearing befora congress next month
and reading his messnge. It was
stated positively, however, that such a
dramatic spectaclo as his appearance
In a wheel chair will not como to
Dr. Wolfgang Kapp, who made him
self president of Germany for four daya
last March, Is planning to visit tho
United States In tho spring to lecture.
Dr. Kapp Is now living In Sweden.
Slight Drop In Living Cost.
Washington. A decrenso of throe
per cent in rotnll food prices In Oc
tober throughout tho United Stntes
was noted In statistics on the cost
of twenty-two articles of food, mado
public by tho department of labor.
Married Men Continue Studies.
Washington. Nowhero else In tho
country nro tho schools nnd unlverst
ties so filled with married men pursu
Ing their courses of study In Jaw nnd
medicine nnd arts nnd sclonco as In
I ashlngton.
NEW OWNERS PAY $5,000,000
GATIONS OF $141,175,000.
Road Is Sold on Fifteenth Annlver.
sary to Satisfy Judgment of $36,-
400,000, the Sale Completely Wlp-
Ing Out Stock of the D. & R. G.
Denver. On the fifteenth nnnlver
Bary of the organization of tho Denver
& Rlu Grande Railroad company, No
vember 20, nil tho property and hold
ings of the organization were sold to
three men representing tho Western
Pacific Railroad corporation for ?5,
000,000. The purchasers also assumed
obligations of tho Denver & Rio
Grande, amounting to $141,175,000.
Tho sale completely wipes out tho
stock of tho Denver & Rio Grande,
amounting to $87,775,070, according to
John F. Bowie of New York, general
counsel for tho Western Pacific and
one of the three purchasers. Tho oth
ers associated with him were John B.
Murali and Ralph M. Arkush, both of
New York.
Tho road was sold to satisfy a Judg
ment of f30,400,000 obtained by the
Equitable Trust company of New York
as trustee for holders of bonds Issued
by tho Western Pacific Railroad com
pany nnd guaranteed by tho Denver &
Rio Grande. Tho sale Is subject to
confirmation by the United States dis
trict court.
Following tho sale, Mr. Bowie an
nounced thnt although the Western
Pacific Railroad company corporation
now owns both tho Western Pacific
and Denver & Rio Grande railroads,
the lines would bo operated separately.
"Of course," said Mr. Bowlo In a
statement, "there will naturally bo n
tendency to favor tho Western Pacific
on through business to nnd from the
Pacific coast."
The Rio Grande Western Railroad
compnny, recently Incorporated In
Delaware with a capital of $150,000,
000, will bo tho holding company for
the road sold, Mr. Bowlo said, and an
operating compnny, with n name simi
lar to that held by tho old company,
will be organized soon.
Books of both tho operating and
holding companies will be opened In
New York January 1, at which tlmo
officers of both companies will bo
announced, Mr. Bowie said. Ho de
clared It would bo tho policy of tho
new owners to continue tho services
of tho present officials and employees.
Tiio headquarters of tho road will re
main In Denver, he said.
Russia Charges That Poland Has
Failed to Keep Pact
Riga. Peace negotiations between
soviet Russia and Poland were Inter
rupted Sunday.
Adolph Joffe, head of tho bolshevik
delegation, told M. Dombskl, chief of
the Polish representatives, that tho
work of arranging for n permanent
pence could not proceed until Poland
loyally fulfilled her promlso to with
draw troops to her borders. He added
this declaration wus n result of action
of Colonel Rlbnk, head of tho Polish
section of the Joint military commis
sion nt Minsk.
Engine Went Dead and Auto Is Struck
by Train.
Price, Utah. James Montgomery
Whltmoro, president of tho First Na
tional bank of this city, wus fatally
Injured Sunday when nn enatboum!
Denver & Rlu Ornndo passenger train
struck his nutomohllo nt n crossing
Just outsldo of tho city. Mr. Whlt
moro wns coming from his fnrm to
ohtnln supplies for tho men working
there when the accident occurred. Ho
wus alono In tho car.
As the automobile drove upon the
railroad track the englno apparently
went dead ond heforo tho trnublo could
bo corrected tho collision took plnco.
i .
Contest Waged for Coal Lands.
Washington. Cnn tho United Stntes
government, twenty years after patent
ing conl lands to fraudulent entrymen,
go Into court and secure tho cancella
tion of thosu patents on tho plea thnt
It has only recently discovered tho
fraud? That Interesting question Ir
now before the supremo court In tho
case of the United Stntes of Amcrlen
versus tho Dluinnnd Coal & Coko com
pnny, and Involves tltlo to eighteen
coal land entries near Cheyenne, Wyo.
Panama Canal Revenues Grow.
Washington. Tho Pnnnmn canal
hns closed tho best year flnnnclnlly In
Its six years of operation with nn ex
cess of $2,387,500 In rovenuo over tho
expense of operation ond miilntcnnnco.
Park Guard Shot to Death.
St. Louis. Charles J. Backer, n
guurd In ono of tho city parks, wnH
shot to death by Mrs. Mario Scott,
when Backer and another gunrd hnlt
ed nn nutomohllo occupied by Mrs.
Scott nnd her husband.
Hanson Fears Immigration.
Now York. OIo Hnnson, former
mayor of Seattle, returning after u
two months' tour of England, France,
Sweden, Poland, Germany and Den
mark, sounded n warning of tho Im
mediate perils of Immigration. I
(tl. S. lluroiui of m..i. BJ
Washington. D. C f0, w MM H?
13th, 1920 U ' rW"k !!,,
liny nuil Kent, Hnv . , Hi
Ir continues .H, ,"c.iSi,JtnH
firm nnd unchanged i VlV" 'sHl
Cincinnati because of llBht V '" bHl
Bood tocnl demand ai "'' hHl
prices docllncd $1 to Ij B , " CfcHJl
current demand could not .5klcB
croasod receipts, feast. i,. V"'HbHJ
with supply exceed n"n,h'n'r,,ViH
mnnd. Southern demand ?"'!
llKht. Quotes No. t TlmoV1'' ,
134. Cincinnati $J1 50, K.Z rSsBBBi
No. 1 Alfalfa, Kansas cUrlji ?'"
$31. No. 1 prairie, Chicago ,ii''1','Hl
City 118.60. "'""l.kunHi
Krultn and Vrffrtnbtr. . . Hi
round white potatoes w.v..V.waHi
10 cents per 100 lound, t I'HI
points, closing- $1 76fr2 Phi. TPH1
ket has been well suiipluav' HJ
slow. Cnrlots off 20ss, ! '.'""jHI
$1.80012. sacked. St Louli iSVHI
but other mlddlo-westorn mirtJ.'J'Hl
at $2.1GO$2.60. Shipment. ,B
llKhter from leadliiK stats,. tfi.VKHl
Nov. J?m,parod w,th 6-" wlek i!jB
Apples steady at Western K.vt-HI
shipping- points, A 2H Malawi.. lHI
por barrel. Northwestern it , VHbI
boxed Wlnesaps, steady urouM ,TBBb1
Kastorn Yorks and Ualdwlni .1 J"Hl
dull mostly nt $M5 per bunt tHl
ports of cold storage holtignHl
November 1 showed a slight !",
barreled stock, but an ImnortuiiHI
creas. In the number of boiti i.aHI
Stocks of barreled apple. In iiHb1
3.2SS.1GS compared with UOSlli rBBBB:
vember 1st, 1919. nnd 2.B1M1I 7. ifHl
Doxed appto holding Nox.mb.r i iHI
718,714 compared with UlliiiVjH
year and 2.612.641 In 118. 8M:t,!Hl
barreled apples 2,218 cars, conHI
r,UV'jyLwVk end,nK floY.a&nHJ
boxed 1,929 'cars, compar.d Nria H
cars. lIHJ
Danish type cabbage steidr iH
$10 per ton bulk at western KiwnHsl
shipping; points; consuming raitkittHBl
per ton tower, cloalnir $15f til uHsl
ments (83 cars, compared wltiuHl
cars week ended Nov. 11, H
Virginia sweet potatoes ilowulAl
Battled. Bastern consuming evHsl
losing 50c to $1.25 per bbl LuiSbI
decline at New York which cltWrBHI
$2itM2.25. Chicago steady, tltkHi
Shipments (99 cam. compared viiisbH
cars week ended November 11 hH
ments from eastern shore YlrraiHI
lighter. Hj
Live Stork and Meats. PricUijH
all classes of Chicago live stock iViHbI
aubstantial declines for the w.t )Hs!
oelpts liberal, those of cattl eitiftl
Ing a new vreokly record. OooouHbI
cattle ranged 75cO$176 per ltllHH
lower, with much of the common rHI
U.sllnlng considerably mors, EsHi
ranged 90oO J1.75 lower than on Nt
ber 12th, today's prices eitUlUtHI
a new low level for the year to tHl
A general decline of 75 cents pttsH
pounds was scored by practleillrHs!
classes of sheep and lambs. NorttHI
19th prlcos: Top hogs $12, Tfi'l
steers $17, good beef steen tM
$14.85, helfom J12.25, cows 10, tHH
teors $10. 60, westerns $11 75, vt.li'd
$16, fat lambs $12, feeding Iambi ::Hi
ewes $5.25, H
Under fairly liberal recehu iH
slow demand, fresh moat prlcS
cl Inert Jlflija pnr 100 pound. i-M
tho week, beet being tho weaktitl-H
tiro. Fresh pork h?ld ateady ton'aH
lower. Mutton $1 lower, lamb irdHI
generally J2 down. November H
prices on good grade meats; bttflH
139; hoavy loins $2(9134. H
drain. -The wheat market "tiiHI
tie steadier during the first ThritHsl
of the week but later dove ipetuHi
nsa In sympathy with cor. dH
December wheat closed on tns WB
$1.72 1-8, tho lowest price In fourxH
December corn appeared honvyttftH
on the ICth and Chicago prices It&H
continuously, closing on tho ltthittH
low of 664o. There has seldom tH
such a lack of demand for all rtuH
American supplies of wheat ira.tllH
milling demand also amall, owluH
light demand for flour. Mill, art nH
nlng about half capacity. KamucHi
ensh corn declined more than Wc tHl
three days and this hns had brH
"ft upon Chicago markets. OKoH
in Chicago selling at 8910c pren!H
oyer December future, flmall rH
of wheat at Chicago keep .pot tuH
Prices at relatively high level, (i
nnd 3 soft red winter 204) cH
December future: No. 3 at 150!lcpH
?..?. NoVJ Bnd 2 hl winter IrH
over December: No. 3 at 2)te pnrH
!". pr week Chicago DtcnHJ
wh.ea' lost 5 Ho. closing at fUllH
ryirt December corn 8o at Cc H
neapolls December wheat lost diwHJ
li riu. wi11'?8 '' Kansas CltrkHj
$I.62M; Winnipeg 6 at $1 84. H
i.,LnJ.7I '' Hutter macJc.tbt-H
lr holding Its own with increailni
denry to groate. weakness, Vcrr'H
tie storage buttjr being u.td iiH
at Uoston. At Now York DanlihtoH
is being used when neoessary toiwrH
:lnCiY Jrad: ThB demand Is moitljsH
small lots to supply immediate t"H
M.fi.18 n. "nap t0 market inlH
though undergrodes nro being diH
most buyers are Interested onlr.nHJ
M-WJI'V"R,U0B Closing price. ISkHJ
YoIIcT.ftnd Philadelphia (SciClHJ
en go and Boston (lc. Hj
Adjutant General Reports ArmyB
Reduced In Rapid Manner. H
Washington. Final details of &Hj
demobilization of America's 'tl!::H
urnitcs uro given by Adjututit GmB
Harris in liis annual reoprt to SfH
tnry of Wur Daker, Just mada pi3H
Tho adjutant general points oat (HJ
In the year ending November 13, UHJ
a total of a,12L,'.,;!:i officers aa4 cfl
were returned to civilian lift ,M
adds: H
"Moro than 05,000 moro offlccrifB
men wero discharged from the HJ
during tho first twelvo weckftHl
recent demobilization than WWH
charged from the Union armr ds;jH
tho entlro Civil war tleinoWlto-HJ
period of ono and ono-hnlf )
Tho report shows thnt nt IbeW'HJ
the last fiscal year, Juno 3 jflH
strength of tho army was 15'45J'Mf
cors and 181,8-18 enlisted men. AjVH
closo of tho preceding f,sC1 iHVesi
Juno SO, 1010, tho army wns com?1HI
of 77,000 officers and 7W.N70 tats.
officers' reservo corps last J'HH
numbered G8J32. HJ
Better Relations obicctljH
Toklo. Iteprescntatlves of '"HH
tlcal parties havo formed an "jjHtt
tlonnl penco association with H
Ject of endeavoring to nrrlvo '''!il
tor undorstandlng with tt v ICU
Stutes. liyl
D'Annunilo Rejects Trtf- Jl
London. flabrlolo d'Annunii MW
n dispatch to tho London T,""".dllp
Wllnn, told General Cnv,s1"'. ;'"llli
dor of tho Italian forces H g
Venotln, thnt ho would tint 'f1 IrHJ
the treaty of Rapnllo. sVbbI

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