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Pago Two !
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Articles and Illustrations te&m
1 for Lehi Housewives LRead The SuBJm
1 Coat With Cape
I &f . Over the Back
SI Urtftmt Gives the Wearer Much
I i Younger and Less Staid
It Appearance.
1 i Tbero Is much to bo sold tor coats
BJ with capo backs other than that they
H tro exceedingly fashionable, observes
H a prominent fashion correspondent.
H They livo tlio graco of u cape without
i any of tts Impractical features. There
Is tlio comfort of a good, substantial
long coat combined with the artistic
I outllno of tbo flowing cloak.
HE ) That tho capo Is never rcalljr ab
Hi sent from fashions proves that It
B ' must huvo somo great staying
H power. Thoro Is somo reason for
R women's always wanting It for It Is
I always finding a ready acceptance.
Hi What can this reason bo other than
I :. rO '
I '. T
1, I -Li
1 mM
HHHj Navy Dlue Volours do Laine Coat
BW Trimmed With Bands of Royal Dlue
fll Velvet.
HBiii .
n Its fcmlulno gfaco? Wo may prnto
BflB at length upon tho practical In
Hal dress, but tho practical minus
flHffl beauty and artistic appeal uover
HHHJ finds rent favor.
Ha The capo has considerable renin a-
HBHb tic and historical backgronud. This
HBH probably bears n subconscious Inllu-
HHHff enco In Its favor. Coming down to
HBHb tho purely practical, it coat Is umdo
Hm much warmer by a capo fulling over
HHV tho bad;, but I cannot say that tills
HHSJJ h.os anything to do with Its hold on
BHHh fashions.
HHHJI It can bo claimed, however, that Its
HBHk. youthfulnoss does much for It. Cer-
HHk talnly a coat of this typo gives Its
HBH wearer n much younger and less staid
JHk nppearanco than tlio old-fashioned
HaH practical (opcoat, which put tho (in-
HJEIHJf Ishlng touches In more ways than ono
EHh on a perfectly good-looking costume,
IBS' for, no matter how smart ono's dress
HBk and hat might bo, tho effect was lost
HJHK through tho addition of a prosy look
HuHf Ing coat.
HnHt i Where Parlslenno and American Agree
HJBR ' It may safely bo said that the capo
Bmat'- oat Is ono of this winter's greatest
successes. It Is much favored by
both the Parlstenno and tho Ameri
can. A most Interesting capo from
i'remat Is gray velours do Inlne, and
tho lining, which Is sntln, exactly
matches tho cloth In color. This coat
has practically two capes, as tho large
collar forms a short shoulder capo at
tho back. Tho largo capo extends la
a point nt tho back. It falls to with
In six or eight Inches from tho bot
tom of tho coat
Another model shows tho short capo
which Jenny bangs from tho top of
high muffling collars of fur attached
to suit jackets. In this Instance the
capo Is of bluo serge, while tho collar Is
of seal. This cape covers tho back
only. It docs not extend over tho
shoulders, as many do.
A coat from Lunvln fenturcs tho
long capo back which Is almost tho
entire length of tho coat. A soft slindo
of gray duvctyn was chosen for this
model. There aro trimming bands
of green nppllqtio embroidery down
hnfh alf!o nt thn frvmt. ntun ilnpti
bands of tho embroidery on tho full
Cape BacK Effects Feature 8ult
Tho platted capo back, almost In
tho form of a panel, Is novel but not
likely to find tho favor that the plain
cape backs have. Somo of tho best
French makers feature tho capo back
of fur, not only on long coats but on
short box coats, making theso capo
backs tho same length as tno coat it
tolf. Tho capo back effect on suits is
also a noted feature. Ono very ut
tractlvo model of bluo sorgo has a
high moleskin collar, from tho back
of which hangs a capo reaching to
just below the waistline, while (ho
actual Jacket, of box cut, falls straight
to tho hlpllno and Is embroidered
around the hem with gold and royal
bluo threads. Tho coat fastens with
two buttons Just' below tho high fur
collar, nnd again with two buttons at
tho bottom,.
Another Interesting model Is of i
bncco brown duretyn. with the enpo
I back cut in ono with tho sleeves. Tills
I capo Is edged with n two-Inch band
J of nppllqtio embroidery, tho em
broidery ngoln appearing down th
1 Hides of tht coat Itself.
Heritage of the Middle Anes
A second typo of topcont Is thai In
which the mojon-ngo effect Is earned
out. Theso are of long, straight cut.
1 sometimes with n bodice part hanging
straight to Just ahovu tlio knees.
This very long-walsted effect, with
tho upper part of tlio gnimont hnng
Ing straight, appears to be ono of the
essential features of this winder's
clothes. It tins not been carried out,
however, In such n marked way in
coats, ns tho means of embodying It
In a coat presented considerable d Mu
ch) ly. It was thought nt first that
what was rtillutilo for a dress was
not always nduptablo In a coat. Now
that coats have become so close rtkln
to frocks, the chnraclorlstlcs of om
belong quite ns much to tho othct.
Ono Flench coat shows a full flount
gathered to tho upper portion at this
point, thus forming tho tower part of
tho cont. Tho fluunro Is cut nt Inter
vals In flshbono shape to show vclvot
underneath, the coat Itself being of
Tho long coats shown by Jenn aro
of straight cut nnd In most Instance
hnve tho belt, or semblance of a belt,
placed nt a low walstllno.
This model Is dovoloped In navy blue
clours do lalno trimmed with bands
of royal velvet down the right sldo
to tho edge of tho cent, forming tho
bolt, deep cuffs and high muffling col
lar. Tho ornament and tassel, used
on ono sldo of tho coat only, aro of
royal bluo silk.
BSf Paillettes Grow in Favor
BUHl Tin, ntliop rant Inanlroil liv Mm iItphi flint It connto Imnllv irnrth u-M.n in
HH of tho middle ages, Is developed In
nD3jj&! black duvctyn, which makes a very
HBl smart topcoat. It Is embroidered In
lini Jado green rind Jot paillettes. Tho
M use of paillettes this season Is most
BjB pronounced, this form of trimming bo-
HHf. '" featured by a largo majority of
HBfj tho leading dressmakers. Preference
Ht'l Is given to black paillettes, Jet bugles
Hi and Jot beads, but colors, too, are
Hj1 often features, such as royal bluo,
IB dark green, brown nnd white,
H livening wraps aro' very lovely.
B Many of thorn aro In 'capo form and
HHS nronrudo of brilliant colored velvets,
BmB fur trimmed. Theso capes aro straight
HBV cut and wrap tho flguro closely, there
HBW being very little fullness. Thoro are
HB, n few capes cut to follow closely tho
B line,? of the figure. This sort of capo
HD clips tho shouldors like n cont and
KM hangs perfectly straight with no full-
Hl oss whatever.
H largo number of lhree-pleco suits
long contR that might almost be
Hjt fimii separate wrap. Indeed, so
HMi " ,' pf the winter Jackets arc long
Hi :
BteMMMmaa i'V i i r r'l ' i iTui mitinMinmsniiUiaaMMMBBtfii
tiiiik eiJiiio iiutuij iwitu ijiiu 1U
call attention to their Increased
length. Ono of tho very popular mod
els shows a three-quarter length semi
Mousing Jacket. Tho suit Is devel
oped In navy bluo duvetyu with pens
ant embroideries in red and brown
with touches of fur.
Slippers Match Frock.
There Is nn Increasing tendency by
the smartly dressed woman to wmiY
for evening a brocade sllppor that
matches her frock. This Is tho ono
occasion when a really high heol may
be Indulged In.
Fringed Sweaters.
Fringed swwiters aro worn by somo
well drow.od women. Thoy show fringe
iiround tho lower edge end sometimes
nromul tho sloovo and collar ns well.
Combining Colors.
Tho fashion for combining colors,
even slurtllogly dlfferoijt colors, bfTers
ninny sugg-Mtloiis of the utmost utility
nnd charm.
(O. ltlO. Witrn Nwipipr Union.)
The friends we've loved and love may
have departed
Borne gone for aye; yot memory
holds them dear.
The parting! left us sad and broken
hearted; The twilight ahadea of evening hrlni
them near.
-Edith Loutse FarrtlL
- From tho prcs-r-3H
cnt tlmo up to
RnrTJ plentiful. Most
rvO ' ' JUA People Judgo an
hrQEaeHH ornngo by tho size
EjfJPE3r( '!(" and color, If mar-IC-Xi-
Lk ktlng In person;
It over the phone tho price, perhaps, Is
the best qualification. Oranges should
be chosen by weight, ns well as grape
Cmlt. Tho fruit may or may not be
all edible; If tho skin Is heavy there
Is not much left after peeling, ns tlis
peel Is of little vnluo for eating pur
poses. Tho oranges that aro heavy
With flftpfla f-nnnnt Ha nl11 n POOd
purchase. Dy testing ono of each of
various prices and weighing tho pulp
after peeling and seeds. If any, are
removed, ono may have a means of
comparing values and of Judging of
tho right kind of purchase. As to quali
ty, that elusive something which may
taste llko tho aroma of flowers or be
as tasteless ns water Is hard to choose.
So really the old proverb "the proof of
tho pudding Is In tho eating" Is the
only real test of a flno orange Tho
Florida orange Is usually much thin
ner skinned than the California navel,
but Is often full of seeds. However,
ono will not sncrlflco flavor at tho ex
penso of removing a few seeds. Or
anges nro not nt their best until after
Christmas and are usually cheapest In
February and March.
Orange Souffle. To tho whites of
three eggs add a small pinch of salt
and beat until stiff then gradually
beat In thrco tnblespoonfuls of sugar,
neat the yolks of three eggs until
llghl nnd lemon colored, add six table
spoonfuls of powdered sugar and stir
li enough ornngo Julco to thin to the
consistency of coffee cream. Into
this fold carefully one-half of the beat
en whites, turn Into n baking dish nnd
cook In n dish of wnler unlit It purrs
Spread over It tho pulp of threo or
nnges, cover with tho remnlnder of
tho egg whites nnd set In the oven to
brown over lightly. It Is always well
to remember when using oranges that
the pulp becomes bitter If cooked nt a
high temperature.
All the pat thing are gone nnd over;
The talks are done and the tcan are
Yciterdny'a eorroiTi let yesterday
Yesterday's wound which smarted
and bled
Are healed with a healing which
night hath ihed.
8uian Coolldge.
Hach year tho valuo of apples as a
health fruit Is being more appreciat
ed. Whatever aids In
MW promoting health, of
ypEH course aids beauty as
HksftS wc" uiu1 "10 nnD" ot cat
r7j l"K an npplo or more a
VJ)s. dny ls ono which It Is
If vfTsjj wl8o to cultivate Thero
U fffl aro fow wll nro not ablo
WmtMk to ill pest a raw npplo;
for tlioso unfortunates n
baked applo may take Its place. A
cooked npplo eaten at breakfast tlmo
Is a natural cathartic, so with two ap
ples a day, ono nt breakfast and the
other at night, ono will be healthy and
wise. If not wealthy. It has been said
by those who have niatlo n study of
such things, that the teeth aro pre
served by tho eating of nn applo at
night, followed by n good brushing
which protects them from tho action
of bacteria during the night. Tho lem
on Is another good fruit to have with
you ut all times; taken Internally or
externally It Is a good partner to the
apple. If tho skin Is sallow, tnko the
Juice of half a lemon In a glassful of
hot water. If tho face needs n bleach,
tho lemon ls ono that can bo used with
out fear.
Applo Glace With Marshmallows.
Make u sirup of a cupful each or boil
ing water and granulated sugar; In
this cook six or noveii apples, cored and
pared. Turn the apples often to keep
tl .n whole, and test trciu with n skew
cr to seo when thoj aro tender Re
move them to a baking dish as thej
nroiono; baste with the sirup and
dredge generously with Rugnr. Set Into
a hot ovon to glnze them. Itemovc
to n serving dish with n spatula ; pour
the sirup from both dishes around
them, nnd when cooled a little press
ono or two marshmnllows Into the cen
ter of ench. Sorvc with or without
Editorial Hilites
i Selected for Western Newspaper Union
I Service by It. A. C. nnd C. II. W.
If a man remembers tho old peiul
blow potato It Is a sign that he Is gel
ting on In years. Ely (Nov.) T'nu-s.
.in honest day's work and nn hones
dny's pay ls the surest system of In
dt'strlal readjustment. I'nrk Clt;
(Utah) Hccord.
Now that the people have spnkei
their minds' politically, let's hope the,
get down to work commercially. W
nwed action not oratory. St. (leorgi
(Utah) News.
Rig city newspapers are houl'.ii
mightily over the nwful crime wnvi
As nr. antidote they might como t
this town nnd llvo In pence, pie-it,
nnd security. Price (Utith) Sun.
An nnonymous writer who liasn
reached the age of polite dlscro'lo
remarks that paint doesn't hnvo tli
same effect on nn old face that It do
on nn oiu nouse. r.urcKu im:v. oi-ii-tincl.
Don't keep your children living In
fear of sno fearful punishment or
allow them to feel that they arc not
as good ns their nssoclntes. It will
develop a feeling of timidity tint will
be a great handicap In their Inter
fight with tho world. Ihnmett (Iduho)
Tho upllfters and blue lnw pro
niotcrs will soon launch a nntiou-wido
campaign us n follow-up to prohlbl
tlon. Some seem to believe that the
only way to mnke tho world over Is to
enact laws enough nnd get policemen
enough to enforce them. Virginia Cltj
(Nov.) Chronicle. ,
fieforo long we mny expect to hnvt
Cabriole d'AnnuuzIo touring the Unit
ed States, telling us from the lecture
platform, nt so much per tell, how lit
grabbed Flume, declared "war" on
Italy and defied the woild In general
Ilelng ir poet ns well ns warrior he
ought to go strong nt the American
box office. Itolbu (Idaho) Statesman.
Does It strike you ns Justice that
Illll llohenzolleru should have castles
nnd servants galore while thousands
of the boys who stood between the
former killer's greedy hand mid our
freedom should suffer wnnt? An
time anybody tells you thnt "too inuct
Is naked toe the soldiers," compart
what thoj receive with wluit this ox
kaiser Is getting. Niimpu (Idaho)
Free Tress. .
For years there lias been n populai
theory among cartoonists, Joke writ
ors, funny men on the stage, tint
olhers, that crooks .nnd coiilldonce
workers find their richest hauls In
rural districts, l'osslhly there was a
time when that was true; but not now.
And, frankly, we doubt If the rural
district citizen ever was ns "easy" as
some of tho Jokesters try to have us
believe. Wlnnemucca (New) Silver
Tho sudden decllno to nn nlnrmlnj
extent of farm products Is .causing n
stompjde over tho entire country. Tho
drop came ut nn unfortunate tlmo,
Just nftor the crops were matured nl
tho peak of high oxpenso nnd before
tho produco could rench tho market.
However, It Is only tho natural re
sults. The producer Is bound to be
the first to feel tho results of low
prices ns ho was tho first to receive
tho benefit of tho udvnnce. I'nyctto
(Idaho) Enterprise.
"Effort will bo made to repenl tlu
ilectlon law," says the hendllnos of n
Nevndu newspjipor. And the "effort"
should bo successful. Voar after year
this law Is falling into disrepute in
Novadn. It has been on trial long
enough, has proven n falluro and
should now be relognted to the scrap
heap, whero a good many othor No
vndfi Inws belong. Tho prlmnry law
has accomplished nothing save the
piling up of a lot of unnecossnry ex
pense, which the tnxptyers have to
pay. Wells (Nov.) Herald.
Whllo banks all ovei tho eountrj
Imvo been prospering ns never before,
an oxeeptlon Is noted In North Dakota,
whore many of thet,e Institutions re
contly have closed their doors. Those
conversant with the kind of govern
mont existing theru nnd Its Intlmnto
connection with the business of tho
pooplo will osperloneo no mirprlae. It
has boon freely predicted from the
time the Nonpartisan leuguo ihimo Into
control of tho North Dakota stnte gov
ornmuiU thnt disaster for about every
body, except tlio loaguo leaders, would
follow. It F,oms to hne arrived
IVcnlelhi (Milio) Tribune. I
-'r'l 4 IT W r If V" V It t Bt ' !h1'
UTHEN In doubt choose n box
W coat" might be taken ns a safe
rulde to the purchase ot a suit In tho
lato winter. For thero ls hardly a sea
ton within the memory of fashion re
porters which has not offered tho box
coat among Its showings of coat suits,
therefore tho story of tho season's
lults may very well begin nnd end
rvlth this particular and always chic
Style. Hut tho box coat Is for tho
woman whoso carriage ls correct, for
Iho upstanding figure nnd especially
for slenderness.
In tho suit pictured, which might be
it duvctyn, velours or other suitings
In a solid color, tho flaring box conl
model huttons straight up tho front
In tho most npproved of fashions. II
has pockets and collar of Australia:
ipossum fur, very becoming nnd coz:
looking, nnd plain cont sleeves tin
lulled nt the wrist with LtK
covered buttons nnd button U'tBrs.
Except for narrow braid in nnflp,
which the skirt acknowledges iKie
qunlntnnco with coming epriitijH
there Is nothing to say ot It HtHls:
not told by the picture. Hr,
In compnny with this d?puiiBj
' stylish suit, there Is an eqmDjH
' dent coat, ns practical and tiBis
1 It Is long and double-breasted, tmH
sleeves nnd deep, turned bud H,
' with fur border. The belt nltkB
ends of cloth ls glen cbannHt
I handsome silk tassels which nutiH,
i In smart stylo the deep cape K
t thrco bands ot fur for ornament.
t enpo is the prldo nnd glory till
t which It elevntes Into the claurfH
i best models nnd worn with It B
r smnrt sntln hat will) ornamttinB
i-1 tho front tiinde of ostrich flues.
Niceties of the Toilet I
Tiu woman wno gives inougut to
her coiffure, her lint and her
dress nccessories ls about sure of suc
cess In tho matter of her toilette,
whether It Is mudo for the everyday oc
cupations of life or for high occasions.
Store than half tho battle Is won for
street dress when tho coiffure nnd lint
nro all that they should be, and It Is
tho niceties of tho costumo that give
It a flavor which cannot be overlooked.
Old fnthor Christmas brought In n
huge pnek of purely personal gifts for
dainty women this yenr, which Is
worth while reviewing In order to be
como acquainted with tho mode In ac
cessories. Leaving out Jewels of all
kinds thero nro left gloves, hose, fnns,
belts, neckwear, liandkercldefH, hand
bags, veils, umbrellas, scarfs and mniiy
other things that give tho costume
Among fans, those of curled or un
curled obtrtch with dark shell sticks,
hold tho lead as the fnvoiitos of faslv
Ion. From two to soven plumes, In n
vnrloty of colors, are used for maklnc.
ono of theso rich belongings nnd they
may bo had In Jade, orchid, sapphire,
turquoise, orange, flash color, black
and red or ordered In nny other colors,
Another lovely nccesory of ostrich
feathers, to be worn with evenlnp,
frocks, appears In bracelets for bare
arnis, mado of ribbon and flues. Thej
i aro mndo to be worn on ""(
' above tho elbow. '
Next to handkerchiefs, plotl
, neckwear rank hi Importi.n e
because they are so univerml
. wear Is a story by Itself, but
the new Items In it npiwar
round collar nnd vestee plcliuw'
i This Is made of flue net, Velllfl
Insertion nnd Vol edging J
. by tho photograph and ' jM
i matter for tho home uw,le
to handle. It Is to be nmde W ?
i In gloves, washable rlft";'l
street wear find ever Increase M
white doeskin fnstenh g with p"
I tons stundlng nt the ponk ofig
, ness. They nro rivalled by "!
I gloves of n suetle l,i l,uJ
- with lining In .1 tnnin'-tins "?
fnstencd with strap ''ml ""';JW
let nnd sllp-on stjh s are In tM
mnnd. A very luindsonw M
, French glnco kid Is Mwn ' '
ture with Van Dyck P""11!
i stitching In black ;ul1 , witf
: often finished with mn 'n
stent! of black and dlM!-&" jM
. gray gloves In popularity ID
! JA

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