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' ynft Wf t C& I
1 Combined With the Lehi Banner ,0:, I
"" TII' tBBI- WAII, THUEdDAT, MBRUABY 3, 1921 : r " T H
fc. '" Himi'y!. .) Ho. 27 pH
)ld Folks Are
I Royally Entertained
ftt Number Ever Out Enjoyed
jaidAVInter Dinner and Social.
Hrhe biggest numbor of Lchl Old
Lie, Widows, Widowers and Mis
Heir Wives over ontortalnod nt
Wl timo n I-onl onjoyed tho mid
Hter dinner and social last Friday
the high school building. Two
Hired and clghty-stx wcro served
Her, which is forty-three more than
E attended a like social since Lchl
menccd making Uio thing an
Hul affair Practically all over tho
r-jear age mark from the cntiro
rr Vf VOre present Including tho
ovi, wldowors and missionary
Ki A fow, who wero held homo
i Illness or othor reasons, wero
gotten, howevor, as tho com
la chargo saw to It that n
rsi sent to them. ,
xjn a splendid dlnnor was
In the high school room,
tables, tho full lorigth of tho
rero roqulrod to sorvo tho
md oven then a socond tablo '
cessary. Chicken, roast veal,
I potatoos, parsnips, dressing, :
apple and mince plo, plumb i
and cake wolghtcd tho tables i
md as the oatlng hour ad- ;
entirely sattsflod tho hunger i
r one present. During the eat- i
lod tho 35 ploco Junior Dand i
i the guests with several i
irtog tho "foed" tho crowd
i the Royal Thcatro whero
lJoeJ a spoclal plcturo show i
pra. Numbers on tho pro- i
.lidded romarks by Stake Old t
tiCoBalttco Chairman John Hun (
; fret Stovon L,, Chlpman and 1
I Old. Folks Comlttco Chairman i
& DroadbonL A Seventh t
"""" a gfrls chorus ronderod a song i
!d a doublo quartott of high J
'I boys. A short period of danc- c
tthe'hlgh school building finish- I
afternoon program. In tho
aja public dance was enjoyed at t
una place.
t old folks committoo has re- i
d that their thanks Dor the
did support of tho towns pcoplo
0 tho management of tho Royal .
lyiDj !P be extended to all through
ra columns.
wm 1 people wore liberal with tholr
tas In tho campaign Just closed
" '! funds for tho European Re-
. 'W. Tho five wards donated a
t 9718.18 divided as follows:
0 IM.95, Socond $192.00, Third
"" ' Fourth' $104.G3 and Fifth
w- Tho Alplno 8tako as a
collected and aont In ?2,320.29.
lei the above amount tho "Hoov-
ebruary Jewelry
jl'icrclmn.li , ,n our lino of
k '. 0 ,. les, jewelry of all
i lounto'ii pons, cutlery, cut
;K ivory g0ods, SILVEK
,M fpticnl goods, etc., nil
ffB r ctut oft for Cash 0,lly
VB Special for 1st FREE
10 Dam
JHfil watch clinln will bo
J.16, 'With onch gentleman's
W 0 for .$7.00 or over.
jBtUfaction Qunrnntccd. ,
ieSfr Mid Optometrist '
At The Qift Shop."
or Dinner" arranged by the Luhl Sor
vice Stai Legion raised $175.00. This
mado a grand total of $893.18 that
Lohl sent to savo tho starving child
ren of tho war and famlno stricken
countries to tho east of us.
Contributed by Servico Star Legion.
That tho "Hoover" luncheon and
supper, given for tho boncllt of tho
child relief fund, by tho Lohl Servico
Star Legion was a coraploto success Is
vory gratifying to tho olllcors and
mombors of tho local chapter. Tho
splendid assistance nnd support of tho
public Is greatly appreciated.
Ilut then Why not? Aro wo, or
aught wo to bo Ioss'rcsponslvo to tho
pall of suffering humanity, than our
own boys, who so splendidly and un
hesitatingly answered tho same call?
Wo wish to thank Prof Abraham An
derson and his "band boys," Scout
Mastor Floyd, Goates and his "scout
boys," I'rof. Joseph Smithnnd all who
took part on our program, for their
ready response in giving of tholr time
nnd talent to entertaining thoso who
cumo out to our luncheon and supper.
Lchl should Indeed bo proud of tho
talent within her borders, certainly
Miss Hamilton, under whoso capablo
supervision tho lunch nt tho domestic
science rooms, and tho supper at the
commercial club rooms, was served,
cannot bo too highly complimented, on
her spelnd.tdly efllclent domestic
science clnssos. Also Mrs. Holmstcad,
whoso seventh grade pupils assisted
tho publicity commlttco. Tho amount
cleared from tickets sold and do
nations to tho causo was $17G. Tho
exponso being only $2.30, most every
thing" having BcwTTurnTsKcd by do
nations. This monoy will bo sent to
Mrs. Annie Wells Cannon, Treasurer
of .tho European Relief Fund in Salt
Lako City.
Tho Sorvlco Star wish to mention
and express appreciation to tho Lohl
Sun for tholr generosity In giving us
spaco nnd printing our tlckots freo of
Larfle Attendance Anticipated for
Popular Play by Popular Player.
.Tho Royal Thcatro promises to bo
tilled noxt Saturday aftornoon and
evening to wltnoss tho produetlon of
"Up in tho Air" by tho M. I. A. Stako
Doard Dramatic Company. Tho play
is said to bo one of tho best over
produced hero nnd tho company is
composed of tho host dramatic play
ers In Lohl, Amorlcan Fork and Pleas
ant Orovo. Lowry Nelson, of tho
Utah Farmer olllco and n graduate of
tho U. A C. df Logan, Is coach and
Tho matlneo commences at 2:30 p.
m. and the ovening porformanco at
MC Reserved seats aro now on
Balo'at tho Coop, storo and soiling at
CO cents, wnr tax included. Tho play
and pl&yors are equal to moBt of tho
travollng troops but tho popular prico
of admission was mado low bocauso It
Is intended to fill ovcry seat in tho
Boy Scouts and Ileo Hlvo Girls aro
conducting a spirited contost in tho
sale of tlckots, though uny ono whom
they may miss, may also obtain tholr
tlckots at tho box otttco. Those who
purchaso 00 cent tlckots aro entitled
to roservod soats and may got thorn
oxchangod for roservod soats by call
ing up tho Co-op. or calling in porson.
Spot your seats now, then pay ,for
thpm oithor with tho B0 cent tickets
or cash when you como to tho show.
' U
Lohl peoplo woro well pleased with
tho oxcollont program rondored by the
Columbia Symphony Orchostra, undor
tho direction of Nomo Francis Knight,
at tho Royal Thoatro, Saturday ovon
Ing. Tho crowd, which grootod tho
artists, was woll ploasod with tho
various numbors encoring sovoral of
them. Tho dancing of Miss Dorothy
Volkoy and solos of Miss Genovieve
Qllbort woro especially woll rocelvod.
Orops Bead
Injlis Homl
Without noiloo of any kind Lars
victor Larson, shoemaker of Lchl for
many yeais, dropped dead at his homo
In the Fifth Ward Tuesday at 3:30 i.
m. Pause of death was not dot
mtnod but It is assumed heart troublo
was responslblo for tho sudden do
pnrturu. Mr. Larson was born In Bwoodott,
July 21, 18R7.
The timo of tho funoral sorvlcos hacf
not beon definitely mado lato last
night us sonio of tho relatives had not
boon hoard from.
Double Funeral
A doublo funoral was hold horo yes
terday for Mrs. Ellen Cednrstrom nnd
her grand-daughter, Lucllo Alice
Illrch. Tho grandmother was 78
years old and tho hnbo wus four
months. Tho babo died Saturday and
Mrs. Cedarstrom Sunday.
Mrs. Cedarstrom was born In
Sweoden, October 17, 1842, and came
to this country whon aho was 12 years
of age. Hor husband preceded her to
tho othor sldo soveral years ago since
which timo she has resided with hor
son at Pelican Point nnd with other
children In town hero.
The babo was tho daughter of
Robert James and Lucllo Isoman
Illrch. It was born horo Soptembor
19, 1920.
Shall Lchl have a biiBobull club this
year? This Is tho noxt Important
question after Senato Dill No, 12, that
is being discussed whenover a number
of Lohl pooplo congrcgato. Tho ques
tion will bo odlcially discussed to
night (Thursday) whon 'baseball fans
will meet In tho Lohl Commercial Club
rooms nnd tako up tho matter. Every
Lohl citizen Is extended an Invitation
to bo present and tako part in the
With propor organization and boost
ing It is believed Lohl can maintain a
baseball club similar to that of tho
ills tofic 'days of. IflOS to' 1912, wncn
Lchl was known all over tho stato as,
Tho Uasoball Town. Thoro Is Just as
good material horo now as thoro Was
then and tho baseball spirit is still In
tho veins of tho peoplo, but dormant
All that is necessary Is to rovlvo that
"Old Timo" spirit again. Wo bolleve
It can bo dono with propor organi
zation nnd a llttlo pop to got things
Tho annual financial statement of
tho receipts nnd disbursements of
tolil City for tho year 1920 will bo
found on pago six of this icsuo. A
special study of tho roport should bo
mode by every taxpayer.
"Say, Cy, I Jost found out what a
rubo Is."
"Thot bo, Hiram? What Is it?"
"Why, It's ono o' them 41-hour, $9C
a week labor guys that thinks a farm
er Is goln' to sell him food cheap."
Where You Can Get the Most
For Your Money?
Nbw that work is scarce and
money hard to got your
answer will be SURE.
Sugar, per sack $8.97
10 Pounds Best Rlee .60
10 Pounds Sugar ;
10 Pound Sack Oatmeal......,..... .65
0 Pound Sack Common! 4G
10 Pounds Lard - - 2.00
10 Pound Ducket Syrup - LOO
Rest Walnuts, por pound -0
Corn, por can
I Candy Bars, per bar
Ipoas, por can -
nest Looso Lord, por pound.. u
Regular $1B0 Drooms on Salo.... .JH
Got one thoy're going fast.
Dost Lemons, Bxtrn Largo, por
dozen - ":
Pork and Deans, per can ., .to
Large Size Can Milk (Plantation
Drand), per oan -10
Coates 10c Spool Cotton.-...- 7c
, Splendid Hose, Ulack or Drowns 25o
Wo havo ro-marked all our
, Shoes DOWN.
Lot us savotyou monoy on sho.
Not Cents But Dollars,
i , Shop at
and you will havo monoy loft.
' P S. Wo Cover Dross Buttons, all
Many Pay lespacts
to WJt. Yates
Last respects woro paid to William
R. Yates, who died jtoro Tuosdny
morning, whon funoral servlcos woro
hold In tho First Ward mooting
houso Thursday. A largo numbor of
follow townsmon Tvero in nttondanco
at tho services.
Ulshop 8. 1. Goodwin was in charge.
"What Volco Salutes Tho Air" by
illsa Tholma Goodwin and chorus was
tho opening musical selection. Fol
lowing invocation, by William J. Our
noy, Mrs. O. L. Ktttingor rondorod a
solo, "I Havo Road of a Doautlful
City." A second song by Mrs.
Klttlngor was, "Jesus, Lover of My
Soul," which with, "I Know My Ro
.deomor Llvoth" by tho chorus, com
pleted tho musical numbors.
Tho speakors, all of whom offorod
pralsoworthy romarks of tho deceased
and his family, wero: Josoph Kirk
ham, Thomas J. Yates, A. D. Andor
son nnd A. J. Evans, nonedlctlon
was pronounced by Dlshop R. J.
. O. S. Peterson rond the following
biographical sketch.
Burial took place In tho Lohl como
tpry with W. 8. Evans dodlcatlng tho
Biographical Sketch.
Brothor William Richard Yatos, son
of William and Sarah Nobos YatoB,
Was born March 17, 1862, at Lohl,
Utah. His mother died whon ho was
ono year and nlno months old, from
(hat timo until his father married
aain ho lived with his undo, Thomas
Yates at Sclpio. Ho was baptized in
tatho church of Jesus 'Christ of Lat
terday Saints whon eight years of ago
at Lohl, Utah, From tho ago of 16
years to 20 ho worked on tho railroad
In Arizona, building tho D. & R. Q.
read. Docombor 2C, 1884, ho marrlod
Cnthorlno J. Evans from which union
flvo children wero born, two sons and
threo daughters, four of which aro
living, ono daughter having procedod
him to tho Groat Boyond.
Tho early part of his marrlod iifo ho
labored as a miner, ho was stato sheop
Inspector for threo years, after which
ho served as foreman for tho Ameri
can Smelter and Refining Company at
Topllff, until eight years ago whon ho
resjgnod his position on account of
poor health. Slnco that time he has
beqp .engaged In farming and stock
raising; ' tf
Brothor William had a warm spot in
his heart for nnyono who wag in
trouble, and was always ready to lond
a helping hand. In fact be practiced
tho words of tho Saviour wherein ho
Bald, "Do unto otbors as you would
havo thom do unto you." Ho was
honest and upright In all of his deal
lugs with his fellowmen. Ho was a
kind and affectlonato husband and a
dovoted fathor.
Ho has boon a sufferer from Asthma
for a number of years, and In splto
of all that could bo dono by kind
bands ho gradually grow worse until
tho end camo. Ho passod away
January 25, 1921, at Lehi. Ho loaves
a wife, four children, and four grand
children to mourn his loss.
u -
Tho sovon-month-old-baby-boy, Farrls
Earl Peterson, son of Mr. and Mrs,
Ellis Peterson was burled Monday.
Tho child died Friday, January 28th,
of bronchial trouble: It was born
Juno 10, 1920, at their homo In tho
First Ward.
Funoral services, which wero at
tended by an exceptionally largo num
bor of friends of tho family, woro
held In tho First Ward meeting houso
Monday afternoon with Bishop R. J.
Whipplo officiating. William South
wick opened with prayed and Janus
Schow closed. Tho choir offorcd two
s( lections, "I Neod Thoo Every Hour"
and "Beautiful Isle." A duet, "Somo
Timo Wo'll Understand," by Prof A.
Anderson and Miss Molba Fox and a
solo, "My Faith In Thoo" by Isaao
Kux woro tho musical numbors. Josoph
Kirkham, Josoph Anderson, Carlos
Schpw and A. B. Andorson offorcd ro
marks. Gravo dedication was pro
nouncod by A. B. Anderson.
u -
At 2:30 p. m, Friday, February 4th,
In tho Commercial Club rooms, tho
County Farm Buroau Ladles will moet
tte ladles of Lehi, to perfect a Iadlos
o. i-'anlzation here, In connection with
iiif farm bureau.
Subjects will be discussed and pro
'ecu doclded upon that aro to bo work
el uut during tho coming year.
Ladies desiring to attend this moot
ing con havo their high school daugh
ters excused, to caro for the smallor
children, by making a written appli
cation to Superintendent Junius
Banks. All othor girls will bo excused
if desiring to attend this meeting.
Wo hopo that tho high school girls
can attend in a body. All womon in
terested aro cordially Invited to attend.
" o
(Womon aro Intoxicated by dress.
News note.)
A really truly awful condition.
Which won't bo cured by prohibition'
' """ "" ' ii i , H
Basketball Games I
Tho Lehi Legion tenin won ono
nnd lost ono of tho two games
plnycd nwny during tho week. At
lnyson Saturday they Avoro on
the long end o tho 45 to 17 score
hut nt Provo Tuesday evening tho
Provo Legion again defeated tho
locnls 29 to 25.
Tho Pnyson gnmo was easily
Lohi's as they took tho load nnd
gradually inorenscd it.
It wns nnothcr story at Provo.
Tho Mountain Climhors hit n
speedy strido from tho first toss
up securing-flvo baskets boforo tho
local boys got going. .Although
Lehi outplayed tho icu
from then on they cou over
come tho lead. Troublo at caging
goals was experienced. Tho
baskets wero loose, tho players
Llnoup and summary:
Fd.G. Fr.T. Fl.G. T.P.
N. Evans, If 10 0 2
It. EvanB, rf 2 12 9 13
C0ark, c. 1 '0 0 2
Taylor, lg. ...:.. 10 0 2
Davis, rg. 3 0 0 0
Totals . .. 8 12 0 2G
Fd.O. Fr.T. Fl.O. T.P.
J. Dunn, If "4 0 0 8
Pyno, rf 20 0 4
Edwards, c. 3.0 0 0
Clark, lg. . 2 10 r 7 11
Pago, rg. ........ 0 0 0 0
Totals 11 10 7 20
Reforoo Peterson.
Tho Lehi High bnskctbnll team
was defeated horo Friday by tho
Provo school 4nMko4ocond-gatnc
of tho league Beries. Tho final
Bcoro wns 27 to 18.
Tho Provo lineup is composed
of older and largor men who show
ed steadier norvo and moro con
sistent playing which easily won
for thom. Tho local boys woro in
tho game and fighting every
minuto but they wero no i match H
for tho older men. M
This victory gave Provo tho H
load in tho league. A victory for H
American Fork over Pleasant H
Grove tics Lehi and American H
Fork for second placo. flH
Tho lineup nnd score! H
b. y. u. mail. H
Fd.a.Fr.T.Fl.Q.T.r. H
Dixon, If. ......... 2 0 0 4 LH
Pyne, rf. .,-........ l 0 0 2 Lpj
Pnrtrldgo, c. ..... . 2 .0,' 0 4 pB
Kellert lg. -.. 0 22 :iG ID H
Jackson, rg. ..... 10 0 2 LM
Totals ....... 0 22 , 15 27 H
. Fd.G. Fr.T. Fl.G. T.P. H
Turner, If. .-..... 0' 0.0,0 pH
Roborts, rf .. 1 .0 0 " 2 ftH
Morrill, o. ............ 1 0 0,2. LH
Clark, lg. ,...,...... ,1.0 0 2 pH
Smutn, rg. .-.. 1 1G 10 12 pH
Camoron, If. ...... 0 0 0 0 aH
Osterloh, If 0 0 0 0 H
Totals ..... 4 1G 10V. 18 pH
Iloforeo, R, Richardson;- umpire, pH
Weight. pH
On account of an outbreak of Small pH
Pox at Amorlcan Fork and tho pH
vaccination' of tho mombers of that pH
high school team tho game scheduled H
hero botwoon tho two scImoIb Friday pH
has bad to bo callod off. H
Howovor, that tho local basketball H
tans may not bo disappointed a game M
hns been arranged with the Payson , pH
school which has a fast team. The H
gamo promlsos to be Just as Interest- H
Ing from a basketball standpoint as H
tho canceled game would have been pH
slnco both Lohl aniVPayoaa are play- pH
ng tho same class at fast ball. aH
u ppj
ProfSTostph'FrSmitli.vflnd-ftg-- - 'H
socintes havo arranged n musical H
program which will bo given in H
tho Lohi Tabornaclo next Sunday H
evening, commencing at 7:30 H
o'clock. Tho best talent in town H
has bccirincludod which should H
assuro the publio of n delightful H
hour or ao of music. H
,!,.., ' - , .1 1. pH
Awakeitf ?': 31
Men! mj'- I
. . Ji'-r iB
. . . '.- pS
to the most bountiful good-clothes values, since, the' 'H
fond, full-dollar days of 1914, ' ' ,"
Wlicn tho -woolen mnrkot wns depressed lnsti H
Fnll, Tho Royal Tailors jumped in nnd bought ear- H
loads and cnrlonds of spring goods for you nt fl
"deflated" prices. H
' Tlio ready-made clothing merchant couldn't do fl
that. For he buyB made-up clothes; not woolons; 'H
and he places his orders six months in advance. The 'H
drop came too late for him. jH
That's one of the reasons why Tho Royal Tailors M
arc astounding tho mercantile world this season with I jjB
their offer to build tho finest custom-tailored suit or" ,
overcoat to order nt only $27.50. , s,t '!
Less -than our famdus feature pricas of last sea-' 19
soul . .. .l.,'. .. jm
If you want the best clothed vftlu j'ri .Amoriqa jM
i l you wnnt to 'save $10 to $20 on your spring suit and
overcoat come down here.. Buy Rbynl Tailored. M
Mado to measure clothes, Ml
People's Co-op Inst. m
The Busy Storo on State Street 'S
Authorized denlora for
Chicago Now York 'B

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