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I Combined With The Lehi Banner . .. :r,
jf LKHI, UTAH, THUMP Y, APRl 27,1922 - y '$' WM
Els will close
here next week
L jchoola will cloao next
K likewise will all of tho
r ,1,9 Alplno District. This
lu reached last weok and
M,j vas definitely announced
Csri' It was originally plan
K, tfo weeks longer but lack
uctrry th schedule through
L the change.
E, conclusion ot work next
KjW school year will
C sm ot the most successful
B4, More studonts attend
Ttetter general grado was
Eughout the district by the
Mtbn ever boforo.
.vt blgh will finish work
B7 May 3rd and graduation
E'm be held In tho evening,
Kg at 7:30 p. in. in the II. S.
Eloflag program will be
M' . ., , Band
jYo"Ctnplaln A. B. Anderson
W Ladles Chorus
w Grailuatos. ..Ott Romnoy
BK Blanche Webb
fj ..-Eva Qroon
nlttlon ot Seniors
Station Pros. D, R. Mitchell
Kico ot Diplomas-...-......
r D. Worlton, 1'res. ot Board
ot Education.
M , . -Male Chorus
wLCbaplatn A. B. Anderson
i ....,..-..... Band
h! erent of tho year will bo
E? High School Track. Meet
Kb. fork, Friday.
Miiwlng students will com
B fr years work and will re
piu: Iferdr I-ouls Osterloh
k D. Call Webb
Bm Valeta Backer
MiHj L. Southwlck
sicker Leona FJeld
.Webb Lula Bakor
Afatord Susie Bonnlon
tcilng Boyd Hoi attend
Mather Morris Jonos
Btrsan J. Blalno Ooatos
Peterson Dorothy Saboy
HlerrUl Eva Ore en
Averts Blanch Thunnan
Simon V. Rowland Shaw
Udan Margaret Cox
M F. Bradshaw,
B- o
khool board
wctlon ot f28,000 on the
Bkhool District budgot for tho
M year was ngreod on at the
W farm bureau mooting
m The original budgot' was
Bt 1178,000 and was cut to
A week previous the cut
4 on at JMG.GOO but the
Bw' reconsidered this week
Biiet raised from 154,500' to
B to make tho reduction teach
Br IU bo cut six por cent and
BM amounting to ten percent
B making a total cut of six-
cent from tho budgot formor
B With this reduction a ralso
m two mills will be necossary
the expenses noxt year, ac
to tartn bureau figures.
Bating last weok tho teach
B '1 to U to forego tho three
Br which tholr contract calls
ear and which they will not
U resnlt ot earllor closing,
I Gift Shop
fcoved 2 doors West
Bew days while the old
Bront is being remodel-
BJU be pleased to take
" j our Watch and
EN repairing. Also any
business in our line in
Bulding formerly occu-
the Lehi Ilardware.
Br8 for business.
Jler and Optometrist
Bystreet, Lehi, Utah
One of tho worst fires In this sec
tion In years broke out Friday morn
ing at about 10 o'clock in tho Fair
Hold shearing corral and In a very
short tlmo had destroyed tho entire
corral, some 300 sheop and wool
clips that wero in tho sheds. David
Carson, W. C. Thomas, Charles South
wlck and Evan Walters wero badly
burnod while trying to savo some of
the sheop and wool.
Tho flro was started by a spark
from tho gasollno engino which
ignited an open can of gasollno. Tho
ilnines sperad so rapidly that there
was barely a chance to save anything.
A big barrel of gasoline stood near
tho engino and as the flro progressed
gas was created from this which
added to tho dangor to tho men and
kopt tho fire raging.
Charles Southwlck, D. II. Carson ot
Lehi, W. C. Thomas and Evan Wal
ters of Cedar Valley wero burned
about tho face and hands. All but
Mr. Walters was buck to work yes
terday. Tho corral was being oporated by
W. C. Thomas and his loss will bo
nearly $8,000. An equivalent of COO
sheep, supplies, wool and automobile
wero all burned. Tho total loss was
eslmated at S12.500 with 3,000 Insur
ance. Tho corral bolonged to the
American Fork Wool Growers Associ
ation. Now materials for .rebuilding wore
Immediately ordered and a temporary
corral was built and shearing rosura
cd yesterday.
By special request tho Lehi High
School Dramatic' Association will
again present "Oh, Clarence!" tonight
at tho Royal Theatre at special prices
ot 25c.
All who saw the porformanco April
ICth woro delighted and tho reap
pearance of tho students should draw
a record house.
Tbo porformanco is a real American
Comedy and never falls to touch tho
mirth spring of every member of tho
audience. Tho cast handled tho
parts in regular professional stylo at
the first performance and will bo Just
a little bettor propared this tlmo.
Tho Lehi Ladies Farm Bureau
organization Is behind a Cleanup and
Fly Prevention Week campaign com
mencing Sunday, April 3pth and clos
ing Saturday, May 6th. Tho schools,
churches and Lehi health organi
zations aro all behind tho movement.
It is a fore gono conclusion that tho
campaign will moot with tho support
ot tho towns pooplo and will result in
much good to tho general public.
Below is Bomo of the litoraturo bo
lng distributed that is expected to
wako tho pooplo up to a realization of
tho need of cooperation work along
this lino:
That tho fly is tho filthiest croaturo
on the faco of tho oarthT
That flies broed in filth, live in tilth,
and uMstrlbuto illthT
That flies distribute typhoid fever,
summor complaint, and possible
other common diseases including
That the flies you remove from tho
cream and syrup may have Just
como from tho vault of your
neighbor who is sick with typhoid
fevor or tuberculosis.
That tho fly on the baby's bread and
butter may have Just como from
the spittoon or garbage cant
That flies caused tho death of more
American Soldiers during tho war
with Spain than did SpanUh bul
lets? That you can prevent the fly win a
llttlo extra cost and effort?
' Taken from Collogo of Agriculture
. of tho Unlvorslty of Wisconsin, United
States Department ot Agriculture
Extension Service. K. L. Hatch
Assistant Dlroctor.
VUwed From th 8ld Lines.
Probably the worst thing about t
wedding march Is that the groom mar
rle the drill master. Galveston News
Tho Lehi basoball club is holding
regular practices under Coach Wost
and aro fast gotttng Into shape. Tho
lineup lias not been chosen as yet
but Inasmuch as; thoro Is most ot tho
old team back and a lot of now
material to pick from Lehi should
huvo tho best lineup In years.
Suits woro purchased Saturday from
Salt Lake and will bo distributed as
rnpldiy aB tho players mnko tho team.
Tho league schedule is produced
below as announced last week by
tho officials.
o t
By Floyd W. Ooatos.
A noat woll fought baseball gamo
was won by Lehi C to 1 horo Tuesday.
This is tho fourth tlmo this season
tho L. II. S. nlno has appeared In the
league, victor's of all so far. Tho
first gamo was played with tho Ameri
can Fork high school at American
Fork 12 to 4, tho second -at Lohl with
Pleasant Grove high school G to 2, tho
third at Pleasant Drove 19 to 8.
For tho locals much crodlt can Just
ly be given to south paw twlrler, Jay
Lott, not only does ho glvo his visit
ors a moan nssortmont ot twisters on
which to build their batting averages
but hits equally as well as ho pitches.
Thoro will bo llttlo cholco which of
tho sonB our loyal supporter, "Mr.
Collcdgo," sends to town to hold down
tho second bag for the town team
this soason. Tommlo "tho second"
waB also a big gun at baseball in Lehi
high school tho past days.
With tho spirit of basoball that Is
being shown at tho presont time and
tho wonderful now material Coach
Wost haB to work with for this sea
son, It lookB aa though somo ot our old
veterans will have to go bomo In order
to hold their places. Tho boosters ot
high Bchool athlotlcs surely appreci
ate tho new revival which Is taking
place, no school can or should llvo on
Itfl past reputation, nor doeB It look
good to participate in only tho one kind
of sport. Most peoplo Hko tho out
door gamo equally bb well as they do
tho hoop game. Could tho town fans
got any more "kick," out ot athlotlcs
than to boo tho Purplo and White onco
more ropresontod with a good track
High Grade Coal
Plus Honest; Weight
At Yard.
Price for cash only.
Broadbents' coal does
the impossible it pleases
everybody. It also has
. good habits it stops in
i evenings. Try it.
1 Telephone 20-W or 112-W
Broadbent & Son
. Exclusive Agency for
i. Biiiiiiiiiiiiillllll--llllp
r . .... '"aai , . ...
Doflnlto stops woro taken last
Thursday evening by tho Lohl Busl
nosB Men's Assoclaf'on with regards
to thd'organhatlon a.ul naming of tho '
local club. It waB determlnod to form
n strictly local club for tho tlmo be
ing and following consldorablo dis
cussion it was decided to namo tho
organization "Lohl Buslnoss Club."
After tho selection of tho namo Dr.
F. D. Worlton, Sydney Gilchrist and '
Herbort Taylor wero choson as a com
mittee to draw up n sot ot by-laws to
set forth tho Intent ot tho club and
govern Us actions.
Tho question of a half holiday for
tho summor months was discussod
and tho club went on record as favor
ing a half holiday each Wednesday
during May, June, July, August and
Soptombor. Tho following com
mittee was appointed to visit tho
business houses. G. S. Potorson,
Frank Galstord and Edward Larsen.
Tho club voted unanimously to got
behind tho Spring Cleanup which will
bo hold noxt month, tho dnto to bo
sot by thcClty Council.
LuncheoH was taken at tho Roborts
& Wood j Cafo with twonty-sovon
present. 1
The aex meeting will be hold
ThurBday,fMay 4th.
p Satisfaction.
The man who does his best may
not always win but ho has tho sat
tsfactlea of knowing thnf he wasn't
defeated because of his own carelessness.
Central Utah League Baseball Schedule Season 1922
orrosiKG TEAMS
Aa. Fork Lehi Fravp SirJBgTlHo Sp. fork l'ayson Heber MIAtrIT"
Where Ttaycd iDATJi OF GAME. ,
I Brn I July 7 May 31 I Juno 9 I June 14 ! June 21 May 17 May 24"
Am. Fork... ncu Aug. 9 Am. 4 July 10 j Aug. -"IB July 26 Juae 28 July 12
" June 7j rup JW5 10 I July 14 I June 21 I May 17 I May 24 I July 26
IiChl, Aug. 11 I f Ufcf " A"g- M I July 19 May 31 July 5 f Aug. 2
'" I June 2 1 July 12 rui June .21 May W .May 24 . Jub8 7 J June 14 ' '
I'roTQ Aug. 2 Jaly 88 I June 30 July S July 19 Aug. C j Aug. 9
" " I Juho 23 Juae 14 JulJr 21 fun May 24) Juae 28 May 81 May 17
SprlngTiHe. . Juy 5 Aug. 18 1 July 26 " July 12, j Aug. 0 Aug. 2 June 7
June 18 1 May 28 1 June 9 J May 19 SflJ I Jun0 7 July 20 I May 31"
Sp. Fork... Aug. 18 July 21 July 14 I July 7 run Aug", 4 Aug. 11 Juno 28
I May 26 May 19 ( June '2.1 Juno 16 I Juno 2 ftrjjj ' Juno 14 July G
ryQH j July 28 j June 80 Aug. 18 Aug. 11 Aug. 2 tKm July 14 July 21
I May 19 I Jane IZ I May 26 PJubo 2 I Juno 80 I Juno 9 diccdIII I Juno 21
Hcfcor July 21 Aug. 4 j Jnly 7 July 28 j Aug. 9 Juno 12. CI!)flLL ( Aug" 18
I June 80 I June 2 May 19 (May 20 I Juno 231 July 7 I Juno io" yrg
MJdTRlo July 14Juae U Aug.il Aug 4 July 28 Aug. 10 July 19 "cwa
team, Coach West is surely making
history for Lohl.
Lineup and summary:
(CoUego r G tj. ' 1 3 ' $
Hackett 4, '6 1 0 0
Sirfuln 4 118 0
Holmstead ..... 3 2 1 0 0
Lott 4 12 0 4
Osterloh .... 3 0 0 1 1
Baker 4 0 3 12 0
Earl .. ."..-j. 4 0 110
Clark :. 4 0 0 2 0
Tatals ..' 3G 6 10 27 8
L. Chlpman . 4 0 13 2
Moylo 4 0 13 0
Hofhlens ,. 4 0 1.5 0
Ingor80ll 4 0 9 0 0
Morcor ., ...... 4 0 0 2 1
E. Chlpman 4 0 0 7 0
Storrs 3 113 1
Parkor .. 3 0 0 .1 0
Nellson 3 0 0 0 0
Totals .. 33 1 G 24 4
Errors Colledge, Smuln, Moylo,'
Mercer and L. Chlpman.
Two Ba80 Hits Collogo and Storrs.
Struck Out by Lott 8, Morcor 7.
Bases On Halls Morcor 1.
Double Plays Storrs to Moylo.
Hit Batsmen Holmstoad by4 Mor
cor. Baso Hits Off Morcor 10, ott Lott
Stolon Bases Morcor 2.
Umpires Barratt.
Tho Senior class of tho Lohl High
School will mako its last dramatic ap
poarance boforo the public In & uniquo
program to bo given at tho L. II.
S Auditorium, Monday, May 1st, at
7.30 o'clock. Original stunts, dnncos,
readings, musical numbers, moving
pictures and a clover ono act play will
all comblno into an ovonlng's enjoy
ment and fun. Everyone is Invited,
free of charge Do not miss this op
portunity to hoar tho Seniors bid
farewell to dear old Lehi High.
DAY. --
Edward F. Cox, pionoor ot Lohl nnd
Utah, wub called to his reward Satur
day when death's t hand claimed him.
Mr. Cox Is a woli known flguro in this
town and has boon associated with
this soctlon over slnco 18G0. Ho fol
lowed tho occupation ot farmer most
ot his llfo. For tho past tow years
ho has npt had good health and for
tho pust five months has boon con
fined to Ills bod.
Woll attended funeral sorvlcos wero
conducted Tuesday afternoon in tho
Lohl First Ward meotlng house.
Bishop R. J. Whipple prosldcd and tho
ward choir sang thrco soloctions, "I
Need Thoo Every Hour' . "Beautiful
Isle," and "Though Dooponlng Trials."
A solo, "I Know That My Reodomor
Llveth." was rendered by Joseph
Klrkham. Tho invocation was offer
ed by Ell Kendall and tho bonodictlou
by E. II. , Davis. Martin BuBbinan,
Ucorgo Austin, A. B Anderson and
Edwnrd Southwlck woro tho spoakors.
Interment was in tho Lehi comotory
whoro Parley Austin pronouucod tho
The following biographical sketch
was read tiy Bishop Whipple.
Blo(jraph.Ical 8keteh.
"Byword F. Cox, son ot Daniel Cox
nnd Mnry Ann Frampton Cox, was H
born December 1, 1832, at Groon H
County, 111. This family started for K
Utah In tho year 1840, hut during tho jB
winter they camped on tho Dos H
Moines river, and Edward acted as H
chore boy whllo his father worked on H
tho cnnnl. Tho following yoar they H
arrived in Salt Lako City whoro Uioy iH
romnlnod for about two wooks. Whllo H
walking on tho street ono day Daniel m
Cox met Brlgham Young who advised ILH
him to go to Utah County, which ad- Hl
vice was readily compltod with. m
This was ono ot tho first families H
to settle In LoTil, on tho original nlto,
Snow Spring. Edward Cox has boon M
a resident hero ovor slnco. Ho hns iH
boon through nil tho history of Lohl, OH
and will bo romombored as ono ot our jB'
sturdy ptonoors. Hl
On March 13, 185G, ho was marrlod H
to Hannah Ashton and lator wont 1
through tho Endowment Houso at H
Salt Ilako City. Sho preceded him to B
tho Great Boyond somo twenty-eight pBX
years ago. From this union oloven J
children woro born, llvo ot whom aro H
now living, Edward F. Cox ot Lohl, M
Utah, William A. Cox ot Lehi, Utah,
Mary Jano Peterson ot Lehi, Utah, BB
Ida E. Austin ot Garland, Utah, and BBJ
Maudo Madison of California. BBJ
On August 12, 1900, he married BBJ
Annlo Hughos, who hud coao from BB
England nlno months previous to BBJ
their marriage. Sho h.vs cared for BBJ
him in his declining years with utmost BBJ
faith and dovdtlQn.. M
For. tho last tow years ho hao been BH
falling In health-, and at times has BB
suffered consldorablo distress. Slnco H'
last Dotomber ho has been conflsod
to his bod almost continuously. Ho do- BBM
parted this llfo April 22, 1022, leaving BV
a devoted wtfo, flvo chlldron, two BBA
brothers, two sisters, forty-ftve graad BB
children, thirty. thrco great grand- BB
children, a number ot relatives and BBJ
frie-hds who can all roraember him BB
kindly for hb) friendly, uneSensive BA
Mr. A. N. Kongstrupi father ot Mrs. BS
Abe Powell, died at a Provo Hospital H
yesterday, from lung tr&ubk fellow H
lng Ulaess ot a year. Mr. Konghtrup'fl jm
hoino )s in MantI and ho has been a. H
tomplo workor for years prior to his 'ABA
illness, E
Funeral services will bo held In the BH
Lohl First Ward mootlng'houBO, Frl- H
day at 2 p. m. H
Ontario Pulp Csnter. H
Ontario has more than ono-UiIrd of R
all the pnppr and pulp mills tn Canada. Hi
f A Wonderful , ' ' W
mttm niitr Waik for tK HH
. i r i 1 1 Kotutrilf With In conitmt Dt
Vtn htt nd lt fireholdlna auJitlw. Q th nJif lK Lett th money ran MB
buy. Com in end let uj tll you of tlit many fuel M-Jina feature! of bS
Cole's Dov?n Draft Range HE
I iti rtrrutUUt .uit-rciitlntf comtructloit ni It onltaiy Jeilgn. In Uu BtK
or firaO ttumel or black pnl.h. You Will afr With ui that It if lieau and BJBjC
lomcthlnj that you Want in your liome, KiMf
People's Co-op. Inst. n
The Store for Thrifty People. ?!?

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