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B ,-- TOE LEHI SUN, LEHI, UTAH Thursday, July 6, 1922
B x K0 Ot . . mwnvfll-.ri.int nllTiWtl MIIIJMMIi I 1.1,11111,1 ..nil mi 1 . I ' . "I""1 ,- .". - MM
fH Efforts of Capltallsta to Nullify 8u-
fH premo Court Decision on Central
lH Pacific-Southern Pacific Vitally
IH Concerns Utah.
'B Tlint Ulnh'fl wolfnro la throatenod
rH la shown In an editorial appearing
H recently In Tho Doacrot Nows ro-
'H Carding tho effort that is bolng mado
H by certain capitalistic Interests to
j nullify tlto decision of tho, Supremo
H Court ordering tho separation In
jB ownorshlp and oontrol of tho Control
M Pacific and Southorn raclflc Hall'
H roads. Tho editorial follows;
'tm Tho eagerness -vvilh which public
'm ntllitlos ofllclals nnd business men
H generally of Southern California.
m Arizona, Now Mexico and other soc-
,m lions of tho southern part of tho
il country aro fighting against tho sopar-
H alion of tho Central Pacific Railroad
M from tho Southorn Pacific lndlcatos
M unmistakably that tho commercial in-
H forests of thoso sections havo much
H to gain from tho grouping of rail-
m roads which they doslro. And is it
H ot all plauslblo that this gain ro-
H forrod to could ho accomplished ox-
H copt at tho loss of commorclnl Inter-
H oats In sootlons further north? Ono
m of tho states furthor north is Utah.
H It sooms flolf-evldont and inovltablo
H that it tho southorn sections provall
H' in tho railroad controversy that has
m arisen It must bo at cost to tho moro
H northerly communities, among -which
m Utah must lo counted. Tho bust-
m ncsu Interests ot Utah, thoreforo,
H could not bo blamed it thoy ontorod
M tho fight for a grouping that would
B mean tho routing ot tralllc, both
H passenger and frolght, over linos that
m como Into tholr .territory. Indood, it
is surprising that the commercial and
industrial Intorcsts of this stata havo
not taken up tho matter far moro
vigorously than has boon dono up to
tho present time. In u recent dc
clslon tlto United Slatos Supromo
Court ordored tho separation in
ownorshlp nnd control, ot tho Central
Pacific and tho Southorn Pacific, Tho
Central Pacific is that lino extending
from Ogdon to San Francisco, with
ItA various branchos and foedors. Tho
Southern Pacific has a southorn routo
oxtondtug down tho Pacific coast,
across southorn California, Arizona,
Now iMcxico and Texas, to Quit of
Moxlco ports. Tho mllago of this
routo far exceeds that of tho Central
Pacific which Joins tho Union Pacific
at Ogdon. Now, whllo it Is truo that
a shipper may, nnd is, indoed, ox
poctod to specify tho routing ot his
consignment it is clearly ovidont
that tho omployocs ot a system can,
In vurlous ways and by various
methods, dotormlno over which routo
tho consignment filial 1 go. And It
would bo no loss than human for
thorn, oven unconsciously, without
premodltatlon, to favor tho lino for
which thoy aro working. Nothing
Ions could bo expected, irrespective
of tho Integrity nnd honesty of tho
railroad ofllclals and tho mon whom
thoy omploy. Drlofly, thorofore, nnd
without camouflaging tho situation,
it could bo expocted that with tho
Control Pacific Joined to tho Southorn
Pacific and Its great network of mllo-
ngo ncross tho south, propondoronco
of shlpmontB would bo deflected over
tho southern routo rather than sent
directly ncross tho country 1)y way of
Ogdon, and tlio Union Pacific. This,
H ,,IIIII1T1 t . I . . . I I i
I Painting New Tops
Fred Thomas J. G. Murray
H I I III ,i ii I I I I , i '! t ..'' I I M hi H I Mil I II I I I I II I I'll! M I I
H "I " II ' " ' i I I!' , ' ' ' , , '
it Is solf-evldeht means loss of traffic,
loss ot tourist trado and a measuro
of retardation for tho section ot coun
try in which Utah Is included.
Thoro Is no destro on tho part of
the peoplo of Utah to soo anything
dono that would bo to tho 'disadvan
tage of transportation in gonoral and
tho dovolopmcnt ot tho -entire coun
try; but thoy do insist that they bo
given a fair and equal opportunity in
the mattor of 'railroad facilities and
provilogca, so that their own cities
nnd towns can bo built up and en
couraged in common with other com-,
munitios in tho intormountaln sec
tion of tho West.
i i n i
Personal Returns Filed for the Calen
dar Year Ended December 31, 1920.
State of Utah.
Tho number ot Fcdoral porsonal, In
como tax returns for tho calendar
year ended Decoiribor 31, 1020, filed
In Utah was 30,510 ropresonllng net
lncomo amounting to $82,278,389 and
tax (normal tax and surtax) ot 1,
As compared with 1919, tho nbovo
figures show a growth of 9,340 in to
turns filed, as -well as nn Increase In
tho total not lncomo amounting! to
$20,3G4,9G3, and an incroaso in tho
tax ot 1236,233.
Tho proportion of tho population of
tho United States who filed porsonal
Income tax returns for tho calondar
year ended Docombor 31, 1020, wna
6.8G per cont; whereas tho proportion
of tho population ot Utah filing re
turns was 0.79. Tho avorogo not ln
como por return for tho United
States was $3,269.40, whereas for
Utah it was J2.69G.77 nnd tho aver
ago amount of tho personal lncomo
tax por roturn In tho United Statos
was I148.D8, whilo for Utah it was
Tho growth In tho aumbor ot per
sonal lncomo tax returns, as well as
tho expansion In tho not lncomo and
tho variation in tho amounts ot tax,
for tho porlod 1916-1920, for Utah
can bo visualized from tho following
table, which shows for each ot tho
years 1916-17-18-19-20, tho numbor of
returns filed, as -well as tlio amount
of not lncomo and tax reportod:
Numbor of Total
Year Returns Net lncomo Tax
1916 1.2G9 114,281,206 167,688
1917 14,636 45,044,940 1,304,652
1918 18,617 52,464.404 1.347,780
1919 21,164 61,913,430 1,270,543
1920 30,510 82,278,389 1,506,781
MacKenzle's Soliloquy.
At o Tlrltlsh church congrt'83 In Lon
don n sosakcr mndo refcrenco to
Peter MncICcnztc, who was so noted
and popular an evangelist among the
Wcsluyans some years ago. lie was
famous for his pulpit humor, and on
one occasion said of n man with a very
wide mouth, "I should think a man
with a mouth like that could sing a
duet all by himself."
Relative Importance.
"Sometimes," said Uncle Ebcn, "de
guest of honor ut a party don't suc
ceed In lookln' near as Important as
. do floor mnnnger."
" "!' ' ' "" V '-
H On Sale everywhere from Now on
I ThefefUSCO'Tire
H 'with many improvements
H The &tig remains
jgBBlak . thefam?,
r JRIm $ l.Tfc on
BHLy yfS?T'Sf i w .Liiiiiift H m m A
iH r Sti0lMI H MnBHHENMUSCO',announced
: mm&&Ml Hl livJ ltfl new Iow pce of i
sH r BaSI Hvl KKISI10-90 Iast Fall thc d
LB r sBK5"4;il sLHkVa KJkiMO makers were already A
H iBMiBUTll LiHlnS oMfiliUI busy developing a still A
H f BuStm SB'I rxe new anc etter "Usco" as j
H r LKfEl tlltSim you 8ee lt today with no change J
H r JgSiliB PfcftT$l price and tax absorbed by
H r HSH t?lflll You'll note in the new and
H f SGk VW?M&k better "Usco" these features A
H Tf bPRKI WWlMmM Thicker tread, giving greater
H t HMipH3 t'tmxMWwi non-skid protection. Stouter side- i
H r 3K faUmMM Altogether a handsomer tire j
H ? BmSt sliiBJ tiat wi tacc "on8er wear both j
H rr WUtWfe WKmrn c B'691168' money's worth of
H r IBSKIb NBmm fabric tire In the history of pneu
iLh kLEtssHvEaLLViTu
J9ElJnitad States TJrs I
H r BSK' United States Rubber Comptny j
. J? IKlilflLLI 0"- - ..tttf -yt.J JVswfcWa II
H WhereYtm Ucf Cir 'iSJ STREET,
CanBity VJlleS Uafage, MHI, UTAH
" Penny Wise
and Pound Foolish
Don't think because you can get a
..v big can of Baking Powder for little j
. money that you are saving anything.
There1! Only One Way
to Save on Bake -Day i
HWMS It costs only a fraction of a i-C-1
cent for each baking. Wyff
3tBy yu me ess tcause con- JSPv
ltoki tains more than the ordi- f
W nary leavening strength. vu
The Worlds Greatest Baking Powder
New and Sucoesiful Industry Has Been
Developed of Lata Years In the
Pacific Northwest.
Shortngo In tho cranberry crop In
other purls of tho United StuU'S last
year lias focused attention upon this
uuw InduMtry of thc Pacific Northwest,
which promises to furnish strong com
petition for thc product of the eastern
part of tho American continent, us de
scribed In Popular Mechanics Maga
zine. After years of experimentation
and selection and tho development of
artificial growing areas thc states of
Washington and Oregon havo como to
tho front as producers of cranberries
lu largo commercial quantities.
Lowls nnd Clark, In tho log of'thelr
trip across tho continent In the early
part of tho Nineteenth century, men
tion tho line flavor of tho wild cranber
ries purchased from tho Indians along
Columbia river. Cultivation of the wild
cranberry bogs wns not attempted un
til about thlrty-flvo years ago, und con
tinued lu u desultory manner until re
cently, when a successful menus of pre
paring growing ground wns developed.
Preparation of cranberry ground In
tho Pacific Northwest Is an expenslvo
undertaking, thc cost being around $1,
000 an acre. A wild marsh Is selected,
drained by ditches, cleared of trees
nnd brush, then tho turf Is removed by
what Is called the "scalping" process,
laying bnro tho pent of tho bog. Over
tlio peat Is spread a four-Inch layer of
clean whlto sand. Planting Is the next
proceeding. Vino cuttings aro used for
this purpose and aro pressed through
tho sand Into tho peat with a dlbblo or
planting tool. Tho vines are planted
ten Inches apart, which makes about
CO.OOO to tho acre.
Company Formed to Work Large De
posits Recently Found In Wayne
County, Utah.
What Is believed to be tho first Jet
deposit to be developed In tho United
States Is now being successfully mined
In Wayne county, Utah, where recently
mineralogists discovered tho. largest
commercial body of the mineral known
to exist In tho world. Singularly, dis
covery of tho Jot was accidentally
made by n party of miners engaged In
assessment work for a copper company.
The work of mining thn Jet begun late
in the summer of last year and, with
financial backing assured, Is expected
to develop Into great proportions.
At tho present time the work of
mining the mineral Is moro or less
crudely done, but lt Is the intention of
the owners of tho decidedly valuablo
deposits soon to Install modern ma
chinery and develop tho Industry Into
tho largest of Its kind In tho world.
Baltimore American.
The "Elephant and Castle."
Tho Elephant and Castle was a fa
mous landmark In South London, Enjf
land, deriving Its sign from tho arms
of the Cutlers' company. A tavern In
St, Pnncrus parish, London, took Its
;lgn from tho skeleton of on elephant,
beside which wns a flint-headed spear
excavnted In the neighborhood. Tho
connection between these two relic
and tho bottle fought by the followers
of Queen Hoadlcea against tho Roman
Invaders was unuiistnkalilp.
'! t ini itnli it ! 'i i iii,iiiHiiiii' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ,i M im,
Complete Line of
Arrow Collars
Powers Shoe Store
Agents for Murray Laundry.
' '" '' . , .,,.
You Eat .'-,
Every Day
Telephone 17. M
Cock Crowlno Belabn 8port.
Cock-crowlng competitions nro very
nttrnnTK ,,' work'nK-clnsses In
Bcldum. Thc roosters nro ranged In
cases, nnd ofucln! markers note the
number of crows. The cock that has
ottered Its shrill cry most times In
an hour carries off tho prize.
Eyer After.
Muj) nilglnnlly cjimu before woman
but bos been uflur her over since.
Cliliititii American.
Altogether Too Frark. 'pi
When I was 14, a new fi'ljolnr cam ,!
to our school. Uo wns n bcv. one ye"
my Junior, nnd ho and 1 Ml deep'i r
In love with ench other. Wo oxchnngeo (l
love letters, and ho thought that jB
wns tho swoelcst girl that ho ev -n
saw. Everything wus lovely unt QD i
morning I came to school with ne l ll
my eyes all red nnd swollen anci hl
bjg sty on It. Ho looked ot roe w u,
awhile, and suddenly exclaimed: t,
homely beast I" That ended our i ,
affair. Chicago Journal. ' fcrp

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