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feflfgftVJII. - -- ,. LBHI7'UTAH7THUrs D y, AUGUST 31; lO-" " ' ''ri- gg n
Mbigger and better
favo obscrvotl with considerable
action the splendid results In tho
ot advertising that Lehi lias so
through tho olforts ot our local
tfuslncss mcu In putting on a Utah
iLli? Goods Campaign. Such a cum
.JHiIgh has dono our city a world o(
tjfooil In creating favorablo lmprcsslona
Jfoflour town upon tho travollng public.
jBflt la now Incumbent upon us to
jfffollow up tho good work dono so far
i- nd mako our city worthy of tho
fMfovorablo comment that Is now pour-
mlug In from ovory Hourco. Wo havo
aBbcon given tho reputation of Inhabit-
)w K u tlirlfty progressive and busl-
jEfnossllko city, all of which Is truo;
udr and yot on tho Avholo our business dls
jB trlct docs not convoy that impression
jB to tho visitor as ho passos through
jK tho centor of town. All will admit
K that clothing docs not mako tho in
B dividual nor tho exterior ot a building
JVC tho business. And yet as wo gain
tho llrst Impressions of an Individual
HJF by tho clothing ho wears, so a visitor
H receives his Initial Idea ot our busl
B ncs3 district and, Incidentally ot tho
B thrift of our community, by llio out
Hs sldo nppcaranco of our places of busl
Be ncss.
jBf Tako a walk with mo along 'Main
BS Street. You havo traversed it many
Bj a timo bofore, ot courso; but no mat
Bjl tcr, como along, let us mako some
H observations. Hero wo are. Now
Br obsorvo yonder building, whoso front
jB has just rccolvcd a fresh coat ot
B paint. Tho building is old and yot it
B Is kept in such a lino condition of re-
B pair that no ono would suspect its
B age. And what say you of tho pro-
prlotor of this placo ot business?
Thrifty, you say, a good citizen, ono
who caters to tho public good will,
ono who -will succcod.
i Now again, look. Hero wo sco a
B business housed in a building whoso
jfjj exterior presents a dilapidated and
IV ancient appearance It has not known
B tho smoll ot paint for lo theso many
B years. Tho windows aro brokcu and
B patched; tho screen door is holey and
B sags and drags. Doad llles and llva
B onos, too, for that mattor, decorato
B tho window spaco whora moro atrac-
B tlvo display should bo in evidence.
B Fly specks bedim our eyos as w at-
B tempt to poor through tho plato glass
B If wo wero moro visitors and did not
B know that tho buslnoss housed hero
B Is onjoying a fair degrco of success,
wo should at onco prodlct that tho
H proprietor Is on tho vorgo of bank-
ruptcy. .
HL Again, what havo wo horo? A vacant
'hik building whoso ownor, not being ablo
flPjfl to lot tho placo at a profit, has allow-
TB cd It to fall into ruins, an oyo-soro
7 and a public detrlmont to tho town.
I Now lot us peak around at tho
back. Wo must stop glngorly as wo
aro on forbidden ground. What a
H scene bursts upon our vision- A vorlt
B abfb forest of weeds growing through
B tho accumulating dobrls. There- aro
B occasional opon 'spaces in tho forest,
B whero lumbering operations havo boon
H bogun.
H Now tho oxponso ot correcting tho
conditions mentionod 1b really vory
Bj small. ren dollars will paint tho
IB largest storo front on Main Stroot. A
IB dollar given to a husky boy will rid
jB a back yard ot weeds and rubbish. A
H ton cent cako ot Bon-Ami a cloth aud
W& a basin of wator With a ltttlo olbow
B groaso will polish a pair ot plato glass
H windows. A ton cent braco will tako
B tho sag out of a scroon door. A Uttlo
inltlatlvo will fill a display window
m full of goods and Incidentally Increase
K buslnoss. Five minutes a day with a
K good broom and a strong arm will
B, keep tho gutters and Bldowalks Bplek
IB, and span. What do you say?
K Let'a kcop tho ball rolling. Wo
Bs havo a good start, now a Httlo effort
B on tho part ot each ono will put tho
BE job over. How would It bo for tho
K Mayor to doclaro a "Fix-up Day" to
BM apply not only to tho business soc
B tlon but to all parts of tho city? Lot
BV him appoint a commlttoo to plan tho
B campaign. Lot's got rid ot our weeds
BH once. Many of tho sldowalks aro so
H encumbered that only a narrow pass
H ago Is available for trafllc.
Bj In closing, let it bo stated that this
JJBl Railroad Standard
AVAb Lot us help you jnnlco tho
&VAwa selection.
H Wo stand back of every watch
BBBk wo
BHHB Jowolor and Optometrist
mmm "At Tho Gift sbp"
letter is not aimed at any Individual
nor set ot Individuals. It Is lntuudod
moroly to call attention to conditions
as thoy oxlst and to point out how
somo of thorn may bo corrected. Lot
us all pull together for a bigger, bet
tor, cleaner and moro up-to-dato
Church Activities
Tho Socond Ward Kollof Society
will conduct a bazar at tho ward
houso, Thursday, Soptembor 7. Wear
ing npparol and othor artlclos will bo
on snlo. Ilcfroshmonts, novel and
delicious, will bo servod.
President Abel John Kvuns attonded
ward conforonco at American Fork
First Ward last Sunday.
Principal A. 11. Andorson nnnouuees
tho courses of study for tho Lohl
Sominary this yoar: First year stud
ents will enroll for tho class in Old
Tostnmcnt History. Second year
students for that In Now Testament
History. Third nnd Fourth year
students will register for tho courso
In Church History. Principal Andor
son states that much now and Inter
esting mattor is bolng put Into tho
courses this year and urgos ovory
high school student to entor ono of
tho classes.
Preliminary announcements aro bo
lng mado of tho Alpino Stako M. I. A.
Fall Convention to bo hold In tho
Stako Tabernacle, Sunday, Soptembor
10. Stako olflcors nssuro tho public
that an exceptionally good program
Is In preparation. Sunday School
superintendents aro asked to arrange
for substitute teachers for those who
aro also M. I. A. officers to pormlt tho
latter to attond tho convention. Tho
usual luncheon will bo sorvod all
comers during tho noon intermission.
Tiio rogumr testimony mooting will
ho hold at tho First Ward Clinpol noxt
Sunday afternoon. Tho ovonlng meet
ing will bo conducted by tho officers
of tho M. I. A. Prosldont A. II. Taylor
of Salt Lako City, formerly a confor
onco prosldont In tho Eastorn Stato
mission lator prosldont of an English
conference. An oxcollont musical
program consisting ot solos by Aba
Andorson and jonnlo Welsh will bo
rondorod. Tho public Is cordially In
vited to attond.
o , '
A special program will bo given at
tho Fifth Ward Chapol Sunday ovon
lng undo'r tho dlroctlon of tho M. I.
A. Junius Uanlcs will bo tho spoakor.
Othor numbors aro to consist ot n
reading by Mrs. Margaret Hackott
and musical seloctlons ' undor tho
dlroctlon ot Miss Lillian Knudson.
Crowd Expected at Saratoga
Tho usual big Labor Day crowd Is
oxpooted to enjoy tho day at tho
popular bathing resort noxt Monday.
Tho management at Saratoga Is anti
cipating a bigger day than usual and
Is alroady making arrangements to
handlo tho crowd.
Indebted to Prof. Banks.
Wo fool dooply indebted to Prof.
Junius Hanks for tho splendid man
ner In which ho has handlod tho edit
ing ot tho "Sun" for tho past throo
woohsdurlng tho absence of tho
editor and wish to publicly thank
him for his efforts. Ho handled tho
work In flno stylo ns all our readors
will havo noticed.
Primary Summer Festival
Huge Success
Thoso who attonded tho Primary
Summer Festival at Smuln Acadomy
last evonlng wero vory ngrooably sur
prised at tho splondld oxhlbltlon put
on by tho children. Much credit Is
duo tho officers for their efforts in
training thoso who took part In tho
oxorclsoi. Tho acting by tho llttlo
onos was considered oxcoptlonally
Tho selection of tho old story,
"Hansel and Qrotel;" was Indeed a
happy choice This fairy talo Is doar
to tho heart of every child as shown
by tho spirit with which It was noted
out by the llttlo tots. Many of thoso
ago old fairy talos lond thomsolvos
splendidly to dramatization. Lot us
hopo that many otliors bo attempted
In tho future. I
"Ecpnomy In Operation'' 'is the
slogan adopted by Supt. Gardner In
overhauling tho factory this summer.
It is woll known that tho Lohl mill!
bolng tho llrst to bo equipped, Is not
supplied with all tho latost labor sav
ing, money saving, and timo saving
devices as aro somo of tho nower
factories, it Is tho policy of tho
management, however, to roplacd tho
old machinery as rapidly as It 'woars
out with modoru equipment.
Tho biggest Job bolng attempted
this season Is tho Installation ot a
dry vacuum system of operating tho
ovaporating pans instead ot tho old
wot system. Ono ot tho hugo pans
Is bolng convortod Into tho Calandrla
typo. This stylo ot pan has vortical
tubes instead ot tho horizontal spiral
kind. Tho adoption ot this typo ot
pan Is in accordance with tho super
intendent's plan of economy as tho
Calandrla pan nets a consldorablo
saving of steam over tho old sort.
In order to Incroaso tho prcssuro ot
water at tho "battery," tho Bupply
tank has boon raised about six feet.
Tho Ilumo which conducts wator from
tho pond to Ui'o mill has boeli con
siderably enlarged. Tho small air
compressors havo bcon roplaccd by a
largo one brought from Delta. Tho
bnttory Is to receive a now system of
chains which will cnablo It to handlo
tho pulp moro rapidly.
Tho sugar company has supplied
considerable loss each season from
leaks that occur in tho plpo lino lead
ing from tho sllccrs at Provo and
Pleasant Grove. It npptars that tho
alkali in tho soil attacks tho metal ot
tho plpo, corroding It so badly ns to
cnuso numorous leaks. Many sorts of
coatings havo been tried In an effort
to ovorcomo tho damaging effects of
tho alkali but no remedy hus boon
found at tho present. A now coating
Is to bo tested out this season, a
coating to consist of soveral layorsof
.., A .. .1 All 1 1,1
mime suiuruiuu aim eoiuuoriiuuu wuu
tar. A group ot ton workmon Is now
employed laying about a mllo and a
halt of this now pipo as an experi
ment. If It Is successful tho entlro
lino will bo laid with this nowor sort
of plpo. Nccdloss to say, tho company
olllclnls will wntch tho experiment
with consldorablo lntorost.
Asido from thoso spoclal changos,
tho mill as a wliolo Is rocolvlng u
thorough cleaning and overhauling.
Tho boot crop Is somowhat lator
this year In maturing, making it
necessary to postpono tho commence
ment ot tho campaign a fow days
lator than last year. Not only will
tho run likely commonco later but It
Is also apt to closo earlier on account
of tho smallor acrcago ot boots plant
ed by tho farmers. It Is fortunato for
1,'elil that a run will bo mado. Somo
of tho mills will not opon this fall.
Funeral Attended By
Lehi Relatives
A number of Lohl pooplo wont to
Manila, Monday, to attond tho tunoral
of Clarenco Nielsen, tho young man
who mot his doath noar Silver Lako
In Amorlcan Fork Canyon last Friday.
Young Nlolson Is tho son of Otto
Niolson of Highland Bench. Tho
mother ot tho boy Is tho daughtor ot
Mrs. Ellzuboth Coopor of this city.
It appears that Claronco Nlolson,
who Is really a mombor of tho Ameri
can Fork Fourth Ward, was oncampod
at Mutual Doll with tho Manila Ward
Uoy Scouts. Friday morning a hlko
was Indulged in to Sllvor Lako. Ar.
riving at tho lako somo of tho boys
romalned whllo tho rest, Including
Nlolson, Ulalno Warnlck, a boy frlond,
W. W. Warnlck, Louis Warnlck and
others proceoded to climb furthor. In
ordor to securo a bottor vlow,ot tho
scoitory toward Cottonwood Canyon,
Nlolson and Dlaln Warnlck stoppod
out upon a lodgo ot rock at tho brink
of a cliff. Tho rock crumbled undor
tholr weight, Warnlck loapod back to
safety but tho Nlolson boy foil thirty
feot to his doath. Tho body was
roucued by scouts and convoyod to
tho Andorson Undertaking Establish
ment at Amorlcan Fork. Intorment
waa In tho Ploasant Orovo cemetery.
Social Life.
The art ot conversation is said to
bo lost, but wo don't miss it whon tho
gocslp Is good.
Labor Day Doings
Monday, Soptomuor 4, is Iabor Day,
tin- day that wltnossos tho dlsappoar-
anco of straw hats and palm beachos.
Sorry to soo them go, but old winter
(nnnot be stayed.
Labor Day In Lohl Is to bo colo
' ated In qulto unusual stylo. Tho
o (OBlon will open with n ball gamo
b. tween tho Lohl's veterans ot tho
i'i ntnil Utah Loaguo and tho fast ag
Bngatlon from Drapor. Ilasoball fans
me promised a gamo long to bo ro-un-mbered.
Prosldont Holdon an
nounces tho gamo for 1:30 p. m.
At six o'clock la, tho ovonlng Lohl
l to onlortaln ut Wines Parle all tho
S outs and Ucohlvo Qlrls la Alpino
Stake, tho occasion being tho annual
promotion day for the girls and scout
ruliy for tho boys. Singing, games,
and contests will bo Indulged In. Tho
goneral public Is invited.
Former Lehi Woman
Buried at American Fork
Mrs. Gcorgo D. Ilobluson, daughtor
of Mr. and 'Mrs. Edward W. Edwards,
was born at Lohl, March 13, 1SC2.
She continued to rosldo horo until
her marrlago to Mr. Hoblnson in
1SSC. Lohl pooplo know her aB vory
actlvo in church affairs prior to hor
runoral sorvlcos wero conducted In
the Amorlcan Fork Third Word
Chapel last Sunday afternoon with In
terment In tho Amorlcan Fork cemetery.
Honest Kansas Physician.
Did an Atchison doctor mean It just
thai way when ho said: "l'vo got two
patients' In tho samo neighborhood in
tho. country, and am going out this
morning to kill two birds with ono
I Btono.' Atchison Olobo.
, J
Principal D. It. Mitchell is an
nouncing tho coursos of study for tho
ensuing year at tho local high school.
Special emphasis will bo placod upon
tho fundamental subjects. Tho num
ber of studonts accopt6d Into tho com
moricnl courses will bp llmltod so
that thoso roglstorlug first will havo
the preference. Tuition and othor ox
punsos will bo practically tho samo
as last yoar. It Is tho plan of 'tho
Schobl Hoard to run a full nlno
months torm, school to eloso about
May 1!6.
Tho coursos as outlined aro as foK
First Year Studies.
EngllBh a, required.......... ... 3
Civic Ulology (Illologtcal
Sclonoe) required .. 3
AJogobra a .... 3
Animal Husbandry .... 3
Domestic Art n ... 3
.Mechanic Arts a .. 3
Music l
Oral Expression, a . 1
Physical Education ... 1
Second Year Studies.
English b . ,.... 3
Modorn History ... 3
Oonoral Agronomy ........... 3
Domestic Sclonco a ... 3
Ilookkooplng nnd Penmanships. 3
Piano Ooomotry ............. 3
Farm Mochanlcs ....... 3
Music . i
Oral ExprosBlon, a or b ,.. 1
Physical JJducatlon , 1
Third Year Studies.
English c ,...... 3
Physiology ,,. 3,
Physics 3
Amorlcan History and Civics 3
Economics nnd Sociology....-.-... 3
Advanced Agronomy ... .... 3
DomoBtlo Sclonco b .... 1
Domostle Art b ....... Vj
Oral Expression ..:..... Vj
Typewriting ..., lj
MochanlQ Arts .......... 3
Music . 1
Physical Education ..-... 1
Fourth Year Studies.
American History and Civics 3
Ethics of Citizenship 1
Literature, (Aniorlcnu aud
English) 3
Chemistry . - 3
Advanced Animal Husbandry 3
j i
Economics nnd Sociology 3 '
Domostlo Sclonco, b.... . ... VM ?
Mechanic Arts 3
Typewriting 114 i
Music 1 :
Physical Education -A....... 1 . 1 '
Studonts aro pormlttod to mako 4 , ; I
crodlts each quartor. Tho amount ot t
credit allowed is basod largely on at- i
0 -
School Notes if
Principal Eliza Phillips dosiros to 11
announco to tho public that tho l
Primary Urado teachers havo boon 9M
asslgnod to tholr various classas ac- i.
carding to tho following schodulo:
Primary Dulldlng; Eliza Phillips
and Aroma Goodwin, Fourth Grade; .'
Lllllano Poranoux and Eula Evans, J
Third Grndo; Volma Wing and Allco ))
Jones, Socond Grade; Amoo Walkor a
and Volma Wing, First Grade. ;
Franklin Dulldlng Ethol South- 1
wick, Third and Fourth Grades; Viva
Taylor, First and 8ocond Grrfdos. '
Sogo Lily Dulldlng Mrs. Mario J
Fjold, Third and Fourth Grados; Dolla
Carson, First and Second Grades,
The Last Half Holiday
Yostorday saw tho last of tho Wed
nesday halt holidays for U1I3 soasou.
Our business mon aro to bo congratu
lated upon Instituting such a splendid
custom. Tholr 'omployoos aro vory
apprcclatlvo ot tholr gouorostty.
Would it not bo a fine thing for tho
Farm Dureau to cooporato with tho
merchants noxt yoar and havo a half
holiday that would apply not only to
tho clerk but to tho farm hand as
Tho Secret. (
"What Is an amateur?" is still ono
of thq raging quorloo of tho hour. But,
In spite of all tho roccnt discussion, '
wo havon't changed tho answer wo
evolved four years ngo, viz., "Anyone
who can got away with it," Now York
m JipSlr A Wonderful
I J (rllU1 " FUEL SAVING $. J
W ' ME SYSTEM , ' 8 I
(Hi ffiyy.V& f i. " ,V3i "yV orComLuitlon.TllJill , 1g
2? $3r$U Vw fi8 $ pltW ful ' ' 5fc S
2S VSSlsSy Ml rans of onvthlnJ toon w,
m G&r g hdfonyout fu.lfellli. It I
metni ntler ?otk for th t Wb L
fid? 1 -1 L . 1 . .!. . . houseiJifo tfidi it constant "9
rh2t1'tir"H'PlItlw- GvthetfiMwbtu.tmu9cn '" & X
ft Uc?. ComlnndletUilelloiloftUmnJfuclnvinjsfoituteiof ff ;0
I Coles Dox9n Draft Range' J
h irmul.Ua ru.treilrtnfl comtroetlon and Iti nnttai Jin. In Llua I 1 !
' wmothInatKtJoutfntlnJourlK)in. I S S
- j JK M
I Peopled Co-op. Inst.
Tho Busy Store on Stato Street . g 1
41 S ;

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