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JH ."tW .BBBBBi. i " jAi li. . m, , - "UBMfl
Iw Jim Jwnt''
I Combined Wltl) Z5lje lelji banner JH
I yoinrin: ' ' -- r lbhi, utah, thujcmday, mrfmEsmirrm r - g jM
Ono of tho most successful ntul larg
B cat attended soml-annual conventions
B of the Utah Stato I'ross Association
fl was hoULnt Itlchflold. Friday, Satur-
day, Sunday and Monday. Somo forty
fl representatives and their wives from
H every part of tho stato wore In attend
Bj nnco.
BJ Tho general program included a
fl unnquot at tho Johnson Hotol, Friday
evening, given iby tho Hlchfleld Com
B morclnl Club. Business meeting of
tho organization -were held Saturday
H forenoon and afternoon; luncheon
H Saturday given by Hlchllold Farm
H Bureau; concert and danco Saturday
Hf evening; trip to Fish Lako Sunday
Bj with trout dinner given by tho IUch-
Hold Commercial Club at tho Fish
flj Lake resort; Ashing at wonderful lako
BJ resort remainder of Sunday and nil
Bj day Monday and dancing In tho ovon-
jng. On Snturday while tho business
BJ meetings woro on the visiting ladles
fl woro entertained at Monroo at lunch-
con and bathing.
Rlchllold people cortalnly domon-
strnted boyond any doubt thnt tlioy
I can and do entertain In a distinctive
H way. Tho royal reception given tho
visitors will long bo romombercd and
fl the hospitality find entertainment ox
fl tended novor forgotten. Dr. and Mrs.
M. Mnrkus of tho Richfield Heapcr nro
fl to bo congratulated for tho buccoss of
I the convention ns thoy wero respon
I siblo In n big way for Us arrangement.
I Tho city of Hlchllold was found to bo
I a thriving up and going city, situated
I Ja a very fortllo valley with a cllmato
"said to excoll most parts of tho stato.
Bkx Thoy have a very well laid out city
jfl with hundreds of beautiful homes,
B' cemont sidewalks, big attractive busl
B imss .district with streot comontod
fl from curb to curb. Her citizens mens
I ures up with any of tho towns of tho
I stato and It Is safo to say that ovory
I visitor thoro was surprised at. tho
B musical talent within her bounds.
I Eho possesses an exceptionally largo
I number of artists In this lino and no-
whoro is thoro a junior, band, that will
I pomparo with Hlchflold's.
I Sho boasts of great mtnoral re-
I sources In and within close proximity
I of tho city. Their mountain sconory
I and boautlful country In and around
I Fish Loko cannot 1)0 duplicated m ulfy
section of tho country and promises
M to bo tho moans of bringing thousands
tfr upon thousands of tourists into that
f section, whon thoy loam of tho won-
I derful fishing, beautiful camping
I grounds, refreshing atmospboro and
fl all that goes to malto up that nook
I In tho top of tho mountains.
1 A. F. Qalsford and A. F. Galsford,
I Jr., and their wives represented tho
1 Lehl Sun at tho convention.
I Charles Earl Improving
Information from tho hospital last
ovonlng was to tho effect that Charles
Earl was Improving. Tho casts woro
removed for an oxamlnntlon of his
fractures. Tho rocont touch of
pneumonia has boon checkod and tho
pnst few days Mr. Earl has rested bet
tor than any tlmo before.
B Tho Mysterious Koy At tho Win-
Bj chostor Store ndv,
Church Notes
Tho Y. M. & Y. L. M. I. A. of tho
Alpine Stnko will hold a ono day con
vention Sunday, Soptomber 10th at
Amorlcnn Fork.
A joint meeting of tho M. I. A.
boards will conveno nt 9:30 a. m.
Tho' Y. L. M. I. A. and Y. M. M. I. A.
Stako nnd ward olllcors will moot
separately nt 10:30 n. m. A gonornl
mooting of nil M. I. A. ofllcors will bo
hold nt 2 p. in. and nt 7:30 a gonornl
mooting or ofllcers and membors will
bo conducted.
Tito Ulshoprlc and Sunday School
onicors and toachcrs of tho Third
lYUJU UI1JUJ UU till UUlliitj Ui. amwj
Park and Saltalr on Labor Day.
Tho monthly Stake Priesthood and
Union Mooting will bo hold Bunday
nt American Fork. Union meotlng-
commonccs at 2 p. m. In tho Stake
A meeting of tho High Council of
tho Alpino Stnko will bo held In tho
council rooms nt American Fork on
Friday evening.
Tho program for Sunday ovonlng at
the LoliI First Ward shquld provo of
unusual Interest. Tho mooting com
mences promptly at 8 p. m. In tho
First Ward Chapel. Tho following
program has been outlined.
Talk "Trip to Itonib." T. F. Kirk
ham. Duot Mrs. T. F. Klrkham and Mrs.
Sadlo Klttlngor.
Mnlo Qunrtot LoRoy Davis and
Ladies Quartot.
Tho Primary work In tho flvo Lehl
wards commences' noxt Monday with
tho opening of school according to
announcement of" officers In charge
In tho varlmiB wards. All parents aro
urged to boo that' their children start
out and keop tip with tho work.
Fifth Ward Giving
Tho citizens of Lohl, young and old,
will .bo given somo real cntortaln
mont nt tho Royal Thoatro noxt Tues
day nftornoon and ovonlng whon a
Mlnlstrol and Romlnlscencos of Old
Tlmo Songs will bo presented by
membors of tho Fifth Ward. From
nil advanco information tho porform
anco will bo of unusual morlt and will
more than merrily entertain It will
bo a riot of tun from start to finish.
Thoso In charge aro desirous of
having a big crowd out and thoro
foro will not conflno tho Invitation to
tholr ward niomhors but to' tho ontlro
citizenship of tho town.
. County Agent and Mrs. Qeorgo
Holmstead entortnlned Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Qalsford at their cabin at Fish
Lako and tholr homo In Richfield
during tho convention.
H ........- .- m - , i, i, .... t -"," llllllllllTIt---1'1
B. I.".", i. i.ii.ii. . " - - - -
H ft Poor eyesight holds many a bQy and girl back
ran in their classes.
?S 1 yu hflvc any doubt as to the condition of
l&m B their eyes, have them examined and be sure.
flj I E. N. WEBB
H B Jeweler and Optometrist
f l I Main Street Lehi
'j fT'- ----- -. ...
Sugar technologists from Colorado,
Michigan, Idaho, California, and othor
leading sugar states have made
spoclal visits to tho plant of tho
Sprlngvllle-Maploton Sugar Com
pany, and declaro that tho now Cut
ler Osmoso procoss which Is bolng
worked thoro Is ono of tho loading
Improvements in tho sugar Industry,
nnd prouilsos to revolutionize tho op
eration oi ucoi sugar piuus wumu u
very short tlmo.
Tho Cutler procoss is an Improvo
mont on tho regular Osmoso procoss,
which was practiced for years In "tho
beot sugar Industry, but was Anally
discarded In favor of the Stoffens
process. In the past, tho nverago
ylold of sugar per ton of molasses
worked was In tho neighborhood of
240-250 pounds, but this sugar has al
ways bocn brown sugar which was
saved until tho regular boot com
palgn and worked over with tho boot
juice. Tho Cutlor procoss actually
makes whlto sugar, which is put out
onto tho markot without apology,
and sell as first grndo sugar in open
competition with tho flnost boot and
cane sugars. As to yield, present
Indications point to a rocovory of ap
proximately 350 pounds or over per
ton of molasses, a clear gain of fifty
per cent.
Ueet sugar molasses is tho final
syrup remaining- after all tho sugar
possiblo to extract has been taken
out of tho julcos; this residual syrup
contains all tho non-sugars present
in tho boot julcos, and bocauso oi
chemical combinations between tho
sugar and non-sugars, a considerable,
amount of sugar cannot bo recover
ed. In tho regular Osmoso procoss,
tho syrup Is passed through a specially
devised apparatus which contains a
number of parchment shoots stretch
ed tight bptweon frames; on ono flido
of this framo tho molasses circulates,
whtlo on tho othor sldo a stream of
hot water passos in tho opposlto di
rection. Duo to a roaction known
as "osiribsls", tho non-sugars have a
tendoncy to pass through tho parch
ment Into tho water boyond, whllo tho
sugar In tho molasses does not pass
through so readily. Consoquontly a
considerable amount of non-sugar Is
taken out of molassos, changing tho
proportion between sugar and non
sugars. Tho resulting syrup is ovnp
orated down to a heavy liquid and
then boiled In tho regular manner,
going thru tho procoss of filtration
and purification, finally resulting in
tho production of sugar. In tho
Cutlor procoss, a small porcontago of
This Week Is Gingham
Week at Broadbents j
Never before have- wo had j
the splendid assortment of i
all the now ginghams for j
School and Fall Dresses.
Prices J
18c, 20c, 25c and 28c j
And to go with tho ging- ,
hams wo have a complete i
new showing of yard wide
percales at a now low price. '
Como sea them if Its only to look,
wo will bo tickled to show you tho i
now things.
Ask to soo these.
Wo aro hero to- show you and ploasod
to do It,
All School Shoes On Sale
This Week
i" ' i'i i". " ft mrffiii niiiinMirt"il'n
gggBrr;'Tlw(,r TJS-CS
hydrochloric acid is added to tho
molasses boforo It Is passod through
the Osmoso pressos; tho acid addition
scorns to break up tho chomlcal com
binations botwoon tho sugar and
non-sugars with tho result that a
greator purification Is brought
about, and tho resulting sugar is
flrnt grndo whlto product, lnstoad of
tho brown sugar formorly producod.
About 40 tons of molasBcs is work
ed each day at tho factory, but In
the ordinary procoss tho equipment
Installed would only work 30 tons.
About 20 men aro required to con
duct the operations. Last week tho
production of sugar nearly roached
the thousand bag mark; in tho early
stages somo slight dolays woro ox
porlcnccd duo to shortage of parch
ment papor and acid, but supplies
aro now lined up bo that ovorythlng
Is oxpocted to run along smoothly
until tho boot season. Present oper
ations will extend until about Octo
ber 15th, when thoy will bo suspend
ed until tho closo of tho beet run,
(Continued on pago C)
People's Bank To
Pay Dividend
Announcement was inndo this week
by Herbert Taylor now In charge of
'ho Peoplo's Dank pf Lehl that a
dividend of 10 por cent would bo patfl
to depositors on or about tho 20th of
Septombor, With this 10 porcont tho
total paid depositors will bo G5 per
cent. Tho bank closed in May 1U21.
Tho Second Ward Rotlef Society lias
been nt work for months on a bazar and
entertainment which Is now ready and
Hill bo staged at tho ward houso this
nrtcrnoon nnd evening (Thursday). Tho
brtnr will open at 2 p. m nnd will con
tufptho many necessary things that
good bazars have. The evening- per
formance, inlnlstrel show, stunts and all,
will commence nt 8 p. m. Admission
6 and 15 cents.
The Itcllef Society Is noted for good
times when they do things nnd this s
said to bo nbove the averngo.
1 I M
Joseph Samuol llatcman answorod
Death's call Sundny following a pro
longed Illness which kopt him bod
ridden tor tho past two yoars and
which commoncod six years ago. Tho
end canio at tho homo of his daugh
ter, Mrs. Hazel Dundsden, whero ho
hus been slnco ho returned from tho
U D. S. hospital early in tho- sum
mer. Funeral services woro conducted
yesterday afternoon in tho Fourth
Ward chapol. Ulshop John Stokor
presided at tho sorvlcus. Robort Fox
uh'orod Invocation and Patriarch
James Moylo of Alpluo tho bonodlc
Hon. Tho ward choir sang, "Faro
well nil Earthly Honors," "I Know
X'hut My Rodcomor Llvos" and "Host,
Itest For tho Weary Soul." Othor
musical numbors woro: quartot,
-Heavenly Treasure" Mrs. Patrick, Miss
Urvotta, Wing, II. I, Jonos and Max
Uotho und a duot "1'orfcct Day" Delia
Itusaon and Urvotta Whig. ,
Kllshu l'eck, James a. Uateman of
West Jordan, Leonard Peterson and
Ulshop S. 1. aoodwln oflorod remarks
or u consoling uuturo to tho mourners
und expounded tho efforts of tho do
teased during his lire.
Uurlal was mudo In tho Lehl cemetery
whero James A. Uatemun dedicated the
Mr. Uatemun was a hard workor dur
ing Ids active life having followed tho
pursuit of sheep shearing. IIo Is sur
vived by tho tallowing chlldron. Mrs.
llnxcl Dundsden, Leslie Krvln, Mrs.
Myrlo Pulley, Lola, Karl and Ulsle.
Tho following skotch was road at tho
Dlographlcal Sketch.
Drotlicr Joseph Bnmuel Matoman was
tho son of Joseph nnd Mary Allen lnito
man. Ho wua born February 17, 18C3, at
West Jordan but luter moved with his
parents to Alpino. Ho was baptized In
to tho Church of Jesus Christ of Latter
day Saints when a boy.
He married lilslna JohnBon of Manilla
tn tho 1-oKon Tcmplo, February 29, 1888.
Klght children wore bom to them, ono
having passed away In Infancy. Tho
family resided In Alpino until 1900 whon
thoy removed to Lohl. Seven yoars ngo
his dear wlfa passed away and for tho
last six years ho has been a great suf
ferer being contlned to his bed almost
constantly for the last two years. Ho ex
hibited great patience and wondorful
fortltudo during his sickness and greatly
appreciated tho many kind acts Uiat
wuro shown him by friends and neigh
bors. Ilrotlior Bateman was devoted to
his wlfo and family and labored hard tc
procure for them tho comforts of Itfo,
Everything that could bo dono tc
nllevlato his condition was dduo but he
continued to grow worso and passod
peacefully away Septembor 3, 1922. Ha
was C9 years, 6 months and 18 days old.
He Is survived by his mother, 4 brothers,
i sisters. 7 children nnd 9 grand-children.
Local Han OUosen JH
Director of Irrigation and MB
Drainage Congress U
W. A, Knight of this city was MM
honored by bolng appointed as ono of Bfll
tho directors of tho Utah Irrigation 'HI
and Drainage Congress at a rocont Ml
mooting of that organization, Mmt
Tho organization has its offlcorf at JBK
Logan and is mado up of tho loading OTi
irrigation and dratnngo men of tho Ml
stato. Tho object of tho congross is WM
to promoto profitable agriculture iBjfl
through economical uso of Irrigation 'Ml
water and consistent dralnago and m&l
foster legislation that will to rid to no- WSM
compllsh this end. ;)
Ton directors, a prcaldont, throo Bm
vico-presldouts and a secretary make mSk
up tho porsonnol of tho congroos. wSM
In notifying Mr, Knight of his ap- mum
polntmont the secretary said: Hfl
"At tho rocont sossioa of tho Utah If I
Irrigation nnd Dralnago Congress you wBI
woio unanimously eloctod to tho-olllco flfll
of Director. I am ploasod to ruako this ftfll
announcement slnco I fool conlldout WBI
that you will bo of matorlal assistance HH
in establishing tho Congross on a firm BH
footing for futuro dovolopmont and BfVJ
normanont Krowth." Ill
Littloford-Mahas In
On August ICth Miss Margaret IflJ
Llttloford, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Up
Beth Llttloford, was married to Qua BJ
Q. Malms of Ogdon, Mr. and Mrs. fljj!
Malms ar making tholr homo in BE!
Ogdon for tho prosont but will later BJil
go to Los Angeles whoro thoy will Wfi
make tholr pormanont homo. ml
Service Star Legion Meeting fl
Tho Soptomber mooting of tho Lohl Bh
Sorvlco Star Legion will bo held ,
Thursday, Septombor 14 at 2:30 p. m. ,BB
In the' Memorial building. W
Wo are very grateful to tho many fln
i friends who -foriwy"wny assisted us BIB
during tho Illness,, death and burial of HH
i .our fathor and for the many floral trl- oBB
bbtcs and wish to thank each und every BIBB
one for what they have dono. 1
I Vbb
I Can this store f fl
jp jBr F iflBBBi
$ increase its sales 30 1 M
mtZ K ? BBBB
$ I fl
- Can wo in Sept. Oct. and Nov. beat by BH
C4 rl'. .N ono-tbird our Spring Soles on April, Muy BH
S fit PGl Are thero enous11 men Lelli wuo laiow 21 J1B.VJ
i LjJfJ, a good thing when they seo it? We think . ;
M (KjbhL At any rato wo aro going to try-"and bH
32 V JHyD hero's our plan laid bare, 3 Bj
rffiM 0ur conipleto stocks of Fall goods opon j H
t Q iIBB 1 to the public in Sept. instead of Oct. Vj H
a UBkr t "9 BBki
S sjjs wmSKmm 0ur Fal1 Pronts w111 bo bascd to 7 to 10 5 H
Jt ffl iVBBBBBBl percent loss than wo have been asking- J Bl
NH fllH and our retail pricos will bo 10 to 20 por- )d BJ
x jH bhIbmbibibIB 1css tlmn yu havo bocn Payg to H
$t any othor good store for ground raerchan- Jg WM
i disc. ? m
C Orack tho gun is off and we aro ready 21 aSB
Ok to do tho business of our lives this tS
I . month! Wf
84 Michaols-Stern Valuo First Fall Suits and X $$'
S Topcoats $30.00 to $35.00 'Z g.r
S Ourleo Clothes .. $25.00 to $35.00 r
Beau Brummoll Shirts $1.5Q to $5.00 1 i',
K Star Hats . -.$2.50 to $5.00 g ).
g ..,,-, Other Good Hats...... $1.10 to $2.25 j. f
5 ' ' Oortley Clothes for Boys ..$7.50 to $25.00 f-
g Swell Lino of Dross Caps $1.75 to $3.50 $ jl,
I People s Co-op. Inst. J m
K The Busy Store on State Street 1 BK
1 3
Tiimwr "-i- -IrP liijJJjWlfcl.il riLJiiiliiiai!wWHBBBBBBflM

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