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aIt ldtt ttttOtJat
JUNE 3 1855
Lake City pOltomce
at the Suit I
utttivr g
8MOp2fl 7808lfl
Ell > ern flfl1 Wll 1100 am 425 pm
California nn >
800 7 8O i nm
1ontaflfl and orth pm
1030 nm
501 pm
n O East
p l1OJl1m 730am
Ogden Utah 800 pm 423 pm
Utah n
Ogden 800 730 am
Ilrk City
Park 400 720 am
loocle County 1020 am jU nm
Alta Utah 6Oan1 j
650pm 620am
Southern Utah
is standard mouutam time
The n
JOHN T LYNCU Postmaster I
Salt Lake City Utah March 22 1855 i
Silver Quotations
Corrected daily by Wells Fargo Col
Silver Now York 41
Silver London r65
Loud New York Tier 100lbs
Hats Hats Hats
Spring and Summer Styles now in
Sole Agents for all the fine New York
Hatters including Youmans Knoxs
Silverman and Thomas Townsend Co
London We also carry a complete
t of John B Stetson Cos Fine Hats I
The Exclusive Hatters j
To the Public
Subscribers to the DEMOCRAT are re
spsctfaUy requested to report without
delay any neglect in delivering or any
undue lateness in the delivery of the
paper A postal card on this subject ad
dressed to THE DEMOCRAT will always
meet prompt attention
Barry and Fay in Irish Aristocracy
play in Ogden tonight
licCornick Co today received one
car of Hanauer bullion valued at 2000 i
The Supreme Court adjourned from
Tuesday evening until next Monday
The assessment roll of Utah County for
I the year 1885 estimates the value of tax
able property at 3250883
Mr George M Dow acting warden at
the Penitentiary is very sick I is feared
he has an attack of pneumonia
The lecture of Monsignor Cayel is un
avoidably postponed but the date will ne
given as soon as one is decided upon
The California school maams will re
turn Caloria way about six weeks ThK
information may comfort tho I masher
The Eagle Foundry is having a rush on I
well augurs Numerous parties are going
down after the water in various parts of I
the city I
William Jenkins has been elected Chief j
Engineer of the Salt Lake division No j
L22 of the Brotherhood of Locomotive i
Engineer i
Wells riro i c Co today received one I
bar of Clult Silver Reel bullion val
ued at 1810 and Honerine ore valued at I
8520 total 10300 I
Two hundred and sixty emigrants ar i
rived at the U C depot at 7 oclock last I
night and attracted a host of admiring I
and curious spectator I
The Bell Telephone Company have II
subscription lists in circulation at Sandy I
an Bingham and the prospects are that I
lines will be run to these towns shortly
Two indictments were found by the I
Grand Jury against Charles Seal for un
lawful cohab and polygamy David
James and David W James went sureties I
for 3000 I
Mr George Barton for over ten years
manager for T W Jennings Clothing
Department will open a grocery and pro
vision store next Tuesday June 9th one I
door north of the Overland House
ExMayor Little 1 R Walker and I
on John Sharp Jr and son U AY
Lawrence and AV G Sharp left in a
special car this morning for the Osceola
gold fields situated 9G miles from Frisco
The first cleanup at the Oceola
placers will take place this week and a
party of Salt Lake stockholders left to
day via Frisco to witness the gold
mining operations which they expect
will make them all wealthy
Seventy wouldbe school masters were
at the outgoing D EG train this
morning to bid the California school
maams goodbye Cards and fan auto
graphs were exchanged and the gallant
Upirnt were invited to spend the win
ter in Oakland I beats all how a car
load of wielders of the ruler can visit
Salt Lake mash all the old boys and
leave our fine girls just mad
Mr Joel Grovcr the Nephi merchant
is in the city on business today
Mr L H Butcher was a pupil on the
teachers east bound train this morning
Messrs Bockwell and Smith the
Southern cattle shippers are in the
Literary and Musical Entertainment
There will be a Literary and Musical
entertainment at the Baptist Church on
Thursday evening June 4th Dont fail
to come Admission only 25 cenln
Instrumental Solo Ethel Froi eth
Jnbor Song School
KemHii Mrs > Dane
Recitation T Lillie Showcll
Vocal Duet r Duntoa ad Sharp
Heading Ida Hitchcock
Heading Mrfc liaise
Polo Jlrs Kewcoinh
lird Song Mr 15ane
Rending Ida Hitchcock
Instrumental Duet Misses Jackman Uerkcly I
Salt Lake City Brewing Company I
President YicePresident
We are now prepared to receive orders
BEEn Special inducements given to pur j
chasers of carload lots I
Having given our careful attention to
the selection of the finest material for the I
manufacture of beer after the Budweiser
process we are in a 1 situation to place be
lore the public an article superior to any
hitherto offered in this market I
Orders by telephone promptly attended
For a fashionable suit of clothes or
anything else in the tailoring line at
most reasonable prices go and talk to I
Did Herald building
Hardy 1c Jcmicns
Are receiving California and Utah Fruits
und Vegetables daily Everything cheap
and firstclass 26 W First South Street
WHEN the weary hungry traveler casts
sbout for a place to lay his head he will
iind the best and most satisfactory meal
and bed at the White House Ii
CALI at 55 Main Street and examine I
samples of Utah Soap I
COAL OIL and Fluid at Pioneer Lamp II I
Store 57 E First South Street
ts r
Two California SelioolmaVnis Write Up i J
Zion for Their Friends
And Lose Their Letters Which are I j
Found Jjy a Democrat Reporter i
Marias and Ethels Opinions and the j j
Horrible Story
Hack Drivers
lacli Drivcrs II
The letters which are printed below
were picked up on the street by a DEMO
CRAT reporter and as they were in un
sealed envelopes and not addressed he
brought them to the DErocRvT office
carefully read and as
where they were creiuly
they seemed to relate chiefly to local
matters it was decided to publish them
as they might be of interest to our reader
I is rather a strange way to get special
correspondence but as it came the way
it did we deem it all right to publish
them I may not be quite the gallant
thing to do to publish ladies letteis with
out their consent but we ask their par
I i don for so doing and do i just the same
I They present new views of old things
SALT LAKE Cm Jane 2 1885
this city of religious
E szEnin > EBnsi From 10
J I writing the letter I
H Tious famo am ning
lgiou to remain
promised you when ve partedyou
main in California I to travel to tho East
and visit those scenes where my ancestors
first saw tho light of heaven In my humble
frst of
way I have endeavored to make the name
tbe of man
worthy respect
those ancestors
kind and thus far have met with better suc
cess than I could have hoped for I was but
the instrument guided and directed by that
providence which has ever watched over our
lanfilv Last winter you will remember
se studied Buckles History of Civilization i
in England and how intense was the inter
est with which we drank in thought and
knowledge from the great Englishman I
have always felt and I believe it was the
i universal feeling with the members of the
i American Philosophical and Literary Society
I for the Solution of Social Problems that it I
i was to such men as Buckle Guizot Herbert
I Spencer and some of tho German meta
physicians as well Jisio some of the writers
of the earlier period of the Concord school
I that we 0170 ou true insight into the proper
and scientific method of studying maid soh
I which have long
I jug t ios3 problems miuii utnu so
baffled those who were supposed to control
1 the destinies of nations I is to the
adoption of these old and worthless methods
I D10ptiol I J famouMormon problem owes the
I ig delay of its solution
I i have always believed that if any of the
members of our society would come to Utah
and study that problem in its home and see I
these poor deluded people at their hearth I
we should easily find a solution for that
which has worried the Government for I
many many years To Utah I have been
permitted to come and at the firesides of
the Saint I have studied the religious ques
tion of the age and by applying to this Mor
mon question the same method and spirit we
have so often employed in solving other diffi
cult Questions of a like nature after a thor
ough investigation made of both sides of the
question I feel certain I have reached a con
elusion that I trust will meet with the full
and generous approval of our society I have
not como to this conclusion hastily but only
after much studand deep thought and after
much conversation with the leading people
of both the Mormon and Gentile parties
here Yes you knowhow needless to ask
if my Sarah knows my Sarah who is the
light of our society polygamy is the great I
evil here This practice has gained a great
foothold in Utah from the fact that many of
our poor deluded sisters think that woman
was destined to be united to man in
marriage and in this community our
sisters far outnumber the men those tyrants
who have so long enchained us I we could I
successfully establish branch societies this I
successfuly establsh
would give the women of ilormondom a
higher and nobler employment than that of I
serving any man much less a part of a man
and would absorb the surplus female popu I
lation When these women had mastered
the elements of the studies we pursue
they would be very well prepared to mount
the platform and lecture not merely to those
with whom they formerly associated but to
all the world and thus help to spread the t
new gospel of woman deliverance and tho
equality of the sexes in all things I you
deem my plan worth and I believe you will
please get an expression from the society
j upon its merits for I want your richest
thought to help it forward
I I have not paid any attention to the ap
i pearance of this city holding that the time
of those who have a work to do upon this
1 earth is too valuable to idle away in sight
seeing while there remains so much to be
done to advance our race Address all let
ters until the Ifith inst to the Windsor
Yours for truth and progress
DEAR SLvrr After two days in the cars
we have at last arrived in the Mormon city
I of Salt Lake We left the C1 cars at a
place called Ogden and it is a worse place
I thuii Chinatown in fact it is so bad that
I Tom n ilartineau said this was the place the
j new Um Testament meant when il spoke of
i slieol Tom is a much nicer fellow than
I thought he was and he has been the
I masher ever since we left San Francisco
But talk about mashers the Ogdn mashers
I are the worst I ever saw As we girls were
I going to tho little narrow guage road the
Denver Grand or tho Grand Rio Denver
or some such name these Ogden mashers
kept insisting on carrying our valises to the
cars but we all gave thorn the left shoulder
except Miss Maria JlI whom all of us
girls call Old Social Problems and she
was just too polite for anything I felt
sorry for the masher who got into her
clutches Ill bet she squeezed his hand when
she thanked him for she hasnt had a
I chance for many long year to squeeze a
mans hand wonder if that masher was
a polygamist Well I dont think he would
want over two wives like Lady Maria if ho
knew her
At last wo got hero and I am neither
married nor lUd led yet though I mav be
both before I leave On onr way down we I
passed a place called the Hot Springs which I
some one in Salt Lake is oing to make into I
a mineral springs le ort Everyone agreed
that it would be an immense success as it
smelt worse than anything we ever heard of
I a sick person can stand the first smell
the physicians can cure him and I should
ihink they might for it must take a good
constitution to stand even ono smell First
I will tell you about the town then about
the people and then about myself The city
is laid out hi squares or blocks of ten acres
and the streets are about eight rods wide
There are some very nice residences and a
few respectable public buildings The Mor
mon temple when completed will be a lovely
building and I think its just too bad that
the Mormons are only going to use it to
marry more wives in The Big Tabernacle
would make a splendid skating rink These
are all the places I know anything about I I
But the streets You never saw anything
like them in your life The Mormons say
that this is the New Jerusalem and that
some day the streets will be paved with gold
I I lived in Salt Lake I should want the
Lord to hurry up the paving business for
now tho streets are filled up with dust and
children and bad smells But the people 1
here are so good that their faces are all
turned toward heaven and they dont notice
these things j
Now for the people A lot of u girls went
out to see what the Mormons looked like I
I and for the life of us we could not tell a
I Mormon from a Gentile We were bound to
see a real live Mormon so we decided that
I Nellie Brown should ask the next man we
met if he was a Mormon Nellie didnt want
I to do i but we made her Pretty soon we
I met n great big dignified man who looked I
as though he might be l bishopand we all
stopped as he came near u We pushed
Nellie out and she said I
I II beg your pardon but we are tourists
I and we wish to see n Mormon Please sir I
are you one
You ought to have seen how that man I
looked We all tried to get behind each
other and when we were half scared to
death he said
Miss I thought Nellie would faint when
ho spoke you had better learn manners
first and next that I am an Avictican
> Ve didnt tackle the next man I tell you
But as we went along our courage came
back and the girls said I must ask the next
man we met grs was a Mormon I saw a
man coming and I never felt so afraid of a
man before in my life Ho was not a very
ferociouslooking man so when he was
ferociouslookng up u stood in front of the girls
and he kind of smiled on us I said grs
I beg your pardon sir but wo are a party
of young ladies from San Francisco and we
want to see a Mormon Are you a Mor
mon He did not seem offended like tho other
man but said to u
ai am a Latterday Saint and always like
to answer the questions of those who are
seeking to know the gospel So you youn
ladies are from Califonua are you I used
to know California in the days of 49 as I
went around the Cape with Sam Brannon in
the ship Brooklyn What might your
name be ISBW
I told him and then he asked tho names
of all the girls He told us more than we
wanted to know Ho offered to show us
around the city We declined with thanks
He said he had plenty of time and that he
was always glad to servo a stranger He was
gladder than wo were Ho gave u the whole
history of his church from the days of Kirt
land and Nauvoo to the present and he also
gave us the fidgets I guess he would have
talked us to death if some other man had
not come along and spoken to him and he
asked us to excuse him a minute We ex
cused him with more pleasure than we made
his acquaintance He was what we used to
call a holy terror at school
After this we went and hired a carriage at
a livery stable just west of our hotel and
drove around the city I never heard such
awful things as the man who drove us told
about And it was every word true for the
man said he knew i He showed us lots of
houses where polygamists live We passed
four houses which were just alike and the
man told us they all belonged to one man
and that he had a wife in each house and
that each wife had eleven children And
this was a small family too We asked him
if the women ever quarrelled He said it
not quarrelling but regular fightimm
was quarrelng reglar fighting
They tWO hawful times they doz Hiva
seen em fight and pull air and won they
gets too bad the usband a puts em down
the cellar and dont give em hanything to
heat for a ole week Then if they still bos
rebellious the teachers they comes around
and hadmonishes the wives to be gude and I
hobedient and generally hare O they ave
hawful times in Zion I tell you
When tho man had finished this wo asked
him if there had ever been any murders
committed here
Ave there been hany murders Miss
Why Ill just tell yon w at I saw with my
hmin ayes ono night I saw ten men killed
and I elped kill em Miss Dont bo fright
ened I wont arm you causo Ive ad n
change of art since them hand now I know
its wrong I could tell you of undreds of
murders Miss but I daresnt as theyd
know 00 told on cm But the Government
they ave got troops ere now and we loyal
Hamericans be nt so afraid now Here bes
your otel Miss I opes wen you comes
back to Salt Lake youll ire me to show you
round I knows lots yet Miss as I avent
told you Goodbye and a appy time to
youAfter this we girls did not want to see any
thing more of Salt Lake and now we are
satisfied that the old man who took so much
interest in us was ono of those bad men
that our driver had told us about and we
were mighty lucky to escape him Just
think what a nariow escape we had
We are having a good time but I want to
leave this honid city after what I know for
it aint safe for anyone to live here without
soldiers to protect one We leavo for Den
ver tomorrow morning and I will write you
from there I shall stay at the Windsor
and so you may send your letters to me
there until the middle qf thc month Good
bye Give my love to your mother and
sisters and kiss the baby for me How was
the bail I had to miss I was awful sorry I
could not be there Arc you tho champion
at lawn tennis
With worlds of love and affection your
own true friend ETHEL ST Joiix
P S1 have not forgotten the dress and
lace and will get them in New York and
bring them in my trunk Goodbye
A GitcAriHcd Scoundrel Tries to
Outrage t Little Girl
This morning between 9 and 10 oclock
the little 4yearold daughter of Mr and
Mrs AY A Nclden on her way to the
Kindergarten school was met on Second
South street by a tramp named Robert
Veston who induced the little girl to go
I with him avi not to school saying he
would give her lots of candy The fellow
I took her up Commercial street around
comers and into an outoftheway
closet He was fortunately noticed and
I followed by Mr Wickel his son
and others who reconnoitered the out
house and overhearing talk pushed the
door open just in time to save the
frightened child from worse than death
The little girl was taken home and the
vile wretch to the jail
During his trial this afternoon he en
deavored to excuse himself on a plea
I of being drunk and meaning no
harm His right arm is cut off just be
I low the elbow and when he planted the
stubby member down on the table and
feigned innocence ho looked the devil
himself Tic was held in 1000 bail to
await the action of the Grand Jury for an
assault with intent to commit rape
The city is filled with a vicious element
at present and parents cannot exercise
too much caution in regard to the move
ments of young children
By Five Cents Worth = of Strychnine I
Sarah Jones a Lehi girl in her thir
teenth year committed suicide by strych
nine at that place last Friday On that
day Sarah went to the Coop store and
asked for five cents worth of strychnine
paying for it with eggs stating that they
wanted it at the house to kill mice Oil
the way home she swallowed the strych
nine and in a few minuted afterward
called in at a neighbors house and got a
drink of water Asshe came out of the
house she fell and exclaimed I am dy
ing A young man standing by picked
her up and carried her home where in i a
few minutes she died The Coroners
Jury returned a verdict that she came to
her death by the means of taking strych
nine administered by her own hand
A Novel Window Screen
In the office of Mr F A Pascoc there
is on exhibition a magic flyscreen to be
used on all kinds of windows during the
flys festive season The screen consists
of a fine gauze attached to a spring roller
at the top of the windowframe so that
in adjusting the window to any desired
height the screen regulates itself accord
ingly by means of a spring When it is
no longer needed by detaching the fas
tenings from the window it becomes
wound around the roller at the top and is
out of sight and in safe keeping until
again needed It is a patented arrange unt
ment and Mr Pascoe has secured the
agency for this section
Vt S Smith I i
S E First South street received this I i
afternoon his fourteenth car of Cutifo nii I
Oranges this season and will reiiv a
car on each of the following date > viz I
June 9th 16th 23d and 30th I
THE late pnpleasantness it ovr the II I I
license war is doneand I am agiin to
the fore at the Brewery and srI be
pleased to cater to my friends who may
feel inclined to visit me there
To Kent
The Walker Opera House Bar one of
the best business stands in the city for
rent Appjy to E L Morton at the I
Walker Opera House Restaurant I
A Talk With 3rer7 i A J Pcndlctoii j
About the Business i
In his peregrinations this afternoon a I
across Mr A J
DEMOCRAT scribe ran
Pendleton Sr whose general knowledge I
of horseflesh and especially of the man I
should be shod for
ner in which racers shoul
valuable in
opinion I
the track makes his
regard to that class of equines and I
performances on the turf
perormanccs You do most of the shoeing for the I
racers do you not inquired the re
Mr PI do a good deal of it but am j
always willing to bo more j i
iiu in I
race horses in
R Did you shoe any
the old times in Utah j i
Mr PNot very much as people m I
those days run their horses and we
no trotting races and everybody though j
10 trotng better without shoes if
that a horse was wIhout
you wanted good time out of him
RVhere were most of the races run I
in those days
Mr POer Jordan on the old Faust
track RVas there any Derby day
no Derby Day in I
Mr PThero was
particular but the time for the general
meet was when the auvoo Legion used
the annual three
to go over Jordan for lnnual
days drill That was the time for r racing
The officers of the Legion were arrayed
in uniforms brighter than the noonday
sun uniorms al that radiant lot there was
one who drew more attention than all
others This was General A P Hock
wood lie looked so military that he
was more admired than all others His
horse was usually poor but the hollow
places were filled up with yellow leather
till it looked quite fat The General was
a born commander but the trouble was
that the boys were not born soldiers
This was the cause of the races You
see the cavalry in parading up and down
and around would occasionally scare up
a wolf or a fox when a freeforall goas
youplease race began I was useless to
try and stop the boys and make them re
form into line for there was something of
far more importance on hand than pre
paring to defend the t country and the
boys absolutely refused to obey the I
orders 1
HThere are no such races nowa I
days are there
Mr PNo but I have just sent away
some horses which go in the races this I
RWhat were they
Mr PMr Walkers Countryman
Grey George and Ethel Mr Travis
Tommy Dodd Mr Richards stallion L
C Lee Mr Glanfields Blue Dick and
Birds Eye Oretron Short Line Mr Arm
strongs Cromwell Jr Alex Grautt
runner Davy Andalo Mr Vm Groes
becks bay fillcy and a number more too
many in fact for you to remember
RAre the entries to the races almost
Mr PI think that almost all the
races are full and only this morning there
were six new entries
nVho docs most of what may be
termed your fancy shoeing
Mr Pfy son Andrew lie shod
Wid moor Ordnance Red Boy and some
other famous runners that were here in
the summer of 82 There are a number
of others with me who will make first
class shoers vet
HDo you charge more for shoeing
racehorses than other
Mr PYes Why
UI just wanted to know Just one
question more Do you do any shoeing
for nothin
Mr 2No We quit that last Saturday
day night and are very sorry as we
would have liked to accommodate you
Guess we could give you a rate though
day nNo rates for me thank YOti Good
One of Dr Jtoots Specialist nun
Iu on a Serious U3sarc
Last evening Mrs Annie Iteeder re
siding at No 120 W South Temple street
had Thomas McCarthy arrested for dis
turbing her rest and quiet in her own
house Officer Burgess found McCarthy
in the Herald block restaurant at about
10 oclock last night and escorted him to
the city jail His case was brought up
this morning and he plead guilty to the
Another complaint from Dr Foot
Jr charging him with embezzling 25
was served on McCarthy this morning
Tomorrow at 2 pm sentence in the first
case will be imposed and the embezzle
ment case gone through with
Thomas McCarthy came here a few
months ago from San Francisco and
claiming to be a graduate of Bellevue
College he found easy access to Dr I
Foots Great Medical Institute The
Doctorinchief went to Portland and left
25 with McCarthy to be given to Dr
Huesced for the current expenses of
Institute No2 but McCarthy got
drunk and has managed to keep
full of whisky most of the time since he 1
joined the faculty here
Last evening at about 4 oclock ho ap I
proached Mrs Keeder in front of Halls I
livery stables on West Temple street
and asked her on short acquaintance if
she had an account of Dr Foot Jr and
his institute printed in the DssrocRAi1
She replied that she had the paper at her
home and had read it McCarthy fol
lowed and on reaching her house was
handed the paper He read it a few
moments and then began a talk con
cerning Dr Foot and the good physi
cians about his Institute and said of
himself that he had but one failing and
that was he liked the women pretty well
After approaching Mrs Reeder with his
disgusting proposals she opened the door
and Ordered him frmn the house When
her husband returned from work
he was desperately mad and went in
search of the Bellevue quack who now
is in turn u patient of the law and who
will probably get an exceedingly large
allopathic dose of medicine when the
morrow case comes before Judge Spiers to I
idolnli Ilancrbach
Practical Watch Repairer has removed
to No 1G E First South street first door
west of Auer Murphys and would be
glad to see new as well as all his old cus
The First in the Season
A fine assortment of Spring and Sum
mer cloths of the very latest pattern have
just arrived at JOE BAUMGABTEX
HI Slam Street The Tailor
JohnTaylor SonNo 43 and Second
South Street have just received a choice
lot of Spring and Summer AVoolenswhich
they offer to make up in firstclass
at greatly style >
grc reduced rates
For a TirstClass Lunch
Call at the Fountain Lunch Stand old
London Bank Building HQtLunch from
11 town u m to 3 p m The neatest place in I
D BnoBERo Proprietor i
Ladies I
RhSnftVe the newest > cheaPest and best
stock of fanc I
fancy and staple chairs in the i I
Kcports and Appropriations
A Few Petitions lelJrts
The City Council met in regular session
Sharp in the chair
last evening Mayor
fruit stand
Mr Theme who runs a
under llr the Emporium clock petitioned
to the
for a remittance of license owing
blind and business is
fact that he is quite blnd
James Robertshaw was permitted to
dig a second sand hole in the Nineteenth I
ward in search of good sand I
Marshal > presented a statement
in his department for the I I
month expenditure of May of 37615 Referred to Ii I
committee on police This committe re
commitee ported police statements for March I
and April correct i
The street and alley committee after I
considering the petition of Robert Dye
for a certain fence to stand which had I
been build on the sidewalk opposite his
residence reported favorably and the re I
quest was granted
The committee on public grounds re
ported unfavorably the request of Mrs
Ferguson for a piece of land on the north
bench in consequence of the land being I
purchased for quarantine purposes Peti
tion denied
The license committee saw no good I
reason for remitting back licenses to
Kneass May and William Fuller as
signee of Joseph E S Russell and the
coinmittee was sustained
Appropriations were made as follows
To Mrs 11 A Burt 28020 for 1 SUB
meals at 15 cents each To R B Williams
hams for collecting dog tax on twenty
dogs during May 20 The City Mar
shals contingent fund 500 l1r1
Adjourned for one week
A Young Flyer That Will Not I > e
Entered for the June Erices
Last evening between S and 9 oclock
Mr Tom Harris and wife were out driv
ing with a spirited horse to an Irish gig
and when about one block east of the
Park boulevard on the street leading
from the Penitentiary Marshal Irelands
and Mr Harris rigs struck a new piece
I of graveled road The rattling noise
frightened both teams rnd the colt
driven by Harris gave a jump and ran
down the road at a terrific rate kicking
and plunging from one side of the street
to the other until it collided and Mr audI
Mrs Harris the horse and the cart were
I thrown in four different directions
As soon as Mr Ireland could sufficiently
quiet his frightened team to make it safe
to leave them he went in pursuit of the
wreck Mr Harris was found in the
middle of the road insensible but came
to consciousness hi a few minutes after
water had been freely applied to him
On his head were three frightful gashes
and his whole body was badly injured
Mrs Harris was also landed in the mid
dle of the Rocky Road to Dublin but
not seriously hurt The horse jumped
across a ditch into the mud and broke
its front leg just below the knee I was
first thought advisable to shoot the ani I
mal but afterwards decided to splint the I
leg in hopes of saving him as he is a
valuable colt I
The cartask of the winds etc There
was not a whole piece of it left and a I
more complete smashup could hardly
be imagined I
How to Consult Dr Foote Sr by Mail
Dr Foote Senior author of Plain
Home Talk Medical Common Sense
etc etc would say to those who would
like to consult him by mail that they can
have a list of questions and a circular of
gratuitous advice by addressing Box 414
Salt Lake City The doctor has arranged
to have such information supplied in this
way to save time Receiving such printed
matter the correspondent can describe
his or her case fully and direct it to the
doctor in New York Dr Foote is
successfully treating all forms of chronic
disease a specialty to which he has de
I voted thirty years of study and practice
Evidences of his success can also be had
I addressing Box 414 as above but all
letters of consultation and orders for
remedies should be addressed to Dr E
B Foote Sr 120 Lexington Avenue
New York City N Y Consultation free
An advertisement of Dr Foote Sr in
another place deserves attention
Protect Your Family
I I It is the duty of every man rich or
poor who has created a home to make
some provisions against the inevitable
for those who are dependent upon him
and this most desirable result can be ob
tained by procuring a policy in the Mutual
Life Insurance Company of New York I
the oldest active company in America and
the largest life insurance company in the
world Rates etc furnished by Louis
Ilyams Agent 55 Main street Hooper
Eldridge Block Salt Lake City
D UastingSj Star Express
Has better facilities for moving Pianos
fine Furniture etc than any one and if
you wish moving done with care and dis
patch call on him at No 141 Main street
Telephone No 138 All kinds of freight
handled Orders promptly attended to <
CA TT1T t 1 0 y
A telegram from MONSIGXOR CAPEL re
ceived yesterday wiy he will be here Thuraday
Owing to this and to uncertain contingencies
the date of
his lecture on
The Dignity of Woman
Is postponed Due notice of a new date will
given nt thc earliest possible day
I Lindsays Gardens
J r
Picnic Pleasure Parties
And a General SUittlER RESORT
Liberal Terms Are Offered to Schools
All Kinds of
ou the
Grounds v
Salt lake Theatre
Thursday and Friday Juno 4th and 5th
Engagement of the Famous Comedians
Garry and Fay
Excellent Comedy Company
In their Great Success By Wm Carleton in
Three Acts entitled
Pronounced by the Press and Public
The Funniest of all Funny Plays
Prices of Admission Bosofllce open
f500 1500
OPErtJ ftJC rl ETC
Utah Driving Park
Salt Lake JKMC nth and IStli 1885
Entries for Trotting and Pacing close June 1st
first Day Wednesday J nnc 171 Ji
FuSTRvcE Pure300 210class trotting
SECOND ItAcn Purae 200 24t class trotting
and pacing
THIRD UACE Ptirae f50 all ages running
half mile and repeat
Second Buy JTliiirstlay JTcnc St3i
FUST R YCE Purse H50 running all ages
onemile dash
SrtoND RACE Purse 200 250 class trotting
TIIIUD RACE Purse 500 free for all trotting
Entries for all trotting pacing and running
stakes to close June 1st 135 Entries for Club
pure running races will close at 5 p m of the
day preceding the race Entrance fee in all
CLUB PuitSES 10 per cent All Club purse
money will be divided as follows CO per cent
to first 30 per cent to second and 10 per cent to
third In running races three or more to enter
and two or more to start trotting and pacing
races five or more to enter and three or more
to start In all cases the entries must be en
closed in sealed envelopes and addressed to
the secretary and plainly state name age color
and ex of hore name of sire and dam when
known and name of owner
For all races colors of rider or driver must be
g ell with the entry No entries accepted un
less accompanied by the money and under no
circumstances will any conditional entry be
received Walk over by any one horse entitles
him to half of the stake money and all of the
forfeit monSy and all plate or cup added Any
horse distancing the field or any part thereof
will be entitled to first money only The As
sociation claims the right to interlace heats of
different races whenever they deem it expedi
ent They also claim the right to postpone on
account of bad weather Running races will
be governed by the American Racin Rules of
January ht 1S3 and trotting and pacing races
by the rule of the National Trotting Associa
tion All haruefs races one mile heats three
in five
We are members of the National Trotting As
S S WALKEH President
MATT CULLEN VicePresident
W L PICKAKU Treasurer
T F MULLOY Secretary and Manager
P 0 Box 1103 Salt Lake City Utah
Opp Temple and Taoernaclc
S L1t 2Lizil = G Oi y Utah
In the immediate vicinity of the
Main Hotel
BOARD and LODGING 2 per day I
Quiet Shady Homelike
Successor to H 0 Stearns
cPm 8 OUSE
Luncn Ice Cream Parlor Lonfectloner
In connection with the above will be run
Where meals will be served from 7am
SfSpeoial attention given to Suppers for
Parties etc
Js LDch at 1 J c1rzr s
Main St South of Third South Sf
1 style The finest and most comfortable
Hotel appointments in Sal Luke City
Special Terms to Families both for Single
Rooms and Suites
Transient 200 per day
Is now open and Everything FirstClass
1Vm D 1V ALEY Prop
Hereford Assoriatiol
Have opened a SALES YARD at the place for
merly known a Pits Gardens where can
always be found
J ere ords
Qeneral Manager
Creiits Fllrnisllhlf
Aii Immense Stock
In all Departnmu nb
Constantly arril hag
Gents Spring Stylo hats
Hosiery and Fancy Shjfc
THE CREAM of Boat DeMi
by Express 1
Of every desirable witt A l
test l Styles f fefEi If T t
Of Latest European importation c s
UPHOLSTERY pfifipiO U uu
The Largest Stock in ft
Orders most carefull u
D c n E G W
Coal gel1CY
Pleasant Valley
Coke Charcoal SlSss I
i 1h G d 3
E All of the above CoaL J 1
screened and clean
Prompt Delivery Guarantee I
Rock Spring
Keel Canyon
Pleasant Vails t
All the coals in the market asJ t2 r
of each
Coa1 D 3pt U J
OFFICE Wasatch Corner
YARDral Ce
rhH u i hJi
Dealers in COIL L 1 t
Wasatch i Crismon hjn
Coal viIlc rtnb
Price Delivered
At yard
Leave ORDERS with
Nos 37 to 41 W First South S rp
Season is nor I
theirSPrflT ck
Have received their
ALL I ckj
aaJ < T
Including every design 1
Kalsomining House and SP
Kal CD 5a d S
By the most Rensonablo skilled worlncu Rates

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