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11 JI
= = = = = = =
jfalt Inkt tm > rltf
at the Salt Lake City Poitofflce
Eastern 800pm 730om
California and West 1100 am 425 pm
Montana and North 8O pm 730 am
DILGEast 500 pm 1030 am
Ogden Utah 1100 am 730 am
Ogden Utah 800 pm 425 pm
Park CHy 800 pm 730 am
Tooelo County 40 pm 720 am
Alta Count 1020am 030am
Bingham Utah 400 pm 620am
Southern Utah C50pm 020am
The above IB standard mountain time
JOHN T LYNCH Postmaster
Salt Lake City Utah March 221885
Silver Quotations
I Corrected dally by Wells Fargo Col
Silver New York LOOT
Silver London 49Y
Lead Now York per IQOlbs 390
Hats I Hats I Hats I 1
Spring and Summer Styles now in W
are Sole Agents for all the fine New York
Hatters including Youmans Knoxs
Silverman and Thomas Townsend Co
London Wo also carry a complete line
of John B Stetson Cos Fine Hats
The Exclusive Hatters
To the Public
Subscribers to the DEMOCRAT are re
pectfully requested t report without
delay any neglect in delivering or any
undue lateness in the delivery of the
paper Apostal card on this subject ad
dressed to TIE DEMOCRAT will always
moot prompt attention
How is the Salt Lake Heralds patriot i
1 I
aTheOregon Short Lino is reaping a bar
vest West from tho heavy tourist travel to the
It has been said that a Salt Lake police
man can do anything Anybody who was in
Sal Lake on the Fourth will believe it
Theflag staffs on the Gardo News build
ing and Tabernacle looked so scrawny that
it was semioffioially declared that they had
the poll evil
Excitement was at fever heat at Camp
Douglas during Saturday Many of the sol
diers wanted t run Salt Lake and place tho
flag wheroit belonged
The new postal law is now in force Let
ter writers should remember that postage
rates aro now only two cents per ounce
instead of two cents per half ounce as for
The Firemans Band will have a pleasant
excursion t Lake Point on Wednesday
Dancing and other sports will be indulge
in and an enjoyable time will bo provided
for all
An educational meeting will be held at
tho Methodist Church this evening at 8
oclock Bishops Warren and Walden now
visiting here i preside Everybody is invited
vited t be present
Both young and old Democracy got t the
front on Saturday in good style The flag
is all right in the hands of the Democrats
but the Peoples party may no longer be
trusted with its honor
One feature of Salt Lakes celebration
of the Fourth was tho contest between the
great American Eagle and the gr un
American Crow Before the eagle got
through it was a badlyplucked Crow I i
Tho express business on the Utah L
Northern is so heavy that the conipanyis
compelled to use an extra and sometimes
compled ue sometme
two extra express coaches Fruit and fowls
constitute tho groater part of the matter
One of the Coop clerks was asked early
on the morning of the Fourth the reason
why the Stars and Stripes were in mourning
at that institution tDainfiuo the clerk
replied 4 but I guess Sep Sears must have
got back
The leaders of tho Peoples party are the
ones who concocted the disgrace to the flag
I was the last straw and has broken many
of their constituents backs They will
neither mourn for liberty nor vote the Peo
ples ticket again
Yesterday about noon a frightened horse
ran down Second South street and along the
sidewalk by the postomco until i collided
with a lamp post near the Union block
The wagon stopped und the horse went on
No damage except to the wagon
Barlow 1k Wilsons Mammoth Minstrels
l will appear at the Salt Lake Theatre to
L niorruw and Wednesday evenings This
company comes to us highly endorsed by
I the Eastern press and will undoubtedly
meet with a rousing reception in this city
The shipment of fruit from Salt Lake to
all points 1 now assuming considerable pro
portions The pioneer packing house of
Utah under the management of Mr Fred
Lyngborg is doing a largo business in this
respect u well as in tho fish and game line
The police headquarters court room Re
corders office and several adjoining rooms
pnfthe ground floor of the City Hall are be
ing novated and painted The propriety
of painting tho rooms green blue or red is
under consideration by the different departments
Sunday night between 12 and 1 oclock
two young men named Carlsen and Kline
engaged in a fight on tho State road while
returning from one of the clubs Three
lively rounds were fought in which Kline
got away with half of the disgrace and
The Underground Fourth of July celebra
tion committee has made it very tough for
Marshal Phillips The reputation of a Salt
Lake policemen should be enough for any
man to groan under but to add to it the
stigma of hauling down the American flag is
worth more than 150 a month
The local report and the editorial com I
ments of tho Sat Lake Herald upon the i
disgrace t the flag are curiosities of news
paper literature However if there is anything
thing that the Salt Lake Herald couldnt
apologize and lie for we should like to know
aploizo an organ of the Peoples Party
Emigration Parleys City Creek and Big
Cottonwood canyons woro lmod > with fishing
parties on the Fourth A great many visited
Mill Creek and Big Cottonwood fishing
grounds but caught no trout worth men
tioning on account of the high water
Visitors to Pleasant Yale returned loaded
down with tho speckled tribe
While Ilov J 1J Thrall was delivering
Drakes Address to tho American Flag at
Lindsays gardens on the Fourth Charley
Crow was delivering his little patriotic
speech at the City Hal Everybody has
rend and admired Drakes eloquent address I
but few perhaps except those present on
Saturday can form any idea of the beauty
Saturdur rhetoric We just give one ex
tract Pull it up and see if you dont get
When Chieff Police Phillips declared i
tho flag tho property of tho City Hall and
that he would do as ho pleased with it it
showed him to be a lax student of history i
Several foreigners and some of ou southern I
citizens have at different times thought the I
same way but have had forcible convincing
evidence t the contrary What nations I
have failed t do wo scarcely believe a chief i
of police can accomplish Phillips should I
be removed peremptorily
t The base ball players of Butte are now inactive I
and nine will be formed
t active practice a nine wi fored I
l i out of nf teen or more excellent players In
i addition t probable contests with some of j
tho Montana clubs the Salt Lake and
Ogden nines will be ten in hand and ne
gotiations are i progress with the Portland
J Oregon club champions of the Pacific
coast for a series of match games early 1 I
August The Butte club OH our local play
I down ers are already aware will bo u hard one to I
Captain Gregory arrived from San Frau
cisco yesterday on a visit t his old friend
E Q Brown
0Mr Con Driscoll after an extended pros
4 pecting trip through the southern part
of Utah returned to celebrate the Fourth I
with h family I
BRUINS f BAD 1mE jj 1
Pounced Upon i the Night He Hoists I
His Wife to the Garret Story I
And Attempts to Stand Off the Depu
ties With a Must Revolver
The Scheme Doesnt Work and Ed
ward Is Jerked and Bound Over
At 1 oclock this morning Edward i
Brain appeared before Commissioner i
McKay arrayed in a spotless linen suit
and looking a cool as a load of ice at
Chrismastide He was arrested last Friday
day night about 12 oclock for obstructing
Deputies Greenman and Collin while
serving lawful papersat his house under
the direction of United States Marshal
Marshals Ireland Greenman and Col
lin were sworn md testified as follows
Mr Dickson Mr Greenman youre a
deputy of the United States Marshal are
you not 1
AI am
QVere you soon the 3d of July
AI was
QDo you remember when the sub
poenayou issued called on the witness to
appar In September
QDid you have that subpoena in
your possession on the 3d of July
AYes sir
QAny other papers
AI had anorder from the Court
QWhen did you make service of the
AAt five minutes before 12 oclock
on Friday night
QExplain what transpired at that
AI rapped on the door several times
before I beard any noise within Finally
I recognized Mr Brains voice j he asked
Whos there 1 I told him I was an
officer and had a subpoena from the r
United States Court and wanted him to
let me in I
QWell what did he say
AHe said he didnt care a dn and
that I could not get in He threatened
and swore madly and as I had nothing
with which t break in the door I thought
best to wait until Marshal Ireland came
While standing in front with Mr Collin
at the rear I heard the back
door slam and I went around the
house Mr Brain was making off
and I went up to him when he ordered
me t standback He had a Colts re
volver in his right hand which was
cocked And with which he had me cov
ered I caught hold of him and took the
gun away from him When Marshal
Ireland came we fonnd the witness con
cealed in a garret in the house Brain
refused to pint out her hidingplace and
told us t look elsewhere
Here the pistol was presented and rec
I ognized by the officers and defendant as
I the one used by Mr Brain I was loaded
and jn the same condition a when depu
ties Greenman and Collin looked down
it save that it was not cocked as on Fri
day night
Commissioner McKayDo you desire
toask the officer any questions 1
Mr Brain When I came out of the
rear of the house I went in another direc
tion and
At him I did
Commissioner McKayNever mind
any statements but ask your questions
if you have any
BrainI have none t ask
I went in company with Marshal Green
man to Brains house After we got there
I took a position at the rear of the build
ing Captain Greenman went to the
front door and rapped several times be
fore any answer was heard I heard
parties in the back of the house and
kept close guard I think the de
fendant said What do you want
Marshal Greenman said Open the
door Brain replied I wont do it
The marshal then asked him to open the
door or he would break it down Brain
replied I you do I will treat you as a
mob I moved back t see if anyone
attempted t escape when Brain came
out and started off I went for him and
he swung round toward me with his revolver
volver about fifteen feet from my head
Captain Greenman then came around
another way and headed him off when
Brain turned on him The marshal took
the Ireland pistol appeared from him and then Marshal
Mr DicKsonVhat did you tell him 1
AI told him I was a deputy marshal
who had come t serve papers We al
went into the house Brain denied her
being there a half dozen times but we
found her in the loft over the kitchen
there She must have used a ladder in getting
Mr Dickson Marshal Ireland state
what you know of this case
Marshal Ireland When I arrived I
found Mr Brain seated on the front door
steps with Captain Greertmaii guarding
him lie related to me that Mr
Brain camo out with a pistol in
his hand and he had taken it
from him and had him under arrest
Defendant then spoke of the injustice of
proceeding against him in the night I
told him to open up the house and we
would serve the papers He asked to I
see my authority which was shown him
and hu opened the house We asked to
anl I
see the witness and avoid all trouble He 1
denied the presence of any one in the
place While searching Mr Collin dis
covered a prospect hole in the ceiling j I
and though very small he said he b
leed she was there I took a broom
nd pushed on the cover but could not I I
mise i I then got an 3X and
limbed upon a chair and be
gun chopping and whoever was sitting
holding it down got up Mrs Brain
then said he would call her down and I
after calling a dozen times she came and
Milling her face to the opening gave the
all right We retired to another room II
bile Brain in the dim light helped her
down and we then served the subpoena I
QMr Brain do you desire to take
the stand ua a witness
AYes I would like to say a few
words Well gentlemen I didnt think 1
any man or any decent men would come i
up after midnight especially on the
Fourth of July and wake a man up I
do a great deal of business and handle I
lots of money and I am prepard for all
such robbers I dont know Mr
Greenman but I know robbers
and rogues und I told the
marshals that she wasnt there for
them to find When I went out it was
for helpto get a man who has worked I
for five If robbers and sneaks
me fe years I rbbr sneak
are about Ill have fairplav you bet I
My revolver was not cocked I went in i
an opposite way from them I did not
defy them but sat down on the steps and
listened to the papers I thought they
were robbers and i they had come in I
would have shown them
QI thought you said you knew Mar
shal Collin
ASo I did but I dont want any
sneaks about my place
r 1 loft Q How did the wpman get up in the
AShe got up herself
I QHow could she
I AWell she got up
i Q Didnt yon help her up
ANo sir I didnt Help Her
I QHow high is the ceiling
AIt i eight feet and five inches
I QHow high is your wife
AAbout five feet and a half
QHow could she get up through so
small and high a place
AShe could use chairs and I l bet
Marshal Greenman a glass of beer that
he can reach it if he tries
QWbat time did she come there
AAbout 10 oclock after dark they
wouldnt have found her in the daytime
i I dont think it right for an honest
straightforward man like me to be bam
boozled about the country and brought
into court four or five times I will stand
them all off
Commissioner McKayYou say it is
right to get witnesses out of the way
AI say it is not right for fellows to i
come up to folks houses and knock peo
ple up in the middle of the night and get
I them out of doors and in trouble
QYon smuggled her away didnt
you AYon bet I did
QYon dont believe officers have a
right t serve papers in the night
AI dont know Captain Greenman
and I would treat him as a mob in the
night I thought they were after my
QDidnt you know they were then
after your woman as United Stated Mar
ANo sir I saw Collin and knew
him and took my pistol for the others
Here Commissioner McKay said he
would read the statutes that apply to this
case which would do some good in the
future if heeded The law for obstruct
ing an officer was read and Brain then
made a motion for the dismissal of the
case which was not allowed He was
required to give bonds in the sum of
2500 to appear before the September
term of the District Court
H S Beatie and Samuel McKay be
came his sureties
A Biff Grist of Drunks and Pro
fanes Put Through the Mil
William Bodin and Terry McGinnis
celebrated the Fourth by getting quietly
drunk They left 3 each
Dan Rice made a circus of himself as
did James Nolan and Elijah Rogers and
the city got 30 from the three i
Fred Horrock and Mary Smedley were
found guilty of lascivious conduct in an
alley and the Judge frowned as he as
sessed them 50 each The city will
board them for the usual time
Nathan Grose battered Alice Valentine
and got 6 or sixty days
Thomas Williams and John Jeffries got
drunk and profane and left 10 for their
appearance which they forfeited
William McCord was charged with re
sisting the officers on the Cth of Novem
ber 1883 pleaded guilty and was fined
25 He was allowed to go after his
bonds and was not seen until this morn
ing when he was taken in again and
will rustle for the 25 with interest
An Unfounded Financial Rumor
It was rumored on the street this after
noon that the United States Depositary
had been removed from the Deseret Na
tional Bank to T R Jones Cos Bank
A DEMOCRAT reporter called on Mr Jones
and was informed that government de
posits could not be removed from a Na
tional bank to a local bank and that he
was not aware of any transfer having
been made Mr Raybould of the Union
National Bank was interviewed with no
further result than the assurance that to
his knowledge no action of that kind had
been taken in transferring the deposits to
them Further inquiries at the Deseret
National Bank elicited the response that
there was no foundation for the rumor
The rumor no doubt started from the
fact of Major Stanton the United States
Paymaster who relieved Major Eccles
having removed his office from the Des
eret Bank to that of T R Jones Co
What an Englishman Thinks
EDITOR DEMOCRAT In view of the in
sult offered to the flag on the Fourth I
would suggest that at an early date a
procession parade the principal streets of
the city bearing aloft the flag sur
rounded by a guard of honor of the G A
R wearing their badges and preceded
by a band of music playing national and
patriotic airs Let all loyal citizens and
those aliens who being loyal to their
own country can appreciate the hospital
ity and the benefits extended to them by
the Stars and Stripes muster in force
Dr Henleys Celery Beef and Iron
cures Indigestion and Dyspepsia
How to Consult Dr Foote Sr by Mail
Dr Foote Senior author of Plain
Home Talku a Medical Common Sense
etc etc would say to those who would
like to consult him by mail that they can
have a list of questions and a circular of
gratuitous advice by addressing Box 414
Salt Lake City The doctor Jias arranged
to have such information supplied in this
way t save time Receiving such printed
matter the correspondent can describe
his or her case fully and direct it to the
doctor in New York Dr Foote is
successfully treating all forms of chronic
diseases a specialty to which he has de
voted thirty years of study and practice
Evidences of his success can also be had
by addressing Box 414 as above but all
betters of consultation and orders for
remedies should b addressed to Dr E
n Foote Sr 120 Lexington Avenue
New York City N Y Consultation free
An advertisement of Dr Foote Sr in
another place deserves attention
WWKN the weary hungry traveler casts
about for a place to lay his head he will
find the best and most satisfactory meal
and bed at the White House
Store to Kent
The Brick Store formerly occupied by
the Salt Lake DEMOCRAT Company on
First South Street For terms apply at
this office 1
The First in the Season
A fine assortment of Spring and Sum
mer cloths of the very latest pattern have
just arrived at JOE BAUMGARTEX
111 Main Street The Tailor I
For Sale or Hire
A sixspring Platform Wagon leather
extension top suitable for fishing and
picnic parties Apply No 28 W Sixth
South street
China and Japan Bazaar
A large assortment of imported goods
always on hand j also Fireworks for the I
Fourth of July No 267 S Main street
For a fashionable suit of clothes or
anything else in the tailoring line at
most reasonable prices go and talk to
Old Herald building
I The Stars and Stripes Disgraced on
tlieGlQrJQns Fourth
Another Declaration of Independ
ence from the Leaders of the
Peoples Party
But No Insult Is Meant We are
Mourning for Liberty
The Glorious Fourth made its appear
ance m Salt Lake under rather peculiar
demonstrations At 9 oclock the stars
and stripes rerc observed to bo drooping
halfmast from the City Hal the Co
op President Taylors residence Salt
Lake Theatre County Court House and
Deseret News Office Knots of citizens
soon gathered on the streets to learn the
real cause of such a proceeding and
a DEMOCRAT reporter telephoned to
the City Hall and inquired
the reason for so singular a display of the
flag on such an occasion but nothing
could be learned The excitement grew
warmer and a committee of citizens
composed of Marshal Ireland Major
Wilkes Captain Evans and C L Haines
proceeded to the City Hall to learn why
the flag was placed at half mast on the
Fourth a day of general rejoicing In a
few minutes City Marshal Phillips Con
stable Crow and several of the policemen
entered the Marshals office and Major
Wilkes as speaker of the committee
asked of Marshal Phillips the reason why
the flag was at half mast Mr Phillips
replied that
Save whim of his Major Wilkes asked
if he did not think it a bad whim to have
his countrys flag at half mast when the
day is treated by fifty millions of Ameri
can citizens as a day of joy He did and
as loyal Americans they demanded that
the flag be raised to the masthead or
taken down Phillips said that it should
not be taken down as it belonged to the
City Hall and he would do as he pleased
with it Charley Crow said the flag
should remain where it was and then
Captain Evans rolled up his sleeves
and said he would just raise it himself
He started to do so when the door was
bolted and closed by one of the officers
Crow raised his club and felt for a revol
ver and prospects of a fight seemed near
at hand After much talk and
On the part of Crow who refused to keep
quiet a committee was designated to
wait upon the Mayor concerning the
matter Mr Fred Culmer and his broth
er William now came up and the latter
became involved in a wrangle with Crow
who dared Mr Culmer to touch the flap
The crowd had now grown larger and
more excited with indignation Marshal
Ireland at last gained Marshal Phillips
promise to pull down the flag or rise it
to the masthead and lie and most of his
friends then went up the street Phillips i
soon overtook him in his buggy and said
he could not interfere with the flag until
he had seen Mayor Sharp which he did
In a few minutes afterward
Sheriff Groesbeck was asked to raise
flag on the County Court house and did
so within a few minutes following After
the City Hal difficulty a committee com
prising G F and William Culmer Phil
Klipple Martin Bernhisel Robert MimI
hal and J lf Young under the leadership
of Dr J 11 Benedict as chairman went
to Lindsays Gardens where the Grand
Army fraternity were spending the day I
and made known the situation of affairs
in the city Speeches were made by Dr
Benedict J l1 Young Col Sells and
Re Thrall denouncing the treatment of
the flag and proposing to maintain it re
spect Colonel Sells introduced resolu
tions denouncing the apparent insult to
the flag and asking the matter be looked
into at once and the flag be put at the
top of the mast from all public buildings
The Governor informed General Mc
Cook at Camp Douglas or the situation
and the news spread rapidly about the
city that trouble was likely to ensue
After some discussion the committee at
the Walker House resolved that the citi
zens go in a body to the City Hall and
hoist the flag and then to the other
places and request that the flags be float
ed at topmast which i denied should be
the signal to the crowd to
This was moderated by Governor Mur
ray who suggested that a committee
wait on the Mayor and demand that he
order the flag hoisted at the City Hall
and that he use his influence in raising
those on the Coop Tabernacle Gardo
House Church Office Deseret News and
Tithing Office The committe headed
by Dr Benedict started on their errand
On reaching the Mayor Dr Benedict
was for carrying out the directions of the i
meeting by demanding that the flag be
raised while the balance were in favor
of making it a request I was in conse
quence of this that Dr Benedict bolted
the committee although the Tribune did
not so state it
A DEMOCRAT reporter called on Mayor
Sharp City Marshal Phillips and others
this morning t learn the real purpose of J
placing Fourth the flag a half mast on the
On meeting Mayor Sharp he was asked
i placing the flags at half mast on a half
dozen public buildings was not precon
certed He replied The city government
ment knew nothing of it I
On whose authority was the fag
placed at half mast on the City Hall
H By Marshal Phillips own volition I
I have seen five of the City Councilmen
and none of them knew anything about
the matter until it was done At half
I past 10 oclock Saturday morning my at
tention was first directed to the situation
and then as now I expressed my sor
row at such a mistake and it was ordered
put up
Marshal Phillips stated that he knew
nothing about any other flags although
he had told Mr But the night before to
put the flag on the City Hal at half mast
What reason have you to assign for
so doing
Whatever was done in the mater I j
am solely responsible for I had no in I
tention to hurt the feelings of anyone
country nor show disrespect to the flag or the I
Was it simply a whim I i
Xotexactly I thought e had nothing I
to since I
rejoice over our best men are
imprisoned or out of the country because I
they can not get an impartial or fair trial I
gt trial
I told Marshal Ireland that I would take
it down but did not promise to put it up I
I had seen Mayor Sharp before the diffi I
culty took place
Did Chare Crow mouth your senti
ments m expressing himself sent
committee 1
I am 1otc hle for what he said
I told him to sifTdown and b quiet but
he would talk
Seeing clearly that all responsibility
was saddled on Marshal Phillips and
that he was perfectly willing to
carry it no further efforts to
= = =
I learn pi the simultaneous hoist
ing of a dozen flags at half mast
from the leading church buildings were
made as it looked like labor lost in a
I futile kept secret attempt to know what would be I I
SonIc General Items From Frisco
Beaver and Silver Kcef
Thermometer 104 in the shade at Silver
I Reef and still climbing
the Reorganized
Joseph Smith President of HeI
organized Church of Jesus Christ is ex
pected in Beaver at an early day
Minersville had a glorious Fourth of
July celebration They hoisted the Stars
and Stripes and didnt halfmast them
Mining matters are very quiet in Brad
shaw District The Cave Company con
tinues toship a little ore Work on their
big tunnel is still progressing
The Silver Reef leaching works con
tinue to turn out sulphides night and day
A new tramway has been constructed by
the managers over which the tailings
from the lower pile will be conducted to
the tanks
Every day or so a tourist from Arizona
walks into Silver Reef and while they
give brilliant descriptions of facetiously
rich ledges down in that country they
are singularly free from all bullion when
they land at the Reef
There is nothing eventful to report in
mining matters at Silver Reef The
two mills are running steadily and both
companies are working a full force of
men in the mines and extracting their
regular quota of ore
The Southern Utah Times says of the
shooting of Severance by Orrick at Mil
ford July 1st I was a coldblooded
murder and the longhaired crank should
I have dangled at a ropes end the moment
the deed was perpetrated
Will Clements has returned to Frisco
from his prospecting trip into the f3an
Juan country bringing with him samples
of rich rock showing free gold in large
quantities and has the appearance of
having run into the rock while in a molten
condition A small piece from the sur
face was still richer in gold than any he
had All the rock can be milled there
is no refuse whatever This is believed
to be the best mining country in Colo
The antipolygamy law of July 1st
1862 and every other law against the re
ligion of the Latterday Saints since that
time has been a violation of the treaty
of Guadaloupe Hidalgo with Mexico
There is no way of legally or justly
dodging this point Bearer Utonian
With equal pertinence the Utonian may
I have noticed that there isnt any way of
legally or justly dodging the present
District Courts and there is this differ
ence the action of the courts seem to b
vastly more binding than the treaty of
Guadaloupe Hidalgo The penitentiary
record shows it
Mr A L Williams of Salt Lake City
passed through Silver Reef last Wednes
day week on his return home from a
visit to the Lower Dixie country Mr
Williams is one of the heaviest stock
holders in the Mountain Chief Mining
Company and the occasion of his visit
south was for the purpose of inspecting
the mining property of the company
which is situated about eighteen miles
west of St George in this county He
says that there are now five men at work
on the Red Warrior and WhippoorWill
mines but that the work at the present
time is solely done for the purpose of
prospecting the property He says that
there are hundreds of tons of ore in sight
in the big cave and old workings but
that it is of too low grade to be worked
profitably at present but that the present
indications of striking the regular ledge
and higher grade ore are good
Selling a Coat Through Affection
Helfinstin keeps a clothing store and
the other day a stranger stopped to look
at a coat hanging by the door Ilelfinstin
saw him and rushed out
Dot ish a sphlendid arteegle mine
frent unt so sheep as noddink he said
with a smile
I reckon Ill go inside and take a
look said the stranger
Vat ish your name my frent said
Ilelfinstin taking him by the arm
Wiggins sir Mr Wiggfns of Ken
Ah my tear Mr Viggins I am very
glat to see you inteet My poor brudder
shpoke oaf you yen he vas tying i and
Helfinstin wiped his eyes
tonishment Indeed replied Mr Wiggins in as
Yes Mr Viggins ven Moses vas
trawing his lasht breat he calt me to his
site unt vishpering very low he said
My brudder I am koing avay from del
cloding pizziness forefer unt I haf but
one rekwest to make oaf you i den Moses
kasped vonce or twice unt I put my ear
kwvite close to his bet unt caught dese I
vorts dot rekwvest my brudder ish dot
veq Meester Viggins oaf Kentugky
comes to del sthore you vill sell him
goots at der ferry sheepest brices Dose
vere his lasht vorts Mr Viggins unt ven
I dells you you can haf dot goat at ten
tollar unt sixtyfife cents you vill know I
am selling eet for affection unt not for
money falue Mr Viggins
Wiggins had to take the coat Mer
chant Traveler
Talle I
WHEN Banker Fish arrived in Auburn
prison he asked How many convicts arc
there here You make 946 was the sen
tentious reply of tho official
Ladies Should Use Dr Henleys
Celery Beef and Iron
Arbogasts Celebrated Boston Ice
The finest in the Territory supplied to
families church socials and picnics in I
any quantity Prompt delivery and low
est prices At 48 E First South street xI
F Auerlmch Bro
Call attention to their Merchant Tailor
ing Department I is worth your while
to examine their cloths and prices
They say their Carpet Department offers
special inducements now
I For n FirstClass Lunch
Call at the Fountain Lunch Stand old
I London Bank Building HotLunch from
1 a m to 3 p m The neatest place in
i town D BROBERG Proprietor
JohnTaylor SonNo 43 and 45 Second
South Street have just received a choice
lot of Spring and Summer Woolenswhich
I they offer to make up in firstclass style
at greatly reduced rates
The Salt Lake DEMOCRAT Company
have removed their office to G9 W Sec I
Foundry ond South Street one door east of Eagle
Use Syrup of Prunes
The great California Prune Laxative
Price 75 cts per bottle For Laxat all
COAL OIL and Fluid at Pioneer Lamp
Store 57 E First South Street
Dr Henleys Celery Beef and Iron
cures Neuralgia and Nervous Headache
= Z i
A Glorious Day and a Patriotic
Time Judge Powers Sits JJoirn
Upon an Apostle
Last Saturday the Ogden people tried
their hands at si Grand Fourth of July
Celebration and taken as a whole they
succeeded admirably well The festivi
ties were commenced with gunfiring at
early morn and the regular Fourth of
July procession was made up about 9
oclock a in marching through the prin
cipal streets to the Pavilion in Lester
Park Here somewhere near 6000 peo
ple assembled to hear the exercises of the
day which consisted of songs speeches
and the reading of the Declaration of In
Hon 0 W Powers was the orator of
the day His oration was an able and
eloquent speech full of patriotism and
love of country full of praise for the dead
and the past j full of hope and ambition
for the future of our great nation the peo
ple the resources of the land and the
great institutions spread across the con
tinent from sea to sea Everybody re
garded the effort as coming from a good
man and a true American
Just before the close of the exercises it
became known that Mr Moses Thatcher
an Apostle of the Mormon Church was
in the audience and many desiring that
he would say a few words he was in
vited to make a short address He ac
cepted and after complimenting Judge
Powers for his able oration Mr Thatcher
posted off to old issues He referred
to things so much out of place in a public
celebration that Mormon and Gentile
were unanimous in condemning him for
his want of judgment When he sat
down Judge Powers got up and in a cool
but forcible manner said that the re
marks of Mr Thatcher were out of place
on that occasion no matter what were
his private feelings The gathering was
one of all classes and one in which politics
should find no utterance and that it was
too bad that the enjoyment of the day
should be marred in any such a way
The barbecue was a huge success and
the horseracing and other sports went
off in a most enjoyable manner
About GOO people including the excur
sion from this city visited Ogden from
the surrounding towns and took part in
the festivities and although the whole
affair will be long remembered as one of
the pleasantest days Ogden ever had it
is doubtful i ever again the people will
try to unite and have a general cele
bration as Thatchers speech shows how
impossible it is for the people living in
Utah to harmonize for a single hour and
forget differences of opinion even on
such a day as the national anniversary
You Put Your Flag at Half Mast and
Take Your Choice
b g
I g I
The Territorial Enquirer the 3d inst
has the above cut and which is here
produced in fac similie As the Enquirer
is the chief organ of the Underground
lings it may be significant as showing
that the half mast business was a mere
whim in Salt Lake and arranged by
a few of us
The Home Dramatic in Fettered
There was a very good attendance at
the Theatre the evening of the Fourth to
witness the Home Dramatic Company in
the sensational melodrama Fettered
The play lacked the force and scope nec
essary for the display of any extraordi
nary taient and the company appeared
to far less advantage than in their former
renditions The Bankers Daughter
Pique and the Green Lanes of Eng
land The acting was very good but
lime play made it appear too stiff and for
mal As an amateur company the
Home Dramatic has shown itself capable
of giving fine performances and it is a
matter of regret that something of the
old style had not been attempted The
tional mill scene in the last act was quite sensa
To Silver Men
All parties who are interested in the
silver question are invited to meet the
Utah Mine Protective Association at Bas
kin Van Homes office on July 8th at 4
oclock p IlL on which occasion two
delegates to the National Silver Conven
tion are to be elected for the Territory
Other business will be Terrtor I
W F JAMES Secretary
I expect to change my location from
No G AV Second South street t Main
street the first of
frst August and have
cluded to make Cabinet Photographs un
t that date for 3 per Photogaphs that i
they will be the same as the other gal
leries 7 per dozen All work done by
the instantaneous process and guaranteed
to be the finest in the west
JVX NEW ° MB > Photographer
West of Opera House
Use Syrup of Prunes
For Constipation Price 75 cts per bottle
For sale at 1 Druggists botte
Protect Your
If is the duty of every man rich or
poor who has created a home t make
some provisions against the inevitable
for those who are dependent upon him
and this most desirable result upn be ob
lined by procuring a policy in the Mutual
Life Insurance Company of New York
the oldest active company in America and
the largest life insurance company in the
world Rates etc furnished by Louis
Hyams Agent 55 Main street Hooper
Eldndge Block Salt Lake City
Pioneer Candy Factory
Established in 1871 I am
181 now
pared to furnish all orders at wholesale pre
and retail for my celebrated caramels and I
pure home made candies Orders from
the country solicited Geo Arbogast 48
I E First South street o II
Beer Is Life Itself P I
SALOON will be opened vSr
Beer Liquors and Cigars
Of line grades and we expect to see you there I
Come along and call often Lots of exDeripn
cal ofen experience
and plenty of goods Insure success We will
please yon and strive to hold your patronage
the WShooting premises Gallery Billiards and Pool on
Opposite the Opera House Second South St
< = T
NW ftibAY
I xcursion I to Lake Point I
I Excursion to Lake Point
I On Juy 81h
1 comfort of Excursionists Also there have
been erected about One Hundred New Bath
Houses and the Bathing is splendid and the
I I accommodations firstclass
I Trains ViI leave the City
As follows 840 a m 1 p m and 510 pm
Return at 345 pm 430 p m and 820 pm
Tickets GO Cents Children 25 Cents
Tickets for sale at Dwyers Book Store
I Salt Lake Theatre
Managers Slayton Lyceum Bureau Chicago Q
have the honor to announce
The Great Washington Lawyer and Woman
Suffragist who was nominated for President
of the United States will speak on
Political and Social Life
On Monday Evening
She will tell you what every man wo
man and child ought to know and entertain by
her anecdote eloquence and logic In a man
ner seldom equaled
Lecture commences at 830 oclock
Tickets at D R G Ticket Office and City
Booksellers convertible into Coupon Tickets at
Theater Box Office on day of Lecture
Salt Lake Theatre
Two Joyous Nights
J1y 7h L23ci Sh
Positively the Greatest on Earth
Barlow Wilsons
Mammoth Minstrels I
In an Entirely New Iro rannue
Presenting more Great Talent than any
other Two Companies in America
combined The Funniest of all
Burlesques entitled
Introducing 12 Champion Roller Skaters
DffPrices as Usual Reserved Seats on sale
at Box Office Monday July Cth at 10 oclock
Lindsays Gardens
Picnic Pleasure Parties
Liberal Terms Are Offered to Schools
All Kinds of Refreshments the
Pioneer Fruit Packing House of Dial
Dealer in Foreign and Domestic
Oysters Fish and Game
Nos 44 and 46 First South Street
r Marshals Sale
me directed
by the Third Judicial District
Court of the Territory of Utah I DstrIct
Terriory shall at
Public Sale at the shal
Publc Slle front door of the County
House ConntY
city of Salt
Lake county of Salt Lake and
Sal Lke Territory
of Utah on the 29th da Terrior
Uah day of
oclock m the 2th July 18 at 12
situate in Salt following described property
siuate County
wit Stl La1e Uah Territory to
A portion of Lot Six 6 in Block PIftyseycrs
57 Plat B Slt Lake City Fiyseyel
Cll survey commencing
at thence the northeast corner of said Lot commencing
south twenty 20
rods thence
three and one third 1 rods thence wet
twenty 20
2 rods thence eat three and
third 3 one
rods to tho place of one
taming cn
sixtysix and twothirds 66
ground 6
Togetherwi aU and singular
Togetherwlh the tenoments
herediaments and
belonging or in anywise appertaining thereuno
To be sold as the
property of
Ellis suit of George H Ellis and W G Green Margaret at the S
Philip Steinhart
Phip SteInhar Terms of sale cash
Dated July G 18 IRELN Marshal
Salt Lake Armory
29W Second South Street
Pool Billiards Shooting

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