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att IaJtt ttttptrltfi i
at the Salt Lake City rostofflcc I
Eastern S00 pm 730 ara I
California and West 1100 am 423 pm
Montana and orth 500 pm 730 am
DRGEaht 500 pm 1030 turn
Ogden Utah 1100 am 730 am I
Ogden Utah 800 pm 4225pm
Park City SOO pm 70 turn
Tooele County 400pm 720 lum I
I Alta Utah 1020 nm fi30 am
Bingham Utah 400 pm fi20am I
Southern Utah 050 pm 62t 5 nm
The above is standard mountain time I
JOHN T LYNCH Postmaster I
I Halt Lake City Utah March 22 Itojitmfifn Ifvir I
7 Silver Quotations
1 L i Corrected daiiy by Wells Fargo Col
Silver New York 10o
Silver London 13J4
if ICHI New York per lOOlbt w lH
t Hals Hats Huts
Spring ami Summer Styles now in We
uo Sole Agents for all the fine New York
f Hatters including Tollmans Knoxs
II Silverman and Thomas Townsend Co
London We also carry It complete line
i of John B Stetson Cos Fine Hats
t The Exclusive Hatters
j To the Public I
t tLbcriliera3 to the PJMOCKAT are re
I J upticltully requested to report without
I elay any neglect in delivering or any
I 1 undue lateness in the delivery of the
I taper A postal card on this subject ad
j I t ieased to Tni DKMOCUAT will always
t meet prompt attention I
I The new Gordian knot fifteen an hour I
A strong rally of the Democrats is expected I
in the Ninth ward tonight
The Salt Lake Reds play the Delivers next I
Friday Saturday and Sunday
WelhFargo Co today received one bar
1 il of lh9a Christy Silver neef bullion valued at I
The We Us S Co combination will con II
elude their engagement at the Theatre this I
The ShenrsBrisacher case is made con
spicuous by the way it hangs on from day to <
i day with endless contradictory evidence
1 novo Carrolls reception at the parlors of
the Methodist Home last evening was a
I 1 brilliant and hearty welcome to the newly
appointed pastor
Mr Fuller proprietor of the wellknowi
pleasure gardens offers many amusements
for the patrons of his favorite resort on
Pioneer Day the 24th
A large excursion party of the evermoving
Californians will reach Salt Lake over the
Union Pacific on the 30th and make hotel
keepers and hackmen happy
McCoruick Co today received Queen of
tho Hills ore valued at l300 Crescent ore I
5050 one bar of Stormont 3000 and one
car of Hanauer bullion 3300 total 12850
Shadows of a Great City the successful
mclodrama will be presented at the Salt
Lake Theatre tomorrow night The box
office is now open for the sale of reserved
On Friday evening last a surprise party
was held in Tintic Mr Pat Shea being tho
recipient Everybody enjoyed it and Mr
Sheas genial treatment of his guests made it
quite an event to all present
Through the courtesy of General McCook
the entire hospital service of Fort Douglas
including the ambulances has been placed
at the disposal of the printers tomorrow
Tho killed maimed and wounded will re
ceive the best attention possible
At Washington Square on tho Twenty
fourth a number of bicycle clubs will con
test for tho first place The Stars and
1 Clippers will have a match game of ball
which promises to he interesting as both
clubs have made good showings
Tim Denver S Rio Grande have some large
flyers out which announce greatly reduced
rat es from Ala Bingham points south of
Spanish Fork and from Ogden to Salt Lake
for all desiring to attend tho Pioneer Day
celebration next Friday Tickets are at
about half rate and good until tho 27th inst
I The DKMOCKVT acknowledges with thanks
the gift of a fine roller map from the D I
11 G city ticket office This reference em
braces all the territory through which tho
Rio Grande scenic system extends The
margin contains fine cuts of Marshal Pass
lloyal Gorge Black Canyon and a score of
handsome views along the celebrated road
Our Eureka correspondent Miner writes
that while several men have been discharged
lately there are still about 400 miners em
ployed and the town is lively A mysteri
ous disease has broken out among tho hogs
of that camp and many have died from it
The people think tho disease comes from the
filth of the town and another clean up is
Mr Kendall who took tho part of the
horso doctor while We Us S Co was be
ing presented in New York left the company
at ban Francisco and Mr Thompson was
substituted for him I is said that Mr
Kendall was a thorough comedian and the
life of the play The part is most too light
for Mr Thompson and the company should
try < to get a comedian of ability to take that
important part
Mr A O Smoot of Provo City returned
homo this morning after three days visit
about the capital
< Mrs George Oatman wife of the popular
solicitor of tho D It G and daughter
I Miss Emily loft for a few weeks visit
among friends in Colorado this morning I
Mrs C C IngaUs and daughter Mrs A L
Campbell of Hastings Nebraska will arrive
Friday evening on a visit to Mr Charles I
Ingalfs claim agent of the Denver Rio
Grande in this city
FKBIIAN whoso cures for cholera has
brought him widespread notoriety is a
disciple of Pasteur to whom he gives all
the honor of having suggested his experi
ments Ho said lately The two most I
eminent men who have been given to
humanity are Christ who brought us moral
redemption and Pasteur who has given us
the laws which must lead to our physicial
Dr Henleys Celery Beef and Iron
cures Indigestion and Dyspepsia
4 For Sale
r i A good horse and buggy for sale or ex
p change for city lot Enquire at Sixtl
South 23 E
Is Notice
The annual meeting of Congregation
Bnai Israel will be held at their building
on the first Monday in August at 730 p
m H SIEGEL Secretary
For a fashionable suit of clothes or
I anything else in the tailoring line at
most reasonable prices go and talk to
I H F CbAitK
I Old Herald building
Store to Kent
1 F The Brick Store formerly occupied by
the Salt Lake DKMOCKAT Company oh
1 First South Street For terms apply at
tlus office
i Kcmoval
4 1TIte Salt Lake DKMOCUAT L Company
have removed their l office to GO i W Sec
t ond South Streett door east Of4 Eagle
Indies Should Use Dr Henleys
Celery Beef and Iron
boAVOfL and Fluid fJt rdiMei1 Lamp
Store 57 E First South Street
The Extent of the Ice Cream Trade il
Salt Lake City
What Dealers and Young Jttea Say of
Our CrcamEatiu Belles
Five Thousand Gallons Per Month and
Chieliy Vanilla
With the view of learning the extent of
I the ice cream trade of this city a DEMO
CHAT reporter visited some of the princi
pal ice cream manufactories today and
informed himself in regard to the point
of that trade
The first place the reporter entered W1S
und upon making the necessary in
quiries Mr Arbogast kindly gave him
the essential information His establish
inent sells on an average from 750 to 1000
gallons a month during the months of
June July and August A large shipping
trade has been established from outside
settlements and mining camps and the
city wholesale trade of supplying church
festivals suppers lawn parties weddini
etc is very large The favorite ice cream
is vanilla and the principal part frozen is
of that flavor although orders of lemon
jtrawberry chocolate pineapple pis
ache etc are fled on short notice
Other favorite ices contribute to the
strength of the trade and the amount of
80da0 root beer vichy and the different
kinds of mineral waters used is astonishing
ing Tue facilities for carrying on large
trade are at hand and two wagons are
kept going constantly to fill city orders
On the Fourth the ice cream sales of this
istablifehment were 250 gallons several
large orders having been sent to the lake
ml hun and Park City
In connection with this business Ill
Arbogast has a fine dairy farm at Mill
Creek from which the greater part of his
nilk and cream supply is brought He
also put up 400 tons of City Creek ice i
during the pat winter and being a very
Tactical business man has put in his
time and money here it will do the
most good His candy and confectionery
trade is very large and it is his intention
to build a twostory candy factory behind
the present establishment on First South
street some time this fall Mr Arbogast
upon being asked
For ice cream thought it would reach
somewhere in the neighborhood of nine
pint but would not risk his reputation
for veracity on that statement and kindly
I referred our reporter to the young men of <
the city for the most correct information
on the subject He thought that the
young men could tell better by their
pocketbooks than a business man could
by memory for they have the practical
knowledge from unlimited not speaking
nancially experience
The next place visited was that of
On lam street and to the inquiry of
How is business Mr John Trumb
informed our reporter that they had about
all 1 they could do in the ice cream and
candy trade without increasing their
present large facilities ranilla was the
favorite flavor here and the popular
taste demanded fifty gallons of it to ten
of any other kind The vanilla bean i is
ground and it with the other flavorin
extracts is manufactured by them Their
ice cream trade during the past month
footed up in the neighborhood of 5000
gallons and 180 gallons were sold on tin
Fourth a great deal of which was shipped <
out to fill country orders The principal
trade comes from the young people and
Mr Trumbo scouted at the idea of girls
being able to eat more ice cream than
boys A few years ago the country
Haps would come to town and treat a
crowd on one dish of cream with hal a
dozcn spoons but now they hardly ever
fail to call for large dishes for each mem
ber of the party This firm uses a small
engine to run the freezer and the work
is done with neatness and dispatch The
candy trade is the principal part of their
siness and a heavy outside trade is be
ing built up the wholesale ice cream
trade in its season is also a prominent
feature One hundred dozen popcorn
1alls were sold on the Fourth and they
bake on an aver e about eighty pounds
of cake every day l kinds of fancy
confections ice cream ices mineral
waters and everything that pertains to
the confectionery line is manufactured
by them
Whose place of business is in the Walker
Opera House was also interviewed and
asantly answered all the inquries ad
dressed to her on the subject ice cream
ifectionery and a general restaurant
business in which she is engaged Mrs
Morton has only been in the business for
two months past but in that time has
built up a line trade which is being
steadily inci cased The ice cream sales
of her establishment arc principally retail
and I average in the neighborhood of
twenty gallons a day and the lady has the
finest facilities of any establishment
of he kind in the city to give ice cream
and 1 other suppers to a large party on
short notice Mrs Morton has a candy
maker hired and is building up a fine
candy trade in Montana Idaho and the
lifrereult settlements of Utah
The are many more ice cream estab
lishment in the city but it is only the
intention by the present article to show
the extent of the trade in this favorite
and healty delicacy during the summer
months through the larger and well
lmown establishment
Osceolas Gold Quartz
From J C Benson who returned from
Osceola a few days ago we learn that
eleven tons of gold ore have been put
through the fivestamp mill from Boone
Tilfords claim that went at 94 to the
ton also five tons from the same claim
that went 35 to the ton When he left
work had been commenced on Captain
Akies ore Pat Reavy will also have
some ore worked Eureka Sentinel I
Dr Henleys Celery
Beef and Iron restores Lost Vitality I I
Protect Your Family II I
It is the duty of every man rich or I
poor who has created a home to make I I
I some provisions against the inevitable
for those who are dependent upon him I I I
I and this most desirable result can be ob i
tained by procuring a policy the Mutual
I Life Insurance Company of New York
the oldest active company in America and I
I the largest life insurance company in the
world Rates etc furnished by Louis j
I Hymns Agent 55 Main street Hooper it
Eldridge Block Salt Lake City
I r I
I Arbogiut Celebrated Boston Ice I
i The finest in the Territory supplied to
families church socials and picnics in
any quantity Prompt delivery and low I
est prices At 48 E First South street I
WUKN the wear hungry traveler casts >
about for a place to lay his head he will <
find the best and most satisfactory meal I
and bed at the White House oJ I
t Mf
> i I J
IVuiits to Know If the People of
T7tili are Ecully Democrats
I Sonic Interesting Facts
EDITOR DEMOCRAT A correspondent in i
the Salt Lake Herald of Tuesday over
the signature which heads this brief note
uses the following language regardin
which I desire to make a few brief com
mentsI the Democratic party BO strong that i t
can afford to jeopardize the re representation
of a prospective State and sacrince two Sen
ator and one Representative at the shrine
of an unjust and purely Republican partisan
measure directed exclusively against the re
ligious practices of its citizens
lgou in view of the rapid growth of the
Mormon community and extensive settle
ment in the adjoining Territories will not
several other States be jeopardized as well
as Utah and finally lost to the Democrat
party For whoever absorbs the Mormon
will find them snch a tower of strength as
will assure success every time they enter the
I suggest that the Democratic party iso is i
so stron that it can afford to see that
the laws of the United States are enforced
I in all the States and Territories whether
such laws are enacted by Republicans or
Democrats and in thus enforcing tin
I laws the Democratic party is strong
that it will not stop to inquire what effect
I such enforcement may have upon tin
politital status of any prospective State
The Democratic party is so strong that it i
will not pander to any socalled religious
community even though so extensive
that it may spread over and jeopardize
several other States and Territories and
lose them to the Democratic party
At theP residential election 1848 the
largest body of Mormons who were in a
position to vote lived in the State of Iowa
and their votes were cast in favor of Gen
eral Taylor the Whig candidateevi
deuce of this fact may be found in letters
printed in the Millcnial Star as well as
From the election returns in Iowa
The Democratic party though not re
fusing the honest support of its ticket by
< Mormons does not desire to absorb
them en masse
The Democratic party especially those
who are old and well posted give but
little heed to the implied threat of the
I Democratic Queriest because they are
aware of the past history of the Mormons
when voting at popular elections
To illustrate how Democratic the Mor
mons have been in the past I need
only refer to two occasions
In 1872 when we were trying to gain
admittance for Utah as a State a Consti
tuition was adopted elections were held
all over the Territory which ratified the
Constitution adopted by the Convention
a legislative body elected which assem
bled and elected two United States Sen
ators But were they Democrats Tom
Fitch and George Q Cannon being the
persons elected the reader can form his
own opinion as to the politics of the Sen
At the election the people also elected a
Representative to the lower house of
Congress The person elected was Mr
Frank Fuller a lifelong Republican
Had Congress admitted the Territory as
a State at that time the Democratic vote
gained thereby would have been remark
ably small indeed From the result of
these elections it would seem that in 1872
the Mormons were absorbed by the
Republican party and that in 1848 they
I were absorbed by the Whig party
A Fine Contest of Base Ball Ex
yecteil on the Square To
Printerdom in Salt Lake is greatly agi
I tated over the coining event on the
I diamond which takes place tomorrow
afternoon on Washington Square between
I the Tribune and Herald manipulators of
the movable alphabets The game will
I undoubtedly be the event of the season
as wind practicing has been indulged in
I to an alarming extent during the past
week by the respective nines and their
hosts of admirers I may seem strange <
that a body of printers whose hardest
work from one years end to another
consists in lifting a stick of solid type
should be able to give an exhibition of
physical skill compared with that of the
leading athletes of the country but it is
nevertheless true and those who imagine
for one moment that those connected
with the art preservative are a lot of
consumptives will be paralyzed when
they see the boys disport themselves to
I morrow I has been deemed ad
visable by the managers of the
I respective nines not to have any purse
hung up in this contest A keg of high
beer will be placed on third base and
every time one of the boys gets there he
will be allowed to quench his burning
thirst superinduced by his running the
three bases I is necessary to state that
the Hercules of the Tribune office will
stand guard over third base during the
game and being a St John man he will
see that no man steals a march on him
Should a member of either of the nines
make a home run he will be taken in
hand by his club and taken to a cool spot
to recover his wonted spirits For the
sake of the community at large the
pitcher and catcher of the Tribune nine
will be conveyed to the grounds in a
closed carriage and not sprung upon the
unsuspecting crowd until time is I
jailed It is thought that this
man uver will have a demoralizing
affect on the Herald nine and cause them I
to be rattled at beholding such a display
of physical prowess I was first intend
ed to charge for admission but the cap I
ains of the respective nines arrived at
he conclusion that so seldom has Salt
Lake been treated to a good game that
hey determined everybody should have I
an opportunity of witnessing this the
game of the season Consequently ad
mission will b gratis and a large attend
nce is expected A number of convey
nces will be on the grounds to carry
way the floral offerings which the boys
expect to receive
Use Syrup of Prunes
The great California Prune Laxative
Price 75 cts per bottle For sale at all
= 0
How to Consult Dr Foot Sr by Mail
Dr Foote Senior author of H Plain
Home Talk Medical Common Sense
etc etc would say to those who would
like to consult him by mail that they can
have a list of questions and a circular of
gratuitous advice by addressing Box 414
Salt Lake City The doctor has arranged
to have such information supplied in this
way to save time Receiving such printed
matter the correspondent can describe
his or her case fully and direct it to the
doctor in New York Dr Foote is
successfully treating all forms of chronic
diseases a specialty to which he has de I
voted thirty years of study and practice
Evidences of his success pan also be had
addressing Box 414 as above but all
letters of consultation and orders for
remedies should b addressed to Dr E
5 Foote Sr 120 Lexington Avenue
New York City N Y Consultation free
An advertisement of Dr Foote Sr in
another place deserves attention
Reports Petitions und Privileffcs
I City Taxation Fixed at
Five Mills
The City Council met in regular ses
sion last evening with Mayor Sharp in
the chair
Fortyfive residents of the north bench
presented a petition protesting against
the fouling of the main ditch on Fourth
street with refuse
Z Slum administrator of the Rock
wood rstale asked for a final settlemen
for damages to the property by the Salt
Lake aud Jordan Canal Referred to
Parley P Pratt confined in the peni
tentiary sent in a petition asking for 10
for the damage done his buggy by his
horse falling through a culvert Referred
to Claim Committee
J E Butler and A S Gray were
allowed the privilege to place building
material in front of their residendes
G T Parrott claimed to be poor and
feeble and unable to pay his 2 city tax
which he desired remitted Laid over
H J Worthington was granted permis
sion to run a fruit stand between the Des
eret Bank and Central Office on Main
street free of license
Frank May and the California Wine
Company were granted retail liquor li
The Finance Committee reported the
Auditors accounts correct for approval
The Finance Committee also stated
that they had examined the assessment
roll of the Assessor and Collector and
recommend that the rate of taxation be
five mills on the dollar which amounts
to two mills for the contingent expenses
of the city two mills to open the streets
and keep them in repair and one mill to
be expended on the water supply I
was also recommended by the committee
that the Council hold asession as a Board
of Equalization on Tuesday August 18th
The salary of he Collector was fixed at
2000 Report adopted
The Committee examining the Water
maters reports pronounced them cor
rect and they were accordingly ap
The Committee who had considered
lie petitions of G B Lewis and Mrs
Sllen Engberg asking for free licenses referred
ferred the matter
The Public Grounds Committee report
ed adversely on the petition of John W
3nell to purchase a strip of ground by the
Hot Springs The report was adopted
The Salt Lake Gas Company tendered
its bill which showed a balance of 1
581 in favor of the company after de
ducting the dividends on the city stock
Jill referred to Improvement Committee
made follows
Appropriations were as folows
To FW Taylor as assistant in Assessor
and Collectors office 50 Walker Bros
50 j firemens shirts 13750 j three
months ground rent for the Wasatch en
gine house 28
Utah Countys P P Convention
At the Utah County Convention of the
Peoples Party held at Provo last Satur
day Bishop Vl1 Bromley of American
Fork was elected Chairman and John
C Graham Secretary John Woodhouse
Chaplain and John W Turner Sergeant
A delegation of thirtysix presented
credentials and the Convention proceed
ed to the nominations iii order
A D Holdaway was nominated and
unanimously elected for Selectman
James E Daniels for County Recorder
and George H Brimhall for Superinten
dent of Common Schools were the unan
imous choice by vote
W H Dusenberry as Chairman and I
J C Graham as Secretary for the Central
Committee of the Peoples Party of Utah
county were duly chosen
The convention resolved itself into a
district body including Juab county with
that of Utah Hon Joel Grover was
made Councilor to the Legislative Assem
bly by the desire and recommendation
of the chairman of the Juab division
Jonathan L Page was voted Councilor
William Creer Samuel R Thurman
T J McCullough and W C A Smoot
Jr were voted representatives Mr
Smoot succeeds Wilson N Dusenberry
whcydeclined the nomination
Pioneer Day Celebration
In commemoration of the Pioneers of
the 24th of July 1847 the following pro
gramme will be carried out in the Big
Tabernacle next Friday
SongFor the Strength of the Hills We
Bless Thee by the Sunday school children
Opening prayer
SongBeautifal Day by the children
Music by the Sixth Ward Silver band
Sunday school address
Song and Chorus The Pioneers
Chorus by the children
Music by the combined harmonica bands
Song Sowing by the children
Duet Mrs Anpes Olsen Thomas and
Mrs Nellie Drnce Pugsley
Mr Nele Drce Pugsey
Music by the Union Bras Band
Music by the harmonica bands
Quartet and Chorus The Children are
Praying for Me Quartet Club chorus by
the children
Organ Solo Prof Jos S Daynes
Song and Chorus Hope of Israel by
the Benediction children
Camping Out in Idaho
A party of Salt Lake business men ac
companied bv their families took the
Union Pacific for Novinc Idaho this
morning The company consists of
Messrs lr H Walker J Barnett C
Reed E R Clute John Cunnington M
B Sowels and their friends They will
be gone a few weeks on pleasure iii the
Use Syrup of Prunes
For Constipation Price 75 cts per bottle
For sale at all Druggists 1
I expect to change my location from
No 64 W Second South street to Main
II street the first of August and have con
cluded to make Cabinet Photographs un
I til that date for 3 per dozen After that
they will be the same as the other gal
leries 7 er dozen All work done by
the instantaneous process and guaranteed
to be the finest in the west i
I M W NEWCOMB Photographer
West of Opera House
F Aiierhach 8 Bro
Call attention to their Merchant Tailor
ing Department It is worth your while
I to examine their cloths and prices
They say their Carpet Department offers
special inducements just now
Pioneer Candy Factory
Established in 1871 I am now pre
pared to furnish all orders at wholesale
and retail for my celebrated caramels and
pure home made candies Orders from
the country solicited Geo Arbogast 48
K First South street
Wanted I
Clean cotton rags at the DEMOCRAT office
One of thc l cnlbers Kicks Against
County Officers Being Delegates
to the County Convention
The regular cutanddried programm <
of the Peoples party primary meetings
at Provo has not been endorsed so unani
mously in the present campaign as ha
generally been the rule in the past Tin
following letter to the Enquirer from lIr
W D Robert explains itself
Editor Enquirer Your reporter i his
report of the proceedings of the primary
meeting held at the CourtHouse on Tuesday
evening last made statements that are cal
culated to mislead the public as to the facts
as set forth in the resolution referred to I
the resolution had been published in full
there would have been no necessity for a re
ply He stated that the resolution advo
cated free schools and other institutions of
learning leaving out the modifying clause
so far as practicable H report also
stated that I evidently was not prepared to
back up my position with facts and figures
on the assertion that there had been an in
crease of salaries for different officers to a
extent exceeding a reasonable compensation
for the services performed
The resolution did not say so but did say
that for several years past the tendency had
been to an increase of salaries etc
Now Mr Editor while I do not wish to
engage in a newspaper controversy with the
Enquirer on ou county officials nor do I
wish to do anything that will have a ten
dency to bring division in the ranks of
the Peoples party yet I am prepared to
verify every allegation set forth in the pre
amble of the resolution presented by me by
god and substantial proof when
ever our county officials demand
it besides if our county officers
who were present had had the modesty
or good taste to have refrained from voting
and left the question of adopting the resolution
lution to the taxpayers present who were
not officeholders nor officeseekers the reso
ution would have carried but all the county
officers present but one voted against the
adoption of the resolution and that one
spoke against it and it was lost by one vote
only With the best of feeling towards the
delegation from this precinct I must say that
I consider it is bad taste to send out of five
delegates four county officers as dele
gates to a county convention to place men
in nomination for county officers or any
other public office And the actions of some
of our delegates to the County Convention on
last Saturday justifies my position I it
possible that the Peoples Party has so little
ability outside of the present incumbents m
office that we cant help ourselves I think
not and without an exception the taxpayers
with whom I have conversed agree with me
Provo July 20 1885
Mining Around Pio lle
A correspondent writing from the once
famous camp of Pioche says In min
ing circles there is more being done than
the outside has any idea of considerable
ore is being shipped daily to Salt Lake
Citv Besides a number of leachers are
running through screenings and they
all appear to be making wages judg
ing from the number small bullion bars
that are being shipped off by them
Screening over old dumps and stopes
seems to be the chief industry here at
present The McFadden mill at the lower
end of the town keeps working regularly
running through screenings as low as 15
per ton and appears to make a success of it
managing to pay their bills and keep
even They employ about 5 men The
Bullionville Smelting Company have let
a contract to run a tunnel 40 feet into the
Raymond Ely dump I understand
that they have purchased the entire
dump and should it pay they intend to
screen and leach i
Last week Messrs Eisenmann Godbe
and Keeley went on an exploring expedi
tion into the lower levels of the Raymond
Ely their object being to obtain a
glimpse of the famous black ledge that
you have heard so much about and
which were it not for the rebellious char
acter of the ore would set Pioche boom
ing The gentlemen above mentioned
waded up to their waists in water but as
the water became deeper they gave up
the expedition without viewing the ledge
but intend to take another trip down at
an early day and should the prospect
please Mr Godbe Pioche may yet take
tier place in the rank of bullion producers
Shadows of a Great City
This great melodrama is to be presented
at the Salt Lake Theatre for three nights
and matinee beginning tomorrow night
by the famed Baldwin Theatre Company
of San Francisco headed by the well
known and popular actors Lewis Morri
son George Osbourne and L R Stock I
well The old Salt Lake favorite Miss
Annie Adams is also a member of the
company which is one of the strongest
combinations on the road All the orig
inal scenery will be brought this city
and with the novel mechanical effects in
troduced will no doubt create a sensation
The drama is from the pens of the well
known authors L R Shewell and Jos
Jefferson and is one of the strongest
melodramas yet given I is full of the
sunshine of comedy and strong situa
The Railroad to Take the Benefit I
There is a rumor current in this city
says the Hailey Times to the effect that
rates of freight on ores and bullion from
Wood River will soon be raised especially I
if lead continues to enhance in price
The fear is probably father to the rumor I
and it is based on the wellknown policy
of railways to fix the freight rates at all
that the traffic will bear
I Entries For the Coming Races
The following entries have been made
for the races on the TwentyFourth at
the grounds of the Utah Driving Park
Association 3minute class Caddy b
m entered by E D Neff Oregon Short
Line b g entered by J H C Glanfield
TTi blk g entered by J M Fallen
In the 234 class
I Jack Gamble b g
entered by S C Ewing Birdseye g m
entered by J C C Glanfield Green
back g g entered byE 0 Connor
Dr Henleys Celery Beef and Iron
cures Neuralgia and Nervous Headache
Salt Lake City Brewing Company
President VicePresident
We are now prepared to receive orders
BEER Special inducements given to pur
chasers of carload lots
Having given our careful attention to i
the selection of the finest material for the
manufacture ot beer after the Budweiser I
process we are in a situation to place be I
fore the public an article superior to any 11 I
hitherto offered in thi market
Orders by telephone promptly attended I I
Frank May
Has opened the Elk Saloon on the cor j i
ner opposite the Theatre and specially i
invites country people and those who
wish firstclass liquors to give him a call I
Pleasant and uniform
treatment is guar
anteed to all his customers
J ° nTaylor SonNo 43 and Second I i
south Street have just received a choice i l
lot of Spring and Summer Woolens which
they offer to make up in firstclass style I
at greatly reduced rates I
Great Reduction in Livery I i I
At Mark McKimmins Livery Stable I I
ISait lake Theaire
JJLIY 2 2nd
And Their
Company of Comedians
Illustrating the Very Latest
We Us Co
Constructed for Laughing Purposes
No extra charge for Reservcd Seats
Oilice open Saturday at 10 a m
Salt lake Theatre
T Three Nights and Saturday Matinee
Thursday July 23 1885
Of San Francisco
In the greatest of Melodramas by Jefferson
Shewell and Jefferson replete with
comedy in five acts the
With Mr Lewis Morrison Mr George Osbourne
and Mr L R Stockwell in their original
creations with special machinery and
The Great Revolving Prison Scene showing
the Panorama of the East River
Reserved seats on sale Tuesday July 21st
Fullers Hill
LTLa Y 94tha
BESIDES resort on Pioneer Day there
will be a variety of Ourdoor Sports and
Japanese Bay Fireworks
First ever brought to Utah These will be let
off in the afternoon with a DOZEN BAL
LOONS and Fireworks in the evening
LWc always do all we say
Fine Hatters
New Goods Arriving Daily
Solo Agents
210 S ITTain Street opp Sosto ficc
Pioneer Fruit Packing House of Utah
I Dealer in Foreign and Domestic
Oysters Fish and Game
Nos 44 and 46 First South Street
Stationers Booksellers I
Order your Goods of us by Mail or Telephone
or call at our store by the Postoffice
on Main Street
i Subscriptions taken for any Periodieal
In the World
C H Parsons Co
Heesch Ellerbeck i
Sole agents for the EXETER HEATR the I
most economical and reliable heater in Use I
Water Pipes laid on short notice I
19 East First South Street SALT LAKE cITY I
71120 11110 flATtEn mnaybofoundonfilo hI6cosNewprAa at 0cc II
8 Cs
ertIsing Bureau 10 Spruce st her advertialnR
contracts may be umado for it l NEW YORK
141 to 149 Main Street and 78 IT
Second South Street
Sa Iae Ciy
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
E = c Eo
Walnut Mahogany Ash and Maple
General Upholstery
Parlor Goods Fine Chairs
Mirrors Mouldings
Shades Curtains
arr1att Bros
Patent Combination Parlor Suits
EP vtoEst na11r sscs
We carry a Large Stock of
Feathers Hair Shucks
We make and handle
We propose to make
Prices to Suit the Times
We Pack Goods to Insure Safety
and Avoid Weight
Cal or Write for Prices
Dr FOOTE 1 Senior
Of 120 Lexington Avenue New York
Hereby cautious the public NOT to
Employ or Communicate with a
Dan styling himself Dr Foot Jri
without making due inquiry
hiSi man came to Sal Lake city representing
himself as the son of Dr E B FOOTE ol New
York the well known specialist a abundantly
proved by affidavits As rumors came into Salv
Lake City from Dakota and Montana from an
expose made there he changed his base and
represented himself as the son of a more noted
specialist in New York
specialst City than Dr E li
FOOTE the TOll known author Mr JOHN R
now of the well known Trows Directory in
New York City forty years in tho directory
business ExGovernor FlUNK FULLER of Utah
and the lion ABRAJI WAKEJUN lor many years
Postmaster in New York City also Surveyor of
the Port avetheir
gave affidavits that there are no
other doctors in New York by the name of Poor
or FOOT1 excepting Dr E B FOOTE the author
of Medical Common Sense etc and his two
Ions Dr E B FOOTE Jr and 1 Dr HUBERT T
FOOTE The genuine Dr FOE Jr will here
after always employ the initials E B In desig
nating his name Heretofore he has been
known not only at home but wherever his pub
lications have been circulated by the name of
Dr FOOTE Jr Greater care will be taken here
after in view of the fact that an unprincipled
person has assumed to profit by his and his
fathers reputation
Those desiring further and more detailed in
formation in respect to this matter will receive
it by addressing Box 414 Salt Lake City Utah
I Persons having formation of advantage to
plaintiffs will kindly communicate the same to
J W lvey Wh Sutherland J McBride Salt
I Jake City Sal
Those desiring to consult DR FOOTE profe
eithery or tO order remedIes should address
120 JLcxiiigrtoii Ave New York
Consultation Free in person or by letter
r1 lL
ii LLmcIN
i t wArcrc
I UI k <
ry L
148 Main street Sal Lake City
142 MAIN STm
You can find the largest assortment ot
Gold Silver Watches
And everything needed f that Una aVery
Very Ijcwot 2E ri cos

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