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11 I
1 alt lakt ItUuttnt
at the Salt Lake City Postofflrp
Eastern r 80 pm 73 am
N Calforia and West 1 am 42 pm
Montana and North 80 pm 70 am
IRGEnst 50 pm 1O3Oam
OgdenUtah 11OOtLIfl 73Oam
Uah 10 am am
P Ogden Utah 800pm 42pm
Park City 50 pm 730 am
f loocle County 400 pm 72 am
Uta Utah 1020 am 630 am
1n Uah
1ngham Utah 400pm 620nm
nnt1iern Utah 650pm 620 am
outher Uah 65pm
I 1Mie ahoe is standard mountain time
JOHN T LYNCH Postmaster
Salt Lake City Utah March 221835
Silver Quotations
I Corrected daisy by Veils Fargo Col
Silver New York LO < i
Silver London j8 J
avcr Lndon
I riiio fffnts Fine Ifl Jits f
Ve will show tomorrow morning Aug
ust 15th Fall and Winter Styles of You
maufl Celebrated Hats 1 colorsthe
lightest fjnefct and most fashionable
I hats worn the leader of fashion in New
York States and same in all cities in the United
Ii fie Exclusive Haters Sole Agenls
j Two miners had a knockdown opposite
the Upera House last night
Joseph Johnson 1 soldier arrested for
a drunkenness was turned over to the military
r I today
4 The Presbyterian teachers in session at
I Loan will take an excursion up the canyon
h on Saturday
r Walter Matthews imbibed oo freely of the
flowing bowl and anted up 5 towards
city expenses today
James Watson was down from the Palace
on the hill yesterday afternoon looking
well but sunburnt from herding turkeys
A juvenile performance of Pinafore is
I to be given at the Provo Theatre That town
should be quarantined until the epidemic is
over1he employes of Mr Toasdel tho Main
street merchant returned from a pleasant
time at Calders last night as the clock
struck 12
Grics Hawthorne an emotional actress to
Western fame unknown but highly spoken
r of by the Eastern press will play in Salt
I Lake this month
I Y Galnad Duveddaf at Fullers Hill to
day For the benefit of the uneducated
public the DEMOCBAT linguist will explain
that it is a Welsh picnic
Tomorrow the Methodist Sunday school
will have an enjoyable excursion to the
Lake All their friends are invited to be
present and have a good time
Not a single doctor was to be seen on Main
street yesterday for half an hour Ono of
the msatoal men explained it by saying that
the melon season had just arrived
Mr P M Elliott of Thistle recently pre
Hentsd Mr S P Teasdel of Salt Lake with
a sample of Utah marble in the shape of a
miniature monument Provo Enquirer
Mr J C Lynch of Pioche Nov says the
Record is having sacked for shipment five
carloads of KinqfisLer ore for the purpose
of having i thoroughly tested in Salt Lake
The annual Welsh reunion takes placa to
day at Pullers Hill Many of the fratern
ity are hero to attend from adjoining settle
moats and a right jovial time is anticipated
S Benjamin under arrest on the charge of
embezzlement had his case continued until
tomorrow morning at 10 oclock and was
released from custody upon furnishing fifty
dollar bonds
Hebe West captain of the Salt LnkovSeds
challenges Captain Sam Browning 01 tho
Ogden Athletics for a match game of base
ball for a 5J purse at Washington Square
in this city August 28th
Peter Kasmussen for taking his hors from
Mrs Williams after it had strayed into her
premises without paying damages was iud
guilty of u misdemeanor and lined S 7r 0 in
tho Police court this morning
It J McPheo writes tho Hailey Ttinci from
the New Alton district in Idaho I never
Haw BO much good ore on croppings in any
placo as here On Logan Mountain there
must bo at least fcr 0000 worth in sight
I is reported that the Molecular Tele
phone Companys instruments at Ogden will
be taken out the 1st of next month Fur
ther operations of tho company will await the
decision Court of their contest by the Supreme I
At 230 this afternoon Mr Dooley resi
dence next to that of H B Clawson on
Brigham street caught on fire through some
defect in tho chimney and the roof was
about destroyed The firemen noon hod it
under control
From a communication elsewhere i will
be seen that the saloon men now gaze upon
the innocent soda fountain with the keen
eye of comp titvo suspicion and the drug
stores that are in the habit of handing over
soda with a stick in j had better look a
little out
Them seems to be a degree of indifference
on the part of citizens whether or not the
weeds are cut down along tho walks in front
of their promises or tho ditches and streets
kept in order Of course the city will look
to such work in time but many an enterpris
ing man would lend a hand to improving his
own place rather than wait nil summer for
General McCook marched the greater part
of his command from tho Fort down to tho
Park last night when they went through
the manual of arms und various military
evolutions such as marching and counter
marching I was a pleasant sight but we
hope the next time the General comes down
that he will bring the band Tho presence
of Policeman Andrew Smith was sufficient
to maintain order among the corps I
Mr Tom Keogh tho cattleman is in the
Mr E Dickinson assistant general super
intendent of tho Union Pacific is in the
Col E P Ferry and children came down
from Park City last evening and are at tho
S Hays Esq a merchant of Bullion
Idaho and formerly an old Binghamite
came down from the North yesterday
Hon D C McLaughlin tho dulyelected
candidate of Summit county for the Terri
torial Legislature came in from Park City
last evening and is domiciled at tho Conti
Jndgo Rivos and family expect to leave
either on Tuesday or Wednesday They
will go to Salt Lake thence they will pro
ceed on a hunting excursion to Wyoming I
Territory Pioche Record l > Ut
Mr James Cronan a wellknown mining
man of the southern country and at present I I
operating in El Dorado canyon Lincoln 1 j I
county Nevada arrived in town this morn
ing from San Francisco and after inter I
viewing his old friends here will pursue his j
homeward trip tomorrow
1 Admiral J i J Baird commander of the
English manofwar triumph is expect 1
ed to arrive in Salt Lake this evenniug and
I remain over until tomorrow The distin
guished gentleman i accompanied by two
personal friends and his object in stopping
ifl to learn more of our famous city We
trust that our citizens will give him a hearty
reception He has engaged a drawingroom
for himself and party over the scenic line
Use Syrup of Prunes
FoY l Constipation Price 75 cts per bottle
For sale at all Druggists i
1 j I
TiiB < > rtFani6us Cigar is kno3vjibyfa6n1 I
JoiR erR to be the best in the city41 4 j i
I o
j Alleged Fraud In the Park City Pro
duct hut no Specific Charges I
No Evidence as Vet to Show Thai Mc j 1 I I
Ii Laughlin Is Not Entitled to j I
His Seat IIi I i
I And the Canvassing Board Declare the I
Ii Kesnlr According to the Returns
I This morning at 10 oclock the Commis
sion in conjunction with the regularly ap
pointed Canvassing Board of the recent
election met in the rooms of the Utah
Commission to complete the canvass of I
returns Secretary Thomas announced I
the body ready for business and Chair
man Alexander Ramsey arose and an
nounced that the Board had reached the
I county of Summit which would be pro
I ceeded with and i there ras anything
I to be said let i be known
Judge Kirkpatrick attorney for the
Peoples party said Gentlemen I do
not know the exact process to be followed
in this matter of contest of the Park City
precinct election
Mr W W Riter sugiested that the re
turns be deferred for the present
Mr John l1 Young moved that the
Board proceed with the canvass of re
turns from Summit county in regular
order as done with other counties Car
Mr Kirkpatnck Mr Chairman and
Gentlemen of the Board I suppose the
proper time has arrived when the con
test of the Peoples party should be pre
sented This Canvassing Board was ap
pointed by the Commission and some of
these men claim they have no jurisdiction
Mr Godfrey We canvass votes for the
members of Council and House
Mr Ramsey It might now be said
that we canvass by direct authority of the
Edmunds act and independently of other
Mr Kirkpatfick stated that the people
of Summit county ask that a time be
lixed within live days for an investigation
of the county election returns by the
Board I may De said that there is no
charge of fraud made in this communi
cation But gentlemen I dont think
this Janvassing Board will refuse to thor
oughly investigate this matter laid before
you by reliable persons This subject is
interesting and very important and we
would like an order issued for the ballot
boxes lists and witnesses connected with
a lair investigation of this general charge
which I think is disenable and just to
allow the people asking it
Mr McBride for the Liberal party ad
dressed the Chair and Members of the
Board and said I am hardly able to
instruct the Commission and this duly
authorized Board of what their duties are
to be in this matter yet I think I appre
hend the obligations of the Commission
under the law existing in this Territory
which I believe will be carried out By
the Edmunds Act the Board as it exists
has the power to investigate the results
in question There seems to he nothing
in tile returns upon which this Board can
base an investigation unless it bo the
eligibility of the parties elected
Mr Eldredge How would you investigate
gate the matter
Mr McBrideThere are provisions in
the Courts under the statutes for such an
investigation outside the face of the re
turns I imagine that no grounds exist
for a protest of fraud here 1 fail to see
see that there is any discrimination or
evidence of irregularity upon the face of
these returns to show that fraud has been
committed or that Mr McLaughlin is not
eligible to the oifice for which he received
the majority vote
Mr Arthur Brown Honorable Chair
man and Gentlemen of the Board This is
a wonderfully singular suggestion of Mr
Kirkpatricks that this board should go
through with all the ballots cast in elec
tion as requested by Mr Eldredge They
strangely ask that you go over these poll
lists to see if there isnt some technicality
or shadow of a reason fora new regulating
law The inspectors of election arc final
and continued judges of the same They
were annointed for the oxnress nurnoE
t receive the ballots place them ill
boxes and seal them up sacredly fQr a
period of time Thib has been done
What is i there to recanvass this vote
for There is no reason for such
work and not a shadow of franc
exists to warrant such procedure Why
did not the protesters charge one case of
fraud even in the complaint as a ground
work for such an investigation I Mr
Eldredge or any proper person will cor
rectly tile a contest and try it from cause
before a tribunal the Commission Courts I
or Legislature some shadow of a charge
may be presented
Mr Kirkpatrick This controversy
seems to be resolving itself into the ques
tion whether or not we can go behind
the returns The people of an election
must not take the returns of such without
any power to investigate a charge of
fraud Here the statutes were read giv
ing power to ascertain fraud in elections
Is this the Canvassing Board referred to
and are you powerless to canvass the re
turns of an election and throw out the
fraudulent votes charged in a protest
In Utah a man holds an office by power
of his certificate only which comes from
this Board of Commissioners Gentle
men I say to you that here is an im
portant charge against the election in
one of the most prominent counties of
I the Territory and it should be investi
gated by the Commission behind the Re
turning Board
Chairman RamseyIn order that this
matter may be henceforth understood we
would say that the ballot boxes have bean
ordered retained That sealed ballot box
is sacred and neither this Board nor any
body short of the County Court first met
I has any right to open it in such a cause
The foundation for an investigation must
I be shown upon the face of the returns
This provision of the Edmunds law is
I ample to protect the rights of all The
I Legislative body have authority to in
I vestigate a charge of fraud in elections
i Mr W W liter asked that Mr Alma
I Eldredge make a statement of his
i thoughts in the matter which the gentle i
I man did as follows
In commencing I wish to say in re
gard to the Chairman of this Board that
there 5ssoine misunderstandinc pertain
I ing to the putting of Summit county into I
precincts I presume YOU remember a
year ago we asked the segregation of the I
county and you replied that in case of
any question of invalid votes you would I
give it your personal attention Ve felt i
confident that your honorable body meant I
nothing but honesty and that you would
give all frauds your promised attention j
Now wo come before you with our re
quests for an investigation of the fraudu
lent votes complained of This is all I
have to say
Durng the interesting session 11
McLaughlin memberelect to the Legis I
lature in company with E P Ferry i
and S M Cohen sat by and watched the j
proceedings with apparent interest
The vote of the county was summed I
up and the chairman of the Commission I
read the results of the candidates for the
Legislature while the Canvassing Board II
announced those of count officers
> > < C >
THE nEST i f
Member of the Council
Samuel Francis S9C
Martin Carroll 1 958 I
farin Carl 95
Member of the Home i
Ward 11 Pack 895
David G J McLaughlin W
Comraicoioners of University Lands
F A Mitchell 393
Charles W Stayner 393
J M Waddell 3
County Surveyor
OC Lockhart 977
Robert Salmon 89j
Superintendent of County Schools
E i H Rhcad 898
AL Seward 97 2
John Pack 884
F N Hoyt 977
Scattering votes 1
John M Malin 108
An adjournment was made until 2
oclock this afternoon at which hour a
full attendance was present Mr P H
Lannaii moved that the results of the
Summit county election should be de
clared according to the returns Sec
onded by J r Young
Secretary Thomas put the motion
which was unanimously carried
The following protest was sent by Mr
Kldredge to the member of the Utah
Commission on the 12th inst
To the Honorable Alexander Ramsey Presi
dent of the Utah Commission and Member
Gentlemen The undersigned would re
spectfully submit the following for your con
First That Park City Precinct constitute
a part of Summit County in the Territory
of Utah and that your honorable body did
establish four election polls therein for the
convenience of the electors of said precinct
on August 3d 1885
Second That the full registration list of
aid precinct was used at each of these elec
tion polls during the election on August 3d
1885 thus affording great facilities to repeat
ThirdThat the registration officer of
said precinct failed to eliminate from the
registration lists the name of all
registraton lsts al persons
who have died or removed therefrom as
provided by law and that said registration
officer did register transient persons on or
about the day of prRons 1885
which circumstances made it possible for
transient persons to vote and other persons
to vote in the names of the dead and re
Fourth It i asserted on good authority
that parties interesting themselves in thO
election hi said precinct did solicit
i sid precict dd solcit persons
to vote in the names of absentees
Fifth That the Peoples supervisors of
election did detect an individual attempting
to vote in the name of a absent person
SixthThat tho judges of election at Poll
No1 did count in favor of a candidate re
gardless of his name being scratched and
under protest of the Peoples supervisor
SeventhThat in some instances the
names of parties who were known to belong
to the Peoples party were dropped from the
registration list and when they appeared at
the polls were refused tho privilege of voting
while persons similarly circumstanced but
members of the opposite party were allowed
to cast their vote
Therefore in consideration of the fore
going reasons the Peoples County Central
Committee in the interest of good govern
ment in justice to all parties concerned and
for the purpose of protecting inviolate the
elective franchise respectfully requests that
your Honorable body have brought before
you the ballot boxes containing the ballots
the lists made by the judges of election arid
the books containing the registrars list
which were used and received the word
voted at the several election polls in the
said precinct And that you examine
and compare said ballot lists and
books with I view to determine
I us to what extent fraud has been
practiced in consequence of evil designing
persons and of the extended facilities af
forded for fraud And that you grant the
privilege to said committee to have a ropre
sentative present at said examination
With sentiments of profound respect we
await your answer
Yours in the interest of good governmeni
of Chairman Summit County of Peoples Central Committee
CoAiviMii August 121885
Couldnt Monkey ivilh That Horse
A few days ago says the Logan Journal
when some members of the Salt Lake
Bicycle Club were going along one of our
principal thoroughfares a team ted near
by got frightened and jumped around
considerably The owner of the team
asked one of the bicyclers to come close
t the horses so they would get used to
the sight of the wheels The bicycle
ridor did so when one of tho horses
kicked at him breaking the wheel and
knocking him over on the ground lie
picked himself up looked at his injured
wheel sorrowfully and determined never
to do a favor again The owner of the
team was identified with a runaway which
was caused by the bicycles last Thursday
Dr Henleys Celery Beef and Iron
cures Debility and Loss of Appetite
S IKE the Celebrated Famous Cigar
manufactured by Sam Levy I
A Booths Extra Select Oysters I
At Smiths S east First South S1 f I
Referee Saloon I
Baso Ball Headquarters The cele
brated Salt lake City Brewery Beer on
tap Finest brands of liquors and Cigars
COXDIE WEST Proprietors
I AM authorized and requested to pur
chase one hundred copies of the JDescrct
Xcws of the issues of July 6th and 7th
1885 I will pay a liberal price for them
atm ollice room 12 Commerce Build
ing 76 W Second South street
Pioneer Candy Factory
Established in 1871 I am now pre
pared to furnish all orders at wholesale
and retail for my celebrated caramels and
pure home made candies Orders from
the country solicited Geo Arbogast 48
E First South street
How to Consult lrFootcSr by Mail
Dr Foote Senior author of Plain
Home Talk Medical Common Sense
etc etc would say to those who would
like to consult him by mail that they can
have a list of questions and a circular of
gratuitous advice by addressing Box 414
Salt Lake City The doctor has arranged
to have such information supplied in this
way to save time Receiving such printed
mater the correspondent can describe
his or her case fully and direct it to the
doctor in New York Dr Foote is
successfully treating all forms of chronic
diseases a specialty to which he has de
voted thirty years of study and practice
Evidences of his success can also be had
addressing Box 414 as above but all
otters of consultation and orders for
remedies should bo addressed to Dr E
B Foote Sr 120 Lexington Avenue
New York City l > Y Consultation free
An advertisement of Dr Footo Sr in
another place deserves attention I I
Salt Lake City Brewing Company
President VicePresident
We are now prepared to receive orders
BEER Special inducements given to pur1
chasers of carload lots
Having given our careful attention to
the selection of the finest material for the i i
manufacture of beer after the Budweiser j i
process we arc in a situation to place be
fore the public an article superior to any I
hitherto offered in this market I
Orders by telephone promptly attended I
FOR a good smoke try the Famous I
Cigar for sale b Sam Levy
i > < 2
A Fire last Night Displays the Weak
I ness of the Ogden Fire Laddies
I Strong Hands and Willing Hearts but
a Plentiful Lack of Water
Mrs Negus Letter and Its Gratu
itous Insult to the Ogden Girls
Correspondence DKMOCKAT
Ogden has already had enough excite
ment and sensation for one week and
only half of the week gone What start
ling events will complete the list before
Sunday morning cant be foreshadowed
but most likely something unusual will
happen if only to make good the old say
ing it never tr but it pours
Shortly aui 3 oclock this morning the
alarai bells auakeued people from their
quiet slumbers The engine whistles at
tire depot took up the alarm and made
the valley fairly echo with their fearful
shrieks of distress The ponderous clam
our of the bells and the hideous outbursts
of the whistles were enough to make the
people think the world had caught on fire
in fulfillment of the prophets prediction
of the great day of burning
Springing from his luxurious couch the
DEMOCRAT reporter saw from the open I
window of his room lurid flames leaping
high above the dome of the Court House
iust east of where n eonflnerration had
broken out and hastily dressing he hur i
riedly made his way to
The fire brigade arrived at the same time
notwithstanding the companies had to
lug their carts up a steep and sandy bill
for a distance of half a mile The fire
originated in a private dwelling house
which fortunately was unoccupied The
flames had spread all over the building
inside find out and had the wind been
blowing a gale as it did every previous
night this week the means at hand would
have been powerless to have saved the
house in the adjoining lot on the west
and it is not unlikely that several other
buildings stables sheds and perhaps
other houses would have been destroyed
The firemen worked as hard and intel
ligently as they could and finally suc
ceeded in quenching the flames but it i
took them a long while though no fault
of theirs I would be unjust to expect
the men to do more with the insignificant
apparatus they are provided with One
small stream was all they could turn on
the fire and it seemed almost a farce to
see a crowd of big strong men trying to
water subdue a big fire with such a stream of
I J fire broke out among the business
buildings of the city the brigade would
be absolutely powerless to save the town
from ashes The fire department of Salt
Lake is deplorable enough but God help
Ogdenfor the fire department couldnt
i the town was so unfortunate as to
catch on fire
Mr William Clark 1 poor hardwork
ing man is the owner of the house where
the fire was The fire caught in a frame
kitchen atttached to the rear of a brick
front the roof petitions floors windows
and doors of which were completely con
sumed as were also the frame rooms be
hind The place was insured for 1000
but the damage done will amount to
nearly if not quite 2000 It is doubt
ful if i the insurance will be paid as the
house had been empty for some time and
the insurance company had not been
notified t A1 The origin of the fire 18 i a niys
Yesterday the chief topic of discussion
on the streets was
And the meeting reported in iast nights
DEMOCRAT The local papers condemned
the meeting and the speakers and the
sentiment of the business men and intel
ligent part of the community look upon
the affair as a farce having done great
deal more harm than good for the cause
for which it was instigated The Knights
of Labor absolve themselves from all re
sponsibility of the meeting and the sen
timents expressed Judge Heed and I
Robert Wilson the two speakers in favor I
of expelling the heathens are spoken of
in the severest terms for the language
they used and the opinions they ad
vanced A Grand Juror was heard to
say that he believed Heed could be in
dicted for inciting a riot and mob vio
lence I is i known that the Judge and
another man left town early yesterday I
morning and both i is intimated were
as drunk as lords
A man was seen on the streets yester
day with a peddlers wagon
letters Was painted on i in flaming big yellow
Last evenings Herald contained long
letter over the nom de plume of Mrs
Negus who asks that the Chinese be
allowed to stay mainly because as she
says her husband cant be trusted when
they have a hired girl about the house
Chinamen do her washing and she ex
presses a willingness for her husband to
live Mormon polygamy rather than bring J
home another hired girl
The Herald correspondent most likely
not a woman at all least ways she is I
not Mrs Negus for Mrs Negus is not
now living in Ogden insults decency in
this letter and the Gentile ladies of the I
town when she says that she knows more
than one Gentile mother and wife who is
suffering just like herself The argument
advanced in said letter will have no favor
able effect for the Chinese and only
presents polygamy to be an expedient
for social protection against servant girls
The idea is an insult to every virtuous
upright girl who is working in a Gentile
family and the author covers herself or I
limself with shame in making such state
ments and implications MrtoZiP
t August 20 1885 i
liie Peoples Party Howl About
Fraud But the Fact is Not
nstal > lislie l iI I i
Mr J W Cohen registration officer I
of Park City precinct Summit county in
a conversation with a DEMOCRAT reporter
this morning said that the charges in the
Salt Lake Herald of the flth inst which I
represents that in revising the registra
ton list the names of those who died or i I
moved from the precinct were still car
ed on the voting list is false and that
there is no cause for any such allegations i
His returns to the Commission show I
I about ISO canceled names from the list I I
I submitted last year twelve of which had
j I died and the balance had removed from I
i the precinct Only one name of a man >
who is dead remains on the registration
lists and that is of A M Smith who
died since registration was completed
Mr Alma Eldredge chairman of the I
Peoples Central committee of Summit 1 I
county has charged Mr Cohen with fraud I i
in not striking off the names of persons
who did not at that time reside prsons
precinct By comparing the registration I
list of this year with that of the last alec
I ton he would easily have seen that he was
mistaken wa I
but instead set
kel up a cry of
j fraud without making the proper investi
1 The only fraudulent votes known to
II have been cast were those of a polygamist
of Erickson and his wife
by the name Erc 8n wie
I and were for the Peoples party Erick
son has since skipped the precinct and
has not been seen since the Saturday
I after the election This polygamist of
twenty years standing has his first wife
inthis city
I cty
There were two members of the Peo
I ples party posted outside of each of the
four polling places in Park City precinct
At the principal polling place in Park
City where 665 votes were cast the
judges of election were under the eyes of
Alma Smith and E T Erickson until 1
oclock Smt one registered voter being
challenged by them until that time It
is possible that a mistake could be made
but Mr Cohen emphatically denies that
any fraud was committed
The Saloounioii Protest Agalnut the
T7nliccued Sale of Liquor
SALT LAKE CITY Aug 20th 1885
EDITOR DEMOCRAT Saloonkeepers are
engaged in a legitimate business from
which the city derives outside of direct
taxation its greatest revenue The
saloonkeepers pay an exorbitant license
for the privilege of transacting their
business which license is paid promptly
in advance by all of them They are
compelled to and do conduct their busi
ness under the ordinance and general
supervision of the police
For the purpose of seeing that no police
regulation is violated detectives are em
ployed to spy upon the legitimate saloon
keeper After resorting to the most shame
ful means to detect the slightest violation
and in case of any such violation being
found heavy fines and penalties are
imposed and exacted to the extreme limit
of the ordinance and the law
This being the case are they not en
titled to that protection that ordinary
justice would dictate Is it fair is it jus
tice is it right that the apothecary stores
should be allowed to conduct a dram
shop without being subject to the same
tax the same license the same espionage
that we are Yet such is not the case
There are seven apothecary stores that
sell liquor by the dram almost openly
through their innocent soda fountains and
otherwise two of which however have
taken ont their license the rest are
carrying on the retail trade of selling
liquor by the dram in some cases to
even exceed that of the licensed dealer
The sneak who does not want people
to know he drinks or wants to get a 15
cent drink for 1 cents steps up to one
of these fountains and calls for tincture
of calsaya and receives a drink light
ning whisky mixed with a little soda
His dignity is not injured the apothecary
is benefitted to just that amount the
legitimate trade is i injured Again upon
Sunday they are all open in the same
way or even more so Their patrons are
of the hypocritical class who say I am
more moral than those honest men who
when they desire anything in the
me of trade come to us and boldly
in a manly way at the proper
place for such business get what they
desire pay for it and go away
Some restaurants also have private rooms
where liquors are freely sold without
license All of which if the spotters
so desired could be easily established by
them Let them use but a tithe of the
zeal to test the truth of these allegations
that they do to implicate an honest dealer
and their efforts will be crowned with i
success and if the same measure was
measured to them as has been measured I
to us we could more cheerfully bear our
I Not Kernahans Hotly After All
The DEMOCRAT learns that Kernahan
the Colorado miner who has been identi
fed with the body recently discovered
near Fort Douglas can scarcely have
been the same person About three or
four weeks ago Kernahan went to the
residence of Mr E L T Harrison the
architect living on the Eighteenth ward
bench and upon relating his finaucia
difficulties wa given some supper a
bel and his breakfast the following
morning Before he went away he
showed Mr Harrison and his family a re
turn ticket to Colorado and told some oi
the young ladies that he would send
them a box of specimens upon his arrival
home A box of specimens was received
from Colorado by Mr Harrisons daugh
ters less than a week ago but there was
no name to identify that Kernahan was
the sender I is reasonable to suppose
that he did send them for no one else
had made any such promises
Around Bellevue
The Queen of the Hills is yielding large
quantities of ore and paying regular divi
dends the Bellevue King is looking well
and so is Peter Andersons extension of
the Queen The Humbug is showing
some ore while the Ingersoll back of
lie Overland is showing 1 inches of 400
to 00ounce ore Hailey Times 17th I
The Methodist Excursion
To the Lake tomorrow Trains leave
Salt Lake at 840 am 110 pm and
5 1 pm 0
White House
For tho beRt meals and rooms go to the
White house Everything firstclass and
low rates
1878 Established 1878 I
Jos Baumgarten the Fashionable
Tailor will use only the latest London
and New York Fashions and Styles and
also the finest Imported and Domestic
Cloths I defy any house Domestc
cago to compare with my tailor depart
meat Call and be convinced
Mrs Lapliams Customers
Will please take notice that on account of I
the sickness of Mrs Lapham Mr Lap
ham has sent East to engage a No1
Dressmaker Cutter and Fitter who will
be here about September 1st when wii
will be prepared to execute all orders en
trusted to him
Arbogasts Celebrated Boston ice
The finest in the Territory supplied to
families church socials and picnics in I
any quantity Prompt delivery and low
est prices At 48 E First South street i
j JohnTaylor SonNo 43 and 45 Second
South Street have just received a choice
lot of Spring and Summer Woolenswhich
they offer to make up in firstclass style
at greatly reduced rates
Protect Your Family
I is the duty of every man rich or
poor who has created a home to make
some provisions against the inevitable
for those who dependent ineviable
thos are uepndent upon him
and this mos desirable result upn be ob
tamed by procuring a policy in the Mutual I
Life Insurance Company of New York
the oldest active company America and i
the largest life insurance company in the i
world Rates etc furnished bv Louis i I
Hyams Agent o5 Main street Hooper I I
Eldndge Block Salt Lake City I I
i Why Salt Lake
No Good Eeason Sal
I Should Not manufacture
i Glassware
I there is 6tio thing which Salt Lake
is more in need of than another it is man
ufacturing industries The feasibility of
manufacturing iron shot glass indigo
as well as brooms matches soap and
several other everyday necessities on a
larger scale than now produced has been
agitated by local and Eastern parties
I The latest enterprise and most likely of
any to prove successful is the starting of
I a green glass bottle factory Already
over 3000 has been subscribed toward
the scheme which 1 require an outlay
I of twice as much more in order to put
such an establishment in perfect running
i order Different gentlemen having the
matter in mind and from whom a DEMO
i CHAT reporter learned some facts in the
I matter say the large breweries lrqre can
not keep up local trade in bottled goods
I unless Eastern beer manufactories ship
their goods here so that Salt Lakers can
use their bottles There is but one bot
tle factory west of the Missouri river and
that is in California The Salt Lake
Brewery has kept a man throughout Utah
and adjoining Territories for the past
year collecting empty beer bottles by the
carload for use here
A correspondence is now being earned
on with manufacturers in the East for the
purpose of ascertaining the cost and best l
means of erecting a plant for the making
of green glass soda and beer bottles and
cheap druggists glassware which is used
extensively throughout the West All
the necessary constituents fn the way of
silica lead fuel salt etc for the mak
ing of glass can be obtained at home in
abundance and workmen not found here
can be procured in the East Such an
enterprise would be the neucleus of other
industries which would give many idle
persons employment and put Salt Lake
alongside if not ahead of many propor
tionate places Any information from
glassmakers or persons interested in
such a project will be gladly received
and is asked for Persons knowing de
posits of silica sand and potters clay
may do well to correspond for the pres
ent with Culmer Bros
Business is very dull
It is not quite so hot today
There is no truth in the rumor that the
Broom hotel Is liable to reopen shortly
Mr S Bamberger came up from the
metropolis this morning and took the
Park Express for Park City
The tencent barber has again dropped
his prices and still lives Kate Single
shave ten cents three shaves for twenty
five cents twelve for one dollar
The funny stuff and inaccuracy in the
Ogden department of this mornings Tri
bune about P II Emersons infant child
and its mother are like the many other
blunders by the Hero who pushes the
Faber here for the influential journal that
holds the foremost place among J
newspapers for a thousand miles i
in either drection Instead of 1
mother and son doing nicely j
the little one lied yesterday afternoon
and Mr and Mrs Emerson are in deep
grief Such blunders as appear in the
Ogden column of the Tribune this morn
ing displays the woeful unfitness of the
local here to furnish reliable and interest
rug news
Dr Footcs Plain Home Talk
There exists in the mind of the general
public throughout Utah a high regard for
Dr E B Foote who seems to have es
tablished a foundation here of true friend
ship and confidence during his few
months stay in Salt Lake City lastspring
Many persons praise the Doctor for the
good he did them in even a brief treat
ment A copy of Dr Footes Plain Home
Talk and Medical Common Sense has
been handed us and examined through
all its treatises and
the DEMOCRAT con
siders it a good work of matteroffact in
struction The book contains 900 pages I
of valuable information for the restoration
and preserving of health The work i
abounds in cuts and a knowledge of the
human system which makes it popular
the world over and quite indispensable I
in the houses of the people where over
200000 copies have been sold It is a
book of intrinsic worth and calculated to
benefit all classes perusing it Dr E B
Footo has set forth in Plain Home Talk
some valuable instructions to the young
and old strong and weak His advice to
all sufferers is that of a wise and honest
parent and the hearty approval with
which his book has beenr eceived through i
out the Union is sufficient evidence of
much good therein i
The Logan Mining Boom
Interest in mining matters at Black
smith Fork continues Nineteen claims
or more have been located in the locality
of the Neilsen Oberlander mine A dis
trict has been organized and called the
Cache Valley mining district Several
claims are being worked at the present
time and parties are going
up on the last
ot the week to make
arrangements for
commencing work oir others Messrs
Neilsen ° erlander exPect to ship to
Salt Lake City two car loads of ore inside i
of two weeks A road has been made to
the mines and thus the mining boom
seems to be getting on top The gentle
men interested are satisfied
to hold on for
a while yet believing the prospects
good for the future Among matters
talked 01 and
by parties in
terested in the claims of the district is
the erection of a mill in the near future
so that the ore can be worked here
thereby saving a great deaLof
Logan Journal M expense f j t
Use Syrup of Prunes
The great California Prune Laxative
Price 75 cts per bottle For sale at aU
Democrats Peoples party and
hcans are invited to avail themselves of
the very low prices
ver prevailing in
prevaing everv
department ot the Mammoth Establish
ment of F EstabJsl
lent Auerbach Bro
Thev sav
they are never undersold I
Great Reduction in livery
U Mark McKimmins Livery Stable
Lathes Should Use Dr Henleys
I Celery Beef and Iron +
j COAL OIL and Fluid at Pioneer
I I Store 57 E First South Street Lmp
SALT LAKE CIT Utah August UO 1885
at this office
by Haakon
ofce Armoc1
HaaoD Arodt against
i Joseph B Reynolds for
abandoning hIs
stead Entry So 4 H5 dated home
upon the S of S January 2 189
the Section 2
1 Secton TownshIp j
south Range 2 west In Salt Late 2
with a vIew to the cancellation of count Utah
the said cancelaton said entry I
partcs are hereby summoned entr
at this appeal
onice on the th
ofce day of
3th Sentember 1885
at 10
a m to respond and furnish testi
mony concernIng saId alleged abandonment
n II I MCMSTR RegIster
Attorney for Contestant
i t t I ROYA
Absolutely Pure
This Powder never varies A marvel of punt
strength and wholesomeness Man economlcrr
than the ordInary kinds and cannot be sold in t
competition with the multitude of low test
short weight alum or Phosphate Powders Sold
I only in cans ROYAL BAKINO Po v DEE Co ice
Wan street New York
Dr FOOTE Senior
J B i W I 5
Of 120 Lexington Avenue New York
Hereby cautions the public IVOT tn
Employ 01 Communicate with n
I luau styling himself 5Dr Foot Jrit
I without making due inquiry
This man came to Salt Lake City represcntin
I himself as the lon of Dr E B FOOTE ot Xew
York the well known specialist a abundant
proved by affidavits As rumors came iuto sl
Lake City from Dakota and Montana from a I
I expose made there he changed his base anti < i
I represented himself a the son of a more noted
specialibt in New York City than Dr E B I
I FOOTK the well known author Mr Jons F
TROW of the well known Trows Directory ir
New York City forty years in the director
I business ExGovernor FRANK FULLER of Utah
and the lion ABRAM WAKEMAN for many year
Postmaster in New York City also Surveyor
I the Port gave their affidavits that there are nt
other doctors in New York by the name of FooT
or FOOTE excepting Dr E B FOOTE the author
of Medical Common Sense etc and his two
ions Dr E B FOOTE Jr and Dr n CHERT T
FOOTE The genuine Dr FOOTE Jr will here
after always employ the initials E Bhin lei i
nating his name Heretofore he has been
known not only at home but wherever his pub
lications have been circulated by the name of
Dr FOOTE Jr Greater care will be taken here
after in view of the fact that an unprincipled
I nerson has assumed to profit by his and hi
fathers reputation
I Those desiring further and more deloilul i r
I formation in respect to this matter will recetu
i by addressing Box ill Salt Lake City Utah
Persons having information of advantage tf
plaintiffs will kindly communicate the tame to
J W Ivey with Sutherland McBride bal
Lake City
Those desiring to consult DR FOOTE profei
sioually or to order remedies should address
120 Lexington Avej New York
Consultation Free in person or by letter
o BD
w AlI
J48 iUnin Street Salt Lake Citj
You can find the largest assortment of
Gold Silver Watches
And everything needed in that line a
7or37 Lo Wct jE 2Ti COS
Sacred HeanAcademy
Occuo1oc by
embracing all THOROCGlr
al branches of
and a solid ana
Pn1 accomplished n
IplISnd education
accomplshed Languages
eral vocal educaton gen
lk drawing ffi
Boys lessons free of charge
up to the Chnrged
j uwjrsupiotneaRo of twelve received
In a separate years
a building
School S Will Open September I 1st 1OO 51
Half fare tickets
can ba
procured for pupiN
Ii For terms and full particulars address The
Sisters of the holy Cross Oldtn adress
i Lake
City Utah
i I Classes for Boarders
i sumed and day pupils will be re
The course of
or a study embraces all the branche
thorough and
n accomplished
accomplshed education
Being included in the English
Englsh course form nl
extra charge
steam will The be brick ready building for September addition to the low Academy pressure
apparatus will be in
wi basement of same
denartment Small boy boarders received in ft separate
nalHI1e tIckets eaa bo
pupils tckets eal procured for th
Jor Catalogue address as above 1

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