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I Jfoft > lake Ittunttat
At the Salt Lake City Postofflce
> Eastern 80pm 7am
Cllfornln and West lam 42 pm
Iltan and North 80 pm 730 am
n RGEat 500pm 1030m
Odcll Utah 1100ain i0 am
OdCl Utah 80pm 4pm
Park City 800pm 70 am
1 1loele County 40 pr i2 am
Ha Utah 1020vm 3am
Blughal Utah 4opm 6am
utherntTtah 65pm am
The above i standard mountain time
JOHN T LYNCH Postmaster
ault Lake City Utah March 2218 < Jo
Silver Quotations
Corrected i dahy by Well Fargo Col
Surer Mew York 1O2
aiijvsr London 1 4
loaa iscw York per lOOlbs g 425
Fall and XVlnter Style Jttut irriveil
I This celebrated hat is light and flexible
I and the nobbiest hat worn the leader in
I New York City
19 Iff Hllverinanb
S Fine flexible hat we are making a spec
ialtj of and will sell it cheaper than any
I house west of New York
We carry the largest and most com
plete line in the city both in soft and
stiff hats and at low prices I 1
The exclusive Halters corner west of
W S Smith is unloading a car load of
fruit today from New York
Salt Lake is possessed with a mania for
one artesian wells and every family must have
The members of Tho Mikado meet in
tho Theatre at 730 this evening for regular
4 rehersal
Many of Monday nights emigrant arrivals
are still wandering about Zion as though in
nearch of the last day
The Primary Fair to commence in Social
Hall to morrow promises to become a fine
display of exhibits Contributions are still
in order
MbComlck t Co today received two oars
Hananer bullion SSfiOO Crescent ore
1400 Queen of tho Hills oro 1200 total
value 8100
The joint D tI R G nnd U P excursion
party from Donvpr iV firive here this even
< m a IU lve
ing and v < 1 j
1 i till ax i 1 on 4lf i
th on I > v tile Sanio return taturdIY J by
uebroad guage
A man named Smith who has been work
ing for Mr MoKimmins took sick last night
and was taken to the Deseret Hospital An
abscess broke in his throat and ho died at
10 oclock
The fortunate competitor of the nine
ladies and four gentlemen who entered tho
examination for Prof B B Youngs free
soholarahip to tho school of music will be
named within n few days
The City Council appropriated 1000 to
the Marshals contingent fund to aid in de
tecting the parpotratora of Sunday morning
outrages Five hundred dollars was also set
aside as a reward for the capture of tho
guilty parties
A country dealer called at a Main street
grocery house todav for two dozen half
gallon glass jars The proprietor winkingly
informed tho buyer that they wore out but
that the firm of Dickson Varian MoKay
had an overstock to sell at cost
Yesterday an order of attachment was
issued against Thomas Hoaman H B
Hayes Harriet Strohler and Annie White
head who failed to obey summonses to ap
pear befora the Grand Jury It is needless
to comment that they will hereafter obey
S Court orders or emigrate from the country
On this wok Saturday Bishop Gardner
who presides over a West Jordan Ward will
lead onehalf of his flock to Logan They
will pitch their tonts under the eaves of the
iTomple and while goina through tho bap
tisms for the dead will add unto themselves
a few new wives for the good of the perish
ing order
The funeral services over the remains of
Willie Giles tho 10yearold boy of the Fif
teenth Ward was held today at the resi
dence of Mr Hiram Giles opposite the
Music Hall on West First South street Lit
tle Willie was crushed to death Monday
afternoon on the tramway of the old Flag
staff ore mine at Bingham by a loaded car of
August Sherrer leaven in the morning for
St Louis by the U P
H B M Jones will leave tomorrow by
the U P for Harrisburg
F S Richards and wife left today for
Washington D C by the U P
Mr Ed Egan went to the Horn Silver
I mine in Idaho today for a month
Captain Harrison wife and daughter leave
fortho East tomorrow over the Scenic
A 0 Young tho veterinary Burgeon goes
to New York city tomorrow via tho Rio
John Free of this city accompanies his
mother as far as Pueblo on her way to New
Daniel Kyle wife and son leave via the
broad gaugo for Binghampton N Y on
Sunday next
J C Schmidt and wife of Sandy leave
I tomorrow by the Union Pacific for Ham
burg Germany
j D F Walker Jr L B Rogers and Miss
Nellie Walker took tho Union Pacific for tho
East this morning
Fred Clawson leaves for Now York city by
tho D I G tomorrow Fred will bo
missed by many Salt Lake people who wish
him all success
Dan H Calder of this city goes to New
I York tomorrow t safer a large wholesale
music store for a two years stay The Salt
Lake music fraternity will miss Dan when
I he is gone
General W J Pnlmor Col D C Dodge
and Dr W A Bell of Denver and promi
nent representatives of tho Rio Grande
represontntes Uo Grludo sys
I tem arrived in the city last evening by a
tpecial train They arc stopping for a few
S dtTA at the Continental
J li IhCcm tion 1 < > September 2
y tu Young UIJ Mme Mazzcato
etc mi i SCv pupils to arrange hours
I J J amid Shturtqy e ctn Thursday Friday
i iind 2 at bbween the hours of 10
Mdersinsic Palace
i I jlt IS n Proect n Youi Finally
I I poor who fliu I h of evby man rich or
s me provisions IC4 l Lomb to make
aflSt tIi inevitable
i for those who are aw th
and this most desirable upon
I tinned by procuring a policy 1 t5n be ob
Life Insurance Company of NeVVtual
I the oldest active company in Americj9r 1
the largest life insurance company in fL
yoi Id Hates etc furnished by Louie
I Hyums A < 55 Main street Hooper ct
i 1EdridK fr Block Salt Lake City
iI a i
I lS78 Established 1878
Jos Baumgarten the Fashionable
Tailor will use only the latest London
I 1 and New York Fashions and Styles and
I also the finest Imported and Domestic
I Cloths I defy any house west of Chi
i cago to compare with my tailor depart
jI j ment < Call and beconvinced
< > >
Judge Znnc Decides That poIYAn
mists arc Liable for Each and
Every Offense
Shortly after 1 oclock this forenoon
the Grand Jury marched in line to the
i I i Courtroom and took seats facing the
I j Court Prosecuting Attorney Dickson in
I behalf of the foreman addressed Judge
I Zane and said that in the examination
I of a case of unlawful cohabitation i
I which the evidence tended to prove the
practice of cohabitation with more than
lone I woman for period of time the ques i
tion arose among the jurors as to whether
more than one indictment for the speci
fed period could be found
The court instructed the jury that i
any man cohabits with more than one I
woman as his wife he establishes the
crime of unlawful cohabitation which is
punishable for a year month week or
any period of time since the enactment
of tho Edmunds law if the evidence
would seem to warrant an indictment
The jury returned considerably enlight
ened upon a new und broader field of
action than has ever before been given in
these special cases
The ruling went like wildfire about the
town and struck
many persons
Who have left no easy means of escape
with the possibility of getting 365 indict
ments for each year of his plural mar
Prom several conversations on the
street it has leaked out that an
edict from the church commands
that all plural wives be excom
municated who testify against their
saintly lords Yesterday Eliza Shafer
and Elizabeth Starkey went to the Peni
tentiary for contempt in not answering
questions propounded by the Grand Jury
and another witness was heard to say
that she would go to the bastile and die
first before she would utter a word to
convict her polygamous master
Miss Starkey when subpoenaed was
II I found living in a little cramped house
where she worked at manual labor and
slept at night on the floor She said upon
tIn last arraignment before the Court
that she never lived so well in her life as
she did at the Penitentiary and had so
Httleto do that she never before occu
pied a carpeted room and was furnished
with good food reading matter and with
Sewing and whiling tioi but 1 1K >
she thought Cb J way the time and
I family frt t a parley could look after the
forp inlSri5f than she could and there
I OJ she was glad to exchange places of
Such thoughts from 1 young and de
luded girl bring a feeling of sad
ness and pity to the mind of
every person in possession of a
I Christian home Tho slight punishment
dealt out to the defiant lawbreakers has
been conformed to with more of the
actions of a martyr or hero than as a cor
rection for crime
I seems to be the intention of plural
wives and polygamous lords to overstock
the capacity of the palace on the Bench
where a few months of quiet ease can be
enjoyed along with three square meals a
day an occasional trip to friends in town
and the praise of many who consider them
I martyrs and heroes
Interesting Gaines in Prospect Re
tIme Salt tinkers Willards and
l > onvors
Mr Hebe West the energetic Captain
of tho Salt Lake nine is undoubtedly the
best organizer and most enterprising
manager of tho diamond sports lime t city
has ever known At the opening of the
season not one wellorganized club ex
isted in Salt Lake City Any quantity of
good material was on hand but not in a
harmonious state I became necessary
for some untiring base ball man to take
the lead and by work and discipline
perfect a nine that could meet contest
ants when challenged At present this
city has a good club and a letter from
Captain Wells of the Willards states
that they will be hero Saturday morning
to wax the Salt Lakers just for a little
exercise A fine game can be looked for
which decides the right to the champion
ship of Utah
The Delivers the best club of Colorado
will reach here next Tuesday ovening
tho 22d instant and probably remain one
week during which time a series of five
games will be played This will prove
the climax in base ball amusements of
Salt Lake this season and the same in
terest and encouragement should bo ten
dered the management of this enterprise
that is given by all cities in the Union
The visiting nine will be quartered at the
Chit House during their stay and a
I pleasant time will bo given them
HCaut Remember
Ellen Birmingham the second wifo of
Thomas Birmingham who peddles
garden truck from Bountiful was brought
into court at 4 oclock this p m to be
instructed by Judge Znne She has
been married eight years Had
one child four years ago by Birm
ingham and had two other chil
dren since but said she could not tell
who was the father She said Well I
cant remember like some folks She
was returned for tho Grand Jury to work
I Third District Court
In the case of J C Wilmarding ct nl
vs L Benitep demurrer of defendant
was withdrawn and defendant asked to
plead further Judgment the plaintiff
as prayed
The D K G W Ry Co vs the D
R G Ry Co demurrer to complaint
in intervention argued yesterday De
murrer of plaintiff sustained Exception
Samuel Bunion vsDirk Bockhpldtetal
Deciee entered as prayed by plaintiff and
defendant Steine on crossexamination
In the case of E Tufts et al vs A H
Raleigh twenty days was given to file a
statement on appeal
The case of Z Snow vs Julia Eckrmm
et al was submitted
The Grand Jury came into Court and
presented five indictments four under
the laws of the United States Bail in
each fixed at 1000
In the case of Sarah J Williams vs
Edward Austin motion to strike out
j parts of complaint and demurrer to com
i plaint argued
i i CI6 a good smoke try the Famous
I 1 w6 > ix for sale by Sam Levy
I Keiley is > f v >
I diplomatists sort Noahs Jove among
could nowh re He SSa out but
I Hml Id resLChicago Tour
The smallpox is sprealog in Montreal
but it will JfeSiSSS jffiSfe
wi attck any i erican bank
defaulter Their Bkin is too ericn
1ST Jhcir ski to jckjiv
I orlfo7Tnal ickNet
> <
T l 2
He Expresses His Views Freely on
the Subject of the Recent
I Outrage
A reporter called on Marshal Phillips
today and questioned that official anent
the outrages perpetrated on the residences
of Messrs Dickson Varian and McKay
Mr Phillips answered all the questions
without hesitation and announced his
willingness to assist to the full extent of
his ability and that of the force which he
commands to apprehend and punish the
guilty parties
What about the police being in
squads looking around suspiciously
Saturday evening 1 queried the reporter
Oh as to that said the officer they
were not in squads so far as I am ad
vised more than they usually aretwo
together I i a fact however that they
were on the lookout for a burglary had
been committed the night before and
clues for the perpetrators were being
sought and followed up as far as they
would go That is all
How is it that the force or any part
of it were so late in proceeding to the
scenes of the trouble and making inves
For the same reason that there was
but little talk and no excitement about it
till that time Even then we got no in
formation officially but cratherfid it from
the talk on the street 0 i
Did you then go immediately i
Without the least delay Mr Salmon
and myse1 went straightway to the resi
dences of Judge Zane Messrs Dickson I
Varian and McKay to ascertain the facts
and get such information as was in their
possession others went also first to Judge
Zane Salmon and me were not received
in the spirit of our calling by McKay he
showing an unwillingness to impart information
formation and acted generally as though
his recent honors and emoluments justi
fed him in insolence
Was the Tribunes account of that in
terview correct 1
As to the disposition manifested by
the Commissioner yes as to the language
used not entirely
How about its account of the affair in
Part of it is true to my knowledge
part I believe to be true and part the I
greater partis infamously false as much
so as is general n rr
in 11 rQJnhfp Job is
I Vfr o l up agmnst th Mormons
Could the parties have obtained assist
ance at the Hall on complaint
Most assuredly We have a telephone
and n man on duty near it at all hours of
the day and night for that special pur
pose but we heard and knew nothing of
the trouble till afternoon and as I said
before started out immediately I
What do you assign as the cause of
your not being called on 1
You will havo to ask them about I
that I dont know what their object
was perhaps for tho reason that I am not
in their confidence and not consulted in
relatio to their schemes I they are all
like McKay I shall of course remain in
ignorance till the trap is sprung I
What is your personal opinion in re I
lation to the affair
That it was a heartless outrage by I
whomsoever perpetrated The natural
effect which such a thing skillfully used
would have against us at this time affords
a slight clue as to the motive but not I
enough to proceed upon
I information furnishing a justifiable i
suspicion against any one or more per
sons were placed in your hands today I
would you act upon it at once no matter j
whom the offender might be I
Try me and see said the Marshal I
Not having the desired information to
impart the reporter withdrew I I
Representatives of the Sex Who
Hlakc Races for Office
When the girls of Montana turn their
attention to politics not as voters but as
candidates look out for hair and a red
hot time says the Pittsburjr Commercial
Gazette At the last local election in
Montana there were four Richrnonds in
the field These four ladies were running
for County Superintendent of Public In
struction and like the other sex either
as Republicans Democrats I
Republcans Democrat or Indepen
dents That canvass when the girls took
the stump against their male competitors
was one of the most amusing things
that ever happened in this or any other I
Miss Clark in Lewis and Clarke county
is not only talented young lady but also
an expert politician By the votes of the
boys she got there all right and left her
antagonist defeated candidate far in the rear a dazed and I
In Meagher county two girls were
pitted against each other and the
pited othor fight
I for tho position was quite lively Miss
Darcy was the candidate of the unwashed
Democrats while Miss Nichols mustered
I with the Republican boys In the fight
broomsticks hairpins bustles etc were
used andfor awilo it was beyond the
prophecy of man to foretell which destruc
tive weapons would be the most formid
able and deathdealing I was hard
to tell which one of the young ladies was
the handsomest butt a distance every
body presumed that both were lovely
Well everybody voted as everybody
should and Miss Darcy won the day but
her defeated rival claimed and justly
too that her defeat reflected in no way
personally upon herself as Meagher
county was and always had been Dem
I ocratic
I In Gallatin county Miss Hamilton an
i npimced herself as an Independent can
I didate Une of the Gallatin county
papers the organ and hacker of Miss
Hamilton came out a day or two before
the election as follows
Hamilton enters the field against the
odds of regular party nomination I
Hamilton has got sand and she will stand
until the polls close Hamilton should
unt pols cose Hamion slluld
be elected She says she isnt afraid of I
road agents and that education is her
forte also that it would afford her plea
sure to hop around from one country
schoolhouse to another in the perform
ance of her duty The men of Gallatin
are confounded mean i they dont run I
Hamilton in etc
Nevertheless Hamilton was defeated I
I and Gallatin county has a male Superin
I tendent of Public Instruction I
Mr M U Lnpliam Co
Have received the Queens and Bazar
Dressmaker and a full line of now pat
terns for September Dressmaking in all
its branches filled at the shortest notice
Orders solicited at 42 and 57 W First
South Street f
i THE Famous Cigar is known by con
II noisseurs to b the best in the city
COAL OIL au Fluid at Pioneer Lamp
Store 57 E First South Street
j SMOKE the Celebntwd Famous Cigar i I
manufactured by Sam Levy I i
i Democrats Peoples party and Repub
licans are invited to avail themselves of
the very low prices prevailing in
ver prc prvaing every I
I department of the Mammoth Establish
ment of F
Auerbach Bro They say I
they are never undersold
< i < oj
I Eliza Shafer Accompanies Eliza
beth Starkey to the Pen
Yesterday afternoon the Grand Jury
took up the case of John W Snell and
examined Elizabeth Shafer the princi
pal and silent witness She was asked
QHavc you within three years last
past gone through any marriage cere
mony with John W Snell as his wife
QHavo you within three years last
past at the county of Salt Lake Terri
I tory of Utah lived and cohabited with
John W Snell a his wife
QHaye you during the past three
years at said county lived with him as
I his wife a much as one hal of each
I She was taken out and returned again
when the Court asked her i Mr Suell or
I anyone else had dictated her or advised
her to act in this way
I She replied thnt she was acting on her
own responsibility
She was remanded to the custody of
Marshal Ireland along with Elizabeth
Starkey and taken to the Penitentiary
last evening
Senator Manderson of Nebraska had
long talk with Charles White and Miss
Starkey to induce a different course hut
to no avail
Tho New Developments on Camas
Prairie Said to be Opening Up
Superintendent Doniphan of the Camas
No 2 Mining and Milling Company came
to town yesterday to bring in the bullion
resulting from the last cleanup of his
mill He reports the supply of water
somewhat increased lately and expects
no further trouble from lack of water until
next summer and even then thinks that
the flow from the mine will be ample to
rn not only ten stamps but the ten ad
ditional ones now being manufactured for
him in the East
The mill began running about Juno lat
and run about six weeks The machinery
was however not inclosed and the men
hattcxies nijit n v f 10
i p
hatep wd ute > leit 1 mo open
air and exposed to the weather Then
the mill being new every part had to be
adjusted or settled before the mill could
be expected to run smoothly Two cams
began wearing some tappets sprung
the belts had to be shortened some
dies cracked and broke the shoes wore
down and other annoying accidents hap
pened so that the mill did not run over
three full weeks altogether During the
brief run it turned out about 3000 worth
of fine bullion This comparatively sat
isfactory result coupled with the develop
ments in the mine in the meantime
demonstrated that with twenty stamps
and an adequate supply of water the
mill would prove a paying investment
An additional number of stamps was
therefore ordered and as soon as they
reach here they will be put in place and
the mill started up for an allwinter run
Time cost of running the mill this Bummer
has averaged 4 per ton but Mr Doni
pban is i confident that with twenty
stamps he can reduce this to 250 per
The mine is opening up splendidly and
the lode shows three distinct and separ
ate strata or veins Close to the footwall
a strip from 10 to 1C feet thick yields the
richest gold and silver ore A horse
comes next then the middle vein which
is 30 to 35 feet thick the ore being some
what lower grade carrying pyrites and
some bunches of highgrado galena On
the footwall is a smaller vein of red and
white quartz carrying ore not quite as
rich as that found on the hanging wall
This formation continues in depth and is
shown by a tunnel driven 75 feet below
the surface outcroppings and about 50
feet below the former lowest workings of
the mine
Taken altogether the season at this
property has been quite satisfactory as it
has demonstrated that the Camas No 2 i
Times prospect is i n good mine Flailey
Muter Mention
I Chloridurs in El Dorado Canyon Nov
recently shipped ore clear to Pueblo Col
for reduction The ore is boated down
the Colorado river to the Needles thence
I shipped by rail to the reduction works
The mines down at Hiko Nev
I are re
ported to be improving greatly That
150foot in width ledge of which the
public have heard so much has entirely
evaporated and in its stead there in i P
sevenfoot ledge of good grade ore The
companys indebtedness is light and
everything now promises to be lovely at
tho mines in Pahranagat
Returning Park tourists report young
Howard in ji fair way to recover His
wound three days after infliction had not
inflamed and the belief was that he
would get well The bullet entered the
lower left side ranging across the body
without touching a vital part and coming
out on tho right side
The Livingston Enterprise says A
wealthy resident on the Crow reserva
tion one who is in a position to know the
numercinl strength of the tribe says the I
Crows do not number above 2500 per j
sons We believe that for ration purposes i
they number 3300 There is a chance j 1
for the Commissioner of Indian Affairs 1I j I
through a new agent to get in his work II i I I
An InterIdaho correspondent says j
I is thought that the main ledge has at
last been found on the Horn Silver mine I
r purchased by Eastern parties
The workmen struck fine body of ore
recently in the lower shaft I assays up I j I
in the thousands and the width has not i
yet been ascertained 1 j i
Atlanta and Rocky Bar Idaho can
boast of having more money in circula I i
tion than any other two camps in Idaho j j I
During the month of August Sol New I j
comer agent for the Pacific Express
Company at Rocky Bar handled between
33000 and 34000 besides an average I
of 1000 per week in postoffice orders I
I i
A named Abe Frank
young man was I j i
shot in Atlanta by an oldtime stage i i
driver between Rocky Bar and Atlanta i
William Mackey better known as Mis I
souri Bill Sheriff Furey and Dr Mc I II
Kay started to arrest the shooter and j i i
care for the wounded i i I I
How to Consult Dr Foote Sr by Ma11
D Foote Senior author of H Plain
Home Talk H Medical Common Sense
etc etc would say to those who would
like to consult him by mail that they can
have a list of questions and 1 circular of <
gratuitous advice by addressing Box 414 j
Salt Lake City The doctor has arranged i i
to have such information supplied in this j
way to save time Receiving such printed I
matter the correspondent can describe j
his or her case fully and direct it to the i
doctor hi New York Dr Foote is i i
successfully treating all forms of chronic I
diseases a specialty to which he has de I
voted thirty years of study and practice
Evidences of his success can also be had
by addressing Box 414 as above but all
letters of consultation and orders for
remedies should be addressed to Dr E II j
B Foote Sr 120 Lexington Avenue i
New York City N Y Consultation free i
An advertisement of Dr Foote Sr in
another place deserves attention
i i The Ulayor Authorized to Offer a I
Reward of 850O for the Dis I
covery of the Perpetrators I
of the Eccent Outrage
I The City Council turned out en masse
last night and disposed of the business
I on hand with dispatch
I Through E G Mathews the residents
four cobble
of West Temple street for
I stone crosswalks from the corners of
I West Temple and Third South streets
i Referred to Committee
i Brown Whiting Jake l H Wag
ener A Podlech P Margetts H Buh
ring Godbe Pitts Co and Newman
Reed petitioned for retail liquor licenses
which were granted
The report of the Chief Engineer of
the Fire Department for the quarter end
ing August 31st was read and referred to
the committee in charge Thirteen fires
have occurred during the last three
months at a loss of 10120 insurance
5000 The total expenditures for the
quarter were 40203
Mr Dean moved that the Fire depart
ment committee bo instructed to look into
the advisability of purchasing a team for
the fire engine Carried
The Watermasters report showed an
expenditure for the last quarter of l793
31 97556 of which went for work in
Liberty Park and 33980 was expended
on the canal for the same time
The three statements went to the proper
The committee on finance recommended
that 27875 b3 placed to the credit of the
city tax collector for uncollected taxes
assessed during the year 1884
The water works committee recom
mended that the superintendents last re
port bo approved and filed
Bills were allowed to F W Taylor for
services in the city tax office 50 and to
the U C Railway Company for gravel
car wheels and freight on the same
On motion wire screens are to be placed
over the principal flumes to prevent rub
bish clogging up the same
w < ijLue SireeT tJupervifui < Sff liifvFucted to
repair Main street and remedy the com
plaints as to its rough condition
It was stated that the City Marshals
contingent fund was exhausted and 500
was thought sufficfent for the present
month Alderman Speirs objected and
thought that to enable the officers to de
tect the perpetrators of the outrage on
Messrs Dickson Varian and McKay
last Sunday morning the amount should
be at least 1000 and that the extra 500
be used as n special fund for rewards etc
On motion of Mr Speira i was carried
I that Mayor Sharp be authorized to offer
300 as a reward toward the arrest of the
guilty parties Adopted
The sad condition of the streets was
called attention to and action will be
taken for their improvement
After some minor matters had received
I proper attention the Council adjourned
for one week
one a
A Skunk in the Court House
i I
I A few years ago a skunk managed by
1 some means to get into the Court House
I in Lakeport The band was then prac
I ticing in the Courtroom in the evenings
I und on that particular evening a dog be
longing t a member of the band followed
his owner to the Court House He
soon discovered the skunk and caught
and killed it immediately at the door
of an office then occupied by an
attorney of the bar Next morning an
old lady came to consult said attorney
on some businessandvas she entered
the office the lawyer apologized for the
odor prevailing in that vicinity and told
j her of the skunkkilling and asked her
I if she had not observed the odor HOh
yes said she HI smelled it as I came
I in but I thought it was some new fangled
nerfurae on your pockethandkerchief
Lakeport SeeDemocrat
I Laleport BeeDeToctul
JD i R G Ore Shipments From mind
j via Lcauville
From August 1 to August 29 eighty car
1 loads of ore were shipped from the Blue
River mines eightyfour car loads from
j Eagle river Most of tho former went to
Denver most of the latter to Leadville
I Tho shipments from Leadville including
J part of the above have averaged during
I tho month of August from fortyfive to
fifty cars a day sqy fortyseven car loads
at twelve tons Thus n tonago of 564 tons
of ore including iron Allowing a con
sumption of 450 tons by Leadvillo
smelters the totalconsumption and ship
ments out of Leadville and vicinity ores
is fully ono thousand tons per day 0 This
does not include the milling ore used
daily at the various mills of Leadville
All this ore before it can he milled
smelted or shipped must be mined and
transported and a largo number of men
are necessarily employed thereat Lead
vie remains therefore the foremost
camp of the state Mine Stack and
t Jail
Excursion to Salt Lake and Return I
The Union Pacific and Denver and Rio I
Grande Railways announce n joint excur
sion to Salt Lake city and return leaving
Denver via the Denver and Rio Grande 1 i I
Railway at 730 a in September 15 i I
Two days will be spent in Salt Lake city
and the return will be made over the I
Union Pacific Railway Denver News
Mr Charles Bang a St Louis lawyer
pursued Mr Furlong the space of his
name and then did him bang bruise and
trounce for which banging Bang was
bangng wa
slammed in the lockup and Furlong
poulticed eye with sal pork
A JIVN who has kept account of the I
number of kisses exchanged with his I
wife since their union consents to its pub
lication as follows First year 36500
year 16000 third year 3650
fourth year 120 fifth year 2 He then
left of keeping the record
Great deduction In Livery
At Mark McKimmins Livery Stable
White House
For the best
I T v uont meals and rooms go to the
White house Everything firstdoss
Ecrthing and
low rates i
Salt Lake City Brewing
Cty Company I
President 7icePresident i 1
Ye are now prepared to receive orders
for our CELEBRTED Btmwijsn LAGER I
Special iducement given i to
chaser of carload lot gven pur
Having given our careful attention
crefl to
the selection atenton
of the
se1ecton finest material for the
manufacture of beer after the Budweiser
process wc arc in a situation t
for the public an siuaton place beI
acc superior to any
hitherto Suprior
hithero offered i this market
to Orders by telephone Promptly attended I
TtcoirMon Sec TfS I
Fnct and fancy
that kills himself because a
The fellow
Birl felow t1at kis vindicates the giri1
refusal and mary rids the world of a simpleton
Albany Ga News
Bathinir is more popular in Russia
than at some of the seaside resorts m
this country because the czar made all
the serfs freeDetroit Free Press
We have at last found out why it is 80
many California women paint their
cheeks I i because they wish to be
kissed in tho mouth Stockton Maverick
A pretty trick in natural magic is to
take a piece of ordinary writing paper
hang it conveniently fill it with water
and place a lighted candle underneath
The water will boil in a short time and
the paper remain uninjured
H Phillips of Big Rapids Pa cele
brated his marriage recently by present
ing to his bride his teething ring the
first lock of hair cut from his head and
the first tooth he cut and receiving in ex
change onehalf interest in a prosperous
grocery store
The Irishman had a correct apprecia
tion of the fitness of things who being
asked by the Judge when he applied for
a license to sell whiskey i he was of
good moral character replied Faith yer
honor I dont see the necessity of a good
moral character to soil whisky
What is economy asks the Philadelphia
delphia North American And the Nor
ristown Herald answers I is paying I
ten cents for a cigar and compelling your I
wife to turn her last seasons dress to
make it do another winter The country
is fairly bulging with such economy
Absolam who was a fool wished him
self a judge Solomon who was 1 wiso
man 1 trembles at the undertaking and i
suspects his own fitness for it Tho more I
knowing and considerate men are the I
better they are acquainted with their ow I
weakness and the more jealous of them I
selves Henry I
Mr Stead the editor of the Pall Mall
Gaxette is to be prosecuted for purchas
ing a girl on the pretense of that be I
wanted her for immoral purposes just to
show that the traffic existed and then I
returning her to safety The power be
hind the law in England objects to any I
one investing in that kind of property un I
less the buyer n1 m = r
Rcsco 1oat
yjrSol I
How glorious it is to be engaged in I
intellectual occupation murmured
II intelectual occupaton
mured n Boston maiden gazing raptur I
ously into the admiring eyes of a country
editor I your own mental faculties for
tools and the whole universe for a work I
shop Now tell me she added what
do you find the most difficult thing con
nected with your noble profession
Paying the hands said the editor
Arrival I
We arc now opening and receiving daily I
a full line of Fall Clothing for Mens and j >
JohnTaylor SonNo 43 and 45 Second j I
South Street have just received a choice
lot of Spring and Summer AVoolenB hich
they offer to make up in firstclass style
at greatly reduced rates
iAKS ivill lie paid for information
that Tvili iojiu to the apprehension
and cosivictlou of the person or
persons wiio perpetrated the dn
tardy outrajjcn t the residences
of CoiutJi5nJioicr cZiay mid At
tornoyH rcEtoM ftnsl Vavinii in
tills city on the night of the 1th I
I j
JL ments at j
Doday Sept 7h
Classical Scientific and English courses of
I instruction Full faculty the snme as for fho
past four years
Academic Instruction per term sS50
Preparatory 330 >
Intermediate and Primary 500
For information and calendars apply to E
B12NNKR 831 Third East strooot
Salt lake Seminary
J open WI
September 7 1885
With a full Faculty Ql Seven Instruetors Stu
dents will be prepared for the best New En
gland colleges
will preside ° over the several departments of a
wellsraded course Klndorgarten included t
Most oxcollont aocornmodat1on
ladies oxcelont aocImodatol for young
lal young goutlem
in the adjoining b idln All under ontemen
vision of the Principal Al super
For information address
GUV Prineipal l
Beer is Life Itself
I Opened at the old ORDNEI I
Beer Liquors and Cigars I
Of fine grades and we expect to see
Como you there
along amid
cal Lots of
and experience
plenty of goods insure experence
please you and strive to hold success your patronage Wo wili
t the fShootng premises Gallery Billiards and Pool on
Opposite the Opera House
South St
lveryeed Sales Stable
HA dlo YE horses TIlE FINEST in the country CARRIGE AD SAD
Short Transportation Notice to TAYLR ant PIOCHE on i I
Terms Seasonable and
eed Satsructol Guaran
Stable ricci at head of Main Street 1 1
c31L I
l > P > NN > r tY
Absolutely Pure
i This Powder never aries A
I Strength and wholesomeness tore ecnPUlty
I than the ordinary kinds and cannot h om CI
competition with the multitude of IQy I ld 11
short weight alum or phosphate Powder teit
only In cans nOTAL Bt o POIDEn 2oI
I I Wall street New York Co If
ii i
Dr FOOTE Senior
Of 120 Lexington Avenue Naw Yerk
Zfereby caution t2ie public KOT
Employ or Communicate With
man styling himself Dr Foot a
vrlthnnt mailing duo inquiry
This man came to Salt Lake City represesrh ii
himself as the son of Dr E B FOOTS ot New 11
York the well known specialist as abundantlr I
proved by affidavits As rumora came Into Mt I
tako City from Dakota and Montana t
Lko Cty Deotand f roc as
expose mags thore hsehanged his base p 4
represented himself as tho son of a more noted i
specialist in New York City than Dr BR I
FOOTE the woll known author Mr BB I
TROW of tho woU known TrOvs Directory I I
Nw York City forty years In the dlra Sr
business EOoTernOrDRAKK A wr itui ll u I
and tho ion AnnA WAKEMAN for many y th
Postmaster In Now York City also Surveyor
tho Port gave their affidavits that thore arc M
other doctors In New York bY the name of FJOT
or FOOTE excepting Dr E B FOOTS the author I
of Medical Common Sense etc and his trc
jions Dr E B FOOTE Jr and Dr HCDEET T
FOOTE The genuine Dr FOOTE Jr will here
after always employ the Initials E1ln des re
nating his name Heretofore he hn bees
known not only at home but wherever his p v
Hcatlons have been circulated by tliu name of f
Dr FOOTE Jr Greater care will bo taken here i
after In view of the fact that an unprincipled
person has assumed to profit by unprncIple >
lathers reputation
Those desiring further and more dlitM
in to this matter will rec8
formation rospoct wi recetre
it by addressing Box 1 Salt Lake cur CbS
Persons having Information of ndvaatago to
plaintiffs will kindly communicate the sane li i
J W Ivoy with Sntherlitnd McBride s
Lake City
Those desirlnff to consult IR P OT prof
slonally or to order remedial should adilresi
120 iOSiii3Tto3i Avcj ITcTr Yort
ConsnltaHon Free In person or by letter
< Cl II I
J atc Ii I i
liS iain Street Sot JLnkc mCT
You oaa iind the largest ossortraoHt if
Gold Silver Watches
And everything ne d ja In that lino n
ory IOS Jrj 03
Sacred HerAcad
j Cod oc 1r
3 embracing al the branches of I solid s
and accomplished education Languages s t5 >
oral vocal and drawing lessons free of ohare
f Boys up to the ago of twelve fee ret J
in n separate building
i Sclioo fill Open Septsmisr 1st IK 1 I
Half fare tickets can he p procnrrd for pnplls
Por terms and foil particulars address Tbe
l Sisters of the Holy Cross Ogden Utah
Salt Lake City Utah
Classes for Boarders and day pupiL wiU be r
nThc courseof study embraces all tha branoi
of a thorough and accomplished education
Being included In the English course form V
extra charge
The brick building addition to the AeadeoT
will bo r ad3r for September The low presaur
steam apparatus win be In basement of snde
Small boy boarders received in a separate
Halffare tickets caa be procured for tie
pupils j fcu I
TV > r Catalogue ndrtrelfnCnbovc

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