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Price delivered by carrier 75cts per month
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months 200
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h fl Advertising rates furnished at office
Office71 W Second South Street
Ever since the appearance of President
4i Clevelands message there has been more
1 or less conjecture as to whether he wrote
it all 1 himself or not Many have thought
that they saw the hands ofthe various
Secretaries in it but it remained for the
New York Sun to introduce Miss Cleve
land as a contributor The Sun thinks
that Miss Cleveland wrote that part of
I the message which relates to the Mormon
question and says that the style in which
it is treated is as distinct from the rest of
the message as would be the inser
tion of a dozen paragraphs from
Victor Hugos writings into one
of Dr Samuel Johnsons essays
The part of the message which relates
to polygamous households is as follows
J The strength the perpetuity and the des
r tiny of thenation rest upon our homes es
tablished by the law of God guarded by
parental care regulated by parental author
ity and sanctified by parental love
These are not the homes of polygamy
The mothers of our land who rule the
nation as they mould the characters and
guide the actions of their sons live accord
ing to Gods holy ordinances and each se
cure and happy in the exoJusive love of the
father of her children sheds the warm light
4 of true womanhood unperverted hnd unpol
luted upon all within her pure and whole
some family circle
These are not the cheerless crushed and
unwomanly mothers of polygamy
The fathers of our families are the best
citizens of the republic Wife and children
are the sources of patriotism and conjugal
and parental affection beget devotion to the
g country The man who undefiled with plu
U ral marriage is surrounded in his single
home with his wife and children has a
stake in the country which inspires him
with respect for its laws and courage for its
I defense
I These are not the fathers of polygamous
I families
There is no feature this practice or the
system which sanctions it which is not op
posed to all that is of value in our institu
E tions
The style here is elevated and there is
certainly a display of feeling that is
almost intense The Sun finds in this a
j great similarity to peculiarities of meta
phor and other rhetorical figures and the
fervid indignant and impatient thought
which characterize the writing of Miss
Cleveland and in proof of this great
similarity quotes from Miss Clevelands
essay on Joan of Arc and also from the
reply to Dr Howard Crosby The fol
I lowing are the extracts
All the energy and devotion and credulity
and constancy and jealousy and consuming
passion and triumphant worship that goes
r into a womans love for one man and makes
it the thing it is went from Joans soul into
the cause of France
I I dare to affirm that the American
mother who today being pressed on every
side by the aggression of King Alcohol con
1 fronts American men the infant in her arms
I her only sceptre the motherhood on her
brow her only crown and cries to them for
protection of her kingdom the home carries
in her cry an argent I
God sees i the tearful cry of the bruised
I and baffled mother sister wife His ow
argent for the suppression root and
branch of the liquor traffic
I Miss Cleveland did pen that part of
I the niessage which relates to the Utah
matter it is to her credit while it in no
way detracts from the Presidents reputa
tion Miss Cleveland has made for her
self an enviable reputation although that
I reputation was much enhanced on account
4 of the elevation of her brother to the
I Presidency That President Cleveland
1 h ld his sister in great esteem is well
known and if he requested his sister to
express his views upon the Mormon
question he has paid to her that homage
and distinction which John Stuart Mill
so loved to bestow upon his wife and it
was to her he said that he owed the
best thoughts in his Liberty Miss
Cleveland may yet be an American Vit
toria Colonna
The Senate bill to remove the political
disabilities of General Alex R Lawton
of Georgia has passed the House and
now awaits the Presidents signature
This it will certainty receive as the Pres
ident nominated General Lawton for
Minister to S1 Petersburg but his name
was withdrawn on account of his political
disabilities The political disabilities of
General Lawton were a natural conse
quence of the war but the war is so long
passed and the passions which raged in
those unhappy days are now so soothed
that to continue political disabilities
against some of those who
fought for the Confederacy after
the extension of almost universal
amnesty is bad policy as it can only
tend to keep alive memories that are
better dead By some it is maintained
that the removal of the political disabili
ties of all who fought against the Union
is an insult and an outrage upon those
who fought for it We cannot so see it
Those who fought for and saved the
Union fought in a gallant and noble
cause and they fought to save the cause
and not to crush those who were against
it and when they had Avon they wished
to welcome back into the Union those
who through error had sought to destroy
it The nation which had conquered all
foes could afford to be magnanimous
Had the nation hot been magnanimous
those who had been leaders in the
rebellion would have been hung as
traitors and when once begun the hang I
ing would necessarily have been wide
spread But the magnanimity of the
nation did not stop here It restored to
those who had been in arms against
it their political rights and this was wise
and proper and it is wise and proper that
they should be restored to each and every
one no matter how high or how low they
were in the Confederacy The United
States are to great to hold petty spites
and they cannot afford to be less power
ful magnanimous than the Republic
of France and the Republic of France
m granted universal amnesty and this in
cludedJbejCommunards without excep
tion What if France had excepted
I Henri Rochefort from the operations of
I the amnesty act would she not have
conferred upon him a greatness which is
now totally wanting to Mm Since the
surrender at Appomatox Court House the
importance and fame of Jefferson Davis
have lain in the fact that the grace of
amnesty has been denied him
Robert Toombs who has died within a
week is another instance Who cared
whether he gave his allegiance to the
United States or not His persistent
endeavor to be irreconcilable made him
far more ridiculous than dangerous And
the same was the case with Judah P Ben
jamin although he was entitled to far
more respect than Toombs because he
removed to London and there succeeded
In acquiring fortune and additional fame
The political disabilities of every exrebel
oughtto removed and if such exrebels
do not ehoose to take advantage of the
politicat rights bestowed upon them let
them go without them and continue to
fight windmills until death relieves them
from their foolishness and selfimposed
political disabilities
A slight accident sometimes changes
the course of history and this may be
the case with the fall which Prince Bis
marck had from his horse a few days
since Bismarck is well advanced in
years and at his time of life a fall is a
thing from which one rarely recovers
General Grant never recovered from the
fall which he had a year or so before his
death while that fall probably hastened
his death I this fall which Bismarck
has just received should prove more
serious than is now thought
what would be the result upon
the destiny of the German Empire So I
closely has the life of Bismarck been in
tervroven with the greatness of Prussia
that it is almost impossible to contem
plate the one separately from the other
He has united Germany and made Prus
sia foremost in that union while to united
Germany he has given the foremost posi
tion on the Continent The work of his
life has been the building up of one of
the greatest empires the world has ever
seen But the destiny of fat empire is
not yet accomplished Perhaps its des
tiny may be greatly different from the
destiny of which Bismarck dreams That
the German Chancellor will have no suc
cessor is certain Men may succeed to
the place which he now fills but it would
be a thing almost without precedent for
him to have a successor his equal in the
greatness which nature has bestowed
upon him His son Herbert is said to be
a man of superior abilities but it is not
likely that he is the peer of his father
The young Augustus wag great but he
wa not so great as was Coesar The
younger Pitt was not the equal of the
Great Commoner although he was great
among the great Napoleon is unique
among the Buonapartes in fact he is
unique among men
This accident to Bismarck may be of I
the greatestimportance to the world and
many times a mere accident changes the
destinies of nations I has been said
that a dish of garlic changed the fate of
the world on the fatal twentyfirst of
June 1815 and it is possible that a
harseback fall will be as potent to in
fluence the destinies of nations as was
that dish of garlic
The English elections being over and
the Liberals being returned to power Mr
Gladstone is now at liberty to tell what
his plans are A London special to the
New York Post says on what is claimed
to be the iiighest authority that Mr
Gladstones scheme for the settlement of
the Irish question contemplates an Irish
Parliament I such is the case the in
evitable in Irish matters has come but it
has come through the agitation of the
Irisn which has been marked by many
crimes and not through the graceful con
I cession of the English Parliament
Whenever any Irish wrong has been
righted it has been righted by the agita
tion of the Irish and not by the states
manship of England Mr Gladstones
famous land act was forced by the clamors
tle camors
of the Irish and it has been so in all the
reforms which have been brought about
in Ireland within the past hundred years
Had Mr Gladstone introduced a bill for
the establishment of an Irish Parliament
in 1880 such as is now said to be in con
templation how different would have
been the condition of things in unhappy
Ireland No English statesman has ever
anticipated conciliatory legislation for
Ireland and the greatest part of states
manship is wise anticipation I is better
that wise legislation should be late than
never but its lateness often takes from it
much of It efficiency How far this pres
ent scheme will conciliate Ireland it is I
impossible to say I should do much to i
restore peace and prosperity to her al
though it is many many years since
these twain dwelt in the Emerald Isle
A Tribune special says that the Lake
Superior companies have made contracts
within the last few days with various
home manufacturers for a vast amount of
ingot copper to be delivered the coming
ea The amount so contracted is said to
be about ten million pounds while the most
important thing of all is the fact that the
price lljo cents per pound is fully half
a cent higher than ingot copper was com
manding a month ago This is most en
couraging and shows that there i a
revival of business and that the
country is gradually awakening
from its long commercial lethargy
In the market copper fs almost a im
portant as steel and iron and an upward
tendency il the price is one of the best
indications that prosperity i returning
I the copper trade revives Utah should
feel the effects of i not on account of II
any coppr mines of her own but on ac
count of the impetus it would give Butte
the Anaconda of that town being the
rival of the Calumet Hecla and Butte I
looks to Salt lake a its centre I the
mines of Utah other than those where
precious metals are delved fdr were de
veloped this Territory would stand second
to none in wealth The iron ores of Utah
are said to be equal to the best
Norway ores but as yet it has been
found impossible to successfully reduce
duce them I proper and extensive
experiments in reducing them were
made a cheap and profitable method of
reducing them would probably be found 1
To do tnis the aid of a chemist mustbe
sought and i this were done no doubt
science would solve the problem which
rough experiment has failed to solve
The deposits of copper are said to be very
extensive in many parts of the Territory
but a yet they remain undeveloped The
mineral resources of Utah are almost
wholly undeveloped and with an influx
capital for which we may hope one day
all these resources will be developed to
an extent now undreamed of
To amend an act entitled An act
to amend section fiftythree hun
dred and fiftytwo of the Revised
Statutes of the United States in
reference to bigamy and for other
purposcs approved March tiven
tysecond eighteen hundred and
eightytwo I
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of
Representatives of the United States of Amer I
ica in Congress assembled That in any pro I
ceeding and examination before a grand
jury a judge justice or a United States
commissioner or a court in any prosecution
for bigamy polygamy or unlawful cohabi
tation under any statute of he United
States the any husband or wife of the
person accused shall be a competent witness
and may be called and may be compelled to
testify in such proceeding examination or
prosecution without the consent of the hus
band or wife as the case may be but such
witness shall not be permitted to testify as
to any confidential statement or communi
cation made by either husband or wife to
each other during the existence of the mar
riage relation
SEC 2 That in any prosecution for big
amy polygamy or unlawful cohabitation
under any statute of the United States
whether before a United States commis
sioner justice judge a grand jury or any
court an attachment for any witness may
be issued by the court judge or commissioner
sioner without a previous subpoena com
pelling the immediate attendance of such
witness wh nit shall appear to the commis
sioner justice judge or court as the case
may be that there is reasonable ground to
e ve that such witness l unlawfully
lail to obey a subpoena issued and served in
the usual course in such cases and in such
case the usual witnessfees shall be paid to
such witness so attached Provided Tat
no person shall be held in custody under any
attachment issued as provided by this sec
tion for a longer time than ten days and
the person attached may at any time secure
his or her discharge from custody by execut
ing a recognizance with sufficient sureties
conditioned for the appearance of such per
son at the proper time as a witness in the
cause or proceeding wherein the attachment
may be issued
SEC 3 That prosecution under
any uder any
statute of the United States for bigamy
polygamy or unlawful cohabitation may be
commenced at any time within five years
next after the commission of the offense
but this provision shall not be construed to
apply to any offense already barred b any
existing statute of limitation
SEC 4 That of
every ceremony marriage
or i the nature of a marriage ceremony of
any ka i any of the Territories of the
United States whether either or both or
more of the parties to such ceremony be
lawfully competent to be the subjects of such
marriage or ceremony or not shall be certi
fied in writing by a certificate stating the I
fact and nature of such ceremony the full
names of each of theparties concerned and
the full name of every officer priest and per
son by whatever style or designation called
or known in any way taking part in the
performance of such ceremony which cer
tificate shall be drawn up and signed by the
parties to such ceremony and by every offi
cer priest and person taking part in the
performance of such ceremony and shall be
by the officer priest or other person sol
emnizing such marriage or ceremony filed
in the office of the probate court or i there
be none in the office of the court having
probate powers in the county or district in
which such ceremony shall take place for
record and shall be immediately recorded
Such certificate shall be prima facie evi
dence of the facts required by this act to ev
stated therein in any proceeding civil or
criminal in which the matter shall be drawn
in question Any person who shall violate
any of the provisions of this section shall
be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and
shall on conviction thereof be punished by
a fine of not more than one thousand dol
lars or by imprisonment not longer than
two years or by both said punishments in
the discretion of the court
SEC 5 That every certificate record and
entry of any kind concerning any ceremony
of marriage or i the nature of a marriage
ceremony of any kind made or kept by any
officer clergyman priest or person perform
Ing civil or ecclesiastical functions whether
ciVl orecclesiiticaf onsw e er
lawful or not in any Territorypf the United
States andany record thereof in any office
or place shall be subject to inspection at all
reasonable times by any judge magistrate
or officer of justice appointed under the au
thority of the United States and shall on
request be produced and shown to such
judge magistrate or officer by any person
in whose possession or control the same may
be Every person who shall violate the pro
visions of this section shall be deemed
guilty of a misdemeanor and shall on con
viction thereof be punished by a fine of not
more thanone thousand dollars or by im
prisonment not longer than two years or by I
both said punishments in the discretion of I
the court And it shall be lawful for any I
United States commissioner justice judge I
or court before whom any proceeding shall
be pending in which such certificate record
or entry may be materially properwarrant
to cause such certificate record or entry
and the book document or paper contain
ing the same to be taken and brought be
fore him or it for the purposes of such proceeding
SEC 6 That nothing in this act shall be
held to prevent the proof of marriages
whether lawful or unlawful by any evidence
now legally admissible for that purpose
SEC 7 That it shall not be lawful for any
female t vote at any election hereafter held
i the Territory of Utah for any public par
pose whatever and no such vote shall be re
ceived or counted or given effect in any man
ner whatever and any and every act of the
Governor and Legislative Assembly of the
Territory of Utah providing for or allowing
the registration or voting by females is
hereby annulled
SEC 8 That nil laws of the Legislative
Assembly of the Territory of Utah which
provide for numbering or identifying the
votes of the electors at any election in said
Territory hereby disapproved and an
nulled but the foregoing provision shall not
preclude the lawful registration of votes or
any other provisions for securing fair elec
tions which do hot involve the disclosure of
the candidates for whom any particular elec I I
tor shall have voted
SEC 9 That the laws enacted by the
Legislative Assembly of the Territory of
Utah conferringjurisdiction upon probate
courts or the judges thereof or any of
them in said Territory other than in re
spect of the estates of deceased persons and
in respect of the guardianship of the persons
and property of infants and i respect of
the persons and property of persons not of
sound mind are hereby disapproved and an
nulled and no probate court or judge of
probate shall exercise any jurisdiction other
than i respect of the matters aforesaid and I
every such jurisdiction so by force of this act
withdrawn from the said probate courts or II
jtidgtS shall be had and exercised by the
ively district courts of said Territory respect
T SEC7 10 That the laws enacted by the
Legislative Assembly of the Territory of
Utah which provide for o recognize the ca
pacity of illegitimatechildren inherit or
t be entitled to any distributive share in
the estate of the father of such illegitimate
child a hereby disapproved and annulled
and no illegitimate child shall hereafter be
entitled inherit from his
entied mhert frm or her father or I r
to receive any distributive share in the es
father Provided That
tate of his or her P1ovide
this section shall not apply to any illegiti j
mate child bornprevious to the passage of
this act
SEC l That all laws of the Legislative I
Assembly the Territory of U a which
provide that prosecution for adultery can
only be commenced on the complaint of the I
husband or wife are hereby disapproved and
annulled and all prosecutions for adultery I
may hereafter be instituted in the same way
prosecutions for other crimes are
SEC 1 That the acts of the Legislative
Assembly of Utah incorporating continu
ing or providing forthe corporation known
as the Church of Jesus Christ of latterday
Saints and the ordinance of the socalled
General Assembly of the State of Deseret
incorporating the Church of Jesus Christ of
latterday Saints so fa as the samemay
now have legal force and aldty are here
by disapproved and annulled so far as the
same may preclude the appointment by the
United States of certain trustees of said
corporation as hereinafter provided The
President of the United States by and with
the advice and consentbf the Senate shall
appoint fourteen trustees of the said cor
poration who shall have and exercise all the
powers and functions of trustees and assist
ant trustees provided for in the laws creating
amending continuing the said corporation
which trustees so appointed shall hold their
respective offices for the term of two years
and the trustees of said incorporation shall
annually or oftener make a full report to the
Secretary of the Interior embracing all the
property business affairs and operations of
the said corporation and Legislative
Assembly of the Territory of Utah shall not
have power to change the laws respecting
said corporation without the approval of
Congress Said trustees shall each give
bond payable to the United States with
good and sufficient security for the faithful
discharge of the duties incumbent upon him
as trustee in such sum asmaybe prescribed
by the Secretary of the Interior
SEO 13 That it shall be the duty of the
AttorneyGeneral of the United States to
institute and piosecute prooeedingsto for
feit and escheat to the United States the
property of corporations obtained or held in
violation of section three of the act of Con
gress approved the first day of July eighteen
hundred and sixtytwo entitled An Act to
punish and prevent the practice of polyga
my in the Territories of the United States
and other places and disapproving and an
nulling certain acts of the Legislative As
sembly of the Territory of Utah or i
violation of section eighteen hundred and
ninety of the Revised Statutes of the United
States and all such property so forfeited
and escheated to the United States shall be
disposed of by the Secretary of the Interior
and theproceeds thereof applied to the use
and benefit of the common schools in the
Territory in which such property may be
Provided That building shall forfeited
which is held and occupied exclusively for
purposes of religious worship
SEC 14 That in any proceeding for the
enforcement of the provisions of law against
corporations or associations acquiring or
holding property in any Territory of the
United States in excess of the amount lim
ited by law the court before jcl such pro
ceeomg may DO instituted snau nave power
i a summary way to compel the production
of all books records papers and documents
of or belonging to any trustee or person
holding or controlling or managing property
in which such corporation may have any
right title or interest whatever
SEC 15 That all laws of the Legislative
Assembly of the Territory of Utah or of the
Scaled goven nem of the State of Deseret
creating organizing amending or continu
ing the corporation or association called the
Perpetual Emigrating Fund Company are
hereby disapproved and annulled and it
shall not be lawful for the Legislative Assembly
sembly of the Territory of Utah to create
organize or in any manner recognize any
corporation or association for the purpose of
or operating to accomplish the bringing of
persons into the said Territory for any pur
pose whatsoever
SEC 16 That it shall be the duty of the
AttorneyGeneral of the United States to
cause such proceedings to be taken in the
Supreme Court of the Territory of Utah as
shall be proper to dissolve the said corpora
tion and pay the debts and to dispose of the
property and assets thereof according to law
Said property and assets i excess of the
debts and the amount of any lawful claims
established by the court against the same
shall escheat to the United States and shall
be taken invested and disposed of by the
Secretary of the Interior under the direction
of the President of the United States for the
benefit of common schools in said Territory
SEC 17 That the existing election dis
tricts and apportionments of representation
concerning the members of the Legislanve
Assembly the Territory of Utah are here
by abolished and it shall be the duty of the
Governor Territorial Secretary and the
United States Judges iri said Territory forth
with to redistrict said Territory and appor
tion representation in the same in such
manner as provide as nearly as may be
for nn equal representation of the people
excepting Indiansnot taxed being citizens
of the United States according to numbers
in said Legislative Assembly and to the
number of members of the Council and
House of Representatives respectively as
now established by law and a record of the
establishment of such new districts and the
apportionment of representation thereto
shall be made the representation Secretary
ofsaid Territory and such establishment
Territor establiment
and representation shall continue until Con
gress shall otherwise provide and no persons
other than citizens of the United States
otherwise qualified shall be entitled to vote
at any election said Temtory
SEC 18 That the provisions of section
nine of said Act approved March twenty
FPl0niL ioTitapn linnrlrarl nnrJ AfnTiln r
v5 uuu
regard to registration and election offices
regstaton ofces
and the registrationof voters and the con
duct of elections and the power and duties
of the board therein mentioned shall con
tinue and remain operative until the provis
ion and laws therein referred to be made
and enacted by the Legislative Assembly of
said Territory of Utah shall have been made
and enacted by said Assembly and shall
have been approved by Congress
SEC 19 That whoever commits adultery
shall be punished by imprisonment in the
penitentiary notjexceeding three years and
when the act is committed between a mar
red woman and a man who is unmarried
both parties to such act shall be deemed
guilty of adultery and when such act is
committed between a married man and a
woman who is unmarried the man shall be
deemed guilty of adultery
SEO 20 That if
an unmarried
2 unmared man or
woman commits fornication each of them
ehall be punished by not
walbe pushd imprisonment ex
ceeding sixmonths or by fine not exceeding
one hundred dollars
SEC 21 That commissioners appointed
by the Supreme Court and District Courts
in the Territory of Utah shall possess and
may exercise all the powers and jurisdiction
that are or may be possessed or exercised by
justices of the peace saidTerritory under
thb laws thereof ana the same powers con
ferred by law OI commissioners appointed
by Circuit Courts of the United States
SEC 2 That theMarshal of said Terri
tory of Utahand deputies shall possess I
and may exercislhill the powers in executing
thelaws of the United States possessed and
exercised by sheriffs and their deputies a I
peace officers and each of them shall cause
all offenders against the law in his view to
enter into recognizance to keep the peace I
and to appear at the next term of the court
having jurisdiction of the case and to com
mit to jail incase of failure to give such re
cognizance They shall quell and
cogzance quel suppress
assaults and batteries riots ronts affrays
and insurrections and shall apprehend and
committo jail all felons
SEC 2 That the office of Territorial Su
perintendent of District Schools created by
I the laws of Utah i hereby decIaredTacant
and it shall be the duty of the Supreme
Court of said Territory to appoint a Terri
I torial Superintendent of District Schools
who sal possess and exercise all the powers
and duties imposed by the laws of said Ter
I ritory uponthe Territorial Superintendent
of District Schools and who shall receive
the same salary and compensation which
shall be paid out of the treasury of sad
Territory and the laws of the Territory of
Utah providing for the method of election
and appointment of such Territorial Superintendent
intendent of District Schools are hereby
suspended until the further action of Con
gross shall be had in respect thereto The
aid Superintendent shall theret power Te JI
prohibit the use i any district school of
any power to prohibit the use in any dis
trict school of any book of a sectarian char
acter or otherwise unsuitable Said Super
intendent shall collect and classify statis
tic and other information respecting the
district schools in said Territory showing
their progress the whole number of children I
of school age thennmber who attend school
in each yearn the respective counties and I
Q j
t > J
I average length of time of their attendance
the number teachers nnd the compensa
tion paid to the same the number of teach
ers who are Moro the number who are
the number of children
socalled Gentiles ub chd
of Mormon parents and the number of
children of socalled Gentile parentS and
their respective average attendance at
school All of which statistics and infor
mation shall be annually reported to Congress
gress through the Governor of said Territory
tory and the Department of the Interior
SEC 2 a A widow shall be endowed
the third part of all the lands whereof her
husband was seized of a estate of inheri
tance at anytime during the marriage
b The widow of any alien who at the
time of his death shall be entitled by law to
hold any real estate i she be a inhabitant
of the Territory at the time of such death
shall be entitled to dower of such estate in
the same manner as i such alien had been
o If a husband seized of on estate of in
heritance i lands exchanges them for other
lands h widow shall not have dower of
both but shall make her election to be en
dowed of the lands given or of those taken
in exchange and if such election be not
evinced by the commencement of proceed
ings to recover her dower of the lands given
in exchange within one year after the death
of her husband she shall be deemedthave
elected to take her dower of the lands re
ceived in exchange
d When a person seized of a estate of
inheritance in lands shall have executed a
mortgage on such estate before marriage
his widow nevertheless shall be entitled to
dower out of the lands mortgaged as against
every person exceptthe mortgagee or those
claiming under hu
e Where a husband shall purchase
lands during coverture and shall at the
same tie mortgage his estate in such lands
to secure the payment of the purchase
money his widow shall not be entitled to
dower out of such lands as against the
mortgagee or those claiming under him although
though she shall not have united i such
mortgage but she shall be entitled to her I
dower as against all other persons
f Wherein such case themort agee or
those claiming under him shall after the
death of the husband of such widow cause
the land mortgaged to besold either under
a power of sale contained in the mortgage
or by virtue of the decree of a court of
vte cou
equity and if any surplus shall remain after
payment of the moneys due on such mor
gage and the costs and charges of the sale
such widow shall nevertheless be entitled to
the interest or income of the onethird part
of such slus forher life n her dower
g A widow shall not be endowed of
lands conveyed to her husband by way of
mortgage unless he acquire an absolute es
tate therein during the marriage period
h Incase of divorce dissolving themar
rage contract for the misconduct of the
wife she shall not be endowed
Dr FOOTE Senior i
Of 120 Lexington Avenue New York
Hereby cautions the public NOT to
Employ or Communicate with a
man styling himself Dr Foot Jr
without making due inquiry
This man came to Salt Lake City representing
himself as the son of Dr E B FOOTE of New
York the well known specialist as abundantly
proved by affidavits As rumors came into Salt
Lake City from Dakota and Montana from an
expose made there he changed his base and
represented himself as the son of a more noted
specialist in New York City than Dr E B
FOOTE the well known author Mr JOHN F
TROW of the well known Trows Directory in
New York City forty years in the directory
business ExGovernor FEANK FDLLEB of Utah
and the Hon ABRAM WAKEJIAN Jor many years
Postmaster in New York City also Surveyor of
the Port gave their affidavits that there are no
other doctors in New York by the name of FOOT
or FOOT excepting Dr E B FOOTE the author
of Medical Common Sense etc and his two
lions Dr E B FOOTE Jr and Dr HUBERT T
FOOTE The genuine Dr FOOTE Jr will here I
after always employ the initials E Bhln desig
nating his name Heretofore he has been
known not only at home but wherever pub
lications have been circulated by the name of
Dr FOOTE Jr Greater care will be taken here
after in view of the fact that an unprincipled
person has assumed to profit by his and his
fathers reputation
Those desiring furthei and more detailed in
formation i respect to this matter will receive
i by addressing Box 414 Salt lake City Utah
Persons having information of advantage to
Plaintiffs will kindly communicate the same to
Lake J W City Ivey with Sutherland McBride Salt
Those desiring consult DR FOOTE profes
sionally or to order remedies should address
120 Lexington ATC New York
Consultation Free inpoKon or by letter
But BE SURE to Examine the Stockof
148 Main Street
Anywhere Else
My Prices are always the Lowest the Goods
always the Best
You can find the largest assortment of
Gold Silver Watches
And everything needed inthat line at
ViO3r IDwOt Prj ces
v Wholesale and Retail Dealer hi
S T 0 V E S
Cast and Wrought Iron RANGES II
Copper and SheetIron Work I
253 f Main St Salt Lake Ctyi i
First Day of October 1885
Ladies and gentlemen who want to join moaT i
call at IaV I
cal once Chemical Metallurgical and Min
guaranteed ingExaminations attended to and satisfaction I
IH W FIST STREET next to Herld Building
Or 19 E Second South Street BuldID
THIS PAPER mnaibofoumion m Gee
I 1110 rlirCH RoweR CoVKewBMcerAdl
cwrtractsjnaybomacfororU TerUsjns Bureau 10 Srauce Stxwherea5verti IN NEW XQftK lnz I
G t 4 D WE
Salt lake City and Ogden Utah
Cpen and Top BtLggie
Knowles Steam Pumps For all Purposes A Sizes Constantly in Stock
Correspondence solicited Enquiries answered promptly
Keep a Pull Stock of These Celebrated Wagons
Concord Buggies Spring Wagons
Oliver Chilled Plows Moline Plows
Casaday and Flying Dutchman Sulky PJom
And a Full Line o Agricultural Goods Hardwood and Wagon Materials u
Specialty Call on or AddressHOWARD
Sal lake City or Ogden Utah
A Fisher Brewing Co
Brewery near U C RR and D R G Depots
Salt Lake City Utah
We are now prepared t supply the Public with
Keg and Bottled Beer
Of Superior Quality
t Popuar Prioes
The City Depot for the celebrated Albert Fisher
Beer i at
Tufts Nystroms
Popular Beer Hall 109 S Main St
Where will always be found a supply of our
BZos d ESotrtlod Beer
Orders Solicited and Promptly Attended To
BREWERY PO Box 1047 Telephone 294
HEADQUARTERS at Tufts Nystroms Tele
phone 179
A Fisher Brewing Co
The Old Reliable
Is again this year 18S5 producing tho
Finest Lager Beer
r =
D0111CU iseer a specialty
Try i and be convinced
Office 17 and 19 E 2d South Stteet
Salt lake City
Call and See Us
On Second South sreet you will find the hest of i
Beer Wines liquors and Cigars I
The Celebrated FISHER BEER always on tap
The proprietor and attendants will always
make you welcome and wl
welcoIe supply want
known to the trade Give Us a call ever youll
come again
The address JSr 2 and 3 W Second South
street and once found it will be remembered
The wants of the ublc are well understood by
us and they shall be studiously attended to
Pool Billiards and ShO PEACOCK in
Lame baflding Shootig Galer
To SMOKERS of Blackwells
Genuine Bull Durham
Smoking Tobacco
T Sp Deposit is to naxn the
payment of the Dept i fully described
I our former announeemet ded
The premnimn will be paid no matterhow
small pd
tile number mtr
te ofbags returned
nubr otb rted may bo
S OJlet macirw Our Tolaceo
ll DrA 2oe Co
P A N Nay 10 1 i
r N
f I D SmWe1 = o YO J 10 wh
1 Yo t J B CA lt
Of of at Sank of Durham
z I C E Burton NC Say 10 IfiSf
D Press Sl2j Ble acknowleige rcacco C
hve t recpJp of
Sp p ufet OUUhe w K14 rp
Yours 1b p A WILEy Ciahier
None genuine vt ontrtctoe of BULL on tha
8ee ou other announcementa
I vm
The Best Newspaper in America
and by far the Most Readable
Agents wanted everywhere to earn
money in distributing the Suns Pre
The most interesting and advanta
geous offers ever made by any News
No Subscriber ignored or neglected
Something for all
Beautiful and Substantial Premiums i
Standard Gold and otherWatchesValuabla
Book the Beat Family Sewing Machine
known to the trade and a annnequalod list
of objects of real utility and instruction
Rates 2 > y Mal Postpaid
DAILY per Yea without Sunday S6 0
DAILY per Month withoutSunday 50
SUNDAY per Year 10 I
WEEKLY per Year 10 I
Address THE SuN New York City
The most popular Weekly newspaper devoted
toocience mechanics engineering discoveries in
ventions and patents everpnblished Every num
ber illustrated with splendid engravings This
publication furnishes I most valuable encyclopedia
Information which no person should be without
The popularity of the smmxmc AMERICAS U9
such that its circulation nearly equals that of all
other papers of its class combined Price a
rear Discount to Clubs Sold by all newsdealers
U co Publishers Ko 361Broadway N Y
AInnn Co haro
AENTS also had Thirty
11 Eight years
practice before
I tho Patent OfSco and have prepared
moro than One Hundred T
thn Thou
sand applications for patents in tub
P United Suites and foreign i countries
F Caveats TradeMarks Copyrights
Assignments and all other papers for
I securing to inventors their rights in the
I United States Canada England France
I Germany and other foreign icountries pre
forig coutes pr
I pared at short notice and on reasonable terms
I Information i as to obtamingpatents cheer
JJ < en
H > lvcu nibuuub cuarge xmoaDOOKS or
information sent free Patents I obtained
through Munn Co are noticed in the Scientific
ea ed f f
American free The advantage of such notice is
well understood by all persona who wish to dlB
pose of their patents
Address J1UNN CO Office SclEsmTO
AC 2S1 Broadway Now York Scc
Deseret National Bank
Paid in Capital 200000
Surplus 200000
H S Eldredge President
Wm Jennings VicePrest
Feramorz Little
John Sharp 1 Directors
Wm W litter Drectors
L S Hlll Cashier
Jas T Little Asst Cashier
Receives Deposits Payable on Demand
Buys and Sells Exchange on New York San
Francisco Chicago St Luis York
don Omaa
and principal continental cltiosT
I gCollectionsr Remitting Proceeds
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
A Specialty
Prices to Suit the Times
Call on us before purchasing SOLCITED
152 fl FlrJt Soth Street
itn Ward Assembly Rooms Opposite
> Man and Beast
Mustang Liniment is older than
most men and used more and
more every year
j j <

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