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Salt Lake evening Democrat. (Salt Lake City, Utah) 1885-1887, February 26, 1887, Image 4

Image and text provided by University of Utah, Marriott Library

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tH nhc fmoccnt
HflHIIA nllltlAIIY 11 111
Hunt lorSftlc Help U null 1 etc UiStcclol
jluran four lines or leos2e for nr t ln tr
lloii Ijc for inch Mihiciuiiit Inscrtli a
Olio Sniuro onu Inch i cr month l J2 60
Local Hen ling Isotlccs ICc icr lino for each
uicrllon SlnndliiK IxcaU beler Hue per
uVuoii CarI N < cup > lng one Imlf Iiicli In
jcclnl Oolnmn 1 Oier raoiilli Vllllliiial
lneo I nt snme rate
lor jpcclnl rntct oiicontlnnoiis nlvcrtUIni
rlnrtonmoiintof tpnce cull at tho linliic
Cnsh Inv irlnllj in nlvnnce for nil rnnolcnt
I lr l suit Inkotltr lontofflcp I I
T IKF OTY Unh Ap1 I 18SG I
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110110111 rlh 7IOIln 71 am I
t i Ji m3
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lIk WI 710pm I 7IOnm
I clo CIIY 1011 r20 nm
IUO Uth r111 r2a1
l I tNI l J
11 ahll I IIIIOr1 mol Ilal II lme I
1 0 I IOW 1 lolmate I
TIl mli ul foi tlu plumbing and cas
Ihlmuof i iitkn s now hottl has been let
to Mr I f larioll and ho expects to
hal thu work all tone at an carh date
having plait d I large foreo of mon at
vnik tin lion
II J 1 It I Minis IU the photographic
artist l hii a beuitifiil p iintuig on oslubi
tion in Viiorbath s window Ihoscono I
ton i I viII of Twin Ieal s from Mill Creek
and Iho foreground is i t specially well ex i
ututtd whlk tht mountuns appparei
Ihedlieuntv of Ihedion of HI Marks
I ilhcdial is i shown in tho itccnt enrich
men of tht music in tlu pvimng scrvui
in Een I ull Ilu divuut iisponsts
ut the diuitli htuigv lie eh inttd in thu
HolUnn Git oiun tone michtd bv tin
auompmvmg humomis of tlu oigm
riusihoril Htrvico bv tht dioir mstt 11
ot being as luietofori on isional has
bciomaa rtgiihu ordei with Hit furthei
ilhtionuf an inthem at tvtrv Nmd iv
ovomng sirvieu at 7 J flu dosing
vohmt irv or recession il isselcdel fiom
thly liirnujmrel inmpositi > ns jf 111
rp it oljan m islers
C oh ib Kushton a shoit time since
was prcichiii in tlu Sth Wild meet
mg house Dining his icmarls ho
shoticd out lo HIP vonng i coplp 1 ivo
vour ioliion YOI oung men nuirr
up these oung sisters of Israel If von
don 1 t Ill hue to mail y somu I ot them I
inself The Sixth w ird tirls would be
hard up indeed to mlrry such an old
lodger is KiHiton Girls < voul bettor
i itili on with sjuio respectable lw 1
ibiding outh who would love yon
thioutli life and ne ti talw t a second wife
lui DIMOCKU still H ihcidv spoken
iol oh is 01 wpd olfir to help IIli out our
W 1 I Dwyer is again m tho citv
Scott Elliott is back from Seotl md
Mrs S A Harmon the mother of
Mrs J T Snyder of this eitv irnstd
here laRt 1 night from Dmville 111
Mr 15 S I itch of New York 1resi
dent of tho Utah Mull md Haiway Com
pany is siHndmg a fel f divs at tlu
Walker Honse
Sim Hamill whoso fico vv is so fa
mihar about tho Silt ako Thoatio m
yearR ono bhis rclurned to the eitv
nfl trail ibsenneo of three v cars in lexas
Mr Gcor o It Cildwcll formerh of
tho 1 iriinio Jloomcianj arrived in this
i it ly last ov ening h iv mg como hero to nc
ept the assoeiito editoiship of Tin
Di 1 MOCK vi
ChI I I lirculiii la < Hcn il Out Iliirnr
lr Inm
The hoodlums me still on the rim I
pae and uiLjit before list it nbout
o oclock inothei pirt of this distm
ynshed element of > lit Lake dudes visi
iled the residence of Mi llirnoj llarvcv
on South Mini Street and Knowing who
lived there proposed to entei the place
mil demolish the furniture and commit
othoi depredations Mrs llarvuv who
vasin tho hOI u with htr servant heard
tho remarks nnd noiso mil n itiirnllv be
nmo ninth frightened
Iho men lio made the threats al
Known to Mr llirvov and ho gives fair
waining tint I ro > etitioti of tho alFur
will bring upon them I shot gun well
loulcd with buckshot
Why do not our policeman take cog
niz into of these hoodlums nnd stop these
nihtlv dtpreditions f
nlil f till rill 1 > < r I
lhunnhlhc IhojnntiV Norlhtrn his
just put its tolling stoek I in motion it h is
ilreidv otpeiienttd its lust fatal icei
dint trow of mel with two hind
j tars wticsent out to woik on the teli
graph line Iho first t al jnmid tho
tiaol spilling two of the mel biel ward
upon the tracK s the olhti car was
lunning tlo0 bolimd it rin into the
f wreck Idml ono man instnntlv mtl 1 f a
laly injuring othi rs
DeliKltio 01 loiuiuotivi iiiniupirs
J mimbtis of tht Piotliuhoo 1 md em
plovisof thu Union Ileillc system from
Id iho Mont mi Utah voming Color
a lo NebrasKa and K msjs ire at the i
Covens They hale COIU to Omaha to i I
arrange matters connected with the loco
motivi dtpirtment and aro selected bv
tin different brotheihool divisions or
lodges to represent them m the m ittur
They aio iviv Intelligent bod > of len
Tim wojk hI fai Ins been pithmimrj
How long thov will remain will dtpind
upon tin pogiixs madi nnil Ilu
Iho Ottlduitiil
No Ib g First South street Iuro
100 Is only all of tho pest juahtv Our
I I icihtits to siipplj tho trade and nmillos
t aio iiiiesi oiled nnd our priten just
1 l UII A Aluniiiv Proprietors
limit Disease
I lie id the hospital rc > orl8 read the
inortuar ports read thomedicil pub
t llcations J rend tho Ii newspijicrH and
r leain how widesireid J is heart disease
J how dillltult of detection It is to most
I people how m my and how sudden aro
Hints Ircatiho on Heart Diseise mil
lear what it is what causes it what dm
uises it gives rise to whit ilssvinptoms
aio and how it may bo ittieKod I jou
llnd that von hive heart disease ask
join drtig0ist for I bottle of Du lusrh
lit VIIT UUMIDV riio Iniitut may hu
h id on npiilii ition to
J J MACK 1 < Co
> od U and 11 Front street S 1
Mrs I oxs Nuvil InmiiKi I 11lhI
ttiiant nnil Mis I m tars Im
r < sshp Ineliie Iart nt
tin Iost t
Ilu IwowiitiM nglntcis I IIIhl
Mm mon mid I oinstcis 1nrtlis
Vt linidi II llnnni Hull
INisimnl and dun 1 nil Notts Ilu
llonnmtisN Inflj Imtj osslp
lor tin I miles Soelit
In Ogdui
Ilu following in1 the most impoit mt
cvtntsof Iho weeK just ended
llrs lox > Iliiunkc liu
On luesdi evening list Airs M 1 l
Fox 1 give nt her residence on Irijji un
street a Innc iko Tea lnrlvtlu lrt
of the kind ovir given in this titv It is
nn 1 old 1 nghMi lustOI ali tliopirtits
aro dwnSKivtn onSlirovo Iiitsdiv tht
diy pri tciling Ash UtdncsiU tie first
Ihlyof Ienta lilting f time to close the
vvmtei s festivities I is i tho custom of
tho I nglish or piseopil 1 Church on tins
clay to confess their sins if ter w Inch tlY
UK ml the rimundprof tho cay in amuse
inputs and in ngland I tho amusements
halo becomoof a f islnonablc charaetei
such as festive bmqitcts etc nnd the
di now is known as Pancake tuts
day from the ommon prieliioof citmu
pancakes heneo 1 pancake tea pait ty is
now the ultra fashion iblo way of closing I
the niprn sodnl season preceding
lent t
lentMrs Fox I ibsued lnitations to lIfeI
fin nils and nt I l clock the dining mom
thrown and the pceno tint
w is thrwt open Ind pcelo
her greeted tho guests was perfectv
da7lmg in its splendor tho room being
hindsomel driped m led silk festoons
md othei decorations Ihe table was
also dressed in puro nituril flowers of
red Iho pmeilts werp served m
courses with honey maple and other
svrnps sugirs mil in act i urvthmg in
tho vv iv of sweet idiblos Vfter the
flat i t wiH over m idjomnmeiit w is takul t
In I the parlor when I soda il I in
Kiliimmeut iol a 101 oiisi lin of
voed mil iiiHliumentil miisu lanting
md times The jniloi nuni uf f kono
was intioilutid Ilul I tu tin winners woit
piiseiittd nt it mil picttv pnis d
biiiksaiid other tlet ml souvenirs
Vt the ckxo of thi i untieiiitnts tin
coSt t1
quests win trtitid to a different upisl
ofeiemis lies ml ill is fI11 1 in tin
p irlors
Vt o ictlv Uocloek I the pusls II li
parted Vsh Wednesday md lent hid
I inived mil llm harming hostess who
hid so novell mil cleg mil ontirl until
her friends was bade good nidit
fhol idles md gentlemen who wi tl n
upitnts of unit itions vvtrt
Mrs K Ivovts Miss tottn Mis
kimbill AIiss Out Miss KOMU Dar
Miss Mackintosh Ibs Wikes lbs
ilkcr Miss jmmb Miss Spi i0ui
I Mr Murin Mr iKjn II live
Mr Wilkes Mi Ninth Mr 011 1 Mi
K V Kees II Mielton
The kcno pues win won by Mi1
I drieo 1otti i and II thl Wilki
Cht I urm 1 in liri rirlj
rieuttnmt all Mrs Turner tm a
very pleasant pro nssivo cuclno put
at their qu irters at FOt I Dougl is on Mon
da ovemng
Iho following lilies md neiitlomtn
1101 the tables
Ir md Mrs Fox 1 Miss Fox Mibs
liessio WikoH Mr mil Mrs Ned WiCh
Misllo Kimbill IHs lilmeho Kim
ball Miss 1ottei Miss Conklin Miss
1 mini Walker Miss S idler Miss Merov
WalkeI Mr and Mis 1 red WalkBr Mi
lenderist Mr ccles Iicutenmtli
gait Mr and Mrs LOIe I Miss Kovlo
Mr O H Dod e Mrs Ijster M ijoranl
Mrs llnbaut 1 loutenmt Walker I icu
tonmtnnd Mis Aoung Dr and Mrs
Hoidcn Captain Jlimson I iciiten ints
Uurnhain Shattuck Masse Mevens
ali Bush Major Kinzie Miss Kmio
and Captain liaker
iho first ladies prices ettlung lolkH
were won by Miss Conklin IHS Fox ali
Mrs Or Hordon
Ked Wilkes ant Lieuten ints liuniliam
and btovens won tho first gentlemens
holders pnes of whisk biooms with orn imcnti d
Iho ladies hieond pnis wero hand
some perfume bottles encased in a clipper
I ind wrro al ani ell to Miss Kinii 1s
Hole and Mrs Young
Ciptam Monson I icuteinnt Hush and
Mr Fox took a penwier cieh a is tho
contlpmcns boobv
t l < iiiiR of Honor Hull
The publip temper into meeting hell
in Itmploof Honor Hall un Wcdntidi
uvomng was lar uly ntttndol Iho
evenings programme w is rendered m a
ver credit iblo inanncr Ly those who
assisted as follows Vddress 1
Smons stlect reading II 0 lolsom
instrumental liirmonuas banjo ml
Millars by Mcssis Ililstead liipt ali
others iceit ition John Ilrouh inmii
song larry Ilnlbort select leidmg
AIiss 1innopk Mr John Iml
lss Iinnork song II 111
comet solo II Held leiompanud on
orgal In 11 iiili iiutilion IHWII i
A B I lliotnHon iiistiumcnt il Ouil ir
md banjo Meir Miller mil Furtl 1 V
numb i ol tclulions 111 niulind m a
mastcrll manner In leldI eoinet ball
and 111 Indilv uprpiutei bv Ihost
prcMiit ll jet of the i vpinng wa is
the 101 nd solo In Mi Hold MI went
hcinip fi tling well p ud f 11 tin ir trouble
Miss iiii iiiiui < lull Piiium
lliu llrst of tho seiies of novd I I ilU
pulling pirties on lined at Miss Ion I i
nuns i si k nit on rimisliv tvtiuiv
riiiboeidv mm uf liu 11illl vi I WIN
not honored with an invil itiun but tint
entabli htllo bird bore him the fulluw
nig unique actount of tl lOstnniL whiih
were indeed now IH will is lu liuuus I
1ivov w IH Ill I in llmlitcit
stjle of Iarisian biiind 111 I bikers
ipron m Ifiintr
I loe Oilhnlui was attned in a VIty
roomv ipron 111 Ioku bonnet
Mr 10 < LUFII 1 hit md MCIU
Mr ils > ii lepiesentcd sweet Mteen
in a Sot hi 11111 lalwn i from his HUH
i pksUut
Uut tho swti lest 1 of al wtu Ta l gnoil
I andOtntki Iho former borrowed a swits
costume the latter a pnnttfis Nu won
der tho ladies lovo them tlu swpt
1rmk Nan Horn in order not tu hod
his clothes fisttntd the bottom of an
ancient skirt iround his nUk iitlini
holes for hm arms For I a hit ho wow
the crown of u silk heaver
Inn Miiclds was verv diuiulk I m
i duo Iimiu should hh IM thonrh
and uso less newspipirs Ilu mitiun
of tho part was Harriott m liitlui Hub
harI ant sun bonnet Nuxt timi mv
lio > outio in ipion tie it ludu r up it
m I I I 1
hOI was used bv two spoonu s who hall
uo itea of colt lliopartv bruki up at I
Into hour md was votul I thorough
siietcss S s L s
I In 1 oriMUrfc Hall
One of the nlensancst mil most t
lJleaslutest InI
sociable public affairs of the vvttk was
that given at Lrapormm Hall Mundav
I cvcninu bv Court 1iido of Ltah No
I 7 167 l Ancient Ordei of toresters
i Ibis order In its general character re
tmblcslhe Knights of 1 thllAU I
an I tl I I 0 O F and hid Its origin in
I ujlnn1 I in 1741 I nndi r tlu title ul Iui il
I orcteis but In 1854 Ins thingidlo
the prpHiit name nnd Iherc is i inelv a
I h unlct or illume in this brolllltl 1 tfiat
does not eont iln a lodge I
EvulY man for overv man hhnclf
includod is the Ordt r s ruling prim iple
In nt Mile neu and friou Nhip itsobjuts i
justice and inoi ilitv its ehiraetensties
Iho then cal Inllor that their soei ds
arc well atteudid uni made enjovnblt I
Them weie omi sivuitv loiiplt at Ihu I
IRt I dame who I ill1 I tho liJht fant istit
to Olsi 1111 dilighlful iriiHii until m ir
broad divhjht
The ollucrs il thi Loo I ILU ult G 1
Lvuns 1 C K 1 MiDmoiUi C
U I G Diwson s C U C < V
Smith Ireismei Ii U Vsluuoiir li
naneiiil Sccretarv alliiL Im i He
cording Sccrctan l 11 Giles s U i
W W 1 vans I I i Gto Ioiu N I
It i Urn K Dunn I I
I esides the ollucis and iiicmb is of
the lodms present with then wives
diiiLlitus m 1 sweethearts were
IHS Ititl AIiss cilci Mrs G U
Ashmoi Alis U I 1mIH I Airs Move
Cioldinc AIi s 1 O Diwsoti Airs Gold
ing AluM smith Miss AVdliims Miss
Iav GolduiL IRs L I Jiird Mrs AN I
1rito Alis J I 1 1 AleiKiu Miss Dillon I
ls Sheet Airs AIosici Airs I I
Ihevvci AIiss Iice AIiss 1 Idruke Mrs
Alartin Alis I Sherm in Airs mos
the Alisses Luminuiis Miis 1tuoiK
AlissCooK AhssWhitnev andothtis
lss lRH While ali othlIR
I he I iieoiunlliL I ti tiui rn
jive their third imnii il bal at the
alkei UpIm 11lotiso In 1 ist v ening 1 hero
were somi OHO people present and the
Han litirnlh mimed bo
lancing 111 w is 1rly jlumOI j
caly and tlnuui ill thu ball was iLmd
sutttss lime woie nituiv visitors from
the bin rounding coimtr The pro
jriimmt eontaiiied twcnt hvo dmees
mil was gotten up hy thu voung artist
lunitis otnig A notiti ible fc ituro was
a locomotive whistle over the prompter s
icid ly which he aimounttd the open
in all coil of i ich dance
Hi titkets I include 1 a eirin0o
ID mil from the hull and I it
a late lioui this morin the luiel s I
wcio still running heio Ill time with
Iho tirtd but pie ised dancers Uu IDS i
lumcs were neb and handsome all the
whole ill m was the Invest the Ojcil
11I Ins uein for over a ear
CI Ilrou
Thu Illony Cub IO thu closiug
tce of the urieH at th Wllikor Oper
10usI on TueHlly evoninl Thu cub is
a IUllug one of Mlciety ulll wu 101 lt
llndc1 hy al the membe1 80 wul knuIl
bein mallu 10 start another
Elort ar
elios hieh wil 101111 1111 lt
Ie sful
The lImon is comoMd almost
oXllsivelyof 11 ried coplu bnt dmiut
thu thu vOlner socety eo
lex eles
plo wi bu ufmitted lw lame u
Iest thu ttle of the clU nl drsH Is
10t ole of iLs fuatueH hencu tho ocahles
lr very 0c lble
I Itlrlliilli Inrl
On lliuisda > oveiiin a most dthdillul
putv w is given it tin 1 icsidenteof Mr
lirown in tho Sixteenth ward li it 01 being
tho Jlst birthda of Ir John IIII l
Omtuiu was iiuhilned m till midnight
when al adjomned to the dining rum
md ite md thank to the he ilth of Mr
lirown al hoping Hut ho might live to
ICU many Units 1 and have is good t
timt as was hid list riiursdi night
Vmong the in mv smiling fites piesent
were Mr A iiutt Miss F Ishels Mr g
Hod0es Miss H 1111 Thomas
Miss M I llodcs Mr A M irnetts Miss
b Boklint Mi I I Ihompson M ISH S
Williams Miss Thomas Miss Wixe
MM ildmg mil Mi I Diiniu
Ihe KnluliCs ol st Uiiliiiils
fins popular club gave Ihe list hou ol
tho second sores lt the Walker Open
louse on Momlu evemiu last The
atlan was lartelv attended hy the mem
bers The second Rents is destined to
bo eiimorosuticssful than the llrst
1M the mmigtmtnt halo i lopted a
luvol pl1 lot making their pirties
seleit llus is dOle by the issuance ol
an order fiom the club to tho elicit th it
no man itceivin a sllaly of more thin
tl II week sh ill lx 1 almiln 1 to any ol
tho pirties The pi m works crv nut
tissfiillv an1 1 isdlcctivc in kit ping en
tlemcn IIIY Irom the hops
Ier olil ut
M ijor lib tho 10111 d host of the
I Wliker House is sojourning m Southern
Cahform i md will ictinn nest week
His friends miss bun vcry mm b
Mrs M inu U njit of tl mt i Ua
special of the
I specal lonespondeiit uimj
SoMiis a niicit it the Wllkr Houso
Hit 1IIIy I is being shown ibout tho eit
to dav bv tin loi il newspiier mm
I Olllllll I ICIIIh
fho loit Doud is Owls will jivo a
d nice asbisted bv thu t Iroiibulours at
Wdktroptri HOIIH on Mirth 10th
The reinpermet Ksociitionantitipitt
giving motlii tnti rtammtnt during the
iunin0 month
monn thu Ill ittrutions at thus
s > oual lemple of Honor tnttrt iinnunt at
I Grin I rIY Hill on the 7lh of Mireh
I I Ihupti I I mil Mr Hemiitt in II t gie
ujiiu of then i huiiu stkitiuns
iu UIIliOlt rm
Ilreat ism Moru forthuu wh > alln1 I 1
liifli fur tin I milts
I Iho Nubriski tirl is i bv lal I her own
bo s lt tho ine uf IS
IUC btono predicts that i worn in will
bo Irtsuknt ol the Unitd Mates m Iho
vpai 2000
Ihu 1 vv ivs oi i p ihliii msnic past finding i
out Nxlein I nil I Mali s mti i af
m falor f 01 i w jin in s rhIK i
IniRsu piv s women from fixpnet i ti I
tenpuncii a dav to act lS UIIIH at rail
110 crosbinns The work is miinlv tu
upon and duo tl bus 111 I hnht and
sweep crossings
n amundment tu Ihu WOIUI Hltru
bill was mtruihitdl m thu Nuw Yurk
ltgibl ituro tho otll i cay providing that
un and attir thu 1st lav ui lannuv f isss
all bathelois illuiiinn Il an II i in
vctis ioiiiKtuiit lopruvtik furapirtnn
yea lOIJ > lull Irlvil furl parlmI
vet abstaining Irom inuiing into lliu
iaercd hOlds ui mattimunv slullbi nub
jett to 1 furftitnio of one ipi u ttr uf f tlu n
imnii il income whiih iimuunl sli ill bu I
lolhtidbv tho htutc lomptrolltr and I
ilistnljiitfd tcjuitabh among thu wuluws
and orphans uf tho Statu Had tu lulato
this amon Im nt was immnnouslv i voti il
l misiimptiim lIIfl
Au 110 I hyiil i ntild I frim utivs
lu had in his h indo
pr n Inu IHIill 11 plmcd halllu I I
bv an Eat t I nhl mission uv tin tJimiila
of a Miupli v IIIh niully 1 lor tlu
s ti Iv I an I li nn mi lit i un of oiiHiimp t I
liun Ininiiitih i it irrh I V tlnni I I mil i
1tr Tr
hiving thorough li Hit I its uoJilulnl
inritivi puwirs m llioiiMn I uf i iscs
Hols it IIIH dutv IJ I m iKo it kn MVII to Ins
Ktillirnu fillowH llm retiHMiii nut
to all who lay dnsiru it with full dim I
lions foi piepirmg and hiiLtosHlnll using
Addles with stamp I n lining Ihin piper
hltiII 117r 11
Dit AI 1 K lOGraudHimt l
ily N I
Him tilt IIIHI I tell SMllt tilt
Time nt 1nik CI I list 01 l
tin liuxto
Somi SloilM Ilopirul HiithiUj foi i I
tin Hives of tl Old Ins
Ilint Iliej ItuHlu When I
Vnii lioin llonu
Uiuiil Notts Iromtlu 1iiiK Mil
Hum Ki ids 1 ntiiinl Mining
M liters mill 1irsoiml
Corres n Uncc II I m OtMoutiT
I I DiU t mit up from silt Iake I
IlwHIIY cvttunc
I I UucKlo nul Illil1 I I Dunni Iithl I 1
over u few Ins after f the Old lellovvs
excursion iu I tling l business I for f tilth it
SpCctlVO tSt iblHllllcnt1
Ailliim lix former ontsi li hOSE at
the Ontario Mill ri turiiLtl a few days ago
from the muu 1 Iir 1 works it litirhnglon
Iollla i lliu Iirk is the cool old
Rlalll1Jthll 11 LOIIU hitk
Colond lem tuuu down fioni tho
Vnchor mini Ihmsliv to ittend the
G A 1 t imp Hit
And doling time hOle from the
Ogdeu Hot Spunks idncsdu feeling
soiuewh it Irl foi his tup
Charlts Heed cunt up on unpson
business ihurstl i aftprnoon
Tim Ontario resumed operations Well
in si iv in Jit after two divs ot quiet out
il rcseit to the 1 0 mol of illimi
W Islington birlhdi vv is tenci illv
obsirvi I m tho 1irK The plates of f
liiisimsH ml schools vveic closed md
with fliLs IIing the t town took on a boll
da iptarmtt
Vtdiu udav night a Ioyal league meet
ing waH hdd m bociotv Hall Ovei 100
membeis vvcri m attend into md some
important mi isuics were diStusHCI i
M noi lv n m addressed the meeting
lo tin shipment reported m AVednes
lays 11111 Iho Ply null has nude nn
idditional slupnipnt of ix birs contun
mg I l 71 l1m OIL of silver lotilfor
tho 11lk I bus loutiimnt 14ins
u u
le 11111 01 1 1111 111 111 I
la oiiK lal cdnoilij it 1 otloiK
vns out ol tI lucM t cti held in tht
luk Hit mine Untnio forte of men
wih nitinhtis of tht Masonic ali A 0
U I ordtrs tinned out to escort the
cmuns to then list rising plite The
argt hal Ias crowded mil mnnj were
in iblo to mi ulniitt inec The choir
jain hnilalce
inpoed ol tin nui ical tilent of f the
1lk itndiied ippropiule and tombing
nusii Vftti the opening hymns Nearer
my io1 1 to Hut ant fcsus lover
of Alv oul Miss liee Undoes sang
t iiitmg all Watching fol Me with
ninth fit hug and effect One hunlred
mil eight M Ions ind workmen on foot
ollowcd bv a largo number on horses
anti in slci0hs followed the remains to
the cemetcn whtrotht wciolud alay
to itst with ntiiil vervuts bv tin dilior
tut ordeis Utv 0 M 1 Jtllio eon
dueled the emits mil spoko from the
words For I now we sees through a ila s
dirklj then face to fiee vcrv ippio
prate woids i nisi lering the tin urn
st mcts of Mr Kcidsdcith
Win Gl a ° sman rcprestntuiL the Homo
ccident Associ ition of Cahforni i mil
the Lfo I Insiirinte Company of A irginm
ilavs has been iutlmg in the Itk for a few
J li W ilden is m town in the mUrcls
of the wooden ware nuliistiv
IIo > t Mipiimn ind I I G Pukinson
were unions the O V H visttois to the
Park riiin = div
1 b helium letmntd from tlio
uittropolis IhurMlaj evening
Ymong the isitors to the G V U
camp no lelO the follow 1115 from Sail
Lako Governoi Cileb V West ux
Govtinor El I II Mini i G L Godfic
General C II AIj Lrunonte Colonel
L II Minton W Stintou mil wife
IIem Ia0e V M I K Stoom W I
4ells ibbm wifi anl 1 d iiilitpr an1 1 Miss Josie I
Wi Alilormnl lor a plain drunk WIS
11t1 11 > m tho Ioho 1 Court Frillv
imis 100 tv inn no loll on the usi
tors to tin Ia I k during the list week of
pli > isim flu 1irk is noted for its
ool bur alI 1 VIMOIS ire ilw is
in iik is happy is 111 it irticlu tan make
them i they thooioto indulge Some
tiling hki th folowill is i tol1 1 on one of
them I rom some cause which is not
h ird to LHCSS hu misled thu morning
trim md wishing to let Ins inrtnir m
Halt Lake I know how it ippencd re
pined to a tikhoni > mil afer ruining
up md Halo hie Cenhal Hillo
< uc me hu Itah I lliu Central in
formed him tint the lonneetion waR
broken IUtl hat hI would halo 10 ask for
homi tiling ilsc Wull cnnmc Ine
cimmo allltJI0 hold on hie ivo
uiu uinm mil htrttt hit Ihe
11 nti il with the assist into of a friuil
cot him tin I ntlit connection and ho
st uted out II illo piidncr hu > hau
IIPIII hiiowin al ninht sixteen fu t of
hu MIOW 1 rain snowed in Io homo
t i monow In HJ lout
If Iliolutil uji tir of mini ho t Si
monss peak truthful some prettv touji
II s IIUM lel in towndiiringlhi witk
foi iftti sjmi proinintnt ninus we
liotiii HUI is tin follownu I I I 1
IU t llnk I i Idl In tin iv
mile Im I Ietk
m on leek ttt
The G V K calpll w is 111 IM Inl
ol tin isuii and it nm bo sul truth
fulK th it it w is tho bi lest success in its
lino that hu is i urbtcn hell in Iark City
flio larto haJ Ias tioudul to its utmost
thu pro i immo a is lendertd I could not
lino bien mmli btttiri the pork md
loans win immuiM tho crowd was
jollj mil soi lablo UK d Hieing w is hit
i u ronn w is hapm all di tl ired that n
belli r lime HIM ntur hat 1 in Turk < ity
dmtliulit tj tho O U bojs miiat
In Ljunln Hit people of tbt 1irk for
KII treat I is to ho liojcl tlm will
nut bo their Ilst I dibit t
HID isitors to HID tup 11 win
uiitcrtiinul hI tho 1 1 1 brissbindj
met them lit thu tr mi and 1llnllll < 1
to the hold while an CM dlunt diiinir
was awaiting them Ii isit to the On
taro iiiino Wai thu nuxt thinl anllhe I
fun lliu put hal un tlm trip w IH un
munso All cnjojul it In irtil > and
M unied to bu mi unmous in ilidirin
that for fun aud I ntiirlinimi nt Park il
tiKos HID 1111 A S
Jlrl 11 111 mill Hills Ilh i i
tin nil 11111111 l 1111
Irllhl I I
N > v iitlit j wintii j t oir dIHII11
m uli Kluiuu simmir I v tho I1altilll
hllII ul I j 11 110 I tin r s
IOll oi I tin 01111 milling HI am
FldH 011 1 lit iris f olllhIIIIII pup
11 in I uK ilv lilll hiii t hll
Ihat IIal1 1111 I 111111 111 lil
< K pl dldl unl olldId 1Iil
ll 111 MmmiCoiiiiiii uloitli
1ulld lun llnir M jiip of line uf f KII
feel wi i Ii I li vlIH opeiiuij 1lh about
JIII 1 f lib jit ixpoHtd inouUi t <
lint M u u at 1m l Ire unl du
munill plj nnil oro sales co 0
agyregaloi iBeiiientadiiriiw thu lant
iiiroiiinill inino i iouKitIiii all 1 MII
iral uxpoii uoul1 t JUUUUH tu > n 1
840 000 V diUdendof 73 000 hut been
84000 shareholders and there rein ilns
of Hiirpns mone > In tho hands ot the
treasurer tho sum of t2C01 1 75 In this
conneclion it is i proper to Fay that a
splendidlj equipped mill Ins been pur
clmsed during tho past ear
fho long arms of I tab men teach as
far as Iho CVnr d Altnp countrj and Hit
will Interest them
followmc wi Ilterlst pokmo
VIHCI Ifitli fhtrois considerable ex
citement in mining rucks here In tonsc
ciement of the
micnco of the strong probability
qlence sale tht Sullhaii and Hunker 11111
mines to Easter I pirties for tlOO00
Tin earo tho properties the prodlltt of
which Goeror IJllser isatonecnlrato
to the amount of tot OOOO tons here 1 1R I
perhaps no btlttr property In tho tountr
than these two mines tht certainh aio
ho wonder of tlio present day Old
nlners turn uwa from Inspection eon
lnecd that life is too shoit to w isto time
working upon indillercnt ledges in regions
lint have proved no bonanza
Mr Jack on one of tho kind of miners
hat would mako any cmip nth brought
old from the Gelitt
IS worth of oll iii
tlaim on nnd i tho itMiltof 1 one weeks
work 1ll himself on a SI leaso of oI the I bat
across the creek Mr Jackson It will bo
remembered found the 111 ounto nug
get of 18Sj on tho delatt claim in tho millwintll 1
The Mothtr lode looks promising
In tho 53 foot tunnel nth freo milling
unitz bus been struck and rich upeti
nitnsaro inomistd Mr Clark who is I
irosctuting tht work feels lug1 h h on
xmrigcd as limo pis es Hi is still firm
in the belief tint this mine will pre
ono 0 tlic uchput in this section of tin
eountn I
flio Mother lode Mill holds onl in
richness fho list clem up a m
Ir tr nverLe of 121 per ton Iho
icsiilt was an imilgun retott of Hl Ir
ounces and w is m ido irom six tons of
ore The hal woightd o ountes and
ecn emu weights oral 10 pel i ounce
would ilrn t > H00 The tailings
carr ing told unsued i Sjaeil would
ton icrtaiiih averigu for tho oro flOO per
Two hundred tons of 010 at an verge
of 1ilOO per ton wits hipment from
Wnrdner Iimetion Ibis is lirgch the
proluctof tholmnker Hill mil Snth in
mints for tho past four months which
being but one llfth ot tho present eipic
iywou11 show pure silver at 103 per
ton in 10000 tons As soon as the snow
passes away all mines m this region will
work to their fullest cipiciU which will
largely increase the output
tluii Uho Mill Millet loll Itlcli
on Crcrn Clnlh
V well known merchant of this ciK
received by list mdits mail a einulir
letttrfrom which ho uitht liau made I
fortune but for the fac f tint ho liborcd
under the disadvantafo of being honest
The following are homo selfrxplim
torI extriets from the letter
1 Drill SIK llunkmg ou m a i posi
tion to s ifel indlu my goods I hive
concluded to rio Yon I I halo undo
i mistake do mo no harmlet the mat
ter drop M Iy business H i not lcfitim itt
but the soo Is I deal in ire sale and pro
Jituble to himlle The sizes ar ones
twos tens md twentips Do jou undei
stand9 I IOU comlndo to auswer this
letttr I will elli von full nirtieiilnrs mil
terms md will ndeisor to satisfy YOI
on every point that if YOI aro m friend 11
wi prove i true mil listing ono to > ou
I vou have been unsuctessful in oiir
business 1 will mipph you with Ooodd
with which YOI cm llY all alloiirilubts
ant start freo and le ir aain
I was never intended that one man
should hue millions of doll irs uul an
other nothing So don throw awav
this chance to make i fortune Others
hive grown rich iround jou i no ono
knows how Why not helji Y01SII
Immufieturo the coods so in tridtn
wih me you purcliaso from first hands
md no ono shall rner know hat passed
betnei us
s m i Milenee of tood faith on om
part I ask YOI to send me all letters on
mal receive in iclitionto this matter
1 shall send others to YOI and will know
whether YOI will return them to moor
ot Oivo mo YOlr postolhee addiesM
plainly written but lever SILII jour
name to letters as thoy might go istriv
Alw is use tho letter Y md number 12
uulbinn thus 1IJ I will underst ind
it ali kno who it is from Vddrpss nil
ktters astnelovd slip re ids
Hemember write no onu elso but me
I l the onl person Horn whom jou
can obt un these1101 IH
Now bo pirtieulir and do as islnnuest
for i ou do not ou will lose the ch moo
to make a foi tune
IN rsniiiil million itiul I IIIMS rriini
Hi mill I mini rs
Ihe Ivunt second Iiifantr have a
di MIO tu 10 to Fort I ol la is next s ring
A llirco months furlough his bom
UraiiUil trp ml II lobm Iioop II
I ourthCiv ilrv 1001
dtntril orders No J lit i kjinrttrs of
thu allY pubhslusllio ae of Congrtss
miking ap roiriition I for tho supiort of
Iho inn firtliolisi il I vc ir en lilllt lunu I
Illlrturlla lor realt J
JI lil
Telth caluhy F Rl
aut 11li1
laskils troop P nth mvalry havu
bBel orlBrel1 hcor a hlurd of ocNM for
eXllllalol for appfiltlelt aR posl
Iuartermaster 8orealt TIl hoar1 iH tl
meet it FOlt I drmt
Itcporls n ttivtd from I oil I uwis Col
orulo Ray hit mittnrH iliuu are nut t
virj hcvcie m io fir IH tho PORt trilir
ship thereat is loltmwll A boird uf
ollli urs has been silting for tho p ist tel
divs tikinguviiltiuo istuhoinu reioitod
irrcnul nities vvhith is snd tu bo IpUI ninto
tamagilJ I lu tho p irties CIJelfWII Tho I
bond his rbtmmil vidonio lint thu
trilci was m tin h ibit uf li ttm I
out bin Ublis m tho sUn on
piv di for til a 1 fur amblniij 01 I
ta II
purioses Hut the Ili oulihmi ani 1 I
Isle muititv of liquors and al
IIUltil 111uol 111 thall
ari luskulil
artduH ellitud iriin IIre ritid
Ul pir nit iiju 1 han
IlI CII highel iJS hold to
olllei rs TIl I must M tlSI
lu suriJs i isu IH that uf II
amurnbirofiumpmyt i Mlmirsjvvhu
waH dis h
trM land tuuilixtiil
ald luima
his fnal htati mm ishcd by Iho Iradu hlu
furwhidi In waHlotako a tl lrcII a I
1mI l tint all to bu pud whalnvir
unjiiiil llm pijmuslor vvuuld Hu
1Imlstlr 10111 pay thl
Irilir It turns uul Hut tin m unmly r
I 1
lIillo tih wl1 il
lhIIit 111 rlr was
f I l 1 holihii InnvmgtlmlhH WH
101 paid II Ilh a kl1 1 to H hIJIK 118
II hi H wisi HIM t
11 llkIIill win n I
1 1 11 niuil 1
t < limit n 10 11 10
IlltI aptlil 111r 1111 1111
f ur l Miif rnuli iwilh 111
0111 ill II
11 l i
In III MII uj a i i 111
1JIII11 I I II h
1111 lllllllH
IIhl pll liunbs of llm ta i uil I >
11111111 lt iurla M11 MiHil S
Ilsonl Ialn i Mrit IlI
li M I
v Proprlotur
111 I 1 11 Inalniini
lull Im tli ulnit ul 1 lliiifllnmlul
Shooting Mnteli nt Iliirbnuk
Mlllnul Count 1I I l
W 1IIIqtll
lohn I j Oiein Is I Shot ilonu Wihout
> ninlui 1 I Ills I mploj i
liddiiini Shot lliinugh bi HU Step
Sun Ill II Ilotkiiiim Hi Wi
1iolinirij Die lrnloim > I
HIP Cnusi < I
The following leicived bv 1m Di MO
iiivTthis moinlng I pxplnins isll fho
Mi Keteliiim refined to is well known
in llus city
Iiiiso Utah I Fob 1 OThe lopoit t
comes fiom liiirbml Ulili of I fatal
shooting nlli iv which OCCl rOIl at Iur
bank Mdhud oinitv y esterdii inoin
ing At nbout 7 oclock L H ICctthnm
nt Kdehnms rmehsixlv l milts west of
hem shot and killed John Q Green
Ketchum who hall been Ilny for n jeir
ictunud indsertted himself in Iho loft
of tho stible md on Greens coming I
fiom tho house ho I shot bun Iwiti
with a shotgun killing him
Instmtlv Del Ilotknuin I stepson of
Kddiums tame from tlu house nnd
shot flvo times it Ketchum ono hal
sinking him in the abdomen indicting n I
probabl fitnl wound Kctdium shot
severil limps at Hoekman without
Inltinc him ilthotigh somo of the
shot peifoialed tho slcoP of hisshhl I
Hoekman gao himself up to the olllei rs
At lat lecount Kctchnm las living but
w is expected liourh to dinle f ilousv
was tho presumed pause of Ibo ill lack on
Green but it is the almost nn inimous
belief of tho neighbors i th it no such cause
existed except in i Kttchums imagination
A 1001 111 In Ih nnd c Inlr
If thu lato 1 I imcnttd Wiiam Carleton
or alY other nun whether lto 1
lamintid or in 1 fit condition to IIP
imigmes lint ho tan make a play out of
such materi il as that used in itka he
is vury very miirli mistaken
IfthosiulL Carlcton thinks ho cm
mike i hero out of thu basest wretch on
cirthand m ill round chump of th
first w iter if IIP thinks ho em
scrpw tho un ILIII ition of an iiiticm o into
contoiving a swtd pun tirl filling in
love with the man who his violated her
bevond rcpiration if ho Hunks lu tan
reverse tho liws of n iturp and hiv the
vvomtn do tho wooing if hothinl s hueiin
male ilnppj couple out of tho oulratir
and tho outi ie 1 if ho thinks lie
can twist the < tir of Uussii een such
i Car is tho ono in tho pi iv I ist niijit
about his linger tu suit tin onvemcncis
of his w iterv pinif lu thinks he tin
make jeople 1 mnli it thu brazen ibm
domng of two leeomplues maniinmin
tion ible crime if ho thinks he
cm nuke i Nihilist nustiko
his hulcr for the Cir if hu
thinks ho cm writo a pi iv Then wi
would sa unto tho 1 ilu William Gil
theorem thou irt inistiken
Iho pi iv of itki is don bv thu
Minci Coin mv iboul is vvtll as siith a
fako could be done Iho hero md hero
me no bth coo I but toull improve
The other two u udsmen an 1 tho two
I uhcs do all th it is r quiii I of them md
as a whole Ihe eompui is b no me ins
below tlu ivtrin trivdmg lumbuu
Iho IK LKS t mdil f > i th luht
M Mvilks V1IIIDIIVI Ilolv eolll
miimon7 Oi m morning service with
seimon it 11 i m Sun I ij sihoolat
lip i uvcmiij urici md ileelus
mg > 0 Iliblo lesson d n vn
ingpriir md sermon 7 0
Mi riiumsi I IIKCOI i Itev S I l u
loll pistor will prcieliatll a m an I
7 A p m Giiitril d iss iflcr morning
herviies and sbith icliuol at 1 0
Ul aro lordullv invited
Iiusi liii sn n mis Ut imirovcd
ehurthwill b opi n foi wuislup nt 11
0 clock when Iher will bo rein lung b
tliu pistor K G MiNjciu 1ilblle wor
ship m thu uvi IIIIIL it 7 fl md pr iching
bj lr U isli u I his last m rmon beforu
ping I ist Hchool it j j
Youn itoil HIIII itine at I11 Suats
freo at all Hu smius m I tht public in
i SIMISSII u Im sin it in vs Cut uiu
1 ourth ct bctwcn I irst and Second
South struts Kuv Mr It Cnmpbull
pistor IK idling at II i m md 7
p m
lUi risi in IK u urtiir s < i oiid st
and scu south struts Kuv I I
Wood will pr ich to morrow morning on
IhoDistrii tionof Solom and in thu
ovtmngDii Ihu Irophciusof hnsl s
oiiiing doling ppoplu H mtding at
7 11 s itsfuu Strmttiri wukomu
ikli liislrm lliuiH lu I CIrI
I will ivi a iDiirso of I hissons in
plum wntmg u iho Salt lulu tminiiiv
fin tlm Miihodist 1 liiinh building
UiHHlobi oigimd lucsilij oviniii
March 1st 1SS7 Spciimui on oxhlbi
tion nt IIIIN ins nixllO Kvcrybodv I
CUII n W I Dowsisn
FUI1 I earl llunrj 1 lilcom of
Slurliij Mass Hiiflurulvltli ihuiiniallsm
Hiusipuillt Ilo found no mllof tl ho took I loo IM
ssulmintHonMi A II ICIIJH char
11 111r m uiti rl > falso nnd vvilhotit found i I
tiol G vi i MIIII u
lh I Illll SOU 0HO OVIllV lltHllIp
lio DII Id i i li WIIIIIIIP
U lint HIMS II Minn 1
i nut n ii NIMH Ilu pissino l nf f Ihi
TI I I III I hlil H thill t I Illll
I rm hal put 1111 lingo sit I in
inn al t i ist on it
1 I
I l X 1111 dHIW I
lit l oIal l IIi igiir FICIII 1 wliiirn
< I l IIIIIIW i 11 iho Miiuiki rn 1
111 ICK 11 Ili I il mn
171 I V 171 Main hi I
IN I buynii joiir coil iilwnjH miuro thii I I
i Hl Iho lli annul mid nnlhra
Ilst 111 1ltl nll Vnlluj 111 ulthr
dil si md at Iho head For I Hnh lt Hi IIH
I 1 II i il < N II I j Alain utruot >
4kU G
Absolutely pure
hls 1ow1cr 10Icr vnrles A nalt 10I
lhll1 wholeorcles Moro UrI1
thnl olllry kile nne eO < OUOllol
compeltol wlh tllltuloLf Iu
shlrl 1101 hl alliIn or O
Il i ltlr NOnY k Ihophnte 10Dti 0 10J 1
Salt Lake Theatre
Two Nigiits and Saturoa M II fl
ne 20
II e Miner Lllet
I ll1e8 SIOi
I Hit > Ier II Ilholo
JII hll lkW rounllY I
Irrseiled wih n
ni 01 Ihe
Original Sceneiy 1 Wardiob f 1 H k II
J rim Miner i luk llmtr
1llllo Ioatlo YOlk
Itcimi I stnts Ilr ale ai Hox nn i
I nloii lltket onirt 110n n 1hu081 Ol
DoorSoi tunl 7 10 i rf rmaiiceiti
Malliuo rdeOI rtKiruJ >
n ImliBl n c n 11 ror rhllJrel 1 h1 1 pr r
alt Lake i Theatre
MARCH 2d 3J 4th nnd 5th
ngnucmc ul ol li lunou
i Largest Stronucst and Only SuccisJal
I Opera Company In America
VVlIlSlSIlVI I 11li I wi irt Sl or l
SinrlllMk ultli lII lillui Tl Lfllor
I to I mnli lliiinSli1 h VI h low 1080WI1 1
liir III il llr uli f Uh nr
lllllsi I Ir t Irnlinli ill a ll Mt
1 CI lr I iilrnnlOiTB lOlpOIY l i f Ibt
ir nt I in n cera70
H 1111 Ml III HIM Imi 1Ule I I null
V 111 I I I IIH It lion n lod
II Trovatore
HVIIlim MVIIMI I I lira Itlne ln f I
ilrlllluit lOIIt I i i Ir I ilietr rale Open
HI 111 11 runlol Iolrunnme
lullrll Hnrollr Olon
I LINDA or n ILUlrm
I MM V VIIIKIII S llomt sirifl Hum if
I Hil nf Mm for lurjcpirybeil f N1
mornlni I tl rnnry Mli at 10 n clo
1 hnlro IIx Ilkr Vlrle 1111
U IlIII l r I W hlr f rr I 2
i I Union National Bait
II i I I l l itruluO IIU
I or ORE
ul Ilirl Im II lcl 10 I e
I 1 011 1rodl 1001
I Veliral louallllk
11 loIlot luW In I 1 W
I HI I 3 Hnvll OC
I I I g I I t I I I I li8 k
1 11 I I rl I nk I 1 Ilalk
1 H8nk
11lu NII
1tlcla NoU111 Uk 01 IdhU
kcllinm1 l l t N I U i1 f nk
lottlnnldrik n llr I Null > llank Dk
llnkirdly > V r ltlnllok
r KJOla Iholrlorl
l wvss S tonll
Inl rIUI 01 Ihl I
101111 ITVULT
OfUY 1 1 DIrlOS
IUg 1
IN rm tl I
I I 1111 1
i Huh
I lii I tl rI l l III
111 1 11 01 ce
1 r oll ol
If HIII IIkl 0 1 I ii Ik r 1101
r I
I IIllq I 11 lie r
I I t 11
I t II 111 I I i I I
1111 11 IU
Y I I i I 111 orll
I I I Ihnr
II1M tl 7 i I
II 111 hiI I 110
I u Itel 1
11 I
1 I II 1
I hi rly vu I 1II I 1
I 1 lelrrllu
1Iwlhlr wlh l
lrrdIIIIOIII In ntIPICllaI lf
11 I or rlr
11 1
fl Irr
II Iho nlt ul Jlhnl1 I
I r K
lrt n1I i
plfIIIrrv l I 1 o1

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