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I j44A ilk1 = Alf tV t G46 i Ji Q te F
The undersigned have received
I another urge stock of Straw Goods
i consults of Bonnets and Hats all
in tbo latest style and shade for
Ladies and Chidren for the latter a
very large assortment of Sailors at the
very low price of 25o aa we have
made arrangements with the Manu
I facturers and Importsra in the East
whereby we can aBord to sell Millin
J l ery Gooda cheaper than any other
J house in the city Purchasers will
I find i worth their while to examine
j the stack at
Ij j Wanted
t Before you sell your outfit consult
John Crane west of Theatre He
pays the highest price for everything
WE SELL the celebrated CHARLE
every pair I they rip or tear wher
first worn we will give another pair
We Have Just Opened
A large assortment of Boys Veloci
pedes and Bicycles and a Novel
Velocipede for Girls I has 1 side
saddle and is propelled by the hands
This week we will receive two car
loads of the latest styles and best
manufactured Bedroom and Parlor
SetsCall and examine the new styles
TIE FIRST Jo of new goods arrived
from the Provo Mills yesterday con
sisting of Suiting Cloths Fane Col
ored Blankets While Linsey and
34 end 3 Old Constitution 14 Building
Following are the ruling wholesale
buying prices in Salt Lake City
GRAINWheat SO DOe V bushel
Barley 1351 > cwt Oats f210
fa Sii 30 9 cwt
C5275 P cwt i
SHELLED CORN 1208125 cwt
BRAN 5100 Shorts 110 f cwt
BDTTEK 30c 35c t lb
EGGS12 c f doz
WOOL ChoiceFiceco ft
HIDES Prime Flint He V lb
Following aro the latest quotations
if four grain wool etc in the San
Francisco market
PLOUBSuperfinof4 254 50 Bakers
and Family 5 506 0 boat Extras in
chippine lots 50 6 62 do jobbing
fSO Job Walla Walla extra 5 505 S7JP
WHEAT No 1 1 95 1 97 No I
2 SlS7190t > ctl
JBAKLET Feed 80 82ic for Coast I
r180 8c for BaYi Browing 8597i
O TS Quotable at 1125 Pell
fur Feed
CORN Quotable at1 0O1 25 V ell
foaarol 1O1 12z for Smal Yellow
White 8102110
HIDES Dry Hides usual selections
Flint 17ic i Dry Kips 17Jc Green
Salted heavy steers over 551b lOc do
under 55 lbs 9410c Kips 9c Calf I I
Eking 10 12c
War Department Signal Service
CJ S Army Division of Telegrams and
Reports for the benefit of Commerce
nm am pi nl
410 940 140 840
tgrunert 301 3010 JO 12 3009
k Iherrcomier 40 43 4C 43
Humidity G 5 El 59
Bireotiou tnsd VT Calm NYV Cal
1 Kdes per How 3 0 12 o
Btcto weather Cldy Thing Oldy Pair
Rainfall for 31 ouTLO t of nn inch
Mxunum That deg 50 minimum 38
f To see what improvement now exist
as compared with railway travel only
a few years ago To become convinced
t of this one has only t select for his
t route East the popular and wellknown
You are landed by the Union Pacific
Railroad in tho Union Depot at Coun
cil Bluffs where stands the C N
i W Palace Train composed of Pull
man Hotel Cars Pullman Sleeping
Cars Elegant Day Coaches
i Smoking Baggage Postal Care
etc ready to convey its passen
I gers t rough Iowa and Illinois and
f into Chicago Gliding smoothly along
over the superb track of steel rail
throuib thriving cities and village
comfortably seated in this train one
scar ly discovers the high rate of
speeu which ho is riding Trains of
yhie road are always on time con
I is sure and passengers seek
ie pleasure comfort safety and
r ease in traveling will find the
NorthWestern in excess of their I
expectatkas and the greatest of all
routes to Chicago and the East In
sist upon Ticket Agents selling you
Tickets via this Road all Agents sell
them Examine your Tickets and
close to buy if they do not read over
this Road I you wish tho Beat
t f Traveling Accommodations you will
buy your Tickets by this Route
What an Englishman Thinks of
I the American People
He Baya they hurry they eat
quick they gulp they belch they
have stomach ache headache liver
troubles and bowel complaint they
fret and they scald they get cross at
> nothing and without came they look
t33l a wand holloweyed they look
hungry and cant eat they spit up
food they have wakeful night They
die early because they disregard the
true principle to correct
These troubles and many others ail
grow out and from a torpid liver and I
called dyspepsia indigestion They
oaHc snd have been cured
can be cured vsnd ben cure i
sis jn every case with a guaranty
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Dr Mint 6 English Dandelion Pills
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quickly cured by i For Leucorrhcc
i has no equal Dont 0 persuaded
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one who has tried it recommends it
For Bale by all druggists
RATIVE The great English remedy
bas made more cures of Nervous De
oility Seminal Weakness Lost Man
hood nocturnal emissions lassitude
despondency and inability for mental
labor despondency and such di case
as are induced by youthful follies and
1 iDXcessfs 1 than 1 other medicines
combined I ia not stimulant nor
J ezcitant ia perfectly safe to take is
not a quack nostrum and produces
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bottle Four umes the
1 per botte ime quantity
I 10 I will not disappoint you Try
1 a bottle
i To bs bad at the Z C 111 drug
4 department Mesara Moore Allen
Co and Dr Mintie Co 11 Kear
aev street tj San Fraaciso d18
Previous to tbo Fiftieth Annual
Conference two days meetings were
held in the Assembly Hal ori Sunday
and Monday April 4th and 5tb
Trayer hy Elder Moses Thatcher
lated the people that we have tbe
privilege ot meeting in this new ball
which would be dedicated when com
pleted On the 6th day of April
next the church will have been
organized fifty years and we may
with propriety call it a year of jubilee
We have much reason tj rejoice and
feel grateful that our father has pre
served us during the past fifty years
and that we have assurance that he
will continue to do EO He asked for
the faith and prayers of the congrega
tion tbat the twelve and other speak
ers might have power to bring forth
valuable and rich principles during
theee meetings and tbo approaching
ill fifty years be past and gone since
tbe organization of the church of
God Whatever the feelings of the
world may be concerning this work
it matters not eo far ca tbe work
itself is concerned I is tbe work of
God the same tnat Isaiah and other
prophets foresaw In the worlds
history no fifty years have been
of greater importance than tbe
fifty years through which wo have
just passed When I call to mind
that fifty years hmo passed sinca the
book of revelations was given I ask
myaclf the question What id our
condition a pertaining t the com
mandments given for the building up
of Zion and the establishment of
righteousness and the will of God 7
Fifty years ago the Lord said I you
believe these revelations go to and
prune my vineyard while it is yet to
day In my view we as Latterday I
eainis are approacmng impunaui
events a great change in the world
The Lord has said be would cut his
work shoit in righteousness in the
latter days Nearly all of the breth
ren who wero living and working in
the early foundation of Ihia church
have passed away Joseph Smith re
mained only fourteen years aftsr the
organization of this church he re
mained until he bad received all the
keys of the priesthood and of this
dispensation and when he had re
ceived these and had power to confer
them upon other the Lord called
him away I this is the Z on ol
God foreordained before the world
was what manner of men ought we
to be In my reflections on these
things I feel that no elder should
have anything else to do than tu
build up this kingdom Sometimes
people speak of apoatacy It makes
no diflerence with the Lord who keeps
his commandments or who does no
He has got some valiant spirits
who will ttand firm and will be the
instruments which Gcd will use to
establish firmly his kingdom Many
will losa their Jafi privileges aad
the hopes of eternal reward but there
will be a sufficient number who will
be faithful and true and will bear ofl
tbe responsibilities of this kingdom
Ills nearer we can draw to the Lord
here the nearer we shall draw to him
after death The kingdom gone
onward i never has gone backward
since its first organization When I
look at our halls and temple school
houses meeting houses faim
gardens and otber evidences ot
industry and progress I see that the
work is onward for all thee things
go to tbe building up of tbe Kingdom
of red The speaker then stated
that he had spent a year last I past in
the southern country seven or eight
months he had spent at Sunset and
in all that time he had not seen man
nor boy use any tobacc in any shape
neither tea nor coffee nor had be
heard an oath nor a quarrel but in
each of these camps on the Little
Colorado living in the United Order I
the greatest of f good feeling had prc I
vailed He had visited a number of
Indians in their settlements and he
could safely say that there never was
a greater untruth told by Lucifer the
Sou of the Morning than that the
Laltsrday Saints had furnished the
Indians with powder and arms to
kill the whilea The Lord is
ki whiea lOd prepar
ing the way with the Laraamtss to
fulfil the promises made to their fore
were engaged in the work of our
heavenly lather we are living in the
day of the wold that the prophets of
psat times baY looked forward to
with joy and rejoicing Whatever
may be the feelings of he people of
the world towards us one fact ia
apparent to us and to them and that
is that we are crowing the kingdom
ol God is being but up We have
been seeking for years to introduce
the gospel to the Lamanites but until
recently it has been apparent that
their beasts wero not ready to receive
it We were kindly received and
treated Mexico where Br Woodruff
and I have lately been and we feel
that a good work will be done in the
Republic 01 Mexico Nearly ono half
oi the inhabitants of that country are
pure blooded Indians At the time
of the conquest by the Spaniards in
1520 they wero then an enlighlhened
people and had many of the arts and
sciences in active use especially in
architecture and their mode of the
computation of time They had a
written history and many libraries of
books of history and useful informa
tion but toe uainouc pie woo ici
lowed Coitsz caused their destructor
still there have been preserved suf
ficient history and tradit ona to
corroborate the information contained
in the Book of Mormon and the
Bible They have a tradition of the
eight barges crossing the sea te
compass and of tbo coming of the
Savior on this continent also of a
sacred record having been concealed
in the earth There is a remarkabla
similarity in their physique to the
Jews The report that he tbe speaker
had been sent to Mexico to purchase
land for a colony was copied in the
leading papers in the city of Mexico
and was the means of introducing to
them many persons who apparently
were Try anxious that the people
should colonize in that country and
were disappoint when told that his
mission was to preach the gospel and
not purchase land Tbe speaker then
related the cause of there being mis
sionaries sent to Mexico also tbe
prejudice manifested by the Protestant
priding establishment in that city
who refused to publish the Voice of
Warning which had been translated
into Spanish He gave a very in
terectiog account of tIm physical con
diton of the country and of the
people mentioning their genuine
hospitality and also of their
warm hospitalty
prospects and des CJ with regard to
tho hearing and obeying the gospel
He entertained great hopes for their
mental freedom from the religions
thraldom which had bound them for
850 years and prayed that God would
speedily tand their deliverance
Benediction by Eider C C Rich
2 pm
Piftjsr by Elder D H W lp
The sacrament waa JaiJiitfrcd
ELDE interested
been this morning very deeply
terested in the remaiks of tbe speak
in the allusion to the
I ers fact especially that at the threshold ol
1 the fiftieth anniversary of the organ
ization pf the church He reoitn
bered the firtt conference he had i
attended on January 2d 1831 held
in a log house thero being some
seventy or eighty members He re
membered the trial persecution
euflering triumphs and victories of
our history since that time In a
few months fifty years will have
passed over his head since ba was
baptized and he felt thankful that
ho was yet privileged to administer
in the ordinances and principles of
Gods work According to new reve
lation the Lord made the garden
and planted it and placed man upon
the earth on the seventh day The
speaker thought that this was typical
of the manner of Gods doings at tbe
end of the world that the Lord will
not quite complete his work in 6000
years but that the resurrection will
take place on the morning of
the seventh day There was
no flesh upon the earth until
the morning of the seventh day when
man was placed upon the earth All I I i
things were made spiritually or in the
heavens first and then wero made cc
the earth after man was placed thero
This is typical of tho resurrection
first man aud then animals In the
beginning of the creations of God
they were firstly spiritual secondly
temporal in the last firstly temporal
secondly spiritual Previous to the
resurrection there will be the literal
sounding of seven trumpets then
trumpets will bo sounded after the
seventh thousand years shall have
commenced The Doctrine and Co
venant says that as God finished his
work on the seventh day so there ia i
certain work to ba performed in the
morning of the seventh thousand
years Ho then referred to the
seventh year of rect for the cultivated
land commanded by tbo Lord and
also the year jubilee of redemption
of lands release of servants etc as
practised by the children of Israel
Also to their cursing and separation
and to their restoration and thought
that br the vrnrri nf thn TnrH oivan fr
them 0 when they h I remember
to do all that I command them this
day the year jubilee would again
be kept If the Lord gives
I us com
mandment to keep the law of Moses
pertaining to the keeping of the year I
of jubilee this people will keep it
just as by direct commandment
we now keep the law of plural
marriage which was also a
law to the children of Israel
We have not done anything that wo
have done in tbo ettibliabment of
this work because it was done in
former time but under tho com
mandment of new revelation In re
flecting upon the year of jubilee
the speaker thought of the grand
jubilee when the inhabitants of the
heavens would come t tho earth and
meet with tho inhabitants hereof
and when Christ should come and
reign over them and although we
have no commandement to keep this
fiftieth year as a year sf jubilee yet
we look forward tJ that time in tho
near future whose glories and pleas
ures will be a jubilee to U
ELDEIt C C RICH said he felt de
sirous that we as a people should be
able to realize tho blessings that we
enjoy I should bo our duty by day
and by night to comprehend the
duties and responsibilities which have
boon placed upon us We have
labors to perform of D temporal na
turo such as the building of temples
etc and he urged the saints t be
found always doing their duty I is i
certainly very important to us
to know the Lords will concerning
us i he wants us to build a temple
or go on missions or do any other kind
of work it certainly is of great
moment to us to be mado acquainted
with i
PRIEr TAYLOR regretted that
the house did not accommodate the
number of persons who wished to
attend the meeting it had been sug
gested to hold tomorrowa meetings
in tbe large tabernacle but he thought
it would be more comfortable in this
house and on the morning of the 6th
we will occupy the larger building
He ELitea that the Lord required of
ell the officers of his kingdom a
thorough principle of righteousness
and not a nominal religion
Anthem Prayer by Elder F D
MONDAY April 5 10 am
Prayer by Elder C 0 Rich
are improving in spiritual maters as
we are in temporal affairs I presume
that we are preparing ourselves
rapidly for the kingdom of our God
But when I question my own heart I
cannot but feel that we are not im
proving as fast as we should do in those
things that are of the greatest im
portance to our spiritual salvation
We have received revelation and in
spiration on our spiritual afiaira but
in all the affairs of life the cares of
the world step in and interfere very
materially with uur spiritual comfort
Although it is not the privilege of
each and every one of us to hwe the
visits of angels to dictate to us the
minute details of our lives but the
foundation is laid and it is our busi
ness to so lire that we shall become
fully absorbed by the spirit of reve
lation l so that our every thought
and action shall be dictated and in
stigated by the spirit of God and in
the course of time nothing should in
tervene to interrupt or mar the full
flaw of the spirit to us I wo place
ourselves in a p sition to associate
with an influence that is adverse to
the interests of the gospel it will
inst the of revela
militate against spirit reTla
tion in us We cannot deny that our
progress is slow There arc many of
the people who call themselves
Latter day Saints who drink with tho
druukard and get drunk disgracing
themselves and their callings The
best way t > draw the line between the
good and the evil among us is for the
good portion to live their religion and
act ostly tj the commandments of
God and the wicked will draw the
line tbeumlvw for the difference will
be very apparent
ELDER Jos F SMITH read from the
Doctrine and Covenants page 377
new edition also revelation given
December 16 1833 I seems to bo
necessary for the Lord to continually
bear with us for we are human and
it is only when under the influence of
the spirit of Gcd that we really sense
our position and see what necessity
the command
there is for us to keep
ments of God Except your right
eousness exceed the righteousness of
the scribes and the pharisees ye can
in no wise enter into the kingdom oF
God Unto him who knoweth the
will of God and to do good and does
it not it isoeifl Inasmuch as we
have covenanted with God to forsake
evil and do good that covenant is
recorded in the heavens and i we
keep not that covenant God looks
breakers and as
us as covenant
twoold more worthy of bis chastise
ment than those who never made
with him Are not
any we worthy of Gods punishments
if we do not keep our covenants
with him Men hava got to become
acquainted with the laws of the
celestial kingdom and then keep
them in order that Zion may be
built up We have been called and
buit arc faithful we are chosen
eo far as we
to do the worji of God and i we are
not faithful we srmU be rejected
These remarks are fjr individualsnot
cliarch for there ia co
for the
is a sufficiency
doabt ihii there f sufcency
I > t in this church I
and great people
good gre
wbo will bear it i 00 and God vUI I
never give his work to any othfci
people This is Gods work and it Ii
not the work of this people withoul
him I H his hand that lends this
work and not the band of m n
Inny say that i such a man led this
church he would lead it to dettruc
Lion I say that if any man leads i
he will lead i to destruction for un
less God leads the work is a failure
We must put away the lusts of the
flesh and of the world we must sacri
fice in order to obtain tbe great
reward We must love God with all
our heart minds and strength and
our neighbors m ouraelve I is
an insult to Vie almighty to think
that we should be able to obtain the
prizo of cooitial reward unless we
lovo God more than ourselves
and are trilling to sacrifice all
that we hold dear to our hearts
The speaker animadverted very
strongly on theLitterday Saints who
dare not refuse to do wrong but who
tawnier with tho evils of the world
because they aro in the company of
evil doers and are afraid to declare
I themselves in favor of richt and
made a very earnest argument show
ing tnnt it would be unreasonable not
I to be radical on the subject of keep
ing covenants made with God How
can a man excuse himself for drunk
enness when ho knows that it is
wrong to himself to his family for
bidden by Gcdacd that he has coven
anted not to do it What excuse
can a man render for doing BO when
ho stands at the judgment bar of
God to bejudged of the deeds done in
the body We are commanded to
come out from Babylon but what
avails it to ua if we bring the ways of
Babylon with us The laws of God
contained in the Bible have been re
enacted for the Latterday Saints and
ho Biblo has been given to us as a
rule of action
ELDER D H WELL said It is
necessary in order that the work of
God may bs accomplished that there
should be I people on the earth who
will do his wil walk in his maths and
keep perfectly big commandments
It is voiy plain that tho Lord is work
ing a reformation among his children
on the earth he has made known his
law and it comes in conflict with the
teachings of the priests and preachers
and religious leaders of the world
Our hearts have been pierced by tho
power of Gods word and this has
brought us out from the world and
established us here where we can be
instructed under tho inspiration of
the almighty What other object
than this brought us here or keeps
us here I is rot for the sake of
riches that we have been gathered up
here but that we may be taucht ot
the Lord that we may do his will and
build up his kingdom I we fail in
doing this we had better have
stayed in the world and not come
here at all The practice of the prin
ciples of honor purity and virtue will
assuredly exalt those who practice
them and the doing of the opposite
will degrade and lead to death Is it
not our duty to try and find out the
will of our heavenly father to us and
t dolt and thus build np ourselves
into usefulness in i his kingdom God
has withheld noble good spirits to
come forth in the time when be
should reveal hi3 purpose and gospel
for the salvation of his children that
taey may carry out tho command
ments and live the principles that he
has revealed for the advancement of
the children of men and lay tho
foundation for that glory to which
we all aspire
Anthem Benediction by Elder
Ercstus Snow
2 pm
Prayer by Eider Joseph E Taylor
early hielory of thBchurch Com
pared the email beginning with the
present evidences of numerical and
financial prosperity and made some
other remarks on the duties and
future of thor eaint and gave words
of encouragement to the saints ge
nerally making happy allusions to
the graces of the gospel and the saving
efficacy of the holy spirit Gave
counsel and exhortation to all to pre
pare for the days of happiness and
power in the near future
ELDER A 0 SMOOT said I would
judge from the spirit of the instruc
tions which have been given in tho
forenoon that there is much reform
ation needed amongst the people
and I conclude that there is n class of
persona at fault besides those who
wero the subject of counsel this
morning I ask myself what aro the
officers of the various wards and
stakes of the church doing Is i pos
sible that we hava in our midst con
firmed drunkards and sinners of
various classes in daily practice of
their tins and there ia no teacher
who has labored with these
people and failing t cause them
to reform report them to the
bishops that the remedy of
disfsllowzhipping might be ap
plied and those who will not keep
their covenants be dropped from the
fellowship of the eaists We have
been taught t clean the inside of the
platter to suffer not that iniquity
should thrive nor the influence of
tie evil doer to exist in our midst I
wo allow evil to exist in the church
it is very probable that some will be
demoralized by its influence We
are all liable to be overcome by our
weaknesses and when we are over
come it should be o lesson to us to
resist tho same temptation that we
should not be overcome again in the
same way In the course of forty
five years experience I have seen that
some of those holding the priesthood
have been asleep at their posts and
many brve seriously overstepped the I
bounds of purity and righteousness
and such things actually exist with
sown of the officers tcday Why is
it that the inside of the platter is not
cleaned and such iniquities a3 have
been mentioned are not put away 1 I
Whose fault is it I leave the answer
to others and to the good seno of
this congregation I fear that some
who havo responsibilities are Bleeping
upon their rights and are not doing
their duty else these iniquities would
not be rampant amongst the people
In the atgregate the work is progres
sing and is becoming observed by
the world at large it is making Ua
mark God is asserting his rights
and by observing the order of
the priesthood and the duties of those
holding responsibilities being per
formed purification from iniquity
can bo brought about integrity ur
tuo and honor will Bit triumphant on
the banners of the kingdom The
priesthood that we bear is the great
xy to perfection end notwithstand
ing the weakness of its advocates and
members this is the kingdom 01 God
upon the earth We nro very slack
to eschew evil and we nre very
merciful to the evil doers many of
the elders ure slack in doing their
duty but the work in which we aro
engaged will ba triumphent and
successful for the purpose for which
it was ordained I have notuing but
blessings for the faithful in the king
dom and the honest in heart in the
whole earth
VAsCorr after few
ELDER Joux VA1C afer a
preliminary remarks eaid he trusted
that the people felt a peculiar interest
in tho report o introduction of the
gospel among the Lamanit In referring
to tbe remarks of Brother
Orson erring Pratt concerning himself tho
speker stated that he alone was the I
only stae witness in the
church to the baptism of Brother
Pratt he then a boy of six
teen raw Brother Pratt baptized l
r fortynme years ago last Septemb r
I The speaker then bore testimony that
the spirit made manifest to him at
I that time that this work was the
truth and of God and had it not
been for this knowledge he would not
be hero today This work has been
brought about by the power of God
through weak man influenced ty the
spirit of God and we have been led
to rejoice in the blessings which God
the father his been pleased to bestow
upon us and the power of God has
been made manifest but not to tbe
extent that it would have been had
we been more fathful and observant
to keep the commaudmenta of God
He then exhorted the people to pre
pare themselves for the events that
Ire about to take place and the second
advent of the Son of God the signs of
whoso coming are manifest all
around us
PRESIDENT TAYLOR gave notice that
tJie conference will convene in the
Large Tabernacle tomorrow morning
at 10 oclock and advised tho people
to come prepared with additional
clothing for their comfort
Anthem The Lord shall comfort
Zion r
Prayer by Elder Orson Pratt
DONT FAIL to call at Geo Careless
Music Store i you wish to purchase
any kind of Musical Instruments
Music Book New Songs or any
thing in the musical line
Reliable goods at very low prices
Two doora east of Dmwoodeys First
South street eG
Curtains Window Shades Cornices
and a fall line of Upholstery Trim
mince Wire Cloth at
nlS HDinwoodevs Furniture Store
Court Certificates 187879
The holders of certificates for per I
diem and mileage for attendance as
jurors and witnesses on the Third
District Court during the years I
1878 and 1879 are requested to de
posit said certificates with N W
Clayton Esq Auditor of Public
Accounts at his office No 1 First
South Street Salt Lake City within
thirty days from this date Mr
Clayton will receipt for said clifi
cates and hold them pending exam
ination into the service for which
they were issued by the Special
Commissioner appointed by tbe
Legislature So soon as the investi
gation is finished due notice of
which will be given through the
newspapers the Auditor will issue
Territorial warrants in payment pro
rata so far as the appropriation
made by the Legislature will admit
of all such service aa is found legal
and proper under tho laws of the
Special Commissioner Third Judicial
Salt Lake City April Sib 1SSO
Knabe Pianos
Acknowledged to be the best Piano
made Apply for catalogue prices
etc of the agentGEO
c6 First South street
Cases Dismissed
District Attorney VanZile appeared
before Judgo Hunter on Saturday
and moved for tho dismissal of the
following criminal cases giving some
general reasons therefor such as in
sufficient evidence death of wit
nesses absence of accused etc The
United States ve Peter Lantsrsaok
bigamy United States Vs Catherine
Falkner unlawful voting the People
vs Ah Bok Wing assault with deadly
weapon People vs Cbas Powers I
assault with deadly weapon People
va 5 L Van Ameringen embezzle
ment two cases People ve John
Bush and Niels Hanson assault and
battery People va Fred Nunn and
Geo F Harvey impleaded with Geo
H Hendrick grand larceny People
ve Frank Scot and Edward Johnson
petit larceny People vs J B Kill an
implead with Geo A Jackson as
sault with deadly weapon
The cases were ordered dismissed
in accordance with the motion
Closing Out
A large stock of Chronics Oil Paint
ings Parlor Brackets Picture Frames
of all kinds and sizes at lower
prices than ever before offered in Salt
Lake Call and secure bargains
Olnht be Closed Out at once
Two doors west of Dinwocdeya m5
The Peoples Store at Monroe
was burned between 1 and 2 oclock
ias ocock
Monday moining Being a frame
building the flames spread rapidly
destroying everything i contained
Salesman Madsen and family who
lived in an adjoining room narrowly
escaped with their lives Loss
estimated at 7000 There aro strong
indications of the fire having been
incendiary and great indignation and
excitement prevail
On Sunday night the valuable hay
stack of Stanley I Davis of Prallville
containing probably fifty tons was
destroyed by fire supposed to be in
Buy a Geo Vocd Organ
I you wish to be the owner of the
finest toned and most durable instru
ment made
aG No 1234 First South Street
WANTED A Girl as Cook who
can give satisfactory reference Apply
to Mrs Louis Cohn Twentieth Ward
one block north of Bishop Sharps
A Fine Display I
Weight Jack of the California
Fruit Store have ono of the nicest
things on exhibition in the shape of
oranges ever seen in this country
I is t bunch of fifteen oranges on the
stem the oranges being large and
luscious looking Besides thi they
have six of the largest oranges ever
seen here being aa large aa a big
coca nut averaging a pound each in
weight They were raised and shipped
from the feet hula of the Sierra Madre
Mountains Loa Angeles County
They are well worth seeing
JUST LOVELY is the general
expression of Ladies visiting AUER
MENT when shown the Rich
Brocades New Silka Stylish Dol
mans Lices Fans and Other
Novelties just received BY E
KICK SPEXCEK At tho residence of
Mr Jno H Cassidy Silver Reef Utan
April 4th by Justice IL Phillips John
S Rice of Silver Beefand Suiio Spencer
of this city
II 1
> I
Pinafore tonight
j Ten car lo di of bullion were on
I Monday
Another bare and hound race i on
the tapi
An uneventful runaway tiok place
Oar country cousins aro numerously
ending conference
Judge Sutherland has gone to
Colorado for 1 few days
The spring abl the eprins but
we await furtbtjr developments 1
The canal nil ba constructed and
the city will have water Rah
Loren Sorensen has been appointed
postmaster Ehinore Savior County
John E Rosendah and John
Butler was admitted to citizenship
on Monday
The bullion shipment on Monday
aggrejjited 3479218 something
like old time
S W Seara superintendent of the
Ogden Branch of Z C M I wai in
town en Monday
The University students have de
cided to take a rest fur two day dur
ing conference
Prominent gentlemen rein all see
tons of the territory are here to at
tend conference
A new Iscornotivo for tho Uixh
Western Railway rcu received in this
city on Monday
The Third District Court will be
open until Wednesday evening for
motions and naturalization
Superintendent John Sharp goes
south this morning to manage repairs
on the railroad near Mud Lake
The regular meeting of the Olympic
Club will be held this Tuesday even
ing at 8 pm J D Spencer Seoy
The annual conference of the Re
organized Church of Jesus Christ
commences in the Liberal Institute
There will be a meeting of bee
keepers on Wednesday evening at 7
oclock in the Council House A
M Musaer per S McKay
This ia a good time to subscribe for
the WEEKLY HERALD the neatest
and best family paper published in
the west Only 2 per year
The jubilee cpnfeienco begins to
day history writes down the exist
tenets of the Church cl Jesus Christ of
Latterday Sainta for the fret fifty
The weather seems still undecided
as to what course had better be pur
sued I it will remain in this condi
tion till after conference it can be
blowed aa it were
Owing to tho heavy rains of late
the races and sports > heretofore an
nounced to take place on Friday the
9th at the Driving Park have been
postponed without date
The irrepressible C R Savage has
returned from hid western trip and
his friends will in time hear about
what ho saw Ha was accompanied I
by Mr Fred Lambourne
The Sorcerer will be performed
again in the Theatre on Thursday
evening rehearsals now being in
progress looking to its reproduction
The advertisement appears this morn
A communication has been re
ceived from Mr James B Stoddard
ot Wollsiville Cache County relative
to the 15 puzzle by which he proves
that the 131511 problem can only
be solved by tho figures being read on
either side I IB interesting but wo
re eo crowded that it cannot be given
space at present
The funeral of George W Drake
took place from the Sextons office at
10 oclock on Sunday morning the
Odd Fellows turning out in a body
and following the remains to the
cemetery where the rites of the order
were performed and all that remained
of this man who came to his death
in such 1 strange manner was put in
its final resting place
The roddct lips we havo ever kissed
Iho whitest teeth that ever havo shone
Will cease to charm us if we once wist
That they are not the ladys own
Feels Young Again
U My mother was afflicted along time
with Neuralgia ana a dull heavy in
active condition of the whole system
headahe nervous prostration and
was almost helpless No physicians
or medicines did her any gcod Thlee
months ago she began to use Hop
Bitters with such good effect that she
eeema and feels young again although
over 70 years old We think there is
no otber medicine fit to use in the
familyA lady Providence R I
Receipt of bullion on Monday
By McCornick CoTwo car
loads of Old Telegraph bullion two
of Morgan five ofGermania and one
car of Germania refined lead Value
By Pacific Express Company
One bar of Barbee Walker bullion
By H McCorkindale C ter
minus of Utah Southern Extension
April SFrom Horn Silver Mine
Frisco 22575 pounds of base bullion
Estimated value 2800
Total value of shipments aa esti
mated 3479218
To Arrive by Express
An all Iron Wagon made expressly
for Pacific Coast trado and same
will be on exhibition at my Wagon
Yard Blue Front during Conference
time Farmers and Freighters are
requested to call and examine the
above Wagon and the all coming
Wagon for Pacific Coast trade
Poverty and Suffering
I was dragged down with debt
poverty and EuQering for years caused
by a sick family and large bills for
doctoring which did them no good
I was completely discouraged until
one year ago by the advice of my
pastor I procured Hop Bitters and
commenced their use and in one
month we were all well and none of
ua have seen a eick day since and I
say t all poor men you can keep
your families well a year with Hop
Bitters fcr lees than one doctors visit
will cost I know i
Third District Court I
Proceedings at the District Court
on Monday Chief Justice Hunter
0 Anderson VH James W Stevens I
judgment for plaintiff as prayed
against Defendant Jamees WStevens
and defendant eicaots twenty days
stay of proceeding allowed to prepare
motion for new trial
Court adjourned till Tuesday at
10 am
I JOB PRINTINQ neatly cheaply
and quickly done at this office
A 4
More than the TwoHurds Majority
Ve L S Hills T R Jones R R
Anderson B Y Hampton and A 0
Pyper citizens of Silt Lake City
selected by tbo Mayor for the pur
pose of canvassing ibo returns of I the
y tes cast in the several municipal
wards of Salt Lake City at the
special election held in said city on
Monday the 5th day of April AD
18SO in pursuance of the following
notice L Toeu follows the notice
heretofore published I DJ hereby I
certify that after being frt duly
sworn to faithfully perform the duties
assigned us we examined the ballot
bOX und returns ai received from
the Eiveral polo places and found
all of them securely scaled as required
by law
The recorder in our presence did
break the seals of the several returns
and he and the undersigned carefully
examined said retarjja and found
them in ah respects regular and that
no discrepancy anneired therein
affecting the result ot t the proposition
voted upon
We therefore accepted said returns
canvassed them and found them
correct and hereby declare the follow
ing as the result of said special elec
tion as shown on tbe face of eaid
returns to wit
1st 2J 3d nil 5th Total
Yea187 240 250 290 332 1311
No125 2 0 9 4 2
Totuls312 269 310 305 373
Grand Total 0 1CC9
Total affirmative votes 1311 being
265 votes over and above the neces
sary twcthirda vote required by law
In testimony whereof we have here
unto set our hands this fifth day
of April AD 1880
ALEX 0 Pyprs
Attest JOHN T CAw
fL sJ Recorder
The voting was light and the polls
were quiet all day but from the above
it will be eeen that there was 1 hand
some majority in favor of tho loan
265 over tbe necessary twothirds
having been cast which is more than
he entire negative vote 258 The
result however is nothing more than
expected The figures above will
show the disposition of the various
precincts on the question
quality 1 SPECIALTY at Geo Careless i
Musical Emporium 1234 First South
street two doors east of Din woodeys
at G F BROOKS m25
I m2
Ii i
Elsewhere appears the notice of the
marriage at Silver Reef on Sunday
April 4th by Justice K Phillips of
Mr John H Rice and Miss Susie
Spencer the former of Silver Reef
the latter of this city Mr Rice is the
popular banker of Silver Reef and
Miss Spencer is one who is widely
known and has delighted many
theatregoera in days gone by but ot
late she has ceased to appear before
the footlights We congratulate both
on the happy event and with their
many friends wish them unbounded
Sce Ism a N Drcrya Florist
Corner Second South and Second East
Streets Salt Lake City has a
Choice Variety of I
Shrubs Flowers and Faro Seeds
Which ho is prepared to furnish at Bet
ten Rates than the worthless Importa
ions m20
IburJDoors West of While Home
2cew arrivals of
S P E I 1q G
t414 All
Give Him a Call
nirll B
I Is the Best Proportioned Most 4
I NeatlylronedtheLlghtest Run
ning and Yost Durable of
any Wagon In the 3larket
2xOur Repair Bills for the last six
months on all wagons sold here have
been ices than 2 We will show ac
Counts and names of every purchaser
Before Purchasing a Wagon do
not fail to See the Newton
rrZ Wagon Wcxrrancd
Johnson Reapers and Mowers
Scrapers Seed Drills Etc
Corner East of Theatre
U Jewelry S
S4j Silverware EJ
Honorable Treatment Guar
anteed Ii
0 b
I AS Represented
Waker Bros
We invite attention to the following it I
Great Speca1tes
BATHING SJTS1iOOeach worih 110
French Percales 25c pr Yard worth 40c pr Yd
Linen Lawns 15c 30c ff
French Lawns at ISiaC
Linen Lawns at 25c
Fancy ress Goods
Fancy Fans
Fancy Ribbons I
Ladiesalld Misses fancllosierand Gloves

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