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Ai L4rn 1iSllDfl E J liif1ii I v O1iE Rit i J t EgO
= L u
The following Rentlemcn are author
zed to canvaee for the SALT LAKE
HERALD also to receive payment lcd
receipt for the same
M Muir Bounlifu Woods Cross and
VV A StewartIrrvtrury Sevier County
John Hortin llockpqrtand Wanshi
Win Hulrnc Bloomington Do
n TuftMonroe Sevier County
Thoe ValIaco Ogden and Weber C
L T ShepherdUer Lake County
A W BIobbiltSpring Lake and
O P Lyons Summit County
E ITenrijd American Fork
A Lesslie Fountain Green
J BW Dnggs JrPleasant Grove
it K E Cowdell Beaver County
v 1 O Creer Spanish Fork
j V L Watlins Brighnm CIty
i bomas Crawloy Juab County
J S iloflat Meadowvill
p Walter Wslkw Farminjrto
L JoaTEHk Spring City
John Shields Tooele City
f 1 John Batty Toquervill
J K Clark Grantsvill
1 Wm Muidenhailpringyi1Io
i ji U uouiiBoii Oliver R ef
John iyrnm SL Georg
K W Hayborne Cedar City
J F Walters Mill Creek
j S Williams Ephraim
J F H Vright Coalville
1 H P filler Richfield
1 S Francis Morgan
I Edw Reid Payson
j T Greener Kanosl
1 I Wm lrobert Sen Holden
J Charles C Shaw Hyrum
j Wm Probert Scipio
j I Oharlce Foote Neph
William Burbeck Provo
George Scott Mani
I j John Woodbousc Lehi
III r Following are the ruling wholesale
j buying prices in Salt Lake City
n 1TWi In ITh on > > Imotn1
004 Uarloy i 1S51 55 Up cwt Oats uf2 10 I
230 po cwt
JJ65275 t > cwt
POTATOESGOc 65c 1 bue
SHELLED CORN 120125 cwt
RANIOO Shorts 110 f cwt
BUTTERSOc 35c V lb
EGGS 12Kc f doz
WOOL Choice tleeoo 2225 V lb
I 1 I HIDES Prime Flint 15c V Ib
I I Following are the latest quotationEi
4 r sf finer grain wool etc in the San
I Francisco market
i PLOURSuperfinoSl i jO 0 Bakers
1 and Family 5 506 0 best Extras in
ehippin loU 5 00 6 C2i do jobbincr
I bbl f5 6 O Walli Walls ostra 5 505 87iV
2J 1 61 72M p ct I
U A KL BY Feed S S2Jc for Coast
sad S23 87cforBay Brewing E597i
OAT3 Quotable at 51 1 25 P ctl
for Fci
ei CORN Quotable nl115122ictl
is forLnrsreSl 17S1 20 lor Small Yellow
j Whir S118120 I
HIDESDry Hides usual selections
Flint 17Jc Dry Kips lie Green
S illod henry steers over oulbs lO do
undsr 51b 934lOc Kipe 9Kc Calf
Bki 10 12c I
Ii CorroriHii dully by McOornick O
lilt L ke 110 par ounce
I New York 11S7 per ounce
I 3 i Lake SilO per ton
I Nfsr York 6c per pound
I i Vr Department Signal Service
U S Army Division of Telegrams
Reports fur tho benefit of Commerce
t = AiT LAKE CITY April 21 JSO
nm a F f
4in 940 1ZO 810
Barometer 23 2377 2078 2 i
Thermomoter 53 5 02 57
litttnidUr 48 2 18 31
Uuecifca windSE SE SB SB
J Ureicn Uour 4 13 13 12
M Chly CJ clay fair
Bine we fcuwr w j rf c
Rainfall for 21 hourB000 of sn iDCh
Maximum Thor dec 6 nsiElmBra n
3 To see what improvements now exis
cs compared with railway travel only
I few years ago To become convinced
Et of this QUO has only to select for his
rout Eastthe popularaad wellknown
You are landed by the Union Pacifia
Railroad in the Union Depot at Coun
cil Bluffs where stands tho 0 N
o J i W Palace Train composed of Pull
man Hotel Cars Pullman Sleeping
Care Elegant Day Coaches
j Smoking Baggage Postal Care
etc ready to convey its passen
j gers rough Iowa and Illinois and
I into 0 icago Gliding smoothly along
over the superb track of steel rail
J tbrngh thriving cities and villages
con irtably seated in this train one
Bcroely discovers the high rate of
sp which he is riding Trains of
th road are always on time con
nections sure and passengers seek
ing pleasure comfort safety and
ease in traveling will find the
1 NorthWestern in excess of their
I expectations and the greatest of all
i routes to Chicago Bud the East In
sist upon Ticket Agents selling you
Tickets via this Road all Agents eel
J them Examine your Tickets nnd
tefuee to buy if they do not read over
this Road I you wish the Best
j Traveling Accommodations you will
buy your Tickets by this Route
I What an Englishman Thinks of
1 the American People
Uo says they hurry they eat
quick they gulp they belch they
have stomach ache headache liver
troubles and bowel complaint they
fret and they Eceld they get cross at
nothing and without cause they look
sal ow and holloweyed they look
hungry and cant eat thoy spit up
food they have wakeiul nights They
Co the
die early because they disregard
true principles to correct
z J These troubles and many others ul
r = grow Thee out and from a torpid liver and
called dyspepsia or indigestion They
caled and have been cured
c can be cured btvo cure
and in every case with 1 guaranty
that they will be cured by the use of
Dr Minlios English Dandelion Pills
L Sold by all druggists Price 50o per
I bottle
Health strength and vigor of the
Kidneys and Bladder always follow
the uee ol the great Buchu compound
Jt IXLlUilC 3 1 tpUUtLU Jnht
Disease Diabetes Inflammation I
Smarting or Private Diseases are
ii Smartng
quickly cured by it For Laucorrboc
d i
I I it ha no equal Dont be persuaded
to tko any otter preparation Every
one who has tried i recommends K
For tale by nil druggists
r p BATIVE The great English remedy
has made more oure of Nervcua De
r bility Ssminal Weakness Lost Man
V hood noctnrnal emission lassitude
hod noctqral
despondency and inability for mental 1
labor despondency and such dueares
follies and
td are induced by youthful foles
iii induce
l excesses than all other medicine
p combined It la not stimulant nor
Hi excitant is i safe < o take is
iL uct a quack perfectly nostrum and produces
V molts that are onderful Price 5 1
ird rer bottle Four imcs the quantity
r uo I will not diiappoint you Try
Tobe had at the Z 0 M I drug
department ha Messrs Moore Allen 4i
n 0 street and Dr Ban Mintie Franco C 1 I Kear Qia
< <
cicnp COUNTY
LOGAN April 15 1880
Editors Herald
The winter just paat has been one
of the EtT resl ever known in th s
valley In the autumn preceding
many who thought themselves able to
foretell the seasons predicted that it
would bo unusually hard Their pre
dictions have been fulfilled to the
great sorrow and loss of our citizens
specaly stock owners Early in
Dctibor snow commenced falling and
has continued at varying intervals
until icJ < y when there is a fall of
six inches Though some
cured a long very cod season few
were prepared for one of such dura
ion The experience ofn number
of previous years had made people
ndiflerent Tee dry summer oi 1879
destroyed reliable raeges and rcdncw
the hay crop perhaps onehalf As
cattle and horses had douowell run
ning at large other seasons many
were turned out nnd allowed to feed
where they could until in December
when it was nectary 10 take and
feed them in the towns Tula extra
drain on the scanty supply of hay
soon began to tell and in some ol the
ottlementa after January there was
nothing but straw to feed The pen
plo of Lewieton for several months
were obliged to haul straw from
Smithfield a distance sixteen miles
Thousands of tons of this feed were
thus taken but the supply was in
JcvUUlB ecu oila 00 > < o reported
where a farmer owning twentyeight
head of cattle cut tnuuty eovoa of
them In a less severe degree this
was the experience of the whole
alloy Straw many years old that
in other seasons would not be taken
at any price wa3 greedily bought at
81 I tn S3 npr kind Poor as thin fndrfor
W as thee was none to be bought by
the end of February and early in
March hundreds of cattle were taken
to the moat promising ranges and left
to care for themselves SD anxioaa
were several that their stock might be
saved thoy proffered to give them to
pyoue who would feed them until
spring The owners of many herds
were obliged to feed chopped wheat
at the end of tho season to give the
stock strength enough ta walk to
where feed could be epcurcd The I
heaviest losses reported are by two
firmsone losing SCO out ol 1200
lead and the otherestimated at 400
out of siioH the same number In
S6EJa imtuiccs i is known that
ierderd have been compelled to leave
their aimnas out the
on ranges to
urisb being unable ti get feed and
be tnow so deep that all grass was
covered Its quite probable that the
loss tbroiish the valley will ba not
less 1 than twenty or twentyfive per
cent The hundreds of cattle dying
on the ranges have been the means
of employing many 1oys securing
their hides No attntion seems to
I have been pad to ownership dead I
S1 I I
aLu utL uueu I lUIUUOD
property Not u few cases are
reported where a number of boys
finding an cuioial don would eit
nround waiting for it to die They
bal no p ty and only waited until
I starvation bad completed its work to
rob the emaciated frame of its cover
The hard winter must be productive
of some good and may bo able to
advance the cause of science To
students of compajRtive anatomy our
cattle and horses ofler superior ad
vantages for 6 udy especially the
departments of osteology and derma
tology Iu an interesting slate these
semi demented skeletons wander 1
around teekinc what thAI a f t
our Compared with the manikins
employed in school these creatures
ara fa superior having nearly all
their advantages besides that of volun
tary motion
Last winter was 5 season of Three
Blatk Crow stories At one time a
family was frozen in Logan CiSon
but they came to life in Bear Lake
A young lady walking from Logan to
Ne ton lost her way and was out in
a bitter cold night Report said that
both arms and legs had been ampu
tated but fact revealed that only one
or two toes were taken oQ Rumor
told that a cattle firm had loat 15000
worth of cattle when onethird will
cover too amount However our
boson hava been heavy enoagh and
accidents not scarce so we must ac
cept the situation
The present year in Bore respects
has not started well for as There
have been three or four deaths from
accidents and quite a number of
severe bruises At one time many
felt gloomy over tho loss of so many
cattle but a week of spring weather
had the effect of giving them new
energy The water supply this year
will undoubtedly be good and pro I
spects were never better for the
farmers We haT no grasshopper
hopE to escape Into frosts and with
plenty of water can supply all Utah
with wheat anti potatoes i necessary
Though we have been forced to
picture a portion of the dark side in
our experience there is still enough
malarial wealth to enable our citizens
to move on to prosperity The
manufacturing and mercantile insti
tutions are doing well and with the
people lock for a profitable season
P S In writing part of the above
wo discover that we have displayed
great ignorance We apologize to
weather clerks and other such
functionaries and hope lhatthey will
coon divulge the new formula for
earning the duration of seasons
The heaviest snow of the winter fell
on the 16th and 17th instants just I
when we thought old Boreas had re
tired to his Arctic fastnesses Alter
this Wo will prepare for nine months
winter and hopo to have supplies to
carry from autumn to spring or
summer n it appears we will be
forced to now A
Just received and for
sale at JJIorrlll < I eet
leys Stables one car
load Kentucky Jacks
one car load 01 Hares
and inipor fed Clydesdale
Stallions Ilease call
and examine a22
Curtains Window Shades Cornices
and a fall line of Upholstery Trim
mA rnfh nt
WiuL 1 uu vv
niS WJUI H Dinwcodeys Furniture Sorel
Third District Court
Proceedings at the District Court
Wednesday Chief Justice Hunter
presiding 1
Alex Fox va Catherine Sawyer
motion for rehearing on demurrer t
interposition of Thus MoLelland ad
ministrator toe and further hearing
thereon continued trial on plea in I
ict renton of Gee k Fisbback con
cluded argued and submitted
W H Folsom va Thos Fitch et
al default of defendant entered and
decree as prayed
Ann M Chadd v M Cdc order
for writ 01 asEiJtance
Curt adjourned till 10 oclock on
Thursday morning
fc <
What a Salt Lake Democrat
ThInks of the Situation
SALT LAKE CIT April 20 1880
Editors Herald
On returning from the east after
the nomination of Mr Tilden in 1876
I ventured few
a predictions through
the HERALD as to the rejut of the
campaign The exactness with
which those predictions were fulfilled
emboldens me to venture n prophecy
in regard to tuO nominations soon to
be made and the results at the poll
There are many reasons for believing
that General Grant will be the
nominee of the Chicago convention
Notwithstanding the serious objec
tions to hiar nomination he will be a
strong candidate anu his defeat by
no means a certainty It is admitted j
that New York will OB the bvttle
ground and that Connecticut and
New Jersey will probably voto as I
New York Grant is not weak in
New York for the following reasons
Firat the opposition now so loudly
talked in taut ttito by anti bld
ermera etcJ will disappear as a
morning mist within 1 month alter
the nomination nnd further those
refined pure thoroughly educated
md philosophical republicans of the
literary Miss Nancy type who oppose
Grant for several and cood reason
will 1ii IUILI ime winm the sarno
month and join their voices to tho
old threadbare cry ot war nigger I
and danger We hear muchof the
ignorance and obedience of the dem
ocratio following while the tacts are
hey uro Ices obedient to the machine
and the party lash than are those su
perior and higher levelled gentlemen
oC the opposition Nor is the pro
dieted molting of the republican op
position the only source of General
rants strength in the Empiro Slate
There as elsewhere aro thousands
who think more of money than they
do ol anything in the heavens
bcvd the earth beneath or the
waters under the earth I and hence
it is possible that General Grant may
cut deep into the democratic com
mercial vote of New York the extent
tent of his strength in this Intt re
spect depending upon the action of
tho democratic party and its torn
necc I must be further borne in
mind that Grant is an idolater of po I
tion power and money and i nom
mated will he backed by abundant
campaign fundJ on the principle of
you tickle me etc Anyone mod
rately well informed can name hal I
a dozen men whcso check fcr one
hundred thou and dollars each can
> o bad for tho asking on his omit
Lion Mr TilJen will not be nominated
al Cincinnati Ho is not working far
il km he is working lo t boll his party
togtIH iu his own and other slates
He is power and he is rightly urn
UlJUlt m mae mae power H1 a
I Cincinnati and it will be felt by cer
I tain democrita in the House and
Senate who have mismanaged every
thing with which thoy have bad to do
and have acted towards Mr Tilden
since the lust general election as only
little men in big places could act
Mr Tilden is the ablest man of the
democratic party Republicans and
democrat alike know it Hence the
undignified and senSE lcs abuse of I
the one party und the shabby tmxl I i
meat of the would ba leaders of tee II I I
other But in the brains co luces I
and good judg ncnt of ttiig L corrupt J I I
and weak old nun mdUrfrat ulke 1 1 imo i
10 ab E nraU i
mo defeat of General Grant A Jnik I
horse will make the race and those I
democrat in Washington whose I
honesty and respectability have been
eo extensively advertised can wait and I i
find consolation i flOOd be in think I
lug over the wisdom and patriotism I
displayed iu getting up that famous
commission There is no need t
enter into any defense of Mr Tildens
character especaly since the repub
lican press and speakers before the
summer is over will be Bounding his
praises in opposition to whomsoever
will be the Cincinnati nominee The
man who could lose 20000 rotten
democratic votes and still lead Gen I
Dix in New York 54000 will have
influence both before and alter the
nomination and an snow I ibis
man is undoubtedly popular with the
people of Now York and with a good
dark horse the state will go demc
erotic notwithstanding thousands of
commercial democrats may sneak in
a vote for the etrong man a
1 JUST LOvELY is the general
expression of Ladies visiting AUER
MENT when shown the Rich
Brocades New Silks Stylish Dol
mans Lacee Fans and Other
Noveltief just received BY EX
Bids Wautod
For six counter each 33 feet lone
ulo 114 feet length of shelving Plans
and specification to bo seen at the
office of H Monheim Eq archi
tect Bids mutt bo in by the 26tb
inst p18 F AUEBBACH Boo I
Earthquake and Horse Thieves
SILVER REEF April 19 80
Editors Herald
This morning about 2 oclock a
shock of earthquake was felt Two
sharp vibrations wore felt about two
seconds diflerenco in time Many
were awakened by tao jarring of
Thren tlaya ago Wm MeCullOUtjU
of Leeds Icat n valuable pair of dialt
horses Irom hia stable at night
This morning a dispatch informs us
that the horses have been recovered
and the thieves Simeon Clinton and
John Covin ton escaped south
Last night we hd quite a freeze
and today bright and sunny with
snow on all sides on the mountain
and high hills J
sell outfit consult
Before you sel your cnEul
JOhn Crane weat ol Theatre He
tim hirrhpnt nrina for everything
P nrca
PW J ol b
Resolutions of Condolence
TVJttreasr T C Armstrong a wor
thy member of this organization has
been vUited by the terrible scourge
diphtheria and thereby suffered the
severe loss of his two sons therefore
Resolced That we as members of
McKenzie Reform Club hereby
the deepest sympathy with
SmSa his family in their bereave
ment and sincerely pray hut they
may bo sustained and comforted by
Divine Providence in their great afllic
tion Resolcd That a copy of these reso
lutions he spread upon the minut of
lhis club and also pub hed in the
I I DRml
I JirASCOOP5R Committee t
Grand Lodge I OO F Utah
The R W G Lodge of Utah 11
OOFeince Monday in sesion in this
cityatter transacting the usual routine
business on Wednesday elected the
following named officers Grand
Master W L Pickard of Salt Lake
Deputy Grand Master Harry Watt
of Ogden Warden J A Schubart
of Corinne Grand Treasurer Henry
Cohn of Salt Lake Grand Secretary
E R ICneass of Salt Lake City E
L Butterfield was elected as Grand
Representative to the Sovereign
Grand Lodge
The following named officers were
appointed W G Chaplain L
Hobba W G Marshal Jacob Morttz
W G Conductor LL Baumgarten
W G Guardian G rbomsen W G
Herald O E HilID D G Master
District No1 LouHyams D D G
Master District No2 F H Church
D D G Master District No 33 A
The proceedings of the body on
Wednesday wer mainly devoted tc
action on reports and the election o
officers with some miscellaneous
business while during the session a
great many point of interest to the
order were decided
The Sovereign Grand Lodge to
which Mr Butterfield was elected ai
a representative from this territory i
the supreme legislative head of the
American Odd Fellowship Its an
nual session for 1880 wilI be held at
OntarioCanndain September and is
constituted of grand representatives
from all subordinate jurisdictions jn
the order now established in every
etito and meet of the territories
in Canada South America and
several Of the countrieu in Eul ua
well as in Australia
A pleasing incident in the evening
was the ureeentntou on behalf of a
number of mombers of the Grand
Lodge to retiring Grand Master E
H Murphy of a fine gold badge
emblematic of the office which he
had filled wiSh such honor to himself
and the lodge during the year
Upon adjournment sine die at 10
oclock the grand officers and 0
large number of past grands indulged
in B festive reunion at Arbogasts
Oyoter Grotto where feasting toasts
and speeches were the general order
and continued for some time I
WE SELL the celebrated CHARLES
every pair I they rip or tear when
first worn we will give another pair
m2i COHN Rims
The suost comfortable
ansi styiLh resort Iiiiie
city for Tea Uoflbe and I
Chocolate Mot aId Cold
Lunch IMsiiiers at 12
jo and see his CJ
C it E All Ffln2EZEIt
JFSSf Sfl1 in the 1V CRt
S lain Street a20
Constitution Euildintj al
Resolutions of Respect
To the Memory of our inuchrespecled t
Friend and J3rothsr fireman Henry
Q Cushinai
htreast I has pleased Almighty
GoJ < to remove from our midst our
behvEd secretary and colaborer
therefore be i
Rewired That we as brother fire
men while acknowledging the hand
of the Lord in tho act that hag de
prived us of so efficient a member
feel to sympathize with hia family
and relatives
Resolved That wo as members of f
Vasatch Engine Company No2 to
which ho belonged deeply regret his
loss and deairo to emulate hia ex
ample 4
Itesolccd That we attend the funeral
and show our respect to the remains
of our honored colaborer
Resolved That while we condole
with each other in this bereavement
5 l SSi A n f IA n nont l
WO uuutt jiiu u v H nno
love to his family and relatives
Resolved That the apparatus of our
company be draped in mourning for
thirty days and that we present a
copy of these resolutions to his family
and publish the same in the daily
Monday April 19 1880
TIE FIR lot of now goods arrived I
Mills consisting
from the Provo Mis yesterday
sisting of Suiting Cloths Fancy Col
Flannels ored Blankets White Linsey and I
3i and 36 Old Constitution a4 Building
The Provo Manufacturing Company
are always prepared to nay the high
eat Market Price for Wool in Cash
or Goods just as the parties desire
Send for sacks and twine For fur
ther particulars inquire by letter or
otherwise of
JAMES DUNN Supt Provo City
al5 Salt Lako City
Potty Thieving
The farmers at tho hay and wood
market yard are sufleriug lately horn
petty thieving Of laIc several articlta
of clothing have been stolen away
from wagons one at a time and no
one has been able suspect the guilty
party On Wednesday one person
laid his overcoat on his wagon and
left for a few minutes and upon re
turning found that the article had been
stolen Those who keep their teams
in the yard will probably be more
careful hereafter and a sharp watch
for the oflenders will bo maintained
For Sale or Rent
A seven room adobe residence
M1 n h1t Qt ftV1I Q hRtt
OllUi vh4 uuw uu
block south of the Tabernacle See
Wm B Folsom on premises al7
Tlwlt TAYUOO A CO a1g
The undersigned have received
another Urge stock of Straw Goods
consisting of Bonneti and Hats all
in the latest style and shade for
Ladies and Children for theater a
very large assortment of Sailors at the
very low price of 250 as we have
made arrangements with the Manu
facturers and Impoitaram the East
Cicturer Wbereby we can afford to sell Milhn
erv Goods cheaper than any other
bouaein i the city Purchasers will
find it worth their while to examine
the dQck at
The Mill on the Jordan and the
Work at tile Mine
The foundation for Prof Hold en a
60 stamp mill on the Jordan River
at West Jordan was completed on
Wednesday evening This is the
mill as before stated which is being
erected to work the ore taken from
the Old Jordan Mine Bingham
Gallon The object of putting up the
mill on the Jordan is to secure a
sufficient supply of water to run the
machinery which even ii it could be
obtained near the mine would be ol
very uncertain tenure The mill will
of course be bult principally of
wood and work is to be continued on
it with all possible expedition u t
completed There are already ten
car loads of machinery on hand to
be put in operation at the earliest
moment possible
I Tho Old Jordan Mine is to be
f worked by what is a new and some
I what novel process for this region
after the manner in which the iron
I mince arc worked at Lake Superior
One of the great expenses in mining
in the west is that of timbering and
it is the intention of Prof Holden to
do away with any outlay on this
account in working the Old Jordan
for the present at least For this
purpose the whole of the mountain
or that part embraced in the Old
Jordan claim will be taken away
The work will commence at the foot
of the tnouotuiu rna all the dirt will
be stripped oiTuntil the ore reached
which will be taken out and shipped to
ho mill By this means the claim will
in time all be dug and carted away
even with the fcot of the mountain
and thus the ore vein will h > fnllnwprl
wi fnlmmr
back into the mountain The
advantages of this plan arc numerous
It obviatts the necessity of timbering
he mine which is as before stated
a very important item all the mining
will bo done by the light of day there
will be no danger of fires or conse
quent floods and there is but little
anger of caving if any Besides
this cheap labor can bo employed
in stripping away tho surface
dirt whib miners will be em
ployed in taking out the ore I
when tho claim is dug to the level
of the foot of the mountain it
s desirable tj follow down for
the ore tie work of inking
aViaff a ttmnnllinrv nrtrl lftvKoirr nn r
n a
then ba commenced as well as now
while all the expenses of these feat
ures of western mining will be saved
until that time arrives Tho ideaat
once showa itself to be an excellent
one where ore veins of the character
of the Old Jordan arc to be worked
I It is the intention of f tof Holden
to commence this work as soon as the
snow clears off and the ground becomes
comes sufficiently dry This will add
1 great deal to tho life of Bingbam
this season and i the plans are fol
owed out sa now expected the Old
the Reliable territory will ba the liveliest camp in
For Sale
A new Studebaker Wagon on liberal
terms Enquire at this Office a17
j Music Lessons
Joseph J Daynes having completed
his musical education under Mr 8
B Mill of New York who is
acknowledged to bu tho leading
pianist of the United States is now
prepared to give Lessons on the Piano
or Organ Tho following certificate
from Mr Mills wH be sumoient
guarantee to parties who desire a
hoiuugh course ot lessons
Mr Joseph J Daynes having taken
lessons of mo for some time I have much
pleasure in toatifyinR to his great ability
both as pi nist and teacher He is a first
rate pianist and musician Ills method
1s atriciijr in iccordance with my own
S D ATnua
New York March 16 1SSO
For terms apply at Daynes Music
Store Main street a16
JOB FEINTING neatly cheaply
and quickly done at D this office
Asylum Commissioners
On Tuesday afternoon the board of
commissioners proceeded to Ogden
where they remained lhat night
Wednesday morning in company
with the city and county authorities
Ogden City and Weber County
tho board proceeded to examine sev
eral sites in the north east and south
suburbs of tho city about half a
dozen in number Some of them
were very excellent the others also
good but deficient in the water sup
ply The authorities extended every
courtesy possible to the board in
assisting the members in their labors
mooting them at the depot and ex
tending the freedom of tho city to
them The officers of Weber County
also offered great inducements to tho
board t locate the asylum there
ACer having completed its labors the
board returned to this city last even
ing This morning they visit local
ties iu this county and on Friday
go to Provo to examine Utah
A Wise Deacon
Deacon Wilder I want you to tell
me how you kept yourself and family
io well the past season when all the
rest ol ua have been sick EO much
and have had the doctors running to
us eo long
I Bro Taylor the answer is very
easy I used Hop Bitters in time and
kept my family well and caved large
doctor lulls Three dollars worth of
it kept us all well and able to work all
the time and I warrant i has cost
you and most of the neighbors one to
two hundred dollars apiece to keep
sick the same time I guess youll
take my medicine hereafter See
other column
COHN BBOS have just received 25
pieces of very choice Summer Silks
embracing some of the latest novelties
to be found in this line and are offer
ing them at popular prices Also a
large stock of the handsomest Dress
Goods ever oQered here m27
St Pauls Chapel
The work on St Pauls Chapel is
in progress the foundation being in
and work on the walls going on Wit
all reasonable expedition The build
ing Is located on Fourth South and
East Temple streets and will be a
very beautiful structure when com
pleted The contract for the con
struction and material alone tOSS
over lbU nud n is thougni that
before it is ready for cervices it will
have coat fully 820000 This is the
chapel that some eastern ladies arc i
erecting for the Rev Mr Un worth II
the young minister
Ice Cream for the Million
George Arbogast is again manufac
turing ice creaut for the millions and
the millions want i the demands
have been unsurpasaed at this season
of the year and he has cow made
arrangements to supply an quantity
ar of his own makewhich means
A No1 He cant all be beat at prices
3 I O
More storm
The Police Curt is i qUiEt again
Things are stilt quiet about the
District Court
The doubleheaded lady i to exhibit
here next week
The eolations of the new puzzle
dont seem to solute
Ken A 0 Smoot of Provo < vas in
town on Wednesday
Some of the apricot trees arc put
ting on their loveliness
Building is going on vigorously in
different parts of the city
Mr Dwyer has tha May number
of Young Ladies Journal
Speaking of caatical terms was
Noahs wile bit first mate
Travel is picking up and the hotel
men smile more and more
On the 22J of April 1852 the
Scio Turk massacred 40000 Greek < at
And now the democrats want a
convention What have wo been
The actions of men are like the
index of a book they point out what
is most agreeable in them
The more good clothes 1 lady has
the easier it is to induce her to act as
a director of a charitable object
Mr R D Clark huperinieniieut oi
the Stewart No 1 Biugham was
around the streets on Wednesday
The raced were not to havo taken
place yesterday but on next Wednes
day Look out for a mod days sport
The members of the Olympic Club
make uee of the park on the City
Hall corner every night by practising
Tim Silver Reel Miner still con
tinues to consume the main part of
its news space in commenting on its
libel case
Tho fight over the republican con
vention the delegate and everything
use continued in the streets on
The greatest compliment yen can
paya man is to cal him adn advanced l
thinker I beats the title of
eener I nil out of sight
I The old City Pottery ia doing quito
a rushing business and is shipping
ta the surrounding territories crock
jars and flower pots in abundance
A Leadville girl sued a man for
breach of promise and proved him
such a scoundrel that tho jury decided
that she ought to pay him Eoraething
for not marrying her
I id i not expected that active work
on the Ontario mine or mill will not be
resumed before the 1st of May Re
pairs on the mill still continue with
dead work in tho mine
The Pacific Express Company
received on Wednesday three bars of
bullion from the Kinner Mine Silver
Reef worth 519865 and one from
tho Christy 237173 Total value
Our people U nays the Los Angeles
Herald t have been employed in
paying theirtarcs and seeding their
lands Thats an epitome of life
Paying taxes this year and preparing
to pay them next year
A little breeze was raised on Second
South nn 1fnnrap h a u JIotAMBijr ut
largo pools of blood and a story was
started that several soldiers had beat
n man t death on Sunday night but
there was nothing in it whatever
Thn TTtn Reservation fa 220 bv 110 I
miles square The reports of the
prospectors have hitherto been necec
sarily imperfect but many of them
declare that they know of tho ex
istence or et w iTO placer deposits
where a man can easily take out
from 20 to 50 per day
Miner The alleged examination for
an alleged libel lasted seven days
the longest preliminary examination
over held in the territory And yet
several parties were heard to remark
that it might as well have been set
tled the fret day What prophets
some of the Reefers are 1
A report was circulated about town
on Wednesday that the train carrying
the excursionists to San Francisco
who left here on Monday afternoon
had bcon struck by a snow slide while
passing through sheds and that
several persons were killed There
can hardly be any truth in it as the
telegraph wires have been down and
word could have been received here in
no other way
When the enterprising preacher isnt
bucking Isnt backing
Against the serried hosts qf hungry SID
Hungry fin
The chances are youll find that he is
chucking He is chucking
Some handsome sister underreath the
chin Xeath the chin
And when you know he isnt buy dig
ging Busy digging
For texts wherewith he may adorn a tale
Darn 1 tale
A little scrutiny will find tni him 1 rigging MP
u u 6
An elaborate defense forbeingfraili
Being rrall
What between his duties pastoral in rid
ding ridding i I
The bad heart and defending what hes
done What hes done
The preachers lot to draw it mild i
middling I middling
And might perhaps be called a lively
That Strike
Last week wo mentioned the occur
ence of a strike in Emigration Canon
near Wageners brewery the ore
being ironatained limestone with
traces of quartz Ihe discovery tack
place in Parleys Gallon insteaa of
3niir4tion but neither the canons
ia likely to feel bad over the aflaii itS
nn examination k ° wcd mat there
was not the slightest traco of precious
metal or of a mineral vein Tvraa
ever thus
An opportunity for housekeepers
and dealers in furniture etc Messrs
F Aucrbach Brother having pur
chased the building wo now occupy
necessitates cur moving Being
anzious to reduce our stock all pcs
Bible before doing EO wo will sell Fur
niture and all goods in our line until
further notice at reduced prices
Should we decide upon an auction to
close out certain consigned and other
goods notice will be given
Dealers in Furniture and House
Goods Q
The Fire
A little after 8 oclock last night
the fire bell rang out a loud alarm
and the streets wero filled in a few
seconds by persons anxioa to learn
where the fire was The firemen
made a break in a southwesterly
direction and shortly discovered that
II the blaze was nothing more than 3
pile of rubbish which was being
burned in the tray pound in the
Fourteenth Ward Some one hap
pened to see a blaze and cried fire
the boys took i up and ran to
this City Hall and gave the alaini
If you want Dodgers
I yon want Envelopes
If you want Bill Heads
If you want Statonents
If you want CerlirLfttes
If yoa want Box Labels
I yoa want Note Heads
It you want Show Cards
If you want Law Blanks
If you want Ball Ticket
I you want Programmes
I you want Letter Heads
If you want Bottle Labels
I yon want Auction Bilk
I you want Ciling Cards
If you want Addros Cards
If yon want Bank Checcs
I I you want Shipping Tata
I you want Business Card
I you want Wedding Carda
I you want Invitation Card
If you want Business Circulars
I you want Pamphlets Printed
I you want Job Printing of any
description done in a most satis
factory manner you can satisfy your
wants by calling at or addressing the
HERALD Office Salt Lake City
A Fine Thing for the Teeth
Fragrant SOZODONT is a compo
sition of tho pureat and choicest In
grcJiens ot the Oriental vegetable
kingdom Every ingredient is well
known to have a beneficial wel
the teeth and gums Its embalming
or antiseptic property and aromatic
fragrance make it a toilet luxury
< 5n7nnr > NT removes all disagreeable
dora from tho breath caused by
catarrh bad teeth etc Itia entirely
free from the injurious and acrid
properties of tooth pastes and powders
which destroy the enamel One hot
tIe will last six months as
1 lag described Animal which I not claimed 1
and ten away within ten day will be sold 1
crdtJI to law at the Eitnj Posad Farm
lin lay b 1S at 2 r
Oe Drown Hon cbS bled twklt te t
branded iV on tijht tbUb
ABRAHAM nosy 1
District Ponnd Xetper
FUtin Davis County Utah April 20 I 8
THE tt t
t i
Is the Best Proportioned Host V
eatly Ironed the lightest Run t
ning and Most Durable of
any Wagon ia tho Market
YOur Eepiir Bills for the last six
months on all wagons sold here have
been less thn 62 We will show ac
counts and names of every purchaser 1
Before Purchasing a Wagon do
not fail to See the Newton i
Every Wagon Warranted
AQEiiT yoR
Johnson Reapers and Mowers
Scrapers Seed Drills Etc
Corner East of Theatre l W I
EPH SCOTT Traveling Agent f t 4 II
I OarDets I i I I
= 7 I t 1 11
I i t1 11
e 0 I
= c v
J r
o = f r I
I h
J if
> I r f
t f
Mammoth Clothing Hal
Sa J NATHAN Propr l > 1
The Leader in Low Prices

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