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l2AlLa LAmE DAR ilLWJ gUPlDAJl mt3n1lI1 1 JUNE O Ib80
I THE DAILY HSKAliD is published
J every morning Mondays oxcepted at
r JSsst Temple street near First South
1 Salt Lako City by the HZEALD PBIHT
scription price 1050 per annum post
age iaoludod parts of a year at tho
same rsto To weekly subucribere
collection made by carriers twentyfive
cwita a week i
jmblished every Wednesday and StXqr
lay morninsr st 350 a yw li
mscth 175 postage include1
ME HAVES trill soon ttirt on a
grand tour of the Pacific Coast end
of oouraa will risU Silt Lake en roufe
He holds hie title by fraud but he holds
it ill the same and for that reason
I the people everywhere he goes will
1 show nimthe respect due to his posi
tion In Bait Lake Mr EL yea will
be heartily welcomed by all olaseee
CAPTAIN HOWQATE the enthusiastic
Arctic explorer having failed in his
r efforts to induce Congress to send him
into the Polar regions has fitted out
an expedition at his own espenee
and will immediately set out for the
r frozen north Toe country generally
will wish him well but at the tame
time regard him as somethiag or a
monomaniac whose mania is impel
ling him to an unwise dangerous and
somewhat foolish trip Too > nany
lives have been lost and too much
money spent in vain searches for the
Gzs Jons AStnrER famous in the
United Etitea as l tho owner of the
land in which gold was fint dis
covered in California is dead having
suddenly taken his departure for the
other aide on Friday Sutter was a
kindhearted generous old man who
was held in high esteem by old Cali
fornians For many years ho resided
I in Pennsylvania and waa understood
to be in moderate circumstances
tie was a petitioner to several succes
sive Congresses for an appropriation
but never succeeded in Retting his
bill through There seemed to be a
I disposition to give the old man some
I thing but therA was difficulty in find
ing a reasonable ezcuse or prec dent
for granting s pension or bounty
THE REPORTS from the east this
morning make it appear that Tildcn
withdraw from the candidacy for
the presidential office baaing his re
tirement upon the ground ol feeble
health It will not be iilheIth that
will take him out of the contest for
the man who is able to dc what he is
doing every ay in the year managing
the iHismeeS that he manages and
performing the political work that he
does is capable of conducting a
vigorous campaign with all that tho
term implies He may retire from
the field because he believes it will be
for the best interest of the party for
him to do so because he Jovea demo
cratic success more than he loves a
Tilden triumph but the bad health
business IB played out However we
do not yet believe Tildsn trill with
draw Or that he can be defeated in
the convention Four un > 3 iuu
the story will be told and the I
aspirants may rest easy I
ALREADY THERE 18 an hltilUltioU of
what the Utah Extern Hallway will
have to contend with in its compe
tition with the Union Pacific in the
cod business What we said some
months ago when the narrowpaug
was Grit talked about would take
i place is really transpiring The
Union PaoiQc doe3 not propose to
surrender ita Salt Lake coal trade
and is therefore putting itself in fnsi i I
lion to more effectively fight the little
opposition taat baa sprung up No
sooner io the Dtxn Eastern people
get at work and begin to show that
they are in real earnest < and mean
business than the Union Pacific pro
ceeds with the conatructoa of a road
u 1 parallel the most valuable portion
of the nerrowguags line btt Aeeu Coal
vilo and Tars City Of coarse this
means that the Union Pacific intends
to drive the Utah Eutirn cut oi
both the Park City and Salt Like
markete Ordinarily suoh a move
ment would be a crueh on tic I
minor enterprise The fie 1 road
would become discoursed and retire
from the field It would know that
the struggle must be short sharp and
decisive when the lesser contettint
would go to the wall either aa a
supplicant fjr mercy and tool of the
master or as a worse thin defunct
concern Here he circumstances i
i are somewhat different and the crush
ing business ought not to be so easy
an undertaking The Utah Eistern
was not devised iu a moneymaking
scheme for a few individual > None
of the investors expects or has been
lad to believe that he would derive
largo returns from his subscription
The company waa organized and
the road is to be bail
for the purpose of breaking
a monopoly that is sorely oppressing
the people The greed of tli3 Union
Pacific drove the people into taking
steps for their own relief and we
hope they will cot ba frightened into
relaxing their efbrts for their own
salvation There should be no
slackening of the labors of tho com
pany on the contrary let the work
go ahead faster It would please the
mammoth corporation well if the U
E people could be frightened into a
desertion of the project If the com
munity has taken interest in the con
struction of the Utah Eastern hereto
fore it should bo doubly anxious
about it now Tho building of the
road involves a long and hard fight
but is a fight in which the people can
afford to engage The tighter the U
P squeezes the narnm auge
b the better will it be for the
community and as tho people
are the stockholders and builders of
the Utah Eastern they can let the
great corporation butt at the little
enterprise ca savagely as it chooses
U tho Union Pacific wants to sell coal
here at a less I price than the other
road can a8ord to haul it all well
and good Lock up the narrorc auge
engines nnd let the road lie idle
The people will be getting a largo
interest on their money invested
Fortunately tho Utah Eastern is in
a shape that it cannot be forced into
a sale 01 itself nor compelled to enter
a combination against the public
The moat that can be done is to close
the roid and there could be little
satisfaction in that for it would in
volve a loss to the opposition so long
as it i continued It is i hoped that the
Utah Eistern rill be pushed ahead
vigorously and that more people will
become interested in it as sloclul
dare It has the sympathy of ths
community aDd will receive the
patronage and support of the public
To give up now would be to listen
the chains tighter upon the country
for the Union Pacific has only to
block the way b Ooalvillp when it
will have Salt Like perpetually at ltd
mercy in the matter of coal prices
A CASE that id exciting the interest
of employers and working men 12 in
the St Louis courts A Lalf dczen
workmen in tie Vulcan Steel Works
of that city struck for higher wages
and quit wcrk at a time when two
beat of iron were partially melted
and the cupola laile filled with molten
nit til Tho superintendent was fci
tunate in celtinu other men to take
the strikers places in time to prevent
actual 033 to the company but
the six were arrested for con
spiracy the strike having come
at a critical time the evident pur
pcse being to compel the employers
to either grant their terms or cutler
great loss On the preliminary heat
ing the attorneys for the strikers
moved to quash the proceeding l on
the ground that no offense had been
committed but the court cverrued
he motion saying if the circum
ntances as alleged could ba proven a
very serious offenas bad been com
mitted A conviction and sharp
punishment would seem to be the
proper thing in this ca = e
Ii LOUISIANA they have a novel
way of preserving the reads Owing
to tie loamy character of tho soil tho
roads become almoit impassable after
a rainstorm but to avoid this they
are roofed over The cost is about
3500 a mile less than tho expense
of planking them and they ore kept
dry and hard when the uncovered
road is hubdeep with mire
The Gallant Fight of Conkling and
the End of TiiirdTermisin
Tho Democratic Situation
Correspondence of tho HERALD
CHICAGO June 12th
I wiu mistaken in my prediction to
the HESALC that Logan et al would
force Grant through the convention
though I am not certain on party
principles that he was not entitled I to
t Too minority had the beat of it
in tuo argument on the committee of i
redentiBb in the moralc and discip i
line of their forces and the character
17Kn nnr flta nn
table secret work was resorted to was
probably indulged in by the anti
Grant men The Grant forces were
held fairly in hand from the opening
of the ball to its close and with the
exception of some of John Logan
vain crowing maintained an ad
mirable attitude Logans manage
ment of the Illinois campaign was
stupid and it was conceded all
around that his speeches and man
ners greatly embarrassed Conklmjr
who must han become disgusted
with his associate Don Cameron
tfaa a silent force but his influence in
holding his followers wag quite as
potent as that of the New York
leader On the other hand the anti
Grant combination were united only
vi their opposition to the leading
candidate and were ready to break
ua at any moment that A serious de
fectIon from either of their candi
dates tad est in They were
throughout in a state of supreme
fright as the concentration on Gar
field on the thirtyaizth ballot indi
cated When Grant reached 313
votes he became critically dangerous
and they bolted to the prearranged
Ohio man in hot haste But for this
timely trick Conklmgs favorite would
have gfu ed sufficient votes on tho
next brIt to have made him the i
winning man in the next het It
was a ieood stroke of generalship but
no to be wondered at for the whole
manipulating power ol the organiza
tion was againet Conkling ODd tho
ccol iallfttry his closing charge
has seldom been equaled in any
pchtical fight One cannot withhold
a tribute of admiration to the char
acter of such a leader and to tho
aitbfulnees and valor of his followers
7fco went down with flags flying and
JlIna shotted for another charge
That fight will go down to history as
among the noblest exploits of the
losing days of tho republican party
and go far to redeem its coltish and
uduteut career
The victory for Garfield H a straight I
republican triumph nnd bis nomina
tion is i at once tho strongest and
weakest that coulJ have been made
Perhaps in strategical skill as a
wirepuller he is the first general of
his party He has managed to ap
pear upon both sides of every ques
tion and should the developments of
his legislative corruption prove well
founded enough 01 his virtuous
deeds will be exhumed to balance the
account and render innocuous tho
democratic fight against him His
struggles in early life are of a kind
that touch the average American
heart and if democrats look for any
material accessions from republican 1
sources they are likely to bo mis
taken Garfield will probably con
ciliate his party enemies it may be
to the client of alienating his friends
but the republican machine through
ita very necessities is likely to ba run
smoothly on the straight track this
yearBut tho BlaincGarfieU combina
tion has done its very beet work in
defeating the third term We shall
hear no more of three terms again
until the country is ready to drift into
a monarchy Tne oil of a perpetual
president came within an ace of being
realized so far as one of the great
parties was concerned and though
Grant might have been defeated by
the people it is much more Eatisfac
tory as it is The traditions of the
country have been respected and it
will be long before a similar attempt
will be made by any party
I see you take exceptions to my
view Tilden as a candidate Per
haps as be now appears to be prac
ticalty Olt of the race it ia i ufiolsatj
iscuaa tbis further Tne simple fact I
bat his nomination would not call
ont a full democratic vote ca is gen
I erally conceded and would endanger
New York and the other close demo
r cratic states ought to shelve him If
the question were one cf the repub
lican fraud of 1876 pure and simple
Tilden might answer but unfortun
ately that fraud was only rendered
possible by democratic flight blun
dering and at iast consent to the
exceptional l methods devised to beat
Tilden without resort to force Had
our candidate refused consent to any
measure out ide of the constitutional
programme and advised his friends
to etahd firmly on that no matter
wbat the consequences might have
been he would be invulnerable for
the succession But he preferred loc
methods of silence and endeavored
to match republican scheming
in the south with democratic
intrigues in the north He has
managed to disgust his party and
render hid rononiinalion impossible
except by a similar species of intrigue
among the delegate At the Chicago
primaries no one d red run a 1 Tilden
ticket and Perry H Saauh Tildens
manager here was elected delegate
to Cincinnati on tisyirour tickets
Garfields nomination has demon
strated to my mind two point First
that the president campaign is to
be conducted as a strict party contett
and that e straight party candidate
will be nominate by the democrats
Second a comparatively new man
will be selected an eastern mau I
who cn carry New York New
Jersey and Connecticut Thin man
will not be Bayard or Eaton or Han
cock or Tilden and I reiterate my
conviction expressed in the HERALD
months ago that Senator Theodore
F Randolph of New Jersey will beat
combine the interests and influences
necessary to a democratic victory
Annual Report of the Superinten
dent and Treasurer
To flee Trustees of Si Marks Hospital
Gentlemen Aa you are aware the
voluntary association known as St
Marked Hospital on June 14tb 1879
effected un incorporation under the
laws of tho Territory I the incorpora
tors being the lit Rev D S Tuttle
L E Holden It C Chamber G
R ArEs G A Lowe W G Galli
gher and II MKirby and the capital
siock being 10000 divided into 100
shares of the par value of 100 each
I teke pleasure in reporting to you
that under its iiv organization the
wok of tae Hospital has gone on
satisfactorily f and successfully We
have met with no serious drawbacks
and not only have all entitled to hot
pital privileges rtcsied on applica
tion prompt attention but also a
large number of cases which fail un
der the head of charity have found
the dcora of tho Hospital open to
them and have received the best care
that it bus been in our power to give
The whole numberof patients actually
in residence during the year was
282 remaining on an average under
treatment twentythree and onethird
days making the whole number of
hospital drY G5SS Of these patients
222 were regular subscribers paying
a monthly hospital tax of 1 each
twentyfive were pay patients and
thirtyfive were cases of charity The
total receipts for the thirteen months
covered by this report were 14723
78 The fcttternent appended shows I
the sources from which this money
wag received and the objects for
which it has been expended We
have during the year acquired
property of our own well
adaotei to Hospital purposes
and tho title to tnis property
tiul I r EV Ihi
property consisting of corner lot
10x15 sole together with buildings
4500 were paid The house is in
good condition needing but few 1
repairs and wo have grounds suffi
ciently large to afiord ample room for
any additional buildings that may be
needed in the future All will doubt
less a reo that with the means placed
at our disposal the trust ot caring for
the sick has been fulfilled with credit
able efficiency I trust however
now that we own our grounds and
buildings we may be enabled to make
improvement tnat will add both to
the efficiency and attractiveness of
the Hospital
More attention given by employerj
to the collecting of Hospital dues
would materially increase our in
come and provide payment for many
who have now to be entered on the
register under the head of charity
imply because their employers have
fOiled to pny any attention to this
matter and so Lave neglected to
have their men make that provision
for thumselveswhich at a trilling t cost
ensures them Hospital privileges in
case of sickness or injuries
June 1 18S9
Sujfccriptionu for purchase of property Jli03 00
Hospital Dues
Ontario Mine end Mill 213 50
Old Telegraph Mine and Furnscea 1016 50
Gcrmania S and K Works 7JJ OJ
Marfac Company 010 04
Stewart Mine and Jlill 417 00
Acteloi e and Irlnce of Wales
JOllb Lswrence Cornpnny 2i 00
Reed and Benson Iliac taa 01 i
CIty Rock MIne 19j 00
Pioneer Sampling Works lit 00
Old JorrIsn lIno Hi 00
Aesler lIne 13200
Morgan Furnace 131 00
Last Chance Mlne 8i 00
Revere Concentrating Works 8 00
Emma Mine j4 GO
Toledo 11lne 3 0
Empire lIne 111 OU
Wet Extension ot Old Tel Mine it 00
chicago rurn1ce ro 00
J J OToolo 05 ou
M Hlrschman Ii 50
Oregon Mine Gl 00
Si gg 0
Pittsbarg Mino 58 00
Butte 1tne 42 00
Bonanza llne 41 CU
Hidden Treasure Mine 41 00 l
Lead Un 80 00
Neptune and Kempton Mine 27 OU
Wlnumnck Mine 10 It
Benn Silaing Company 18 00 I
Tlewaukee Mine IS 00
SpaIOlsh Mine ii 00
Silver Mountain cOIDpwy 15 Ill
Alpha Mien 13 00
Eearsage MinD 13 00
Other limes GI 00
From Pay Patlnts 909 0
Balls Mty 11870 and Feb 5 lasO 2024 50
Ball Bmgham July IS9 7 9
Mrs C H Lppincott Phil Ia 68 00
Trinity Church honeys NY 1 00
Miscellaneous Source 68 81 i
Balance Due carried down 553 29
Tot1siasvs or i
April 30 Ib70
Balance per Account rendered 997 91
June 1 ISS0
Paid for Hospital Lot and Buildings 4500 00
Interest and Incidental Expenses of
Purchase m 110 50
lIoosekecpin Etpene m 493 65 I
Medical 1931 C7
Wages of imployees 2733 50
Kent 53 75
Building and Impairs 194 48
Furniture 219 42
Insurance for three yen 120 00
Darlals 40 00
Mifcellaaeom Itamj 225 U
Total115279 OJ
flumes Due 555 29
Superintendent and Treasurer
Salt Late CUr June 11SSO
At the annual meeting of the stock i
holders of St Marks Hospital held
Monday June 7th 1880 the follow
ing named persons weN elected trus
tees for tho ensuing year Bishop
Tutte Li E HoIUen K U Cham
bers G A Lowe Joab Lawrence J
F Hamilton MD and B M
Kirby Bishop Tuttle was also
elected president and R M Kirby j
secretary and treasurer
Secretary I
Halt Lake City Utah June 7th 18SO I
a I
Uncle Saaiuiy lIas Xot With
A Positive Deniul
Prcparius forAVorlc Spccu
liUuu Rife
Chicago lFrom source which
is i positively trustworthy and able to
sptmi from positive Knowledge it H
learned that all the stories of Tildens
withdrawal are absolutely false He
expects more than hall the votes of
the convention on the first ballot and
will either get the nomination or dic
tate the nominee
Cincinnati 19There have been
many arrivals today and tonight of
delegates and cthcra Newspaper
men to the number of SOD have
registered at the local committee
headquarter and still there are more
coming The Tennessee and Texas
delegation arrived to night The
Thurman Club of Columbus 200
strong came in t3 night and were
tecorted trim the depot ty the Demo
catic Club of this city The first de
tcbment of the Tammany Hull Club
arrived near midnight and took quar
ters at the Barrett Huuae where they
have established headquarters The
hotels are very much thronged with
busy talkers t > night The cjiof
topio of conversation is Seymours
telegram declining to ba a can
didate It is i conceded by
many now that his candidacy up
pears to be out of question that he
could have been nominated by ac I
laiBstion It is argued strongly by
the friends of the western candidates
that the inevitable result of Seymours
withdrawal is to compel the nomina
tion of a western man Ou the olhei
baud what is the position of Tilden
is the absorbing question The streets
are full of rumors as the newspapers
have been for a day or two to the
e ect that Tilden has prepared a
letter witbdraviag the use of his
name It has been placed in tbo
keeping ol several gentlemen all of
whom have denied its poiee = = ioc
Judge Hcadly of this city who
is known to he a ward friend
of Tiden says no such letter is in
Cincinnati to his knowledge The
litfst rumor in connection with this
matter is i that the letter is in the
bends of C W Whitney of the Now
York delegation Mr Whitney
being a soninliw of Judge Payne
the inference is that Tildens strength
is to ba transferred to Payne but
Whitneya aSEOciates deny that the
letter is i in existence Still the story is
told with strong assurance of belie
and has pretty thcroughiy permeicd I
the convention It is observed uf this
convention that though there 13 nn
equal uncertainty us to the candidate
there is not so much bitterness
aa at Chicago but as the time
draws near the lines may be
more strictly drawn and ty
Monday the adherauts of tho several
candidates may be well enough
ietUed in their own minds as to war
rant an account of probabilities As
it is now no one ventures on the ca
culatisn of the strength of the candi
dates There are active woikers here in
interest of Tilden Thurman Field
Payne Jewett Randall Bayard
Hancock Hendricks and Eagltsb
Mr Groesbeck is mentioned as a pos
slide contingency but he h not pro
minently presented Abraham S i
Hewitt is mentioned as a candidate
in case Tilden declines
Tho rational committee met t > Jay
and decided to airrange to give each
delegate five scats for spectators 503
lu1 LuuuuH O co lo
ladies to the local committee Susan
B Anthony Matilda Joslyn Gage aLd
LilJio D Blake of New York S A
Spencer of Wl1sbington Elizabeth
A Meriweather of Teunegee and
others of the Womens Suffrage Asso
ciation aro here to present their
cliim for a ballot to the democrntc
party They have established their
headquarters in one of the rcoiiS at
the Music Hall
EJic Shoot at Bolly ZCIa
Dublin 191n the shooting for
long range challenge cup nt Dolly
Mount today seven Americans and
ten of the t Irish team competed the
ranges being ECO 900 and lGOO
yards Ten shots were allowed at
each range with two sighting shot
There roaD a drizzinp rain and mist
which much hindered sighting elicits
Rain ceased after the 900 yards
range had been shot but the sky
continued overcast A light fog came
from the sea ut the long range and
the bulseye could bo only dimly
observed through the sighting glass
Aa the Americans are accustomed to
shooting in good light it admitted
that todays practice coald not be
taken ai a test of merit Rockwell
of tho American team retired after
IE ehct in which he made 13 Brown
retired after his ninth shot with a
score of J52
The Greul > iCi crs aaij Su
Chicago 19Tbc jreenbackera
held a meeting tonight for the pu
poae of conaolidalai the various
greenback and labor PHI ttJ and
ori111tlZDg to euppojt Veiver and
Chambers The eocialiita wero re
presented in the meeting but when
u appeared that the platform of the
tho Kreenbackluber contention to
iuch all present were ir d to add
their names did not < itaiu tho
eartn air and wattr resolution the
soc alista notified tae crccubucker
ttlt it would be considered bad
faith if that resolution was net in
corporated in the platform and that
heir party would sever its alliance
w tj tio greenback party and nomi
nate its own candidate for president
The socialists have nciletl 12000
I votes in Chicago oLd claim 100000
in the country Their disaffection
liom te greenbackera would greatly
reduce the greenback vote in Novem i
br I
Laratrie Wy 19 George Benton
Q5t in Irom North Park says
jdntiuey Bacon a miner was shot
and mortally wounded on the 17tb
at Jack City by n Swede whose name
be did not learn
San Frsncsco 19The steamer
Oceanic aailwl today for Hong Kon
Yokohama Among the passengers
were Mr Angell and Messrs Swift
anti Irescott minister and com mis
sinners to China
Washington 19Funeral services
were held over the remains of General
ohn A Sutler tcday at the resi
dence of Cnarles Mades and they
were then conveyed to the railroad
ation for transpoitation to Leith
Pa where his aged and feeble
widow and several of his grand
children reside
Biltimare 19 Rosedale
Companys Furniture Factory North
Frederic street burned Loss 200
000 insured
Btarkvillo Mae 19The Court
louse Masons and Odd Fellows
Holdings and a number of store
burned Lass 75000 insurance
Chicago Turf
1 t
Chicago 19Tbe first running
meeting of the season inaugurated
at the Chicago Jockey and Trotting
Club grounds today was very suc
cessful The track was in the best
possible condition the attendance
fully 5000 and the sport fine each
race being hotly contested After
winning his race One Dime was
gold by bis owners G W Bowen
Co Paris Kentucky to C W Bath
gate of New York for 5000 The
programme was as follows
Inaugural rush all ages one and a
quarter miles Ooe Dime won
Renown second Headlight
third Time 209 Long Taw
who was a hot favorite was not j
Second race ladies stake for 21
year old fillies threcquartera of a
mile Dodette won Lizzlo S I
second Lucy Waiter third Time
Third race Haverly Theatre etaker
for 3yearoFds that did not win prior
to January lot 18SO Kirkead won
Lone Time second Time 1 Ht
14G 148J
Hurdle raceFront Short won
Cannon second Captain Frank
lin third Short was the favorite
and won in fine style Franklin fell
at the thin hurdle hurting bis rider
sevtrey Time 4 12 and 42J
Curric Acquitted Killiuc An
Marshall Texas 191hs case of
Currie who killed the actor Porter
was given to the jury at 830 pm
and fifteen minutes alt < r that body
relumed a verdict of not guilty on
the ground of insanity
Goidon 19Mcore killed Benja
min a respected colored preacher of
Marion County Cause knowledge
by Moore that Benjamin was crimin
ally intimate with the formers wife
Wicked for Clergymen
I believe it to ba all wrong and
even wicked for clergymen or other
public men to be led into given tetti
mouials to quack doctors or vile stuffs
called medicine but when a really
meritorious article is made up ot com
mon valaalo remedied known to all
and that nil physicians use and tru t
ill daily we should freely commend
it I therefore cheerfully and hear
tily commend Hop Bitters for the
good they have done mo aud my
friend firmly believing they bave no
equal for family use I will not be
without them
Rev Washington D C
b 0
0 t1
w Jewelry I
qj I i Silverware 11 J
l L
fill WEDDING K >
Sra I
hi Hono able i eatmcnt Gust 0
AS Represented II
otij f
ij lY 1 11 B
We arc roinr to SKLL omI I
< COO n
I GOODS at tbe Old Prices I I
QUick i Sate 1 and Smaller Profits
Hays juet received toe largest assort
mont o3
Dosacsiics Woolens
tH Zl1tiLLa
an l Drawers
IDfardwcrc Celtiery
We aro the only exclusive
Big indue Qiouta cficred In sue Trade
a r
Special Attention to the following Ar
Guinness Dublin Irlcr 7
Societe Anonyms Cognac L
Scotch Ginger Liqucr R
SirltiVt JJurncits English Old Tom Gin S
DC Kuypcr tfr Sons EolicrdayR Gin II
Gold teal Cognac P
Olartl Dupity tt Co Cognac J
St Croix Hum B
Duff Gordon it Co Sherry B
Canlrdl < Cochran
All the above Goode are Genuine Imp
to bo I offer also 1 splendid line of D m
ine Respectful
i G C
e7 Successor to Walker
f f T 1
JI j
C R i T Carry the LATEST
Varmry 1 Largest and
Best Selected
C s
Stock 0 f f
fc General Merchandise M j
iJ Of Any House >
CHOICE In the West GLASS t
= 1
N Call and
TE1AB See i
al escyiptions
g i g l bl k
In the Third Dslncl Court I Utah
Tec ioTY
In the matter of
John L Grundhaud > Iu D1nknzvtcy
Bankrupt J
At Salt Lake City in eald District June 918SO
r terentcd in said Estate Take notic that a
petition has been filed in said Court by John
L Gmndhacd of Salt Lake City In said Dis
trict duly declared a Binkrapt under the Act
of Congress of March 2d 1SC7 for a discharge
and certificate thereof from all his debts aud
other claims provable under aU act and that
the 22J cay of June next at 10 oclock sm is
assigned for the hearing of the tame when
and where you may attend and how cause if
anyyon hate why the prayer of the said peti
tion should not be granted
SEAL rkoftho District Court
Dy H G ircMiiix Deputy Clerk
Juno 3th 1830 jelO
I Keep thi Llri e = i Stock in Utah ot
Bi41cir41D LC PIS
Patent E9jy Mm EieBlaae
f ain Street Salt Lake City
w t
n the County Court of Juab Coanty
in Utah Territory has set Monday thE
23th day of June AD JSSO for hear
jag complants in the rnaUerof the ases
mont of County Territorial and School
lazes for the year 18SO
In testimony whereof I hereunto ii ct
n y hfnd nnd affix the seal oj
mid County Court af m
SEAI1 office in Ncnbi this 10th day
of June AD 1SSO
Clerk ol the County Cuuri
jcl2 Josh County Utah
tides recently receded
cnnanls Fnglish one Ale
agarossc a arcS Imported in Glass J
athbonts Genuine Knglih Gin
wan Medcr tt Co Holland Gill
est Indies Bay Hum
ellevoisin F feres Cognac
it F Jfartell Cognac
urdon Sherry ffranish
urgllJ14y l rt
e Ginger Al
rted and precisely what they claim
patc Gcrt PIage call and exam
LaL4 L I
Broa Co Opposite Pootoffice
I D A 5T < c O O
Imrorters and Jobbers of
We are new Opening a Choice Variety of
And Wi I Sell st tho LOWEST PRICE
Come and Examine Our Goods and
Agents Mme Demorests Patterns
0 F
Vs11 Shortly Arrive a lull J
DAY CO Salt Lake City
SemiYearly Selection
Spring and Summer Stock
Staple Goods
Full Supply arrived at
Flowers Hucliings Ribbons
Shawls and Dress Goods iu
Endless Variety aud
Prices Unquestionably Low
BootSj Shoes Carpets
Clothing and Groceries J
All Fresh Goods and
Will be sold at
Satisfactory Prices
Inspection Solicited j
J 25000
up aLa c iiccynffiiivuoin
Wall Paper
Tae Largest and nest Compleio Nock ol t
Sr ver brought to Utah embracing the Original
Ucaigus and Colorings of Doctor DrefcKer
Valter Crane and the late Mr Eas < fn k c
My increased stock of
Linoeum Oil i Cloth Rugs Bats Brnggeis
93 Commercial Street 93 I
0 1
3JUST ARRIVEDA FINE STOCK OF f My Kelp is Competent PaperHanging Shade Work Making an
S PR3MG I AfaD SUMMER GOODS5 Laying Carpets and All Kinds ot Upholstery Work
Embracing English French and American Sailings Coatings 1238 to 1244 First South Street
Trouserine of New and Popular Styles at J
al Prices to Please Customers SALT LAKE CITY I

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