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evening on Main Street
Lat a small black mare
IbOU o months old Please leave
mnforration co l ltttti 0 at this office
broke to harness
A pair of ponies reasonable price will be
for which a immediately at thIS
Apply imm
paid P J
L suite close to Mahn
Single or en Darke Co
to S W
street Main street
Real Estate l gents
CANTED I immediately by Moms
A Evans
Furnacemen Feeders and h
borers Mso one blacksmith Apply
i at the Germania Smelter oroflice in
i Thirty good rock men to work on
the Railroad at Granger Three
dollars per day cash Transporta
tion from Ogden to Granger fur
nished Apply to Crismon Weiler
bait Lake City or at Granger
To work on the Denver and Rio
Grande Railroad in Price River
ganyon For information apply to
H Wallace grocery department
Jennings and Sons or to A G
5100 Stock Sheep
2 410 Mutton Sbetp
7ta KfUon U T
t o
Bl i l r h i BrmiiiAssociation Tract
AUGUST 26th and 27th J8I
FIRST RACE TbreeQnarier Mile Dash
Pure S5
j M L Cody acmes 0 topus
B C Hauley naves tmilade
C H Brown names b m Boulis
C W CarriDgton names Duffer
f Hejnsn rimes Sorrel John
I H Hsrknes names b h Friday
d C Ainsworth names AVaatch Johnnie
TillED B CE235 Class Trotting Puree
Ti J C Hanlei name b g Johnnie Trouble
B HaciBcj names bg Chester F
t h Willm names Mary Emery
hn Griftn names Countryman
f H T RACEHalWIile Dash Pure 75
g C Hauley names eh Colt
r < HaiuVy names b m Fn5i ade
r II Brown name b Fllhe
SELOXD HACE2 Cas Trotting 1 Purse
lex Lewis names CK3tryman
J Hauley names bg Johnnie Trouble
S 11 H u kney names Chester P
HIRH RACERunning HalfMile and Re
peat Purse 100
C E Brown names b za BonUs
° C Hauley names bm Fnsilade
H L Cody names 8S Oct pus
c w Carrington names bg Duffer
The above and to be
M 1 Trotting Pacing nacc3
ard Three Best in Five lo Harness
t p
Per tFa C Entrance to all of he purses Ten
f Purse Three or more to Enter
Stu TA Cr More to Stut Entries close at
jek p moo Wednesday the 24th intt
Siu 1 i C Etring Clift House au23
ia3 thr
I One doe Wctiof Sam Wagon Sepoi
Y Proprietors
R1ti1f T LAKE
L RY hO G4iE S DI 1
< And Oral us Line
a n l toJ SEnns
OO l 3 1
6 hl H
Order left
r BOi rromptly Attended to
E = mT
troll2 to 2 pm 25e
CronktB < ir Sods lea
= ft Water Ic
y i vfun
LUNCH pur uP y aT < < AYE1i
t36 OPPNie T7eGlre
Butit BrintiN the president
Nearer the End
The Patient Grows Wenker
and the Sjtiiptom are
Only Faint Glimmers of If ope
Boston 25Deaf mutes who are
greatly interested in the President
on account of his former interest in
them sent him today a message of
Philadelphia 25Dr Agnew re
turned from Washington oday He
declined to be interviewed In re
ply to the question whether it is true
that the glandular swelling in the
Presidents throat resulted from
fever produced by septic mia and
that upon the patients power to re
cuperate from exhaustion produced
by fevor would depend his recovery
the doctor replied That is the
whole case He declined to predict
what would be th result
New York 25It is conceded by
all journals that the situation at
Washington is grave The Sun has
the following from that city at mid
night One who is in a position to
know says that the pus is no longer
of a healthy character but has be
come thin and watery that it is the
exception now when the Presidents
mind is clear and that for the
greater part of the time it i1 anders
that there is hardly a possibility that
he can live and that the end it is to
be fe < red is not further off than
Saturday or Sunday lie has vital
ity enough it is believed to last at
least fortyeight hours
It has been learned tonight that
Mrs Garfield has not until this
afternoon realized that the Presi
dent was in a low state or that it
was possible that he would die She
was very much overcome when in
formed how very low he was and
that physicians feared the worst It
has been decided if the President is
not considerably improved in the
morning to notify the children and
other members of the family of his
serious condition
Washington 261 ExeccSh e Man
sion 4 amX noticeable change
has occured in the Presidents con
dition during the last hour lie is
now asleep The physicians are doz
ing and the members of the family
are still asleep
Executive Mansion 615 am =
Physicians and attendants cannot
yet be sen but from the best infor
mation obtainable at this hour it is
believed there has been no decided
change for the better since mid
night The Presidents sleep during
the night was frequently inter
rupted by intervals of restlessness
Executive Mansion 7 am Dr
ieyburn says this morning that no I
material change in the condition of
the President has occurred during
the night lie observes no diminu
tion of strength nor increase in the j
frequency of the pulse which this
morning is about 110 An increased
discharge of pus from the parotid
swelling look place during the
Executive Mansion 830 a m
The President slept most of the
night awakening at intervals of half
an hour to an hour On first wak
ening there was as there has been
for several nights past some men
tal confusion which disappeared
when he was fully aroused and
occasionally he muttered in his
s p The symptoms have abated
this morning on previous i days
His temperature is above the nor
mal and pulse little more frequent
than yesterday morning Pulse lOS
temperature 991 respirtion 17
Signed D W BLISS
But very little information was
obtained direct from the physicians
concerning the condition of the
President this morning prior to the
issuance of the morning bulletin
The absence of all reference on the
bulletin to the g neral condition of
the President and the parotid swel
ling was at once noticed and com
mented upon by those waiting for it
The siuir tion is considered by many
as less hope il l than it was last
night at midnight smiThy others as
more so AttorneyGeneral Mc
Veajtfi pronnced it as extremely
critical and when askedthis morn
ing how long he thought this sus
pense would continue he replied
God only knows PostmasterGen
eral James and Secretary Hunt tel
egraphed to Thurlow Weed that a
gleam of hopeat 10 am comes from
the siTgeoas His symptoms are
no worse improvement isnot
impossirJlQ DrJSlfss chne out of
tiny surgeons room rilximt 980 Jthis
morning and telegraphed to his
wife that the President was a
little better than last night
In reply to interrogations he said
the pulse this morning was less fre
quent and that the parotid swel
ling had broken into the right ear
and was discharging through that
orifice The patients mind was
clearer and he conversed rationally
with the surgeons about the condi
tion of the inflamed gland He par
took of food which seemed to be
grateful to him and his general con
dition appeared to be a little im
proved The doctor expressed him
self as hopeful that the swollen
gland would be relieved by the dis
charge through the ear and that he
would pull through thereby without
much change
Executive Mansion 1040 am
Secretary Kirkwood came out of
the cabinet room a few moments
since and in reply to a question
asked by the reporter of the Asso
ciated press gave the following
statement of the Presidents case as
he understood it this am I have
never thought he said until last
night that the President would die
but the information we received
from the surgeons late in the even
ing was of such a character as to
leave very little room for hope The
danger which then seemed most im
minent was the danger of the ab
sorption of unhealthy pus from the
swolien parotid gland The mental
disturbance and the increased pulse
seemed to indicate that this process
of absorption had already begun
and that it was poisoning the blood
and this was acting upon the brain
and heart Taking up a small egg
shaped piece of sponge which lay
on the reporters table hecontinued
As I understand casefrom what
the surgeons told me the Presi
dents right parotid gland is in some
respects like this sponge Every
where through it there are little
cells or pockets in each of which
there is an accumulation of pus
The incision which was made the
day before yesterday pierced one of
these pockets and released the pus
which that particular one contained
but that did not drain the others
and in fact the others could not be
effectually drained at this stage of
suppuration by a single incision
made anywhere The fear last night
was that the pus retained in these
small cavities would become un
healthy and as I before said result
in acute bloodpoisoning The doc
tors told us however last night
just before we went home that
they had not given up the hope of a
favorable change during the night
md the surgeons think this morning
that there has been such a slight
change for the better as Dr Bliss
hoped l for The breaking of the
suppurating gland into the cavity of
the car will it is thought afford
more relief than could be given in
any oilier way and therefore re
garded it as a favorable symptom
The discharge through that channel
seems to be free and the pus is thus
far of a healthful character and the
patients mind this morning is
clearer than late last night showing
that there has been no blood
poisoning of consequence from the
gland as yet Taking everything
into consideration I think there is
reason this morning for a little more
Executive Mansion 4 pmpr
Reyburn reports at 4 pm that the
condition of the President continues
extremely critical There has been
no marked change for the worse
since noon but the pulse is rather
higher and feebler His vitality
seems very low There is no appre
hension of immediate death but
there is on the other hand nothing
as yet to strengthen the faint hope
ofa rally which the surgeons still
j 1 x
Secretary Lincoln upon coming
out of the cabinet room this morn
ing was asked what he thought of
the Presidents condition Well he
Said there is just enough encourage
ment this morning to revive the
faint hope which I bad up to Last
night that the President would pull
through From what the surgeons
told us yesterday evening I received
the impression that the swollen
parotid gland had very much the
character of a severe and dangerous
carbuncle which was enough of it
self to bring a well man very low
even if it did not cause his death
With this impression hope pretty
much left me this morning How
over I feel again a little encourage
Upon what ground Well the
inflamed gland I am told looks bet
ter than it did last night and it is
discharging quite freely through
the ear This the surgeons regard
as favorable and it seems so to be
I think too the general condition
of the patient is a little improved
today His mind acts better and
grasps ideas more readily than last
night Then there has been this
morning none of the incoherence
of speech which was then notice + r
If he was getting worse I do not
think this would be the case Upon
the w JOt therefore I think we are
justified in reeling slightlymore en
couraged The case is not entire
Doctor Woodward upon being
asked at 11 oclock whether there
was any reason todAy for increased
hope replied tlfere is rertaifriv no
reason for less l hope The jfagls be
ing virainedquftefreely from the
uflaraed g and through the ear
ls there any danger that pus will
find its way down the throat 1
think not Nothing but mucous
has been found in the throat vet
What dj you hope most for to
day We hope the incision made
in the face and draining through
the ear will take the pus from the
Blaine who has just left the Ex I
ecutive Mansion says the surgeo i s I
are still f eling a little more hop
ful with regard to the Presidents
case than they did last night on ac
count of the continued outflow of
pus through the ear The general
condition of the patient however
has not he says materially changed
During the morning the pulse has
been fairly steady but is i now a little
higher than at 830
Chicago InterOuearis Wash
ington Pus from the abscess in the
President s face u now discharging
itself from the right ear and not
from the mouth What was sup
posed to be the pus in the mouth is
said to be a collection of mucous
matter which gives the patient con
siderable trouble His throat is
kept open by gargling which causes
a considerable expenditure of force
Physicians still cling to the hope
that his strength will continue suf
ficient to carry him through Soft
ening of the gland lessens the ten
sion of the skin on the patients
face and relieves him somewhat
from pain
InterOceans Washington Dr
Hamilton says the physicians have
a gleam of hope Tins comes from
the fact that the swollen gland is
suppurating through the ear A
few days ago Hamilton said by
lancing the gland it was thought the
danger of suppuration through the
throat could be avoided It is pre
sumed this ear suppuration is re
garded as hopeful because the gland
has not suppurated in the throat
It is reducing the nausea and strang
London 2GThe Lancet says
When it is borne in mind that in
cases of starvation death super
venes when the loss of twofifths of
the original weight has occurred
the fact that President Garfield has
lost eighty pounds is alone sufficient
to excite serious apprehensi We
cannot but regard the parotid swel
ling or abscess as of serious import
Although it would be exaggeration
to speak of his recovery as alto
gether beyond hope speedy improve
ment is necessary to avert the
worst results 1 t
Clacaga 2f InterOieatLS Wash
ington The news from the sick
room is of a more peaceful charac
ter Dr Bliss in particular buoy
ant He says the free discharge
from the glandular abscess is a very
hopeful sign and if the stomach
holds out Relieves the crisis will
be passed He says the general con
dition of the President is better to
day than yesterday
InterOceans Washington Attor
neyGener MacTeagh has just left
the White House He says there is
no change for the better in the Pres
idents condition His puke is up
to 120 and there is no decrease in the
swelling of the gland which con
tains a great many small abscesses
The physicians are all in attendance
upon the patient
Washington 20At 140 Bliss
told a reporter that the Presidents
condition tins afternoon was very
critical You may say alarming if
you choose I is5 as bad as at any
time before Not entirely hopeless
you understand but very grave lIe
continues to tike food about as
yesterday and the enemata have
been resumed His system seems
to bear them well and whisky can
be given that way better than
through the niQUth The parotid
gland is about the same In order
not to disturb bin we didnt remove
the poultices tlis noon I dont
think there is nuch danger nov
from acute bloodpoisoning through
the pus in the gands He is more
likely to die txhaustion It is a
question of endurance There was
very little delirlmi today Mrs
Garfield who wjs with him all the
time iioticed it only once this
morning and tli n only to a trifling
extent His nind is decidedly
clearer than las night He talks a
little more rationally and knows
what is going ai around him His
mental condition is due to the con
dition of the rain which is not
properly nourisled It is the effect
of exhaustion rile clearer mind is
a favorable symptom His pulse is
not higher now than at noon which
was the highest pf the day The
character of the pulse has improved
and that is InoreilUj > ortant than the
rate of it Mr arfield fully ap
pieciateshis condition She has not
shown the sligitest weakness If
he dies it will iroh bly be only from
exhaustion S
Chicago iQIntin Oesans Wash
ington sptrcia The President is
resting in a lair I unconscious state I
Bleeping and wakx > f He takes
liquid nouiflhmenc at intervals
Dr Bliss IJ9 veered round ngiin
singe mornijjj and is entirely des f
pondent Ifcfe his opinion a v fll
as that of tfi otter ph sieiia tr
three or IOU days will tlapot Ujiure
the President dies and that he will rl
Gnft ly I suecirtrb to exbirtistion
Executive Mannon 70 pm
At this huii Dr IU on thiikj
the President is A shad better
Chicago InterOceans Wash
ington The evening bulletin is
very unsatisfactory in that it gives
no information Drs Hamilton anu
Bliss who have just left the White
tiuuse said the patient condition
a u30 was just a shade better The
pulse and temperature had both
fallen slightly No information re
garding the wound or swelling is
now obtainable
News Washington Notwith
standing the unfavorable aspect in
the Presidents case the city is re
in quiet For a week there
h is been a settled feeling of despair
No crowd has gathered about the
White House gates as at the former
crisis The day bids fair to be one
of terrible anxiety The impression
is that there must be a change for
the better today or the worst con
sequences must ensue All condi
tions now demonstrate the effects
of blood poison and a decided reac
tion is the only hope The secretion
of pus always creates severe consti
tutional disturbances of the brain
The allocation of the President
yesterday and last night shows
the working of the viti
ated blood The question now
is whether this can be
overcome It will be a miracle if it
can and it is the only hope The
patient may retain adequate nour
ishment to sustain him while the
blood poison is being eliminated
How long that may take no one can
tell The chances are against this
hope Physicians however say it
is within the possibilities but the
reaction must come soon The Pres
ident was very restless during the
early part of the night and when he
did sleep it was for a few moments
only lie made no effort to I
talk All the members of the fam
ily kept th ir rooms during
the night except Mrs Garfield She
did not undress but lay down en the
outside of the bal Soon after 1
oclock she heard the doctors mov
ing about and went into the sick
room with them They found it
necessary to administer nourish
ment aid soon retired Mrs Gar
field remained by the bedside until
the President fell asleep and then
returned to hIT room General
Swan relieved Mrs Dr Edon a 3
oclock and dryl ght found that
Mr Garfield shared his vigil She
looked pale but as resolute as ver
and remarked to a member of the
family who asked her how the Pie
ident was He seems no worse
Official B illetin X o 3 Execu
tive Mansion 120 p mlt the
mornings drts inirof the Presidents
wounds it was observed that pus
from the par tid swelling had
found its way ppontan ottsly
into his right tar through
which iu was discharging
< ome pus was also discharging
through the incis on made into the
swelling His wound looks as well
us it has done for some time past
His pulse ami temperature at pres
ent are higher than at the corres
poning hour for some days He
contimrs to take by mouth the
liquid food prescribed Neverthe
less we regard his condition as
ritical Pulse 11x temperature 1 P 1
inspiration is Signed by the phy
The noon bulletin rather alarmed
th in relieved the intense anxiety
which prevails at the executive
Mansion The discharge of pus from
the inflamed parotid gland tough
the ear which was regarded this I
morning as a favorable change and
one likely to afford relief has not
thus far answered expectations
The symptoms of the patient con
tinue Urgent and alarming and he
seeps to b3 gradually sinking
Executive Mansion Dr Reyburn
just before the appearance of the
evening bulletin saidin his onion
the patient had not lost any ground
shoe t e middle of the afte noon
It was feared he said fit one time
today that the whole paroted gland
would slough off in a suppurating
mass and if this should occur the
shock to the patients system would
almost certainly be fatal Later in
the afternoon Jowever the appear
ance of the gland was more reassur
ing and gave ground for the hope
that suppuration would be con
fined within the limits of
a simple although bad abscess
The doctor > said he could not yet
bring himself to believe the Presi
dent would die although he appre
ciated fully the gravity of the situ
ation The vitality of the patient
has been very low and it was ques
tionable whether he could hold out
much longer against the depressing
influence of the supperating gland
Nevertheless if they could tide
him over two or three days and get
the glandular complication under
control he would still stand a fair
chance of recovery Speaking of
the Presidents general symptoms
Revburrr said the President should
he it little J quieter and has shown no
further signs of fatal disturbance
He has continued to take food satisfactorily
factorily and slept a good deal ri
short naps In o her icsp ts his f
general condition seovi c < t 1 > i0 UM
Executive Mansion 0 J0 < pm
The President conoidon hs ro
ciuir ed materially since the las
hulenn vi issutl i He etmtivue
to take hv thiN uioiitli the liquid Cool
pre ° f + 1 antI casionadly asks
f i t 1 ve > rday forenoon
feoiiuei H n L 110 am the ena
umtfri train b l < w given at ogu
SP is JN as A means of admin
tjri uKn i ms wll t as nutri
tion I 1 11 ftn < Vl itlOUl 0
trouble Ak II 1io T < Tile is
5 f 1fl
116 temperature 9 i9 > respiration 19 rrfrt
While the President has madeno i v t
gain today his loss of ground has 1 1 I
been less in the judgment of ibis i I m
physicians than was feared 1 last r i
hint In this fact tht re is a slight r =
reeling of encoura ementoral least M + i I i
a ray of hope Liquiu lOud con ° F J ji
tinues to be administered two er 1 F i
three times during tie day He has f r I
asked for nourishment and he has I i fj
spoken intelligently and voluntarily t i I 1 tt tf
throughout the day His mind has 1 t j 1
been less affected than yesterday f s
The expected relief to the parotid i
swelling from the discharge through > 1 f lg1 t t t i
the ear has not been realized The < 11
situation is one of great gravity antf 6 f i it T i
danger tAt t 1 rt r
0 lt ii
At this hour 130 p m the Pres f t P t
idents pulse and temperature are j
high The pulse is 118 tempera J i
ature 100 During several hours
last night the pulse was 120 In l l i
early morning it fell to 103 It is y
hoped the parotid swelling has t < r
found a slight release by the dis i 1
charge of pus through the right j J > L
ear He continues to swallow i rf 1 lG91
liquid food in adequate supply and f < > i it f
he exhibits a tendency to contins f Ji <
oui sleep or drowsiness His phys r t t
icians pronounce his condition i i I I t
critical i tl J
Executive Mansion inidniglit r 1 l Hi
Information from the 1 i
surgeons t 1 h t
room is to the effect that no notice M1i H
able change bas occUlTe during the t I
last hour Physicians apprehend nt i t 1
serious change durng the night ft tlf zll
Secretary Brown in his note ts r J
the cabinet seated that the swelling 1 I = r FJ I
of the neck had broken inwardly 1 1h if l
and was disch ircring through tUf 11 H t q
mouth This recalls Boynton as t ml I
sertion that there would be no pos t I 11
sible hope if it broke in wud y Last L t b
night the physicians told the cab 1 t
inet that unless there was a radical 11 t 1
change for the better by the morn t t J I
ing there W3ii1d bt m IFIpp There r H i t J jl
has been no change except for the t q 1 I t I f
1 j t
wor e Mrs Ed sat left l the White I HI 1 1 i
l I
House this him I t f
< lIse morning Relieving t l 1
dying Hewis unconscious most Qlr iKtlr MOJ lUl I srii
the imightand it was impossible tt t11 i Jrll t r
arouse him Mrs Grfield son m It 111t + i Ir t1V f iII i jf f +
on one side of the bed 2 JG ct FJ 1m I t
Mrs Eds n on the otle At 11 II l I i i t
G oclock the t evident rnusfcrr i p 1 4
minute and snrestl to his wife a 1 H j IH I i
that she had better go toiler room < WL5iS1 l i
P1 i
and rest t Shin fuk d to be allowed tj 3 Ill I
to rcmtin avhile He said ls it f t l
true wt must be epaMted soottf t I 1 1 l m I 1 j i
w 1T 1 no haps you hal better t Jt r
then11 ° thereupon dozed ga I f h t tl y
but breathing heavily During the 1 r f
a a s f 1
night there were indications i a f 0 i 1 r
further stomata tronnle I 111
Xw York 2Glric Presides r I f j
AI thur was seen at his home today t iJ l 1 tit II
noon He has only received a jJ 1 > 1
ofllcitl bulletin in regard totfce n I i 1 >
Presidents condition II > 1ms net j t r r i
been summ ned nor has ho recent n nl t r
any intimation to be in readinesfrid fcl u I ii h i s J
go to the cipit 1 should lie recejve tt Hti i
such a message he woul 1 go A 1 lJf rl J
once lie refused to state what hs 1 it
thought of the P csidents condition I w
or its requirement in relation toJ I I t J i
vicepresident 0 I j
Washington special The Presi I 1 1
dent passed a restless night fcufc c t d
fortunately was unconscious 3r 1 I i
rather wandering in his rnindaat a i Ji t i 4 r
tinif When aI le he fil t
asleip talked + i i
cess fitly but tinirtelligiblyfor SLa fr
mo t JIrt i uej sionaUy he woaaL t ifj J
call upon some uiiliar name Star 1 I if 1 14 J
end times he f incied himself immix I I >
Ohio home The pulse and temper II I m j
ature continued high until near l ii 1 i
morning wh n he l slept at lon g aB r Hti
intervals Mrs Garfield remaingl 1 1 I I I f
iiarhim at all watehes of thetnigliI t I i
At Z am on finding ihfro was a it l f Jr
prospect of greater rest for him sue ti n
went to lie down I I i1 L i
The usual Tursdai evening prayer J 11 i
meeting last night a8 the Christina I II t + tU i i
Church was a very solemn scene r t h i
Rv M r Power presided adS i i n t i
while he spoke of the President t tl 4
condition sobs were heard in every 4 f 1 i f f i
part of the little building J Prayers tJf f = t l r =
were made for the recovery of 4k j t t t tl I tb
President and a meeting for Ue h t i rt
same l roe took place at nnoz i i
today I I 11 r
t m UJ = f
r P
u wtGyr a j
tOYAL lIot I i
4 A a
4 11
i t
r1 i f jt4
t + r
t h i fr
1 d 1t t F
w y I
f lp
fc W i
tfada from Grape Cream T t T So flit t t i
ejjaration tualfee gocb light flaky hot bre 3 Iii 4 is
r lururloog pastry Cfau heteatlE4ti Sj aJeP rYr 4 l 1u
es without roar of the ills rutting rri6
food rr d z ran
all Grocers r isl I
o7 BOZAX BISTRO PGTOES C otireR S3lai e t r < tt
i I y
j L

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