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SAIJFt I I 1 n AITK i E17t4 i DAILY I iiERAiLIJSi 4 l
I J Si
VOL X1T 4j 1 < LT L4JE lIT > SUNDAY > r MORNING AUGUST 28 1881 NO 72 it
11I J 1 I
L i U I I1 I
suite close to Male
Sue or pn ply to S W Darke Jo
V t Real Estate At Agents PO Main street
WANTED GOOD immediatelY by Morris
Feeders and LaborerS
1 1urnaCemen Also one blacksmith Apply
borers Smelter or oflicein
nt the Gennam a
i town WANTED
Thirty good rock men to work on
the Railroad at Granger Three
loUars per day cash Transporta
from Ogden to Granger furLed
wu 0
Led Apply to Cnsmon 0 r teller
i silt t Lake City or at Granger I
To work on the Denver and Rio
Grande Railroad in Price River
j Canyon For information apply to
i H Wallace grocery department
Jennings and Sons or to A G
Adamson V
i p
5100 Stock Sheep
2 4CO Mutton Shepp
J note that the several dopar mpntj
j if Z 0 M I will bclosed on Wedns
lay next tho 31st instant for stock
1 b Mnctly CLASS and have
received imro endorsements from
Artists and
Than all other Upright Pianos com
bined They are the
Pwnoi ever used as a Solo Instrument
in Public Concerts by EMINENT
We invite a thorough examination by
fe profession of Utah at our General
Agency T > O CALDERS Ware
lJoJms dalt Lake City where our
several styles will be found for Sale
Blacksm thing
ftte door West of Bam Wagon Pcpol
= = =
The Choicest Cheapest
j Df No 1225 JFw st South Street
I Oerby > Telephone tt2G
= =
Proa 12 Io 2 pjn2r5c I
Cronk BMJT Soda Water Ice
Opposite Theatre
12th I ard PieueBr Meat AIJU112ULI
arly Opposite Otb Ward Coop
Beef Mutton Veal Etc
Prompt Dealv ry tI e An
PArts cf Town
2l RRRBY aULBEBT Proprietor
L jt f11 itf t E 1t
2 ope acjjnroiii From A I
Cotagrsw t be CtHe4
eth I
+ t
Mobs to So noli Cstltiettil
Cleveland WJoseph Rudolph
brotherinlaw of the President left
this afternoon for Washington in
company with Captain Henry Mr
Rudolph has been in charge of the
Mentor homestead while the Presi
dent was gone away and has had
the care of the Presidents two
younger sons 9 and 11 years of age
In obedience to a telegram last night
from Mrs Garfield these sons are
left at Mentor They were unformed
last evening of the Presidents al
most hopeless condition Land were
greatly distressed out did not mu
m r on being told that they could
not go to him
Old Orchard Beach Maine 26
The following dispatch was sent
from here todaj by ni mbers of the
Bible Conference nowin session
and which is composed of repre
sentatives from all parts of the
United States It 1S the desire of
bIle i conference that Qhnstians in
all parts of the country may com
municate to the authorities at
Washington them sympathy with
thissuggestion 1 r
Honames h Blaine Secretary of
State Washington
The Christians assembled from
many parts of the United States in
conference at this place for Bible
study hereby express unceasing
prayerful sympathy with the Pres
ident and Mrs Garfield in i their
aftlicc on and redogmzing that all
huuiiin power isinsufl cientf r our
present extremity and that all
our hope is in God respect
fully ask that you will suggest
an early day as practicable for na
tional humiliation and prayer that
Christians of every name may more
perfectly unite in recognizing and
entreating Divine mercies
In behalf iftecoiiveritibu L P
Signed James H Break esSt
Louis president TJ Ord James
town N Y secretary H A Par
son Toronto E PGjobdwin Qhi
cago A B Simpson New York
T W Harvey D W Wliittle Chi
Washington 2a = Dr Boynton
said this evening he thought there
had beeli very slight improvement
in the Presidents general condition
since 4 oclock Up to that hour
think he had gradually failed His
pulse raised early in the aftet noon
as high as 138 and remained at 130
a considerable time r thought he
could hardly live through the night
About 4 however rallied slightly
and since has fully held his own
In fact I think his general condi
tion is now a trifle better <
Have any indications of swelling
or suppuration appeared anyxvjiere
except in the wound and parotid
gland No
What was character ofthe pus
discharged today by the moqthV
It looked about the same it did
last night < I 11
Was it as healthy last night as it
was before that time No hOt
quite It was Jess in quantity and
slightly wateryln appearance
To what was that attributable
Probably to impoverished < Jdndi i
tion of the patient blood
i Do you think there is anything in
this changed character of the pus
discharged by the wound fo cruise
additional alarm No it only
shows the weak anddepleted condi
tion of the patienfcs > body it is an
evidence of inanition
What are the symptoms tonight
that you regard more favorable
Well the character his pulse is a
little better for o 1 thing and there
seems to be some improvement in
his mental condition which has I
been brighter since 4 than be
lore that time But of course this
changefor the better if it i can be so
called is very slight
Up to 10 tonight there had been
three changes In the Presidents
condition to be noted Early this
morning everything was bad It
could not be worse without imme
I diate death Later in the forenoon
I there was a rally Thit was the
first rally The
I rally however was
very feeble and did not continue
long eDOugh to even fully send up to
a high mark the buoyant feeling
generally to be found under most
adverse circumstance at the White
House After a short rally during
the forenoon came the midday bul
letin It was bad very bad It
showed a weakening in the whole
system That he was worse than
at the same hour yesterday was ad
mitted by physicians The change
for the worse became more apparent
as the afternoon wore on Shortly
before 3 oclock his sleepiness in
creased and the President appeared
in a comatose condition Such con
dition was evidence of well devel
oped blood poisoning which he un
doubtedly has His pulse ran up to
188 with a corresponding increase of
I temperature Then followed the
administration of stimulants tu
undo the sleepiness Wmsky to the1 i
amount of five drachms at inter
vals Ind the yolk of an egg with
peptionized milk was administered
by entmata That wits the second
change The administration of
stimulants had its effect upon the
pulse It went down but the
sleepiness continued all1 I despite
the stimulants he was unconscious
in slumber for au unusuallylong
pen d during the afternoon With I
the subsidence of the pulse the doc
tor announce a more favorable con
dition and the G30 bulletin as Dr
Hamilton expressed it showed a
shade improvement That marked
the third change up to lu oclock to
The greatest danger now is that
the President cannot be gTveajSuf
Jioient strength to carry him along
sp the more fatal conditions of
blood P9isoning may be wardedoff
He is i so weak and his blood soiui
poverished that it seems almost im
possible to successfully overcome
the dangerous complications which
have followed each other fast and
fastor Last night the hurl wh g
abs Ss broke inside and pus was
discharged through the ear All
efforts to control the abscess seemed
to avail nothing The break inside
was admitted to be a most dangerous
sign One of the physicians said
before it occurred that it such a
contigency should arise he did not
think the President could suryive
Again last night the President be
came anxious and worried on the
subject of being removed Mrs Ed
son was with him The Piesideut
said Where is Bliss In the
next room was the reply After an
imnatient movement the President
saiaGo and tell him l to come here
Tell him I want to be removed to
my own bed I wont stay here any I
longer After considerable trouble
Mr Edson quited him and he went
to Sleep for a few minutes It will
be remembered that when ur
Hamilton cut the gland the otljer
day he did it in order to let out the
accumulated matter fearing it
might seek an outlet elsewhere and
possibly go through the ear The
swelling of the gland hasnot gone
down perceptibly
ALiQYeagh and James have been
most widely divergent in their view
fbri the past three weeks James
has ixut up hope and the attorney
general has been despondent To
day these two gentlemen came
nearer being in coincidence with
eacliotner than heretofore They
arc il fact not very far apart in
The attorneygeneral after being
told by the physicians about the
bursting gland and being made ac
quainted with other features of the
case summarizes in saying the situ
ation is very critical Postmaster
Geiieral James after talking with
the surgeons puts the diagnosisrrof
his opinion in the words Improve
ment not impossible J
The ground upon which tkejay of
hope which at 12 oclobk lias shed
its light around the White HOuse
has for the corner stone of its foun
dation the free and natural suppu
ration from wthe inflamed gland
The r Hefr oj3Bequeiit upou the Qat
flow of matter which had accumu
lated is not only perceptible but
very marked There J hangs the
thread of hope The gathering at
the White House forthe noOn bul
letin was unusually large Talk
ing in the private secretarys
room went on iIi undertones The
crowd got impatient As Usual
there were those on hand to say the
delay was the sign of a bad bulle
tin There was a rapid break for
down stairs with the bulletins as
they were distributed Sergeant
DinsmorjB had to stand at he stairs
and check the stampede of bulletin
holders toprevent too muqh noise
being made in the liurry to get out
of the house with the bulletin The
bulletin was as depressing as antici
pated The pulse had gone up ten
beats since morning The temp a
ure had gene np nearly a tentlvjind
there was no improvementi the
respiration Blissmaintained there
was no pycemia4ihat the p tis was
I healthy and not offensive that there
were no signs of other inflamma
tion of glands that even with the
worst aggravation of the present
symptoms he didnt expect death
He couldnt die inside of three days
at least
The scene today was like the
day after the President was shot
There was a general feeling of de
spair Boynton thinks him a little
weaker tonight if anything
Dr Hamilton said at 6 pm there
is a shade of improvement
A warm friend of the President
who has remained at the White
House during the period of his ill
ness spoke in the most bitter terms
of the InterOceans correspondent
and of the bulletins of tho secre
tary of state The gentleman averred
that Blames sources for obtaining
accurate information were more
limited than that of any other mem
ber of the cabinet He said none of
he attendant ph > sicians would talk
with Blaine since he had begun
sending forth sensational reports
and his telegrams to Lowell were
predicated upon his individual opin
ion of the case rather than upon in
formation obtained from the proper
1 L I I i
authorities He said Mrs Garfield
yrts greatly wornedby the despond
ent view of her husbauds condition
taken by the secretary i
London tThe Queen expressed
deep regret on learning of the re
lapse of President Garfield and re
newed her request for latest tele
grams cuncerninj his condition
The Prince of Wales also intimated
a desire to hear the latest dispatches
frulll Washington
l I
Washington 20 Executive Man
sion 830 tmThe President slept
from hair an hour to an hour more
at a time throughout the night He
continues to retain the liquid food
administered i bv the mouth and
tiniutating enemata Nevertheless
his pulse has been more frequent
since midnight and he is evidently
leebler this morning than yesterday
Pulse 120 temperature 084 respira
tion 2l
tidhsigned D W1 BLISS Y
Secretary Blaine sent the follow
ing telegram toMinister Lowell this
To Lowell Minister London I
The President had a bad night
and i his syinntoms at this hour 9
oclock are of the most alarming
BLAINE Secretary
About 7 oclock this morning the
first intelligent bearing on the con
dition of the President was re
ceived from j the physicians rooins
This information though meagre
was discouraging It was snbstan
tially to the effect that the Presi
dents cojiditivn was a little less l
encouragung than at a bile hour last
night that his pulse had not yet
been takeln but was noticeably less
firm JJhis ledbleness l pulse wttb
not noticed until DB Bliss went tq
his bedside aboqt 0 I oc1ock this
morning Heathen observed IhatjiL
though the frequency of the pulse
had n < Jt materially changed its
chaiiicfef I was weaker and mure un
steadylHe I did not mttrjiiet this
as Twlteuxtviilencd of the iivurae 1
of the ehd but a ib tiiciiuuriiice
calculated to narrow sull more tie
residentV chanctjo fwi tecoxerj
y pumful penod of SU Puueju o
yened between tiu > re eipt of this
information and The appearance 01
the morning bulletin nd the latter
was waited for with anxious foilKxl
ing that it would cduffrix the wpret
fedrs The Tjuletin hen it made
its tppearance with the positive
statement that the President had
grown feebler since yesterday and
noted a marked increase in the
pulse and respiratior extinguished
th last ray of hope held by the
general publicind cast a deep gloprn
over those near und dear tci the
President The pliysicmns do irot
yet say however thatliopfi itdoad
lOtO mDr Reybnun I reports
that the Presidents strength up to
this hour has not perceptibly fai PHi
since the raornhig examination i He
continues to take food bUt as well
heretofore and the frequency of
his puFse has notincreased He has
just sponged pff and he was
more comfortable
1050 am General Swain inter
viewed b a r reporter at 104 am
said the Presidents pulse had vaiivd
a good deal since the morn ng dress
ing The least exertion or aiv
slightmovement of the body was
enough to increase its frequency so
although its average rate might not
change a great deal it was occasion
ally higher for sbort periods The
swollen parotid gland he said con
tinues to discharge through the ear
and through the incision made sev
eral days ago and this discharge
seems to afford relief The surgeons
still hope that the nourishment
which the patient takes will sustain
his strength and keephim on the
present plane of vitality until the
jjanSular abscess tj ngieir less
threatening wheiUthfre win be in
en r lB1yains pmron a chan e
at l astdfrecuperation
All the members of the cabinet
eameto theExecutive Mansion at
9 am and most of them are still
here They were generally more
reticent than yesterday with regard
to their views of the situation
Secretary lVi dom said it was
useless disguise the fact that the
morning bulletinwas very discour
aging He was not Ieapy however
himself to say the case was hope
less He entertained hope and will
believe toihe end that the President
will Jive Postmaster General
James would only say while there is
ife Ihereis hopo AttorneyGen
eral MacYeagh deelinedfo converse
upon the situation but admitted
thai f it seemed to him less hopeful
thIS morning
At noon Bliss said I think the
President is no better than yester
day and that is about the same as
saying he is worse because the lon
ger he goes on this way the less arc
his chances He has not failed a
great deal since 7 oclock His
greatestdepression is in the morh
ng His pulse during the forenoon
was from 110 to 118 I think he
realizes his condition to a certain
extent He has inquired abc ut his
pulse and the gland trouble several
times today I dont think he has
given up hope of recovery He I
seemed more discouraged this morn
ing than usual which probably in
duced the physical depression His
mind seem to react unfavorably
on his body He asked how he was
and Mrs Garfield and I gave him
reassuring replies That seemed to
brace him up as he soon rallied
His mind is absolutely clear and
much better than yesterday He
understands everything that is said
and done about him The parotid
gland has not changed much It
continues to discharge through the
ear rather more freely No other
glands are affected and there are no
other suppurations except the gland
and wound The pus indicates a
trifle more depletion of the system
I think yesterdays slim chance has
grown slimmer
You still hope for recovery Yes
I hdpe for it
c Executive Mansion 1220 pm =
There has been no improvement
iiv the Presidents condition since
the last bulletin He continues to
retainJiquid food administered by
the mowtii aswell enemata In
the morning dressing the parotid
swelling appeared about the same as
yesterday Xo material change was
observed in the wound Since the
niorning his temperature has risen
about a degree and his pulse fluctu
ated somewhat At present the
pulse is 120 temperature 990 respi
ration 22
Signed D W BLISS
Members of the cabinet are all still
here but no decisive change has
take place in the Pieaidents condi
tion Attorney General MaeVeagh
authorizes the statement that Vice
President Arthur has not been tele
graphed for and no decision to send I
for him is yet arriv d at
I Dr Bliss said to a reporter of tlw
Associated pre s at noon that his
btjlief is that the President cannot
recover He thinks however that
death will not occur immediately
and he may linger several dayS
PULSE 148t
I After restingreasily through the
night President became worse
about 4 oclock am and has been 1
growing feebler since At 1 this
morning his pukewas up to 14S I
UioughTtmr the bulletin was issued
at 830 it vtis but 120 since the i it
has rem ljHed steady
Dr rttMjbuin said at 10 oclock
there had btrn no inaeri ehan r I S
since the issuing of the bulletinbulji
the President was very feeble and
the hopes entertained yesterday of
relief through the suppuration of
the inflamed gland were Jess blight
tot ay The fact iq the President
has been dying since 4 oclock this
Dr Power paitorof the Christian
Church has bljen at = the White
House all tRe morning and will
not leave until the end The
m m ers of the cabinet are
all at the White House and in cpu
sullation in the cabinet room The
subjectof the conference is th ad
Yj ability otseriding for VicePrcs I
ident i Arthur at once It was under
stood last night that they agreed
that this should nut I e done until I
in1 the opinion of the phvaiuians
death was at hand Xo w they disctu s
whether the time has not airiyed I
already Greattaxcitement prevails I
Oil the streets al reportffiorthe
Presidents death are circulated al
most hourly To add to the excite
nent alarming rumors aremcircu
ation regarding organized bodies of
nen in neighboring cities who are
iinded together to cfirog 1 herejariiF
lynch Guitteau It is saiocheguards
at the jail are in sympathy vith
them and only awaitrunfavorable
opportunity to themselves murder
Guitteau General Sherman in
conjunction with the secretaries of
war and state J jhoAyeyer taking
every precaution to preserve the
I > lacei
230 pmThe Presidents condi
lion remains substantially un
changed Some of the Presidents
intimate personal friends and rela
tives stillclrhg to the hope of his re
covery Colonel Rockwell in con
versation this afternoon said with
much emphrasis aud feeling that
notwithstanding the discouraging
bulletins and all that had been said I
and notwithstanding the dispatches I
which had been sent far and wide I
over the country I tell you the Pres
ident is not dying and shows no
signs of dying I do not speculate
on the chances of the future The
present is enough forme He is not
dying now Not ten minutes ago f
heard him tell General Swain who
stood by his bedside that he thought
be felt better than he did yesterday
A long while ago in talking to me
about himself the President said
With me it is always the unexpected
which happens I believe the un
expected may happen once more in
he Presidents life and that he may
yet surprise the country by getting
Executive Manaion 20 pm
There has been no marked change
in the Presidents condition this
afternoon General Swain who has
just come from the room thinks he
i s a little better The doctors con
tinue administering stimulants to
prolong life
Everything is quiet about the
5 t f
I White House at this writing a r
everyone is waiting with uixieJw 1 ± m I
for the gOlllg down of the siwL 5 t I
which it is believed will mari = is a I i
beginningof the end No bulletfaca f
have been issued since noon 9raf St
only Doctors Woodward and Eds eir i
are at the White House Xone e K7 t
the members of the cabinet have pfc 1
in an appearance since the adjouzas r t <
ment of the consultation at nt c r If
It is reported again that a proclaim O l S
tiou calling Congress in session isi j I
in the hands of Secretary Blaine m f 5
be issued this evening 5 5 = H
Chicago 27The Timts
e017 1 i i J
pOn elt in Washington has giv ea 4 1f i
up sending bulletins as he is a i Ii i
sured by Dr Key burn that the Pres > J j i
ident is not likely to die today i
S Times Washington A lady wLfe g hi j
conversed with Dr Edson exp esa fe b t H
warm sympathy for Mrs Garfiel t rj t
referring at the same time to theirs = i
port that she soon expects to i fc S
crease hei maternal cares Mr s I
Garfield is in her usual vigorowK S g j
health replied Dr Edson wwa I
theres not a word of truth in th
statement to which rJpllcfer lt
reported that f wheiu lis Gill1i W ii
was informed by Dr Jioyntou lMf S
night that only a miracle couicl 5 5
save the President her husbands
she said Then that miracle wiIk
occur my husband will eco L t
He must 1
emus i Q 1 S
Executive Mansion 4 1 p mD
Bliss made the folloVniir fophes u i r
questions asked him What is tie r
condition of tlje Presidenftfiis aJP
ternoon His mghtnl Comiition iss 9 j
perect He takesTood well J iSnf
ng quietly and his pule is rmu
about 114 t Ii1 i W lluii
Do you think there is al1fn1dt4 5
reason for en UiajienientV Thi t 1
facts I have just gielt you are so J r h
encouragement 0 S
Ueneiul Swain who receziti
came from the Presidents r
said in conversation with a frieirdrx
few minutes f since that the Prlfi I
seemed to hill better today J
yesterday He hll juretEwifij c 5
said himselt that he telt st6 J
amid fur the HIM l tiineJiti seerai t1jc I j S
could taste Lite ioUfMiicli he b w1 t I
ltnved l < t ii
j Executive ilansi lc A jt i t1Tf < S H1 I
Pieijiiipi s > ynipu ksvVnwv a bhbfr I fl1 l
uiiiehi ri ion this i fleinuon Hils
pulxo a somewhat ItS fn quell t aaiJ pi ii t
his tlultrat Ilre jotter Ioeoirx S
We iiitntnl distui l btnce describei j fi t S
3ebt iiay mornings bulletin bE i i
ilibapppiieU PIn j m tid svellisc ri
lias iliciiriigeU a i tie Iltl by tlwr 1 i
opening jmntarreously mrint tl ftrw l4 L
the ear as wietl aPiiytJhIeflieist F
made but is not Jttc lhtinoisKH
ihe liquid food siiven byth6mo fe j j
and eiieiuata Continues to be rg I P
ained Pulse 114 temperature 9 It t
Signed JJ W BLISS 3i
JJ WooT4wAnr G i e
ROB T REiYDumi ii
mDJIAQNE f4jj fl t
S vIirTAgiew I arriv htrJ jH I I
Ottilwa 27Phec is 4rnnwesw S f I tli 7 W i
sadness owing to the > Washington W
i 4 i
N BUSS GIVES ur j I j it t
Washington h iDhiss fi Bprac i Z p1 1
ally given the case up In Knsvresir 4
to a question of a Western Assoear H
ted lress man he said There m5 1 SJ
be hope yet buL I see no prospect ofe b n i
recovery Dr Boy ton on tiis > axf LI i
traryho list mzht had gReri t j
all hopes says the lJmiden lR4 O I t
ter today than foVtwo daysnpas j j
The cabinet consultation broke a 4
12JU and the result of the discus tj
sion is that Arthur will not te seaiv jj L
for at present Secretary Kirkwoii 1i
James Blaine and Hunt were asJviaJt
by a reporter as they passed ontsdT i i S
the White House as to theeondiifes j
ofthe President and all aiijte rkl
had been no favorable e1 a ti
Bs is reported as having loB
members of the cabinet that 3e j
would be able to inform then oe I i
erSDliburs ia adjyajice o4tJial4fiiPi t 1
dents death gtvrhg tlidnijajpipl I a t 3
time to sendfor the vicePresided
The doctor is also quoted as liarfa i
told an intimate personal acquatafe r
anee that the Presidents mind W b i p
now clear but hisfacuities wcAu Ji 4
desert him some time before demi4 1 ii i
My belief is that the President caat J E
not recover He might but for t1W 4
parotid glandtrouble There cdnfe + i
no recuperation with thatcompHc24
tion ETc might last two or tiS6 jj
days even witnTthat complicatioa J 1
do not think he will go suddenly 1 m 4
presume death will be preceded by ar ib
period of unconsciousness I do 35SJZ i
think it is our place to let Mrs Gar j
field send for any other membera elO a
the family She knows perrec
well how lIe is Nobody wasaa S
mitted today but the surgeons aId 5 r
attendants Deaths approach wW I I
probably be recognized a considaar
able time in advance
Xew York 27 Posts Washings hL
ton Presidents pastor saw hiMr 9i
a few moments yesterday mornis S 4
aud is now with him HesaysSr ii
then spoke clearly calmly andche t
fully He understood his condSt5o5v Jj
and expressed himself as preparafl
for death Last night Keybusm b S
recognizing the great danger tet ii i
Mrs Garfield that it would be better l 3J
that ail the children should sleepji f
the house For this reason M
Mollie who has been passing1bf 4 5
nights at Kockwellsearned i jI
there and passed the night air ife S
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