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Earns Jr Among California
Jtters In tho Territory Baso
G31I1e WsJay Eye Sees Effort
b gainst TimeCurrent
The ominous silence which has pre
wiled ever since Chirlie Carrington de
r California with his 1000
parted for
l augurs ill for the success of
bi3 L vent rC9 Beyond a brief squib
clipped from a San Francisco
time ago and which rc
ordedthe melancholy fact that Rarus
Jr had been distanced in the first race
for which she was entered sporting
circles are all in the dark as to Mr Car
ringtons movements or projects A
in the I
I reporter found one man
I course of a run about town on Thurs
who had received a letter from
iSrus trainer and the meagre details
which Rates follow were gleaned irum this
communication There is no doubt
said our informant that Charlie has
outclassed You see he entered
races from the 235
good many
class in It downward and all the horses he
had to cope with were able to beat their
class every time Ham Jr made 235
here but going into a new climate and
altitude have no doubt made all the difference
fercrce in the world to him As a result
be has made no respectable record in any
of the races in which he has figured
Borne one hiss lost a good deal of money
I hear about 5OOJ The worst of it is
that Karus is still down for the Sacra
mento races in clashes that I fear he
has no better chance in But I hope he
be picking up with the training
may him An
Charlie is 10 doubt giving
other gentleman informed us that Mr
Carrinnon has no interest of his own in
Ram Jr but that he is merely acting
for Mr Frank Armstrong who paid
the 000 t purchase money and who
has putup thus far all that has been re
quired for the San Francisco trip
A C Yonns Veterinary Surgeon
1 Mr A C Young or as he is better
known among his friends and the pro
fession Bert leaves forthe University
of the State of New York nest Thursday
I to enter the veterinary department 01
I that institution Bert has long been an
enthusiast on all matters pertaining to
i lursc flesh and he has lately felt a
strong calling for the profession lie has
decided to enter we think with Mr
Young that there isan extensive field
in Utah for asiilled veterinary surgeon
and we think with the numerous horse
men who have encouraged him in his
decision that Mr Young is just the
man to fill the place he will be absent
about two years
Game Slattern
A reporter called on Friday at the
office of Messrs Williams and Young
who ere among the most prominent of
those interested in enforcing the game
laws of the Territory to enquire if there
was anything new in relation to game
matters Nothing replied Mr Will
iams except that we have written
Sheriff Turner asking his cooperation
in enforcing the law down his way We
learn that night shooting is carried on
to some extent south of here and as
that is a violation of the recent game
law we are determined to stop it Mr
Young stated that the Protective As
sociation through Dr Richards and
himself had plastered the Territory
from one end to the other with copies of
the game laws and that several rewards
had been offered from private pockets
for the arrest of any persons violating
the provisions of the law The only
game sacred to the hunter now is the
wild duck and as the embargo on that
goes off tomorrow the markets will
ioondoubtless be overloaded with this
species of water fowl
The World Over
Buck Ewing of the New Yorks and
champion base ball player of the United
State will positively visit California
upon the termination of the National
League season
Eolla Tibbcttd of the Blue Club is the
I most graceful runner as well as the
fleetest who appears on the diamond
He is a great favorite with spectators
and players alike
TheCincinnati Base Ball Club of the
American League visits San Francisco
sometime this fall Could they not be
induced to stop over for one game at
least in this city
Sunday is the gala baseball day in San
Francisco this afternoon the Occiden
tals of that city put their full nine upon
thedumond for the first time during
we present season
Kach of Tibbetts strides measured
S feet in the foot race on Friday his
i time was 11 seconds which for running
on a circular track is
at considered al
r not professional time
The ktest invention in the
t war of a
bird flying eargt is the new 1eoria black
uira It is claimed by some
I to be superior to anything in that line
ever manufactured When struck one
shot will break one in a dozen pieces
Bicycling in America is said to be the
f only sport m which the amateurs have
teaten the records
tl made by profa ion
is Unfortunately the system of tim
I fl bicycle race in this country differs
from that pursued by English clock
ist 3
The Blurs have evidently not yet had
tot en Sg Tf It A match fa on the tap ii
ao ext Saturday with the Reds for 25
BmtC and gate money Tibbetts and
will Brown nbel employee Auerbach Bros
Probably run a foot race on the <
ame day
I d euce She attendance at the BoMonlrovi i
8116 Seventeen including a tie
aue Was i 93U3 I
Fn11359 There were nine
game in
vjf Providence attended by 19
I 39555 and eight in 1Joston attended by
The Bostons share of the To
ceipli Was sufficient to the salaries
of all the
ie players > and
attaches for the
J At Webb the Crystal Palace London Henry
1e Club eham ionof the London lucy
ti hours rode 100 miles on a triple in
43 minutes and 324 seconds
ating nIl
InIe preious records from 25
upward and surpassing 100
llJile record Ipo
by no less than mitt
ute 33 40 mm
and 1 seconds
j The attention 9 f the Blues and Ogden
club is directed to the following
Salt Lake people writing to Butte and
Occasional items appearing in the Salt
Lake papers proceed on the assumption
that the Salt Lake baseball club has
senta challenge to the Butte nine We
are authorizeel state that no chal
lenge has come to this club to play in
Salt Lake If that club ever sent one
it was lost and they will please send
janother which if it comes will be
promptly attended to Butte Miner 9th
L I Five I thousand people assembled in
Prospect Iark New York on August
23th to see Jay Eye See attempt to beat
his record of 210 The famous little
gelding was given several trials amid
tremendous excitement but the nearest
he was able to approach his previous
time was 212q Fhallas made the mile
in 21734 out he same day A corre
spondent writes of the occasion as fol
lows All kinds of excuses were made
for the little brown gelding but the
truth of the matter really is that the
horse was not equal to the task and the
best he could do was to cover his mile in
21234 The Prospect Park track was in
excellent condition although in the
opinion of many experts it was too fine
or at least it had been scraped until
nearly all the loam had been removed
It was rumored about several days be
fore the trot that the horse was not
doing well and that he was in the hands
of a veterinary who was trying to keep
him in condition until afterhiehiadniade
his great effort There may have been
some truth in this report but the horse
could not have been so badly off when
he was able to trot as fast as he did
how it Is proposed to settle and make
profitable large sections of country
now unproductive men who
have taken It in hand The money
and the powerful corporation be
hind the movement
Every year witnesses an increase in
the volume of emigration westward
and thousands upon thousands of
sturdy men and women have gone on
through a territory vastly superior to
that in which they finally located with
no more care or observation en route
than if in balloons and sailing through
clouds They have gone on and on
often far beyond available markets and
out into the wild lands with no com
pany other than their own frequently
homesick selves Others will follow
and the throng will not perceptibly lest
en for years to come Meantime not a
few of those already settled ate any
thing but satisfiedthe rigors of a se
vere climate the frequence of terrific
storms long hauls to market and other
disadvantages naturally creating desires
to get back into a country where these
things do not operate against general
prosperity no time possibly hnveinat
ters appeared in more propitious shape
for eastern lines to enter into emigration
measures than now and as usual the
Baltimore Ohio takes the initiative
The corporation has among its princi
pal stockholders and officials energetic
and farseeing men who realizing the
importance of the situation have as
sociated themselves in the organization
of an emigration company with other
I gentlemen of undoubted prominence in
business circles whose success in great
I commercial undertakings stands as the
strongest possible guarantee of the fu
ture of the new enterprise It has al
ready been incorporated under the laws
of the State of Maryland and with a
capital stock of one million dollars the
Baltimore Ohio Emigration Com
pany will be in a grand positior not
only to advance its own interests but
those of the railroad company and
the States through which it runs The
Board of Directors is a strong one in
deed comprising Mr John W Garrett
Mr Robert Garrett and Mr Samuel
Spencer President VicePresident and
2d VicePresident respectively of the B
k O R R exU S Senator Henry G
Davis of West Virginia President W
Va Central and Pittsburg R RT
Harrison Garrett the wellknown
banker of Baltimore Mr William F
Burns President Eutaw Savings Bank
of Baltimore and Hon Ferdinand C
Latrobe Mayor of Baltimore The ob
jects of the company are many and of
the most practical character tow it
To induce increased immigration to
the South and Southwest particularly
along the lines of the Baltimore and
Ohio Company and country tributary
thereto to which end to acquire by
purchase or otherwise the condition of
lands now subst ntiallyin the wilderness
and difficult of disposal at remunerative
prices To market work let lease
s ttle improve cultivate or otherwise
dispose of lands and hereditaments in
Maryland Virginia West Virginia or
elsewhere in the United States and
generally to develop the resources of
such lands by building planting clear
ing and otherwise dealing with thasame
To stock such lands and to breed graze
fatten and deal in cattle horses sheep
and produce To buy or otherwise ac
quire and make provide and carry on
use and work railways tramways
roads and other works which may be
deemed expedient for the purposes of
this company and to contribute to the
cost of making providing carrying on
and working the same To Teceiveiind
take money on deposit at interest or
otherwise on the guarantee of the com
pany or otherwise to raise money in
such manner as the company
shall think fit and in particular
by the issue of bonds and debentures
charged upon all or any of the Com
pany property both present and
future including its uncalled capital
To make accept endorse and execute
promissory notes bills of exchange and
other negotiable instruments To pur
chase or otherwise acquire and under
take all or any part of the business
property tenure and liabilities of any
business person or which company this Company carrying is on author any
ized to carry on or possessed of pro
perty suitable for the purposes of this
Company To enter into partnership
or in any arrangement for sharing pro
fits union of interests or cooperation
with any person or company earring on
or about to carry on any business
which this Company is authorized to
carryon or any business or transac
I tion capable of being conducted so as
I directly or indirectly to benefit this I
Company or to take or otherwise
acquire and hold shares stocks I
or debentures in any such Company j
To cooperate with any other company
having objects wholly or in part similar I j
to those of this Company To sell lease
mortgage or dispose of the undertaking
of this Company or any part thereof
for such consideration as this Company 1 I
may think fit and in particular for
shares debentures or securities elf any
other company having objects wholly pr 1
in part similar to those of this Company I
To invest the capital of the Company
for any of the purpdses I aforesaid and
in developing aiM improving of adding
to the value of the lands or other pro
perty from time to time acquired by the
Company and to make maintain and
use such works as the Company may
think necessary or expedient for any of
the purposes aforesaid To acquire by
grant purchase or otherwise conces
sions of any rights property or privi
legesfrom any government State Ter
ritorial or municipal and to perform
ri diWoN if
finl r
and fulfil the terms and conditions there
of Todo all such other things as the Com
pany may think hidden conducive
to the attainment of any of the above
objects or all of them or to the conver
sion or disposition of any security or
property held by the Company
Representing as this Company doe
large ocean mid land transportation
interests and having by reason of their
extensive European agencies and cor
porate organizations unequaled facili
ties for selecting transporting and lo
cating the very best class of immigrants
from France Switzerland Germany
Norway Sweden etc and such as
from their previous habits education
and pursuits would be best qualified
for settlers in the Stales named it is
the desire to submit to the owners of
lands contiguous to the Baltimore and
Ohio Railroad system propositions
looking to a landpool which must
aggregate not less than 0000 acres the
interest of each to depend upon the
value of the acreage put in In order
that the interests of the different parties
may be equalized and determined the
lands pooled shall be surveyed into
tracts of twentyfive acres or more
with reference to a proper distribution
of water timber and cultivable lands
t shall be valued by a disinterested II
board of appraisers consisting of
not less than three persons com
petent in such matters and entirely
independent of and unconnected
with the interest involved to be
nominated by those joining in this plan
and the pooled interests of each land
owner shall be based upon this valua =
tion Certificates of this interest will
be issued to the several owners in ex
change for the lands which will be
placed in the hands of a Trust Com
pany or trustees mutually selected So
soon as the trustees arc in possession of
these lands and can pass title for any
tract that may be sold the Baltimore
and Ohio Immigration Company will
proceed with the aid of the foreign im
I migration agencies asaociatedwith itand
the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Com
pany to secure the most thrifty and
desirable immigrants and such as are
best adapted to the peculiarities of soil
and climate of the tracts to be settled I
and transport and locate them upon
such lands within a reasonable period j
and without expense to the land own
ers In order to secure the best kind
of immigrants provision will be made
for furnishing houses tools cattle etcl
to the immigrants it settles on said
lands upon reasonable terms so as to
enable them to make a good start
This is a sketch of a plan which it is
believed will readily commend itself to
favorable consideration It needs no
argument to show if carried out the
reat advantages which will result to
all concerned particularly to those who
own large tracts of land now substan
tially in wilderness and difficult of
disposal at remunerative prices Under
the programme proposed such lands can
be sold populated and improved with
out any trouble or expense to their
owners other than the appropriation of
25 per cent of the net proceeds which
it is believed would be almost immedi
ately more than covered by the en
hanced value of such adjacent tracts as
tliev might reserve for private dis
position The history of settle
ments in the West and Northwest
shows that where land companies
with sufficient resources have een prop
erly managed undqr wellordered sys
tems the result almost invariably has
been large profits and benefits to all
concerned While the conditions under
which settlement must be made in the
abovenamed States are essentially dif
ferent from those encountered by colo
nization societies in the West it is
believed that the proposed plan can be
started under such favorable auspices as
will insure equally favorable results
Bourbon Ind says Both myself
and mv wife owe our lives to Sill
sale at A C Smith Cos Drug Store
Inthe mailer of the Eilate of Alexander
Daft deceased
NOr ln1 i Ln
1 undersigned administratrix of the
estate of Alexander J Daft deceased to the
creditors of and all persons having claims
against the said deceased to exhibit them
with the necessary vouchers within ten
months after the first publication of this no
tice to the said executrix at her residence
on the corner of East Temple and First South
streets in the City and County of Silt Lake
Executrix of the Estate of Alexander J Daft
Dated at Silt Lake City September 101SS4
Estate of Emma Weston formerly wife of
t James Slator deceased
1 undersigned administrator of the estate
of Emma Weston formerly wife of James
Slator deceased to the creditors of
and to nil persons having claims against
said deceased to exhibit them with the
necessiry vouchers within ten months after
the first publication of this notice to the slid
administrator at his office room No 11 third
floor Hooper < t Kldredge block Main street
Salt Lake City U T or to P 0 Box Ko 1157
Administrator of the estate of Emma Weston
Salt Lake City September 11th 1SS1
Estate of Alexander Nclbaur deceased
1 t
NO underaignedadmlnistratrix of thcestate
of Alexander Neibaur deceased to the cre
tillers of and all persons having claims
against the said deceased to exhibit them
with the necessary vouchers within ten
months after the first publication of this no
tice to the said administratrix at the office
lof S W Darke Co 110 S Main street
S t Lake City In the County of Stlt Lake
Administratrix of ELIZABEfH the estate of NEIBAUK Alexander
Keibaur deceased
Attorney for administratrix
Dated at Salt Lake City August 13thisai
The Pacific Express Co
SALT LAKE CITY Sept 4th 13S1
To Whom it may Concern
The goods remaining on hand and
undelivered as per list below will be
sold at publicauction at Salt Lake City
Utah October 7th 1884 unless the same
arc called for and charges paid thereon
before said date
F H HYDE Agent
Salt Lake City
Salt Lake City
Package Wty Anderson
Show Case Willie Anderson
Box Will Adamy
3 Boxes Chas W Amour
Bundle C Ackerman Franellyn
Sack Rudolph Anderson
Suck J D Ashley Delphi Utah
Package W F Adams
Box J Broughton Tooele Utah
Box P C Blum
Package C S Black
Package Miss Bigger
Box C A Brooks
Package J Bell
Valise Bingham
Box J D Bennett Bingham Dtah
Package C S Barnes
Bundle Geo Burrows
Package C Campbell
Package C Cowling
Box Jas Connell
2 Boxes Jas Dwyer
Bundle P Diugherty or J Shay
Package F M Iaugherty
Package C 0 D13i75H L Dickin
Box Mrs Douglas Grantsville Utah
Package Ella Defezend
Trunk A B Downs
Package S Elias
Package Mrs Edwards
Bundle John Fitzgerald
Package J J Ferrell
Package C O D 402 It Greaves
Package J Gordan Mill Creek Utah
Box J Gordan Mill Creek Utah
Bundle Jas Gorman
2 Packages Mary Gerber
2 Packages E A Howard Brinton
2 Packages W R Hinds
2 Packages Sam Holden
2 Packages Lucy A Hill
2 Packages Hemingway
2 Packages J Holmbert
2 Packages S A Hall
Valise and sack E Jenkins Bingham
Paekae Wm Jones
Box F Kloeckner
2 Packages J II Knauss care U J
Package J H Knauss care U J
Bundle M Keating Bingham Junc
Package Miss A Lynch
Package Miss L Laron
Valise E E Lambert
Package C 0 D 500 J McGhie
2 Boxes S H Mulligan
Bundle Thos Murray
Bundle tools Thos Murray
Package C O D 200 PF Miller
Box C 0 D7200 C H Meeker
Valise Pat McIIugh
Package Mollie Miles
Package E P Mathews
Bundle L B Mattison
Bag W P McKeever
Bundle A McCormick
lackage F Meacham
Trunk Frank Nevill
Bundle J 0 Neal
Box W C Offord
Package J Olsen
Package J Ormond
Package H J ONeil
Bundle C Parmer
Package C 0 D 1500 Chas Peter
Package J II Peterson
lackage E J Peterson
Package F Prichard
Box D J Plume Stockton U T
Box W Perry Payson Utah
Package E B Partridge
Package II Pymm
Basket and bag Louisa Rosenthal
Sack J D Ryan Sandy
Package W H Rice South Cotton
Package Rummel Bros
Package F C Reed
Box J Scartliff
Package State Librarian
Sack C L Stevenson
Package C O D 230 Chas Smith
Box C 0 D G50 Saml Schell
Package F Sharkey
Package J Smith
Package Mrs I Small
Bundle W Spencer
Bundle L Shetzley
Gun L Shetzley
Package J Sear
Box C O D 133 John Steele
Package W H Taylor
Bundle John Thomas
Package A II Tarbet
Package A Thompson
Package F Thebault
Package C OD 280 Tribune Pub
Box C R VanNorman
Package C O D 750 II F Will
Package J Williams
Valise C Watson
Package J Worthington Farming
Box W W Walker
Bundle G WebberS tidy
Bundle J Ward Bingham Junction
Package E I Watson
Bale J Wood
Roll J Walker I
Package Emma Wilson
Park City Utah j
Package C O D 550 Emma Bren
holt a
Box Ed Benton I
Crate and box C 0 D 1515 Carl
Package C O D 250 J C Gong
Box W H Hoge Fort Thornberg
Package J Hunter
Sack Jus Thomas
Package C O D GOO Wiseman it
Box F Thornton Fort Thornberg
Package C 0 D 350 H L White
Package Logan Paul
Echo Utah
Package J R Howard Henncfer
Bundle J Nicholas
Bundle P Shultz
Logan utah
Box L M Smith
Can D A Kimball
Provo Utnb
Bundle J Kearney
Bundle L Brown
Box Miss Etta Lee
Bottle J Hamburg
Nephl Utah 1
Box W F JosephUtah f
Valise H B Cummings t Pleasant
Box C 0 D 991 E M Bird
Juab Utah
Box Matthews 7 f F
Package W Ward La Sal Utah
Box LJ Hopkins Glendale Utah
Washer E Pickup
Package A F Robinson Nephi Utah
Box It Burson
MUford Utah
Package J S McMillan Bcaer Utah
Frisco Utah
Bundle Ed Jones
Granger TVjo I
Bundle F W Frakes
Twin Creeks AVyo
Package and box W E Huckley
Ogdcn U T
Package S P Anderson
Package D C Adams
Valise R Albec
Package D C Adams
Ball W Angel
Package A M Atkinson
Trunk Mat Allen
Package E Bullock
2 Stoves T S Bowen
Staff T S Bowen
Bundle C M Burke
Valise W Burt
Bundle S Brown
Box E Burgess
Package J Brown
P Box J A Benson
Bundle A Blackburn
Bundle II Bynea
Valise F Brooks
Valise J II Bright
Package G M Bush
Package E G Colburn
Package R Watts
Washing machine J J Campbell
Package W Collins
Package E E Clark
2 Bundles N Cassell
Package A Clark
Package J Clark
Valise G Deacon
Package D S Dow
Bundle M Delaney
Valise W H Davis
Roll T Daniels
Sack J C Elliott I
Bale J Eggeman
Package C 0 D 5GOO E M lEvanx 1
Package J Feeley I
Box B R T Farley
Bag F Field
Bundle and saddle JFord
Valise W Gordon
Gun T Greats
Package W G Glassman
Bundle G M Gage
Bundle C H Gearhart
Package H Gibbs
Bundle M Greenwood
Box T W Glassman
Package 0 Groainark
Package P H Galligher
Pistol C L Goodmow
Package II J Goetzman
Package C D Golden
Bale G Holt
Package G Holt
Package II H Henry
Bundle R Hooper
Package S Hutchinson
Bundle G Mcllurst
Package H L Hanson
Package C S Jones
Package E M Joslyn
Package J Jackson
Package M B Johnson
Valise and bundle S Klein
Bundle A Knaw
Package J Kennedy
Package J Keisly
Box J D Lamb
Package R Little
Bundle G Leach
Saddle J II Marston
Sack J Mothcwell
Bundle E Morrison
Package S Mackall
2 Chairs C A Moore
Package E R Murphy
Castings Norton Steward Co
Package T 0 Donnell
Bale M OBrien
Package Oliras Rufugo
Package E L Palmer
Valise H L Paddock
Barrel T T Paskin
Revolver C R Pratt
Package Dr J Richards
Package W Rqthuck
Bundle C Robinson
Bundle W Bancroft
Package R Smith
Package E Stone
Package W T Sparks
Box W S Schuck
Valise Mat Smith
Package C 0 D10000 Kate San
Bundle A Scheof
Valise J W Shaw
1 Package Slater
Trunk C S Sooland
Iackage J Thompson
Bundle W H Travis
Package G L Tracy
Sack A T Thomas
Bundle C Wilson
Bundle S White
Package G Wilson
Barrel T Ryan
niontpelior Idaho
Valise R D Shams
Box C O D f k50 J L Sparks
Thatcher Idaho
Bundle W II Rerge Arirno
Bundle F Finlaw Arimo
Velise and Sack John Croety Ammo
Bundle M Gartner Arimo
Piece wood Win Bailey Arimo
Blackfoot Idaho
Valise D J Campbell
Grate E Young
J Eagle Rock Idaho
Packace T N Clifford
Valise J AVbolf
Beaver Canon Idaho
Bundle C Wanless
Pooatcllo Idaho
Box M Lesser
Bundle Me Evoy
Package Matt Moore r
I Gun W Slahy
Package J W Shannon
Shoshonc Idaho
I Roll C 0 D 9007 J A Brown
Package E M Chillis
2 Bundles T Casady
Valise > It Dwyer
Bundle H Masterson
Box CO D500 lJ Smith
2 Packages C O D fcJlOQ J G
Package P P Schmidt
2 Packages C 0 D 1075 Van Val
Halley Idaho
Package Pitt Smith
Package W C Wentrack
Package C 0 D 11000 J G Smith
Package J G Smith
Uollcruc Idaho
Box C OD 600 Gilbert Butler
ICctchurn Idaho
Tackage W Alamy
ITountaln Home Idaho
Bundle Thomas Rowe
i I c
I Sift i r i
Boise CIty Idaho I t I I 1tP I
Package B Blackwell l I
Trunk and bundle J T flatsisn i I
Payette Idah
Caldvell Idaho i f L
I Sack H Snadle 1 iI
ICed Rock ItTontann I I
Crate J H Kyner Junction Idaho f
Package Chon Tuck TOng Leedburg
Idaho °
P Box > W J McCHnton Junction
Bundle C 0 D 1800 Pavis DLsh f
I usSpring Mountain Idaho i
Bundle C O D 390 A Brooks j
Junction Idaho f
Silver Bow Montana
Valise W D Fry i
Office No 141 Main street first door north of x J
Barratt Bros Telephone No 11t I
I l
Package Tnnsfcr and Excursion Wagons
always in readiness Moving Pianos Or
gans Have and the Furniture finest four a Specialty inhand wagon that i
was ever brought to this country
Are prepared for any fzn parties i 1I
Tourists will do well to call on the8tir I I
I i j
Orders by telephone receive prompt atten It
tion Jn EUGEULY 1 I l
y5 Bole Froprlctot
In j the District Court in and for the Thved
Judicial District of Utah Terrrtary
County Salt Like iH
Ij I
Wm S McCornick J
Plaintiff I II i1 I
0 J Averill j p
i Defendant 4
The people of the United States in the Terri 1 t4
tory of Utah send Greeting j4
il I
To 0 J Averill Defendant jfI j hi
fI f i
YOU 1N a
j peiriuun action brought against you l
by the above named plaiutift in tue District
Court of the Third Judicial District of Utah I
and to answer the complaint filed thereIn
within l ten days exclusive of the diy of sec
vice after the service on you of this sum I
mons if fccrvcd within this county or If If
served out of this county but In this YJI lelt i I
within twenty days otherwise within forty
days or judgment by default will be taken
against you according to the prayer of said l
complaint i tJ
The said action is brought to recover from I
defendant the sum of ds002 with costs of
suit alleged to be due from defendant for fl
checks paid by plnintifTdrawn upon plalutllF
as a banker by defendant on and after Janu
ary SOth liS3 and including the 7th day of
April lbS3 amounting to the sum of 5S02i
lil r nttdn i1J
which with interest to date amounts to the
sum of S6S001
And you are hereby notified that if you fall
to appear and answer the said complaint as a I
above required thc said plaintiff will take I 1 t
judgment against you for the sum of f 6S002
and for costs of suit p k 1 i
WITNESS the Hon John A Hunter j1 i I
Judge and the seal of the District 1
Court of the Third Judicial District
fSEALJ In maid for the Territory of Utah I
this 14th d ly of August in the year
of our Lord 0110 thousand eight il iii I
hundred and eightyfour I
By II G McMlLl Clerk
vSZ Deputy Clerk
An Ordinance Amending Section 3 Article sJ
f 11W8Z
p1eed Sfelle1 rr
VIII Chapter 8 of The ltiiecd Ordi 4 Jmi
i nances and Ketolutions oj Salt Lake City I
approved July SOlh 137S
I1I it ordained sllJbJts1gs Council of Salt i I
Lake City subdivisions sixteenth and t tj 4 I
nineteenth Section 3 Article Vhf Chapter II
8 of The Revised Ordinances and Resolu
tions of Silt Lake City apprai ed July tOUt
1S7 bs amended so as to read ar follows
Sixteenth Upon a license fir a theatre
concert hall or other place of amusement t I
not otherwise provided for in this chapter
having seating capacity of cue thousand i i
persons rs more two hundred dollars per an 1 Hi t I
num or five dollars foreich performance I It
where the seating capacity thereof is less th n if
for one thousand and more than five hun
dred persons one hundred dollars per an
num or two dollars and fifty cents for each
performance nnd where the seating capa P i
city thereof is less than for five hundred per I
sons fifty dollars per annum or one dollar j IsI t
and twentyfive cents for each performance
Nineteenth Upon a license tor a concert 4j
bitni ee J f 11 3c oo
ball lecture tricks of legerdemain or an
other exhibition show or amusement not ml
herein otherwise provided for where the j
seating capacity of the building or other t I
lfn tlh eisbhU
place In which the same is held or performed i
is greater than for one thousand persons five
dollars for each performance or exhibition
where the seating capacity thereof Is lets
than for one thousand and more than five St
hundred persons two dollars and fifty cents 1
for each performance or exhibition anti
whee the seating capacity thereof is for less I
than five hundred persons one dollar and
twentyfive cents for each performance or m l
exhibition sq 1
Passed September 2dlq it o
Attest Mayor I
SEVL Recorder I
Salt Lake City I ss
I hereby certify that the llowing Is a fair q
true and correct copy of > a onlinauco en
titled An Ordinance amending Sectlon3 m l
Article VIIT Chapters rl I he ueUstd or
dinances mend Resolutions of Salt L iko City 4 t J
g t gg
approved July SOth 1875 pissed by the City D
Council of sld city September Cd 18S1 as 4
appears of record In my oflfcee
In teitimonj whereof I have i
hereunto set may Iwnd and m I
affixed the Corpor itc So 1 of jJe
1 tn gJ
SEAL 8 lit Lskc City this ICth day ii I
of September A D 1BM r i
I fnif ACTiiorrrv 1 U
An Ordinance in Relation ta Gamltiinff
Be it orclyined by the City Council of Sa > t i
Jake Cay That leery person who ahull t
play nt any game for money or other prop t i
erty or thins representing mono or oilier I
property within the limits of said city fiiiall L 5
lor each mid every such offense upon con
viction thereof be punished byline not ex
ceeding ninetynine dollars or qy Imprison
ment in the city jail not exesing nInety
days or bv both such Sac and Imprisonment
nt thediscretlon i of tb court
Passed Septembilr 2dibS
f JAIfES 5UI I i
Attart Mayor S S
I I SEAtJ Kccorder
rsTL City t SM l t
1 hereby certify t irt th forcsolnR Is a full 1
true nnd correct copy of an ordinance en
titled An ordinoi la Kelntiou to 61mb
hug pissed by the City Council of said city r
SfitemberSd list as appears of record lu ls
Tnyofflce ll I
In tttatlmcny whereof i hove I
hereunto set my kind anil
CorpOrtItSSl if
atHxed the CorlJr I s
SEAL Salt Lake C ytb ad y
Ql eptember I Ihsi
U f
Ueoorder sj I

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