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7 jt T
II Salt Lake City Utah
I i
1 t
Ii 4 f I
1 tll i t
tJ tl h1 f THE ARA110NTE case i3 againcarried
T over until tomorrow
rjp1 THE RUDE wind raised the dust con
t f it siderably yesterday
f TABSKNACLECnoiBexcarsion to NepM
fj on uesdayweek 23d inst
1 I j IT is supposed that the Utah Central
f will pay dividend in October
3 WE SAW some splendid carcasses of
Sser meat in the butchers slaAs yester
t day
HP TO Friday only five persons had i
i j 1 applied in Provo to have their names I
tl 4 added to the registry list
IL THE ATTExrioif of base ballists is di
1 1 rected to our sporting column for intel
ligence thit will interest them
L j I THE Uf C R R pulled a heavy train
t J I out of the depot yesterday morning A
i i Pullman coach brought up the rear
l THE Bos ToN restaurant has been
1 pened < just south of the Walker House
a t I itis being run in first class Parisian
f 1 style
k P 4 I THE BATTALION inspection and review
I J takes place at Fort Douglass today at
I i i I 9 a m < The Sunday evening concert
1 I 1 will begin at 5 oclock
1 f r I f are being made about the Spencer
House The proprietor seems bent on
I t l 1 having his place attractive
j I I Y Sronrs iEH HAVE commenced the
i t slaughter of the rodents Numbers of
1 f J ttr the long eared ones alias jack rabbits
II l L t were on sale in yesterdays market
4 I I A GENTLEMAN just up from Provo and
j t 1 I i one whose opinion may be taken on I
I ij ft matters of business states that trade is
I i already improving in that section
f I IN THE RANKS was played for the
forth time last evening aud drew out
I i I a faircized audience Acws Yes and
I drew forth a good many ducats and so
1 forth
I THE UTAH CGKTKAT now makes regu
li 4 t ular time between hero and Ogden of
orte hour and twenty minutes except on
1 + 1 one train in the morning which runs in
ten minutes less
i 4 I I I THE GEOttSDS about the County Court
I f House are being beautifully laid out
J > f after the manner of the City Hull grass
j i plot an iron fence is among the con
1 templated improvements
II 2 D H BrcnTOii was the recipient of a
l l t pleasant surprise party the other even
1fH i ing nt the hands of some of his friends
rr A number of the In the Ranks Com
f pany were among the guests
A PRIVATC letter from Mr Hclaman
1 Pratt in the City of Mexico states that
I himself and Mr Frank Snow were
i laboring in that sestion Both were well
i I and meeting with fair success
I f TIIE SAM Lake Shooting Club hold
IH 11 their regular monthly medal match at
fti t 4 i PiUs Gardens on Monday September
tl l 15th Friends of the members are
i t invited attend and enjoy a good time
fZ t3 Tun SKIN of a mountain lion is
r fell i 1 exhibited at a First South Street store
ID = I The ferocious animal to which the hide
I b longed w s caught in Weber Canyon
I h t I and measured nine feet six inches from
tip to tip
J How MANY know that a horse gets up
behind and the coweats grass from her
and the hors to him Utah Journnl
i Whoever can interpret that will csnfer
Ii I a favor upon a few of the public by
sending in the solution
THE KNIGHTS of St Dennis arc
I p II determined to take the premium in the
l i line of club dances this coming season
k I A permanent organization i soon to be
I t effected and the inauguralball is to be
given about October let
I Toy OBuiEN having too much tangle
i foot mingled with cuss words was
I helped to the police station last night
Monday he will have a chance to
i Pi i tell why he was found in a helpless con
i I dition in front of Barratt Bros store on
i i Saturday night
Iii i Ij Ms S P TEASBEI in his advertise
i ment announces a list of serviceable
f JI L articles for the fall season and addresses
Iii I r himself to Conference visitors Citizens
llf t I generally will find the gentlemans
i I several stocks full and held at low prices
t I I r Nos 132 to 133 Main street is tile ad
I dress
il f 1 r I TRy CITY Council of Salt Lake and
i I the gamblers are having a game It has
I J II t not yet progrcssed far enough to now
J t enable one to tell how it going to end
iI I i I At last accounts the council had the
J J r1eiIButte Miner And dealt a good
11 hand for the city Clubs trumps
J WE PUBLISH this morning the two
J l ordinances recently passed by the Coun
it I cil in relation to licensing places of
jJ public amusement and in rela
H 4 Ii I tion to gambling the provisions
j in the first were rendered neces
I I sary from the increase of the num
I 1 ber of small amusement houses The
I amount of license has been based upon
l t I the seating capacity of such places
0 G F Culmer Bros are prasenting
j to every cash customer of 10 worth a
I Patent Broom Holder See it 4
ii j t
1 I j G F Culrner Bros havo the finest
III French Plate Mirror that ever came to
jj the Territory acndcntallybroken across
one end Any one wanting fine bar
j h i mirror can get bargain Call at once
end see it 1
I j
j I FIVE hundred Dollar Broken Mirror
Fall anil Winter Goods
I i Wholesale Clothing Buyers are re
p spect ull invited to examine my im
mense stock of Fall and Winter Cloth
I ing consisting of Leading Styles and
I Patterns of Mens Boys and Childrens I
r I I Clothing manufactured expressly for I
this market Purchasers will find that I
j f the assortment and inducements of
J 1 fered this season exceed all my previous
efforts in obtaining goods adapted for
their trade can always fill in with such
sizes as them may need and at prices to
I I compete with cast or west In addition
a full line of Hats Boots and Gents
r Furnishing Goods direct importations I
from manufacturers I sell to the I
V iraderst lowest prices Orders solicited I
i and honest treatment guaranteed
I GFottfcfiutt
V 5 V 205 and 207 Main street
j I q
V r
FourEldersKeturn from the
V V Lawless Regions
Remnants KuKluslsm Perilous
Experience Saved on Account
of His Vouth The Ito
nuinlng Elders
Elders Roberts Jones and Thomp
son three of the missionaries whose
names have been so prominently men
tioned in connection with the recent
martyrdoms in Tennessee reached this
city from Colorado on Thursday even
ing Messrs Roberts and Thompson
left yesterday for their homes in the
country but Mr WH Jones was found
by a HEBALD reporter at the
residence of Mrs Burt in the rear of
the City Hall and from him the follow
ing additional particulars of his recent
experience were obtained Mr Jones is
a mere youth m appearance and was
just previous to accepting his mission to
the Southern States a student at the
University of Deseret he was recognized
by the reporter aa a fellow member of
the old Zeta Gamma Debating Society
once established in the University and
a warm greeting immediately followed
the recognition lhe followingas nearly
as it could be taken from his narration I
is Mr Jones account of the recent ter
rible events in Tennessee
I left home on my mission to the
Southern States in the spring of 1333
and spent one year immediately follow
ing in the State of Alabama I joined
the other elders in Tennessee some
months ago and have been laboring a
good dentin thatStateand particularly
in Lewis Countyever since On the
Sunday the massacre I came on foot
in the morning to the house of Mr Gar
rett a gentleman very friendly to our
faith though not one of us he lives
about mile down the creek from the
Condor home Several of us spent a
short time at Mr Garretts and after
reading a sermon there I started out
along the road in the direction of Con
dors where I knew I should meet
Brothers Gibbs Berry and Thompson
and where we were to hold services at
lloclosk The roadruns alongthirongli
a thickly wooded country with the
cleared places planted with tall growing
corn I had walked the distance of
probably threequarters of a mile and
as nearly as I can reckon the time was
about 1030 oclock when I heard a
singular nestling in the cornerof the
corn field Turning to observe what
the sound could have been caused by I
saw the next instant a number of men
issue from the corn and begin to leap
the fence in my direction Their num
ber was about fourteen I should say
and each one was armed with a rile
or shotgun the barrels of which
glistened in the sunlight as they came
toward me lacy stopped However
when they were all on my side of the
fence and several of them shouted
41 Throw up your iirim young man I
raised my arms above my head and
stood still in the road saying I have
nothing They came toward me and
began to search my person fortunately
I had left my watch and one or two
other valuables in another county and
I had absolutely nothing upon me as
they gathered close around me I had
opportunity to observe that every one
ot theni was clad in the most strange
and fantastic manner their clothing
was of bright scarlet and yellow colors
and very peculiarly thrown upon their
persons two I noticed wore what
seemed to me to resemble more than
anything else the Roman togas I have
seen worn in plays all had peculiarly
fashioned hats or caps with pieces of
dark cloth dropped over the face hay
ing rough holes cut for the eyes and
mouth as they came near me in mak
ing thc2 search I could see their eyes
flashing angrily and their hard bre th
ing told what excitement they were
laboring under j the fumes of whisky
were very distinguishable too and I
fully realized into what hands I had
fallen the reflection struck me at that
time that the strange garbs these men
wore might be old KuKlux dresses
which had been laid by when that class
was broken up for 1 could think of
nothing else that would prompt so fan
tastic an arrangement of clothing As
soon as they had searching
me they ordered me to go on a head
brave men they were and
I started out with the whole fourteen at
my heels in climbing the fence several
of them punched me in the back and
sides with their guns and one of them
with an oath struck mv hat oft I I
passed on without attempting to stop to
pick it up but one of the others with
more politeness came and placed it on
my head again They kept in my rear
swearing at me if I deviated either to
the fight hand or left until we came
down into a deep rocky hollow I could
not help shuddering as we reached this
spotit seemed a place of all others so
favorable for leaving a mans body to
the mercy of the roaming hogs A mo
ment later and two of them shouted out
the single word Halt Icame to a
full ston and the whole fourteen
them gathered in a circle around me in
specting me as closely as if I were a
whole menagerie The sun was blazing
down upon us and to too was most op
pressive I made a movement to step
under a tree but several of them at
once shouted outStand where you
are G dn you V
You wont object to my taking a lit
tle shade will you I said
They repeated Stand where you
are I then asked permission to sit
down which they granted and I seated
myself upon a rock near by There was
a silence of a few moments broken
finally by one of them saying
Where are you from and whats
your name
I answered I was originally from
Utah andgave them my name
Wheres Gibba lies been boasting
around here that he wasnt afraid to
die Where is he answered thatI did
not know They inquired for others of
our elders and I returned the same
answer This seemed to enrage them
very much and one of them exclaimed
Dn you quit your lying They
asked several more questions as to Utah
Joe Smith polygamy and as to the
place of our meeting that day I an
swered all the questions except the last l
for I wished to evade them upon this or
at least to detain them until everybody
would be assembled at the service Two
of their gangI think I should recognize
ifI ever met njjain one I think must
havo been Unison as he sdenTid to
direct most of the movements and
another who seftnedto have some
authority was one of those who wore
the toga I have mentioned V Pam al
most certain he wasa preacher of SOIpe
kind from the nature of the questions
he put to me What are the cardinal
principlesof your gospel was one 6f
his inquiries My answer was Go
down to that house and listen to what
theyare preaching and you will find
they are the principles of the
same gospel taught by Christ He
asked me how we dared to preach
around there after having received their
warnings I answered that we V dis
obeyed no law and that the law of the
state was bound to give us protection
One of them answered By G our Jaw
can reach you and we say you shant
preach here To this I answered that
whether they were Baptist Methodist or
whatnot they could go to Utah and not
only preach their doctrines but be pro
tected in their preaching They
asked me how old I was and
0 ic of them who seemed a youth him
elf said I ought to be let free on ac
count of my age I answered that I was
pasti25 one asked me if Iwas like Gibbs
without fear of dying I answered that
1 i was in no hurry or something to that
effect Just here it seemed to strike
them that they were wasting valuable
time and they all retired a few paces
off and held a hurried consultation It
ended by their immediately coming
back and leaving me in charge < > f one
of their number a tall well made young
fl it l J t
fellow armed with a silver mounted
pistol the rest all went off in the direc
tion of the CondorHouse they told my
guard over and over again to shoot me
if I attempted anything unfair and
kept turning < around to repeat this cau
tion till they were beyond sight The
man left in charge of me then turned to
me and I was greatly surprised to hear
him speak more mildly than any of the
others had done he toid me to start for
the top of a hill near by and that he
would let me off he urged me to run
and when I obeyed he kept close behind
me holding his pistol leveled against
me all the time he told me as we went
that there would be no hope for me if I
his fellows returned as they were all
old guerillas in the late war and some
of them had killed their dozen men j I
you act fair with me he said and Ill
treat you like a brother and I con
cluded from this strange speech that he
also belonged to some religious persua
sion We had just reached the top of
the hill when the clear report of one
pistol shot came up from the direction
of Condors house we stopped and
looked at each other and a second
later there came three more then a
whole volley and then the piercing cries
of women and children that was the
most terrible moment I had passed I
turned absolutely sick at heart By
God my guard exclaimed they are
firing among the women and children
Dont you hear them I must get YOU
out of this run run for your lifer I
hesitated but a moment to entreat him
to go back to his companions and to en
deavor to dissuade them from violence
but as he continued in an almost
frenzied way to urge me togo I thought
best to obey him and so sot off down
the hill in the direction of the adjoining
county I enquired the road twice as 1
went along and twice wandered in
some unaccountable manner away from
it j it proved a fortunate thing for Site
that I did so for I learned afterwards
that three mounted men had been fol
lowing me and inquiring along the
road lor the route I took I nIce learned
that they slept only two miles from
where I stopped on Sunility night Ion
day 1 joined Brother Jfenzitliaii V Ilimsi
ball in the next county when I rcl ted
my story he hired n horse and started
at once for Condors being determined
to secure the bodies of those who had
been murdered Being determined not
to allow him to go alone I procured an
other horse and we set out together for
Lewis County We had only gone a few
miles however when we met Brother
Thompson I and Mr Garrett coming to
wards us in a buggy From them we
learned all the particulars of the fearful
events that had transpired that the bo
dies of the victims had received do
cent burial so we turned around and
all came back together
In answer to our reporters question
Mr Jones stated thatthere were about
sixty elders yet in the south the greater
portion still being in Tennessee ro the
question as to what effect he thought
the recent warnings would have on the
remaining elders lie xeplicd that such
things were vary frequent and that he
did not see how any notice could be
paid to them Mr Jones left yesterday
afternoon with bus brother for his home
in Brigham City V V
Base V Ball
The base ball between the Cabinets
and Pacifies at the Square yesterday
afternoon was won by the Pacifies by a
score of 53 to 48 Only five innings were
PacifiesLittle Courant Denhalter
A Smith Bird Dawson J Smith Wise
man Chapeau
Cabineta CBrien Dale Larsen Ber
meda Hicks Finney Hinmng Cham
berlain Edwards
Foot Race
Tibbits wlio won tile radtf on Friday
ran yesterday With Gee Chamberlin
a distance of 100 yards Tibbits gave
Chamber a startof tenr eet and came
in about twenty feet ahead it the finish
810 Howard
Ten Dollars Reward will be paid to
any pcrsonfurnlshing jnformatioll that
will convict the party or parties who
broke off and stole oneof the iron pick
ets from tile stair railing on the east
side of THE UEEALD Building S
Reopening V V
Mr George Thurgood the popular
butcher for a long time located oppo
site Z C M L has opened new stand
at No 72 Market How and extends a
cordial invitation to liis old patrons and
the general public to call and see him
and leave their orders for Choice Cuts
which he guarantees to supply of the
very finest quality and at the lowest
possible prices
New Millinery Goods
For Fall and Winter first of the
season We V received another ship
ment of fine samples in Chenille Vel
vet and Plush Bonnets the latest
styles in Felts Straws etc also a fine
election in I Birds Wings Fancy
Feathers and Ponpons j Ostrich Feathers
and Tips in all colors a nice assortment
in Hats and Bonnets for children
Ladies are respectfully invited to call
and inspect f >
Mail orders promptly attended to P
0Box 7 J
1 f
< < 148 ain shett
I The Remington Typewriter
JFerhapsno invonncmof modern tunes
has done so much to relieve busine s
hied of the great amount of penwork I
Drudgery to be done in every business
as the standard Remington typewriter
Thousands of these excellent machines
ate in daily throughout the country
giving the utmost satisfaction claimed
for them An office boy for instance
with but two month practice on one of
these machines can accomplish more
work than two rupid penmen and
besides do it in a neater and more attrac
tive and legible manner With but
little more practice t he can perform more
than three mens work Half a dozen
copies may also be written at once as
easily as one
Business men are fully aware of the
many advantages in these writers and
are very generally adopting them as
veritable savers of time money and
labor TUB HERALD cheerfully recom
mends the Remington typewriter and
having just become the possessor of one
expects to realize the benefits thousands
of business men daily receive from their
use Mr Edward E Brain is agent for
Salt Lake City
Cleveland and Hague
J II Hague an old Salt Laker has
been honored with the Democratic nom
ination for treasurer of Alturas County
Idaho and as the Democarts arc in the
majority there his V election may be
accepted as a foregone conclusion the
following extract is from the Hailey
Inter Idaho whichfspeaks of the event
the primitive style of the mining camp
gazette V
For Treasurer Young mentioned
the name of J H Hague and Captain
Harmer stepped to the front with a five
dollar piece acting sponsor for Hague
Some member Wanted the candidate to
I appear as he should take the pledge
and show waethctand wherein he stood
good for 2C000 bonds
John Murphy proposed to soak his
watch and chain if such security would
be accepted and with much good humor
the nomination of Hague was made
unanimous V
Ho for Ncphi
One week from Tuesday next on the
23d inst is the date of the Tabernacle
Choir excursion to Nephi Any or all
of their friends will have the opportu
nity to accompany them and make a
trip during the present seasonable
weather JuabCounty capital Doubt
less many will take advantage of the
low rates j and the three days limit of
the excursion will enable any who desire
to return either on the 21th or 25th inst
This will be the last excursion of the
season and unquestionably a successful
one Full particulars of rates and places
where the tickets may be obtained will
be found in THE HCELD advertising
columns during the weEk
Of Interest to Northern Travelers
A change just made in the time of
arriving at and departing from certain
points on the Utah Northern will be a
welcome one to travelers along that
route Instead of arriving in Logan
near midnight as heretofore the train
reaches l thatplace at 1020 and instead
leaving there at 310 in the morning
bound south the train departs an hour
and twenty minutes later Ogden is
reached from the north at 8am instead
of 7 A person leaving here oat Wood
P iJ lct
River on the 430 train will now arrive
at Bellevue at 025 on the evening ot the
nextday Eail y at 715 and Ketchum
atG45 I Butte reached atfi 30 instead of
920 as before V
In the Hospital
Melville the circus employee who was
so severely injured by an accident down
south is lying l at the hospital of the
Holy Cross with a frightful looking
limb Amputation will have to be
resisted aiM Dr Benedict will take
the leg off just hbove the knee tomor
row V
rowA man camfe into the same hospital
yesterday over the D 6 B G entirely
prostrated and hclples with rheuma
V A Growing Concern
The monthly income of Zions Benefit
Building Society now amounts to 1500
There are seventyfive applicationsfor
loans yet to met averaging 7oO each or
55250 in all At this rate it would take
iTTJ months to Satisfy all applicants but
allowing for those whose security will
prove insufficient When examined those
who withdraw and the monthly increase
in the revenue of the society the last
applicant will be satisfied long before
that period time has elapsed I
TlipCollccting Agency
V Theodora Burmestcr manager and
attorney of tlje American Mercantile
and Collecting Agency of this city left I
yesterday afternoon on a flying business
trip fdahoand Montana The agenc
with Judge Hoge ns attorney ana 0 L
French niHnngerpro tonwill do its usual
collecting of everybody every where
where grass grows and the sun shines
The agency is gutting to be a business
necessity V V
i Fell in a Fit V
Mr James Campbell plasterer living
in the 20th ward while on his way to
work yesterday morning fell suddenly
in aft on the sidewalk oppositeTitn
llEEALD r block He remained un on
fccious for nearly threequarters of an
hour but being taken info Odell Sons
shop and restoratives applied lie was
shortly after enabled V to proceed home I
For the Indies V
My stock of firstclass Upholstery
which includes Parlor Sets Rocking
Chairs Library Chairs French
Lounges Ottomans etc1 will sell for
the next thirty day for Cost Prices
V Ladies dontVyoir forget it Fred WnI
tor Co 13 W Second South street
opposite Walker Bros Bank
Go to Charles lw nOfTin for all kinds
of Decorating and Paper Hanging V Old
ConstltutioiiBuilduig 31 Main street
HENRY DINWOODET has just received
three more carloads of Furniture and
will sill weap V
t f
The RabbitValle y BruEnds
Her Career <
The Terror of Sheophertlors Annihi
lated by a BolcTKpy from Stays
villo Interesting Tartlo
V lars of the Fight
A Mr Smith who came into the city
yesterday brought the news that Fred
Burton a sheep herder who resides in
Knysville had killed the bear that had
recently caused the death of Mr Stevens
and which has for a long time past been
a terror to all the herdeIB in the vicinity
of Rabbit Valley The particulars of
the affair as far as they could be learned
from gentlemen who had conversed with
the Mayer of the bear are as follows
Mr Burton was driving his sheep along
Taylors Hollow and was himself walk
ing leisurely in the road when he was
startled to see a huge black bearwhich
he afterwards found to be the male of
the family and two cubs emerged from
the bushes into the road ahead of him
Mr Burton fortunately had his rifle on
his arm andhe at once fired two shots
at Bruin putting a ball of explosive
bullets into his side To his amazement
Bruin turned about and lied into the
brush following closely by his two cubs
Burton was following their motions with
surprise when he was startled to hear
the brushes cracking on his left hand
and to behold immediately afterwards
the ferocious lumbering form of the
mother bear making towards him lie
did not doubt for a moment that this
was the Very monster which had killed
Stevens He had no cxplosivebullete
left but hastily loading his rifle with a
4570 cartridge i lie received the
t rwir ro
animal with a shot almost I before she
had emerged from the bushes Very
fortunately this first shot took effect
having penetrated her side near one of
her fore legs She immediately rose and
grasped the trunk of a tree which stood
near tearing the bark and acting as if
she were in great agony Burton
immediately put another bullet into her
which took effect in her back and she
sank with u growl to the ground She
lay there writhing for a nine and then
became perfectly quiet Still fearing her
however Burton approached n little
closer and emptied a barrel into the side
of her head This completely finished
the redoubtable monster and the work
of depriving her of her beautiful black
skin and the severing of her gigantic
pawato serve as trophies from her
oody was at once proceeded with The
killing took place about fifty yards from
where Stevens had engaged in his des
perate struggle with the same animal
and where his body was afterwards
found Of the identitv of the bear there
could be no doubt as her paws exactly
fitted the trucks made in the snow
around Stevens body and on her neck
and side two bruises make by the two
shots from Stevens pocket pistol wete
plainly distinguishable The paws were
brought to this city yesterday and were
gazed upon for a time by a number of
people gathered in Martins barber shop
The claws measured five inches in
length The scene of the killing was
near Coalville about three miles and a
half east of Jennings old farm
London Bank Receiver
Judge Zane yesterday appointed
Marshal E A Ireland receiver of the
London Bank of Utah j the bonds were
placed at 5000 and Messrs J E
Dooley and J Moritz became sureties
In conversation with a HEBLD repor
ter lust evening Mr Ireland said
The main duty devolving upon me
will be to turn all available assets im
mediately into cash to do this I shall
have to proceed at once against all par
ties whose notes were held by the bank
and all whose accounts were overdrawn
at the time the banks doors were
closed It is understood that several
of the smaller merchants on the street
were in arrears to the London and it is I
thought some of them will be greatly
inconvenienced in having to respond to
the receivers sudden call A number of
claims against the bank have been
bought up by English shareholders at
g R gre W
GO cents on time dollar
Dry Bench Water
Watermaster Winder and Supervisor
Livingston paid a visit to the Dry Can
yon tunnelings yesterday afternoon
Jwo tunnels were being run into the
rock and they have now penetrated to
the depth of thirtyone and fortyone
feet respectively The outlook en
couraging for a good stream The bench
is nOw daily supplied with water and
that of a quality say the otlsccrs as
good as any other hereabouts
We will sell at the residence of Mr
Charlej Popper on First West Street
north of the Metropolitan Hotel com
mencing at 11 oclock a m on Septem
ber 22d two parlor sets one diningroom
set six bedroom sets handsome side
boards elegant wardrobes French mir
ror toilet cases vases pictures paint
ings bricabrac kitchen furniture cut
lery silver ware crockery carpets and
stoves Also One fine carriage and team
and one saddle horse either for lady or
gentleman All the property of Mr
Charles Popper Sale positive without
BA1tB1tGEIt WOOLS Auctioneers
latest Tall Styles
Of Mens Suits Boys Suits Children
Suits Mens Hats Boys Hats Chil
drens Hats just opened out and
offered at reasonable price at
Hot for the Denver Exposition
Commencing Saturday next Septem
ber Cth the Union Pacific and Denver
Rio Grande railroads will sell round
trip tickets to Denver which will in
clude two admission tickets to the Den
ver Exposition Fare 51 good for ten
days from date of sale These tickets to
be sold on Saturdays only until Sep
tember 27th after which date they will
be sold only on Wednesday October
General Ticket and Passenger Agent
G A P Dept U P Ry
A LARGE assortment of Wall Papers
and Fall Carpets at Dinwoodeys
Furniture Booms V V
i I Dtn
To V Get t luab 1tiCle3
I Nothing for
j THE IIEpALD in order to show iti i
preciation of its
subsc V
Is setting Tip a list of premlum3
Will aggregate Vh 1eb
nearly 300000 to1eb
given away at grand drawin the be
of which will be hereafter made < 410
to title kn
public Each
bscriber toihlJ
Daily SemiWeekly or Weekly e
who pays his subscription Ht
our rulea year in Idvmccani
every new subscriber on paymentabo i
years subscription vill receive S1
tion to the a ddi
cate which will companys emititle receipt he holder a
chance in the grand drawing for
mms It is inn HEBALDS >
make this drawing the most u ate1
affair of the kind uttltct
kindesergiyems in thbe
of the country and to have evervf n
in connection with itfirstcIassaniliS11
fide The premiums
will be on exhibition at various meantiJn Pla
convenient to the public and
inspection will be cordially sohntM
Among the more prominent ow T
iiims of which there will i
altogether 100 the fOllowing M
sresemstaflvcs md will be placed r
hibutlon this week at the various onel
mentioned ill connection with thctii pJCOl
One fine rosewood upright piece
One Buckeye harvester UcorLe A tst
One Wood K best parlor organ GSO
C relcss cit COne
One mjgnificeiit parlor setH MQ
One bsauttful silver tea set with em
bossed tryO L Eli Son V
One fine farm wigou Studebaket
Mfg CoMr Glass
One Singer sewing machine Branch
One Gitpin sulky plow Grant Oclell I
One elcgint dinner setLitUe V
Round it Co
One Celebr lied Fire on the Iloirth
Parlor stOVIV James < t Co I
To this list will be added in a fey din
other valuable articled to comjiete
list of 10 premiums The books fcoa
which the certificates will be ijiiied Q
stub form will be held ue d
subscribers until the last nuuiberj
exhausted when the drawing SViIItI
announced givfng ample time K V
affording the best conveniences foi
persona to be present from the county
On the Shoot
A t midnight last night a number o
individuals who had been ap V
peared in a hack in front of Kate Flint1
establishment on Second Sonth Strectv
and began making a disturbance and
enaged in a general scrimmage The
officers on duty interfered to quell the
miniature riot when they were assailed
and One of time party who gave hu
name at the City Hall as William
drew a selfcocking pistol and threatened
to shoot He was promptly arrested
and taken to Jail where he will rcjt un
til tomorrow when he will be required
to answer to the police magistrate for
his reckless conduct
Special Services
Bishop Clawson announces that by
special request Mr John Nicholson
deliver an address this evening alto
Twelfth Ward Assembly Ilooma The
subject will bear upon the Tennessee
massacred of Morrnonsand the probable
caused that led toit As the topic u ana
of immediate interest there will prob
ably be a large audience
A LABGE quantity Sandstone for sale
Docldodly Fresh
Thats what everybody says ol
Durst Van Horns Fruits Butterctc
which are the very best the market
affords We invite our friends to call
and see for themselves
THE Salt Lake embossed Linen
Note Paper is just the thing for fashion
able corresponding For sale only at
Stationery Store 43 Main street
FIBEMJOOF Slate Paint readyfor use
Car load at Culiuers < t
t V
A FBOEDEI Kindergarten will be
opened by Miss Belcher on the 10th of V
beptember It will be situated on the
corner of First South and Fourth East
streets Terms 55 per month including
cost of material used Hours 930 to
130 pm l
ToUo Notice
I Now is the time to bring your friends
from Europe The following are the
lowest rates ever offered emigrants
From Liverpool and London to Salt
Lake ti3j from Germany and Paris to
Salt Lake 63 from all points in Nor
way Sweden and DeiunarK 03 Infor
mation furnished free by
67 Third South street Box 3iJ Salt
Lake City
Students will find Tan HcnAi7 Note
Book the Best and Cheapest For sale
at HERALD ofllce
Two carloads of Fall and Winter
Goods have bsen opened this week at
1 <
BaooK Trout at Price Clivaa
CiQAua leas tlian hah price at Cuhu
er V
F AunnsAcn t Baa have just re
ceived some beautiful All Over Lace
and Edgings to mitch
Ycu Are InterostoJ JTonrsolf
We are prepared to sell to families t
the Occidental Pure California ana
Imported Wines at Reduced Price
The best of Liquors and Cigars away
on hand You will become eonvincsa
by a trial V
Ii V Proprietors
Wears selling all kinds oi Fnrnitsro
at close prices
FINK Walnut Carved Wood Mantel t
Pier Mirrbrs and Grates all compMe < Y
H Dinwoodeys Furniture Boonu

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