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I Y 1 1 lJl tl
< 1 l frr I r f 1 j f A
2 l
i 12 THES T JA 1ffR ALDfsUNDA1gY11WER 19 14 L 1
r Ji
Salt J Lake City i Utah
j 4 J
i MCCORNIOK c Co yesterday received
two cars Hanauer 420000
I i SILVER is up a notch lead continues
i depressed j copper unchan 3d
i 1mnuKR of cnnnges will be notice J
1 n our Home Markets this morning
= Tai ODD FELLOWS of Ogden come
down on the 29th for a fraternal visit
1 WKLLI FARGO Co received yester
day two cars Horn Silver bullion
j 600000
NEW PLUMBS are about to be put in at
the intersection of Fourth East and
J Third 5outh streets
THE CIVIL docket of the Third Dis
rict Court will be resumed tomorrow
morning at 10 oclock
OUR OLD friend George W Davis is
again in his same old business and is
very near his same old stand
411 Jones and J Quinzo were fined 5
i apiece in the Police Court yesterday
JAMES BROWV for assault and battery
was arrested yesterday and the hearing
4 I of his case was put off until Monday I
YOU G GENTLEMEN contemplating
matrimony are referredjto THE HER
ALDS elegant stock of wedding station
I I ery v
i THE OUTSIDE of the Pleasant Valley
1 coal office on Main street was being
i ornamented with some neat lettering
THE HERALD is turning out some of
he finest bank stationery work yet I
1 eenvin this city The best Of it is that
I Omaha prices have been beaten in each
t instant or
being interrogated yesterday as to ho
i he was getting along replied that he
r was mending his ways
THE MATINEE yesterday afternoon at
I t which the Nobles company played Love
and Law was well patronized by ladies
and children and heartily enjoyed
FROM THE appearance of Main street
and First and Second South yesterday
it would be fair to suppose there was an
immense business done by merchants
A DRUNKEN teamster last night at 7
oclock drove into the buggy of Mr H
BjjLJlawson as it stood in front of his
S a lishment and partially demolished
Miss ADAMS writes to a friend in this
j city that should her endeavors to place
Her Amber Witch upon the San
Francisco boards this side of Christmas
fail she will return to Salt Lake
DR C W KUNN D V S has been
importuned by quite a number of peo
ri ple to open a veterinary school and he
ll opened one See his advertisement
elsewhere in this issue
MR VAN HOFEN the tailor inform
his friends and the public that he is not
1 occupying James Prices store and has
not for some time He is located at
224 S Main street in the same building
1 asH Lpwensrein He will be pleased
I r to see his friends there
j Ii THE MEMBERS of the Bicycle club in
this city are greatly elated over the fact
4 that two of the candidates in the recent
I Presidential campaign are riders of
t machines the Presidentelect and
Belva A Lockwood The machines are
i tricycles but then its allin the family
AT TilE Congregational Church enter
i tainment which is to come off at the
I 11 Opera House toniorrow evening the I
Fischer piano to be given as a premium
j in THE HERALD distribution will be
i used As the affair is for a benevolent
Ii purpose it is expected it will be largely
SUBSCRIBERS ARE rapidly securing
a their chances in the grand distribution
f of premiums Those who have not yet
obtained their tickeJs should remember
I that br pnying yars subscriptionin
i advance they are entitled to five
L t chances if subscribers to THE DAILY
t I AT TIlE corner by the White House
yesterJ ay afternoon a lady was driving
in a light wagon and as is supposed
made too sharp a turn when the
vehicle was upset aud the occupant
thrown out The conveyance was set
r upon its wheels again and all went on
I as before The lady was not seriously
MR S p EASEL in a readable
p t plain advertisement in this issue calls
attention to what he has on hand for
winter and the holidays His prices
are low Ins stock complete antI his ar
h rivals are constant What he has not
i exposed to view his obliging clerks will
t find for anyone who desires anything
t in boots shoes clothing groceries etc
IT WAS currently rumored yesterday
that the committea which was to award
4 the contract for executing the statue of
Paul Revere had given it to the brilli
ant young Utah artist C E Damn but
diligent inquiry failed to establish the
truth of the report The latest received I
from the young gentleman who is at I
present in IJoston was to the effect that
the committee was to have met on the
10th and decide the matter I
THE ELEGANT new resinence of Mr
4 Thomas W Jennings in the Eighteenth I
1 Ward has been completed and is
4 already occupied by the family It is
1 und libtedJy one of the finest residences
in Salt Lake and although not finished
exteriorly will when the decorative
i features to the outside are added pre
s sent as much beauty in appearance as
j it affords convenience ana comfort in
j side
I AT THE Theutre last night The Man
I 1 of the People was played to a fair but
f a not what might be called a large audi
t Si ence IMr Nobles was appreciated and
V t liberally anplaudedduring the progress
26 of the piece whicbTis an evidence that
X he pleases Mr Aiken as the old sea
3 captain gave an excellent impersona
d J1t tion of the nautical hero The support
R maintained its good reputation and the
1 i court scene was extremely well done by
i1 all included in it Th brief en age
1 inentof the Nobler company has been a
3U successful one
C If
11Jc manOne who I
A promising young
get Ss onD credittJhicl1o
gets his clothing on to i
t ljtt i
l < J
A Movement to Again Indict
John Connelly
TheGrand Jury Minus a Witness who
Takes the Underground Rail
way and is Non Est
It was whispered abroad yesterday
that Mr John Connelly the gentleman
who was recently acquitted of the
charge of polygamy by reason of his
having been married before the passage
of the Edmunds law under which he
was tried was to be again arrested and
put upon trial for unlawful cohabita
tion The rumor gave it out that he
and others had been summoned before
the Grand Jury and tracing up the
report to one of its sources a HERALD
reporter obtained the following infor
On Thursday evening last Deputy Mar
shal Ferguson called at Mr Connellys
store and subpoenaed Annie Gallifant
and Sarah and Barney Gallifant to ap
pear Friday afternoon before the Grand
Jury They with Mr Connelly were
promptly on hand at the witness room
where they found Messrs Nichols and
Diehl who were on the jury when Mr
Connelly was tried Annie Gallifaut
was examined and afterward informed
Mr Connelly that she had refused to
answer certain leading questions in re
lation to him whereupon she had been
dismissed As she and Mr Connelly
were leaving the room Mr Varian
entered it On learning that she had
refused to answer the interrogatories of
the jury Mr Connelly was under the
impression that that would not be the
end of that matter and consequently
induced her to procure apassage on the
underground railway which she at once
I did and left for narts unknown We
said that as the two just named left the
room Mr Varian entered and we were
right In an excited manner he asked
for Annie first and then for Connelly
and judging from the racKet inside
a person on the outside would have sup
posed he was raising Ned because
the inquisitors had allowed her
to leave after committing contempt and
this supposition was strengthened by
what followed About an hour after
ward Deputies Ferguson and McCurdy
visited Connellvs store and asked for
the fugitive Annie and were informed
that she boarded one of the cars on Mr
Variaus railway and was non et
Where she was he did not know she
was not at home Had they found her
it was surmised she doubtless would
have been penned for her contempt
A day or two ago Mr Connelly got
wind of a circumstance which has led
him to the belief that the present move
to harrass him and deprive him of his
liberty is the result of a feeling of ani
mosity engendered by some friends or
his sister with whom it will be remem I
bered he had some difficulty at the time
of the Miles trial He learned that an
official connected with the Third Dis
trict Court remarked that he kept his
business very quiet and would in all
probability never have been troubled if
he had not quarreled with his sister1 j
but her friends were now going to see
this case through and put him in the
Pen if it were possible This story he
heard reiterated in another quarter
with the addition that those secret and
treacherous enemies who were
interested in persecuting him
had enlisted the counsel for
the prosecution in their behalf
The were seemingly determined to do
all in theirpower incarcerate him j they
everything on their side favorable
toward attaining that enda judge and
a willing prosecuing attorney
On the face of it with the preceding
evidences of persistence in pushing this
second caseIt smacks somewhat of per
secution and is not free from a taint of i
revenge on the part of those U honest
and straightforward American gentle
men whose ire he has apparently
raided f 1
Mr Connellv was not arrestedyester
night and it was not known whether
an indictment walljiow be found against
i S
1 tfhe WaterWagfon
As the driver of the sprinkling cart
belonging to Mr Tatsonas niaking
ready bra start from the VIC ini Jfof the
HERALD office yesterday afternoon the
horses became fractious and in trying
to pacify them the boy teamster was
lacked bygone oi the quines in the
back and Mr A Miner in endeavor
ing to hold the near one which was
plunging had his coat torn by one of
theanimials forelhodfs 7 The youngster
climbed to his seat when one of the
lines broke and the team started off at
s1 break neck rate down past the Con
tinental the teamster dropping off be
hind When the water wagon stopped
it was in a demoralized state lying on
its side in the dust The scared team
ran a short distance when a treehinder
ed their farther progress
A New Pasto
The Congregational church of this city
has recently received the acceptance of
a call to its pulpit from Rev J B
Thrace of Derby > Connecticut and the
promise of his appearancefor work at
an early day He comes well recom
mended by his work hitherto as well
as by those who are acquainted with his
The indicationsare that natural gifts
temperament taste and five years ex
perience in his calling unite to fit him
for a career of usefulness in Salt Lake
Salt Xalco City Brewing Company
f President VicePresident
Weare nOWprepared to receive > orders
BEER Special inducements given to
purchasers of carload lots
Having given our careful attention to
the selection of the finest material for
the manufacture of beer after the Bud
weiser process we are inta situation to
place before the public an article su
perior to any hitherto offered in this
Orders by telephone promptly at
tended to
JACOB MoRm Sec Tre
The Judges Decide that Mr Claw
s 1 3fnst be Remanded
Eudger Clawson was in courtyejter
day at2 oclbdk and sat calm andJMii
perturbable asever to hear the decision
whic1 Vas to give him his liber or
Send him back again to the companion
ship of murderers and thieves A few
formalities having been disposed of the
two Judges Hon P H Emerson being
absentconferred for a moment and
Judge Twiss then read the opinion He
briefly went over the circumstances in
the now famous case and read the
statutes governing it The only ques
tion he said for the consideration of
the Court was whether petitioner had
a right to be admitted to bail pending
the appeal to thisthe Supreme Court
He would not say that under no cir
cumstances should bail be allowed but
he held that in this case sufficient rea
son had not been shown for it and the
decision remanding the defendant to
the custody of the Marshal must be
confirmed This Judge Twiss said
was the opinion arrived at by the Chief
I Justice and both associates Mr Claw
i son did not manifest the least emotion
I as this renewal of his sentence was ut
tered although the writer has reason to
know that lIe had built considerable
hope upon the fine argument of Mr
Kir kpa trick
Immediately after the rendering of
the decision F S Richards counsel for
defendant arose and asked that the
amount bonds be fixed for costs of an
appeal from this ruling to the Supreme
Court of the United States The amount
was fixed at 200
A HERALD reporter interrupted Mr
Richards and his client for a moment as
they spoke together at the conclusion of
court to ask what would be the next
move in the matter Mr Richards an
swered that the habea corpus would be
appealed to the Supreme Court of the
United States and that it would be ad
vanced on the docket of that court
Just how long before it could be heard
Mr Richards did not know but it is
certain to be several months before it
can be taken up Mr Clawson went
back to the Penitentiary towards even
I + I
The Liberal Democrats of Ogden
Had One Last Night
The evening of Saturday November
15th will be memorable in the history
of the Junction City as a time when
the enthusiasm of its resident Lib
eral antiMormon Democrats found
vent in jollification there A few verv
I I tenwe are informed of the element
I mentioned assembled in front of the
Broom hotel at the period of Ogdens
existence indicated above They met to
celebrate to jollify to glorify over the
election of Cleveland andHendricks But
their expectationsif they were realized
were faint and dim for they were cele I
brating perhaps inadvertently the
downfall of all they rely upon to con
tinue their infamous rule in the Terri
tories The Democratic President and
Congress will give us as much of local
selfgovernment as possible and this
means an early immigration ot carpet
baggers to places where they can ac
complish less mischief than here It
was a snide thin spiritless affair not
withstanding some of the leading spirits
of the Liberals spoke in their best style
Among those who emptied their vocab i
ularies and hemmed and hawed in vain
endeavors to Kindle a fire of enthusiasm II
were Captain Ran ford Smith he who
ran for Delegate and did not win E A I I
McDaniels Willard Crawford Charles
Davies and Mr Summers an Indepen
dent Republican from New York Some I
red fire was burned a few skyrockets I
fizzed andseveral citizensno more
paraded with torches preceded by a
brass band As a snide demonstration
it was a decidedly brilliant success
ii 1 The Coining Week
MONDAY NIGHT Carleton andhis in
imitable company in Audrans charm
ing work The Mascott 2
TUESDAY NIGHT The same in The
Merry War
WEDNESDAY NIGHT Farewell of the
company and tho most popular of all
their presentations La Fille du Tam
bour Major
THURSDAY NIGHT Opening of the
GrismerDavies engagement Dumas
grand play Monte Cristo
FRIDAY NIGHT The world renowned
Michtel Strogoflj first performance in j
this city
not yet decided upon
SATURDAY NIGHT The western sensa
tion made famous by Elmore Chi > pa
Carp Coming
Hon John T Caine has received
advices from Fish Commissioner Baird
that the car with carp for the supply
of applicants in the middle belt of the
Mississippi Rocky Mountain and
Pacific Coast States left Washington
on the 13th and will consequently
reach Utah The car is in charge of Mr
Ellis the gentleman who came with it I
last year In all probability the car
will be taken as far south as Juab for
the better accommodation of applicants
for carp in the southern part of the
Territory As on the occasion of the
former visit Mr A M Musser of this
city will assist Mr Ellis in making
the distribution
The Fort Concert
This afternoon at 330 oclock the
regimental band of the Sixth Infantry
J A Gushing principal musician will
perform the following select programme
at Fort Douglas
1MarchRedltibbouJS Ferhrer
2 Selection Frotn Verdis
1 Opera Attila JB Claus
3Walz eo First KissLamothe
Serenade Why do I Weep
for Thee Hemlcko
5March TheailTerTiumpets Vivian
6Polka Anvil Parlow
Take Your Choice
We wish to inform our readers that
Britannia is now sold here in two sizes
250 and 125 Zper > ottles Parties snf
fering from Rheumatism or who are
subject to attacks of this fearful disease
should callat the Z CM I Drug De =
partment anJ obtain ftr bottle before
1thefttrweatlverett ii i I
A Business flairs View of
the Country
Observations During the Course of a
Visit to the Southern Dis
From nnOccisional Correspondent
In spite of all that is said about hard
times and the general stagnation of
business the farmers of Southern Utah
do not stand in need of a great deal of
commisseration Their granaries are
filled full to overflowing sothat neither
man nor beast need go hungry during
the coming year They have comfort
able homes the best of shelter for stock j
fuel cheap and abundant and for the
products of the dairy and the poultry
yard prices are high enough in all con i
I have passed through the whole
length of the Sanpete Valley recently
Most people know why the superintend
ent of Bradstreets travels and what
is the nature of his investigations All
the difficulties of business are talked
over the causes of hard times and the
prospects for better and while he deals
with individuals he cannot fail to gather
a good deal of information useful in
framing conclusions involving the gen
eral welfare I have returned to Salt
Lake believing that the merchants of
Southern Utah are as little entitled to
sympathy as the farmers though they
need it far more The majority have
more goods trusted out than lie upon
their shelves many have twice as much
out on credit as the amount of their
entire capital some few have precious
little leftbut book accounts or tnemosi I
uncertain value These last are the in
curable maniacs of trade and the soon r I
they are mustered out of business the
better for all concerned The wholesale
merchants can better stand a moderate
loss now than a larger one by and by
rhe majority of the country mer
chants began to see stars early last
spring and cut off to a large extent the
credit business All these have steadily
improved during the year and owe less
in Salt Lake than usual They are buy
ing less and with reasonable patience
on the part of wholesale dealers they
will come out in gobd shape A select
few insisted en restricting the credit
business two years ago and these are
the fellows who come into Salt Lake
masters of the situations discount their
bills and get a carload of goods for a
very small amount of money
A strictly cash business is simply an
impossibility credit is one of the inventions
ventions of civilization and is founded
on the greater stability of character
that marks this generation over its pre
decessors But safe mercantile credit is
short credit and short credit is just as
practicable in the country as in the
town So far as my acquaintance extend
tends I am convinced that Abram Hatch
of VIeber Wasatch County J is the best
country merchant in Utah He suc
cessfully established the thirty nnl ttv
day credit system in Wasat County
three years ago and its benofi ir seen
not only in the prosperi u lurmer I
chant but which is teiit uore im
portent in the prosperiM Hi c he people
of that vicinity
The farmer usuall I three re
sources His live stol tv hu butter eggs
and poultry and his grain Whoever I
I has these three sources of income mod
erately at hand will never suffer serious
1 ly for they are never all depressed Two i
of these now bring all that can reason 1
ably be asked while the third grain I
is cheap but its cheapness insures low
price labor and thus brings largely its I
own compensation I 1
The farmers of Sanpete Valley are
eagerly looking for the extension of the
narrowguage railroad to Manti and I 1 I
hope they will not be disappointed A
strictly local railroad managed on I I
business principles is usually not only
a reasonably profitable property but is
of special value to the people I have
been interested recently in reading of
the experience of three New England
local railroad They were doing nicely I j
on a strictly local business One of
them got an ambition tojoin a Great
Through Linemade a double track
and trebled its equipment handled
millions of tons or western freight to
the seaboard and did a rushing busi
ness But it paid no dividends The
other local roads looked on andpro
The Latterday Saints have good
houses of worship in everv town and
hamlet of this valley and in nearly
every village from Nephi to Richfield
there is a handsome Presbyterian
Church This suits me as a business
man There can be no permanent
prosperity where religious rancor pre
vents neighbors from living in mutual
goodwill and charity and where there
is astinted welcome tosettlers of diverse
faith C A C
I 11 t
Closing Out I
With a view to closing out his entire
stock in some lines of goods Mr
Thomas W Jennings announces this
morning that his prices have been
marked down regardless of cost and
that he is determined to put certain
articles on the market at figures which
will induce purchases His slock of
clothing boots and shoes hats and
gents furnishings is extensive and
affords agood opportunity for bargains
4 I
Unhitched Teams
A number of teams were seized by
the police yesterday their owners hav
ing carelessly left them unhitched The
latest taken into the City Hall yard
were a couple of mares and two colts
which had been left tied in front oi
Coffee Johns from before noon until
evening but had broken the harness in
their endeavor to obtain a drink from
the sec In the crowded condition of
the streets which prevailed yesterday
the action of the officers IS to be com
mended as serious accidents are apt to
occur through negligence of teamsters
to tie np their animals
GRKVT RSDTCTioyin Window Glass at I
c rir CULMBR fc BRO I I
Fowler and Irons Held to Answer
to the Grand 3nvy
The examination in the abortion case
of IronsPowlcrKvans was concluded
yesterday at noon the result being that
the defendants Dr Fowler and J W
Irons were held to answer to the grand
jury with bail fixed at oOOO each
The witnes cb called upon to testify
were Mrs Pratt and Dr Hamilton
The firstnamed was questioned upon
two or three unimportant points and
excused The latter was asked as to
the nature of the instrumentalleged to
have been used by Dr Fowler shortly
Iefore the abortion charged was
obtained He said that in a case of
pregnancy the implements used would
be very dangerous and that their use in
such a case was looked upon as repre
hensible by the profession Objection
was raied after coniderable testimony
had been given to the witness stating
what condition he found the patient in
when he examined her on Tuesday last
The objection was urged because of a
violation of confidence between patients
and physicians and Justice Speirs ruled
it was inadmissible
When the examination of these wit =
nesses was ended counsel for the
defense stated that they did not wish to
introduce any testimony No argu
ments were made and the justice
decided to hold the defendants as
B WHiTEsnew warerooms on lower l
Fourth street will soon be ready for
ACTIVE OFER TIOXS will be commenced
a once for the permanent establishment
of the gas works
PRODUCE AND commission merchants
are noticing a great diminution in the
jttuuiber of daily orders received
passenger train which new leaves
Ogdenin the evening will depart in the
THE GREATER part of Judge Emer
sons time on Monday will be ex
hausted listening to demurrers and
ployed today inv auctioning off the last
remnant or Crawshaw i Wilsons
THE rojSJgrHY settlements are well rep
resented in Ogden today and their big
purchases cause the countenances of the
merchants to beam with happiness
the latest acquisitions to Ogdens busi
ness enterprises and are engaged in the
manufacture Buells patent adju t
able bed springs
SEVERAL OF Ogdens prominent Dem
ocrats are agitating the question of
holding a ratification meeting in this
city in honor of the election of Cleve
land and Hendricks
JOII y HEDLUJO the proprietor of the
team which ran away Fridav was
arrested and fined 500 today This
will possibly act as a reminder to the
gentleman and in the future cause him
to bestow more care upon fastening his
FOR FORCIBLY attempting to comp
his partner to return some alleged
stolen monev George Roberts wa
fined 5000 by Alderman Farr this
morning The penalty imposed wjs
made rather heavy on account of evi
dence being presented to the court
I showing Koberts complicity in a crime
I of tar greater magnitude than a siult
I and battery Development will pr8b
I ably be forthcoming in a few dav
LAsT EIGHT shortly after 10 oclock as
ilr E E Holt chief clerk in the U 1
office was leisurely strolling along
near the corner of Seventh and Spring
streets he was suddenly startled b two
men springing out irom the almost
impenetrable darkness and confronting
him with the terrifying salutation to
Halt or die Although Mr Holt was
taken at a disadvantage and was
entirely unarmed he is possessed of an
indomitable nerve and a fearless dis
position and is consequently not easily
frightened Upon being hailed in this
abrupt manner he dew from his pocket
a harmless bunch of keys and flourish
ing them in the air swore that he would
shoot the first man that attempted to
impede the freedom of his passage Mr
Holts courageous action terrified the
rascals and not being able to preceive
through the dense darkness what par
ticular piece of artillery he was threat
ening them with the baffled and
o ardlT villains hun l made an
ignominious reiieai It is barely possi
ble that they are continuing their flight
lup to the present moment but hardly
fast enough to escape the unmerciful
grasp of the law I which is slowly
and surely closing around the3e
felons and making rapid strides
towards the extermination of the
band of midnight robbers who
are at present infestin Ogden
If others would exhibit A similar degree
of courage on occasions of this Kina as
did Mr Holt these desperate wretches
would soon cease to ply their vocation I
in Ogden and would retire to other
climes which would be more congenial
to their spirits and more conducive to
the prosperity of their particular line of
OGDEX November 151884
I S r
Going South
Harry Taylor1 with a well selected
company goes south tomorrow to
give the people of the country through
which he passes some fine dramatic
presentations Harry is a good actor I
and manager he knows how to please
and does as a rule please j in some
pars he is equal to the best and always
acquits himself creditably The pieces
to oe presented are of the best class
and will undoubtedly as they should
I draw big audiences
C f
I Th1it and Lung Disease II I I
a sjecilty Send two letter stamps for
a large treatise giving selftreatment
Address qrlds Dispensary Medical
AssociatiGnlJuffalo Y
i CHOICE WISCONSIN Dairy Butter at
0 t
bS I
Cn PPEI FEEt reduced to 100 per
hundred at O F CJtLXJt BJt
Night in One of Our Ill
famous Palaces
Views ami Impressions of a Reports
Who Made His First Visit to
a Faro Bank
As a HERALD reporter was lazily
tering down Main street last night
shortly after the old town clock had
slowly tolled out the mystic and holy
hour of twelve he was accosted by one
of those night owls commonly de ig
nated as rounders who stated in re
ply to a question that he was intend
ing to go and see the boys at the club
rooms As we expressed a desire to
ccompany him he proffered his guid
ance in giving us a glimpse at the king
feline Ascending a short staircase we
halted on the landing and gave three
resounding raps on a door which obstructed
structed our farther passage The din
and hum of voices inside was for a mo
ment slightly hushed and a confused 1
shuffling of feet could be slightly heard
In a few minutes the cover to a small
round aperture in one of the panels
was cautiously pushed aside and a well J
known sporting man peered anxiously
out He appeared doubtful and
undecided as to whether it was
advisable and afe to admit the
writer but our companion soon
dispelled his doubts by hastily
assuring him that all wa righ and
hesitating no longer he shot back the
bolt and permitted us to enter Upon
gaining the interior of this gilded
palace of vice we stopped dazzled with
amazement and almost blinded by the
sudden transition from utter darkness
to the most brilliant light As soon as
the paralyzed nerves of our oPtiCs crew
accustomed to the change and we
were enabled to discern misty
figures through the dense tobacco
smoke and the steaming fumes
of vile liquor we pushed our way
through the 110is surging crowd until
we arrived at thecentre of attraction
the faro bank around which was
grouped a most motley crew Immedi
iately on the right of the calm and im
perturbable dealer we recognized the
placid and undisturbed features of one
of Salt Lake professional gambler
He very coolly and composedly played
his game and whether he won or lost
treated both with the most profound
indifference At his side was seated an
employee of one of our dry goods estab
lishments who with blanched cheeks
hollow eyes and tightly clenched lips
would lay down his coin and see it in
evitably swallowed up and absorbed by 4
the banker The merchant was also
represented from the haggard death
like pallor which was gradually over
spreading his face it was quite probable
to suppose that the greater portion of
his days sales was staked on the turn
of the next card The animated I
countenance of one of our most promi
nent professional men exhibited but
little anxiety or impatience as he ap
p > ared to be coming out successfully In
his encounter with the tiger The
I Hebrew citizen gazed wistfully at the
dealer and his determined and haunted
I glance expressed most eloquently that
he was nearing omfortablv close to I
I the bottom of his pile Probably the
most selfpossessed person seated
I around the table was a rollicking cow
boy who wa recklessly covering the I
carets with chips of the most valuable j
I color and was evidently pros I
pering in playing his wild
system The unrufileu and calculating I
g imblcr now arose and pushed over to
the cashier his gigantic stack of chips
He pocketed his winnings with a self J
satisfied air and lighting a fragrant
Havana commenced strolling through
the room apparently watching for an
opportunity to engage in one of the
side or smaller games where amateurs
or suckers were more plentiful and hi1
chances for profits increased The
clerk and buMnes man retired to their
homes to dream perhaps of the good
fortune which must surety attend them
the following night Daylight was fast
approaching in the east and the dealer
announced that the bank was closed
un til the morrow His remaining patrons
I arose and vainly endeavored to shake
oft the fascinating glamor of his
presence and with visions of untold
wealth floating before them in the twi
light of dreamy reverie they sought
their much needed rest The crowd was
now fast thinning out and disappear
ins The curiosity t of the reporter
being gratified he accompanied them
and went to his home to philosophize
moralize and pity the unfortunates for
whom the faro bank possesses such an I
irresistible attraction C
F T DUBOrs U S Marshal of Idaho
was In town yesterday
BISHOP SHARP returned yesterday
from his run down south
A WOOD of Helena goes to New
Orleans via the D K G today
JOHN CHBISTIASSEN of Frisco is off
for New York via the D1 R G
Gus HYMAn representing Cohn 5
Co San Francisco is among us
H THOMAS of Park City left for New
York via the D R yesterday r
J b RICHARDSOn representing the
Globe Pickle Company is a guest at the
Valley House
HON WARD E PACK accompanied by
his son Geo Pack was among yester
days arrivals
JAMES FOESYTHE of Butte is apas
enger on the D K G bound for
Memphis Tenn
MILTON NOBLES company goes east
over the U P this morning playing at
Laramie Cheyenne Denver and Lead
yUle HENRY COHN who was among those
the D
given us as having departed over
R G for the cattle conTention still
walks the streets of Salt Lake
Rough on Rats
Clears Qut rats mice roaches flies
ants bedbugs skunks chipmunks
gophers 15c Druggists
Bed Rock at Iiant
FOR A few days only we will sell
choice XXXX Flour at 190 per hun
dred at fiF CtHI n B GQ1

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