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State of the Money Market
and General Business
Business Local Securities Bank
Jleceii Electricity in Alining
Gilmer and Salisburys Mines
Business during the week has been
fair the influx of fall freight has in a
great measure ended and from now on
during the winter receipts at the rail
roads will be light As we observed
some time ago the larger establish
mentshave made no appreciable dimi
nution in their fall purchases
The money market is close as yet but
there is nothing existing that could be
called a stringency A prominent lender
yesterday assured us that he was con
stantly making loans and that during
the week he had put out some heavy
amounts One per cent to 1f is paid
with real estate security but except on
extremely large amounts nothing lower
than 1 is taken
The Deseret National bank sent an
order on Friday for 1000 shares of Horn
Silver and the customer for whom it was
bought was fortunate enough to obtain
it at bed rock 425 per share
Dealings in local securities have been
scarce a small block of Rocky Mountain
Electric stock changed hands at 15
a slight advance over the last transac
tion noted
R S Watson buyer for Z C M I
has returned from New York haying
left two days previous to the election
it is needless to state that he is a stal
wart Republican he says The feeling
is general that Cleveland goes in we will
have flat times still a good deal will
depend upon whom he chooses as a
cabinet there are big factories east
which are now working onehalf their
force until it shall be known whether
or not Elaine is elected and if he is not
the fear of free trade will shut a good
many down altogether
Country merchants are referred to
the article Our Country Trade in
another column of this issue they will
find a careful estimate of many of their
class made by a writer who is as
thoroughly conversant with he
methods of business in Utah a > any uie
within her borders
Ore and Bullion
The receipts of ore and bullion at the
banks in this city for the week ending
Saturday November 15th amounted to
13l81S9i against 14211568 for the
week previous The following are de
tailed tables of the receipts
Bij Wells Farao Co
16 Cars HornSilrer bullion 4800000
5 Bars Vienna 760300
313 Bars Ontario 2931094
2 Bars Christy 320000
By HcComick Co
13 Bars Hanauer 2530000
3 Cars Idaho ore 445000
1 Car Nevada ore 195000
1 Lot Crescent ore 260000
6 Cars Queen the Hills ore 605000
2 Bars Stormont Silver 275000
Total 4370000
Total shipments the week13181894
The Sells
Colonel Sells stated to a HERALD
reporter on Friday that he was about
to close down his property in Alta on
account of the tramways annual ces
sation of work The Colonel stated
that he had been able to clear expenses
during the summer and considering
that the aim had mostly been to develop
tne property he felt well satisfied with
the result
The Quigrg 1
Mr Evans states that the mine is now I
looking better than ever before and that I i
Mr Hirschman the superintendent is j I
working a force of eleven men One
3000 shipment has been made to
Kansas City since the new organization I
took hold
The Ontario
The one hundred and first dividend
of 50 cents per share 75000 has been
declared and is payable on the 30th
No later quotations have been heard
than that last recorded in THE HERALD
of 2100 per share This will make
825000 paidin dividends since January
lit 1834
The Latest Sensation
In conversation with Mr C C Ruth
rauff who keeps all the news of develop
ments in electricity at his fingers ends
a HERALD reporter learned that Hr
J Cassell of England has just perfected
a process for working refactory gold
ores by electricity He used nascent
chlorine treated by electrolysis and
also used common salt Lime rock was
added to prevent a lossof other metals
Mr Cassell experimented with his pro
cess six months and when he demon
strated it successfully the patent wa
bought by an English syndicate fo
300000 The discovery has made a
sensationjamong mining men abroad
Gilmer and Salisburys Mines
The possessions of this firm are so vast
and widely scattered that like those of
Queen Victoria It may be said the snn
never sets upon them Each one of the
members comprising the firmJ T
Gilmer Monroe Salisbury and 0 J Sal
isbury gives his attention to property
which taken singly would mean a for I
tune to any ordinary mortal
The Ramshorn under the superin
tendency of 0 J Salisbury is ship
ping seven or eight car loads
of nigh grade bulmon per month
t6 the Aurora works in Illinois
the ore runs high in silver and carries
but little lead so that the company are
afpresent under the necessity of haul l
ing lead from Wood River tosmelt with
and send it back in bullion thus paying
freight two ways an effort will prob
ably be made Very shortly to apply a
process which will separate the lea < i
from the uilf er at tire worksso ittaf
I Silver bars alone will be shipped Mr
Hames thinks that the bars if the pro
I cess proves satisfactory will assay as
high as 950 or 975 fine
I JT Gilmer is busy at the Kentuck
on Salmon River the companys gold
J mine The big mill is being constructed
I at a heavy expense the machinery hay
ing to be boated part of the distance
from Dillon to the ground selected for
its site
Monroe Salisbury remains at Benson
Arizona where he is running the Ben
s Smelting Works The bullion turned
out Is shipped direct to San Francisco
The Stewart in Bingham still lies idle
and neglected
The Idahoan
The English syndicate which pur
chased this property is working it
actively and shipping ore to Kansas
City sixty men are employed Mr G
Edgington one of the brothers who
sold the property states that the first
I payment will be due at McCornicks
I bank on December 15th the amount i <
150000 and the remaining 250000
matures some time after in two equal
I payments
An Important Decision
The suit of Don Carlos Butterfield
against William II Henry for 100000
alleged commission for endeavoring to
negotiate the sale of the famous Johnny
Bull copper lock in San Simon N M
belonging to Mr Henry ended recently
in Part 2 of the Supreme court The
oroperty has 2000000 worth of ore in
sight which consists of gold silver and
copper After hearing the testimony
taken by commission of Butterfield
Baron Svhultz and Captain Price 01
London on motion of Jerome Buck
counsel for Mr Henry Judge Barrett
dismissed the complaint This is an
important decision as it was an attempt
to collect a commission of 100000 on
an alleged sale of the property for 200
000 cash when the vender and the
vendee were never brought in contact
and when no money was tendered or
bond given to the broker The property
has attracted the attention of the Lon
don and New York mining exchanges
for several years and the decision has
been awaited with great interest The
ground upon which Judge Barrett dis
missed the suit was that the plaintiff
had failed to prove that he had pro
vided a customer willing to pay 200000
for the property Mr Price in an affi
davit which was submitted yesterday
stated that he had made no such offer
to the plaintiff New York Mining
Profits on Low Grade Ore
About 600 tons of low grade ores is
the average daily production from the
mines on the Comstock and elsewhere
in Storey County Nevada Of this
about 500 tons are dally shipped by the
Virginia Truekee Railroad to the
mills on the Carson River The Union
Mill and Mining Company do nearly all
the crushing and charge 9 per ton
giving a gross income of about 4500
per day to the millowners The cost
of reduction is estimated to be in the
neighborhood of 5 per ton leaving a
net profit of say 2500 per nay
This Years Production
The Director of the Mint estimates
the production of mines in the United
Stttes daring the calendar year 1884 at
29090000 gold and not quite 2000000
more silver than for the previous year
The Crescent
Shipping is inactive only one lot
having been received at the bank dur
ing the past week Stock is freely of
fered but takers are few
Horn Silver
The decline in the stock noticed in
our Commercial columns is due so we
learned at the officeto tbegreat amount
of shares recently thrown upon the
market Whose stock this is or why ii
is being realized upon no one seemed
to know
Popularity of the TypeWriter
Forty feminine manipulators of type
writing machines have been recently
examined by the Civil Service Com
mission and they have just received
notice of a grade to which their profi
ciency entitles them It was the first
examination of the kind and was al
together a curious exhibition The
exercises were reid sentence by sentence
by the examiner and at each pause the
fingers of forty women aijd girls would
fly with almost lightning speed over
forty machines Some who were ac
customed to write shorthand from
dictation woud catch the words while
writing and finish the sentence nearly I
as soon as the examiner This act of
Civil Service Commission is
the sugges
tive of the rapidity with which the type
writer is superseding all other forms of
copying Chiefs of divisions in the
virousdepartment5 are allowed clerks
wh > hare been usual by stenographers
sow these are being supplanted 011
every haid by the typewriter and by
the combined stenogr pher and type
writer Philadelphia Times
Paying a Bet
On Tuesday Mr Lavin who lost the
bet with Mr C M Brown that Elaine
would be elected will take a monkey
and band organ and play six times o n
each of the four following corners of
Main street Godbes Jennings
Walker Bros and A C Smith Cos
The proceeds will go tothe Sisters Hos
pital After performing his duty Mr
Lavin will proceed to the hospital play
six tunes there then deliver over the
proceeds of his grinding to one of the
Sifters in charge
LucASIn Salt Lake City November 15th
after a lingering illness Eliza Lucas wife of
James L Lucas
Funeral services this Sunday afternoon
at 2 oclock at residence Second East Street
between Sixth and Seventh South Relatives
and friends of the family invited
LovESyIn the Tenth Ward Thursday
November 13th 1884 of congestion of the
brain Clarissa A M infant daughter of Ed
mund S and Clara M Lovesy aged 2years
7 months and 2 days
Our little darling faded from our view as
the rose when in full blossom
Funeral today Simday tat 11 an a
reiidenee of parentsTcnth HTardA
I T > itA r
JIj efr ft J I
Ioney Stocks Grain and Cattle I
Bullion 1
NEW YORK November 15Bar silver I
New York Money Market
NEW YORK November 15 Money
easy 1 14 closed offered 1
Prime merchuntile paper 5 6
Sterling exchange bankers bills firm
480 f
Sterling exchange demand 4St X
New York Wool
NEY YORK November 15 Wool
Quiet steady
NewYork Milling1 stock Market
Ntv YORK November 15The sales
of mining stocks today included Am e i
at 4 Horn Silver at 475 450 Ame
rican at 50 Standard at 55 Con Virginia
at 3 Iron Silver at 95 Rapnnhnnnouk
at 7 and Grand Prize at 25 seller 10
The New York Stock Market
Niw YORK November 15Wall
street Stocks lower Union Pacific led
a decline belling down iy to 51 Lake
Shore New York Central Northwest
and St Paul were also weak
NEW YORK November 1512 oclock
Stocks continue weak New York Cen
tral ha announced a reduction on first
class fares to Chicago and Cincinnati to
NEW YORK November 15 Stocks
quiet and lower this afternoon closed
steady s
NEW YORK November 15 7 Govern
menfcs stead railways firmer There
was a marked falling off in the voIl1ui
of business at the Stock Exchange to
day and the tendency was tQvari to
lower figures Prices dropped J to 1
in the general list and 23 iuflJcritau 1
Pacific There was a fractional rally
and the market left off steady Com
pared with yesterday the closing prices
are down X to 21
Chicago Grain Trade
CHICAGO November 15 Wieat
Weak lower 71J cash November
73K to 73 December 74 to 74 Janu
ary 78 May Uf
Corn Easier 43 cash November 38
December 37 year 3S > 6 May i vs
OatiLower 2J November Bece
her and year 28 May jj V >
RyeFirmer M higher
Barley Fiir demand uO
PorkQuiet 1125 1132 closed
1127 > T 1130 year
Lard Very quiet 6U5 697U
Bulk Meats Fair demand shoulders
500 525 i short ribs 1500 U25 i short
clear 670 075
Chicago Cattle Market
CHKAUO November 15 Hogs Re
ceipts 14000 opened 5 0 5 10 higher
closed advance lost rough packing 410
445 packing and shipping 445 < g <
475 light 415 4G5
Cattle Receipts 1000 slow steady
good to choice shipping 550 t 510 <
common to fair 425 t 540 stocked
300 375 feeders 385 g 445 Texas
firm steers 340 410
SheepHtceipts I200 low common
to fair 217 c 225 medium to good 2311
Morning Railroad Stocks
NEW YORK November 15
Governments N Y C S7
3s 100ON 7
4s ll3Oreoulrans 133
Is 121 Pacific Mal 51
Pacific 65 oi 95 26 IPantilla 9S
C B Q 20ISt L S F 21
Central Pac 34 Texas Pacific It
orthPac 18 Union Pacific 51
S Pac pfd 12 i Wells Fargo t07
SorthYe tern 86 V IT LOf
SEW YORK November 15 close
Governments IMich Central 55g
34 H100HN r Pacific ISM
t2s coupons 113 Nor Pac pfd 42
ls 21 Northwestern 86
Pat 959 26 New York C 87t
AIlJ Express 94 Oregon Navig 70
Can Pacific 43 Transcontl 13
Call Southern 31 Ores 1m Co 19
Cent Pacific 35J1 Pacific Mail 50
C B Q 19 Panama 9 I
Lackawauna 43 Reck Island 10
D ILG 8 St PauL 1411
Erie 13 Texas Pacific IOU 1
H d St Joe 38M Union Pacific 51 I
Kansas Tex 1534 United States 52
Jake Shore 66 VrFargoex 7
L 2434WUnion fJ5
t f
0 Brltlsh4juotatfofls
LIVERPOOL November 15 Bread
stuffs quiet
A LongFelt Want
BROWN Ha haJ 1 have hit it at last
Fortune smiles once more Hooray
BLACK Brown are you crazy You
act as if you had just te8caped from a
lunatic I asylum
Crazy yes razy from joy Con
gratulate me my dear fellow congrat
ulate me I
But what on 1
My great invention I will revolution
ize photography and make it as profit
able jn the west as anywhere else One
year from now I will reside in palace
marble front sides and back gold and
silver But you have not explained
Do you see these
I see a pair of very dainty little
shoes small enough for a Cinderella
Exactly Well my invention con
sists in a trap door for the floor of a
photograph gallery right in front of the
chair What has that to do with the
Cant you see 1 When western belles
wanttheir photographs takenthey slip
those pretty little hoes under the edge
of the dress so they look like their
ownBut what do they do with their
feetPoke em through the trap doori
Theres millions in jU Ii
The newest thing in vase now is made
of a ladys shoe gilded and decorated
A Chicago gIrl made ojie thatfway and
set it in the corner todry The hired
lady dumped for bushels of ctjul into it
and left because she said it wasonly a
trap to get her to fill the cellar with the
winters fuel fMerchanf Travelttr 1
1 r
November 15 1884
j III f A
R Barrett Wm Reid F Kittie 1 Parjc
City TF Nilon Ogden H Brown
San Francisco JTWilliams Oakland
I K Boukofsky San Francisco S F
Monte Silver City James Tickell
Eureka Chas Smith Ogden Wm
Buder St Louis D Marx San Fran
cisco J W Jackman Thos Sapping
ton Bingham Mrs Holtan South
Cottonwood C D Marsden Taylors
ville Wm Harper H Harper New I
York T C Hubbard L McCartv
1 L LinkT Cregan Ft Douglas P
Kelly J Sullivan C Jung San Pete
E G Matthews J Evans Santaquin
J Kraft Sandy T Armantront Price
River J H Penrose Park City A H
Patterson Payson T D Bancroft
Woods Cross S Watson St Louis J
D Hendrey Ogden N Johns W
Kessell R Thomas H Caddy Frisco
W H RexSalina i G Bridges Cincin
nati J S Richardson St Louis S
Marsh T V Hall Minesota
F Reynolds Erie Pa W Pitcairn
Pittsburg Pa i J 11 Hammond New
York H Richards Chicago D Sulli
van Idaho M Z Boyle Bellevue
Idaho S Thomas E M Owen Colo
rado J Sessions and wife Ourav E J
Lord Green River G B Hill G H
Holbrook San Francisco J A Thorn
ton St Louis W Swift Ogden
F B Hubbell St Louis E M Mil
ler O Oluiitt Mr Abbey D Maine
F W WickwireG W Abbey Chicago
J W Whitney New York J M Hill
St Louis M S Ascheim l > ark Citr
L H Ashton Ogden F T Duboi
Blackfoot C W Tozer San Francisco
S M Curtis D A RG Chat Burton
Wells H E Craig Chicago Wm
Stevenson Illinois F Rilpen and wife I
Evanston J Lanilv Mineral City lat
Heffson JohK Loill M Sullivan Bul
lion N L Moe Geo Schurt
Co vis Carton Wood River T 1 Swan
son Rob Francis Denver Coli
N F Cooley Lehi N Gillis Rev C R
Dudley R Barrett N Reed F Sub
llvanq W Dunbar Park City T 0
Day Bingham J H McDonald Ore
gon T Ashton Spokane Falls G H
Trumbull Chicago D Johnson Pay
son P Harrington Tintic C Shields
Park City
That Cowboy
The boy Self mention of whose arrest
for stealinga cow was made in Satur
days HERALD was up before Justice
Speirs yesterday afternoon After
hearing the testimony which corrobor
ated the statements we published the
boy was bound over in the sum of 300
to await the action of the Grand Jury
Fiiljng to obtain surety he was re I
manded to the custody of the Marshal
A Pari ian doctor prescribed for a
lady who had objections for growing
stout Take exercise my dear lady
Consider the trees of the field they
never take exercise and as a conse
iiuenee they go on growing bigger and
bigger every yearBostesi Journal
There are 275000 school teachers in
this country and yet you will not find
ten persons in a hundred who can talk
grammatically j school teachers not ex
cepted in this calculationBostun Truh
scrtpt < f
YLaua Hto Salt ILautwv Y
KATES L50 to S2 00 per Day
Special Rates liy the week or month
3x E x R o POX r x A
Corner West Temple and Third Strata Street
New Brick and Newly Fumish
Large and wellveinllnted rooms mcla
Sample rooms for Commercial Travelers
RATKS 200 to 250 per Day
Special Rates by the Week
BECHTOL RYAN Proprietors
Opposite Temple and Tabernacle
r Connected with this House are TliTee I
Cottages in the immediate vicinity of
the Main Hotel Secluded but Convenient
BOARD AND LODGING 150 to 200 pet
Day According to Room
Qulet eiiaxly fc Homelike
I S 0 EWING Proprietor
ilalii St Salt Lake City
V RATES ncr Day 200 Special Bates bj
Week or Month V
firstclass je3 SAMPLE 110031ongronndiloor I
Limy and Eeecb Stables
The finest Barouches rind Cthri ges in
town tos 26 228 and 2SG Main St n9
I 1 I
trT 7 r
i D O fJ UT a LJ J T S c
M = Palace
V V I t
L n 1 a 1Th1 > >
I 3
V t
V f
V V r
V ll Co V V 1
t 1
r V
Distribution Premiums
V 3 4
5000 Given Away 5000
t V
BY P 4 Y 13V C3
A Tears Subscription in Advance
l I
The Daily Herald will receive 5 chances ffc
The SemiWeekly Herald 2 chances
The Sunday Herald j 1 chance i
The Weekly Herald 1 chance
The premiums have been selected with 120ne strong latest improved fr
I Perry toad Cart From tIre V V
reference to their usefulness and gen John W Lowell Co Wagon V
eral desirability by our readers and in and agriculture implement V
many cases are on exhibition in the firm Salt Lake City and Ogden V
List 10000 V
lending business houses in the city We I price n
13011e very fine serviceable
extend a cordial invitation to the pub Single Express Harness with
lic to inspect them The principal Centennial nickelplated trim
premiums are mings from the saddlery and
I harness manufactory of J W
IOne elegant rosewood upright Jenkins tic Son corner Second V
Fischer Piano from George I South and First East streets
Careless k Cos Music Ware Salt Lake City List price 7500 1Z
rooms First South street List 140ne LifeSie lortrait of V
price 70000 I President John Taylor in V
2011e very fine Estey Organ crayon beautifully framed
style 85 with fourteen stops Mr John Hafen artist Pay
on exhibition at Daynes son On exhibition Savages V
Coalters Music Rooms List Art Bazar Price V600 V
Price 47500 150ne celebrated Singer Sewing V
30ne Gladstone Dog Cart a Machine on exhibition at the
magnificent vehicle body of bait Lake agency First South
stamped vulcanized rubber Street List price 7000 T V
from the Salt Lake City branch I lGOne Gilpin Sulky Plow wor
of the Studebaker Manufactur ranted the lightest draught V
ing Company J B Glass man from Grant Odell it Cos Wa
lager I List price 45000 1 gon and Farm Implement V V
f IOne h Bain Farm Wagon house List price 6500
elaborately finished varnished IiOne cellent Rosier Fanning
to exhibit the grain of the Mill from K Warnock Co
wood made after the most agricultural implements eta
popular improvements and Salt Lake City List price 5000
deigned as a representative ISOne beauiiful l Fur Robe from
wagon from the Howard Se the fur and robe house of
bree Company agricultural Noble Wood Co Salt Lake i
implement firm List price City List price 5000 s V
5Orxe New Buckeye Harvesting 190ne Elegant Chins Dinner V
MachineA SelfBinder from Set of 1J9 pieces from Little
the mammoth establishment of Kouudy fc Co crockery glass V
George A Lowe Ogden and I ware etc 54 S Main St Salt
Salt Lake List price 27500 i Lake City List price 5000
60ne Magnificent Bedroom Set I 2One extra fine elegantly
cherry wood in imitation of i i finished Ladys Saddle with V
mahogany upholstered in the V complete outfit from W L V V
highest style of art from the I Pickard No 30w Second
extensive furniture establish j South street List price 5000
ment of H Dinwoodey 37 to 45 II 21PaIr Lifesize Photos 2000
W First South Street Salt 220ne celebrated FireOBthe
Luke City List price 25000 j i Hearth Parlor Stove from
7 One superior Parker Doulebar David James < fe Coplumbers
reledjBreechloadingSbotGun I tinners gasfitters etc 67 S
V extra fine Damascus steel bar J r Main St Salt Lake City List V
rels elegant English stock gold i price 4000 f
mounted skeleton butt plate 2iOne set of Chambers encyclo V
pitol grip and patent foreend pcedia ten volumes 8vo in
I lock from Evans Spenc r I leather On exhibition at V V
Firearms Sporthg goods tic Dwyers Book Store List price 3000 V
84 W Second South streetSalt V 2JOne Websters ScwIndexed
I Lake City List price 22500 j Unabridged Dictionary full V u
SA Silver Tea Set with emboss Russia leather with elegant V
ed tray from O L Eliason I stand On exhibition at
Watchmaker Jeweler etc 100 V Dwyers Book Store List price 2500 V
S Main street Salt Lake City i 250ne pair lifesize Photo
List price 15000 graphs handsomely framed
90ne beautiful C F Martin I from Fox < fe fcimous 5000 i
Guitar inlaid with pearl and I 2GOne Ladys Ottoman Silk V V
ivory From D O Calders Wrap elegantly trimmed from V
Musio Wnrerooms List price 12500 I Mrs M G Lapham 4000 V V
1OUIe elegantly finished Bis i 27One handsome Bureau from V
marck Range with all the 1 Sorenson Cariquist 3000
extras Frqm the Emporiumof V I28 One Ladys Bonnet your V
William Jennings Sons Salt 1 j choice from Simon Bros 3000 U V
Lake City List price 10000 i 29 One beautiful Pair of ngrav
11 One1 finely executed neatly ings from Fox Symons 2000
framed oil painting Subject I And other valuable premiums making
Utah Lake from the eael of I
j ill all 100 embracing a of V
Utahs favorite artistMr Fred great variety
Tjjinibiitinip Price 10000 V useful and ornamental articles
V < J J 1 V L V V
V p < J
j 1 Jiff V j
iff V
i T f 1 c 1 JJL ttJ v t
a V

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