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What Will Be the Policy of
President Cleveland 0
Censervatiye and in Sympathy With
0 the Present Civil Service
Law and Itulos
Katon and Tlnmai on the Coming
WASHINGTON November 16 Thei
views of Hon Dorman B Eaton pres
ident of the Civil Service Commission
0 in regard to the probable effects of
Cleveland and Hendricks election upon
the maintenance of the civil service law
have bean obtained by a representative
of the Associated Press and are given
in the following report of the interview
Question You are from New York
Mr Commissioner and know what
Governor Cleveland has done there for
civil service reform Please give the
Associated Press the facts and your
views as to what he is likely to do
relative to removals and thecivil service
act and rules
i Mr Eaton These are very delicate
I questions for me1 in myp6sition to an
swer I have taken no part whatever
I the late campaign I have the Jeast
i right to assume to speak for
Governor Cleveland or his party
having acted with the Repblican party
from its origin I can hrirdly speak
without some party bias nevertheless
I will frankly tell you what I think
We shall have an administration abso
lutely Democratic illpolicy butwhether
with a member representing those
without whoe vote the Democratic
party would have failed I will not I
guess but the civil service act will not I
repealed either at the coming session
or during this generation Governor 1
Cleveland and the statesmen of his
party would oppose any attempt to re i
peal it Republicans as a body would
resist and the Senate would defeat such I
an attempt The rules will not be I
abolished they will be enforced under
the new President but not I fear with I
such enlarging breadth of application
and such moral support from the rwrty i
in power as would have been the case I
certainly had President Arthur been
reelected and probably had Mr
Blaine succeeded The diinteredtedness
and patriotism of the country are I
not very unequally divided between
the great parties but in my opinion my
party has much the larger part of the
intelligent conviction which has thus
far supported civil service reform Great
numbers of pecsons in the Democratic
ranks are so prejndi edand uninformed I
on the subject that they will clamor for
removals for the sake of patronage
They do not comprehend that a party
which could elect its candidate only by
the aid of Republican friends of reform
has no chance if it alienates those I
friends in future when they are sure to
be far more numerous and powerful
than now They still believe in the old
spoils system not comprehending that
it is doomed and caring more as do
many Republican aLso for four vears
saturnalia of spoil than for all the future
beyond that A great struggle over the
reform issue in the Democratic ranks is
therefore certain The statesmen of the
party Bayard Pendleton Lamar Gar
and Carlisle Randall Cot Morrison
Tucker Hewitt Willis and others each
of whom has already spoken and voted
for the civil service act will stand by
the new President in its support
But many worthy Democrats and all
the demagogues spoilsmen and rabble
of the party will be against it Repub
licans will stand together for the act and
rules anxiously waiting for the Demo
crats to ruin themselves by their abrog
ation The President will lead the re
form element of his party and his clear
convictions his high sense of duty his
f courage his strength of character will
0 secure victory There is no ublic man
in this country who has a higher sense
of the moral obligations of official life
or who is more certain to withstand the
more partisan and selfish appeals than
Governor Cleveland This is a great ele
ment of power and popularity too as
The peqplenow feel and lest myino
tires be misunderstood let mejidathat
he luis never done me a favor
and that I would neither ask nor I
accept one at his hands Many officers
outside the rules and some within will II
doubtless be re noved for no very
good reasons but M > ir as possible Gov
ernor Cleveland i1 prevent mere pol
itical prescription il j cannot attend to II
everything much will depend on mem
bers of his cabinet and especially on the
postmastergeneral If there are as is
charged some officers who have used I
their influence to enforce assessments I
and neglected their duties and violated i
heir stations to engage in party war
fare the fate they have chal
lenged may very likely await them If
persons are to be selected for public
Tork irrespective Of politics they had
tatter attend to thattworkrand not med
dle with elections
Question What has Governor Cleve
land done in New York to warrant this
estimate of him 1
Answer Buffalo was a city al
most as partisan lawless and badly
governed as Cincinnati Upon being
If made sheriff Mr Cleveland ex
hibited those qualities which are being
more and more needed and appreciated
by the people They comprehended
i and approved hisspirit Hewas elected
mayor by votes from both parties in
that Republican city His life as mayor
was a continuous struggle for honesty
and fidelity in office against jobbers
sportsmen and partisans who had long
preyed on the city He mastered the
situation and became known as the
veto mayor His fearless way of deal
ang with them is shown by the language
of his vetoes Commissioner Eaton here
quotes from Governor Clevelands mes
sages from his letter accepting the
ubetnatprlalnommation and from other
communications to show his decisive
uneuvocal endorsement of the civil
f lV1ce act and pays a high tribute to
ius hO1csty and nOIpartisan usmess
aPtlty of the goverI1or as evidenced
ItI 19 administration of the affairs of
the State of New York and continues
as follows The rapidl l growing reform
sentiment of the country has been de
manding more honest courage and ad
ministrative capacity with less politics
in executive places Governor Cleve
land has the distinction of being the
first man since Washington who has
been elected President because he pos
sessed those qualities in a preeminent
degree They have Fidvanced him more
rapidly the head of the nation than
military glory ever did any one of her
favorites To believe such a man with
such a history who never Bought an
office will come to the national capitol
to repudiate the pledges anti all that
is best of his official life to betray those
who have most trusted him to make
hostile all Republican journals
which now support him to ruin the
prospects of the party and or disgrace
himself and his cpuntry J by overturning
a work of reform kindred to that upon
which his own distinction resets only to
secure a free field forjnatronagemouey
getting and the spbifs system debauch
ery That such an assumption should
be made by any sensible wellinformed
man is to me simply impossible If I
am mistaken in this view I hope the
rules will be overthrown before the
March winds are over If the Demo
crats enforce the spbils system policy
they must take the consequences lo
true friend of reform would have any
part in the perfunctory and deceptive
enforcement of the rules mutilated in
essential parts He would rathqr await
their certain resurrection for years
hence over the graves of their ene
mies 4
The views of Judge L D 0 t Thoman
the Democratic member of the commis
sion were also obtained on the same
subject discussed by Mr Eaton
11 What do you think will be President
Clevelandspolicy as to civil service re
form 1 was asked L
I do not know but it would seem that
his past publicjatterances and acts are a
safficient guarantee thathis policy will
be conservative and in thorough > sym
pathy with the present civil service law
and rule t
h Will there be many removals of gov
0 fc
p Yes and many will remain r am
satisfied that thorough administrative
reform willcause the removal of many
official whose places need not be filled
and if a policy pursued bywhich the
business of government will be con
ducted on business principles the bien
nial register in two years from now will
contain several thousand less than to
day As to disturbing the ubordinates
in these public offices muchwill de
pend upon the heads of departments
bureaus and divisions and also upon
their efficiency in the places they
occupy There never has been such a
thing as a clean sweep The power of
removal is not abridged by the civil
service law but places made vacant
cannot be filled within the classified
service without arequisition on the
commission Thus it is that the motive
for removing thoroughly efficient and
trustworthy clerks is gone
In the course of further conversation
Judge Thoman took occasion to say
that had Mr Blaine been elected he
would have made more removal for
political motives than Cleveland be
cause in a political life of twentyfive
years much of which time was given to
seeking the Presidency many pledges
and promises must have been made
and as a second reason until his letter
of acceptance appeared the public had
not been advised that Mr Blaine was
in sympathy with the reform of the civil
service and in no speech during the
campaign although he made several
hundred did he referto this question
Governor Cleveland Judge Thoman
continued shad declared himself on
every occasion that he addressed the
public in favor of the system of reform
that was now being successfully carried
out under the provisions of Pendletons
bill and the rules promulgated by Presi
dent Arthur who at all times had given
the commission hearty and unwavering
The Stvalm Court Martial
WASHINGTON D C November 17
The solicitor of the Treasury has in
structed the United States District At
torney for themiddle district of Ala
bama to bring suit against the sureties
on the bonds of General Adam Badeau
late ConsulGeneral at Havana to re
cover 12000 received by that officer as
notariaHees and alleged to have been
illegally withheld v
f I
rn i
Forced Close
POIm3UOUM N H November 17k
Bank commissioners obtained an in
junction from the Supreme court re
straining the Portsmouth Trust
and Guarantee company of this
city from further continuance of I
business The institution was in
corporated in 1871 with a capital Ii
of 100000 and a guarantee fund
of the same amount for the protection of
depositors The director issue a slate i
mentshowing the guarantee fund has I
been impaired through the depreciations I
of real estate The amount of the im i
pairment is stated to be about 54000
The directors state that all depositors
will be paid in full Deposits amount to
417000 with 680 depositors mostly
poor people
p l I I
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pensary Medical Association Buffalo
t What are the desirable qualities in a
whisker dye Itnnust be convenient
use easy to apply impossible to rub off
elegant in appearance and cheap in I
price Buckinghams Dye for the Whis i
kers unites in itself all these merits Try
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Weeks Thinks There i Still
I f J om e Hope r Ii
i t ri v n >
The Fire Record Franco and China
Miners on a Strike Cholera
Casualties Riot i
A Forlorn Hope
PITTSBUEG November 1C Jotepli D
Veeks treasurer of the National
lepublican committee was in the city
today and returned to New York to
night and in an interview he said It
s impossible to tell what the National
committee will do until the official
ount is finished The board of County
canvassers have no power to chunge the
face of the returns except in case of
manifest clerical errors and unaer < cer
ain conditions to count ballots that
were rejected by them as blank or
defective Any action looking to a
change in the returns except as above
stated must be brought before the
courts who have power by mandamus
to instruct the inspectors and canvassers
to change the fade of the returns Then
the National committee will stijjk4t out
as the people of this country expect
their National committee exhaust
every means within their power to
each the actual results of the election
and until it has done that it will remain
n active service As far as Ian con
cerned I thinkthere is still spnie hope
Fire Record
GOLDSBORO N 0 November 10
Twentyfive leading business houses in
he business part of the city burned
including the extensive machine shops
of W PTCornepy K o theIfecnr
printing office arid huildirig l together
with several large stocks of merchan
dise and a quantity of cOttOIl The total
loss exceeds 250OCKwinsurance 150000
SAVAMJAH Ga November 16An
incendiary fire this morning which
o iginateojn Freelander Coa afe
house destroyed portions of twoblocks
and all of two other Loss 203000 In
surance 58000
FARGoDak NOYemberilil1he Con
inental Hotel was entirely destroyed at
3 oclock this morning All the guests
and inmates cacapod in safety but most
of their effects were destroyed The
loss is abouT75000 insur nce 40000
Franco and China r I f
LthDoN > Novembec i4The Shang
lai correspondent of the Timessnys the
Chinese government has arranged for
English and American vessels to run
the French blockade of the Island of
Formosa Thirteen Germans who have I
been engaged as officers for the Chinese
army have arrived at Tien Tsin forty
two more are expected Thirty thou
sand Chinese crossed the Yanki river I
going southward at or neapPoyang
during the month of October All boats
in neighborhood nowiinpressed
into the service of the authorities for
use in conveying troops across the I
stream The Chinese have t a chan
nel only 250 feet wide over the Woo
Sung bar S
t f t
r I
Striking Miners
DEKVEB Colo November 17About
200 coal miners employed in Waist n
burg mines by the Colorado Coal and
Iron Company this city went out on a
strike this morning These miners took
part in the recent general strike and
only returned to work last Thursday
As they are members of the Miners
union serious complications and trouble
throughout the State < ar6 among the
probabilities The pressnC grievances
are unknown i t I
Inland Maii8erTlcc
WsAisoro November 18 6enry
B Ly manSecond Assistant Postmaster
General has submitted his annual re
port It shows that the cost of inland
transportation lor he year rtas as fol
lows For 729 star routes aggiegating
226779jnJes 5089il 117 steamboat
routes aggregating 15591 miles 598
573 1573 railroad routes aggregating
117160 miles 15012603 Total 2069D
117 S
5 5 1 5
I I 1
I Casualties l
ILLIF4X N 8November 8A dis
patch received here tonight fronr Pic
ton N 8 says A crew t > f eleven
wreckers from the steamship Inyenlt
stranded on Piston Jslandjwhile at
tempting to land in a lifeboat yester
day afternoon duringa nQrtherly gale
They had their boat upset on the reef
and eight of them were drowned
S Cholera
PARIS November 18 Fortyfour
deaths from cholera in Paris yesterday
In the twelve hours ending at noon to
day only four deaths occurred in the
hospitals and none outside
t Heavy frost again last night and re
ports concerning the cholera epidemic
are growing more favorable
s Blot1 f
SA 4GaM Nv9lf61It is
reported that a riot occurred at Dublin
Ga and that several persons were
killed but nothing definite concerning
the report can be learned as Dublin is
forty miles distant from a railroad or
telegraph line
5 S
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on the liver kidneys stomach ail
bowels affording relief and n cure in oil
c1es j K l Oit 4
J i
Gathering of the Cattle Kings In St
Louis I t
Sr LOUIS November 1GA large
number of delegates to the cattle con
vention from Colorado New Mexico
Arizona Utah Idaho Kansas Ncb
raska Montana Indian Territory
Texas and Louisiana accompanied by a
great crowd of outsiders arrived today
and tqnitrht and have made the hotels
verylh ely The delegates generally are
an unusually fine looking and repre
sentative body of men overflowing with
physical and mental vigor and activity
and evidently mean business in its
fullest sense From various statement
given by officers of various cattle com
panies theconvention will represent the
following Four million eight hundred
thousand I cattle 3OOOOOQ sheep 400000
hor < < e < S9200 000 invested in stock and
501375000 acres of landjieneed md used
for grazing purposes DelegationSheld
private caucuses during the day and to
night at which it is understood the
question of establishing a national trail
from Texas to the extreme north was
< hiefly discussed Texas is unanimous
for the trail the more central and west
ern States and Territories have no par
ticular objections to it but there
appears to be a good deal
of opposition in the northwest The
abject will no doubt be vigorously dis
cussed in the convention and will be one
of the prmcipal questions before itr
Quarantine also rec someattention
and vas strongly opposedby the Texas
delegation who advocate freedom in the
movement of cattle The organization
of the convention Was also incidentally
mentioned and the general impression
seems to be that Colonel Hadley of
New Mexico will be made permanent
chairman ExGovernor Routt of
Colorado and General Brishin of Idaho
are ani6ng those spoken of for chair 1
man The Chicago Live Stock Exchange
opened headquarters at the Southern
Hotel and are actively looking after
their interests They will have no voice
in the conventibn ndt being a delega
tion but they expect to exert strong
outside influence
j ST Louis November 17Thel first
national convention of cattle men ever
held in this country opened its sessions
this mornihg Delegates were present
representing nearly all the western
States and lerritorife5 tlUl several east
ern States Mexico England and Scot
land Co lohel R DT Hunter of St
Louis the originator of the project
called the convention to order and an
nounced aX the object of the gftltering
the formation of a pationol league of
cattle interests for mutual good After
urging unanimity of notion he intro
duced Golonelt07 Cf Rainwater of St
Louis for temporary chairman On
motion of exbenator Dorsey of New
Mexico Delegate Thomas Sturgis of
Wyoming was made temporary secre
tary Mr Sturgis then read the call
issued in January last pursuant to
which the convention nut A heated
discussion ensuedj participated in by
Messrs Dorsey of New Mexico Curtis
of New York Judge Lindsay of Texas
and many others upon the resolution I
of General Curtis as to the method of
making Up committees on credentials
and permanent organization western
delegates contending for a representa
tive from each stock association and
eastern delegates for one delegate only
from each State
I The former finally prevailed by an
I overwhelming vote At this June ure the
chairman announced that Governor
Crittcndon and Mayor Ewing would ap
I pear before the convention and welcome
the delegates in behalf of the State of
Missouri and the city of St Louis The
gentlemen appeared with a military es
cort Governor Crittendon leaning on
the arm of General W T Sherman and
accompanied by his staff exGovernor
Thomas C Fletcher Colonel Meyers of
the State Guard and others Mayor
Ewing being first introduced thanKed
the delegates for the honor of selecting
St Louis is the place for the conven
tion and extended to all the hospitality
of the corporation Governor Critten
den followed adding his welcome to
that of Mr Ewing and speaking at
some length of the nature of the ques
tions to be discussed by the convention
Among other thing heBaid think
Congress should set aside public domain
sufficient for a national orinternati nal
trail from Red River on the north to
Red Rive on the sputh and wide
enough to accommodate 1000
000 cattle Now is the time
to memoralize Congress to that end tJ
He spoke also of the growing de
mand for meats throughout the world
of the necessity of proper breeding and
the adoption of conditions of existence
to each particular breed General Sher
man also responded and made a brief
address of a general nature He con
cluded as follows HI used to regret to
see thebuffalo elk and antelope disap
pearing from the plains and to see in
their stead a race of scrawny long
horned Texas cattle I tamosee
however It Was a decree of nature and
that you gentlemen have reared a race
of 20000000 fine breeding cSttleT which
supply the world with meat
The convention took recess till 3
oclock this afternoon An amusing
feature of the convention is the cowboy
band of Fort Dodge Kansas twenty
men strong and in full frontier costume
They played several selections during
this mornings session eliciting great
applause The leader wields in the place
of a baton his silver mounted derringer
nearly a foot long
The convention reassembled and
after accepting an invitation from the
Merchanfe Exchange and several other
public and private institutions to visit
them adjourned till 10 joclocktomwr
row morning when a permanent organ
ization will be effected andthe real work
begun S
t ThlnPeopl
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potence Sexual Debilty 1
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pnceatiit s
5 f T tEJ n illi9r
f S 1 Jh I
S St 1
Dho Carleton CompanysSuc
cess Last Night n
rollIhtR jcrfurmanre Incidents
and Experiences inthe Cali
fornia Engagement
S A night of mud slush and rain GOuld
sot deter thehost of Mr Carletons nfi
nirers from coming out in force last
evening to welcome his return to Bait
Lake The dress circle and parquette
were filled with a fashionable audience
and the galleries held their usual limited
opera representations In his advance
notices and upon his programmes last
evening Mr Carleton announced that
iw company would g ve Inn ideal per
onnance of the Maacotte Such in
every respect the representation proved
to be We have had Audrans charm
ing work given in Salt Lake several
times before both Alice Oaes and
Fay Templeton having essayed it With
with such a Bettina Pippo Rocco and
with such costumings however as
were given us last evening we might
almost say that we had seen the Mw
cotte for the first time certainly its
I fun capabilities and beauties were never
before so thoroughly understood
Carleton himself the instant he was I
seen received such a welcome as must I
have warmed his heart to hear the
hold he and one or two of his artists
lave taken upon our Salt Lake audi
ences ii little short of remarkable he
was applauded to the echo and in the
fatuous number of the opera the Gob
ble duetwith Miss Wiley he shared
round after round of boisterous ap
plause Not to Mr Carleton however
perfect as was his rendition of Pippo
does the hit of the night belong Golden
shot ahead of everyone else which
is saying a great deal when
it is remembered the kind of
people who were his competitors
he counts little or nothing as a singer
mtus an actor a comedian he stands
inapproache by any one in the com
pany and unrivalled by any one we
ever saw in similar parts HM make
up was in itself a hysteria and the hun
dred and one interpolations which r e
strung through the piece I kept the
audience in the most uproarions of con
ditions Golden is said to have made
his original hit in t11e part of Rocco
and when it is remembered that
Lorenzo was intended as the leading
comedy of the piece and think how far
he was left in the shade last evening we
can understand something Goldens
wonderful comic powers
Miss Wiley made a charming Bettina
as she does everything else
she shared the favors bestowed
upon Mr Carleton Adolphi was
funny in many respects but Iris
Dutch accent is out of place in Lorenzo
ilr Hatch we would like to say a good
word for but we fear he has gone be
yond recall Miss Bemidet as the Prin
cess answered the description of HcuteJJ
but it was too much for her risibles to
have to gothrough with the love pass
age with Mr Hatch
Carletons chorus is th ° feature of his
company in which he has great reason
to take pride Fresh voices pretty girl
shapely proportions and a ringing
background of male voices are seldom
met with snch plenhtude as in this
company The costuming was beyond
all terms of praise elegant The dresses
were all made in San Francisco specially
for this production and reflect great
credit upon the makers as well as upon
their designer who was Mr Carleton
The orchestra under Mr Intropidi
acquitted itself very creditably
Tonight we are to have ttomosfi
charmingof all the Carleton Companysi
worka we still adhere to this opinion
despite the success of Masc tteLa
Flue du Tambour Major
Jessie Bartlett Davis the contralto
and Mr Clark the basso neither
of whom appeared last evening will
again he brought forward in this pro
duction the previous announcement of
t e Merry War for tonight was an
error of Mr Carletons advance agent
Mr Carleton was greatly disappointed
and thrown out df his reckonings upon I
his arrival i town yesterday r to find a
telegram notifying him that the i
Academy of Music in Denver where he I
Vas to play next Monday and Tues
day nights was closed up pug
litigation and that he Png
get no opening at inDenver He ar
ranged after considerablejjgurin fofilTi
in these ten nights at some smaller
tqwns on the road greatly regretting i
that hewas unable to do so here iTo i
To a reporter Mr Carleton sted that
his success in San Francisco had ex
ceededall anticipations You can
have no ideaJ said he of the fright
fulv tremendous frenzy of eacitemeat
whc reigned down there during ele
tion week It eras absolutely not Safe
for people t go through the streets
I bound for tlifi theatre and when inthe
face of all this I had I jammed house
at mv benefit a week ago Friday night
I took th compliment as a haidsome
one I can assure ou
Mr Carleton iaa secured Mr Jay
Rial at present manager of the Bush
Street Theatre t < v take charge of his
business interests from December 1St
Mr Rials name is known throughout
the country as that of one of the oldest
theatrical men in the profession and in
him the Carleton Company have
secured a fitting representative
seur 3 itng enttve
Rongh on Couglis I I
Ask for J Rough on Conghs k for j I
Coughs Colds Sore Throat Hoarseness I
Troches 15c Liquid 25c I
Cut E ri the bias The guillotine A
3 Jpurnal T Km
Jhe cash system h a nobiU art
Merchant Traveler t
0 =
w 1 t
tGA iGJ I r
S The French havetnort4 aptured Tam4 hl b t i f I
sui as reported J j j 4 4
The S otrh crofters have resolved to I Ii I f t
submit to the au horitie 1 1 T
u BerniuUnMTnicy8 ITnionths colt S h t
trotted at Lexington Ky on Sunday 4 t
a mile In 239A S t
t Gen Gordon severely criticises Eng l 1
lands policy and military c i
y miltury arrange4 i
meats in Egypt I i H
The explosionof a dvnttmite bomMa n i
the lower court of fcjt rnburg Moravia t U t t l
On Sunday wrecked the building d
Seventyseven cholera deaths in Paris Ii
on Saturday and twentyone between Is S h
midnight and 6 pm on Sunday Isl PI t
TIe second solemn session of tLc 51 j
Plenary Council of the Cat C1 church i
in the United States was held in Baltimore tj
lore on Sunday t 1
Frank Farrell managing Minute I
Madden was marred to Miss Elsie if 3
Stout of San Francfreo at the Sher S f It
man House Chicago Sunday nighc t Li
S a Y
I Colorado ffo q 1t
DEUVEB Col November 17TIie 1 j t
ClarendonHotel Aspen Col has b 1
bhrned Supposed incendiary J I I t
loss is estimated at SllKOOS Insurance i i 5 d t
t j
l 75001 I j t
5 ftIj
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in Kalogzaphy Mathematics French
language and in Music Please call and
51 N First West or U S Strveyor
Generals Office
11 Dress M kiug1 Rooms 73 W Kimball I
Illbci up stairs A sure fit gunriiiteed 4
Paces according to the tisaea ladles eaU
aad hec
tl and improvements to
sible mane must give security t3itu
ated in 0uth Cottonwood John
I Holder
I D September > a Silver Watch Leave
at Williams A Youngs and be rewarded I
BRICK Summer Xltch Coal Sheds
Lot 7xJOj two bloeka north of Twentieth 5
Ward ileetin Hoase Apply at this office
S a
QUIT aBfii 10 15 22 ORGAN I
j 125 at Prof A Andres 43 East Sec
ond South Street
NEATLY 1 Mrs Langs Second r
South Street ogspoeite 13th Wardi School
t travel 5 to 10 per day no experience
required Call at So 25 E Fir SO St
ft ce u lid5pafl
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E I8iS t TflCO and 1RM at Tqg TJf 5tTTil lCOWlt
g room
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Lt poKer and corresponding clerk by a t
16dy of considerable experience with good 1
frefereQices Address AB HBBALD office
Also wantedA number of pupfl to study
8horth4d Evening or day classes ana r r
private lessonson reasonable terms Apply
ag aooY
MR sic > removed M First South street
second door east of St Marks church Og
I den visited Wednesdays and Saturdays
1i iiectsd ith Dr J K Van Aukin has re
moved to THE HERAij > Kew Building where 5 5
h0 is prepared to do all kinds of Dental work
Satisfaction guaranteed V
ci S f 5
51 poeile Wjilker House over Seabury K
hnsonff drug store Anesthetics given S
Telephone in office S
VT from all depots experienced drayman S
satisfaction guaranteed Stand Jenni gs
Sons and Xeinington Johnson A Co
I The Remington Ito j
I tirr I
to do the u
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penmen and 1 i
without se
rere 1abol i
T5set I
Itsuscisb tJ
censing 1
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ecessit l J
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ness and ri f
I poietouiiieu tt l 1
Sole Agents Ju1lC World 1 5 r 4t M
I 1M M nlSI V gol
Dw4th R I
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