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1 I t J 0 i ATiiH uJJ1 t il If nrYCIIJT E TWj 1 J f fdlllI b < J f E R j L r j f1 I 0 1 pi a 1 I
i ItT 1 f J J i J J
A l > 0 4kO1 I jT
A Koyal Welcome Chajir
J 4 I man Gorliaan
t Another Big Lake Death of a Forger
1 The Cowboys Convention
Tho franchise Bill
I Another BiJ Lake
QUEBEC November 1ST H Bignell
I Ii thb city who left in June last in
immand of the transport expedition
j tl Lake Mistassini has returned He
taken route
gives a few particulars en
The party with great difficulty reached
the provinces on the northern boundary
on a height of land They then crossed
ilto Ruperts Land and at a distance
ot 330 miles from Lake St John they
reached the southwestern extremity of
the great lake Uistassini He states
that the general trend of the lake as
far as known is from southwest to
southeast stretching away from Foam
Bay and a height of land in the south
west to an unknown distance towards
the east maul land and Labrador The
waters swarm with fish of all kinds and
fur bearing animals are abundant The
climate is agreeable and suitable for
agricultural purposes It is stated that
the Hudson Bay Company have had
their agency there for upward of 100
years but have held it a secret thata
i lake of such dimensions ever existed
It is supposedto be as largeas Lake
A Demonstration of Welcome
liviriMOKE November 1SA P Gor
man chairman of the exe utfve com
mittee of the national Democratic State
cntral committee of Maryland visited
the city this morning for the first time
4nce the close of the national campaign
Ioming from his home in Howard
ounty He was met at the Camden
station by several thousand citizens I
tonsisting of members of the ward and
other Democratic clubs and business I
men who formed a procession and es I
orted Gorman to the Democratic head
quarters Gorman with Mayor
Latrobe was seated in a carriage at the
head of the jiroce ion Four or five
t hands of music were in the line and I
irorn the station to Barnunis hotel the
Democratic leader was received with I
dicers and every demonstrationof wel
< ome
Illinois Legislature Democratic
CHICAGO November 18The Gook
ounty canvassing board today discovered
covered that the figures for State Sena I
tor in the second precinct of the Eighth i
Ward had been reversed those belong
ing to Brand Democrat having been
credited to Leman Republican and
ilce versa This elects Brand by ten
majority and gives the Democrats the
Legislature on joint ballot The Legis
lature is to choose a United States Sena
Mr to succeedGen Logan I
A Forger Dead
VanArsdalen a former member of the
bar who took a conspicuous part in the
Whittaker will conspiracy died in the
Easton Penitentiary yesterday from a
stroke of paralysisl He was sentenced
in 1SSO with his law partner William
R Dickerson to ten years imprison
ment for forging the will of Robert t
Whittaker who left an estate valued at
The Franchise Bill
LONDON November Conservatives
of both houses of Parliament held a
meeting today to consider the compro
t mise offered by government last night
with reference to the franchise bill
j After some discussion it was decided to
accept the proposals of government
jf They will agree to pass the franchise I
bill provided government will immedi I
i I ately produce a redistribution bill which
1 i is satisfactory to both parties I
J Increasing Duties 1
I PAKIS November ltThe tariff comj
initree of the Chamb of Deputies by I
a vote ofr 6 to 5has approved the prin
1 ciple of increasing the import duties on
corn and flour It resolved however to
confer with government regarding the
amount of the increase
9 The British Mission
j 1cI DOS November 1SThe World
j says The election of Cleveland in
volves th withdrawal of Minister
Lowell W H Hurlbertwill probably
be his successor
Still Jolly
I 1 SDIAXAPOUS November 18 He t
1 1 I iricks starts east this evening to attend
j the Democratic jollification atBrooklyn I
1 01 Thursday
j I
I lretty Women i
Lawhowi14qtain fresliiiessiLt J
vivacity J3onfc > Mil Ito try U l l
Health B8hewer
Young Men Keatl This i
Iich offer to send their celebrated
TRIC APPLIANCES on trial for thirty days
to men young or old afflicted with
nervous debility loss of vitality and
manhood ant rall kindred troubles
Alto for rheumatism neuralgia paraly
sis and many other diseases Complete j
restoration to health YJjor and man
hood guaranteed No riSK is incurred
as thirty days trial is allowed Write
them at once for ilhlsferated ilamphlet
I 1
JUail flatter
Thompson general superintendent of
the railway mail service has submitted
his annual report It appears that on
June 30th 1884 there were 117160 miles
of railroad upon which mails were car
ried as compared with seventveight
miles in 1834 During the last fiscal
year the increase was 6952 miles The
nuuber of railway postoffice lines in
operation Jjine 30 1884 was 845 The
annual miles of service were 92640099
The number of casualties during the
year was 154 in which seven postal
clerks were killed twentyeight seri
ously injured and sixty slightly
injured A recommendation fs >
made that the PostmasterGeneral be
authorized to pay the widow or minor
children of all cferks killed in the ser
vices a sum equal to qne years salary
of the grade to which the clerk belonged
at the time of his death An additional
appropriation of 81300 is recom
mended for the purpose of increasing
the salaries of clerks of class five and
four to 1400 and 1200 per annum
respectively During the year the fast
mail service has been greatly improved
without increase in cost tothe depart
ment It seems probable that the Post
masterGeneral will soon be able to
have the fast mail arrive at Omaha
much earlier than it now does and
haveitit is also hopedso that the mails
can be expedited so as to ztrrive in San
Francisco about 7 am instead of 1110
am as at present The city mail can
be delivered immediately upon arrival
in time to get replies for the eastbound
mail the same day which will be equal
to the saving of one day between New
York and San Francisco The separa
tion for city delivery in San Francisco
is now made on the cars
No Doubt About It
NEW YORK November lSYhen the
four suits brought by David < l Stewart
against Coils P Huntington involving
a large amount of money were called
for trial today before Judge Beach in
the Supreme Court an affidavit was
read from ex Senator Roscoe Conklin
counsel for the defendant setting forth
that he had been employed as counsel
by the Democratic party to
watch their interests at the canvass of
the Presidential votes and that there
fore he was unable to appear in the
suit and asked for a postponement un
til such time as he pould be present
Joseph H Choate counsel for plaintiff
argued against the postponement and
said there was no doubt as to who was
elected President
S The Cowboys Convention
ST Loris November 1SAt the
second days session of the national con
vention of cattle men Hon John Finn
was appointed sergeantatarm The
formal announcement then made
of members of committees on creden
tials permanent organization and reso i
lutions consisting of one delegate from
each association represented in the con
vention and one from each State and
Territory umbering in all over 100 to
each committee
The committees on credentials and
permanent organization being unabl to
report the convention adjourned till
Tanners Conention
ST Louis November ISThe Tan I
ners convention today received a re
port from the committee appointed to
prepare a memorial to the cattle mens
convention The report recommends
that the branding of cattle be done on i
the head neck or hip and not in the
promiscuous manner in vogue which so
greatly diminishes the value of hides
Asidefrom the appointment of a com
mittee on classification of hides the
convention did no other business It
was understood however that they will
organize a National Association of Tan
ners before they adjourn
France and China
LONDON November IS Detachments
of marines have been ordered to rein
force the British squadron in Chinese
It is expected the negotiations of the
British Secretary of State for Tonquin
affairs the French ambassador to Eng
land and the Chinese ambassador J will
shortly lead to a settlement of the
FrancoChinese dispute
P W GOEBEL Druggist of Louis
burg Kansas says hI have sold
PricKly Ash Bitters for five years and i
I have never handled a medicine which i
gave more satisfaction It is fast be
coming the family medicine of this sec
tion I have warranted dozens of
bottles and never had one returned
Frenchmen can properly be called
the Knights of the table They are I
good judges in all its refinements and
delicacies In order to stimulate the I
appetite and keep the digestive organs I
in good order they giye preeminence to
them be sure it is the genuine article i
manufactured by DrJ G 33 Siegert i
Sons v II I
What arethe desirablequalities in a
whisker dye 1 It must be convenient to
use easy to apply impossibleto rub off
elegant in appearance and cheap in
price Buckinghams Dye for the whis
kers unites in itself all these merits Try
For Cool Weather
We are now ready to supply you and
your boys with our handsome
Suits and Overcoats
Suits and Overcoats
Suitable for this season Our stock has
never before been so large our designs
are the handsomest ever seen and in
artistic fit and durable workmanship
we eclipse all competition Call early
and procure the choicest patterns
i Clothiers u
Bed Rock at last
KOB Atfew days i only we will sell
choice XXXX Flour at 190 per hun
What the Great Dere ted
Thinks Jie Knows
j < T
y S
A Frantic Waving ofrtlie < 7 I6Jly
Shirt Which Popple Have Heard
Until They Are Tired
Illaines Bleat
AUGUSTA Me November 18A large
number of devoted personal and pOliti
cal friends of Blaine serenaded him this
evening as an expression of personal
good will and admiration of his conduct
in the national campaign They
marched through the streets under the
marshalship of Colonel Frank Nye
When they reached Blames house their I
compliments and friendly regards were
expressed in a speech by Herbert M
Heath Esq of Kennebe Bar Blaine
responded as follows his speech being
continually interrupted by appause
S Friends and Neighbor The national
contest is over and by the narrowest of
margins we have lost I thank youjfor
your call which if not one of joyous
congratulations is one I am sure of
confidence and of sanguine hope for the
future I thank you for the public op
portunity you give me to express my
sense of obligation not only to you but
to all the Republicans of Maine They
responded to my nomination with gen
uine enthusiasm and ratified it by a
superb vote I count it as one of the
honors and ratifications of my public
career that the party in Maine after
struggling hard for the last six years
and twice in that periodlosingtheState
I has comeback in this campaign to the
oldfashioned 20000 plurality No other
expression of popular confidence and
esteem could equal that of the people
among whom I have lived for thirty
years and to whom I am attached bj
all the ties that ennoble human nature
and give joy and dignity to life After
Maine indeed along with Maine my
first thought is always of Pennsylvania
But the achievements for the Republi
can cause in the east are even surpassed
by the splendid victories in thd west In
that magnificent cordon of States that
stretches from the foothills
of the Alleghenies to the Golden
Gate of the Pacific beginning with Ohio
and ending with California the Re
publican banner was borne so loftily
that but a single State failed to join in
the wide acclaim of triumph Nor
should I do justice to my own feelings
if I failed to thank the Republicans of
the Empire State who encountered so
much discouragement and obstacles
I who fought foes from within and foes
from without and who waged so
strong a battle that the change of out
vote in every 2000 would have given us
victory in the nation Indeed the
change of a little more than 5000 votes
would have transferred New York
Indiana New Jersey and Connecticut
to the Republican standard and
would have made the north as
solid as the south My thanks would
I still be incomplete if I should fail to
recognize with special gratitude that
great body of woridngmen both native
and foreign born who gave me their
earnest support breaking from old per
sonal and party ties and finding in the
the principles which I represented in
the canvass the safeguard and protfeu I
tion of their own fireside interests The I
result of the election my friends will
be regarded in the future 1 think as ex
traordinary The northern States lear i
ing out the cities of New Yorkand I
Brooklyn from the count sustained I I
I the Republican cause by a majority of i
more than 400000 almost half a million
I indeed of the popular vote The cities of II
New York and Brooklyn threw their
great strength and influence with the 1
solid south and were the decisive clc1 I
ment which gave to that section the j I
control of the national government i
Speaking not at all as a defeated candi j i
date but simply as a loyal and devoted
American I think the transfer of the j I
political power of government to the j I
south is a great national misfortune j
Itis a misfortune because it introduces ian J i i
an element which cannot insure har j
mony and prosperity to the people I j
because it introduces into the Republic j I
the rule of a minority The first instinct j I
of an American is equality equality of i
right equality of privilege equality ofl t
that which
political power equality I
says to every citizen Your vote is i
just as good just as potential as the
vote of any other That cannot be I
said today in the United States The I I
course of affairs in the south has crushed j
out the political power of more than 6
000000 American citizensand trans
ferred it by violence to others Forty 1
two presidential electors are assigned to
the south on account of the colored j i
population and yet the colored popula I
tion with more than 1100000 Jeghl j
voters have been unable to choose I
single elector Even in those States
where they have a majority oT ihore I
than 100000 they are deprived of
free suffrage and their rights as citizens I
are scornfully trampled under foot I
The eleven States that comprised the
rebel confederacy hadby the census of j I
1880 7500000 white population and I
5300000 colored population The col I i
ored population almost to a man de
sire to support the Republican tmcty 1
but by a system of cruel intimi
dation and by violence and j
murder whenever violence and nuir
der are thought necessary they I
are absolutely deprived of all politic l
power If the outrage stopped there it
would be bad enough It does not stop
there for not only is the negro popula
tion disfranchised but the power which
rightfully and constitutionally belongs I
to them is transferred to the white pop 1
ulation enabling the white population i
of the south to exert an electoral influ
ence far beyond that executed by the i i
same number of white people in the I
north To illustrate just how it works
to the destruction of all fair elections I
let me present to you five States in the
late confederacy and five IoyalStates I
in the north possessing in each section
the same number of electoral vofes In I
the south the States of iouLdaua Miss
issippi Alabama Georgia and Soufh
Carolina have an aggregate of forty
eight electoral votes They have 2800
000 people and over 300000 colored peo
ple in thenorth the States of Wisconsin I
Minnesota Iowa Kansas and Califor
nia have likewise an aggregate of forty
eight electoral votes and they have a
white population of 5fXX000 or just
double the five southern States which I
have named These northern States
have practically no coloredpopulation
It is therefore evident that the white
men in those southern States by usurp
ing and absorbing the rights of colored
men ae exerting just double the poli
tical power of the white men in the
northern States I submit my
friends1ftliat such a conQition of affairs
is extraordinary unjust and derogatory
to the manhood of the north Even
those who are vindictively opposed to
negro suffrage will not deny that if the
Presidential electors are so assigned to
the south by reason of the negro popula
tion that population ought to be per
mitted free suffrage in the election To
deny that clear propoition is to affirm
that the southern white man in the Gulf
States is entitled to double tlc
political power of the northern
white man in the Lake States It
is to affirm that the Confederate
soldiers shall wield twice the influence
in the nation that the Union soldier
can and that perpetual and constantly
increasing superiority shall be conceded
to the southern white man in the
government election If that is to be
quietly conceded in this generation it
will harden into a custom until the
badge of inferiority will attach to the
northern white man as odiously as
ever Norman noble stamped it upon
Saxon churl This subject is of deep
interest to the laboring men of the
north With southern Democracy
triumphant in their States and in the
nation the negro will be compelled to
work for just uch ages as the whites
may decree wages which will amount
I I as did the supplies of the slaves to a
bare subsistence equal in cash perhaps
to 35c per day If this average
reaches over the entire south th
white laborer in the north will
soon feel the distinctive effect of this
upbn his own wages The Republicans
have clearly seen from the earliest days
of reconstruction that wages in the
south must be raised to a just recom I
pense of the laborer or the wages in the
north ruinously lowered and the party i
have steadily worked for the former re
I sult A reverse influence will now be
I set in motion and that condition of
affairs produced which years ago Mr
Lincoln warned the free laboring men
of the north will prove hostile to
their independence and will inevit 1
ably lead to a ruinous reduction
of wages The mere difference of color
of skin will not suffice to maintain an
entirely different standard in the wages
of contiguous and adjacent States and
voluntary will be compelled to yield to
the involuntary So completely have
the colored men in the south beenal
rcfuly deprived by the Democratic party
t of constitutional and legal right
as citizens of the United States that
I they regard the advent of that
I part to national power as a sig
nal of their enslavement and are
affrighted because they think all legal
I protection for them is pone Few per
bon in the north realize how completely
the rhiek > of the rebellion wield the
political power that has triumphed in
the late election It is a portentous
fact that the Democratic Senators who
I come from the States of fhe late ftonfed
I ericv aUand I mean all without a
single exception personally partici
pated in the rebellion against the na
j tional government It is a still more
I significant < fact that in those States
t no man who was loyal to the
Union no matter how strong
I a Democrat he may be today has the
r slightest chance of political promotion
One of the greatest claims to honor in
that section is the record of zealous
service in the war against the govern
ment It is certainly an astounding
fact that the section in which friend
ship for the Union in theday of its trial
and agony is still a political
disqualification should be called
now to rule over the Union All this 1
takes place during the lifetime of the i I
generation that fought in the war and I
elevates into practical command of the I
American government the identical 1
men who organized for its destruction
and plunged into the bloodiest con i
test of modern times I have spoken of t
the south as placed by the late election j
in possession of the government and I i i
mean all that my words imply The
south furnished nearly threefourths of
the electoral votes that defeated the Re
publican party J and they will step to
the command of the Democrateas un
challenged and as unrestrained as when 1
they held the same position for thirty i
years before the war Gentlemen I
I there cannot be political inequality j I
among citizens of a tree republic There
cannot be a minority of white men j I
in the south ruling a majority of white i I
men in the north Patriotism j
selfrespect pride protection for per
son as safely for the country all cry i j
our against it The very thought OfIt
stirs the blood of men who inherit
eqyalitj from the Pilgrims who first
stood on Plymouth Kock and from
i the libertyloving patriots who came
to Delaware with William Penn It
becomes the primal question of Ameri I
can manhood It demands a hearing i
and settlement and that settlement I
will vindicate the equality of American I
citizens in all personal and civil
I rights It will at least estab I
lish the equality of white men j I
the national
under government
I and will give to the northern man who i
fought to preserve the Union as large a j
voice in its government as may be ex j I
ercised by thesouthern man who fought I
to destroy the Union The contest jubt i
closed utterly dwarls the fortunes and I
fate of the candidates whether success
ful or unsuccessful purposely I may I
say instinctively I have discussed the
issues and consequences of that f
contest without reference to my
own defeat without the remotest I
reference to the gentleman who
is elevated to the Presidency t
Towards him personally I have no
cause for time slightest illWill and it is I
with cordiality that I express the wish
that his official career may prove grati I
fying to himself and beneficial to the
country and that his administration I
may overcome the embarrassments
which the peculiar source of its power1
imposes upon it from the hour of its
birth S J
f Ii I
Inside Facts of the Case
Against 1L11fki t
The Atteinpixto Sliow that Agrlcnl
ttiral Crops IVil h
on Alkali Flat
Another instance of how signally the
United rftatea Prosecuting Attorneys
sometimes fail to make out their cases
even with such engines as grand juries
to aid them in summoning witnesses
and delving things to the bottom and I
an instance of how both prosecution I
and Grand Jury maybe used to gratify
a personal spite especially if the objoct
of that spite be anything the shape of I
Mormonis found in tlie result of the i
recent case of the United States against
John T Lufkins Mr Lufkins was tried
for perjury His trial lasted two days
and tliD jury failed to agree seven mem
bers of it being of the opinion that lie
was innocent and five that he was guilty
The somewhat extraordinary charge
upon which Mr Lufkins was indicted i
was that he had sworn a certain piece of
land out on Alkali Flat over the Jor
dun river was a desert tract There
is hardly a sane man in the city whp
has traveled over that range but knows
that it is an expanse of land on which
sagebrush and greasewood alone
flourish and that rabbits and coyotes
Lave to shift to eke out an existence
upon it A HERALD reporter
who followed the course of the
trial and who listened to the
cloud of witnesses whose testi
mony broke down the prosecution
noticed that the case contained several
peculiar phases One was that each of
the Grand Jury brought on the stand to
testify for the prosecutian stated that
he had been accompanied to the land
and guided in his investigation by one
Charles Gilmore Another was that a
principal witness for the prosecution
was this same man Gilmore and still
another was that several witnesses
brought forward simply for the
purpose of impeaching the words of
Gilmore were at once muzzled by Mr
Yarian who said that Mr Gilmore was
not on trial The court sustaining the
j II prosecution nothing was adduced that
would throw any light on Mr Gilmores
I vivid interest in the matter At the
conclusion of the trial our reporter
I waited upon Mr Lufkins Mr George
Lufkins his stepfather Messrs Darke
j Kenner who ably managed the de
I tense and one or two others
I acquainted with the facts From
them it was learned that
Charles Gilmore lives near the land in
i question and was the chief witness
1 against Mr LufUns both before the
Grand Jury and at the trial Gilmore
i i owns some attle and horses and these
animals found a living on the land un
II til the middle of the summer and be
S ing close at hand they gave him no
I I trouble to herd them He desired to
I I have this land remain the property of
the government so that he could have
I the use of it free of rent and has said
that people have no business to come
I near hum taking up his range and he
has also boasted to Mr Lufkins that
j i gentleman states that he would allow
no man to prove up on the land near
I him In tact he has done his best to
j j I keep out settlers tnd being of a violent
disposition Mr Geo Lufkins states lie
S has inaugurated a reign of terror over
j Jordan on a small scale and many of
his neighbors are afraid to testify
against him He admitted on the wit
ness stand having prevented people
from driving their sheep over this land I
he was not going to have sheep near
him he said and according to Mr
Lufkins and others he has frequently
drawn firearms upon little or no pro
A good many other instances of Mr
Gilmores peculiar bent of temper were
furnished us but they are not needed in
the present article All whom we con
versed with however were of the
opinion that the Grand Jury and the
prosecution had been used as tools
to gratify the personal spite of one indi
vidual and the more readily that the
persons he aimed to convict were Mor
mons Gilmore himself will be remem
bered as fhe apostateMormon who sat
on the Clawson jury and whom Mr
Bennett made an ineffectual effort to
challenge off It is whispered that he
himself will be the next to figure in the J
court annals a number of his neigh i
bors having ample material for a
capital case againsj him
One of the Upns J
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5 5
Mexican Uprising
1 M I
MExico November 18 via Galvestonu
Great excitement prevails here over Ii i
the question of the conversion of the r 11
English debt Knots of people gather l l f
at the street corners to discuss the mat t i i i
ters Rumors prevail that the billpro J 1
viding for the conversion will be with Ii
drawn or defeated The opponents of
the bill claim that the issue of 2500 I t
000 authorized over and above the
amount to be devoted to theconversion j
is a grand steal and that Mexico will r
be unable to meet the interest Crowds I
gathered in the streets last night shout t
ing Death to Gonzales the outgoing S j
President Although the crowd were S J
unarmed they were needlessly fired S
upon by the soldiers and a few persons 1
were killed or wounded The crowd jl
front of the hou e of General Diaz the jll
incoming President called for him to I l i I
appear and state his position but he
made no response l
Jubilant Virginians 1 f1
RICHMOND Va November 18
Great jubilee in celebration of t
the election of Cleveland and Hen I r j i
dricks began at sunrise when t
the city was awakened bv the booming S 4 t t f
of artillery A grand salute of 219 i
guns was iired At 1 oclock for half l
an hour the air was filled with the din i I
of shrieking steam whistles from the I I L 1
locomotives and engines of the manu l l 1i i
facturing establishments blowing of tin if
i L horns and ringing of bells The busi l i
j ness houses and residences on the i t
j principal streets generally were deco
rated The streets were filled with > j i
j thousands of strangers business was
virtually suspended for the day A i f
I grand parade tonight 6 S
Nevada Returns i
VIRGINIA Nev November IS1 The J
I complete unofficial returns from four jL
I teen counties of Nevada show thefol l H
I lowing majorities Elaine 1661 Wood J
burn Republican for Congrcss858
Hawley Republican for supreme i
I i judge 990 4Jhi
I 1n W
Up in armsThe squalling infant at
i I midnightN Y Journal I
f f 1 I
i I I
l j
JL handlin our Holiday Goods
P P CotniBR
21S S Main Street up stairs
I r 1 Choice iture Will pay SOc per
copy leave at Tnt HEKiLb office
I A Salt Lake City that will winter a dozen
horses Must be well fenced Wanted on
I reasonable lease for lour or five months 1
Address C HEISALD Office J
i 1 open a course for German scholars 1 S
i ill Kalography Mathematics French
i language and in Music Please call and
f 51 X First West or U S Strveyor S
Generals Office
I ill Dress Making Rooms 73 W Kimball
I Block up stairs A sure fit guaranteed
I Prices according to the times Ladies call
j andee
pee I
us and improvements to respon
I sible man must give security Situ
ated in South Cottonwood John
fl r
I D Pantry Summer Kitchen Coal Sheds
Lot 7x10 two blocks north of Twentieth
I Ward Meeting House Apply at this office
i pHEAP GUITARS fi 10 15 122 ORGAN
1 U 125 at Prof A Andres Languages and 4
1 Music 4J East Second South Street
IN Reasonable Mrs Langs 138 Second
South Street opposite 13th Ward School
I house 5
OL travel s io10 per day no experience I
required Call at No 25 E First South St
Office hours 1 to 5pm
JL 1878 lK and 1862 at THE HERALD count
lug room
ijfi sic removed to First South street
second door cart of St Marks church Og
den visited Wednesdays and Saturdays 4
if nected with Ur J It
Van Aukin has re
moved to THE HBiULnUew Building where
heis prepared to do all kinds of Dentalwork
Satisfaction guaranteed S
u Walker 5
posite House over Seabury
Johnsons drug store Anesthetics given
Telephone in office
U from all depots experienced drayman
satisfaction guaranteed Stand Jennings < t
Sons and Remington Johnson A Cd
The Remington
Wan anted
to do the
work of
mree expert
penmen and
without se
vere labor
Ite use Isbe
coming 9
= necessity
with tfhsf I
n e 511
ofessionalmen and k
Hole Agents lor the World S
31 radi ou rCtt Uhcago

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