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VOL XV t r T I f t TTTr < fJf SAM j > LAKE CITY UTAH TUESDAY t JANUAE v11 j 27 1885 flj Jy NO 198 j
< o <
I LOllkill Over the Effects of
tIle Explosion
1 T
A 8URlect with a Number of
lh50J Held in Custody
Cr the Crime
The Blowup
f > NON January 25 The west end
t W fuiiitcr Hall is full of wreckage
casetl uy yesterdays explosion The
dctrur on of tbe magnificent stained
iuo the end of the hall is greatly
jimenlP < l lG 1 > believed one of tne
conspi ators entered the crypt passing
policeman at the entrance and de
josM i an infeiiil inacninc at the bot
f0n r tlie s > triM The policeman re
moveJ the parcel which exploded
UJkirgt hole in the floor three feet in
duia fr twisting the iron railings and
< ashing the iron and lead work of all
the windows in the hall The police
mans hair was singed and his face
burnt J j his clothing was torn from his
bo hv the force of the explosion j he
js still ihve but no hope is entertained
for 1m recovery The man and woman
who move from the Parliament
buildis immediately before the
eiplo < ion and who were ar
reiUl on suspicion have been
liberiii > cd the evidence being insufficient
to hul1 them The foundation of the
bail U i uninjured but the roof is badly
damaged The bases of the statue of
William IV and George IV which were
overturned are greatly injured
An inspection of the Parliament build
ings today showed that excepting the
beaut f > l window overlooking the stair
case ttau south end of Westminster
Hall carcclv a pane of glass escaped de
strucfT The foundations of the build
ings w ere sadly shaken j the roof of the
crypt in spite of its massive strength
was gi eatlv damaged rifts being visible
here 11 d there The floor cf the House
of O mmons presents a strange spec
tace being covered with heap of mas
sive fragments < i the elaborately carved
oaken wall behind the seats beneath the
allcv was completely thrown down
Tho flooring or the strangers and
SpcaKcr3 galleries is so torn up that it is
deemcl unsafe to venture across
The peers gallery suffered the
most damage The side gal
leries and reporters gallery were not
injured The parcel which caused the
fir explosion was wrapped in a brown
cloth and was two feot long by one
foot wide A gentleman complains that
the shock of the explosion broke one
of hi blood vessels
Tut Queen sent a telegram today in
iniriag as to the condition of the in
jured policemen Cox and Cole A re
ply was sent stating that both were pro
gressing favorably
The greatest indignation prevails
throughout the provinces The explo
sion were referred to and de
nounced in all the churches today
Air C S Read member of the House
nt rirrntnns fnrTiv insnpnfprl tliR 1n
t alitv of the explosion in the Parlia
ment building and says the damage is
immense > e It wilt take months to re
pair the injury Thousands visited the
cenetoday but were not allowed to
enter the building Temporary repairs
Jiave been ordered to allow the House
of Commons to meet on February 19th
trict regulations in regard to the ad
mission of visitors have been ordered
10 be tiken in future The policemen
who were on duty at the entrance to
the P irliament building on Saturday
state that they examined the parcels of
Ill viltlrs that day without discover
ing an j thing ot a susnicious character
and that nobody carrying a parcel like
the one described las containing the ex
plowe wa seen to enter the building
Udy Erskine and her children had a
narrow escipe from injury They were
lunching in the Deputy Sergeantat
nrss dining room which is situated in
it Stephens the porch door of the
room Va burst open by the force of the
eplo lon and the centre panel of I
another i100r was shattered a man
< oervant was W9wn across the room and
children Were greatlv terrified The
ntmost Precautions are being taken to
protect public tidings especially
feovernmcnt offices then general post
office central telegraph office and rail
Oa statIons SUSIJicious travelers are
narr1wly watched Search JJarties to
day 1I1specCed all public buildmgs from
bas top I bottom t The press association
informed government that it has
reeel v d a letter inclosing a plan of
perations contemplated by dynamiters
tnu famishing rin > nnt n of active
4 JlbeU m uescriptions j
memberspi thedynaurifc factioiiSeveral
important buildings which had hitherto
eseapcil were according to the above
mentioned letter includedin the scheme
Ii destruction Steamers arriving at
British ports are subjected to minute I
tinr 3rh iit order to prevent the importa I
win 01
into the kingdom
burg earners arc especially
One wan was arrested todav in con
I auuoni with the explosion at the Tower
of v Lmdon ue was taken to Scotland
Yard and examined and will probably be
barged at Bow street police court to
morrow The opinion is generally
jes ed that the time has arrived to put
a preure upon the United States gov
iiniejit to stop the operations of the
jMiiutcrs Among the visitors to the
larlniuent buildings today were the
Ii lanjuiM of Lome and Princess Louise
Ie > Ji < d Cambridge Marquis of
narungton and several other cabinet
I uu ttr > and numerous members of
Jiiouoof Commons Cox and Cole
d < Ij KMiijcri poicemen hitve recovered
nr eI to make a statement It is I
tI 1 11 1 the police found near the
pot wh the first explosion occurred
I ar ile ot a peculiar nature which I
tley Illdle to describe It h believed
tat Ute thi rticle will furnish a clue to I
RaysOI guilt persons Inspector Denning
berall ieanng I the second explosion
the ZT tile spot und SaW not IL soul m I
by place > Tho entrance was blocked j
I I ulnl debris > Ite notced a small parcel of i
< ole ph r and gunpowder Cox and
It IS behevcu furnished certain
Ieripgll wliid will lead to inquiries
that may result in the discovery of the
authors of the outrage Colonel
ilajendie today made an inspection
of the explosion at the tower of London i
as well as the chaos would permit The
Martini rifles which had been hurled
from their stands remained in confused
heap on the floor and rendered im
possible a near approach to the exact
spot where the explosion occurred The
scene will be photographed tomorrow
Colonel llajendie says he is satisfied
that dynamite was used to cause the
explosion He says about four or five
pounds of explosive property com
pressed would only measure four or five
cubic inches and could easily be con
cealed in an overcoat pocket or in the
folds of a womans dress The tower
officials believe a woman deposited the
dynamite in the building The police
sometime ago had reason to believe a
woman was constantly passing back
and forth between America and Eng
land for the purpose of importing dyna
mite She was frequently watched but
evidence sufficient to warrant her arrest
was never obtained
The Canon of the Catholic cathedral
I at Plymouth in his sermon today de
nounced the London outrages yester
day as the work of American emissaries
It is learned that the mysterious
Irishman who is described by the police
as Cunningham alias Dalton alias Gil
bert and who was arrested at the tower
yesterday on suspicion of having been
concerned in the explosion at that lace
has not been released He is still de
tained in Whitechapel police station
The guard in front of the station was
doubled in consequence of the gathering
of an enormous crowd of excited citi I
zens in Leman street in the vicinity of I
the station Loud curses and ominous
threats are continually heard and there
is no doubt that a desperate attempt
would be made to lynch the prisoner
if it were not for the presence of the
police and military Cunningham will
hr nrrniomorl nf flip nnlini pntirf in
1 < > r
Vhitechapel road tomorrow morning
An American traveler name un
known was in the train of the North
I western railway going from London to
Liverpool yesterday when an excited
discussion arose over Americas res
ponsibility for the dynamite explosions
The opinion was freely expressed that
the United States was greatly to blame
for harboring such men as ODonovan
Rossa The American defended his
country in vigorous language and was
attacked by a crowd of passengers The
American drew a revolver and kept his
assailants at bay until the train reached
Chester where he jumped from the car
riage and escaped
Tne explosion yesterday caused the
greatest excitement in Berlin Vienna
Rome and Paris
The News says editorially The dam
age to Parliament buildings by the ex
plosion is so slight as compared with
what was intended that the attempt
may be looked upon as a failure The
choosing of Saturday when the place
Was filled with innooont sightseers is
evidence of diabolic cruelty There can
be no doubt that the dynamiters if
caught can be lawfully hanged on the
ground of high treason in levying war
against their sovereign It becomes a
serious question whether England will
not join with Russia and Prussia in an
extradition treaty Even in America
where the greatest jealousy in relation
to suih a question has always existed
steps have been taken in the right direc
LONDON January 26 Officer Cole had
several ribs broken and Officer Cox is
suffering from concussion of the brain
It is estimated that 100 persons were
in the Parliament building at the time
of the explosion Of the three clocks
in the lobby the hands of one over the
entrance of the House of Commons
were blown out completely the one on
the left side was stopped and the third
on the right side was uninjured Some
of the windows in Westminster Hall
were blown bodily away while others
were riddled as with shot The only
atom of consolation to he found is in the
fact that several stained windows sur
vived the ordeal tolerably well None
of the statues of the Stuart monarchs
was injured Several minor disasters
occurred in the poets corner chiefly
tiie breaking of glass At vesper service
in Westminister Abbey constables gave
heartfelt thanks to Grpd for the preser
vation of their lives in the dangers of
Saturday I
The man arrested on suspicion in
connection with the explosion at the
tower of London is described as an
IrishAmerican He gave his correct
address he had lodged some months in
the vicinity of the tower The man had
7 in gold in his pockets he gave his
name as Collingham with the aliases
Gilbert and Dalton
The explosive force found vent at the
roof of the tower blowing out the sky
light of thick plate glass
The explosion wrenched off the Irish
harp which forms part of the orna
mental work on the panels of Parlia
T n 1 n 1n 1 iI f
lUIU lluut > uu v p uUl1
the seat of a Parnellite member
Mr Fosters seat was ripped
up Of the god letters U R on the
desk opposite Gladstones seat the
U was torn away It is now known
that threefourths of the glass roof of
the chamber had been removed pre
vious to the explosion There is much
rejoicing over the fact that the down
ward force of the dynamite failed to
reach the gas metre of the House of
Commons which is directly below the
ventilating chamber The latter was
badly damaged The latest inspection
shows the damage to have been much
greater than at first reported Half the
length of the front opposition bench
was torn away The magnificent
window in the > smith nf St Hecrners
porch can be restored complete copies
of the designs having been preserved
Commenting on the dynamite explo
sions the Daily Telegraph says Eng
land cannot expect the United States to
help in the extermination of dynamiters
while the English government is afraid
to handle Parnell
The Standard says England cannot I
lose Ireland notwithstanding all efforts
of dynamiters Independent Ireland
would threaten British security every
day Theee are not the deeds of an
Emmet or a Fitzgerald
The excitement and anjjpr cntindled
by the dynamite espl > lOllS still con
tinue A rumor was current last even
ing and this morning that Cunningham
who was arrested at the tower would
I have a hearing at the Thames Police
Court The report caused the court and
streets in the vicinity to be crowded
I with excited citizens Extra police
where placed on duty to keep order
The feeling against Cunningham is
bitter If the crowd once got hands on
him he would be lynched Shortly
after noon it was lear d that detectives
have arrested another man in connec
tion with the explosions and he and
Cunningham will be arraigned together
at Bow street Police Court People in
the vicinity of the Thames court
then left in the direction of
Bow street court The letter received
by the police yesterday is now believed
to be a very important document In
addition to the other valuable informa
tion it states that St Pauls Cathedral
and the office of the Daily Telegraph are
among the buildings which the dynam
iters will blow up Westminster Hall
and the tower are closed today to
everyone except government officials
engaged in inspecting the structures
Many persons carrying parcels on the
streets today have been slopped by the
police and the parcels examined The
approaches to all public buildings were
rigidly guarded Nobody is allowed to
enter without submitting to the closest
scrutiny The tower and Parliament
houses are surrounded with sentries
Colonel AInjendicis minutely examining
the scenes of the explosions Immense
crowds of people are attracted to the
vicinity of the tower and Westminster
The two policemen injured by the ex
plosion in Westminster Hall are making
favorable progress Hope is entertained
for their recovery The Irish newspa
pers denounce the outrages in vigorous
Freemans Journal says Only one
feeling prevails throughout Ireland re
garding die fiendish crimes and that is
deep and earnest sympathy with those
injured no less than an earnest wish
that the diabolical authors will bo
brought to justice Any man with the
touch of human feeling must regret the
escape of the miscreants
The police have arrested another man
oh suspicion of coiriplicity in Saturdays
Cunningham was conveyed to Bow
street police court today by a strong
guard of police charged on the sus
picion of complicity in the explosion of
the Tower of London The prisoner is
25 years of age medium height dark
hair and eyes sharp features and sinis
ter expression He smilingly surveyed
the court and crowd which congregated
within to get a glimpse of the alleged
dynamiter Inspector Abberline de
posed that he examined the prisoner at
the tower that he the prisoner was
confused and gave contradictory an
swers to the questions propounded to
the prisoner The inspector said he
first gave a wrong address as to his
place of abode then he stated that he
lived in Scarboro street Whitechapel
worked in the docks at Liverpool until
the beginning of the year when he
came to London to try to better him
self He formerly resided in America
made vovnges on the steamship Adri j
atic of the White Star Line The in
spector further deposeff that the i
prisoner was knawn at his lodgings in
hitechapel as Dalton I
Cunningham arrested on Saturday
is still in custody A box and bag be
longing to the prisoner have been
seized by the police The contents have
not yet been made known Inquiry by
telegraph revealed the fact that Cun
ningham was unknown at the alleged
lodgings at Liverpool The proprietor
of the house there said that he could
remember no such a one described as 1
Cunningham The prisoners hands i I
are horny indicating that he is used to i
hard work In speaking he has a 1
strong IrishAmerican accent He ad
mitted that the constable was correct in
his deposition but refused to say any
thing Further He was remanded until
LONDON January 20 Official esti
mates made by government inspectors
place the amount of pecuniary dama
ges wrought by the explosion ih West
minster Hall the House of Commons
and the tower at 700000
220 p mIt is reported that the
police have discovered an important
clue which they are following with the
utmost diligence Already eight men
are under surveillance It is rumored
that several arrests will be made this
afternoon Special precautions have
been taken for the protection of the
stock exchange and the new law courts
against dynamite attacks
The examination of Cunningham
tended to convince the police that they
had secured the prisoner who had
guilty knowledge of Saturdays crimes
It was proven that Cunningham was a
native of Cork that he lived at least
five years in the United States and had
arrived in England during last autumn
he came directly from New York His
pretense that he was an Englishman
was well carried out for a few hours
after his arrest his appearance favoring
it and liis drawling stammer being pe
culiarly Cockneyish but in the excite
ment under tha close crosvexarnina
tion of the court he forgot himself for a
moment and spoke rapidly and dis
tinctly as an elocutionist and clearly
demonstrated his Cockneyism was a
clever piece of dissimulation It was
shown that the prisoner had been known
in Whiteshapef as Dalton His state
ment that he lived in Liverpool was
entirely disproved
LONDON January 20 When Cunning
ham was first placed under arrest ho
declined to give his address Being
pressed he gave several addrctses to
different questions each of these wi
visited by the detectives The result
was the discovery of a suspicious box
and bag at a number given by tho
prisoner as his plare of residence in
Scarboro street Whitechapel
The PaU Moll Gorctte publishes an
article in which it says that it javrvrls
at the fright and Hurry exhibitPtl by the
morning papers when the whole
damage caused by all the dynamite
outrages amounts to less than
10000 sterling and no loss of
life has been occasioned by them
The Gazette says It is both
undignified and foolish to scream
about America If ODonovan Rossa
was hanged tomorrow and the collec
tion of money for a skirmishing fund
made a criminal offense it would fail to
stop the outrages It instances Russia
and Germany where notwithstanding
the silencing of speech and papers the
outrnges cannot beBtopped Ve must
keen cool heads > it savs strengthen
the police force j sharpen the wits of the
detectives and punish heavily the as
sassins and those who aid them Vc
must discriminate Tbetween social and
political reforms by legal agitation
The St James Gazette speaks in a
similar strain It advises a modified
suspension of the Jialeas corpus act
Notice was issued by the police
authorities asking all the visitors to the
Parliament building Satnrdav to give
the police any possible information re
garding the man and woman seen in the
building that afternoon under sus
picious circumstances The woman is
believed to have carried the dynamite
under her cloak The notice givtS the
following personal description The
man age 35 to 40 years height 5 feet 10
inches sallow complexion chin shaved
air whiskers and mustache rather pug
nose wore a long brown overcoat I
dark trousers and biliycoek hat I i
Woman age 40 years hort stature
sallow complexion wore a dark dress
and sealskin or uitation sealskin
Fifteen detectives arrived at Dover
from London at midnightlast night
Several of them have since departed for
various railways to keep a lookout for
suspicious persons that may have taken
part in the London outrages Two of
them are in close consultation with the
French detectives Keys were found in
the posscsion of Prisoner Cunningham
which exactly fitted in the door of the
residence in Whitechapel It is
claimed by him as his place of abode
There were also found keys which fitted
in the lock of the suspicious hag and
box Cunningham is onlv suspect
now in custody
It is now known that the infernal
machines used to cause the disasters
were ignited by sulphuric acid which
worked through the cotton wool and
ate away the cap beneath The process
occupied twenty minutes time and
this allowed the xonspirators to escape
before the explosion took place
Otncial notice is posted at the
entrances to the law courts empowering
thft r nlinn I tr < ipnrr > > i nmr V or n j7i
before the hearer thereof shall be C
lowed to enter
The police behtve that the arrest of
Cunningham is very important and
hope to be able to establish his connec
tion with the dynamiters in America
The police of Liverpool are unable to
trace his antecedents and it is believed
he never resided in Liverpool
The Queen has summoned the con
troller of the royal household to the
Osborne House the Queens residence
on the Isle of Wight to describe to her
the nature and extent of Saturdays
disasters in London
In the council chamber of
the Tower of London whole
cases made of plate glass
a quarter of an inch thick and contain
ing armor were shattered by the force
of the explosion The wall against
which the dynamite was placed is six
teen feet thick notwithstanding which
plastering on the opposite bide of the
wall for a radius f several feet was
shaken to the floor leaving the side
walk bare Several good photos of ihi
errectr ur the explosion have been se
Special detectives are detailed to
watch all outgoing steamers and
especially steamers for America All
vessels are strictly searched
It is reported that Cunningham has
made an important revelation in con I
sequence of which all trains leaving
London for seaport towns are acrom i
panied by detectives I
Tho Capitol Fire
WASHINGTON January 2QThe first I
discovery that a fire was in progress
was that a few large sparks were ecu I
to fall upon the floor of the House from
the roof above which in a moment in
creased to quite a shower A few Repre I
sentatives were in the hall and the I i
officers and pages rushed fpr the doors j I
and for a moment they seemed to expect
an explosion and see a repetition of Satur I
days scene in the British Houses of
Parliament There was no water and i
no way of getting at the fire except up
i the steps and the narrow iron staircase I
running three stories upon which two
men cannot pass each other After
somtj delay however buckets of water
were passed up and what came
dangerously near being a serious con
flagration was averted
In tho room to which the fire was
confined were stored the records of the
first session of Congress with all the
original reports of committees of the
proceedings of the House and reports
of the various b ads of the departments
including some valuable reports dated
1790 The close proximity of the
fire to thes6 volumes rendered
it most miraculous that they
were not burned They would never
have been replaced and their loss would
have been a great misfortune Mem
bers of Congress expressed surprise and
iineafincss that there should be such a
lack of means for extinguishing u tire
breaking out in this way The fire is
supposed to have been started by elec
tricity as a number ot wires used in
lighting the hall pass the point where
the fire began
Insane Murdrdss nnil Suicide
CIXCIKX ATI Ohio January 25 About
noon today a terrible tragedy too
place in Newport Ky Jlrs Carrie L
Winslow choked her son sevenyear
1 old to death beat her 10yearold
I daughter so seerel with a baseball
i i club that it is believed her injuries ar
I fatal and then cut her own throat with
a razr producing speedy death Mr >
i Window was 32 years old She wa
iVing with her brother and his family
at theporner of York andTaylorstreeU
i New ort She and her husband Geo
C Winslow have been separated for
I I several ycrrs he living at present at
I Lewitton New York A few mouth
1 n oSMl Winslow returned from a s
joutnih u sanitarium for treatment f r
US lt
I Burned at Sea
I Bxs Frarrcisco January 26Tb
JJritlsh bark Gvwden Laic from England
for San Frajichco i burned at sea four
hundred and fifty miles south of here
on January 10th The captain and
crew were pScked up by tho French ban
T eofold and Marie which arrived tin
EXT white illuminating oil is
charpestbecauie ifcwill not consume sc
I fast Buy it at 0 F Culmer Bro
Tiro Senate
WASULIGTON January 2U Bayards
resolution after a sharp debate Riddle
berger only taking an opposite view
was adopted 63 to 1
Hiddleberger declared there was an
open state of watbetveen certain of the
Irish race and England He read an
account of an assault on America in
Ingalls said the feeling was prevalent
that England would endeavor lo bring
some pressure upon America rowing
out of Saturdays happening Jlewonld
vote for the resolution not as an apoJ
ogy not as an expression of sympathy
but as an expression of abhorrence for
such crimes
Hoar and Hawley tpoke iu the same
The resolution as agreed to is as fol
Resolved That the Senate of the
Uniied States has heard with indigna
tion and profound sorrow of the at
tempt to destroy the Houses of ParllaJ
mentand otherpublic Luildings in Lon
don and to imperil the lives of hmo
cent and unsuspecting persons and
hereby expresses its horror and detesta
tion of such monstrous crimes against
The Senate paosed the bill to quiet and
confirm the title to certain hinds in
Saginaw Bay Michigan The bill in
volves certain accretions and marsh
lands in respect to which there are no
conflicting claims
The House
Wise introduced a resolution calling on
the Secretary of the Navy for a report
of the orders under which the Talta
poosa was cruising at the time she left
Washington and what places she
visited up to the time of the collision
By Sumner of California a resolu
tion rec ting fhat the CaliforniaOregon
llailway Company has failed to com
plete its road within the time limited by
the granite act notwithstanding
this fact it had been brought to his at
tention that the President had ap
pointed a commission to examine and
report on said line of road and request
ing the President to inform the House
of the reasons which impelled him to
appoint the commission
Forney from the committee on ap
propriations reported the army dppro
priation bill Referred to the committee
of the whole It provides an appropria
tion of 21429053 the estimates
I r1lo 1h1 it
nninnnfar to S9fi110490 A hill annro
priating G000 to enable the commis
sioners of the District of Columbia to
maintain public order during the
ceremonies attending the inauguration
of the President was passed
The House then went into committee
of the whole Springer in the chair on
the District of Columbia appropriation
At 230 the committee rose and re
ported the bill to the House but no
definite action wis taken
The Hense proceeded with the con
sideration of the resolutions expressive
of the regret of the House at the death
of Duncan pf Pennsylvania
Adjourned j I
An Export Thief NabTjeil
NEW Yom January 25Ruf
Miner alia Charles Stewart alias
Pine alu i Gus Rogers was arrested in
the National City Dank Brooklyn this
afternoon He had taken a place in the
line of depositors but dropped out as
he came near the tellers window as he
He wig locked
had nothing to deposit
Miner has I
up on a charge of lounging
II been wanted for two years He is an
expert hank thief is believed to have I
II stolen 120000 in money and securities
from the Baltimore bank to have
I robbed the railway depot in Phi adelI
phia of 71000 and to have robbed the
I government office in the latter city
I The Oregon Ssenatorsltip
i POUTUND Oregon January 26Tbc
I first ballot for United States Senator will
take place tomorrow afternoon No
I caucus will be held by the Republicans
as each of the stronger candidates is
I afraid of a bolt hence there will be a
free fight round Solomon Hirsch of
I Portland is generally conceded to be
the strongest eandidatebut this strength
1 may contribute toward defeat as the
I weaker candidates are likely to combine
against him
Anxiety for Stouart
Cvino January 26 8 aU1Ro news
from the front regarding Gen Stewart
but many unfounded rumors are afloat
I The anxiety as to the safety of his force
increases hourly
In England there is great anxiety
t concerning General Stewart and his
I army from whom no news has been re
i i ceived since the 17th
I A railway collision at Brussels on
Sunday injured twenty persons some
I General Nelson A Miles will nslc that
1 i Captain P H Ray be detailed to ex
tplore the Yukon River and adjacent
country Alaska k
I In France on Sunday fortyeight Ro
i publicans and twelve conservatives wero
elected Senators
I The Chinese governor of Kashgar is
I about to proceed to the scene of the
j FrancoChinese operations
i Italy has accepted the principle of the
1 French proposals regarding Egypt
The Unite Stateshaadvmced lnims
j 19 land in the Fiji Islmil in behalf of its
I i citizens who settled them before the an
i nexation by the British
The snowfall in Ute Italian Alps is tb
1 heaviest known It is estimated that
WO lives have been lost by avalanches
I BOSTON January 20 The leading
clearing housts of the United States re
I port that the cleaiauces for the week
i ended January 24 were KM1548I921 a
Decrease of 274 per cent
p II
EC B ClaWJonM reMdence Twelfth i
Ward anu vic ityof the Kngle Gafet3 low i
cut hiffh lice ladys slipper I ilioturn to ad t
dress given F if
Itl i
lelt shoulder Ihe fin er vill be snit
ably rerard bleavingh t SlUDuel il jJ
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g j
XX hard rubber finish pocket size By
eavJiig Jt at this office the Under will bo1e j
warded I
JOi Secondhand Store 324 South Main
Street opposite St Junes Hotel has
control of 10000 to bur Second hand Houy
hold Furniture When you want to sclU
leave orders or drop a line topostoffice lie
trades la everj thlug I
business portion of city Address I
Hoarder this ofhce I
volumes of the Dcscrtt WceUy Ahoy I j
Emm the First to the Fourteenth volumes
InclUsive The bct HISTORY OP UTAH for U t
the first fourteen years of her Territorial I
existence can be found in her orthodox
w g
publication < ELI B KELSEY I J
Real Estate and Loin Agent No 25 and 27 II
E First South Street Ii
I 1
Weber Coal ft Watson Bros tit AL
VillIims old stand next door south of f
Barratt Bros furniture store Telcohonein I
office A L Williams number
residence a notebook codtainins sten
ographic notes marked on cover Third
District Court withdafeof filing Above II
reward will be paid on return 01 same lo I I
L has moved to Market Row GGW First It
South street Would be pleased to have the
patronage friends and general public
securities on property situated In Salt
Lake Cliy in sums of not less than 1000
I can also loan 10000 on good real estate
security in this city In sums of J100 and up
wards The interest moderate for the times
Real Estate nndLoau AgentNos25 and
27 E First South street
PO Box 363 1
N B I have Dot quit business nor ns
s > Iqned m > license but am j et upon the I r t
quajtcjdeckatsffoJtLatanJ EB1 > I
e retail dencr in rrnlt uul Vegetables es
tablished in JS7 Grout experience in the f
Shipping Trade Iiciflo Fruit Market 52U
and o31 Merchant btteet San Francisco
stairs Prilicu iloiel Office hours from j I
H to 11 am i Ui 0 pm Consultations free Ij rl
from 8 to 10
Ili ic removed tn 1iiM I South street
second door eait of St Marks church Og
den failed Wedutednya and Sntnrdnys
I fI
uccred ivitlt Dr J R VatfAukiu has re
moved to TIm HKKAUJ New BuUdin where
he is prop rcd ti > do dl tindsol Denfil work j
Satlstictloii iriiarsnteeil j a
i JJ pose Walker House pifen Scixburj
I Johiions drug store Anesthetics given I j
I Telephone in onice H
i PlUL fltArSFEltl AGENT 1OjulD
GE from all depots experienced draycmn
I satisfaction gurnnteed Stand Jaaln ts J 1 <
Sons and liiinittzton Johnson lo
I E K tLinE
1 f
1 The Hsniii tonj I
AVnnaated Ii
to do the
work o1
three expert
penmen and
I without se
vere labor
I Iteuso is be t
coming a
4 necessity
I with busi
1 ness and
professional men I
I Sole Agents for the World
SS Madison btrt ct Chicago
Agent Silt Lake City BJA
t I
I rl
W 3EE J T E Ii 0 U SE U I
I Uam 3fc Salt 3uaiiu ± 1Y firJ
I R YTESSL53 to 2CO pi D I
Spccial u I tlw afc
i c r xc3
t i 1
Corner e t Temi > le ndTr orO P > v C
1 I
Ie Brick and Jiril J7 1 I
i 1
j Large and wellventilated rooms i ejt i
Sttinpla room for Commercial Taveier
PATrs200to o pr DIY 1ih
I SMcnlllJ1tcs by the Week r
n llTOL WILILUIS ProDrfetorB 1th
I I C L 31T1 2ZOTJS1S f
l i
S 0 ET7IH6 Prof etj > r I
rnln St Salt TiiIce City t
RATE ner Day ti < Spec < 11 Rxtva by
Week or Month I 1
Firstclass SAMPLE lOOJI on jriouiul floor 1
r 1 ja3 I
If f

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