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I J ii 4 Salt 4Lake City Uh
f 11 i t TrtswiT JJLITTJAIW l71SS
t Tai T3ttae is < now referred to as
the i Ht er
I it THJ ASQCOUDK at the Pavilion vriH
I r I be remeabered toraorrownisht
THE HOME Missionaries are eat
I siasiitsovertic music in the FUt
f Yd oMi K t Co r terdsy received
j of Queen > f the BiU Cite 8005 Cress
ceaton SSOOOi Total lO
WELl FAROO it Go received ye
I terdav ° bars Vienna bullion 3530
vinttie Moon ore Sia Total S59I
3 r > ned Benjamin Tiompsoa
last charcei with
tins 1I nttd t night
teaitg beef front one of the l utcher
Fos etas Cr a btsiUhauku
iritdvitiUd named OHare w s given H
tirty days contract on the street yes
L caCIralatdng lianas as
I thro Eti > ut tM county iuvitiug stock
men t > the adjinirawl rawing next
1 ahnlav
j A ne Thirteenth Waf PI I
pia a emu mg np an onterfcunmenJ
I or sL they nave barn promised
i teal ea sent talent
1 Tai S xFervld daughter of Mr
and Mrs i arks Yo ngberg died iron
f I dipbtiua stn undav She was buried
l yesterday ri Mount Olivet cemetery
t A KOWI of indignation has arisen j
l i i I Nm tir2 inps ct Salt Lake city a i
i nnsabi r c heir brotherhood have
r beer ta cea for deputy marshals
1V cries were married at the resi
t denVof tie late J VT Cummins on
i Jit de Elias i Smith officiating
hrrs fiOrRDY was a prominent
figure i e the coop dnnng a por
tion 0 i > ertinjr morning deputy
iimar tr 5 an immovable fixture on
tSt rv er Tank corner about noon
WR = nt tat the Kailwav Con
durto I in O den on Fridar
evert Ls 1 Mrs Thomas E Fits
r e3 and on being taken
t t tp red a few hours later
t1t r r received Xo 4 of Yoteme 1
t rite M BffrtVip i Ued by the
o Society of the B Y
I n Provo the little journal
i t i < teof thonghtralness and
i i l
Aire o vs directors of the Cres
I f etr tt ly came in from the Park
troF ebE sad have returned
1 I I horse filer express there dres
I s highy railed with the outlook at
1 e t
I t
T r r sa notaries public have
v > t1 n M by Governor Mur
ray IT L Cannon and Alfred H
I 5el Wber county Hugh M
i I j D > aca Utah county and A H
i i Saowl T Seercoontf
A 5r rr drop set with pearls was I
l tv > > v arty on Suadav afternoon on
f T i s rh street between Second
t I V anti toed Ess If the finde II
w 1 ta3v ta the shoe department of
A errs h Jc Bro be will be rewarded I
t G Mi i tug the cowboy who pulled t j I
a tlol in a saloon the other night srss j i
1 il fterday fined 30 and posts he is i
said to hsve spent over SSOO since ar
f riving v 7ra recently bet he had not
s uitit t e pay his fine and will work
i l it ont
I 1Otn
Owta v ro tte rush at the time of
I utn T + press with the SCXBAT HESVLH
t Ii f a number of eopte oC that issue wee
I l strnck of with She word Saturday printed
ih in utr erase une tasieaa ot tanaay toe
1 + I error oras d ecied before many had
I I heel sr V ofil
+ I I cep
iI i i h n Marsdenvs AirdJadge
I I i r T > er rday sustained the demur
ivr ol xi Air anliL r den xrss
uivca i jt ia ida W > an wer Ii >
i i mph he Bit is for the possession
I > f thl41 hi vhieu the defendant
l Ii T c ffi Trial V Jury in
I r tjtea Txiigfe Waal Assembly Kx > m
et ± The preen has been well
I t I ehes o e has been thrice presented
I wth rt rkaj sitter aodaiLtrho wish
9 I o nw tsm st tau t l sant
ti I i aianux foR to atted
t r TII irBeBsjsyXreaeril Agrasaoate
r i I I atbe Theatre Ms evening t wiH docbt
tessb nre ting The subject Aa
t0 < I I UhElated Door faint sec York to
Venkt i tine nhka airs admit ef the
I erere i te eri thi owets anal aottf
l pietTrri liar aeitpnr tieu rill
t i I lwt use l ul crating the ki tare
i Ww RILS tins ye4eahay found
fp i I ttilr iOO lawny ia tf Mre
j twrt aria dM Ores ia the sasr ttf
1 I SS8P t awrsit the aetkio t of thE Grand
1 I Jury Ie wa < ri arged wssti fear
lE sari > iees troat CKris Sands to
° i Wi Sike will suiampil
di v I imtbc the uu ne d aor
I <
U i I
i i EL TSA due qaaKt XXXX floer ett
Ul1 a F Calmerv
I ci J T Ctrtey iLBO per cwr a Sears
ok L
I I l r t tyt o f x igry
ee 1t Lsa ss
I i i
11 i 1 Ixs > s XXX2L Flosr far t q
3 Stn7 e tat t s t L
Ii I i
j = peCF1
r i
11 a owl true 14Ut PIea tat
1 totbf iire ae0epta c w tfce Swcaark j
tF i bars > > a its nab re Fines in ks 1 t
I ae a eo iasl1 n tXnjtioa
till i ai > 1 t Iae iQI
If ar anef kiadredj
tt 11 3k Cejca t the s c pariSes the
j l tteod TV Dilates tW L rer aciaa u i
ti t i I ibe Fe h ttp t z i i
tt g iFcc r tbeot i
11 J B dd Fi it tba t r 1IaIr I
1 snag + tz trLe JIiIIs s any f
J r i r Stan asst is o free atad
I r b i3 c Sate hi S drtn StS i
t j
j n
F l
t 1 t Srs < f < > c ttf Earltc Mamtttia Cipi t
tl q 1 1 9 Svrsp a i rG = trr i aft fnt asiliactl t
I 4 W h > wh o revtp on eet inI e tf t
4 j I be ir Ii1Mi
j in J 4
If I
tift LI Y
Vii t j I Mt 3n 3for t cars rue s
in ae1coride Upholds the
UifO 68 LawyerS
1 W
t j >
Ho Denies Everything in Toto The
Tw u Ci e < Xot Yet He
elded Upon
The Supreme Court did not convene
until 2 oclock yesterday afternoon and
oats one case cauieupforcossidemtioa
that of A D Bowers so the U P E
K for 100CO damages Messrs Le
trend Young for the railroad and J
it rlde and Arthur Brown for the i
li inutfnadcthemostof the brie time
tasted them aadithe case was finally
I su1 1ia > d and taken under advisement
The in ceedings in the djsbarrment
t ca < IB which Blandin and Macroriskt I
ar prindptlly oHtcerned were then
eoniiuencad B dins answer theal
rather hi demcTer to the complaint I
I 42 his as was published in THS
Srayji HELD SlacSnights answer
was filed with ET Sprague Esq clerk
of the court yesterday In it he denies
everything concerning the charges in
the Kasmussen ease in which Judge
Sane recently gave him so terrible a
scoring and for his side of the matter
state as follows it will be seen tha he
docs not deny haring allowed Kasmns
en to re ain a worthless mortgage
though he claims it was not intended as
Teat prior to the 11th day of March i
1SS3 respondent bargained with said I
Rassnussen for the purchase of the said
premise agreeing to pay him therefor
till one hundred dollarscashdownand
the balance to ie secured bv note and
mortsnsge that on said 11th day of
March it was asreedbetween the parties
to con lete the contemplated transac
tion ana respondent pursuant thereto
and to facilitate the matter drafted and
executed a morn and had the same
duly ae noirleded before a notary pub
lic to wit L J Holmes that subse
quently and before the execution of the
deed respondent concluded to have said
property deeded to his wife the said
Mary A Mat ni ht and so informed
said P muse that respondent then
and there told Ra aiussen that he would
have a nsorifase executed bv his wife
oa the day following to wit the 12th
day of March and nay him the money
and close the bargain on that day that
when respondent informed his wife that
he had concluded to have the said pro
perty deeded to her and that she would
be required to execute a mortgage
thereon vr the balance of purchase
money she said she had rthciJQt h1e
the property than be compelled to mort
gage i it and > u3re > ted whether said Ras
zaussen could not take some other se
curity that on said 12th day of March
when said Kas nn pert came to respond
ents s office informed Kasiaussentliat
his wife did not want to give any mort
gage security for the balance due him
but that respondent would give him hi >
rote with good mining property to se
cure the payment thereof that said
Kasrnus replied lie thought respond
ents note ought to be good enough for
said balance that he did not care tor
any mining eruritie and then and
I there executed the said deed well know
Ling that the grantee therein was re
jpondeats wife that thereafter re
pondent j paid said Sasmus en the
amount of lCO and respondents note
j I I pavable one rent rom 4ate for tie
I balance td and b taking sp the mortgage
I extra U uj it = > jn < i cu uii ire day
I previous said to Sa nxussen this
mortgage sinned by rue is of no valu I
I to you nowT that said Rasmusscn re
plied that he would prefer to take it any I
I how and responded consented to it
j And further answering respondent
avers that soon after said note became
I dOt aad payaKesaId asn n sen came
to respondents residence and demanded
payment of the note that respoadent
then and there at the request of hi i
j wife and in her presence proposed a I i
Jsescission of said contrsctofpathase
or parchase
and informed Kasmnssea that his wife I I
did not want said property did not like I I
the neighborhoodand woeH deed it i
back again to him if hejsrorfd par us
star our improvementsthereon that
said I i Kasraasses eplieiS he would be
glad to take the premises back and pay j I
I for the improvements and it was then i
= o there agreed that certain improve
J menu already OMnsteaced to wit a I
snppct gwiig B e west side of the i
main bniidtngshoefd be ccompletedand i
that said pm houid be restored to
said Rssms sen in the tall foOowiag i
whoa he should rome in from herdiag
sad that hi would repay the moneys j
sctaliy expended by us in said ins
pr veaics that pursuant to this
screesaeat of rsssasijoa respoadeat to
t jisred fa the coaipletica of said ita
i pvveanwe suMi whdeesposden t nits so
fiR toad faifkeaaearoiugodohlur
undr the > oid mutual trraoe meat for i
resctsswo sn opeTkibitioQof his acree i
mint SS 2f xrcsad tIe said Ra so
lQ1BlOo II 1I amst respon dent
that rae1 ocJest rseamirs aid tcnoc
oa the tvart of R asossce as s cr 5 i
breach of good faith and of their aid i
agtt taeat and that be WS incited
tbe obruiekecandde riupo oass
10 deiruMi respondent aa i site oily
of the raise ol their ieapuwtaens on i
said pr s s s aheodr amounting so 1
ve4i hang dogzrres t
reka dUn bIMmd to arsr s > y every few m
fol mesas such vroarful siterstyoa the
part of said assisfec isd isk addle
And rtswjcoest farther sasrernr j
ant tbas said feed ras ira fc tte
Fez ee of said Ratais c and sever l
other perMisas sty was tts and iie r
before zguia earotaly mi 1
by Lin any ties a t tom
Lprtoettio acknwrot X
tiasacad of rettiegva t s 4
wtr et ttispt eai as aD alit T
law or trssssaj r t pct Ji > ia felT < I
7 L h t
etammod w hss tw frjta tta
Chant d For p r as i f 2 i + e
retooede as e 3ry L s r s
gt tor i yak II tfw mt4n an
aI1R s s eYwaiasa + t u i eata4
t s r tr ns t n 1Q r h
uoiftt i ei dtesaet <
ui 4i Xrct
ce kt saw mn tu o i
xtt i el S1d 3
raI = t + it = Ace r i
aa lie save nina ti WutK
ea 5 therteef
Wbtli rst tgehive us k 4
petition of the said committee of the
salt Lake Bar Association be denied
t l uis MAc XG1ir
MB VASIAS staled that there was a
point of law first to be disposedthat
was the demurrer in the Blandiii case
It was best he thought to make the ar
gument now on the demurrer to deter
mine whether Mr Blandias claim that
the allegations in the complaint against I
him were insufficient as correct The I
judges approving this Mr Varian
seated himself and somewhat to the
surprise of a number who had assem
bled out of curiosity Judge McBride
arose to defend Bla din He spoke
mainly the letter contained in the
complaint and claimed that it was only i
such a letter as any gentleman of the +
bar might address a Court and it would
be a very thinskinned judge who would
take offense at it He then read the let
ter sent by Mr Wbolley to the HEEAIJ I I
and published some time ago and
claimed that there was nothing in the i
communication which could be called
an attempt to corruptly influence a
Court and intimated that the judge who
ran into print with it was only after a
little cheap notoriety Mr Blandin
denied said Judge McBride that he ad
vertised in the Tribune to secure di
I vorces with secrecy and dispatch he
made several other denials aad most of
his statements were to the effect that
there was nothing unprofessional in
what was alleged against Mr Blandin
or at least that nothing corrupt er
unlawful in his intentions could be
ME YAKAS said his wa a thank
I task and one that was not sought after
1 I he was of the opinion that the action
brought by the Bar Association wss in
tended tocomeunder that secuoa whuh
says a lawyer mar be disbarred for a
noafnl511ment of his ooh to faithfnlv
do his duty etc He hoped he said
that the gentleman JudgeMcBride only
spoke for himself in saying that Blan
dins letter was such a one as any lawyer
would write He reviewed the letter and
emphasized those portions of itin which
Blandin asks Judge VooIlay as he did
Judge Smith if he would accept deposi
tions instead of witnesses personally
known to him in which he offer to pay
the fees in advance and asks what hex
would be The fees Mr Varian said
were established bv statute and why
should Mr Blandin ask about them
He contended that this action in at
tempting to find out in advance what
the rulings of various courts would be
was unprofessional and corrupt and
sufficient to disbar Him from this court
Jcixss McBsms briefly answered by
insisting on his position and stating
that while there might be something in
the letter that was not according to the
proprieties ret there was llothin g in it
that could L e called criminal He had
advised his brother Blandin he said TO
give CD the divorce feature of his busi
ness altogether but if he did not choose
to that was a matter of his own
discretion IDs client did not pretend
to be much of a lawyer and he sup
posed that he made divorces a specialty
berause the business was easy But it
s a department of legitimate business
and could not be called corrupt
The judges took the matter under ad
visement and willprobibSy today
whether or not Blandins d mue h U
be sustained Both thai gentleman snit
3Lxani ht were interested spectators
and auditors of the afternoons proceed
An ro
OSDES Crrr January 21th 1S55
TfcJie dhoo THsHssita
Was tt aot an error ia yesterday i =
sue which stated that the child Alice
is the daughter of Angus M Caaaoa if
It was the ill hand of the printer
and a nets proof reader unacquainted
with tfae circumstances in the case al
I lowed Jr to pass when r was written
War Wart j
Sere is he den bn = Tsxiririe = < isiro = i4
Fun Lirerooci to Silt Isle City ooly J5S
rom exro lake Cit only tx
L1 all Sciadiciiiaa oars to Stt Lake
Gm totTXo
Phute To ktoStltLteeeToniy n
ThU is i nr se sail trill not etun sue
1 5 o e = d Ron od r5at G a to
j A PsTzssoy EaLatioa Agent
6J l
NOSTE TMni Socti 5 eel oasi1f Like i
Crr P aBas5
iI i
Auction Sale I
BaraNerger fc Co j tsotl1 of the t
PostotSee are selling their entire crew t
< K Gents Famisbias Goods The good
Kinir go at any price i
JX H Xjpman j i
sets Caadrens Goihinz st reduced
printer I
Stop that CoUh
Sr tang lli F u rsIhr and Lm
B m = he ezlr unto for Congha
tom Httrsen and Sore Thrnat and
all di eases of the throat id h nge Do
not neglect a cough It may prove
fats scores and hundreds of grateful
reoole owe their lives to Dr Frsiier s
tnroetasd Lum ± air amino family
w2 ever be witSoct it are once csiog I
it and discovering its narrek e5 pore
It is pat cp ia large family bottles and
old for the sal arm oi i cents ttr
oottle Frssier Medina Co Props t
aevehad o I
old by Z C M L D rg Store t
Grand FtiaeMi 1 C3uirrl
At the PaTJSaa Wedaesdav Jaaaarr
125th Sir teat Prrres to ee = iT < atf i
a3 T Grand dank at S o back AH
assker a will be eT miited fey tie eo = j
aiittee N one bat those IK zxste ai
iknced OB tie aoor antg after t tilt
soffciag ben aE may pnkipate No >
icipfor < tr per oes fixed 0 enter the
bos e Adrafcsioaia fes Saxcsntie
Iej j
n of v 34am Seet is i tiE
T = 1 wtth of Fxsiiioaahte i
Parer s to the Lady Patrrdar of rl
ore AH the feiafeg led
J r a t
p T Esxac wig opt oat st
ps g O of FwnLure ar his arcs
b re i Liteet afaoaa Bank ane
I c tr e nary i s and u aLa
J =
ritee ac hi c d st3d autt of
i i o 1i nn a
k A y s R ee thei
> < >
r c ilYt real door tl1 ofL
i 1 De g rove s
aSia Girenr
i th r Fi t 3t o r r ext
xt us ± e e rutted n
X i r R 3
t = isrtt6ntt ada
itsll P akbr
= t Sth w 2er
t hI P J
AlToTeinerit1 tolaraiice the c s
In TVasMnglon
A reporter of THE HESVLD yesterday
met Mr Bennett one of the firm who
are defending Kudger Clawson in the
proceedings against him for polygamy
and asked him whether the necessary
sjeps to secure an appeal Washington
had yet been taken He replied that he
was at present engaged in matins out a
bill of exceptions in the case The re
porter inquired ii there was anything
new concerning the chances of having
the hearing advanced in Washington I
He replied that Messrs Dickson and t
Varian had already written to the Ati i
torneyGeneral reciting the circnm I
stances and asking to have the case j 1
heard during the present term as they I I
were desirous on their own part of see 1
ing the open venire dispute finally set
tied I
j I Mr Clawson received the news of
the decision with the same ojiietde
meanor that he has exhibited alii
I II through the triaL He cave up his room
j I to Bid lecome the murderer during the I
patters recent illness and has since
that time been with the other prisoners
j Later in the day Mr Clawsons
J lawyers filed the foU wIn bill of errors
as reasons for their appeal
i The District Court erred in over
ruling the motion to set aside the in
dictment and the Supreme Court of I
I i Utah erred in affirming the judgment
I and ruling of the District court in this 1
respect I
t 2 The District Court erred in over t
ruling he appellants challenge to the i
panel of petit jurors and the Supreme
i Court of Utah erred in affirming the
legality of the ruling i
i 3The District Court erred in over
> ruling the appellants challenges to in i
dividual jurors summoned on special
open venire and the Supreme Court of i
Utah erred in affirming ruling and
a conviction by a jury selected and sum
moned on open venire
4The District Court erred in over
j I ruling the appellants peremptory chal
i leage to the juror W H H Bowers
I j and the Supreme Court of Utah erred in
1 affirming the ruling
I 5The District Court erred in over
I ruling appellants challenge to the list
of jurors selected to try his case and
I the Supreme Court of Utah erred in
sustaining the ruling
The District Court erred in hold
ing the appellant could lawfull be tried
Tiv a jury most of whom were selected
i and summoned on open venire and not
i j ia accordance with the act of Congress
i and the Supreme Court of Utah erred in
f I affirming a conviction by a jury so con
Signed by F S Richards i Kirk and
t Bennett A H1rknessmd Kirkmiricfc
A Pair of Husbands in Quest ot a
I Pair of Wives
i The state of pubis morals ins part of
f those suburbs known as Mill Greet and
1 South Cottonwood as recent cevdop
I meats have shown can not be called ex
i tmmelyhealht rrn9 t ro aacao
Twhich occurred Saturday night devel
lopsd i something more of the moI
res of a po ton of those viciaiiies
Two young niea named J Beanioa
I and WIn Clark of respectable families
came to the city on Saturday last from
j the suburbs ia search of their wives
who had left their homes to come to
t i Salt Lake The women were sisters
i whose mama name had been McAIBs
t ter 31 it appears Item the story toki l
I H1U np n the police
t rtio c that their antecedents were
not oi suca a nature ss to in
spire their husbands with coadceace
At any rate both men were full
of distrust When they reached town on i
Saturday and they immediately com
raeaced their inquiries These appear
to hare led theta iro some queer
quarters for by nightfsUbiKh sea were
considerably the worse for liquor
though neither wcs so clerk tilt he
was unable to nresse ute nis detectire
labors lark anally got o i the track
of his wife and found that she had been
seen a t house opposite the Continental
where anybody and every body are takes
in as lodgers in rasher suspwoas com
oany From here she was traced to the
Gem laps ia the KfoibaH Block and
ia the back room oi this place the hus
band aj Jeec h found her A terriSe
row ensued the pohce were called in
and dark and Bunion were tzksa to
jaiL Here Mrs Clark apparently j I
wrung with penitence lollowed1
them aad by d ° pi ring ilti at
the oSce she secured the temporary
release of hsr spoase on his comingoot
from the Jan the couple met and she
showing sone signs of distress he
nprrded be bdy with b roe
cause of all the trouble he then seioct
tasecpre the Win to refesse his triead
Ben ion obtaiaiag which both men
and Mrs Clark left tie CSrr Hall
together At Commercial street aa <
officer stated the woraaa a rrr gave
him he slip aac wit out 113 vi = g ob
aiae1 nay race of Mrs Seaawa what
ever the tro hosbiBd returned to their
homes atone about msdcfchi The W1 1
ia each cne wrfor tired 8 sheiraoB
aptxn u3t the Pik Court vesser
1 Tr Aaoa tfee Hefer
City Pe9tit i
Ir Bo t Sade ho haw dMm i I
0 octesi3of9 trlaMNa
as he is IK suasa nee so e abed to h e tl t i
jevssssiKj feanc tab aoeier ate 11 1
the psraeehrs of s sia a et nt I
which receady tMesrred ID Hefcer Cfer i t
The afar TCSs9 omar zt XrAsJer I i
SOB SITS pfectT of ta tt wOs ahRll i t i
IL riy by Mr Jt6theta is
DUL Cast of characters Iag ar r
c She Ale = ra ej L X JaohIt
xa araswers ia vg b 9er s ki by that i
eWVtf td r3ei r sisa ePa ss =
5 he rt n terSon el1lllie bar
t n fr J5 1U Son kicMtrafL haste
SBd iIaICiIes a ajaea d e Greets 1
6ftet lie X B the t5
of Massffia H ri Pe e a ap
Aaat ted Qegs 3 rn ao S1ftoee
t tiii of PisrAeott j W Crone See
40 3oia r pit > m r C ° t aii f
aniia Geis Hntio PNd llatt
He3Id 1
rinobaoes y Wn
S3 Se 3se s k =
Arts 3 5n s w i a Mr Dmc
r Ita Yisse i
1e95 C
its 0 Bj Anl sum 1
T s see = rs soidatl 03itt
c = warn i
The Ketr System and Some Qnes
tions andAnswersUponIt
The free delivery tile general theme
at the present moment and a Hun
reporter to settle the conjectures on
some material points pertaining to it
called on Mr Lynch postmaster
yesterday morning and to him pro
pounded the following questions
Has the city been districted yet Mr
Lynchof entirely was the reply I have
been at work ou a plan for making the
proper districts and have been aided By
suggestions from Recorder Wells and
Treasurer Whitney who also made out
a sketch at my request We all three
agreed on the main points and I think
I shall get the districts mapped out in a
very short time
Y1 the mail delivered oftener
than once a day
In the business portion of town
yes the principal Trials arrive here in
the evening and at noon we shall
therefore deliver twice at least ia the
morning and just after noon the D
R G mail comes in at 5 pm you see
and I hardly know yet whether we can
deliver that the same evening or not
I How about the present system ot
i boxes
I That will be retained I am not sure
but that good many business men will
prefer coming to their bees and getting
their mail after supper just as they do
now rather than to wait for the post
man nest morning Such as desire to
do so may make that arrangement
Shall von raise the rent of boxes
Sot at all it is high eDou h at pre j
i sent Understand me thocgh l man i
or a nun cannot keep a box and have j
mail delivered too He must choose I j
one or the other of the methods
i The mail boxes I suppose will 1 t II
I thoroushlv distributed through the
city j
Yes we have fiftyeight of these drop
bores and in our districting we Irena
considering at just what points it nIl
I be best to fccate them n
h In making the addresses OTI city let
i t tern will it be necessary invariawy to
j name street and number
Oh of course when letters are ad
dressed to any point generally well
I t known all that would be necessary is
the establishment the boiloinir Let
I j ters addressed Mr So and So TTrqtTB
or Z CYo L etc would of masse
reach their destination without having
I number and street
j Th city will be divided either intO six
I I or seven districts there are to be seven
i carriers one of wh < Ms rill pro
bably act as a superintendent two oi
I the number will be mounted
Mr Lynch states that the change will
ba inaugurated on March lit
i j The Suupoma Served
I The public is familiar with the snc
1 cesses scored by the deputy Tnarv ls
I last week in keeping out of the way of j
j Mvg < fame Hughes who it was alleged
was wanted as a witness in the Cannon
j investigation Everybody else was en
l cocnterisg the fair doctor at all times J
Toi tto Vic = s = i r Sorted 3OCTC TTCQ j
comfort advice sad medicine for her i
i patients on one occasion we believe >
the district attorney Msseli gaftrrsdv j
i stepped aside to fe hr pass into a
mans street store bat shesrasiavisibie
always to the marshals On Scndxr
t morning Miss Hashes expiaiaed in
THE Hassan that perhaps a reason for
the failure of Deputy Trier to
serve Ms sabjKra aught ie sound
in the fact JoI t for over x Tesr
he bad owed her fifteen dollars
and be tiirt have tie
salt a > i
call on her Under the < sreKn s aces I I
Yesterday morning however tie
doczhty bet detinqnet debtor pro
1 =
eeeeed to the Dsseret Hospital ajrl i a
quired for Dr Hughes intimating du
f Iud come to settle his in oedw t
and when the lady appeared presented I
O take the money and give him a re
ceipt in fulL charging no interess he
very p htdy read to her asBbpterti
commanding her en before the
G Jcrv ot the district on Febraarv
3d neat We wiH do 1 r Trte credit m
ac that e tqe ° ted Miss Eories A
wai until the art of the month tier
roger a favor rtiich be readav
itis presumed ib uMiss Hughes bas
teen snbtanoed 10 e tifr 1 the c
noR case add that site T21 tB the
good men and tnresitst site bier
aboct borrowiac and fairixr hors and
dodgingoeputyma tiis J
Itrmaa ca1ce
An exchange says r X tethsofth
unhapeyaa tiages reel from husaB j
c1ITe5 oeig allostd to rsKsfer a
pes nres > Xfee tea fcs ot tfeej
clLoo 0 briog diseases of tosv r I
oaite IB mspcre boo Ever COB j
plaint or biSocsness resding in seratj t
that cocsaaotioo cam is e serofn I
of the teagsi sores cteassisa d sebcs
and kiadred iaerapas Dr e es
Go tun ieSee roe enresaB
these Of Jg s ts b
WE33EZ23SpAT3CSTS oof ater BrSEie
n S Ler e
UIAH Gets LID per tat a S
i a a II I
I l
Tsr aaest sa rtrs at ef 1
oeies at I
a ti
Tat 4 Ilrs T 3t red Psstyeat j
toe tt Lt yL3
1 nk A TV JI roeo tIIri
h a oX r < os s i d i c ao e o
tvexacvFPsxas a tru x23 tC th dZ
J Pr
Hu t enth at
As ores tit xi ci Ftne W 2as SBaia
at rte teicet
+ at CL F t
5hiJa sce J1m ssa ref I
IS n M csS sad L Fo ashen
3 c Sa d lvl nI err ill
s Pala is the to t i
ige II
Fait aatvtate
rrseli a h > ttaer
ate I a hli I z
A Horse Badly Burned and Thirty
i CMekens 4 Boasted Alive
I s
I The firein the Seventh Ward
occurred Sunday morning at 5 o elect
was as the KTPMH
announced the
bam of Scott
Anderson or raieroj
his son Robert Anderson a
young rnau
industrious and well esteemed who
continued his fathers
business of
poster and show card painter 4 bilI
CIty There is no theory as to the l thu
of the fire except that of iacendanS e
both Mr Robert Anderson and Chin
Ottinger inclining to this opinin Th W >
chickens which roosted m tie t r
were roasted alive and the family u r
was burned so badly that it u f
thought it will survive Tile ff
mal was lying upon the ground I rk ±
and nearly choked with smoke S eS
Mr Anderson burst
open the bIt
door It was with the utmost Q12 4 tv
that the i horse was pulled ott uftS
burning bttfldin and a curious f ctir
connection with the case is that after
having been gotten dear of the fie the
I animal manifested an apparendr vZd
desire to return to its stall TLe Iv1S
I was not more than 900 or so battvJl
prove a severe one to the Atamt
I lamfly as the horse wa = o gene raflr
csedin their business The Ttuu
1 will doubtless see in the Srebei1
Mormon spite against Scott At 2 rv >
j However that may be XT Eoaert
j nderson does not share that opjicn
j but sars is Ls his belief thai the axeuJLrT
i was some one wisp wished to u j jre t b
t bnsines as this is the second Teai
to burn the stable in which the r L f
Parr Bros Make an Assisrument
to T Hadley
The news of the assigns nt cf Far
Brae of Ogdca dealers in agricolnirj
implezijents was received in this UT
on unday The occurrence took pit
on Saturday the assignee beiag 3Ir
Thom Hadfey who has been boor
keeper for the SHE The Iiah tie ant
said to be in the
I aacafcarbood cf II
jCOflL So inventory of the asses l
j been ss yet made but they are L y
p + Srj What they iacTc e ni
t not be learned ls evening Tie wa
I i made bat one preference that ber s tie
t F National Bank H S Y zrg
i i cashier to arhich institct a t rT rexe
I indebted SSJOto
I The firm oi F sBt
TLO r r xJ
the weBkaown reaikmcn
7tn Ailernas
Jasepi Parr asd Erra Parr bz scr s d
j Ho = Lean Farr it has done an erev
I sire hnsiaess in the = and
past wi 2
jvravs f
iilYS prosperous until the rec n >
I pension ia the agricolniral world tar
I Star is supposed to be sufferer room the
same cause that led to tie Lowell C a
nenvs falurean iasiEfirr
y TO m gVg
I Isctioas froai fanaers Farr Bros sri
Lents oJ the Stadebaker Compa
Mr Glass last eye lafonce i
I Wire reporter that all their g < x > b
I had t
seat oa tOn tmeit Q
tom t wEi 3K appear as one o it
fcredisor Lath sympathy j > felt fo
the 31essre Sarrin this city where tl
are letS kaovn aM esieKrTed
i Ds Aavoae Know L Ai His ire I
n Hsaaao s low weeks ao pa =
lisbed 3D te u > ibe eSeft that a yotii
mm as led Gm wsflarmor x
Utah hd teeoo e insane soae e r =
in Oolo jlo
Ihamoortijas bra r ±
Esied in soze of Ae ChSforafs rte
sad Ms reiisive in thai Si tip
any to learn of the youxr ate
rbraboore From oboe he
r be was li Set ti by his want
1nces a PiMa Ansoca on oJ Sw
e UUi N B iniseta ou n l
helm idneHill l i gxtoallv tier
le Mr GQKOQS frkads He 1 a s =
moMW t link aK > Te tic awrset
it sfetdy teBt and 5siT co
pleiiwedis hIDe or Bras grey eyes
He woie aa beard rhea as this or
ewe months zs Address Ian
aloud Bwdc Sail Lake City cr =
Wffia = ss t Yoeag
Ca 11 pee plese ro
Home IMJbuT
Hosoeim Brie sre freqsxniy 3s 7fj
momhe peO 5a Utah Theresa = zyf
ao aoesti ol Ae sooDd = es > K w iI
a ate Larre sits of money ir y
iag sea atsray rrom tfce Terrsjrr ± r
may ablest aId aad ekr o d be o
tsised a home for the j eviogmea t
out t a hose usmits line tie
a onailr so tea c4 i11 2 f
date CJsoen a h trt
known bat eeeeaed Jtts L 3t =
f t a i B > i J
in thins Vases tan yrres
lre e reimtamrtttts e
anti e eioo E w o toi
ssioald ire fem rtnae
Pee aadari o cask a 3 Se
H 3 U1 j
land Be > tmiA sac Wit =
assrec a
1l UteIAt rr2tai Wm < t
tan dt = lSi k 1e H b
IntsG 8ih TRI
hE Vot Src f >
JfidL qtr a bfi2
i LLn Tac Ez = as c
Tstet e7l33 Go i Yc ft
ore tI ftt L
nCrw 1iht tT e t T
ta = b sae L d
1h i c ives3sa =
Sep iSiZaitt N t i
i star r x p dy
tt st etmr is
fr cftt zt aZe ° C i
i sir = sssi as ir
ses ee fcEre Jjy Fr J t

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