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S1 Lf7 w OoKii 1 7 Ii D I 7 f J 111 HERALD > i
j J jTIjOESfl
7jiflg Up the FOJtyEigJ1tl1 f
Attending to 15usine9S
I The but ° hUePreSentatH > Work
ing Lazily
The Senate
on March 3J awes called
conference report on the Indian
t p bill The two houses he
ppro had agreed on the bill so far as all
uems properly pertaining to the appro
riation bill were concerned The Sen
te hid struck out all ifems of general
I iUstation t and all item for depredation
Vpon those however the
1 House insisted
1 Plumb said the Senate was confronted
mthtue pdssibilityto say nothing more
ofm extra session of Congress growing I
of the action of the House The
S that body had shown of the
J lIsnificent will power of one man to
urodnce such result was pregnant as
5 Iamb believed it to be with the grav
est consequences to the people of the
united States The exceedingly de
fective form of legislation found on the
I upropriauon bills tended to make him
Plumb immovably opposed to yield
i lug so far at least as related to import
ant legislation Xo more gross confes
sion of legislative incouiuetency had
everbeenseen than had been manifested
i within a stones throw of the Senate
I chamber within thirty days Bills ap
I propriating millions of > > dollars had been
pased without consideration and then
vent to the Senate within two days df
the close of the e sion Plumb char
acterized the river and liar <
bor lump appropriation us a
criminal waste of the peoples money
Iu order to bring the question to a
point and get an understanding Dawes
moved though he said he would vote i
againstliis own motion that the Senate
recede as to the provision of the bill re
lating to legal jurisdiction and pro
cedure in the case of cririies committed
by Indians
TheSenate refused to recede yeas 4
jiavs 47
A message from the House announced
a disagreement with the Senate on the
undry civil bill The Senate insisted
on its amendments and the Chair ap
pointed as a conference committee A1
uaou Hale and Beck
Vest hoped the Senate would agree
with the House provision regarding the
Oklahoma mattenand moved that the
enatere edo from itfinuendment > 1
ln aUsedid not believe the Senate
appreciated the full significance of the
Oklahoma difficulty He had nodoubt
that within fortyeight hours 20000 per
> ons > by concerted actionwould move on
these Oklahoma lands to forcibly occupy I
them und prepared to maintain that j
occupancy bj force of arms He did
not believe a graver complication could I I
Jirfce in the dawn of the comin adqiux
istration than the complication nicely to
arise in this matter
Cullom sajd ho had recived reliable
information that 2000 men were ready
and determined to go to the land
referred to on the 5th of March <
Batter asked whether the Commander
icCliief of the United States army had
not cent an armed force to p ont and
keep ont the people alluded to
l galls said Yes but the star of that
eminent commander was about to set
Within a very short time the
command of that very majestic body
known as the army of the United States
would have passed from the control of
the great General who now cqmmnndcd
to a still greater General whose course
was still in the womb of the future but
undoubtedly there was an impression
that after the 5th of March the troops
would be withdrawn and before the sun
rose agam mispided citizens of the
United States might bain conflict with
the troOjJ3 Ha Ingalls would regret
the sheddlJ < > of blood but there was < but
one way mhis opinion to avoid it and
tail was for the Senate not to invite
people to go there by the promise that
negotiation was about to be ntered on
car tile purpose If opening the lands to
etUement if
The Senate insisted on its nm l1du l t
and the chair appointed Dawes Plumb
cad bfflm a commWee conference
oa the bill
After further discussion of the all
r < fnahon bills the Senate adjourned
and ni the legislative day of the 3d Im i
mediately began
Tlle red < ntials of Lriand Stanford
rd n Eustis Senators elect were laid
ore the Senate
the submitted a verbal report of
to in Work done by the special committee
ntvT gatc the steel producing cima
hgate capa
I fly t
tli r tthe United States stating tfiat
letJ1e5ttgahons had not been com
was FIidfr Want oftun The committee
and continued during the recess
be is requited to report next Uecem
ildrieh submitted a report from the I
rwe lllDittee 011 transportation routes to I
seaboards Ordered printed
Hale called up the general deficiency
apprption hill and its reading was
lrOCtOded with The House
bolShing the office of the tenth census
Wag Sj ten out by the Senate
J Ililler N Y offered an amendment
tPoropnting 100000 to
° complete the
Iihtcning pelet1l tile tatne of Liberty En I
Bedloes the World V erected on
IoLmd New ck harbor
greed to
Anendjen were adopted apropri
Stihg t30000 PtJr =
River to continue the llSSlSS1pDl
CoIIlIIlission and increasing die
Pstai appropriations forthe compensation of
readjusted l2Sters whose salaries had been
4s1 Under the act of 1883 to 278
increase of 137 nas
t Were lelotherUnill p tamendaents
The adODted and te bill Passed
ur D and the bUlTvas then taken
Pratmng amendment adopted appro
hilin 20000
thue guns for the tJurpose of ma
swer The committees amend
Senate Were adopted and the bill passed
son Went Into executive sea
IXJktreccas and when Until the 9 oclock doors were = reopen U
I When the Senate reconvened the
riverand harbor bill was taken up as
passed by the House It appropriated
5000000 in gross As proposed by the
Senate committee to be amended It ap
propriates 10000000
I Conger defended the increase and
Frye proposed lump sum bill
Pending debate on the bill Pen let01r
offered the following resolution for
which he asked immediate considera
tion Resolved That the thanks of the
Senate are due and hereby tendered to
Hon Qeorge P 5 Edmunds for the
courteous impartial and able manner
in which ie has presided over its delib
erations and fulfilled the duty of Presi
dent pro lempare
The resolution was unanimously
agreed to and the discussion of the river
and harbor bill resumed
Dawes submitted a new conference
report on the Indian appropriation bill
The only remaining point ofdifTerence
he said was the provision relating to
tile Oklahoma lands and on motion of
Vest the Senate receded from its posi
tion and adopted the House provi
Consideration df the river and harbor
bill was then resumed
I Dawes submitted the new conference
report on the fortification bill showing
an adjustment of all differences
On motion of Pendleton the House
bill for the return of the Chinese in
demnity fund passed without debate
The Senate then proceeded toconsider
the House pension bill favorably re
ported from the Senate committee
WASHINGTON March 4 4 amrhe
pension bills having been disposed of
the Senate passed the House bill to
amend Section 764 of the Eeyised
Statutes so as to allow aJpeals to
United States Supreme Court in habeas i
corpus cases
The House
Ok I f j
VtaIcGTqN March 3Jhere were I
hardly a dozen member in the hall when i
the session was returned this morning
The sundry civil bill had in the mean
timecofne over fronthe Senate heavily
loaded with amendments
Randall asked unanimous content
that this bill be taken up and the Senate
amendments nonconcurred in and sent
to a conference committee but an ob
jection came from Hepburn and then
there was a call of the jEionse which I
showed the presence of only > forty five I
members Randalls motion was then
renewed and agreed to and llaudall
Forney and Ryan were appointed con
ferees on the part of the House
After various ineffectual attempts to
have bills taken up by unanimous con
s mif and it befmipiainry impossible to
have any public business transacted
the House adjourned until 11 oclock I
The debate on the ocean mail trans I
portation clause was continued i
After long debatethleHqusoconcnr
red inthe Senate amendment anthoru
juagahe PostmasterGeneral tQ lease I
premises for thirdclass postoffices
Horr moved that the House concur
in the Senate araendmentTelativertothe
ocean mail transportation Lost yeas
128 nays 132
The Hou e then insisted on its dis
agreement tq the amendment and ji
further conference was ordered
I Ellis submitted no conference report
on the Indian appropriation bill The I
report states agreement was had on all
the points of controversy1 cxoepl upon i
the Senate amcndmeJWst king out the i
clauses paying the claims against the I
Indian tribes on account of depreda
tions and enacting legislation relative II
to the introduction of intoxicating
spiritsinto Indian Territory f 1 t < i
The amendment striking out the
clause relative to claims against Indian
tribes was concurred In The other
amendment wasxlisagreed and a fur
ther conference was ordered
Hancock submitted the conference re
pprton the pension appropriation hill
Adopted > a
The House re edes from its disagree
inents to all the Senateamendments
and as finally agreed to the bill appro
priates CO000000
Recess until 7 30 1111
Upon reconvening numerous mo
tions to take recess were made to again
prevent consideration of the election
cases The point ofno quorum was
Robinson of New York made an ap
peal as the last word he would ever
say in Washington asking the House
to make a donation of any amount to
Miss Micklehani granddaughter of Jef
ferson and requested unanimous con
sent for the passage of a bill making nn
appropriation for that purpose
Hammond 6bjected I
The deficiency appropriation bill was
egerrCrh geb9n
Crh Jt t
received from the Senate The Senate
amendments were nonconcurred in
and Buines Randall and Lone ap
pointed as conferees
The time dragged along very slowly I
the monotonous voice of the clerk enun
ciating thp names ok members being
only Varied by the members themselves
passing lazily between the tellers as the
question of no quorum was raised
upon various dilatory motions Tired
out from the long session of last night
the Representatives took no interest
in the proceedings rarely voting but
leauintr back in their chairs smoking
and fingering their lead pencils which j
were ornamented with the picture of
Grover Cleveland and bearing the
legend For Tresidenl 18851889
which some enthusiastic Cleveland man
had distributed in large quantities
throughout the hall The fun of the
evening was confined to the ways and
means committee room where Repre
sentative Blackburn was celebrating his
last night in the House by treating his
particular friends to a musical party
the instrumental portion of which was
furnished by a party of Lexington
colored men while the entire company
now and then joined in the refram of
some negro melody and broke into ap
plause as each air was completed
March4 4 a mHorr moved that
the House recede from its disagreement
to the Senate amendments Agreed to
yeas 100 nays 8S
The motion to reconsider tha vote by i
which the House receded from its dis
agreement to the ocean mail service I
amendment was tabled yeas 104
nays 74 I
> o signs of recess
House spiecial145ainliThe prospect
I at present that the House will remain
in session for some > hours It is now I
I discussing the conference reporton thei
postofHcc appropriation bill audit is
the private opinion of many members
that should the Houseinsist on ifa dis
agreement to the Senate amendment
relative to ocean mail transportation
an extra session is unavoidable
House spehial 215laTn TheHouse
has adopted the conference reporton
the fortification a pro ri tionbill The
postoffi bill isstiil under consideration I
LOXDOIT March 3 InHhe Commons
this evening Sexton Home Ruler
asked permission move the adjourn
ment of the House until lie could call
attention to the Speakers conduct in
suspending William OBrien
The Speaker pped Sexton and told
him that if he wished to impugn the
Speakers coniluct he must make a
direct motion to that effect The Chair
could not allow such a motion as just
made for adjournment Loud cheers
Sexton appealed to allow discussion
upon the motion
Gladstone replied that there was
nothing in the Sexton motion en
titling the mover ta special facilities
The debate upon the redistribution of
seats eb lb was then resumed
Harcourt Home Secret ry in answer
to a telegram asking if it was true that
the resignation of the ministry was im
minent because of discord in the Cab
inet sent a telegraphic answer denying
that there was any discord in the Cab
inet and saying that the Cabinet was
not going to resign1
In the Lords Salisbury asked whether
the Russian outposts were within the
boundary of Afghanistan
The Secretary of State for India said
that he had no hesitation in saying that
England regards the Russian outposts
tis within the Afghan boundar and
thai they form a considerable advance
in the direction of Herat
The Marquis of Lothian alkml DOes
the whole quqstipn oE peace orwar be
tRccii Engluui and Rustiadcpendupon
the blrmce of quabbe between the I I
Afghdn and Russian outppstst i
GranvillcForeign Secretary said hut I i
he must huve uotice of the question I i
The Marquis thereupon gave notice
that lie would repeat the question j I
LoKpiA tar hIn the Hone of
Lords this afternoon in answer to
questions respecting the position of the
government on the RussianAfghan
frontier question Earl Granville ad
knitted that the Russian troops had
been advancing in the disputed terri
tory ot Afghanistan and when re
quested England ta wltlidraw fram
their advance post they refnsed tore
Sir Jieter Lumsden advised the Af
ghan not to retire from before the
Russian trpops but disputerevery inch
of ground and said the Bntisli govern
meut would uphold them
Granville refused further informa
tion i y Vf j
Granville pressed by the Marquis of > i
Salisbury concerning the situation in
Central Asia said theJatest report from
Sir Peter Lnmsden was theEusiian
outposts nowJoftiHipied F lfikur pass
Sir Peter Luimidehhas been instructed
tourge the Afghansat the same time toj
refrain fro1 1 d anti beyond their
present position Negotiations arc now
in progress between Her Majestys j gov
ernment a Russia ora settlement ow
the difficulty
RenIgzsmstIons P
V > > i
WSIJJs OKtNlarch 3 Benjamin
Butterworth > pommjssionerpf1 > a ten ts
today handed his resignation 1o Secre
tary Teller who accepted it and com
plimented him on las energetic admin
istration of the office Ipaccordance
with the usual custom members of the
Cabinet placed their resignations jn the
hands of PreipentArthur i ij J
Commissioner Butterworth of the
Patent Office rendered his decision in
the great telephone interference case of
Bell vs Grayvs McDonougluvs Yoelk
ner and others He awards the priority
of invention to Alexanderyralram
Bell luau the clnims J1 importauce
SUA KiMj farch S fuThr J ia11 l Tti
are landing troopsof Sikhs an Indian
Losottx March 3 The recruiting re
port shows theBritisliarmy nov nuin
bers 181000 men
The Alleged Dynamiters >
Losnoh March aAt the resumed
hearing of the case of Curlningham and
Burton alleged dynamiters several
witnesses from Southamptyuidentjfied
Burt9ri < as the Burton they hadjknown i
I in thatcity Several others dL iflenti
fled him
irnntA Condition
SEW 1OEK yMarcli 3 At General
Granl hbnse this iJffigW isf Stated
that his condition has improved Ho
passed a fair night
t 9 H
Warl JTarl e I I
Europe Now is the time to bring your friends from i i
From Liverpool to Salt Lake City only f55
From Bremen to Salt Lake City only 50
From all Scandinavian ports lo Sait Lake
City only 5S
From New York to Salt Lake City only fJS
This is a war rate and will not continue
long so send your orders at once to
SOj A PETERSON Emigration Agent I
Ko67K Third South Street Salt Lake I
City POBoxS69 > I
Its Wonderful Efficacy j
No remedy ever discovered possesses I
the wonderful efficacy of Syrup of Figs
The certainty with which it expels all 1
I impurities from the system at the same
time giving tone to the liver Stomach
and Bowels places it ahead of all other
remedies to say nothing of its being
more 39ilv taken > ItisTseHingvery I
Tapidly Coop Drug store ngefltf0r
Salt Lake 1
Th GayAttire of the Nations
zVJ Capital
Arrival of President Cleveland and I
FamilyA Great Time An
He Gets There I
WASUISGTOX March 3At roclock II
this morning the leaden mistof night I j
still clung around the Baltimore L i
Philadelphia depot and but few person I
were there The special train bearing
the Presidentelect and his party drew
up on a side track in the depot The
committee of citizens appointed tiv I
Chairman Corcoran to receive I
the Presidentelect had been in
formed by him that he desired to avoid
a public reception and would prefer
to receive a visit from the committee at
his hotel They were also informed i
yesterday evening by membersof the i
Senate designated by Mr Cleveland as
a medium of further communication
that other and private arrangements I
had been jinade for his comfortable
reception at the station and his con
veyance to the hotel but nevertbelc j
when the party arrived only a I
few train Jiaiids and halt a
dozen reporters > were present The I I
Presidentelect was ce mpm ied by his
brothel Reverend E Cleveland wife i
and child his sisters Mrs Hoyt and
Miss Cleveland his piede Miss Miry I
Hastings f rand Mrs Daniel Mann i
nhqYColonel Daniel Iamont wife anil
cliildrep Alter a delay of about
terjinnnutes ChairmanBerrit Mi
Gait of the inaugural committee put in
an appearance and were uittqfluced fa
thelJresiaenfelectT Spnie twenty min
utes ere required iqs curc carriage
and it waijten minutes to 9 oclock be
fore the party disembarked Mean
while the news of the arrival of b
ar h spread and crowd gathered
around the Pullman car Maranon
imdstared hard at tlleJre i mtel ct
ho borethe scrutiny with equaniiuifcy
Wb n the carriages arrived the party
alighted anT proceeded through the
ladies waiting > o6rnitofthe north entr
ance theflPresioeritclect leading with
chairman B rrit frewore a lllue over
coat silk bar and did not appear to be
at all fatigued by Hs nigh journey
Carriages wemtaken and the party pro
ceede < y to the Arlington sVliero ai
haStyitoilet was made and breakfast
3erve < L
Kkw YORK March Members of
the county Democracy and Irving Hall
left for Washingtonr tins morning i
eighteen strong
After the tall of the citizens recep
ugh commit Cleveland continued to ll
receive callers Until 6 oplook when hel
dined atUie hotel r4 > non those who
called were Hendricks Vilas Secretary
McCulloch Gen Farnsworth Daniel
Manning Senator Gorman Senator
Garlartd and Geifl5nil Sheridan
and three members of Jiis staff Hcn
dneks called about noon and had a
long talk with Cjevejand J It was after i
8 oft ck jvhen Cleveland and Colonel
Lament appeared in the parlors afJer
din rand Jrbuiitliathour uritil 10
oclock the President continued to
receive callers who were admitted only
after sending thir cards At 10 oclock
Cleveland retired He willSIeave the
tomorrow morning 11 oclock
for the House and from there lie
will be driven o the Cnpitol
Hendricks received alarge number of
callers atthis rooms today In the
evening he was serenaded by several
visilingorganisations and in acknow
ledging one of These compliments ten
deredKhiiu bv > the Busch Zouaves St
Louis and Flambeaux Club Kansas he
said regarded the demonstrations
day Endorsementa of the principles
Of pnreandhonest government
Idaho Day
< >
KKW OKIKASS March 3Idaho day
andtheJormal opening of the womans
department were the events at the ex
position which attracted a l r number
of visitors The ceremonies in the
Idaho department began at 2 p m by
anfaddress of welcome by me Idaho
Comtnissioner CaL Sho p to about
1000 guests Col Douan followed as
orator of the day Addresses were then
made by Commissioner General Bore
I hqad Colonel Andrews df California
and Judge Tierce of Idaho
m Celestial tibel Suit
tiw YORK March aChan Paid Tiff
t today inthe supreme court obtained
t a verdict OJ1000 against Hong Chin
Foo editor of the ChineseAmerican
newspaper published in this city as
damages forlibel Tiff is the proprietor
of live laundries and was chargedwith
being a ruetrjber of an organization
formed forassa sinating Foo and of
having fobbed his employer in
Ch go 4
to 7
TheBlo1ruul Church
DUBLIN March aThe damage to the
Protestant Church in Glenfinen was not
as great hbt first reported Two
cartridges exploded and several square
feet of masonry was destroyed Several
more cartridges were found in the
Later Thirtvsix dead bodies have
been recovered The bearch still con
i tinues
The excitement occasioned bv > the
strained relations between llnssia and
England still continues Consuls have
fallen in consequence
Mrs BlaineJ TTalker Funeral I
BALTIMORE March 3The funeral
Mrs E BlaineWalkor will take place I
at 11 tomorrow at the cathedral Arch
bishop Gibbons officiating assisted by
Rev Father Curtis After the quiem
mass the remains will be taken t9 I
iBrovnisvillePafor interment
P r
The GnU Dc lcd Capital
WASHINGTON March SThe city on
the eve of Inauguration Day presents a
scene of extraordinary activity excite >
ment and enthusiasm The fronts of
all the building on Pennsylvania
Averue are nearly concealed by flags
shields and festoons of bunting
so that the street is almost literal v
walled in with tricolored dra
pery The lanterns of the
street lamp posts have been removed
and the gas flames surrounded by col
ored globes Electric lights blaze on
every corner and along the pavements
of the brilliantly illuminated streets I
under fluttering streamers and ban
ners move the crowds of inauguration
visitors Military organizations in full
uniform headed by fine bands and
lighted by locomotive headlights and
flankers with torches are constantly
passing back and forth through Penn
sylvania Avenue and Fifteenth street
oil their way to or from the head
quarters of the Presidentelect and are
greeted with cheers as they wheel
around the corners between the throngs
of spectators Companies of State
militia in plain and serviceable blue
alternate with picturesque squads
of zouaves in show red and
white The New York politi
cal clubs in long overcoats and
silk hats are followed by Flambeaux
from Topeka Ks dressed in their spec
tral uniform of unbroken white
and carrying peculiar pneumatic
torches into whose hollow shafts they
blow at intervals so as to send up
high slender tonguesjof naphthalike
flames The Duckworth club of Cincin
nati presenting a very creditable ap
pearanceis cheered as it marches along
in white overcoatsdark pants and high
white hats
Bands of all kinds are to be heard in
every directionfour or five sometimes
passing the Treasury Department to
gether but in different directions and
r I playing different airs Around the Ar
lington hotel where the Presidentelect is
staying r there has been a great throng
of people all the evening watching the
arriving and departing troops and
listening to the serenades which the
bands successively play under Mr
r Clevelands windows The whole city
seems even at this late hour in the
evening to be astir and presents fes
tive and holiday appearance which is
as striking as it is unusual
ITnzcii to be ConrtMnrtlalcd
WASHINGTON March 3The Presi
dent today ordered a court martial for
the trial ofBrigadierGsneral Hazen on
chargesof conduct prejudicial to good
order and military discipline The
court will meet in this city on the 11th
instant MajorGeneral Hancock will
be president or the court
Orders were issued today for the
suspension ef General Hazen and for
him to consider himself in arrest until i
further orders Captain Mills of the
signal service has been ordered to duty
as jicting chief signal officer pending
the result 6f the trial of General Hazen
It is understood the action of the Pres
ident in this case was precipitated yes
terday in which General Hazen is
represented as placing on the Secretary
of War the responsibility for the loss of
50 many members of the Greely
party I
Ca Clicks
BUILIN March 11Tba i traefof Terri I
tory west of Zanzibar comprising 0500 i
square miles which was acquired bj
tue German Coloniatioa society has
been placed under the sovereignty of
the limperor of Germany The societys
officials are under the control of tIe
German Consul Zanzibar
LONDON March 3It is reported from
Woolwich arsenal that in military
circles it is understood that the govern
ment have arranged to t hold in readi
ness 150000 troops for semte against
Russia in Afghanistan England is to
depend for protection upon the
Gladstone is attending to business
SHANGHAI JMarch t1hc French
fleet which has been bombarding
Chinghai has returned after doing
innrli damage I
On to Washington I
BALTIMORE MarchS There was more
life here today than for a long time
The trains from the east and west be
gun to arrive early and by noon the i I
city was thronged with strangers on the i
n ay to Washington The railroads are 1
all taxed to their full capacity and i
trains will be in motion all night to ac
commodate the vast throng from Balt 11
imore to Washington The roads are
lonbje tracked and trains will be run at
i 1 full speed
The ropes Birthday
ROME larch 3At the celebration of
I the seventydfth anniversary of the
birthday of Pope Leo XIII tile con
gratulations of the King of Spain were
presented special audience by the
Marquis of Molina The Spanish Am
bassador gave assurance that the inten
tions of Spain towards the Holy See are
of the friendliest nature
Tolm U Read oflhitte Slapped in
the Face
llmtLitNAM TFeb 27 1885
Helena has had a chapter of exciting
events during the past twentyfour
hours Yesterday afternoon John B
Read of the Inter ironntnin was slapped
in the face in the Council chamber by
Buck of Choteau for scurrilous remarks
and letters published about members of
that body In the evening several
prisoners escaped from the county jail
and today two of them were brought
in one of them badly though not i
fatally wounded for resisfing the officers
who captured them The gambling fail
will come up in the Council tomorrow I
Butte JYnrr
At the Capital ii
House building and grounds were
crowded with visitors today The east
room was the only one open tosight
aeersv The lresident was kept very i
busy during the day signing acts of i
Congress and attending other official
matters The members the 1riitert ji
States Supreme Court headed by Chief I r
Justice Waite called just before noon i t
and took leave of the President A
meeting of the Cabinet wa held at noon
which lasted two hours All the members t
Were present The session was devoted
to clearing up all the official btisinesH i
requiring action during the j
requirng tle present ad ii
ministration At 230 the President t
received the members of the diplomatic I t
corps All the legations were
legatons repre f
sented and i seemed as it every diplo 1
mat in the city was given an oppor I I
tunity to take official leave of the Pres I
ident While the arrangements were
being made for packing and removing
the personal effects of the President and r
family a large express wagon drove up I l
to the main entrance and deposited a
number of tr nk boxes and parcels III
containing the personal effects of I IiI i
Presidentelect Cleveland and his private
secretary After the President has re 1 i
viewed the inauguralprocession he will
proceed to the residence Secretary I
Frelinghuysen whose mest he I 1
guest will be
for two or three week Presidentelect 11 I t f
Cleveland called on President Arthur I
this afternoon I
The subcommittee appointed by the lhffi
inauguration general as the reception i
committee to the PresidentelecV in Ii I
Washington called him J
caled on hi by appoint jjjflt
ment this afternoon Their chairman t + >
Hon Richard T Merrick1 after Intro
ducing his fellowmembers I
fellowmembet expressed
welcome in a few wellchosen words and < 11 I l I
Governor Cleveland felicitously re
turned his acknowledgment Informal
conversation ensued for some time and
committee then individtylly took lethe
their leave
The Secretary of the Interior today
transmitted to the Senate a letter from
the Commissioner on railways in res
ponse to the resolution of tlC Senate i
asking whether the Uuion Pacific rail I
way company and other land grants or I
bonded railway companies have con
structed and are mnintainingand oper If
ating their own lines of telegraph and 1 t
whether telegraph messages are
accepted and transmitted for all per
ination sons and corporations without discrim
maton i
Time Commissioner considers tbeunder
lying question is the controversy r IJ i
between telegraph companies arising il
out of the differing construction of some 4 t
law and that the question is clearly one I
fur judicial adjudication 1 j
A Seasonable lEnteitainmcnt to be I i I
Observed bytlieFaitlifaii I
To the Editor of TiE HHKALD 14
The following from an eastern paper I
holds up the pious Clmstiiins in good IW
style I the Mormons were to fulmi
nate such commands wouldnt they beheld
held up to ridicule though
No doubt the Savior meant tiriit it is
not what a man cats that makes him fL
bad but his abusive and slanderous j
talk such as the priests and parsons I 1
use when they persecute theMormons I
for their hon sloPiions WASI Iii
Lgsrsumunteau if
A marked peculiarity of feligioit misit r
is today is its departure from the
teachings of Jesus and it e this incon I
sistency incongruity insincerity i
which shows that it is to agreat degree
time work of priestcraft Ajrvinstahce
take the Catholic doctrine of Lent mis
an illustration The Archbishop of
this diocese has just issued his orders us li1 >
to what may be eaten dft ring Lentor If
the quadragesimal or forty days fast r
observed by the Catholic church Here I
are four ot the commands or prescrip r
tions for the regulation of the stomach jl II
in the matter ofjhe proper victuals gra
ciously allowed to be < put ito ga il
3 Beside lard the fat rendered
from any kind of meat jniy be used U i 1 t
food in Lent jj1
preparing on any day in Lent n I
This dispensation is aKo extended to
the days of abstinence and fast days r U t
throughout the year
4 At the evening collation on J t
account of long existing custom the h
Church tolerates the use of eggs butter 11
cheese and milk S
5 The use of flesh meat aidfigh at I
the same meal is not allowed I
op On Good Frida the use of eggs
butter cheese andrmlk is forbidden at
any meal 1
Upon reading the aboveweinsiiret 1
ively opened the New Testament to
which we always go when we are de
sirous of learning what lusus taught
the Jesus whom the Archbishop pre
tends to follow and imitate And as we
carefully looked over the Sermon on the
Mount we were unable to find any com
I mands from Jesus as fothe sort oUood
that a man may cut and not put in i I
I jeopardy his souls eternal salvation In 1 r
tact Jesns goes s far a to say that it is
not what n man eats that is essential or l
important although that idea i not 1
strictly physiological or bygjeaic But
he says it all the same Matthew xv 1
Not that which goeth into the mouth j j
defileth a man but that whi b cometh
out of the mouth tliis delileth n man
The Marble Heart Last Niprhr J
The Salt Lake Drnuintfc and Musical f
Association repeated The Marble d
Heart last rdght to a god house
The piece was put cm the stage in 0
good shape and aU who took part ac
quitted themselves admirably The i
playing o Messrs Bywater and Morris
as Raphael and Volage and Mrs Hull
as Maro was excellent as was also that
of the Misses Bowring and Foreman
Miss Morris in the part of Madame i
Duchalet did very well The songs and I
choruses were well rendeied and added I
much to the success of the perform I
ance This is an excellent company of
amateurs far above the average and
they present entertainments that are r
well worthy ot patronage They next i
appear at conference when they wilt
present some excellent pltY3 nQt the t f 1
amusement of our visitors f i a

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