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T r r f J a I OTl F ll L i i T K E I r1 y t e DIe I 1Y HER LD > 0 J 1 I I
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j YOL XV SALT KE CIfY TAET iDAY iURCH 5 1335 K L N 231h I i iII i
Tn ommalll Given
FEW WEM warn
Amid Great Jubilation and
> U
A Democratic Policy briefly
i j > f f
r = f j
Simplicity in OfficeBurial of
SectionarTrejudice and
Partisan Jffate
f i
The Vroceodlngs Ceremonies Grant
Ball and Fireworks at
the Capital >
iI 1
W ASmx TU March 4f Washing
ton entertains today a hun
dred thcusand strangers They began
to come before the dedication of the
monument and they have been coming
day and night ever since They have
come in family parties in cluDSand
companies and regiments The hotels
were filled week ajp ana private board
ing houses and dwellings Save since
done what they could to lodge the shel
terless and feed the hungry Neverthe
css not a few of the later comers who
fcronght little besides their patriotic
memories and exultant hopes tramped
the avenues last night from necessity I
and breakfasted this morning with the I
coffee and sandwich vendors of the I
warfcets and street corners The morn
ing opened hazy but with excellent
promise of fair weatHer which Was ful
filled before 9 oclock Throngs were
abroad early walking and riding from
Point fc oint to see what they could of
rnl pUblic buildings parks and
monument before the great event
PJ the day began The fit
iDg and drumming and marching
of clubs i and tr ° 6ps Were enlivening
feaents of the early forenoon while
jr51rinS serenade tendered to popn
tr JPolmcal
favorites served to amuse
crntLuercst the participants and
crowds What is it possible do with
escanthng and boards and bunting
cSLPtk t116 a townforano
c ion Washington has undertaken and
performed Ihe harvest of decorators
ih d carPenters began ten days ago and
w e i noise of their sawing and pounding
d the click of their hammers have
en heard j day and night ever since
own to the moment of the starting of
of UlC procession At first ugly erection g
nmn rough timber broke out all along th e
Proposed line of march from the White
Honse to the capital covering doors
anrt windows of stores and dwellings
ana fill
1tnd filling up little parks and l ningj
upon these were tacked advertise
1Ilents ot seats to rent Later flags
anners streamers and tasteful devices
111 shOwing colors concealed the rough
began JOOdworK and then building fronts
wnv to Blossom out The completed
0 work 7 is 7ery beautiful and the stateliest
rf lI1crcin avenues has bcen trans
COlol iKu mto a moving maze of gay
heartiness fittingly typifies the
new of this citvs welcQmc to the
e administration The building at
enue corner oi TweUth and Pennsylvania
n occupied by the Pension
a was perhaps the most elabor
d the uecorated structure in the city
g and decorations were at once pleas
ers Were unique Long lines of stream
e suspended between flagstaffs
the roof iii1ust below on either side
eagle clutched an immense golden
blue long lines of red white
an Y bunting which were artisti
tbe < ntie Oven into a network covering
0 e line If185 at intersection
banting shone stars of
gold and framing the whole design
were handsome shields bearing the
names of the States of the Union all
linked together with gilt chains
The hotels were tastefully decorated
Willards was profusely draped in grace
ful festoons of gailycelored fabrics
Words of welcome wrought in tinsel
shone above an immense blazing star at
the doorway and a great arch of gas
jets spanned the circle enclosing a
symbolic owlhead of the Americus
club of Philadelphia Elegant designs
wrought in cunningly woven bunting
transformed the marble facade of the
Metropolitan into a thing of beauty
f J rf ld
JClie Ebbitt House was fairly covered
with flags and picturesque Genres and
the other hotels showed greajf ingenuity
of pleasing and original decorations A
great floral ladder reaching to the roof
of a business house on Pennsylvania
venue bore upon its rungs
the words Sheriff Mayor
Governor President thus graphic
ally symbolizing the lifework of the I
Presidentelect All the government
buildings on the line of march were gay
I with bunting Large American flags
encompassed the gray columns of the
1reasur3 and long lines of pennants of
every hue of the rainbow ran across the
granite front of the great building and
relieved its severe architecture by giv
ing it an appearance in keeping
with the gala day Hand
some rosettes and designs in parti
colored bunting adorned the btate
War and Navy Department buildings
Men women and children pushed and
bowed in the vast throng yet it was a
oodnatured crowd and evidently dis
posed to do justice to the occasion It
was willing and anxious to be amused
and plucked fun from the slightest
incidents as for instance when an
nhappylooking individual passed np
the avenue in his shirt sleeves pushing
a wheelbarrow in which reclined with a
elfsatisfied air another person bearing
a flag shouts and laughter and all sorts
of jibes and jokes greeted the equipage
011 its travels A large crowd congre
gated around the White House and
another equallv large one around the
entrance to the Arlington hotel at an
arly hour in the morning for the pur
pose of obtaining a view of the President
ind the Presidentelect as they took the
phlces aSsii ned to them in the line
Both men rigidlv denied theufselve to
visitors during the morning
Long before the hour set for the
movement of the procession the music
of hundreds of bands heading organizations
ions seeking their posts blended in one
confused roar By 10 oclock the entire
population of the city seemed to have
deserted its homes and occupied the
streets on the line of march The crowd
was something unprecedented even in
Ins city accustomed to receive the out
> ourings gf the nations population
The members of the general inaugura
ion committee met at the Arlington
lotel before clock and placed their
services at theuisposal ot tne P IeSIUlU
elect President Arthur breakfasted
with his family at the White House
about 9 > clock Senator Howley proceeded
eeded Willards hotel where he was
j oiiied by Vice Presidentelect Hen
Iricks and the two proceeded to
heWhite House They occupied a
landsome open barouche lined with
crimson satin and drawn by four beau
iful wTute horses The VicePresident
was heartily cheered all along the short
ride to the White House Just as he
was entering the grounds President
Arthurs carriage containing Senators
Stferman and Ransom started to the
Arlington for the Presidentelect This
carriage was also aTMOperi barouche
and it was drawn by tour spanking
jaysfrom the Presidents stables The
eats were covered with softheavy black
and white buffalo robes The Senatorial
committee were ushered into the Presi
enfrelqctS presence immediately on
heir arrival at the Arlington and
after a short delay the three gentle
men appeared at i the south entrance
of the hotel took their seats in the
carriage and were rapidly driven
to the White House where
hey joined President Arthur anfl Vice I
president Hendricks and Senator
Hawley Marshal McJIichael met the I
arty at the White House portico and
escorted the Presidentelect into the I
presence of the President The Presi
dentelect was greeted with cheers and i
waving of handkerchiefs as hq drove I
along Sixteenth street from the hotel I
ETc kept his hat raised in recognition of
he compliment While the party were
at the White House the chief marsha
of the procession and his aids rode in to
he groundaand notified the President
elect that the procession was ready to
start It was precisely at the hour set
1030 oclock that the Presidential
party entered their carriages and took
he position assigned them in the
line The party entered their carriages
as follows In President Arthurs car
riage President Arthur with President
elect Cleveland on his left Senator Sher
man facing President Arthur Senator
Ransom on his rightf acing thePresident
elect The second carnage contained
the vicePresidentelect with Senator
Hawley on his left As the carriages
drove out of the gates and entered the
line the occupants were greeted with the
wildest enthusiasm men shouting
women handkerchiefs screaming and and all seemed waving carried their
away with the excitement of the
moment The Presidentelect and vice
Presidentelect came in for the principal
share of enthusiasm and each of them
raised their hats and bowed right and i
left to the crowd which lined both side
of the carriage way The first division
of the procession escorting the Pres
identelect then began its march to the
Capitol The scenes on Pennsylvania
Avenue almost baffled description Th
surging mass hid the sidewalks Above
them the stately buildings were covered
with cloths of gorgeous colors arrancec
in patriotic device The soft spring hke
breeze lazily stirred the innnmerabl
flags brilliant and uniforms streamers dashed and special < < hitner aids an ha <
thither lending animation to the scenes
The police regulations were perfect and
the broad avenue with its hard smooth
surface was completely cleared of everv
thing that might obstruct the pageant
The United States regular troops cam
first thus departing somewhat trom the
order of the pro imme with the prob
able object ot ensuring a clear marching
space and their ranks extended clear
across the avenue and presented amos
imposing appearance The Unite
States Marine Corps with its magn
ficent hand followed the artillery ba
tailions This section fof the pro
cess ton proceeded as far as the
outh front of the Treasury Depart
ment and thenbbailed and came
to parade rest in order to afford
an opportunity for the Presidential
party to fall in line when the march <
was resunied The Presidents elegtfnt
carriage was preceded by General Bio
cum the chief marshal and his staff
l1id1 troop of United States cavalrv
Surrounding the carriages were a dozen
mounted policemen The party received
eived an ovation all along the line of
march Next came the national Demo
ratic committee and inaugural com
mittee in carriages followed by thejDis
rict militia headed by the Washington
Light Infantry A number of colored
militia formed part of the first division
and presented a highly creditable
appearance The local divisions
of the Grand Army of the
Republic closed the escorting divisions
In theapproaching avenues and streets
the military companies and society
organizations were massed in columns
orming brilliant vistas as far as the eye
could reach1 On elevated stands were enterprising
erprising photographic artists who
aught the sea of faces that moved con
inually like waves ol the ocean This
immense throng was variously estimated
as to numbers President Arthur subsequently
equently said it was Simply im
nense the greatest crowd he ever saw
Senator Hawley as he looked at it said
he thought it numbered about 150000
flute waiting for the arrival of the
Presidentelect some one would oc
assionally venture to the front of the
ilatform His presence was the signal
lor repeated cheers
The tand on which the President
to deliver his inaugural address was
erected almost on a level with the floors
of the Senate and the House and dl
ectly in front of the middle entrance to
he Capitol It was about one hundred
feet square the largest ever erected for
an inauguration and was covered by
2000 chairs These were occupied by
Senator members of the Diplomatic
Corps md Judges of the Supreme
Court members of the House of Kepre
elttatives and press representatives
leforc the President left the Senate
chamber the crowd in frontof the tand
lad increased until it became one solid
mass of humanity 400 feet in fro 1t < i >
the stand and more than 100 on either
side The crowd continued less solidly
in the rear of this multitude The trees
in the great lawns were filled and the
roofs of the surrounding dwellings were
overed On the roof of the Capitol
some 200 or 300 men and boys had con
Precisely at 1230 p m the head of
the procession appeared coming ontof I
the iniiin east door of thecapitol Presi
dent Arthur stepped to the front of the
platform followed by the President
elect and Chief Justice Waite and the
ergeantatArms of the Senate All
uncovered as they stood facing the
crowd and the vast assemblage cheered
again and again for several minutes
when the persons who were to officiate
at the ceremonies were seated on the
platform President lect Cleveland 1
began his inaugural address He Was
lad in full black a Prince Albert coal >
a high oldfashioned standing collar
and a black tie In speaking lie held
his left hand closed behind him and
emphasized his speech by gestures with
his right hand He spoke withoiil f
Tnanuscrijpt but occasionally consulted
a small piece of paper bearing notes or
he heads of his discourse His voice
T as clear and resonant and he easily
enunciated his words and occasionally
turned about at the pauses as i to note
he effect of his remarks lie spoVc a
Bellow Oitieni >
In the presence of this vast assembl
age of countrymen lam about to
upplement and seal by the oath which
I shall take Ihe manifestation of the
will of a great and free people In the
exercihe ot their power and right of self
government they have committed to
me of their fellow citizens a supreme
and sacred trust and he hdre conse
crates himself to their services This
impressive ceremony Itlds little to the
solemn sense of responsibility TUt
which I contemplate the duty Iovet 9
all the people of the land Nothing can
relieve me from the anxiety lest by any
act of minetheir interests may suffer
and nothing is needed to strengthen 013
resolution to engage every faculty
and effort in the promotion of then
welfare Amid party strife the peoples
choice was made but its attendant cir
cumstances have demonstrated a new
strength and the safety of a govern
mentl > y the people In each succeed
ng year it more clearly appears that
our democratic principle needs no 3 l
ogy and thatin its fearless andfaith
ful application is to be found the sures
guaranty of good government bnt the
best results in the operation of govern
incut wherein every citizen has a share
largely depend upon the limitation ot
surely partisan zeal and effort and a
correct appropriation of the time when
the heatof the partisan should be
merged into the patriotism of the
Today the executive branch of the
government is transferred to a
aew keeping but this is stil
n government of all the people
and it should be none the
less an object of their affectionate
solicitude At this hour the animosi
ties of political strife the bitterness ofl
partisan defeat and the exultation of
partisan triumph should be snpplantet
by ungrudging acquiescence in the pop
mar will and the sober conscientiou
concern for the general weal Moreover
if from thi hour we cheerfully ant
honestly abandon all sectional preju
dice and distrust and determine Wlth
manly confidence in another to work
out harmoniously the achievements of
our national destiny we shall deserve
to realize all the benefits which our
happy form of government can bestow
0n this auspicious occasion we may
well renew the pledge of ourdevohon to
the Constitution wfiichlaunched by the
founders of the republic and consecrated
by their prayers and patriotic devotion
has for almost a century borne the
hopes and aspirations of a great peopl
through prosperity and peace and
through the shock of foreign conflict
and the perils of domestic strife and
vicissitudes By the father of his com
try ourConstitutlon was commended Cpr
adoption as the result of a spirit I
of amity and mutual concession I
In that same spirit it should beadmu
isWred in order to promote the lasun j
elfare of the country and to secure
thefull measure of its priceless benefits I
tous and to those who will succeed to
the blessings of our national life The I
arge variety of diverse and competing
i nlereats subject to Federal control I
ersistently seeking recognition of their
claims need give us no fear that The
reafeatgood to the greatest number
ml fail to be accomplished if in the
aUV of national legislation that spirit
t amity and mutual concession shall
irevail in which the Constitution had
Its birth If this involves surrender
or postponement of private interests
and he abandonment of local advan
h jges compensation will be found in
the assurance that thns the common
nterest as subserved and the general
Welfare advanced
Jri the discharge jof my official duty I
sllall endeavor to be guided by just
ml unstrained construction of the
destitution a careful observance of
the distinction be wcen the powers
ranteH to the Federal government and
Jioe serVed to the States or to the I
leople and byAa cautious appropriation
thoje functions which by the Consti
nhcni and laws have been especially
issigned to the executive branch of
ovemment but he who takes the
Ioath today to preserve protect and de
fend the Constitution of the United
Sttes only assumes the solemn obliga
r tiou which every patriotic citizen on
he farm in the workshop in the busy
marts of trade nud everywhere shoulJl
hare with him The Constitution which
prescribes his oath my couhtrymen
1 s1 yours The government you have
choserrhim to administer for a time is
yours The suffrage which executes
he will of freemen is yours The laws
and the entire scheme of our civil rule
from the town meeting to the State
capitals and the national capital is
yours Your every voter as surely as
y > our chief magistrate under the same
lien sanction though in a different
rihere exercises a public trust ris
his all every citizen owes the country a
vigilant watch and close scrutiny of its
publicservants and a fair and reasonable
estimate of tneif fidelitv and usefulness
Thus is the peoples will impressed upon
he framework of our civil policy muni
cipal State and Federal and this is the
irjce of our liberty and the inspiration
of Vouifaith in the republic
It is the duty of those serving the
eoulein i public places to closely limit
he pUblic expenditures to the actual
need3o sgovternmentt economically ad
minisferedybecuuse this bounds the
right of government to an exact tribute
rom the earnings of labor property
of citizenSf and because of public extra
f YKance amoncf the people We should
nbver 1be lshi med oC simplicity and
irudential economies which are best
s juiced to Ihe operation of a republican
brmjQf government and most compat
ble with the mission of the American
people t Those who are selected
lor a limited time to manage
public affairs are still of the
people and may do much by their
sample ft > encourage consistently with
lie dignity of their official tunctions
hat pjain wayof life which among their
eljpw citizens aid integrity and promote
thrift nd prosperity
tThe genius of our institutions the
needs of our people hi their home life
and the attention which is demanded
or thb settlement and development of
he resources of our vast territory
dictate a scrupulous avoidance of any
departure from that foreign licy com
mended by the history tradition and
the crospenty of our republic It is the
policy of independence favored by our 0
position and defended by our known o ve
of justice and by our power it is the
policy of neutrality rejecting any share
in foreign broils and ambitions upon
other continents and repelling their in
trusion here t19 the policy of Monroe
and Washington and Jefferson Peace
commerce and honest friendship with
all nations entangling alliances With
A due regard for the interests and
prosperity of all the people demand thai
ourhnances shall be established upon
such a sound and sensible basis as shall
secure safety and confidence to business
Interests and make the wage of labor
sure indsteadyj and that our system of
revenu hall be so adjusted to relieve
the people from unnecessary taxation
having due regard to the interests of
capital invested and the workingmen
employedin American industries and
preventing the accumulation of a sur
pUs in the treasury to the extent of
extravaganceand waste
Care tor the property of the nation
and for the needs of future settlers re
quirejthat the public domain should be
protected from purloining schemes and
unlawful occupation
The conscience of the people demands
that the Indians within our boundaries
shall be fairly and honestly treated as
wards of the government and their edu
cation and civilization promoted with
the view to their ultimate citizenship
and that polygamy in the Territories
pollgamy family religion l
and offensive to the moral sense of the
civilized world shall be repressed
The laws should be rigidly enforced
which prohibit the immigration of the
servile class to compete with American
labor with no intention of acquiring
citizenship and bringing with them and
retaining habits and customs repugnant
to our civilization
Thepepple demand reform in the ad
ministration of government and
the application of business pnn
dples to public affairs rAs 11 means to
this end civil service reform should be
in good faith enforced Our citizens
have the right to protection from the
lucompetency of public employees who
hold their places solely as a reward for
partisan service and from the corrupt
ing influence of those who promise and
the vicious methods of those who ex
pect such rewards and those who
worthily secfc public employment have
I the right to insist that merityand com
petency shall be Tecognizeff insleadOf f
party subserviency or the surrender of
honest political belief
In the administration of a govern
ment pledged to do equal and exact
justice to all men there should be no
pretext for anxiety touching the protec
tion of the freedmen in their rights or
their security in the enjoyment of their
privileges under the Constitution and
its amendments All discussion as to
their fitness for the place accorded to
them as American citizens is idle and
unprofitable except as it suggests the
necessity for their imnrovement The
fact that they are citizens entitles them
to all the rights due the relation and
charges them with all the duties oblig
ations responsibilities These topics
and the constant and evervarying
wants of an active and enterprising pop
ulation may well receive the attention
and patriotic endeavor of all who make
and execute the federal law
Our duties are practical and call for
the industrious application of an in
telligent conception of the claims of
public office and above all a firm
determination of united action to secure
to all the people of the land the full
benefit of the best form of government
even vouchsafed to men and let us
not trust to human effort alone but
humbly acknowledge the power and
goodness of the Almighty God who
presides over the destiny of nations and
who has at all times been revealed in
our countrys history Let us invoke
His aid and His blessing upon our
The address was very brief and at
precisely 2 minutes after 1 oclock it was
concluded with an invocation of the
blessing of Providence and turning to
the Chief Justice and bowing to him
Cleveland said I am now prepared to
take the oath prescribed by law
As the Chief Justice arose to admin
ister the oath the vast assemblv cheered
again and again The Presidentelect
stood squeezed between two men almost
as closely united as the Siamese twins
The few ladies who accompanied the
distinguished gentlemen were recipients
of no greater favors than were the
Senators They were pushed thoroughly
and lifted from their feet until after I
hey had gotten behind the threshold
where their hats and bonnets were sub
jecl for general repairs
The Presidentelect stood facing the
Chief Justice with the crowd on his
right Chief Clerk McKinney of the
supreme Court stood just to one side ol
Cleveland and held the Bible upon
which the oath was administered the
Presidentelect also holding it witn his
right hand The Bible used is a small
Moroccocovered gilt edged volume
pretty well worn It is the Bible
which Clevelands mother pave him
when he left home as a youngman and
at his special request the committee of
arrangements had it in readiness for
the ceremony The crowd preserved
perfect quiet as the impressive cere
mony of administering the oath was
taking place but when it was concluded
and as President Cleveland laid down
lie Bible after reverently kissing it
and shook hands with the Chief Justice
liey cheered loudly and long
The Chief Justice was the first to con
gratulate President Cleveland and ex
Lresident Arthur the second Others
than pressed forward but finally he
retired from the scene and moved to
carriage to be escorted to the White
At the conclusion of the inaugural
ceremonies at the Capitol the proces
sion escorted the Presidential party
back to the White House The two
carriages which contained President
Cleveland exPresident Arthur Vice
President Hendricks and the Senate
committee of arrangements took posi
tion In the first division and the line
started The greatest enthusiasm was
manifested all along the route The
lealsi fkhaJOY
crowd on the sidewalks had increased
so that it was impossible to pass through
t Many people were forced out into
the roadway and the police had all
they could do to keepthe avenue open
for the procession When the head of
the line reached Fifteenth street a halt
was made and the carriage containing
the President and exPresident left the
line and proceeded by way of the
executive avenue to the White
House which the party entered
The VicePresidents carriage pro
ceeded np Fifteenth street nearly
to New York aveuue before leaving the
line Mr Hendricks however soon
joined the President at the White
House and when everything was in
readiness the entire parly proceeded to
the reviewing stand on Pennsylvania
avenue directly in front of the man
sion and th6 order was given for the
Iin6 to move The reviewing stand bad
been profusely decorated with flags and
bunting and presented a beautiful ap
pearance The President and exPresi
dent were placed on a projected plat
form which was covered with
flags so as to make a handsome I
canopy and at the same time
so arranged as to afford a clear
unobstructed view of the procession
Arm chairs were placed upon it for
their use but the President remained
standing during the entire review Ex
President Arthur sat on his left Vice
President Hendricks and members of
the household occupied scats to the
right and just back of the President
while the families and friends of the
President and exPresident sat in the
front row on the right Among those
who occupied seara on the Presidential
stand were Secretaries Frelinghnysen
McCulloch Lincoln Chandler and Tel
ler PostmastdGeneral Hatton
LieutenantGeneral Hancock Daniel
Manning of New York Mr Vilas oi
Wisconsin Mr Endicott of Mississippi
Senators Bayard and Garland
Colonel Lament Mayor Grace and
exMayor Coeper of New York and a
large number of other prominent per
sons including many officers of the
army and navy and diplomatic corps
There were a great many ladies on the
stand and their rich costumes added to
the brilliancy of the scene It is estim
ated that there were on the stand about
1000 persons It was 210 oclock when
the President escorted by Colonel Ber
rett of the inaugural committee took
his place at the front of the stand The I 1 nt
head of the procession started from c J If I
corner of Fifteenth street to pass in j l r
review The Presidents appearance
vas the signal for a great shout from
the concourse of people who had gath
ered in front of the stand and filled the
street for several hundred yards both
ways The President quietly h6we8 his I
acknowledgments A good deal of
confusion was caused In the vicinity of It
he grand staml by the eflbrts of
lie police to clear the street for ki
the approaching procession The
work was finally accomplishedbut with f
reat difficulty mounted police riding i
mto the dense throng and driving the I
people back with
their batons The re
view from the t
Presidential stand was a I
grand sight and it was the more gcner > 1
aUy expressed opinion that no jnore
rill 1nt a pageant had been witnessed 1J 1
1Il tins country 1
All the organizations gave the iiJArch 11
ng salute as they passed the grand I
stand and the President recognized the r 11
compliment by raising his 3iat 7 he i
irst dlvisioul was composed of regular JI i
United States troops and the local mili
wry organizations presented a fine ap
pearance as they passed the stand The ti 1
President saluted the CSief Marshal and
his aides and the exchiet companies 1
which marched in particularly good L
orm ° j
The second division was composed en 1
irely of brigadiers of thePennsylvania l
National Guard There were about
7500 in this division and their good t
marching and fine military bearing
were praised on all sides Governor 1
Pattison of Pennsylvania rode at the
head of the division by the aide faf ex
3overnor Hartrafnt They were recog
nized as they neared the reviewing I
stand and loudly cheered The Presi
dent and Governor Pattison exchanged
salutes The President also raised Yds I
hat as a token of respect to tire battle
torn flags of the Thirteenth EiSh
teenth and several otherTcgnnenta ot i
this division
Gen FitzHughLee commanding the
Third divisonreceived an oyatfcq from I
the crowd in and around the Presi
dents staiidHe bowed to the President 1
and the latter raised his hat in return f
The President paid the samecompli
ment toltheTwentyninth NewYorkreg
Ement tne Rochambeau Grenadiers ana 1
the Busch Zouaves of St Louis A large I i
number of colored troops were Included f
in theThird division andtneirsoldierly t
bearing and good march elicited much
praise from the spectators THe New
Jersey soldiers in their plain uniforms J L
with red blankets rolled above their t
knapsacks attracted attention as did
the Washington Infantry of Pittsburg li I It
clad in navy blue with black snakera c
The Fifth Maryland about 500strong 11
in black helmets and blue suits who are I
welcomed old favontes in this city were warmly
The striking uniform of olivegreens
with black plumes which attracted
much attention was worn bv the Clark
Guard of Augusta Ga The New York
Sixtyninth regiment was in this divi i
sion about COO strong and its fine band II
and excellent march fully met the
expectations which had beenraised as II
to the appearance of this regiment The ir
Grenadiers of Rochambean Ner York
were also se1 received t The Busch I
Zouaves of St Louis wore the most i
elegant uniform of the kind fnthepro
cession Company C Sixteenth Ohio
National Guards in showy uniforms of
grey closed the precession unorms
grKeC fourth n last divisionwas com
posed entirely of civic organizations
and was commanded by Major Thomas J
J Lnttrell The Jaokson Democratic I
Association of the District ot Columbia
carrying rough hickory sticcs acted as
escort to the New York orjanizations Ii
After them came six IndLn braves in 1
war paint and feathers bearing Tam I
manys unique banner Tlu Tammany 1
men who numbered about 000 carried
silverheaded sticks at their shoul 1
ders and marched nine abreast
They were marchep by the i
Tammany Knickerbockers in their i
quaint ancient costume carrying 0 I
long goldheaded staves wHl whicfi I
they beat inarching tie on theasphalt i
pavement IrvingHall was represented
i > y abut o gentlemen all wearing ji
silk hata and spring overcoats and i
caring canes Gilmorcs immense
band heralded the approach of the
County Democracy long before they
were visible Fie n hundred men in
light grey overcoats and silk hats who
gy cane with Clevelands head
wrought in silver and wearing purple
and gold badges on the lapelof their
coats represented this branch of the
New York Democracy The Albany
phalanx numbering eighty men pre
sented a neat appearance clad in
brow coats white beavejciand carry
ing silk umbrellas The Kings County
Democracy had about 135 men in line t
dressed In dark blue overcoats and
carrying the inevitable cane The
Buffalo Legion in dark cotes silk
hats brought up the rear of the frt
brigade l the secorrlbrigade of this i
division the Bayard Logion of Wil
mington Delaware was the first outof
town club and was followed by the Joel
Parker Cub of Newark N J
A notable feature of the procession I
was the Flag Cavalry of the District of 1
Columbia in which the electoral votes
oi tne states mat lomisnea uieveianas
majorities were represented by horse
one for each vote arrayed in tales by
color They were followed by the I
Cleveland and Hendricks Club of f
Lewinsville Virginia and by a number <
Virgnia anl
ot mounted clubs wearing color
sashes The last brigade was composed r
of the Veteran Firemans Association of I
New York drawing three handengines t
the District fire department and the
Baltimore fire company followed by
civil organizations
Taken all i all asa combined military
tary and civic display the procession j 1
was undoubtedly tie largest and finest of
ever seea in Washington The number I
of men who marched past the Presi t
dential stand is estimated at 25000
Vicepresident Hendricks fet some
what fatigued and retired to the t
t oret
Executive sidfOr rest before all
the civil organizations passed Many
other persons also left the stand before
the parade was over because of weari
ness At the conclusion of the review
the President and partyproceeded to
the ding room of the white House
where they partook of lunch ordered
for them by exPresident Arthur
There were present besides the rnenv
Oontemifd QJ fifth ll

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