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SAL r i j Jll K E DAILY i HE1ALD J ± 1 I i
= = = = = = J
1t 9f II I = yOL xv SALT LAKE CITY UTAH FRIDAY MAECH 6 1885 l JJ NO 231 i51 H I i
4 =
I 7
Id I id nt rrt11es
1 rIlle New yicePrsidenPakeS
the Chair
1t i
II 1
1 malJoomC s ir ustody
t ThOkLtbaln
11 1M Strike in Texaso
Id elJD Facts
The Senate
j J WAS TON March 5Thc public
i lleriw of the Scnate were again today
la j Mded to the utmost limits and long
j I fore noon a crowd gathered about
la doorkeeper in vain for admis
8 e I n very on The Senate clock which Captain
a 1 35ett with his caneJset back ten min
f V pJterday had recovered the lost
ia utes Promptly at 12 the VicePresident
4 ime ed from a door on the left of the
I eutere
Presidential desk accompanied by Rev
j Lutheran
pastor of the
j nr Butler The
cemorial clmrca of this city
applauded Hendricks which
f galleries 1I3njfestation its recipient abruptly
erminated with the gavel TheSenators
I nEert this summons and Dr Butter
rose Upon its conclusion the
ffered prayer
j Vicepresident took the chair and was
wmgaet d with plaudits by the occup
again ants of galleries He called the Senate
to order and in a voice only audible to
e he clerts called for the reading of the
journal 3 The journal having been read Alli
Beck and Voorhees the committee
son of veterdav appointed to wait on the
ye5 United and in
I PreidKitof the United States
form him that a quorum of the Scnate
was present and ready to receive any
tomtlunication he might deem to
Inke reportc that they performed
hat duty and the President had
t e that he would communicate
with the Senate forthwith In less
wan a minute there was announced a
Menage from the President of the
nitro States
herman at once moved that the
enate proceed to the consideration of
executive business The motion was
inniimrmsK atrrppd to and the Senate
went into executive session When the
doors were reopened it adjourned till
When the Cabinet nominations were
taken ap in executive session Riddle
berger i ooiected to the immediate con
ideration of the nomination of Bayard
He stated briefly that he did so because
of Bayards attitude uppn the Irish
question Riddleberger thought him
more English than American Bayards
name being the first on the list consid
aW to rt i
erations f all went over under the rules
of the Senate for a day
J Cable Clicks
i of
Puai Jfjrch 5 The Chamber of De
puties this eTeninsbyavbieof 26 to
ISO finally passed the bill raising the
duties on cereals
LoNDoN March 5The dispatches
kanded Gladstone this afternoon by the
Russian ambassador were from the
Ku ian Minister of Foreign Affairs
who denies the Russian occupation of
the Akrobat Zulfikar pass It was de
si ned to forestall the decisions of the
joint commission on the Eussoslfghan
He sajs the advance of the Russians
from PulIKhatuin was only ordered
after the Afghans in July last during
negotiations for the organization of
the commission occupied Penjdeh and
in January they occupied Sariguse
whence the Afghans withdrew on the
advance of the Russians The Russian
minister does not maintain the Tight of
Russia to hold the disputed outposts
but refuses to withdraw until the com
rm < iinn p events their report
1 L t r
The Kanuck Grangers I
j fonosro March 5The Dominion
I Grange today adopted the report of I
Ihe committee on temperance recom
mending the grange to support
the Scott act The grange also I
condemned the railway monopoly
A petition to the Dominion govern
ment favored having their uniform
grades for wheat and barley to be fixed
hI statutes the standard for which
saould be in the possession of all buyers
ALtSDIU March 5Slgns of o
mtent among the natives against
English rule is increasing Threats
nga1 ngt the life of
< Stephenson English
Olninander are frequently heard in
SCAn x March 5General Hudson
tht 3nding the Indian contingent of
< < < Sll11im
expedition landed today
S r
They Want Silver
llE > ZR Col March 5The Cham
Commerce this evening nnani
adopted a resolution requesting
e new Secretar of the Treasury to
Pay out the silver coin now hoarded in
n the vaults of the Treasury ih order to
stop the contraction of currenc and
thus currency an <
relieve the business depression of
the country
Trance and China
JsHiXGiui March 5Admiral Cour
I squadron arrived off Gutzloff to
day this pont lIe will dispatch cruisers from
nee to capture vessels carrying I
What Will It Do for You 7
dy5100515 Browns I n Bitters will drive out
451iial psia and malaria and make you
tic Iable Bland Calm Dellghtful las
I Flourishing Generous Hopeful
Cular ndepenttent Jr Kind Loving Mus
pnlar oeasonabe NiInble Obligmg Patient Qui
lSg Smiling Thankful Untir
f and VIrous Wise Xcellent Youth
1tl nntl2esuul and It cures all dyspepti
kidney complaints
Tho PresidentsVisitors
WASHINGTON March 5The Demo
cratic Phalanx of Albany called
on the President in ji body They
wee followed by detachments of
clubs from Ohio New York
NeW Jersey Maryland Kansas
Missouri and elsewhere The President
than gave notice that would receive all
who might choose to come between 2 and
4 oclockand during that time thousands
of t strangers paid their respects to the
Chief Magistrate The President received
ceived them in the east room and shook
hands with all The crowd passed
through in single file and owing to the
immense number presenting themselves
it was found necessary to dispense
with the formality of introduc
tion The President however recognized
cognized many acquaintances in the
line and greeted them by name
There was a large number
of colored people among the visitors
The President bore the trying ordeal
weU and greeted each person with a
pleasant smile and hearty grasp of the
hand The visiting militia and civil
organizations which had not called in a
body were well represented Governor
Pattison of Pennsylvania and staff
were prominent among the visitors All
members of ExPresident Arthurs
Cabinet with the exceptions of Secre
taries Frelinghuysen and Teller occu
pied their usual desks and attended to
aU the business requiring action at
their hands Secretary Frelinghuysen
was detained at home by illhealth and
Secretary Teller whose resignation as
Secretary of the Interior was accepted
yesterday at the Capitol Those on
duty received many callers
Oklahoma Boomers
WICHITA Kansas March 5Deputy
United States Marshal Rarick of Kan
sas City arrived here at noon today
with the following Oklahoma boomers
in custody W H Couch H H Staf
ford C E Streeter T W Eichelberger
A C McCord D J Odell W H Miller
George F Brown and A J Statte
They were arraigned severally before
t ML
United States Commissioner Shearman
The complaint was sworn to by Lieut
nant W W Day They are charged
with unlawfully maliciously and feloniously
iously inciting assisting and engaging
in a rebellion and insurrection against
he authorityjof the United States The
> oomers were sotreprestedlyctun
sel ± acn pieaueu not guuiy anu waiveu
the preliminary examination They
were bound over in the sum of 3000
each to the United States District Court
on the adjourned term which will con
vene here on the 9th inst All furnished
ARKANSAS CITY Kansas March 5
There are about 500 Oklahoma boomers
in camp here andltis expected there will
be > 1000 by Sunday the start for the
Territory to be made Monday having
been delayed on account of the arrest of
the leaders of the movement and the bad
condition of the Toads The troops are
already in the Territory under the com
mand of Major Benton
r SelfPoisoning
SK ANTONIO Texas March 5A I
private telephonic message from
Burnet gives an account of the self I
poisoning of August SchaSer and
wife The husband administered
the deadly dose to his wife and then
calmly awaited her demise when he
studded by taking a dose ef the same
drug Domestic unhappiness was the
cause of the trageclyi4 It is not known
that the wife was a consenting party to
the poisoning The couple leave a 2
year old child
j I
BooKs pamphlets Dd music can be
sent at thirdclass rates
Every countingroom should be sup
plied with scales for weighing letters
The postage on a pair of boots would
be at the rate of one cent an ounce
No valuable package should ever be
mailed unless it is registered Donjl j
forget this I
Tea coffee sugar and kindred articles I
canibe mailed atthe rate of one cent an
Clothing is classed as merchandise
and can be mailed only at the rate of
one cent an ounce
Weddingcake can only be mailed
when packed in a tin or wooden box
Confectioneries the same
A book presented for mailing with a
better attached to it would subject the
entire package to letter rates
Never write an address on a letter of
any kind of a package intended for
mailing in a careless manner
Matter enclosed in a sealed envelope
though the corners may be cut or the
ends notched is subject to letter rates
Liquids poisons explosive and in
flammable articles are not received for
mailing no matter how carefully
Chromos engravings or lithographs
belong to the thirdclass and can be
sent at the rate of two ounces for one
If you want to send a suit of clothes
by mail which weighed six pounds you
would have to make two packages of it
Send no cash money by mail It is
I much safer and cheaper m the long run
to buy a money order or postal note
Photographic and autographic album
are classed as merchandise and postal
is charged at the rate of one cent an
Animals reptiles live or dead not
stuffed insects except queen bees
when safely secured are excluded from
the mails
An unclaimed postalcard is not re
turned to the the writer even though
his address is given upon it but is sent
to the Deadletter office
Letterheads billheads and envel
opes blank or printed are charged as I
rnerchandise and postage must be paid I
at the rate of one cent an ounce
A postalcard is not mailable with
any writing or printing on the address
side except the address norwith any
hing pasted or pinned to the other
The Strike In Texas
GALISTO March 5Kews Denni i
son Texas At noon today the Mis
souri Pacific company moved all their I
engines at this point across Red River I
into Indian Territory for safety It is
understood the entire force employed II
at the machine shops will refuse to re
turn to work tomorrow at the request I
of the strikers At other points in
Texas there are 500 cars of freight await
ing forwarding Everything is quiet
A special from Longview savs
StrikeIs today rescinded the resolution
to stop the passenger trains but there
is much talk of stopping the passen
ger tomorrow The yard is full
of freight awaiting shipment A
few section men have agreed to
the terms of the company today
and returned to work At Sherman
the employees of the Texas Pacific were
this afternoon notified that they were
suspended indefinitely This suspen
sion works hardship as the Sh rman
employees were willing to accept the
reduction It is rumored that the com
pany has determined to run the mal
coaches until the strike is over
Xeua Fort Worth special At 7
oclock this morning the men employed
in the Texas Missouri Pacific railroad
shops quit work All the switches
and freight engines in the yard
were killed and tonight sixteen
dead engineers are around the round
house This morning all the east
bound freight trains were side tracked
in the yards and the engines were
taken to the roundhouse killed No
freight trains will be allowed to pass
through the yards Passenger trains
will not be molested The strikers
arc in gronps discussing the
situation but are orderly About 300
loaded and empty cars stand motion
less on the tracks A train load of
California fruit bound east and a
umber of cattle are among the detained I
tamed freighf This evening the strikers
received news that several freight
I trains from the north would arrive
They aseaibled at the north end
yards intending to side track the trains
and kill the engines The trains were
intercepted by wire and turned back
awards Denison The strikers are
loldiig a meeting tonight to determine
what further step to take to bring the 1
company to termS
Foreign Facts
LONDOX March 5Advices from
Cameroons to January 19th says that
Hickory town Lockprisons Fosstown
tloskoko and Belltown were burned to
the ground and the natives have sought
refuge in the bush King Bell is afraid
to return Two chiefs commenced
a peace palaver after the German
admiral sent two of his officers as
hostages up the country The admiral
has notified the rebel chiefs that they
must pay for the losses of English
residents Germanys judge will shortly
adjudicate upon the claims During the
palaver the hostile natives repeatedly
plundered the English and German
actories K
The steamer Rhaetia Irom New York
for Hamburg passed the Lizard The
Ihaetia passed on Monday the
steamer Gothenburg City from London
February 12th for Boston The Goth
nburg Citys propeller was gone and
he was making for Queenstown under
LONDON March 5The Commons
voted 330000 extra for naval expenses
in Egypt and for the construction
of iron dads 9tTb e garrisons in Ire
and will net be further reduced
OTTAWA March 5No information
has been received here of the imperial
authorities accepting the offers of the
Canadian volunteers Rumors are cur
rent that the imperial government has
been asking how soon the Canadian
Pacific railway will be available for the
ransportationof troops
ROME March 5Cardinal Ledochow
ski formerly archbishop of Posen has
been appointed secretary of the Papal
LONDON March 5 The territory an
nexed by Germany on the east coast of
Africa is twice the superficial area of
Prussia The Daily News states that
the territory surrounds Zanzibar and
the intention seems to be to make the
Sultan of Zanzibar dependent pon
G rather than England All the
morning papers express the hope that
Count Herbert Bismarcks visit will re
sult in the reconciling Germany and
PARIS March 5A manifesto has
been issued by dynamiters addressed
to the Prince of Wales pledging him
safety during Tiis visit to Ireland because
he is a Free Mason The document is
signed Michael Flannery II
The Daily News says Our relations
with Russia are perhaps not exactly
strained but the events of a single day
might put uppn them a strain difficult
to bear
PETERSBURG March 5The NoiO <
Yremya warns the English government
dt the malicious designs of Bismarck
saying they will cause a rupture be
tween England and Russia
MADRID March 5Blanc Italian
minister has been appointed arbiterIn
the dispute between America and Spain
in reference to the attack upon Ameri
can ships in Cuban waters
CAIRO March Government has
granted Lamothe a concession to blow
up rocks in the Nile at Silsileh and con
struct two basins to regulate the over
flow of the river at a cost of 250000
England and Germany
LONDON March 5In the House of
Lords this evening Earl Derby said
England formerly possessed undoubted
rights along St Lucia Bay These had
been in abeyance for some time The
raising of the British flag different
points in the Cameroon mountains
bounding the Cameroons territory oc
cupied by Germany was at present the
subject of correspondence between Lon
don and Berlin
Attacking Bismarck
LOXDOK March 5A Berlin corre
spondent of the Times in a long letter
attacks Bismarck for indirection deceit
and deliberate falsehood in his dealings
with England in regard to Germany
course in South Africa
A Statement from the At
tending Physician
Bismarcks Tactics An Uprising
1enred Laud Patents IssOeil
Election Frauds
Grants Condition
NEW YORK March 5Dr Douglas
said last night that General Grant has
had a red letter day for him He has
eaten heartily been out riding and
seemed considerably improved The
condition of his throat is no better how
ever and the progress of the disease has
been checked
NEW YORK March 5The Vertical
Record will say tomorrow In view
of recent developments in General
Grant condition the Records bulletin
two weeks ago so largely quoted by
the press of the country requires some
explanation It is fair to state that the
facts at the time presented bv the
fedical Record were founded on the
best authority that of Dr Fordyce Bar
ter attending physician to General
Grant and this explanation is manifest
in the following note
Dew Doctor Shrady
The statement which I made you was
literally true It the time I made it and
I amcertain i that Dr DoUglas would
have then made precisely the same I
saw Dr Douglas last evening and he
hen sjid that what I had told you was
exactly what he should have said
at the time but the Monday after I saw
YOU the action ofCongress had a most 1
depressing effect on General Grant His 1
vital powers suddenly broke down and
he loiial malady speedily assumed a
new aspect The newspaper accounts
have been greatly exaggerated and we
have never anticipated any such speedy
ermination as they have indicated I
do not believe Dr Douglas ever used the
word cancer in connection with the se
7e have always spoken of it as epithe
lioma of a malignant type probably
It was greatly improved for a time by
the local treatment of Dr Douglas and
the local condition was manifestly im
proving until the moral shock broke
down in his general system
Ever faithfully
Wednesday noon March 4 1885
It is a matter of deep regret that grave
suspicions are entertained of the serious
nature of General Grants disease which
are confirmed by a diagnosis of the epi
helioma of the tongue and face This
disease the name of which is now per
haps heard of by the general public for
the first time assumed an importance
as to study which it could never other
wise obtain Consequently the daily
papers educating tho people with re I I
gard to it so the terms epithelioma
malignancy and infiltration to be as
well understood as in former times 1
were those of suppuration of the pus
rickandbullet cysts As might have
been anticipated under the circum I
stances the published reportsof the
Generals condition were very much
exaggerated The disease is by no means
as extensive as generally believed In
fact the ulcerations small in extent
are limited to the right pillars
of the fauces the anterior one
being > perforated at its base Adjoining
joining the right side of the root of
the tongue is indurated to a slight
extent as is also the neighboring gland
under the angle of the jaw on the right
side of the neck The roof of the mouth
along the line of the hard palate and to
the right of the medium line contains
three small wartylike excrescences
which show a tendency toward cell
proliferation The epiglottis is free
romany abnormality as are aU the
othe parts of the throat Although
the induration of the tongue has existed
more or less since last fall when the
patient was seen by Dr Douglas the
ulcerations have appeared quite
recently It was during their progress
that the General suffered nom pain in
the riht ear which now has been entir
ely relieved by a local application of a 4
per cen solution of coacine Under
the same treatment all pain in deglu
tition is now entirely controlled andthe
patient is kept in a very comfortable
state Thepulsewhich is normally 60 per
minute occasionally reaches 80 beats
The bodily temperature is normal the
appetite fair which is saying every
thing in its favor as the General is not
a hearty eater His bodily condition is
however much below par and is more
to be considered at present than the
local disease The treatment of the
cas has been judiciously conservative
from he start Fluid extract of cocoa
is administered internally and iodoform
is dusted upon the ulcerations Con
trary to the general impression the
tongue itself is not ulcerated nor has it
been as far as we can learn at any time
during the progress of the disease The
troublesome tooth said to have been
extracted tor the relief of the lingual
ulceration was on the opposite on the
sound side of the month and was re
moved to relieve the persistent ache of
the left ear
Fatal Boiler Explosion A Lynching
WmusGiox N C March 5The
boil of the steamer Ware exploded
this afternoon The boat was a com
plete wreck Neil Jessup James Sted
road Land Killy Harvey all colored
were blown into the river and drowned
Perry Colton colored pilot and Dave
McPherson were badly scalded Several
other employees were slightly injured
The boat was valued at 10 000
On Wednesday morning at Monroe
Union County masked men over
powered the jailor and took out L e
st tte and hanged him Statten was
charged with rape
Ulsmarclcs Tactics
LONDON March 5 Blowitz the Times
correspondent at Paris in a letter at
tacks Bismarck for indirection in deal
ing with the British foreign office con
cerning the South Pacific islands In I
the Blue book on this subject issued by
the British government Fpliru ry 25th i
them is given a conversation held early
in February between Bismarck and
Malet British ambassador at Berlin
The German Chancellor then read a dis
patch whici he said he had sent to
Conn Munster the German ambassador
at London on the 5th of the preceding I
May which purported to convey to
England Bismarcks idea of how Great
Britain could assist Germany in her
colonization schemes and his promise
to reciprocate by helping English inter
ests nearer home The dispatch urged
England to fall in with the suggestions
made because in the event ot a refusal
Germany would be compelled to ask
French aid The Chancellor told Malet
that as Count Munster seemed to
make no progress it was feared in
Berlin that he had not stated
the points of the dispatch with
sufficient strength so Count Herbert
Bisumrck was sent to London to assure
the success of the negotiation Herbert
obtained from the British foreign office
nothing but the general assurances of
friendship These were valueless Bis
marck said When Malet expressed re
gret at the situation and assured Bis
marck that England had no desire to
thwart Germanys colonial ambitions
and asked him what he wanted New
Guinea Zululand the Chancellor re
plied that it was now too late to discuss
the matter with England because
Germany already had an understanding
with France
Blowitz accuses Bismarck of direct
falsehood in these statements He re
fers to the fact that Bismarck read the
original dispatch to Malet as proof that
it was never sent to London
Bismarck Blowitzsays proceeded as if
this dispatch had been sent to London
to form the basis of an alliance between
England and Germany concerning
colonial anexations as if its rejec I
tion by England had been form I
ally and deliberately made as if this
rejection were the endorsement bY Eng
land of the GermanFrench alliance
anil gave Germany a certain liberty in
the South Pacific and then when asked
for explanations about hisencroachments
on the British possessions produced
as his warrant the original of the very
dispatch This production BlOwitz
avers was made nine months after the
date of the dispatch and just when it
suited Bismarks purpose The intro
duction of this system says Blowitz
must create a panic in the political world
With such suppressed dispatches a
strong power can do as it likes
and turn might into right at
any time so abolishing all international
law To prove the assertion that
the dispatch was read to Malet and
never sent to London Blowitz points to
the fact that Grausville British foreign
minister on February the 7th immediately
mediatelv after Sir Edward Malet had
I communicated to him the Bismarck
interview wrote to Sir Edward The
dispatch in question was never commu
nicated tome
Dr Blowitz contends that it was im
possible for the dispatch to have mis
carried or been forgotten because
Count Munsterwould have resigned if
I he knew Lord Granville had seen the
dispatch before making suck statement
I while if Count Munster had really re
ceived thus dispatch and failed to trans
mit it to thq British foreign minister
Bismarck would have recalled Muns
ter for neglect of duty The
act that Herbert Bismarck
whom the German Chancellor
alleges was sent to London to second
Munster in his efforts secure colon
ial alliance with England failed to dis
cover the very dispatch which con
tained the terms of his mission had
never reached Granville Dr Blowitz
pronounces as very strange He de
clares that the truth is Bismarck did
not believe England would give Ger
many the assistance desired He knew
betterhow to succeed with France Be
hind the mission Msson Bismarck
intended to put England in the wrong
He proposed Srwuser le tapis to confront
Enlana with an accomplished fact
An Uprising Feared
CHICAGO March 5lreus Winnipeg
The farmers of the province met here
today Many accessions are being re
ceived to the ranks of the secessionists
and annexationists Resolutions have
been passed denouncing Premier Nor
quay for failing to secure concessions
from the Dominion government and
calling for redistricting seats and ap
pealing to the country An uprising is
really feared
Land Patents Issued
WASHINGTON March 5One of the
last acts of Secretary Teller was to issue I
patents for lands in Louisiana granted
to aid the construction of the New
Orleans and Pacific railroad These
lands embracing about 700000 acres
are comprised in what is commonly i i
known as the backbone grant i
Election Fraud Committee I
CHICAGO March 5The citizens
committee of eighty appointed to
assist in prosecuting the recent election
fraud cases in this city met today and
appointed a committee of fifty on public
safety in effect making the temporary
organization permanent
= A Mutineer Caught
Los AXGEtos March 5J05e Melen
dez said to be one of the ringleaders of
the Ensenada mutiny last January
whichresultedin the murder of aMexican
lieutenant and wife has been arrested
Appropriation for the G A K
SACRAMENTO March 5The Legis
lature appropriated today 25000 to
defray the expenses of the national en
campment of the Grand Army of the
Republic which it is hoped will be held
in this city in 1886
= t > I
= = i rll
JL pany hereby gives notice arid requests I I
all persons having had any dealings with
said company through the agency of Thomas M
PlerreDont to send detailed accounts of j
such dealings to SJ Jonasson attorneyat
la No 173 Ea t Second South street Salt fI
Lake City within ten days from feet i J
This Is also to give further notice to eau 00 i t
tion all persons from negotiating for the
purchase or assignment of a certain promis tH I i
sory note and mortgage given by raid com >
pany Thomas Pierrepont July ITlh jigS <
payable eight months alter the date thereof I
IlS well as against the purchase orassign
meet of any other pretended claim or ofili I I
gation of said company in favor of said 1
Fierrepont for that said company claims
offsets against the same and also claim the
nonfulfillment of the covenants and agree J
ment forming the consideration for which Ii I It I
sld note mortgage and pretended obliga 1
tions and each of them were given
President of the Mountain
Chief Mining Company
Salt Lake Citv February 27 1885 l
11 Milch Cow She had leathern breechin
strap around her neck Return her to Wm
C Morris the painter and be rewarded
j 1 the 3d inst a Red Cow branded N on
left shoulder E Smith on both horns crop
off right ear gi ring milk and about 10 years
old Any information concerning her
whereabouts will be thankfully received by
J W Burbidse No 155 Second North or
Seventeenth ward near the late Capt
Hoopers or Mr Hyrum Groesoeck
tf 1
U South Street W Mr B B Young and
Madame Mazzucato Young on Mondays
Wednesdays Thursdays and Saturdays
O I will sell one hundred high grade Shtat 1
Horn Bulls and fifty Hereford grade Bulls
to be delivered on or before November 1st i
1885 Thee cattle are bred and raised In my cel i t
ebrated Short Horn herd which I have been J
breeding up with thorughbred pedlgreeShort O
Horn cattle since the year 1872 pedljreeShort
many of the dams of these bulls offered are
full bred Short Horn cows
This herd of cattle is well known to stock I
men of this western country the cattle Q
1 got
nJ6eJoy hIS l
being bred and raised in this Mountain rV
country mutes them more desirable than
Eastern raised cattleas they are already ac
Please note cattle killed from myhenl
One steer three yeirs and five months old I
dressed net beef 1612 pounds two cows
dressed 1400 pounds each one steer 1390 jf
pounds tirentyslx months old and a largo I
number of steers weighing 800 pounds net
beef at three years old Those wishing to
purchase will please engage at once as none r I
other only to fill orders will be reserved
Also one thoroughbred Hereford 2year
old and six grade Hereford yearling bulls
now ready for delivery
Salt Lake City Utah
P O Box 262
L Household Goods of all kinds Send
postal or call at the Furniture Exchange f
No 324 S Main street opposite SU James C
oXIt J t
AGE Household Article S to S per day
made easily Apply 43 S Vest Temple street I
Irom12mto2pm orG to 7 pm upstairs
first door to left
± L our goods on commission in connection
with his own line In Utah Montana Idaho
oad Wyoming Territories one wno Is ac
quainted with the hardware trade irefcrred jt
Address with references Perry LO1 stove 1
manufacturers No 15 and 17 Lake Street
ChicagoIll 1
11 doors north of CUlt House aud see Dr
Higgins the Microscopic and Analytic
eMA gc
Physician the Specialist before taking
medicine of anyone else All orders by mail
promptly filled Address Dr C V IILrtrtus 4
Kv 272 Main street Salt Lake City l1tflDS
ReaIanls Loan Agent Money to Loan on Ij
Real Estate in sums to soiL Houses I 5
to Rent Rents Collected Houses i
and Lots For Sale Careful attention 1
given to Drawing up Mortgages Wills ris
Agreements Contracts Powers ol Attorney I
Partnership Agreements etc etc Titles I I
examined Territorial Scrip bought and
sold Notary Public Office under Mo iK1
Cornlcks Bank fl a
t fil
J retail dealer in Fruit Vegetables es
tablished in 1872 Great experience in the I 11 j
SlOppIng Trade Pacific Fruit Market B I
and 531 Merchant Street San Irancisco
111 sic removed to That South street
second door ofSLiarks church Og
I den visited Wednesdays and Saturdays
U nected vith Dr J R Van Autin has re i L
moved to THE HEBAID New Building where
he is prepared to do all kinds of Dental work 1t
Satisfaction guaranteed
u pestle Walker House over SeaburycS
Johnsons drug store Anesthetics given
Telephone ia office
The Benrmgton
i Wananted
to r the T
I work o1 r
three expert
I penmen ant tr
without ee
rere labor f i
Its use ia be 11
coming a 1
necessity R
with busi
ness and t
pofessionaLmen t
Sole Agents for the World
33 Madison Street QMcago
Agent Salt Lake Cttr Hi L u

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