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1 1 J f
tJ A e1 H tJ
nov Hill Talks Democracy in
eCI1 il Service Boform The Tariff
rae IBd toe PInm d Knights
For tfclness
A Campa11D Speech
lPRA October 29 At the
ocrilc demonstration at the Aca
y o Music this evening a special
address Governor
tIre ffss aa by
Of Vw York In welcoming the
crashed visitor the large audieooe
e aci cheered wildly for several
ue < saittte entire speech was in
J 51 with and punctuated by en
aastic demonstrations of approval
winking the meeting for tae cor
tT at the reoeption given him
1 b he construed as a compliment
u iuaself personally but to the
d democracy of the Empire
ji t Gjveraor Hill said that
etI usjlracia aud New York had
od shoulder to skoulder in
restlj oloninlhxitory In the war of
J jnen and had alike con
btl men and money during the
te Kfcl on to 2 ive the Union Two
r ew ago both States alie were the
necra fearful political revolution
hiclJ resllled in the ascendancy of the
ccra v party Subsequently Gov
or bioTer Cleveland hsd been
ted l r dent and the speaker nad
n ICtt to the Governorship of
ew York He continued I cojie
re to night to ask you to follow the
ample of Sew York and elect your
ieurmntGovernor to the Goy
sbn or your State t
ill be trae civil service reform
sere are many reasons why he
ouJ oe elected but there is one
tiL Scieat for me he Is a true
cir You ask me upon this oc
IIiL tj sptak to you of the issues of
canragr What is left tobe saia
Ic yiihave heard DanierDougherty
aniuc J Randall I have but a
ig cations to make You nave
0 tola ot the predictions of our op
lents JliJe two years ago I ven
e the stieoijnt that those predic
S Save cme to naught They told
that the Democrat party could not
trJ5te cntrol the government of
i couitr A year and a half
SUCCrit1l administration has
OTiea and refuted that statement
j told m that tne Democratic party
cy iOcJd l attain power would as
e the rebel debt That wss an old
> Df tw > years ago Not a single
tr of i iferlerate indebtednessJias
uated or proposed to be as
ed by anybody They told the
e to frighten them tkat the Na
J deht would be repudiated Every
r of the National indebtedness
kas oeconae due has been promptly
la toU U3 toat the interests
e SLMiers in the matter of pen
l wou d be unsafe The interests
ae pensioners have never been so
tat ± r care of as they have been by
or < sen adnmistration They told
that the indus u s of the country
d be ruined They have not been
ed but we see evidences on every
e of ivieasmsj prosperity It is a I
tsdavthat the times are slowly
t sjidy getting bettera tributeto
wsdom of the Democratic admin
aton some allusion has been made
the fal t jfha f iait to your State of the
nnup ntleman whohai afr m
Stalejf Maine Having succeeded
saving his own State after a moat
nD1e > effort he comes to help the Re
toltcans of Pennsylvania save this
e State There is not in my
d better evidence that the Stae
not close but that it is
ely going for the Democratic party
distinguished gentleman whose
LHreentiled upon aM occasions to
I efjl rjusidiration stated before an
Jeni < n ladelphia that the oun
S asia danger bcause of the Demo
Stir pol cv He spoke of the magnifi
t toes we had under the Republican
p You would imagine from his
teuent that all workmen were
ttfl21g better wages than now
Would imagine that there
i e BO hard times a few years ago
hsr the Republican administration
hY helorgets but we recollect that
4 t great panic in this country oc
under Republican administra
j1 1S7J when there was a Republi
president Republican Senate
a Republican House of Re
tattes and at the very time
IJ t Blaine was speaker of the i
o 01 Representatives Neither he
tn c arty were able to giye the
oag ood md prosperous times al
gt ttey shaped all legislation the
yea t Yt1 d at that period J say hat
tlte an a half of successful admiuis
V t Q ls demonstrated the wisdom of
Jpe of this countrv in changing
t j mstrstion of public affairs and
r the Democracy in power We
J t been able to accomplish all
anticipated but YOU must bear
i tt i5 fart We have been
bythe Republuan Senate of
tej states You must hear in
ut 5at there was little use for the
stat rf111 y in the House of Rep
VS to trame measures whioh
i UY be Pigeonholed by a Re
n v nate The people of this I
> hlie
nave no right to hold us en I
e swnsibk for what thas been I
t tJ omitted to be done
y i I in a few tate
> rten 1I elections are now
> Pace So vote as to give us con
f th tae departments of govern
fonsS We canProbably be held to
lhy and we will accept that
S > The same gentleman
2 Oke tfla the city of Phialdphia
> re on th J6 the same speeches every
t7e an Erp lamP warned the coun
u re I great and impending danger
tI days seems to Ira l a great d n
th e COuntry when Mr Blaine I
tr stuhJP Ther is no crisis to
ated slch ss Blaine imegines
i he I understand him to say
oPI > 08ed any interference
with reference to the tariff I under
stand him to < av that he opposes any
reform of tariff I understand him to
say that he aid not wish the subject
touched in any manner and the great
issue that he presented to the people of
Pennsylvania was that there must be
no legislation upon this subject I am
not going tonight to discuss this tariff
question It is a subject about which
in its detail there may be difference
but in the main there call be none
I simply propose to call attention
to the evidence that Mr Blaine is
not sincere when he tells you that
no legislation is necessary whatever I
say tha when he makes that statement
to the people of Pennsylvania ke does
not stand upon even the platform of
his party Puhlic sentiment was
aroused upon this subject in 1884 and
in the platform adapted by their own
convention the Republican party male
use of these words The Republican
party pledges itself to correct the ine
qualities ot the tariff and to reduce the
surplus Yet Mr Blaine comes now
before the people of the tariff Stats as
it is supposed to be and declares that
he op oses all legislation what
ever He wants tne present law
maintained inequalities and all As
early as November 1883 he wrute a let
ter to Charles E Smith editor of one of
your papers in which speaking on this
subject he said This b ns with it
the necessitv of reducing tne national
revenue The present system of taxa
tion is yielding more than 100000000
beyond the amount required for the
ordinary expenses of the goctrnment
Its redaction will soon beaome aa im
perative duty
This was his position taken deliber
ately in 1883 and this is one of
the leters that was not burned Great
cheering We are willing to
stand upbn that samej position
We simrly stand in favor of revenue
reform We have proposed nothing
else and that reform will not interfere
with the wages of a single laboring
man On the contrary it will ptojerve
and protect them It will not destroy
a single industry in the country but it
will preserve and build up nIl of them
Blaine has also a great sympathy for
the colored people of the south He
tells us WAlt I do not believe to be
true and what no investigation had
within the past two or three years has
proven to be true viz that the colored
people of the south are deprived of their
political rights What peculiar infor
mation has he to which th country
has not access I say there has been
no complaint from the colored man
himself I say there has not been a
petition of any importance presented
upon the subject in the last two or
three years in Congress from a single
Republican representative from the
south They have representatives in
the Congress of the United States Pray
tell us when and where was it that the
colored people of the south through
their representatives set up any such
claim that they have not en
joyed their political rights dur
ing the past two or three years
I limit it to that time because tbat is
the period to which he has alluded
Grover Cleveland is the last man to
countenance that I point you to a fact
that he appointed from our own State
an intelligent colored man to 8 position
in Washington and that that colored
man was rejected by the Republican
Englands Conciliatory Attitude
BERLIN October 29 Englands con
cHatory attitude in the East African
delimitation of negotiations is believed
to be due toa desire on her part for
Germanvs consent to British annexa
tion of Zululand p
Daitt in Omaha I
OMAHA October 29 Michael Davitt
is in receipt of a cablegram which ur
gently requests his presence ia Ireland
as soon as practicable His lecture tour
will therefore close by the end of I
How Women Differ from Men
At least three men on the average
jury are bound to disagree with the
rest just to show that theyve got minds
of their own but there is no disagree
ment among the women as to the
merits of IT Pierces Favorite Pre
scription They are all unanimous in
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world for all those chronic diseases
weaknesses and complaints peculiar to
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gard dispirited woman into one of
sparkling health and the ringing laugh
again reigns supreme in the happy
household c
Womans Kingdom
Is the drawingroom There she shines
supreme and her right to the homage
of the rougher sex is unquestioned
The more beautiful she is the more
powerful her influence and perhaps of
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One Hundred and Forty
Fourth Call for Bonds
The Business OutlookOn the Turf
The Wily Jookey Aflectlug thfe
Public Intei eats Etc
From tae Capital
WASHINGTON October 29A poatoffiee
in Dakota was today named after
Sculptor Bartholdi
I The President held his usual after
noon reception today add shook
hands with about 400 persons including
a large delegation from the convention
01 Conductors of Insurance Associations
of the United State and Canada now
in session in Baltimore
WASHINGTON October 29 Secretary
Manning did not write his signature of
Treasury letters etc but used a stamp
containin a fac simile of his signature
The AttorneyGeneral gave an opinion
that there is no legal objection to the
use of such a stamp
The Secretary of the Treasury tbis
afternoon issued the one hundred and
fortyfourth call for the redemption of
bonds The call is for 10000000 bonds
of the 3 per cent loan of 1882 and
notice is given that the principal and
accrued interest of the bonds herein
below designated will be paid at the
Treasury of the Dnited States m the
ciyof Washington D Con the 1st
day of December 1839 and that the
interest on said bouds will cease on that
day viz Three per ceat bonds issued
under the act of Congress approved
July 12 1882 and numbered as follows
50 original 1049 100 original No
610 to original No 640 both inclusive
500 original Ho 267 to original No
285 aotu inclusive 1000 original No
2116 to original Ne 253tboth inclusive
10000 original No 632 to original No
7308 both inclusive Total 10000000
The bonds described above are either
bonds of the original issue which
have bt one serial number at each jnd
or I substitute bonds which maybe
distinguished by a double t of numbers
which are marked plainly original
numbers and substitute numbers
All of the bonds of this loan will be
called by the original numbers only
Parties holding bonds called by this
circular can obtain immediate pavment
with interest to the date of presentation
by requesting the same in a letter
forwarding the bond for redemo
tion Many of the bonds originally
included in the above numbers have
been transferred or exchanged into
other demonstrations on waivers u
the original numbers being cancelled
or have been redeemed under the circu
lar of September 15th 1886 and leav
ing outstanding the apparent amount
above stated
Acting Secretary Fairchild has in
formed the collector of customs at Sam
Francisco that the d defendant deemsvit
inadvisable to grant the application of
Messrs J D Soreckels Bros for
permission to retain on enclosed docks
goods arriving under the internal re
venue transportation and export bonds
until official shipment
The Commissioner of
J D C Atkins has just completed his
annual report showing the operations
of the Indian Bureau during the past
fiscal year He begins by calling aten
tion to the unmistakeable evidences of
progress made by many tribes and
says The excellent temper subordina
tion and general tranquility which
with two or three exceptions have
everywhere prevailed is of itself a
most auspicious omen of progress i
many facts fully established the claim
that during the past year the Indian
race has taken a firmer step in the
march toward civilization than ever
before known in the same length of
time The estimates for carrying on
the Indian service have been reduced
from 7338049 in 1880 to 5603875 for
1887 and but for the increase of
177500 in the estimate for educational
wnrk thp ductton would have been
greater He expresses his conviction
that the proposition tothrow open Ok
lahama to white settlement would be an
experiment dangerous to all concerned
It is therefore recommended as a
preliminary step tnat Congress author
ize the department to appoint a com
mission who shall visit the Cheyennes J
and Arapahoes Wichitas and Kiowas I
Comanches and Apaches in the Indian
Territory to ascertain their viewswith
reference to the subject of removal to
lands in said Territory east of 9S de
grees The report says that the imme
diate necessity for the establishment of
a United States districtcourt within the
heart of the territory of the five civilized
nations say Muskogee or Fort Gibson
no longer admits of 6 doubt the neces
sity for legislation by Congress upon
the question of leaing the Indian lands
is also a sublect of remark The com
missioner refers to his instructions to
agents looking to the teaching to the
Indians how to farm and says he in
tends to see to it that they are fully
out Of the necessityfor an appropria
tion to defray the expense of making a
census of the Indians he says Idont
coubt that an accurate census would
show a decrease in the number of Indians
throughout the country or at least at
the several agencies The outlay for
taKing the census is inconsiderable when
compared with the great saving it would
probably effect The saving in two in
stances Cheyenne and Arrapahoe and
Pine Ridge will amount to a large
sum annually
Rough on Corns
Ask far Wells Rough on Corns
Quick relief complete cure Corns
warts bunions 15c 1
a r l
rhe Business Outlook
NEW KOBE October 29 Special tele
grams to Bradstret while recording a
somewhat improved movement i in
merchandise at Chicago Burlington
and Davenport la at Kansas City and
flew Orleans reflect on the whole a I I
continu nee of the late check to the I
general trade While this appears to
be of a asonable characttr after the
recent perish active trading there is
little in sight at the momont tngg st
an immediate improvement Chough
the public confidence in its appearance
in the near future is unabated From
a number of points word comes that the
mercantile collections are made with
less ease which is attributed in pare to
the low prices of staple tarm products
At most of the cities reporting better
business cooler weather preceded it
A practical holiday in many lineS
at New York on Thursday cut I
into the total volume of transactions
and is reflected in the wteks bamk
clearings togetner with about one I
third less trading in the Stock Ex
change in the loas of about 125OUO OoO
from the total of t 75830000 last we k
Ihe total bank earnings at thirty cities I
this week is 931974120 against 1090
452984 last week and 9718641U6 in
hki week fast year Boston and Phila
delphia each lost 12000000 this week
as compared with lat weeks earnings
Chicago lost l400000t tit Louis J
700COO anti Baltimore 1700000 while
San Francisco gained 22U Oft Tnd
western money markets generally
continue quite firm wfh the cur
rent of funds still to thti Wet
The deraand for funds for gen ralcom
mercml and industrial enterprises ac
large citida continues marked The
stock marke was hesitating and some
what lower dtuing the early portion of
the week with considerable bear talk
and selling short This was followed
by a revived bul mtv enfc and con
siderable advances in certain stocks
The transactions of the New York
Stock exchange for the wetk weie 1760
153 shares against 2528275 shares last
week The bonds were generally
strong and advancing The sales on
Stock Exchange for the week ag
gregated 932 500 against 11565
300 last week Money was much
easier the arrival of a I large
amount of gold from Europe lending
tQ give ieSs strength and tone On call
money was quoted at 4r 6 per cent
and time loans at about 6 per cent
Exchange continues weak and low with
the prospects favorable to further gold
imports Commercial paperjs in poor
supply but rates 8J still well sustained
The distribution of dry goods from the
eastern centres has been noticeably
checked though prices arq strongly
held The demand for theraw wool
from manufacturers is not so large as in
September though thd decreased
demand from the eastern knitting
mills has caused no weakness
for the strength recently shown in iron I
steel is fully maintained Wheat has
been stronger and higher again after
the reaction from the advance made
earlyin J the week Speculation foreign
war rumors and the growing opinion
that the importing nations will yet have
buylargely from the United States
are underneath the moat recent advan
ces Rains and frost in many sections
of the cotton country this week have
not resuKed in widespread damage
Louisville reports the weather favor
I able for the coming tobacco crop
v On the Turf
LOSDOK October 29A private SweeT
stakes of 1000 sovereigns each half
forfeit arranged to take place at the
Newmarket Houghton meeting proved
a failure Ormonde now goes into win
ter quarters He has not yet been
beaten and has gained one of the great
est records of anY race horse of the
century The race forJockey Club Cap
was won by J Hammonds 5year old
horse St Gatien Lord Hastings 4year
old colt Melten second Hammonds
4yearold colt Eurasian third There
were no other starters St Gatien won
by eight lengths Time 03K
MEMPHIS October 29 Frst race all
ages one and onesixteenth miles
Petticoat won after a driving finish
Vatchem second Fronie Louise third
Time 154J Dawn ODay broke down
after running threefourths mile
Second race threefourths mile fcr
twoyearolds was declared off
Third race free handicap all ages
mile heats Donsman won first heat
after a very close finish with Effie
second Emma Manly third Time
147 Donsman won the second heat
handily by a length in front of Emma
Manly second Effietbird Time 147
Fourth race all ages one and one
fourth milesSir Joseph won Hopedale
second Time 215J4 Betting Sir
JosepJli 30 Hopedale 6
The Wiley Jockey
WASHINGTON I O tober 29Tyo jock
eys Ife Lynch and W Many who rode
respectively Disturbance and Hush
brookin the steeple chase were sus
pended on the race track upon com
plainfof the owners of the horses for
throwing the race The suspension was
made < permanent at a meeting of the
club this evening The owners pre
sented evidence that these two jockeys
had telegraphed to people at a distance
to beljOn other horses
Affecting the Public n e1est8
DESMOINZS s Iowa October 29 A
meeting of the Railway Commissioners
of Missouri Illinois Minnesota Ne
braska Kansas Iowa and Dakota has
been called to meet in this city on De
cember 15th to consider transportation
and ther railroad questions affecting
the public interests
An Elegant Substitute
For oils salts pills and all kinds of
bitte nauseous medicines ia the very
agreeable liquid fruit remedy Syrup of
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t o
meat d
t tt q v
s i r
The Work of Identifying the
Dead Going OIL
l i i
A Dancer Averted Dond You Vlsh
YO 0 May Gel StIt IB
Not Tueitc
That Fearful Wreck
POBTAOE Wisconsin Oc ober 29
The work of identifying the dead is pro
gressing sowly The body of a man
whose legs and arms had been burned i
off and whose distorted face bore evi
fiance of the terrible agony he had saL
ferred was identified as Louis Brinker
The body of Emil Wouitersdorf was
found under a pile of rods and trusses
His bead was burned to a cinder and
every particle of clothing had ben de
stroyed The remains were identified
by a ring found on his fin erd Ihe
bodies of Sisters Alfonso andDronesia
were found close together one was in
a kueeluig posture with her amiiis
clasped as though death took her while
engaged In prayer The body of the
man who is supposed to be Walter
Scott was removed from the under
a seat Hi name was written on
his collar which range to say had
npt been touched by the finned A
fast as the bodies wererecovered from
the wreck they were taken to the vil i
lage of Rio where Coroner Allen and j i
toe District Attorney had utmoned a I
jury preparatory to Holding an in
quest After the bodies had been re
moved from the wreck search was
made for articles that had been worn or
carried by the victims that might be of
service to show who had periSned IA
hat full of these ghastly relics were
picked up
J l
A MistakeJ36mewheret
CHICAGO October 29 John Kaekey
superintendent of J B HaggeasCali
fornia breeding farm arrIve do dlJi td = aay j I
from Kentucky with a carload of
sixteen mares and yearlings destines
for the California tocIt farm jjHer <
they will be bred tg Dbrebin ana Sir
Madred Mr ilaggen now has at
Washington Park fifty head of brood
mares and colts which will be shipped I
to California tonight providing the
weather holds good Whea MrMackey
was asked today why Mr Hag en had
not made more entries to the stakes in
the Washington Park Jlubito be
run next season he said There
is a mistake somewhere and
no one regrets it more than I do
Igave to young Mr Ha gen a list of
horses to be entered here and pinned
on it a programme of the club intend
ing that it should be sent just as I gave
it to him That he has neglected to
send and the result is we have only
I seven entries in all and they are for the
American Derby If Mr Brewster will
OhYQA the hrvToamon inforoafor nf iha
I mistake and they will consent to allow
me to make entries I will do so right
here on my own responsibility Mr
Brewster refused to ask the horsemen
for their consent givingas a reason for
not doing so that he would only have
his trouble far his pains
A Danger Averted
threatened lockout which was set for
November 3d by all textile mills and
which would have affected nearly 100
000 employees has been averted As a
result of a conference with the manu
facturers Grand Master Workman
Powderly this afternoon ordered the
strikers in Trottes Mill to resume wok
pending arbitration f
Dond You Vi5h You May Oed It Me
NEW YORK October 29The Commer
cial Advertiser says this afternoon The
following story for the frJith 1of which3
Mr Roosevelt will vouch is in On
last Friday ODonovan Rossa called
upon Mr Roosevelt and offered to furn
ish him the hearty support of his paper
and the votes of the secret societies he
could control if Mr Roosevelt would
give him two checksa small one for
the cause ot Ireland and a much larger
one for the personal use of Mr Ressa
The check for the cause was to be
dated after the election so thatMjr
Roosevelt might cancel it if lie were not
elected the check for Mr Rossa on tWo
contrary was to be dated properly so
that it could be used at once
It Is Not True
EL PASO October 29 Consul Brig
ham says the rumor set afloat a few
days ago that a large filibustering
party will be organized to go to Mexico
with A K Cutting at the head is pos
itively untrue The report can have no
effect except to unfavorably influence
Cuttings prospect for indemnity
The Same Old Chestnut
PORTLAND Ogn October 2 Vic
toria B CRobert Evan Sproule was
hanged here this morning at 810 for
the murder of Thomas Hammel in
June 1885 in the Kootenia mines He
ascended the scaffold without a tremor
and made a short speech protesting his
Skinny Men
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K i
N TBSWKSK ran out to the Park yes f
ISRAEL BEN IOY of Rush Valley is in
thecity w
S F BOYD general ticket and passen
ger agent of the Minneapolis St Louis
route was in the city yesterday I
HOYT SHEBHAK has gone put to Green
River to meet the U P California ex
cnrsionists who will arrive here to t 1
night M P Benton will pilot them to
San Francisco omorrow night
They Really Want War
LONDON October 29 Advices from
Bralia Roumania ay that faverfrh t
preparations for war are being made ia t 1
Southern Russia A number of Iron
clads expected sifSebastopol several f
tra sports are riding at anchor in the I
harbor of Odessaiand torpe io boats ace 0
leaving debastopol for Varna
Burned to Death
KAJS CITY October 29The Thc t T
Kaysville Mo special says At Forest
Green last night a colored womaa i
looked her three children an4 l tW < P F
others in her home ami went to church
The house took fire from a lamp and i
four children were burned to death
The fifth will probably die
Fox Symona
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All work done by the dryplates insantar
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Piles Files PlIed
> Sure cure for blind bteedirw > aad I
itching Piles One boxlhas fed the 7
worst cas s1 of ten years < statidingr N o
one need suffer ten minutes after using
this wonderful Kirks GermanBile
Ointment It absorbs tumors allays i
the itching at once acts as a poultice
gives instant relief Kirks Pile Oint
ment is prepared only tor Piles and
itching of the private parts and
nothing else Every box is warranted
by the agent
Sold by Druggists sent by mail on
receipt of price 60s and lOO per hoi I
I Cleveland i
For sale by Z C M I Drug Store c i
able by that terrible cough iloI <
Ouje is the remedy lor you SolHJby = A
C Smitr l Co druggists t 3i1
CATARRH CUP ED health and i
sweet breath secied by Sbilohs
Catarrh Remedy trice 50 jcents Nasal t
Injector free Si Id by A 0 Smith
Co ilrugsista S 1 3 4
J Qterndorfer 5
i r JO soizssoa J h I
1 4
4IBEa Z c
i L i j i J y Jjy
1Q io Sv Main Steeet t
MARTIN S6HMIDT Cutler aDt Fitter I
r T
b u JU
We have foSaie i
Thathave ever been bought J
r to Utah i
They are descended from some of the fin
i es milking families that have been imoorted
to the United States and all are recorded
The rices are DOW down conformable to <
the prices of other fine breeds They are as
follows CalveSvSto 10 monthsfrota12S
51cO Yearlings 12 to 18 months 175 to 260
Cows 300 to 100
These Cattle are now on exhibition at
Grant Bros livery Stables
Ever Qt1e is Invited to come and see
whether wishing to buy or not
1 r
Wa I TE HO USE i < >
Main St Salt IkPJtVA c
RJnsl50 to 200 per day j
Special Bates by tie week or month
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