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0 s 2 L t
I I to tmues The win SUSDY lts steadily way HERAL 10 and ° popular surely con I 1 IY If f I < < t J1 ti 1 > i oJ tr tJoI 1 Y iAs o 1 J Q I JYt D r space DAT businessmen The HERVUJB is demands again upon advertising attested of the Utahs SUN to
favor Its circulation shows o 0 diy when an enlargement
eratifving increase from tiiiiiIporr N JAG to sixteen paces is neces
ieeU ° week Advertisers 7 JL sitated The larcest paper
leak the fact published in the Territory
1 i
His Opinion With g11tr
National Banks L
Disabled Pavonia A Prtnre In
ew Ynrk Bulgaria AB Academy
Burned Etc
Rational Bank Circulation
WSHni ios October 30In connec
ts with the National Bank circula
tion he Attorney General renders an
ODin ion m which he says Certain 3
ter cent bonds of the United States
held by its Treasury and Secretary tor
the circnation of notes of the First
ftationa Bank pi North Bend Ne
braska having been called in for re
demotion and ceased to be interest
bearng the bank nfes been notified by
te Comptroller of the Treasury ex i
ciange these bonds for interestbearing I
bonds of the United States The bank
in reply asks to know by what author
ity tbe demand ha been made
alleging mat it has once complied with
Sectioa 5159 of the Revised Statute
by depositing with the Trea urer inter
fetbtaring bonds of the United States
which are worth par An opinion is
requested on the question thus pre
sentedBamely whether the stopping
of interest on the bonds deposited re
ultin from the call of the Secretary of
the Tietory authonzed the Comp
troller of Currency to require the bank
to substitute interest bearing bonds for
the bonds now on deposit It is not
opsa to question that the bonds de
posited by the national bank to
re It itsr circulation must be
inlrstbearing at the time the
deposit is made On that point the law
is explicit It would seem to te
easily clear that whatever putpose
Cjugress has in viewin requesting the
bonds deposited by the national banks
tj be inter stIjearing that the purpose
ba continued the same from the first
lstfon the subject 1863 down to the
present time there being an absence of
any legislative declaration of the chunge
in the intention in that particular In
resolving the question whether iLls esp
sentIal to a valid deposit of bonds by
national banks that the bonds deposited
should be interestbearing during the
whole time of deposit it may assist us
i to read the act of 1863 under which the
I national banks system was introduced
in the light of circumstances in which it
was passed The secretary nas already
mentioned the support to the public I
l credit which may be expected from the
I proposed association 0 The importance
of ttis point may excuse some addi
tional observance The organization as
prupoed if sanctioned by Congress
would require within a few years for
ie o t as security for circulatior
d ot the United States to an
lmount not less than 250000000 It
may well be expect d indeed since the
circulation by uniformity in credit and
tame ana the capacity of quick and
1 caeap transportation will be liktly to
be used more extensively than any
hitherto issued that the demand for
Londs will compass this limit
Should Conges ssee fit to restrict the
pnvJepe of deposit to ti e bonds known
as the 5 2osauthonzed by the act of last
session te demand would promptly
absorb alt of that description already
issued and make a large room for more
A steady market for the e bonds woud
tails be established and the negotia
tion of them greatly facilitated but it is
not in the immediate results that the
Tame of this support would be only or
due y seen ihere are always holders
wo desire to sell securities of whatever
kind If buyers are few or uncertain
the market value must decline
bat the plan proposed would
greatly decrease the constant demand
3 aJtng and cLen exceeding the sup
P 7 Thus a steady uniformity in price
vould be l nmntcinad and generally at
a rate somewhat above those of the
bonds of equal credit but not available
wanking associations It is not easy
Wappreiate the full benefits of erich
conditions to the governmen 0 1 g d
to SOrrow That the ccncluaion arjrivea
t name > that it was the intention of
Lonssss tuat the deposits of bonds bY
Hional banks should be kept interest
bearing daring the whole period
JJ deposits if corect would by
ole At of July 1882 en
national banking associations to
iitecd their corporate existence and for
n purposes Sectbn p ovides that
f Fnational bank may I on depositing
tblif ni money with the Treasurer of
< aited Stales withdraw a propor
S te amount of its bonds on deposit
a0tt however to the proviso that
Ii more than 3000000 shall be de
t Q < ted during any calendar month for
Purpose and to a further proviso
t h Provisions of this section shall
ho i apply to twnds called for re
4tpti0 T by the Secretary of the
Treaqy nor to withdrawal of the
tbcJlatlng notes in consequence
1lIreof This language it would
th leaves no doubt that It 2
Qtention of Congress that when tHi
t 5 < ls deposed i the ciicula
to secure
1 F u iu CoUIIi j
ton t Ctf a bank are called for redemption
e Payment of them means the retir
1 Itj of the circulation they secure un
j indeed the bank as it may law
L ddo shonlti make a newdepoit or
iu i r djnate amount of interestbear
tt Pins It follows then tnst unless
I si 8VSI National Bank of North Bend
tVi l s interestbearine bonds or
or > I IlfctinB deposit of bods called
t e iemption the Proceeds of the lat
ftrtaH be applhd to returning the
tned t tlon secured b v it
Uce o Mothers of Boys Only
h Q u1 and after Wednesday October
bid 11 II1ake a special sale of boys
cluldrens suits overcoats and
tilt pants at reduced prices I have
ftt rom t complete line in this city toM
romto H LIPMAN
the Clothier
t Leading
and 177 East Temple Street
The Church and the Knights
BALTIMORE October 30The Sun this
morning I has the following General
Master Workman Powderly of the
Knights of Labor was in the city on
Thursday and called on Cardinal Gib
bons at his residence where a confer
ence of prelates was held to ciscuss
questions affecting the welfare of the
Gatholic Ohurch in the United States
principally in relation to the duties of
Catholics who are Knights of Labor
Powderly had fevo interviews wito the
Cardinal and laid beore him the con
stitution and bylaws of the order He
also spokeof the purpose of theKnights
and how in his opinion they Were an
organization not included in the pros
crjptiou the church against secret
soceiieSjWJiion promise blind obedience
The utterances of Powderly were care
fully noted and presented to the church
Bishops The General Mst r Work
man was wholly unexpected dml Un
known among the Knights of this city
who did not look tor him befor next
week It was kaown that he WOuld
visit Cardinal Gibbons in obedience to
instructions from the convention of
Knights held at Kicamoud It Lj i said
he wen j away from Baltimore assured
that his organization would not be in
terfered with i
Ihe Disabled < rav nia
BOSTON October 30The disabled
steamer Pavonia now lies on the beach
at Lainefords Island whither she was
towed last night from off Boston light
whereshe was anchored It was dis
covered that the steamer was backing
water in other than her forward com
partments so much that her fires were
ext nguivhed by water in the hold It
was ueoided to take off all passengers
remaining on board and beach the ves
sel to prevent her from sinking Pas
Singers were all transferred in saftty
to this city by tugs and pilot bo its
reaching here early this morning Her
mails and baggage are now being
brought to this city by tugs Tugs
with lighters on board have gone to the
steamer and will remove as much of her
cargo as possible A diver has also
gone to Rain sford Island to examine
the bottom of the steamer as soon as
the weather will permit
S ei
A Double Tragedy
double tragedy occurred this n
at Benneft Slope W G Hayne fe
Companys colliery near Kingston
William Moses one of the oldest min
ing engineers in Lucerne County was
omluty at this colliery He was given
the signal to hoist the cage from the
bottom of the shaft which was 300 feet
deep He supposed everything was
clear below and started his engine just
as John Brodda footman was running
a car upon the cage The sudden hoist
ing threw Brouda off ad in falling he
was caught between the cage and the
brattice on the side of the shaft and was
instantly killed As soon as Engineer
Moses was informed of what had hap
pened he walked to his room near by
tOok a revolver from his pocket and
placing it to his forehead fired killing
A Prince in New York
NEW YORK October 3OPrince Lcui3
Napoleon received a visit from Count
DeLesseps today The Prince started
for Washington lafe in the afternoon
The French delegation visited Wards
Island and made a tour of its institu
tions Tonight they will be tke guests
of the Hamilton Club Brooklyn and in
the mornins will make a flying visit in
company with Levi P Morton and M
August CouJert to Niagara Falls re
turning on Monday night It is ex
pected they will visit Washington
Wednesday to pay their respects to the
President and wuen they return tuny
will decide on which way they will go
10 Montreal
More Bulgarian Business
LoNDoN October 30A dispatch from
Sofia to the Timts says that General
Kaalbars attended a secret meeting at
which resolutions were adopted to over
throw the present Bulgarian governf
ment and to proclaim a ministry under
Zansoff with General Kaulbars as the
head of the army
Must Buy New Bonds
WASHINGTON October 30Attorney
General Garland has given an opinion
to the Secretary of the Treasury that
National banks must deposit interest
giving bonds to secure their circulation
and that the called 3 per cent bouds
I cannot be used as basis of circulation
An Academy Burned
Johns Military Academy located here
was burned at noon today One hun
dred and fifty pupils escaped The
building was fully insured
Nerve Food
I It gives great power of endurance
leaving no reaction Bottled by Den
I halter Son t
Womans Kingdom
Is the drawingroom There she shines
I supreme and her right to the homage
of the rougher sex is unquestioned
The more beautiful she is the more
powerful her influence and perhaps of
all the feminine charms that fascinate
mankind a pure and brilliant complex
ion 1S the most irresistable If she has I
not the gift from nature she will find it
in Glasss SULPHTJB SOAP certainly
the best cosmetic ot its kind ever man
ufactured in this country Beware of I
counterfeits See that hC N CBirzEK I
TON Proprietor is printed on each
packet without which none is genuine
Sold by druggists at 25 cents three
cakes 60 cents The praise bestowed
on this article should be shared in an
equal degree by HiLLS ISSTAMAXEOUS
HAIR DYE which though a compara
tively cheap article is rapidly super
the American
I seding all other dyes in
J market
Items of News from tie
German Capital
Sometlng Unpleasant Di1 Occni
Hanging BeeA Peculiar Mtudei
r If Other Notes < rti
Bits rum Berlin
BERLIN October 30 Reports of the
inspectors of factories which have just
been issued show that the einplo ees
in most of the factories work eleven
I hours daiy not reckoning overtime
With overtime the workmen in some
districts notably Dusseldorf work
from thirtytii tu lortyeight hours at
a stretch though they are supposed to
have liberty to leave after twentyfour
working hours The usual hours of
boiler men in Dusseldorf are twelve
and oft n twentyfour hours ItT lag
deburg t Ie artisans work twelve hour JI
in Hanover ten and in Amsber
eleven Cotton spinners in Potsdam
and FrankfortontheOder worK
twelve hours per day in winter and
fourteen hours in summer Steelware
and iron apprentices in Dusseld rf
often work sixteen hours daily In the
Furth glass works the men worK six
days unceasingly except for a couple
of hours when they sleep on benches
or on dirty straw taCKs in corner of
thp workshop
The general impression from reports
is that thereis much overwork and bad
arrangements of hour with hideous
sanitary conditions
The Dortmund tribunal has sentenced
Herr Lensing editor of the Fremonia
to six months imprisonment for an a
ticle appearing in his p iper in which
he attacked Prince Bismarck on his
Polish social and religious policies
The article in question said that
Prince Bismarck wanted to make the
Germans happy in spite of themselves
and by method that the people repro
bated t
A sensation nas been caused in
Hanover by the sudden flight of an
esteemed solicitor Herr Von Hartmon
who left many debts behind and who
embezzled monies and securities to tbe
amount of 200000 marks He has gone
to America
Dr Dekind who was arrested on the
charge of high treason has been re
Emperor William has given 10000
marks toward the fund for the Scheffel
The diet of SaxeWehnar asabol
ished the law exempting those of the
military profession from Jhe payment of
communal taxes d
The illness of King Otto of Bavaria
has reached a crisis It is rumored that
he is in a moribund cjndition x iom e
haustion brought by the fury of his
mania The Queens mother has sent
for a priest to await the end
a a j
A Peculiar iflnrder
ST Lours October 30John Web r
died at the city hospital this morning
from injuries received on the 19th inst
On the evening of that date he entered
a houe of disrepute kept by a colored
woman Salie Battus at No 23 Valen
tine Street He had been drinking and
tue inmates of the house attempted to
rob him A scrimmage ensued and
Maggie Johnson taking a lighted
lamp from the table near by hurled it
at the mans head Her aim was good
and the lamp struck Web r full in the
face and exploded He received fear
ful injuries being made totally blind
and was besides terribly burned He
died this morning from his injuries
Maggie Johnson who threw the lamp
was arrested today charged with mur
der in the nrst degree Susan bpeucer
and the w oman Battus were held for
More Kentucky Pastime
LOUISVILLE October 30The news ef
horrible crime comes from tie neigh
borhood of Monticello Ky where a
brother and sister were brutally mur
dered Grand Pr witt went to the
house where Jarvis Buck his sister
and her little son lived After snpp r
on Tuesday night he enticed Buck
into the mountains where he and two
men named Jim Jones and Bill Simp
son killed Buck whose head was almost
severed from his body Prewitt and
Jones then went to the house and
seizing the woman cut her throat from
ear to ear and crushed her skull with a
washboard The boy escaped and ave
the alarm A posse pursued and cap
tured Prewitt who confessed the
crime and said he had been hired to do
the murder by Jones Buck had sold
the horse and the object was robbery
Three men are under arrest and there
is great excitement over the affair
Governments Financier
WASHINGTON October 30 Govern
ment receipts during the first four
months of the present fiscal year enaea
today were 127844377 being14163
891 in excess of the receipts during tne
corresponding period last year The
expenditures during the same period of
1886 were 82254035 being 11918451
less than the expenditures daring the
same period last year
A Schooner Wrecked and Live Lost
ST JOHNS N F October 3OThe
schooner Mary Brown has been lost off
Bacalieu and three of her crew and a
lady passenger Miss C H Iver have
been drowned The yessel broke in
two soon after striking and only the
captain and three men succeeded in
reaching the shore t
Twentythree Goldlledals
Denhalter Son are importers and
sole agents for the celebrated Dows
Ginger Ale t
New York Politics
Niw YORK October 30 Today was
a busy one among politicians practic
1113 closing the speakag canvas as tbe
8 cction will be held on Tuesday and
Monday will have to be devoted prin
cipally to executive work Most of the
candidates for mayor made speeches
either during the afternoon or evening
Hon Abraham Hewitt the united
Democratic candidate for mayor said
in one of his addresses today that he
had consented to accept the nomination
instead of running for Congress again
in the belief that the Republicans >
would make no nomination ands
s > leave a square figtt be
tween the socialistic and auti aocm
istic elements of the city Had he
knocn that he Republicans would
nominate a candidate he would not
huve accepted the nomination
Mr Theodore Roosevelt Republican
candidate said in one of his speeches
in reply to this that if Mr Hewitt
feared the Socialist the Labor candi
date might triumph and if all he
wanted was their defeat then the
proper thing for him to do was to
turn over a portion of hi3followmg to
vote for the Republican candidate
The labor organizations of the city
who endorse the nomination of Henry
George for M yor had a parade to
mght It is estimated that over 45000
men were in line The police reserves
Wtre all held in the stations in antici
pation of any trouble ihat might oc
cur but none occurred The proces
sion marched in files of ten and was
two hours and a half passibg a
given point Henry George reviewed
the parade in Union Square It rained
heavily during the march
Something Unpleasant Did Occur
ST Louis October 39 A special from
Sheblyville 111t to the PastDispatch
ays Rev Joseph L Douttritt of tle
Unitarian church of this place is alo
propritor of a Prohibition paper calltd
Our Best Word which hasJately taken a
Strong stand against the whisky ele
ment and has been more bitter than
usual in its editorials Mr Douttritt
ha been told several times tnat the
paper had better change its policy or
something unpleasant would occur
Last night Mrs Grey went to the pas
tors house and attempted to assassin
ate Mrs Douttritt The wouldbe mur
deress was overpowered and handed
over to the officers of the law ana is
now in jail It is supposed that the
whisky men employed her to kill Mrs 1
Douftitt in revenge for the ministers
work in favor of prohibition I
rf fi i AMauLcIc1ther
WASHINGTON October MThe wife
of a carpenter named George Donald
son who lives in an isolated place near
the banks of the Potomac two or three I
miles above Georgetown jumped into
tile river this evening with a young
child in her arms and all were drowned
Bhe was tbe mother of f urt children
all of whom she led to the river bank
but the oldest boy aged 9 was sent back
to give notice of the fatalpurpose of
the unhappy mother She attempted
to ake the three remaining children
with her in her leap out one drew
back and escaped Mr Donaldson was
away from home A sister of Mrs
Donaldson whose husband recently
died was living with her and it id
supposed thst in brooding over the
death of her brotherinlaw her reason
became unsettled and led to the
A Hanging Be
FOBT SMITH October 3OSix United
States prisoners were sentenced to day
t be hanged on Friday January 14th
for a murder committed in Indian
Territory They were Pat McCarthyfor
the inurder of the Maloney boys in the
Cherokee nation last February Albert
O epl and James Lamb for the mur
der of Edward Pollard in the Cnicka
saw nation last December John W
Parrot for the murder of John Me
Adams and John McAdams his son in
the summer of last year John Eichels
for the murder of Dr J T Pyle in the
Cherokee nation last winter All are
white men but Stevens who is a negro
These men were tried and convicted at
tne August term of the United States
If 1
The Oleomargarine Bill
WASHINGTON October 30The oleo
margarine law will go into effect on
Monday next and the internal
Revenue Bureau has completed all the
arrangements necessary for its enforce
ment Tne demand for stamps has
been very great and the indications are
that large amount of the commodity
will be put on the market next week
The production of oleomargarine for
domestic consumntion is estimated by
Commi sioner Miller at the rate of 100
0 < 0 000 pounds a year and the amount
exported is also believed to be very
ilie Locomotive Engineers
KEV YORK October30The Conven
tion of the Brotherhood of Locomotive
Engineers today discussed the report
of the insurance committee Several
clauses were adopted 3000 life snd
accident policies were divided into
two policies of 1500 each assessments
to be SOcsnts for each death on a policy
of 1500 Another clause limits the age
in taking risks to 45 years and only to
members then The change will go into
effect May 1st 18S7
J t
Skinny Men
U Wells Health Renewer restores
health and vigor cures dyspepsia im
potence nervous debility For weak
men defecate women1 I 2 i
Ogden Races iI
For parties desirous of attenfling tbe I
meeting of the Ogden Driving Pare As j I
sociation October 30th the D E G
W Railway will sell tickets at onehalf I
the regular rate Tickets good going
October 29h and 30th and return until I
t November 1st inclusive
The November 4 Contributor
We have before us the first number
of the eighth volume of this popular
magazine It appears on time in a
new dress and is more bright and in
restiug than ever b fore Among the
distinguished features of the November
number are the new title page a hand
some wood engraving mad from an
original design by Mr John Held It
strikes us thatthis is the best work he
baa yet done Within the cover is a
hm1 frontiuiece from views of hstory
SCI flSS Nauvoo JJuins of Daniel H
Weils House Commerce 1337 ami
Ola Parade Ground Nauvo This
engraving accompanies the leading
paper The Rise and Fall of
Nauvoo by Mr B H Roberts
The sec md article is a description i f
U Ancient Ruins in Mexico by Moses
Thatcher and is followed by a charming
short storv U Pensee > from the talented
pan of Augusta J Crochron Tbe
Protestant Episcopal Church written
bv Rev G D B Miller is the first of a
eries of articles on the Religions of
Christendom which the editor of the
Contributor bas arranged for from the
representative ministers of the various
churches in Utah Mr Millers expo i
lion of the faith and policy of the Epis
copal Cnurch wi 1 be reaI i with greet
interest De Valhnua contributes a
ketch of The Thousand Ilea U F
Olson wrires on The Existence of a
Deity which is followed by A Bear
ritory of thrilling intertsf and a se
Ucted l historical sktch In the Ger
man Woods Ruby Lamont supplier
a sweet little poem The Singer ard
Comments of toe Dav are made by
F M Lyinan The Editorial tnJ As
sociation Intelligence departments are
filled with varied and appropriate mat
ter and complete the contents of a
truly representative home magazine of
original literature We understand
that copies of the Contributor will here
after be for sale at the various book
The Mysterious Murderer
DETROIT October 30Last night
while a man andS a woman were talking
together on Jefferson Avenue a
stranger steppeduP and called for help
to remove the jbody of a dead man I
whom he said he had found on the
street The dead man proved to be tbe
husband of the woman who said his
name was William L Stewart and that
they had recently come to Detroit
where her husband was seeking work
It was thought he died from heart
disease but a jfost mortem todav re
veals the fact that death resulted from
asmall deep wJund in the chest which
extended to the iheart causing internal
hemorrhage The wound seems to
have been made by some such instru
ment as Spanish stilleto Who did the
stabbing is unk own The man who
first called attention to the dead
man had disappeared and no one knew
anything about him The woman who
claims to be murdered mans w f e
is known to be Lottie Franks an
actress formerly of Buffalo
General Kaulbars Ultimatum
SOFIA October 30General Kaulbars
has issued an ultimatum to the Bul
garian treaty He complains that the
Russians in Bulgaria are maltreated
and terrorized and says that if in three
days he does not receive a satisfactory
answer to his ultimatum he will rup
ture his relations with the Regency and
leave Sofia taking with him the whole
personel of tte Russian Consulate
Government has sent a circular to the
various prfects commanding them to
adopt stringent measures forthe pro
tection of the Russians A cony nf the
circular was sent to General Kaulbars
with a request that he furnish the
names of Russians whom he alleged
had been molested
Trying to Break the WIll
NEW HAVEN Conn October 3OThe
jury in the WeltonBegh will case
which had been on trial for several
weeks past returning a verdic this
afternoon in favor of Henry Bergh
By this decision Mr Berg is Society fur
the prevention of Cruelty t Annual l
will receive JloOOJO Carrie Weiou
who left the money t > ilr denjh wis a
rather eccentric Waterbury lady who
was frozen to death waite ascendu g
mountain in Colorado two years
ago Miss Vel tons relatives tried to
break the will on the ground of in
Women Say
Nerve Food is jpst what they want
Order a dozen from Denhalter Son
alt Lake City 0 f
yi1 r
S UNTS Salt Lake Stake of Zion Angus M
Cannon president Joseph E Taylor and
Charles W Penrose counselors Services
in the Tabernacle at 2 pm and in the vari r
ous Ward Ifieeting house in the evening
CHURCH OF FIEST B01 Religious ser
vices at No 433 S Fourth Enst at 2 p m
New truths set forth and taught All wel
come James DJve minister
Thrall pastor Public worship with ser
mon by the pastor at 11 am Sunday
school at 1215 Ward Sunday scheols
under he direction of Rev A Monroe as
follows Nineteenth Ward 930 ain Tenth
and Twentieth Wards 2 p m Preaching as
follows at 7 oclock pm Tenth Ward lev
I B Thrall Nineteenth and Twentieth
Wards Rev A Monroe and others Public
I able by that terrible coagh ShilohJs
Cut is the remedy you Sold by A
C Swap i Co druggists 3
sweet bretth secKred by Shilohs
Catarrh Remedy iric e 50 cents Nasal
Injector e Sold by A 0 Smith
Cc druggists 4
WHY WILL YOU cough when Shi
ohis Cure will give immediate relief
Price lOc 50c and 1 For Sale atA C
Smith Cos Drug Store 11
PLSAST sunny weather
turned trom Salt Lake yesterday
MB B H RoBEBTc lecture I Wednes
day evening under the auspices of tie
Literary and Debating Club was well
attended The lecturer spoke upon the
necessity of acquiring learning and
earnestly advised th > youth to attend
the Heading Room His remarks weie
well received and highly appr ciaff
A brief synopsis would not do justice
ao we omit it The Literary and De
bating Club tender him their heartfelt
thanks for his excellent effort
ROBERTCAMM a man 57 years of age
and well todo was arrested yesterday
on a charge of committing rape oa a
little Plevenyearold girl named Eliza
Uunbar Her family have rooms in
Camnis building and it appears that
for some time past Camrn by threats
and compulsion has inducedthe girl
to comply with 1m hellish desires The
girl has been afraid to inform any one
of the sate ot affairs for fear Gamin
would kill her Fortunately a lady
overneard him trying to induce her to Y
submit and inform d the officer
Camm was cjld that an officer v ju d b t
after him and he skipped but jShnrirT
Crookston found him after a brief
sparch Ire was taken before Justice
ileAlister and bound over in 3000 to
await the action of the Grand Jury
He is unable to obtain bonds and lan s
guiahea in the cellar which the city calls
a jail Catnni is rather a sly old fox
and has been universally disliked At
one time he was corrspondent for tire
Tribune so you can guess the character
ot hebrute
THE READING RooM is in full blast
and well attended The pecpl nave
contributed largely Chanks are due
THE HERALD for kindlv send nt gratis
the paper which is largely sought for
Nipt in the BlId I
Sad to say many a good thing attains < I
to nothing more that fair begtllUiDg
On the other hand ie isa mutter for
congratulation that the gcowth df
some evil things may be also promptly
frustrated A large propostioa 0 the
cases of the most widespread and fatal
of diseases consumption have their i
inception in nasal catarrh Dr Sages
Catarrh Remedy is pleasant soothing
and effectual Try it It has oured
thousands Of druggists a
tf j
t I t4
a 4 p
CHA fes TWELVES teiovoiin
WM STEWART of Kayaville made a
trip to the city yesttrday
JOHN ADAMb of Uentr niKe was a
visitor to Salt Lake on Saturday
JED STBISGAM of Bountiful Coop
was seen on th streets yesterday
JAMES MEILSOK OfBig Cottonwood
was buzzing around city dealer yeeter
day S
JACK KEOGH is down from Raft River
He reports the cattle in excellent condi
WM HUGHES superintendent Young
Men Jo op Spanish Fork is again
in the city
ALBEBT BROWN of Z C M I has re
turned from a trip through the south
ern counties
SOTER To the wife of Frank Suter 8 II j
daughter Mother and child doing wed I
AUBREYLUFF In Logan on Wednesday i I
October 27 fa L renz J aubrey son of I UI I
Thomas auk Susan Aubrey aai iHla Al f
bertna Luft Jutthter < of George and Miry ji 1
Luff all of this city I
J i Oberndorfer
106 S Main Street
MARTIN SCHMIDT ratter and Fitter g
Wehare for Safe
> F
Tile GhoicBst Holst ins I
That have ever been b ought
to Utah
They are descended from some of the fin
es milking families that have been imoorted
to the United SUies aud all are recorded
The Prices are now down conformable to
the prices of other fine breeds They are as I
follows Calves to 10 months from 12S to I
H50 Yearlings 12 to IS months io to 200
Cows 1300101400 t I
These Cattle are now on exhIbition at
Grant Bros livery Stables
Everyone Is invited to come and see a
whether wishing to buy or not
Main St Salt Luke < 7tt7
BJLTSS U 50 to 200 per day j 2v
Special Bates by the week or month
r i
ijP j

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