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A C 2 C
Destructive Conflagrations at
the East
ljUn Socialists angarys Tare it
ened Bankruptcy Disturbing
a Prince Etc
Fire Recorn
LITTLE ROCK Ark October 31De
ssrc was yesterday visited by a fire
which destroyed property of thn total
Tdlue of 130 000 About onethird 13
covered by inurance The stores and
stocks of E C McCauley tCo Walt k
Bethel Judson 4 Ward P H Stubbs
J H McEwau and J ° J Baugh were
destroyed Yates < fc Bros stock was
also datrnged Theoflice of the Desarc
Citizen office of the County Treasurer
and the MetaodUt and Baptistchnrcbes
are in ruins The origin of the fire is
CHICAGO October q A confiapara
tion causing the loss of nearly a quarter
of a million dollars and probably I
several lives occurredin the six story
building 109 and 111 East Madison
between 4 and 5 oclock this morning
The inmates of1 dozen gambling
houses in tne vicinity were unaware of
the are until the lives of most of them
were in peril Then a wild stampede
ensued The proprietors hurried the
gold and greenbacks into satchels and
some others rushed down stairs loaded
down with gambling implements A
miiority however of the employees
and players came tearing out of the
boSngs hatless and coatless badlv
I frightened After an hours work the
dimes were comparatively under con
trol At this time six men of the fie
insurance patrol were in the building
covering the stock of the Goodyear
Rubber Company Suddenly there was
a terrible crash followed by a dense
wire of smoke and sparks the roof and
top door fell through the basement
burying the patrolmen in the I
rum Immediately a detachment
of firemen and patrolmen led
by Marshal Swenie rushed to
the rescue The cries of the impris
oned men could be heard above all the
din Gco Fnrned was the first mra
out Ho came up through a hole made
in the sidewalk lights and was only
slightly injured Wm Darby also
managed to crawl out with slight in
juries Patrol Captain Hume was
pinned tlowB under a fatting beam and
wedged In between two boxes He was
crrrie out both lags crushed and his I
left foot turned completely around
P L Mullens was dragged from under
two heavy beams badly cut about the
head and body and fearfully bruised
Gus Bergem ke was being held down 1 y
a heavy piece of printing machinery
so ail effurs to release him were useless
The imprisoned man begged his cot
rades to kill him The sewer in the
basement had become clogged and the
immense quantity of rater which
poured into the building was rapidly
rising under Bergemenkes eyes while
the flames were eating their way toward
him Marshal Sevence ordered an en
gine detached from the fire plug to
pump from the basement while the
efforts of other engines were redoubled
asaist the fire The water had just
reached Bergemenke whn it began to
go down end the flames began to re
cede With the aid of jack screws the
machinery was at last raised and after
three auarers of an hour Bergemenke
was taken out and carried to a hospital
One of his egs and arms are broken
bu the may Jive C Iapineau could not
be found He was given up for lost the I
body not beinE found for eleven hours 1
In the recovery of the corpse another
fireman was fatally injure 1 and an in
surance patrolman seriously wounded
The fire and fall of the roof had dam
aged man wires and gangs of linemen
commenced work on adjoining roofs
although requested by the firemen to
wait nntil the body was found While
pulling a heavy cable over the
wall a piece of ironA cornice was
dislodged which fell to the basement
and struck Firemau Michael McGovern
in the back mangling him horribly
He will die Eighteen linemen were
arrested bic released on bonds Insur
ance Patrolman Cornell fell througha
hole in the broken sidewalk and was so
seriously njured that he had to be
taken to the hospital
COVKEUSVIU Penna October
JL fire at the Standard M nes
Mount Pleasant which originated
r yesterday afternoon is still raging
and s hourly gaining headway The
flam s driven by strong current of
air leaped frm the mouth of the shaft
to a heghtof 100 feet above the ground
All efforts to check thefire have been
of no avail A fire engine from Pitts
burg arrived toni ht < 1Dd the work of
Sooiins the mine will be begun at once
This will require several months It is
thought that nearlv three acres of coal
are now ablaze The amount of t the
loss cannot now be estimated for the
entire plant will have to suspend opera
tions for several months thus throw
ing over 300 men outof vnploymmant
The daily output of thjhaft was TpCQ
tons and la coriSeqnence pits bting
idle it will result m the closing down
of 5I 0coke ovens ot onetwentieth of
all in the Connellsville region
LIVERPOOL November Lthe abed
on Wellington dock which burnedyesr
terdav contained 1500 bales oucotton
Los 200OCo
An End to EateCnttfns
tai FBANCISCP November LAt a
meeting of the railroad passenger
agents to day reports were received
from eastem lines consenting to be
come parties to the agreement adopted
On Thursday last Owing how
ever to some answers not
being entrey satisfactory it wai
Bedded to hold another meeting at
Chicago unuhe 22dinstant Meanwhile
the new agreement will beheld binding
and puts an end to recent passenger
rate cutting
Red Cirll War
ST Louis October 31A special from
Trogales Arizona to the GlobeDemo
crat says It ha just come to light
here that the Governor of Souora is
implicated in the mrfrder which had
for its motive political consequences
The particulars are meagre but
it Is known that the Governor
learned that the parties who killed his
cousin were in the village of Monte
Urns and that thev had consideraole
following He made a raid upon the
village and in the fight that ensued
several on both sides were killed and
many wounded
LATER The raid of GovernorTorres
of Sonora Mexico and his men into
the Montezuma district was more fatal
than was at first supposed From re
liable Mexican gentlemen who are resi
dents of this town vour correspondent
learns the following fact After the
killing of Preftct Tarre who was a
COUSin of the Governor the later re
solved upon some soit of vigorous re
taliation A couple of weeks ago the
Governor accompanied by Oommau
dant Tarres a couin of his
wita 150 State troop Parted
for Montezuma district At the
town of Montezuma the capital
of the district they met the revolution
ists headed by Senor Vallardt This
was the same party that killed Prefecte
Torres The Governor on seeing the
party made ready for tight but sub
sequently an armistice was held but the
blood on either side bin warm no
amicable conclusion was arrived at and
GovernorTorres pulling his pistol fired
and killed Vallarde in his tracks A
I fierce fight then ensued which resulted
in fifteen men being killed and several
wounded It is impossible to get the
facts relating to the number of wounded
and the nature of their wounds but
enough is known to warrant the state
ment that there was a great deal Qf I
bloodshed Commandante Torres who
accompanied the governor is a brotaer
of the prefect recently killed near
Campas by the revolutionists
Belgium Socialists
BRUSSELS October 31Five hundred
women dressed in mourning today
led a procession of 1200 per oni
gathered from the surrounding towns
in a funeral march to Charleroi They
carried banners inscribed u ith mottoes
in favor of universal suffrage and tc
the late rioters Upon its arrival at
Jharleroi the procession was augmented
by 35000 persons Great eicitenient
prevailed The civil guard was under
arms and magistrates and others as
sembled at the town hall The spokes
man of the paraJers waited upon the
burgomaster and read an address sicned
by all woikiiens leagues in Belgium
demanding universal suffrage and am
nesty The burgomaster promised to
transmit Use address to the goverment
which he said was seriously engaged in
redrrsstng the grievances of the work
ing classes The paraders dispersed
SOFIA November IM Stambouloff
opened the Sobranje at Tirnova today
ia presence of all regents and members
of the Cabinet Tatriotic addresses
were made the speakers dwelling upon
maintaining the independence of Bul
garia The speeches were received
with loud cheers
At the meeting of the Sobranje to
day Zikoif waS elected presiding of
ficer English and Italian agents at
tended the meeting General Kaulbars
has refused to accept the reply ot the
Re ency to his ultimatum and will
leave I Sofia Hb threatens to bombard
the barracks and orerumnt build
ings at Tarna if any opp6lon ia of
fered to debarkations of Russians it
I that place
II a ncary Threatened With Uaulc
PESTII November Semiofficial
paper admit that the finances of Hun
gary are in a critical state Opposition
papers bluntly talk of bankruptcy and
estimate a deficit in next years budget
of sixty million florins although the
government estimates a shortage of only
twentytwo million florins in the bud
get submitted on Saturday It is cal
culated that the minister of finance
will be obliged to contract a loan of
thirtysix million florins It la ru
mored that the minister will resign his
office Tb budget has created a bad
impression at Vienna
Disturbing a Prince
PARIS October 31It is reported that
the Count of Paris one night last week
was sitting in his bedroom in Sheen
House near London when a man en
tered the room the count afraid of
awaking hjs wife did net shout for
help but hurled a revolver at the in
truder who fled The servants had
previously seen the stranger prowling
around the house The man entered
by a ladder which he had placed
against a window in the study of the
Duke of Orleans Whether he was a
burglar or a political enemy ot the
count it is not known I
The Locomotive Engineers
Naw x pRKwNovcmber LThe con
vention of the Internati mal Brother
hood of Locomotive Engineers in
session herefpr twelve days adjourned
this afternoon after Toting 3500 for
distribution among the widows and
orphans of engineers thanks and 50
to each of the twelve members of the
local committee of arrangements who
have arranged a eutertainmentfor
the visitors and their ladies The dele
gates will witness theproposed Liberty
nreworks this evening
In Favor of Course
NEW YORK N6venlber 1T SV
Powderly Grand Master Workman of
the Knights of Labor addeessed a large
mass meeting here tonight ia favor of
the candidacy of Henry George for
mayor ol New York I
It was Filed for loba e
on Monday
The Strike Kennmed The Prince > 3
poleon Sncar Keflnery Closed
The Engine Drivers
Mrs Stewart Will Probated
NEW YORK November IThe will of
Mrs Stewart wife of the late millionaire
dry coods merchant was filed fcr
probata today by exJudge Horace
Russell and Henry Hilton her sonin
law Citations were immediately issued
to the heirs and next of kin made re
turnable on November 13h In the
instrument Airs Stewart beijueaUs
20000 per year during life to her
brother Charles P Clinch to each of
her sisters Anna Emma and Julia
Clinch sbe leaves an annuity 01 10000
a year to her nece Sarah N Smith
she leaves 259000 to Cornelia Butler
she leaves t2XfO and to each of her
children Lawrence and Charles S Bat
ler50000 to Kate A Smith 2uO000
to each of the remaining children of
Sarah N Smith namely Louisa Elln
Bessie and James 150 000 To each of
the children of her deceased sister
Louise formerly the wife of Charles
usher namely Itisalie Helen Vir
ginia Lillian May well and Prescott I
50 000 All the rest of the estate real
md person jl she bequeaths to Chas J
Clinch nowof Parisand Henry Hilton
of this city None of the legacies are to
be payable until three years from the
tinal probate and the annuities until
six months after such probate The ex
ecutors to the will are Chas J Clinch
and Henry Hilton The witnesses to
the instrument are Henry E Davids
James Henry Work and Edward B Hf
The will is dated July 5th 1S77 In a
codicil of the will she revokes the be
quest to Henry Hilton of one half of
residuary estate and instead be
queathes him one half of the residue of
her property and estate in trust to
collect receive manage control sell
and apply the same to the following
purposes to complete the Stewart
memorial church now in course of
erection bv her at Garden City Long
Island and to supply it with all that is
necessary to make it a free church and
cathedral for thc Protestant Episcopal
church of the diocese of Long Islaud
to endow It with such money as will
maintain it forever with provisions for
the bishop of the diocese and his asso
ciates to construct two buildings
to be attached to said cathedral aud
endow them with such money as will
sustain them forever an1 to
erect sucn other building as the cathed
ral and seminaries and schools may re
quire All three buildings are to be
erected on Mrs Stewarts land there
nnwn as the Hempstead place These
buildings whcn comp pted areto be con
veyed to the use fOrever of the church I
of the diocese of Long Island or the
corporation known as the Cathedral of
the Incarnation in the diocese of Long
Island and onehalt of her residuary
estate not devised is to be applied for
the above purposes If any heir be
comes a party to any proceedings to
interfere with the will the provision in
toe will in his or her favor is cancelled
The codicil of the will is dated May 27
1873 By another codicil Mrs Stewart
authorizes Hiltonin regard the share
and portion of her property devised and
bequeathed to him in trust to leave
aiu olspose of from time to time as he
shall deem expedient All such acts to
be valid and as effectual as if made bv
the testator and all expenses to bl
allowed him vrfthoutfurther proof than
that they were actually made Judge
Hilton is empowered to divide any sur
pluifomong the legal heir He is em
powered to appoint a substitute trustee
or trustees to act in his place for any
desired period and at will to revok
such appointment and at will to ap
point his successor provided however
thataid trust shall not continue longer
than the lives of Kate A and James C
Smith named in the will By another
codicil dated May 11SS3 Mrs Stewart
beqneathes Sarah N Smith and he r
heirs ode equal port of the shale
in the estate granted to hr
nephew Charles 3 Clinch She
gives 25000 to be distributed by
the executors to household servants
living with her at the time of her
rteatb The last codicil dated Novem
her 30th 1SS5 after stating that tkb
cathedral and St Pauls school A t
Garden City has been completed and
endowed revokes all the former clause
to the will and codicils thereto except
that the trnstee3 > emp6wered at net
discretion to build and endow a semio
ary for women as describedJn previous
codicils and to erect such other institu
tions and buildings connected with th
cathedral na may be necessary abso
lute title to the property is vested in
the legatee to convey and transfer the
property in accordance with the provi
sions of the will and codicils
Silver Kansas
CALDWELL Ks November LTbe
discovery of silver in this vicinity La
caused much excitement Samples oi
ore were sent to the state assayer ti
Denver and the assayer of the mint at
Philadelphia The former reports an
assav of 312 ounces of silver to the ton
the fatter 310 ounces each with a trace
of gold Ore crons but in many locali
ties Caldweil now presents the ap
pearance of a mining camp
Liberty Lfahted I
New YOEK November LiThe statue
ol Liberty was lighted to the first time
tonight and the works which were
intended for use on the evening of the
unveiling were let off j
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gestion ContipaUos Dizziness Loss if
Appetite Yellow Skin BbiIOha italI
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Smith t > s DrugSoie IU I
The Sttlke Resumed
CHICAGO November INearly 6000
men in the slaughter houses of Swift and
Morris quit work this morning The
trouble is over the resumption of the
ten hour system the men refusing to
work the additional two hours without
additional pay Each of the two houses
employs about 3000 men None of the
other packing houses is fleeted An
attempt was made to induce the men in
Armours and other largo houses to
top but they refused to go out
t urtber particulars from the stock
ard strike are to the effect that Swifts
beef killers sent a committee to him on
Saturday and instated on having an in
crease of 50 cents per day should the
Itta return to the ten hour system
ruts morning when the beef killers
went to worn taey noticed that
Foreman Wilder of Swifts had
discharged James Matthewson one of
be committeemen Taey also found
hal the wages of laborers had not been
increased so thev struct They insist
now on having Matthew reinstated
aud also a return to the eighthour
system On hearing that Swifts men
were out the beef butchers employed
by Morris went oat The crowd went
down to Smith machine shop and
compelled the men there to strike
After this they went to Armours for
the purpose of calling his men out but
his move was anticipated by the fore
man who pot a force of police to guard
he principal entrances and the crowd
was kept away Tui strikers arranged
to hold a meeting during the day A
member of the executive committee
told a reporter that unless the two
firms gave in all the employes of the
yards are to bs eilled out
The Prince la hInston
WASHisoTorr October 31Prince
Napoleon and his secretary Chevalier
Mchele arrived here at 850 last even
i ig and proceeded at once to Worm
lbsS Hotel They were accompanied
by Count Albert Da Forests secretary
of the Italian legation
WASUISOTOS November IPrince
Louis Napoleon called at the White
House today and paid his respects to
the President he and the secretary of
the Italian legation
The presentations were made by
Secretary Bsyard The President re
ceived them in the Bue Parlor There
were no addresses The President and
Prince conversed together for about
fifteen minute
Sugar Keflnerj Closed
ST Louis October 1The St Louis I
sugar refinery the largest in the west
shut down last night and discharged
about 125 of their employees Th
OJI3C of the closing Is said to be the
same as recently compelled the shutting
down of several eastern refineries the
inability to compete with Sandwich Is
land raw sugir whih admitted into
the country free of import duty The
reflnery is not closed permanently but
will start up shortly as the new crop of
Louisiana sugar can be purchased
Political Meeting
SASTHOO October 31 Yesterday at
a meeting of sixty deputies chosen by
theLiberal Radical National Majority
pre ided over by the eminent politician I
senor Isadora Errnztiiz it was decided
to elect tienor Javino Novoa president
of Chamber of Deputies and Senor
Tadisecq Errazuiz and Mangel Villama
Blanco tirst and second vicepresidents
respectively Tomorrow the fire bri
gades of this city w 11 hold a meeting at
which prizes will be distributed to the
oldest members
The Engine Drivers
LONG ISLAND City L L October
Two hundred and fifty delegates to the
National Convention of the Brother
hood ofLocomotive Enginees with their
wives visited RJckaway Beach on a
special tram this afternoon They were
the guests of Austin Corbin President
of the Long Maud Rajroad Company
Division No 209 composed of engineers
employed on the Long Island Railroad
escorted the delegates The party re
turned to New York this evening
8 I
Store Shocks
CotujiBus Ga October 31Another
e earthquake shock was fet here at 2P j
this afternoon ft was very per
qeptible J but of short duration
There was another shocK of earthquake
at Summerville at 825 this morning
hut not severe All is qui herlf
C A spring discovered in the custom
house yard yesterday proves to be
caused by a break in the wafer pipe
1 An Oleom rt rlno Mill Falls
j w 1
NEW HaVEi Conn November 1
East rbrook Co of this city ole
only manufacturers of oleomargarine
in Connecticut have suspended as they
< regardtbe government tax as prohib
itory Jipm eighty to 100 persons are
thrown out of employment
p I
Jvew JLLae of sfeamers
LoD9 November Llr Edward
Watt In tho wellknown railway tuag
naU > proposes the estaolishmen of a line
of transAtlantic steamers from Hull to
run in connection with the Canadian
I Pacific Railway
A Holiday In London
LOSDOX November ll Tq day being
the semiannual sittiig day at the Bank
pf England if Is a hqliday at that in
I stitutionand rrlne Stock Exchange j
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A Customs Officer Shot by a
Discharged Inspector
A Supreme Court OeeUIon Jame L
Blaine of Maine A trance
KventOther Notes
A Customs Officer Shot
NEW YORK November IThe cur
eyor of the Port of New York Beattie
was shot about noon today in his
office at the custom house by a dis
charged inspector who fired five or six
shots The particulars cannot be ob
lined as yet nor is it known whether
or not the wounds are fatal
Surveyor Beattie was wounded in two
place one of the bullets it Is said
entered the loin He lies in the custom
house The attendants state that his
condition is not considered serious The
Inspector who fired the shots is named
Jieral who was discharged last week
NEW YORK November IThe surveyorS
veyors wouldbe assassin Lewis Blera
ts a man who gained some distinction
in the War of the Rebellion He was
for about twelve years attached to the
usioinf house About a week ago the
surveyor dismissed him from the ser
vice Beattie learned that he was in
the habit of exacting money from emi
grants at Castle Garden where he was
lately stationed The chi f charge fur
which be was removed was compelling
an emigrant to pay 2 on a sewing ma
chine He came to the office about 12
today and gained entrance to the sur
veyors private office in the back of the
building fronting on South William
At 12 20 pm a report of pistol shots
was heard bv Private Secretary Louis
NicholN and Examiner Thomas Hicks
The discharged inspector rushed in
stantly out of the private office pistol
in hand and ran through the corridor
to the exit in Hanover Street A man
attempted to stop hint and he yelled
If you touch me Ill kill you The
man dropped back and Bicrel ran alone
to Beaver Street into which he turned
and ran to the Cotton Exchange A
number of citizens followed in pursuit
Finding escape impossible the man
turned and ran into the arms of a
policeman He was trembling L with
tear ana seemeu to anu lpne
that his pursuers would harm
him He said to the policeman
For Gods sake arrest me1 He was
taken to the Old Slip Station House and
locked up He described himself as
being 72 years old married and living
at S5D Sixth Avenue He said he was a
native of Brazil The news of the
shooting greatly exaggerated spread
rapidly A larger squad of police had
all they could do to keep the corridors
clear Large crowds of anxious in
quirers surged around the doors A
number of physicians appeared to ren
der aid to the wounded man
Coroner Levy look a statement of
Surveyor Beattie this afternoon He
said the prisoner was removed from his
post of inspector on his recommenda
tion as he had illegally taken money
from an immigrant Rid The surveyor
was sitting at his desk when his door
was thrown open and the prisoner en
lered with a pistol in his hand exclaim
ing Now by God Ill teach you He
fired two shots one of which took effect
through the fleshy part of the sur
veyors left hand and the other struck
the crest of ilium glancing in inward
and upward direction The ball has
not yet been extracted The pri oner
when captured was perfectly calm ad
mitted the sho ting and added that he
did it because Bean refused to listen
to the men who went to him to ap
peal for his reinstatement The pris
oner was taken before the injured
oiMcial who unheitutincly identitied
him Berielsaid h Ye Im the man
that did it He took brad and butter
out of my familys month The
prisoner was auosequently ta en
to the Toorabr police court where
he confessed to Justice Murphy
of having fired the sh2ts and
said he did it because ne bad ben dis
charged without cause < < He was born
in Valpairaiso in 1311 and cauieLo this
country at 14 years of age When 2j
years of age he enlisted in the frigate
Columbia tor a three earn crnisearcund
the world during WhIch ne as
sisted in the burning of three
Chinese tows for firing on American
ships He nextspeculated in horses at
which he accumulated considerable
money and in 1349 went to California
where hs added to his wealth He met
Mqrrissev J Brete H arte and others
there He was a friend of Bill Poole
who was sbot He served in > the
First California regiment1 the
war of the rrbellion and at the
battle of Balls Bluff rescued
Colonel Bakers body and killed the
slayer For this he was givena medal
and a pension of 30 a month q Hehad
been in the custom house 2i ears re
ceiving his first appointment thrSagh
General W 8 Hancock and tiickle
He denies the charges of taking
2 from an immigrant gffl for which he
was discharged ani says that Rafter
shooting the surveyor he turned the
pistol on himself but was so nervous
that the ball went through hiibat He
w answer for shooting Tnt
wounded man returned to conscious
ness i and Aas soon as ill VAS
considered safe was put fn an vnbu
lance and taken to his home
7he Man from Maine f f i
NEWARK N J November 31The
Honorable James G Blaine and Mri E
0 Tenry of Brooklyn passed fast t
at the residence of George Ar Halsey
This morning Blaine attended service
at Central Presbyterikn Church He
I will remain in this city until 11 oclock i
to morrow then1 he will gtf to Jeraev
City and hold a reception at Taylor a
Hotel in company with Mr i P
Howey Rennbucsn nominee for Gov
ernor At 2 oclock he will gojpIrec
nand speak in Taylorjsi Opera
House and at half past foujSwiU tflkeja
special train for Camden where he will
end his campaign labors by speaking in
the evening I
A Supreme Court Decision
ion was endered In the Supreme Court r
of the United States today in the
cries of cases known as the Pacific
National Bank cases brought here by j
3n appeal from the United States Cir J
cult Court for the district of Masaa
husetts They were suits instituted
by the receiver of the Insolvent Pacific
ational Bank of Bolton against the
stockholders of the bank to enforce
Tjonal > liability for the assessment of
100 tr cent upon the shares of both
the original and increased capltnl stock
of the bank standing upon the books i
in their names TEe stockholders
uamtained when the dices were tried
In tho court below that they were not
able on the shares ot increased capitil
stock held by tem for the reason that
the increase of the capital of 5CO 000 to
061000 was unauthorized and Illegal
and they were not time parties to it 4i
The court holds that the stockholders
are liable upon their shares of increased
capital stock that the defects at law
and alleged ground of relief equity
are alike sufficient and that the judg
ments and decrees of the circuit court
in favor of the receiver must be affirmed
in all cases and It Is so ordered The
ecisioucovers ten cases In this court
and several pending suits in the court
of Massachusetts Theonlnfon was de a
livered by Justice Matthews
Motions were mado in the Unlletl
States Supreme Court today to advance
vance and hear together immediately
after the February recess all cases now I
on the docket of this court which involve
volve the great telephone controversy i
The counsel stated to the court that tha M
records in these cases comprises 25O 0
octave pages of printed matter and
hat the argument if all the cases are
to be heard together wilioccupva week
or more The court tok the motion
under advisement The records in
these cases are the moat voluminous
ever presented to the court Copies
enough of the record to supply all 4
justices in the single case of the Peoples
telephone Company against the Am
erican Bell Company occupy nearly fifty
cubic feet of space
Counterfeit Silver Coin
MixsEAroi13 November 1 Detec
tives Quinlan and King arrested last
night James Hi die alias McDonald a
notorious counterfeiter and crook who j
has been passing and disposing of in
various ways for thepast two weeks in
this city finely counterfeit silver dol
lars Tots spurious counterfeited coin
Is nearly a perfect counterpart of the
genuine the only difference being that
it u a trifle lighter Some 11000 of
this stuff was found concealed in a cave r
near Cedar Lake Hindle confessed to
the detectives Hst night that the stuff
is made by a wellorganized gang lo
cated near Omaha Hindle has served
a term in the Wabash Penitentiary r
for safeblowing He also confesses y
that toe gang had been organized to r Th
burxlarize several of the prominent
banks and business houses in St Paul
and Minneapolis tomorrow night
Hindle is about 35 years old six feet j
tall weighs 180pounds light com
plexion and good looking Other ar
I rests may follow i I
A Mountain Spring Tip In the Center
of a LAke
SAS FRASCISCO November A letter
published iu this evenings Bulletin
under date Opia October 15th says h
authentic news has reached Samoa that
on the morning of September 10th
over UO nenvy earthquakes occurred
on the Island of Minofen one of the u
Tonga Group and that from the
bottom of thelake which had depth of
2000 feet a mountain baa arisen to the
beighth of 300 feet above its surface f
also that thIs nounuiia has burst out
in rtauied and thrown out hot stones
and aanain such quantities as to
destroy twothirds of the cocoanut
trees On the Island In Samoa we are
having light shocks of earthquakes so y
frfcoii ntly now that the < are nolonger it
notatfl by residents
Wl1t3letniiOrdr S
CAIRO Novembec IIt is officially
announced that the English govern
ment is determined to maintain the
public safety in EgypE and not to leave
tha country to disorder and possibly to
a fresh and diastrous revolution S
LOMX November IPriDce Conza
a halfbrother of King Milanhas be 4
come a capdidate for the Bulgarian
throne He is a relative of M DeOlers
BqlsinF2reign inister
NEW YORK November LrInspector I
Byrnes staff today received warrant I 1 II
a C J 5 r
for tne arrest of a large number 01 men Lj
for illegal registration
J Ofrernclorfer MT i
t fT
106 S Main Street
MARTIN SCHMIDT Cutter and Fitter
Upln cSc ttaic Lake < Oiry
L t i r L 1 >
BATSS n 50 to TiOO per day
Stxcial BAtes by the wed or nootii

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