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ir i TijAx HERALD
I t 11 esal t X alco City Utah
1 11
1f i I I I iJo
L s n i i t TtHtSDAY JimAiY 11 188i 1 I
I J fj f i ft fL t
I 1 gMgkdatty try McCorntckjSt Co4 Saniert
SALT LiZ CITY January 10
> n tBILVEB I i i
i U New York 1DOY per oz
i la SattLskc 7Kperoi
Ii r L 11 la tendon 464 peroz
n Rev York J HIS perlOOft
I 1 ln Bat taklt f3100 per ton
I tSgna1 Service US A
It I J d a I = a = a < S2
0 < >
Ut1 =
I > ae = 1 r >
i i Ttme > fOb a Ea o
I natfon 1 I c 0 ro
i f g
L 0
I Po I 0
II I 500m 25606 21 T 8 2 HySw
JI l OODm 5h1 i J 74 NW 6 Cdy
Ii Q 1 lIt
0011 2073 2 82
Ii f lximum temperature 31 degrooa
t u1murn4n1n raure 2l
relc1 310W0 27 inches
h r 1
u I WM A KORT Obsrver
i I i nalCorps U aA
THE PACE CiTyfatage camein run
ners I I >
J McCoRNicK Co received yesterday
1 Hanauer bullion 8990
I Saturday 12pm Shako I
I 1 i THE DIRECTORS of Z C M I held their
I regular monthly meeting yesterday
TIlE SON of Wm Groesbeck we are
p glad tobe able to state is recovering
I from the diphtheria
J THE CASE of vagrancy against Dr A
I LJ Baron Having ton will come up in
the Police Court today
SValw FARdo Cos shipments yes I
I terday were Base bullion 2100 ore
51327500 total 15375 50
j Tin Eioimr account of the executors
J of the estate William H Hooper11 ha
been filed with the clerk of the Probate
1Iii TllPFobate Court yesterdaylm
4 4 ora6r i s iMe co l min thsaledf
fh t i1 st t of EcMCat ne
I ceased
1 Miss JULIA BROWN the thicklipped
negress has beenproven guilty ofvag
I rancy and sentenced to sixty days in
the Ccunty Jail
I Tnn CASE against Minnie Baker
J < harmed with resorting to a house ill
fame for tbe purposes of IbwdnesswaB
I dismissed in the Police Court yester
I < tay
D 5iY HKJULD made the shipments
T Bannock bars for last week amount to
1 1117 The figures should have beep
T led with some new placards announc
I iI ing new prices on their extensive stOCK
I A closingout sale for sixty days has
t been inaugurated
SOME OF our amateur photographers
should make it conveuient to photo
I r graph a Pol ce Court audience during
11 i the progress of the trial of such a case
as was on yesterday
Jons RKVDIIG the florist has pur
I chased the greenhouse of Little Buck 1
i I leI at the corner of Second West and
t First South Streets He takes charge of
I t new property today
I THE ANNOUNCEMENT of the setting of a
I day for the Utah bill caused nearly as
much comment on the streets yesterday
1 as if the measure of infamy had be
I come law Bets were about even on its
I i RICEAED BUnGLES charged with re
ceiving stolen property the pistol
S Blajhed from Mrs Nealjs storpshas
S I Theef i placed under bonds of 100 by
I Judge PH per to await the action of the
I rAnd Jury
S direct ihe attention or the proper au
I thorities to the fact that the railroad
S crossing where the track turns into the
5 4 Temple Block is in a dangerous condi
S j y oiugto the plan king having worn
iM tK J 1 t s
S l grnoi vvin K LDLL has sent the
I following dispatch to this city from
S 3fav8jo Springs Arizona The in
S L I dictment found against me lor polygamy
S S pd unlawull cqhabltlon m Auglistjj
1r l St > was dismissed by Judge Porter on
S t1 + h e3inttfiit
S J f JUDGE HEKDERSOX and Judge Zane
t wnre informed during the session of the
I Supreme purt vesterduy that
IS t 1 WdnSHuyandThurrdsy baa been set
I fcrtbe cfin i3eratione > f thoutah ill
F moth l dKetias if they had suddenly
t S been f rind that they had Been left a
lecac of some astonishing amount
S 4
S A rjM8Lofthb hackmehifvhp weie
S j II Indiscreet enough to cross the white line
t Si t at the Utah Central Depot were run in
t Si 1 by the police for trespass yesterday
S 4 iitary MpQro Frnntc Atkinson and
Si I 1 Jtrrky rhfcinreoii all plead gziity and
S Verl lefd under suspended sen
S S feuce 1 S Hettsman was fined 2 50
p q t i > r the 5ie oltt use
S THIf r < > f Doling thieves who were
st recertly sentenced to nearly seven
S months 1 III pri1tl 111 tin t in the City Jui
S wjll r r bably have to mswer for OtherS
S crimes verj shorJy A outh of about
ii 14 > tar > and a resident of SpaniL
glfl Fork came up to the city the other
4 t I evaniujr and havinc no place to go ap
I VTWifr r lofiginps at the City Jail He
S vas allowed to remain there and dur
J j i ILTJ tne night was subjected to halfa
pa nameless outrages at their hands
i I which iuseei even the burdened occu
t I ants of the jail to shudder
S j S J Tbe Occidental
1 f 1 J I t t E jjirst South Street Par
a J II I 4ds only and of the best quality
q j I 6a5n74tr tesuea concocted ta
f 1 1 h1dtiet atm o7 art Family supplies a
11 I i I atw uly
J ulyAc
4 1 i JI i I I Ac > A iiGLptiX iropnetora
f i Ato sizqs of window glass in stock at i
l f I i y vclmer 3t Bros
I jj t r I t v
t 1 t tzAJ1Nhftitfree eacl
i 1 1 AIJlSJruT4Creewith ac
S S t I If l hililf Catarrh ReWdy
Pr1 itl rea < ar F < V ale at A0j3ufith
It I JI I tk CoDrtorei tL f l IB
5 I
i 5
wit Lawyers May and May
Not Believe
11 5
A New Departure Cases Stint Down
J from the Supreme Tribunal
The Murder Case
5 I
At lBoclock yesterday fljndge Zane
and Judge Henderson took their seats
upon the bench and the bailiff pro
claimed that the January term of the
SIpreme Court bad begun Judge
Boreman had not arrived from Beaver
There was a fair attendance of bar
members but only a casual interest ap
peared to be taken in theproceedings
Edward P Ferryrespondent vsJohn
L Streetippellant from Third District
Mr Su herland for respondent stated
that Supreme Court of the United
States had dismissed this case for want
of jurisdiction He therefore moved
that a reinittitur be issued forthwith
but at the suggestion of Mr Hall at
torney for appellant the motion was
held for further consideration This
suit involves the ownership of a part of
the site of Park City
Mr Sutherland moved for the admis
sion to the bar of H C Wyman Mr
Maloney tor the admission of
G G Marsh The court ap
pointed Messrs Sutherland Kim
ball and Kosboroueh a committee
examine into the qualifications of
these gentlemen Atthe conclusion of
the days business a long series of legal
questions was propounded to the ap
plicants by each member the commit
tee Mr Wyman answering the majority
with readiness Mr Marsh being not
quite so well upV1 At conclusion
of the examination the committee an
nounced that they had no further ques
tions Judge Zauo and Judge Hender
son conferred together a moment and
then said they would like to have the
applicants examined as to their regard
for the law of the land whether they
thoughtit paramount to laws or decrees
promulgated by any other organization
Judge Kdaborough catching the hint
turn q with readihess to Mr J n
and elicited the information that he was
Presbyterian He thought the laws
of the hind supreme and pararnounj
would re ognizanii bbey them Before
any other laws dan other body tfiige
Rosborough skirmished with Mr
Marsh for some time as to his beliefs
and finding that he was a Mormon
plied himwith ahostot questions
4 QWhere the law 01 the United
StatssJ and the law of the church came
in conflict which would you consider
A = The law of the United States
Q Suppose yon were cognizant of
the fact of a violation of the law would
you as a citizen expose the parties
AYes I think I would though I
dontthiuk it would be my duty to be
so officious as to pry into family matters
S QIfycuknewof a murder being
committed you would = expose the per
petrator would you 1
AI would
QAnd would it not equally be your
duty to expose an unlawinl marriage
AWell as I have said I dont pry
into family matters
QI dont mean prying into Sup
pose the knowledge came to you natur
ally would you think it your duty to
inform the DistrictAttorney or a Grand
Juror 1 S
AWelI I think it would if I knew
all the facts
QDo you believe that the execution
of the law here is persecution
45No I dont think I do Polyg
amy and unlawful cohabitation are
crimes against the law and I suppose
people must be punished for disobeying
the law
QAre you still a Mormon
AWell I think my name is still on
the books S
QDo you believe that the soaalled
revelations to Jo Smith were of uivine
origin I
AWell it depends on whateyou
mean bv revelation 5
QWhat is your definition of reve
lation 1
AI think men are receiving reve
lations most of the time Newton may
have had a revelation when he saw the
apple fall from the tree that is a rave
lation to his mind
QWell do you thinkwJo Smith
evolved hb revelations from5sjfnward
consciousness or that he receivedthem
from God 1
AWeH he may have had certain
impressions which were abstract truths
Jf as wo have all been taught there is
such 1 thingasfe God thenJhe1 has Su
preme control of all the earth t i7
QDb you believe in the Mormon
doctrines 5 S
AY as I understand them
QDo you believe them as at present
taught l by the constituted authorities
5 3 AVel1 there are twojwiys ofjlook
ing at all questions In everv church
there are different views held fy differ
ent men 9
QTbat would baa schism wouldnt
Ac3 I don t know that it would
This line of questioning andftnswering
was kept up for ome time with
ont any bine direct being < elici
ted Mr Marsh taking consider
able time to frame his replies
which were evidently not sufficientlv
exploit to suit Judge Rosborough The
committee consulted together for
a moment and then said their
r port would be submitted in
writing this morning At this Mr
Wyman said he was forced to leave for
dilvtr Reef this morning and if his
Case could be disposed of last evening
hs would esteem it a favpr The cont
milieu again consulted and then
announced that as their report would
be iu favor of Mr Wytuans admission
the oath mitht be administered to him
then so as not to interfere with his
departure Clerk Sprague accordingly
administered the usual oath and Mr
Wyman was admitted to the bar HP
gardmg Mr Marsh the committee
announced that their report would be
made this morning
James W Campbell et al I respon
dents vs James J OReilly et
al appellants from Third Dis
trict The mandate of the bu
preme Court of the United States
affirming the judgment of this court
was read ana on motion Thomas
Marshall for espondeJl1si was ordered
that attenjijtitur issue i Jr6rthwItH
This suit involves a mine in Bingham
and is of several years standing
J Th Peoplef respondents vs Thus
Tidwell appellant and the People vs
Edward Olsen appellant from the First
District A pe Ition for a rehearing of
these causes was submitted and taken
under advisement
Ceurt then adjourned until today at
10 oclock am
The Rapid Growth of a Hugo Salt
Lake Industry
A meeting of the stockholders of the
Cooperative Wagon and Machine Com
pany was held at the offices of the com
pariyyesterday President H J Grant
read a very satisfactory report ofthe
condition of the company giving an
account of the earnings and expend
itures for the last ten months Th
sales during that period l at Ogden and
Salt Lake have reached 300000 The
stockholders after reducing the value
of their buildings and fixtures and pro
viding liberally in a contingent fund
for probable losses decided to declare a
dividend of 1 per enrper monthpayable
on the 1st dayof February 1887 The
growth of this company has been almost
phenomenal and the condition in
Which they appear at the present time
should certainly be very flattering to
the shareholders They control some
of the best agencies in their linein tile
United States among them the Mit
chell and Bain wagon the John Deere
andMohne plows the Wood and Cham
pion mowing and harvesting macbiues
Oliver and Gale Chilled plows Common
Sense Bob Sleighs and various others
equally as reliable and well known
some idea of their rapid growth
in the last three years can be formed
from a comparison of the annual sales
during that period of course taking
into Consideration their increase of
capital stock Two years agolhe sales
were 60000 one year ago l20000 and
last season they reached the figure
alfeadynamed which shows the hearty
support which they urn receiving from
the people of the Territory The
directorselected for the nsumg year
arev H J Grant G T Odell John
Henry Smith C S Burton J F
Wells J P Grant F Mt Lyman
Orson A Woolley W W Ritdr Joseph
F Smith and George Romney
I J I 111
Owned J by p Private 1 Corporation
S and to be Put Up at < 0nce
S t j a 3 <
Mr P P Shelby y yesterdayinformed
HERALD reporter that thenewSoda
Springs Hotel would be commenced l1 as
soon as the snowwas off the ground
and pushed forward with all possible
speed completion The edifice would
neither be built nor owned by the
Union Pacific he said a private corpora
tion of wen known men among them
W A Clarkof Buttehaving organ
ized for the purpose putting up and
operating the building Its cost would
be from 30000 to 50 000 and it would
be conducted on firstclass principles
The Union Pacific would work to boom
Soda Springs as one of the finest health
and pleasure resorts in the west and
it was expected that the hotel in winter
would be used as a sanitariumin
summer of course it would be flocked
to by the fashionable world as a refuge
from theheat and a place where the
finest mineral waters and the best fish
ing hunting etc could be procured
HENRY EMEHSOX of Beaver is regis
tered at the Valley House
A G BAS and W H H Sabin com
mercial travelers are at the Continental
JOSEPH MARRIOTT the enterprising
druggist of Sandy was in town on Mon
day 0
H G KAILI S general agent of the
Union Pacific at Kaunas City was in
the city yesterday en route to San
HUGH BERNARD of Sweetwater
WyomiNg who has been spending a
couple of weeks in i Salt Lake leaves for
Oregon in the morning tO1 purchase
horses S
Make a Note of This
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cheap goods for the festive season
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Come and see for yourself
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t 1
> cv Albo Carbon tights
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Wheat Rye and Lucerne Seed Par
ties bavinc any for sale will do well to
call at Bailey ti Son Gram Store op
posite the Postoffice t
I hereby warn all parties against ad
vancing goods or money on my account
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order from me
S Howard i Wavle
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irst South Street carry a full line of
Staple and Fancy Groceries Chickens
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Boys and Childrens Suits and Over
coats in endless varieties and at reason
able figures at L GOLDBERGS
The Valley Houso
Now open and ready for the traveling
public the house has been newly re
fitted and refurnished throughout and
every attention will be given to secure
the comfort and convenience of guests
Cuisine unsurpassed in the city Special
rates by the week or month l t y
JJPOT 5fniHL HTjflPropnetqfl T 1
CHOICE xxxrr6r1Mat Cul
mers at 160 per 100 < 1 >
Conclusion of the T i tinio y
S in the Alleged Trial
And Yet Mr Tarlan and a Inry Say
the Fellow Thompson Is
Not Guilty
Correspondence of THE HERALD
This morning JbhnH Blown was re
called witness acknowledged to making
affidavit for Mr Lambert reporter for
the Deseret News dictated statement
contained therein Did not tell Mr I
Lambert that Dalton would not run
away if his arrest WiS attempted The
horse rode by Dalton at the time he
was shot was a good average riding
animal and did not have a saddle on at
the time S
Colins Clark recalled Saw Thompson
at the the time the latter was under ar
rest subsequent to the Shooting Wit
ness did not assist Dalton at the time of
his escape a year ago did not then
furnish him a horse on which to get
away Witness is Daltons brotherin
law but declined to say whether
or not his witness sister was
Daltons plural wife Court ruled I
that questions in relation to al
l ged polygamous connection was ir
relevanj to the case now on trial De
clines positively to state whether he
Clark I r
towards the Defendant Thompson or
not at the time the latter stood by Ed
Daltons prostrate form in Pages house
Question by defense Djd you not
say to Mr Thompson at the time re
ferred to < You dd8 T of ab I
might as well die now as not and then
start towards Thompson with hdstilq
Intent d 1
i J Witness declined to answorr
Question Da you not now entertain
just such hostile feelings towards Mr
Thompson 1 S
Witness replied that ho did not know
that he had and was excused
Barbara LymanLived at Parowan
knew Edward M Dalton sa v him on
the 16th of last December in the street
above witness house in Parowan he
was on horiebacK in company with
sQme other men driving a herd of stock
Saw twomen standing at norihwesi
corner of Pages house recogmzed Wm
Orton as one of them One of th
two men alluded to had ShUll
at his shoulder aiming towards the
street When Dalton got nearly oppo
site the roan with the gun heard the
word halt and a shot all at about
the same time Witness hollwed Oh
Edt and motionedhimto go brick
I but too late His horse was on the
walk Dalton did not turn and look at
the man that fired but the men whom
Dalton was assisting to drive appeared
to look towards the two men inside
Pages fence After the shot or as
soon as the shot was fired Daltons
horses head was turned partially
around in a northwesterly direction
when Dalton fell off Witness then
went up to where deceased lay on the
ground he was on his knees with his
head in his hands bending over and
resting them on the ground He said
I amkilled Did not see anything of
at the time of the occurrence Am posi
tive that Dalton did not turn around or
try to get away Witness heard about
six weeks previous that it was Ortons
intention to hill Dalton Witness hus
band had told her SOj dontknow where
he learned When witness saw Orton
and the other man that morning at 1
Pages fence she naturally concluded
that they were there to kill Dalton
Question by defenseWould you not
have warned Mr Dalton and assisted
him to escape had you known the
officers were there simply to arrest him
Ai Dont think would
QWhy tuen did you throw up
you hands and motion Dalton back 1
A Because 1 didnt want to see him
shot After Dalton had fallen Thomp
son walked to where he lay
and placing hit hand on nil
tons shoulder said Why did t
you stop when I told jpu 1 Have DOt
spoken to any one about this affair onlv
my husband and Mr Lambert of the
Descret 2fcwx made an affidavit for him
before County Clerk Davenport Mr
Lambert wrote it anti I swore fo it
Dont know that my husband made it
his business to warn persons accused 6 f
unlawful cpnahitatioa of the coming 1f
officers to arrest them
Charles Lyman testified that he knew I
Dalton told my wife and also Dalton I
that it was Ortons intention to kill I
Dalton heardthat Orion had remarked
that if he could not get Dalton tqjjstei
to a warrant he would fetch him with
a Winchester rifle Produced anc
Identified a flanneL nndrshirt with what
s emed to be a bullet hole in one sit e
of the back as the shirt worn byDalton
ai the time of the shooting Never
jeard Mr Dalton make any tnreais in
fgad to Thompson S
S Geo d Halteriuan testified that he
was one of the party of titan driving
stock piat 1 Pages house on the day in
question heard calls as I came round
the corner of the block heard
the word Ed or Edward
called followed by the words Halt
HtIl and foIowed again by a shot
Witness here illustrated the psnod ot
time by mimicing the calls and sicni
fyingithe shot the illustration showing
that coIls arid report of gun were al
heard inside of four seconds Dalton
at the time of the shooting was about
six or eight steps behind what would be
a direct line across the street to Tbomp
tons position and his horse was walk
ing fate Dalton was iu
around at the time of receiving the
shot Dalton fll then saw Thompson
walk up to the prostrate man and
speak to him
S T Orton testified to hearing the
call ofjHa t 1 and then the report of a
gun and to seeing Dalton fall oft his
horse Witness was thefirst man at
Daltons side as he lay on the ground
Thompon got there next ana made
some kind of a remark about his1 gun
going off sooner than he expected
Thompson called od some < bf the by
standers to assist incarrying Dalton in
to Pages house S H S
Nehemlah9HofyoakLrv M at Paro
andxmrr ler by trade
wan am atanner north of Pages
work in the f
block On the 16th
house on the same
Decernbfc was going to work at
of last Decemb
attention was
11 amwhen my
stock which the two
to a herd of
Colins Clark
Brown boys
seemingly driving
and Dalton were
At that moment
along the street sAt
cdme out of the rear
saw two menj come
dne of the two
door of PagVsfaonsrf
his hand and
raised in
men had a in
going towarus glO the fence otae wwt tIe
heard words halt hllltl and tijen
a shot the words and shot were
trated by witness clapping his bands
tho time occupied being about 3 seconds
of time
as he came out of the reardoor wi1
the gun in his hand Witness was dis
tantabout seventeen rodsrfrom Dalton
when he heard the shot
Peter Wimmer and Wm tes
tified to washing body of deceased and
tu examining thewoundwhich wasoy
left kidney about three inches to left of
spine J
Edward Ward testified to facts sub
stantially the two preceding wit
nesses i < T I
Dr King j recalled said fhat paralysis
did not always result wien spinal col
umn was injured by gunshOt wOUnd
Prosecution here introduced in evt
deuce a 32 calibre Marlin rifle with
which c unsel alleged the shooting
was done Prosecution then rested their
case r i ix 5
BEAVEB Janu ry 7th 1887
t i
Testimony as to DaltonsReal j Feel >
ings Con erning HisCdptnVe
January 3 188i
To the Editor of THE HERALD
Having been a subscriber your val
uable paperjfronr1 ffieTfirsfc issue and
knowmgyouT promptness af all tinies
in vindicating the right and giving
space in your columns in the cause of
justice and right I take this oppor
tunity of writing you in relation to the
terrible affair now so prominently be
fore the public jt should Havedone s4
beforebut did not wisHto force my
self before the public I have read two
communications from Mr E L Clark
of Parowan in your paper pertaining
to the ThompsonDalton affair In re
gard to those communications will
say that you and ihe reading public
may place full confidence in every
statement made by Mr Clark as being
correct in every particular as He is a i
man of truth and moral worth I
myself will state that I have Lean
several reliable parties say that they
conversed with Dalton when < rhe was
returning from ArizonaaVd theysay
he told them that he was tired of run
ning around to keep awjiy from the
officers of the law and he would rather
he taken and go to the Penitentiary
and serve out a sentence than to be
forced to live like he had been away
from his friends all the time I my
self talked With him as he passed my
house on his wav home It is looked
upon by all classes of our community
as one of the worst cases of cold blooded
murder that has ever happened
nothing more or less than to shoot
down a man like a dog The fears of
all classes seem to be that justice will be
a farce in this case from the first act of
the Grand Jury going out to meet the
hero of battle and the second act in
indicting for manslauehter after the
statement of so many eyewitnesses to
the affair I think if ever a case was
returned back to a jury agai t this is a
case of thatclass and shouldbe investigated
gated by the nest Grand Jury so as to
give full justice to all parties concerned
in the horrible affair
One who would like to see justice ad
minister in the land
THE BEST seatsNin the Theatre were
mostly all taken 011 Saturday for thc
Lewis Morrison entertainment tonight
also for the LambPriceJordon Com
panys performance of On the IUo
Grande pn Wednesday night Judging
b1tlieaumber oU tick ts already sold
i will be a tifbpuse each night
1oTlTII5Twr WE did not expect
that Thomson would be cdn Dieted very
extensively the verdict of acquittal as
it appeared in THE SDXIMY HERM
produced something of a sensation
We heard remarks
indicating the sur
prise of both Mormons and nonMor
mOlls though thenT i were some of the
latter who professed to believe in
Th m50n 1tinllllcenc and cre iread
tt05usfii tb i i JlgfofDiIto S 1
1 u LJJ 1
Hotel Change
Mr S T JOhnsoii of Springville is
Succeeding John W flea of the Ex
celsior House Mr Johnson is partic
ularly adapted ifor the business an d
will no doubt keep up the excellent
reputation which it already has Ve
congratulate Mr Johnson and wish him
the great sJ gngcess
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market For coal ill the
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A Little Picnic iu the Police
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A Thin Cue Against NeUonaoln
Tongb Witnesses A Hard Gang
Minnie Baker Escapes
t The ni ationinto the charges
battery referred against Charles Nel
son who keeps the Road House three
mills south of the
city came up in the
Police Court yesterday afternoon at 2
Ocloi The two ladies who swore
the complaints upon w ich Nelson
arrested were present in court as
also a Mrs Bennett a Mrs Mary White
nndi Miss Baker against whore also
her mother had made a complaint
charging her with visiting a house of
llfame presumably the place kept by
Nelson for the purposes of prostitution
and lewdness with the defendant
several others besides a toughlooking
gang who occupied ie spectators
Mrs I vie Minnies nnfber was
the first put on the stand Her
testimony was to the effect that on
New Years Eve in company with an
other daughter Mrs4 Eva Adams she
had visited Nelsons place rJthe par
pose of reclaiming her wayward I s
daughter MfnniejT whp had gone in i
company with another female to attend
end a grand ball that was given there I
that evening The girl refused to go 1i
with her mother and Neilson inter T jl
fered and struck witness in the face
The testimony of Mrs Adams was t
similar She claimed that Nelson hail
atso siiuckjier the face and had re t
used tov allow Minnie to r go away I
claiming that she was his ladv f
Minnie was very stubborn about the
matter and told her mother that it
was useless for her to talk about the
matter ftffirtJsb 3 Had started out on a
fast life and intended to keep it up
Minnie had been married but had left
her husband sometime ago She had
live daftlie CityJHo1el V
At this point Nelson arose and hada
whispered consultation with Mrs Ben
nett a dashing daisy and when the T
prosecution rested the defense opened
by the calling of that witness She said
she was a married woman that her
uusband worked in Stockton I was
at Nelsons place on the State Road on
the evening in question I saw no
striking done and Know that Nelson
did not hit either of the ladies named
I know that he did not strike either of
thgrn and I saw Mrs Ivie jump onto
him and scratch his face She riled I
him a > redheaded if 1 of a b and
threatened to cut a hole in him while
Mrs Adams threatened to shoot him AI
Witness said she had been living at the fl
Road House since June last in the J
capacity of Jiousekeeper that was all j
There were quite a number of girls and
men at the Road House thatmght She
admitted thatshe had frequency v sited
Peacock and Tomneys beer halU
Mrs Mary White another joic
woman from whom better things mitt
be expected said she was also at tts
Road House on the night in question
but was positive that Nelson nad not
committed the batteries as charged On
the contrary Nelson had told Minnie
that if her mother wanted her to go i
home she had better go Minnie and i
she hid been at the house before on t i1
several occasions Witness was married f
her maiden name was May Jen e she j
was married in June lastand lived fa
a time at the Clbrado House and after
that at the City Hotel previous to that
she had worked for Mrs Sowles She t
disclaimed the idea that she had been
leading a fast life lately but admitted
she had visited Peacocks sahun and
Tomneys < aloon several times and had
drinks served to her in the back rooms
of those establishments She had visi ed
the Road House three or four times
Nelson himself was then placed upon
the stand He said he told Minnie to
go home and not have any trouble with
her mother He denied striking either j
of the complaining witnesses and said 1
that he had merely put his hand up
to restrain them when they turned fi
upon hihi and scratched his face To
the prosecution he said that he gave J 1M
the duijces at hishouse free of charge
To some of his customers he seat tvi
tatiou but not to others
PROStciTioN Isnt it a fact that
Minnie and Mrs White remained at
your house all night previous to the
evening on which theparty was given
AiiSWER yon will let me explain
how Ill tell you Minnie and Mr
White cane down with a certain mai
said to be a railroader He did something
to the girls that seemed to offend them
and they refused to return with him
Hethen wentjayay and oon the girls
came to me and asked iu ° to telephone
up town to get a 1 conveyance I told
them I did not have a telephone and
they then requested p mission to at
by the fireuntil morning They were
granted the privilege by Ue
bar tender who afterward give
them hid bed and he occupied
a lounge I do not see any reason
why ladies should not frequent pv
place I KnoW any number ot married
women and men who come there to J
drink know thrr are reputable
Li W Dudley was also called and at f
the conclusion of his testimony the
ase by consent was submitted without
arguihenCand the Judge took the mat i
ter under advisement until today at
oclock S
The charge against Minnie Baker was
dismissed which action caused that
voun but erring female to indulge in
a Succession of giggles
Taking it altogether the testimony
jlicited did not appear to make very
strong case of battery Two fita336
positively swear that Nelson did strike
the complaining witnesses while v
leaat four swear that he did not do
Be that as it may however it shoff
up hid establishment in anything bt
tmniirable light and as for some of t
The Theatre
The LambJprdanPrice Company
have had a warm and even brilli0
reception at the Bush Street and continue
tinue tnj fpise the public greatly
their new American drama of adven
ture On the Rio Grande The genlle
mcn named are very capable in their
respective parts and generally spea
ing the drama neatly
well plaved San Francisco Call
l 1 M fc > S S
EASTERN Turkeys Ducks Geese and

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