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Real Estate Brokers
Office One Door South of Postoffice
125 tt
2500 4x10 rods with 5 room house city We have Lots from I
waterstreet 5x10 rods with cars within 2room half house blk and 100 1000 each in additions in the
summer trees etc kitchen on Second city South water 101 north east west and south part
1100 North 5x10 rods Bench small brick house 102 on of Salt Lake City which we offer
25000 85x165 on Third South Street near to suit buyers
25000Main IIrents for 80 per month 106 for sale on terms
8300 xC t rods 5room brick house on
Sixth East 107
2200 corner etc 5x10 near rods Liberty 4room Park brick barn fruit 112 LO S IN
45006x7j rods corner Third West and
house and fine
Third North large
15000 165x330 flow g feet well on First South Street 113 Lynch Glasmann
with 9room house city water gas
35005xiorods etc prospective corner Fourth business and I property nice I Subdivision
house trees etc 121
3000 31 x10 rods 4room adobe house on Third North and Sevi
Located on
Filth East opposite Exposition
Building 123 enth West Streets will be sold o
15400 44x165 feet on West Temple near
Second South prospective business the instalment plan This is a i
1550 5x10 rods on Third South with fine chance for the workingman
orchard nice view 42 We have a large list of BusIness
2100 10x9 rods near Liberty Park 31
6503x8 rods near Liberty Park 32 and Acreage Property
1800 5x10 corner Fifth and K Streets 36
and see us
1250 5x10 rods on Second Street beauti Come
ful view 21 Our Lithograph Map of Salt Lake
5000 One whole block on North Bench 11
1500 10x10 rods on North Bench fine view City sent free on application
of city and entire valley 4 bank
1600 10x10 on North Bench 5 We offer as
4500 hill 165x330 on East Bench on brow of 7 in the city
Salt Lake City Utah
Monsieur the Husband of
Emma Abbott
Poor Mr Wothorill Cawrence Bar
retts Throat Troaole Alfred
> Ayres on Protection
And so the great call has come to
Eugene Wetherill Ee was a man only
known in the world as the husband of
Emma Abbott and even that distinc
tion caused him to make but very little
noise We used frequently to wonder
While talking to him in the theatre box
officewhere he passed nearly all his
timejust what place this gentleman I
held in estimation of Miss Abbott
and her company It was very rarely
that he ventured behind the scenes
when he referred to his wife he always
spoke of her as Abbott and in a way
that was eminently far off and respect
ful He had none of the failings of the
average business manager who can see
no faults in his show I was glad
you pitched into Annandale for walk
ing through her part he said to the
writer after the recent performance ol
Martha here She takes your town
for a lot of suckers Make her ac
something besides draw her salary
He seemed to stand in a sort of awe of
the director Tomasi whom he
regarded as a sort of despot too
securely enthroned to be mur
mured against but he was known
to chuckle immensely to himself when
one of the newspapers gave Tomasi a
rub for some omission in his orchestra
He kept vigilant watch over the front of
the house and the professional dead
head was never known to work him
Report speaks variously of the wealth
he had gathered for his wife from a
long succession of prosperous seasons
but it is certain that he invested well
and that his widow need look to her
future with but little concern
Abbott cancelled her dates two
weeks in consequence of Mr Wetherills
death This is the brief chronicle the
Associated Press makes of Emmas tri
bute to the memory of her husband
Perhaps it is all he had ought to expect
The profession of the stage is one that
allows but little time for sorrow and
tears and if one has allowed himself to
unite with a devotee of the art he must I
look upon himself as holding a secon
dary placeit is the great public that
must first be consulted and an actress
must have no sorrows that will prevent
her rendering the great public its due
Wedded to her art is something more
than a phrase and so many a husband
besides poor Wetherill has found it
The discussion over Protection to
American actors still rages hotly in
the east Alfred Ayres the disting
uished ortheopist contributes his
views to the Mirror upon the all per
vading subject
NEW YORK December 281888
Editor New York Mirror
Dear SirI would not intimate that
I have any very well digested opinions
with regard to the movement making
tu ecure an amendment to the Labor
Co 1lct Law in the interest of the
Ammcan actor yet such as my
opinions or impressions are I willas
I have been asked to do go by two or
three members of the professionmake
known in the Mirror if you permit me
to do so
The only good that will come or
should come of the movement to any
one in my opinion will be simply the
good that comes of any movement that
makes men think
Were I an actor dependent on a sal
ary 1 should certainly favor the move
ment but were I a legislator 1 should I
just as certainly oppose it As a legis I
lator I should not legislate in the inter
est of a few but in the interest of the
many In this matter the legislator
should consider the playgoer as well
as the player
Even with the present influx of Eng
ish actors it is no easy task to cast a
play that demands more than fakir
merit properly to represent it
Instead of spending his time in the
vain endeavor to keep the English
player out by legal enactment let the
American player spend his time in the
laudable endeavor to make himself the
better player This is not only the
more practicable course to pursue in
order to compass the end aimed at it
is also the more dignified and manly
course Other things being equal the
American manager will employ the
American in preference to the English
actor every time
De plus the English actor as a rule
despite his pipe is more gentlemanly in
his dress and bearing of the stage
than the American actor which is an
important matter and one that greatly
and properly influences every em
ployer I
If England will drive from our stage
the fakirthe ignoramus who has not
learnedthat a little stage deportment a
little stage fearlessness and an ac
quaintaace with his part barely
sufficient to enable him to howl or to
chant through it is not all there is of
the actors art i or the lout that is too
lazy to acquire anything more than a
little stage deportment a little stage
fearlessness and a slight acquaintance
with the language given him speak
I say if England will drive the fakir
from our stage she will do u deal better
thing for us than would any thinkable
amendment to the Labor Contract Law
I would not be understood to inti
mate that in my opinion all the
English players that come to us are
actors Far from it But I would be
understood to intimate that in my
opinion we need all the actors Eng
land sends us and more too if we
would creditably represent any class of
drama save the knockdow nauddraa
out drama in which it matters little
how the language is spoken so that it
be noisily spoken and the aotion be
sufficiently violent Truly yours
The wires bring us word that the
swelling on Lawrence Barretts throat
has developed into an immense
tumor which will require an
operation to remove This probably
Barrett will have
means that Mr
1 to retire from the stage fora sea
sonwe hope only for a season When
he and Mr Booth were last performing
here the immense unnatural develop
ment of bio neck could be plainly per
ceived and in the eyes of many it was
so repulsive as to mar their enjoyment
of his acting Many others claimed
that the swelling was a natural defect
which Mr Barrett had always pos
sessed but the ominous news that he
had to retire for a season of rest con
futes this claim His thousands of ad
mirers everywhere throughout the
laud will wait with interest for the hour
of his health and his return to the
boards will be hailed with widespread
GILLETTE > is in Hartford at work on a
new play
DoRA WILEY is doing Maritana in
OLIVER DITSON the big music pub
lisher is dead
CABLETOHS intentions regarding Salt
Lake remain shrouded in doubt
Adams are bth traveling with Sothern
THE New York Herald brutally re
fers to Lawrence Burratt as Mr
Booths henchman
Mary Andersons brother wero wedded
in Boston last week
BELACO and De Mille authors of
The WH are at work on a mw play
which it will take a year to finish
THE libel suits planted by Lewis Mor
rison against Music and Drama were
dismissed last week for want of prose
W C CB satE who dropped out of
sight some time ago bobs up on the
northern circuit with Katie Putnam
and Harry Emery
THE Giddy Gusher says when Lang
try does Lady Macbeth and Potter
Cleopatra she is going to consult a
medium to see what the immortal
William thinks of it
BANDMANN refuses to down he will
now star in Tom Taylors Austerlitz
which was originally dramatized for
Bandmann about the time the cele
brated battle was fought
BOOTH never plays in Washington
and in his coming engagement in
Baltimore a ticket office will be opened
in the former city and special trains
will convey purchasers of tickets to the
performances t
THE San Francisco Music and Drama
has taken another big stride to the front
in its fifth or sixth enlargement We
notice by the way that Music and
Dramas Salt Lake correspondent is not
holding Hp his end of late
BOBCICAULT held an auction sale
the exclusive rights to perform his
plays in the United States last week
W A Brady the young California
rdatler traveled all the way from Texas
to bid on After Dark and got it lor
LYDIA THOMPSON found that touring I
on a name is not a very profitable
business in America and now Campa
nini has discovered the same interest
ing fact The big concert company
disbanded recently for lack of en
THE Carletoo Opera Company made
the quickest time on record running
between Denver and Portland Oregon
the entire distance of 1428 miles being
made in fifty hours and a run of 367
miles was made in seven hours includ
ing stops for water and fuel
JOHN A MACKAY who was to have
opened his starring tour in Lonard
Grovers A Noble Son at Orange N
Jlast Tuesday night did not appear
and no performance was given
terday it was learned that Mr Mackay
was ill at his home in Brooklyn being
totally prostrated It is likely that
the play will go on the road shortly
with E J Buckley as the star
BRONSON HOWARD has signed con
tracts with AI Haymau by which the
latter and Charles Froham will have
the rights of presenting his latest com
edy Shenandoah The piece will not
be seen under this management
ever until next season when it will be
given a production in ew York under
Mr Howards direction There are
twentytwo speaking parIs in the play
EDWIN BOOTH is said to have dis
bursed 200000 toward the establish
ment of the Players Club He furnished
all the money to give the club a perma
nent abiding place which when fin
ished will have cost 150000 besides
donating his entire collection of rare
pictures relics and books Joseph Jef
ferson has also contributed largely and
among the curious relics donated are I
to be found a pair of gloves once owned
by David Garnet who had traced their
original ownership to Shakespeare
WONDERFUL SUCCESS achieved by the
Peoples Equitable Coop t
WHEREAS and Scnool Taxes assessed
against and upon the property of Melissa
W Lester for the year A D 1888 amount
ing to Two and 40 ICO Dollars 240 remain
Therefore I Leonard G Hardy Collector
of Salt Lake County Utah Territory by
virtue of the authority vested in me by the
provisions of An Act of the Legislative As
sembly the Territory of Utah entitled
An Act to provide Revenue for the Terri
tory of Utah and the several C Unties
thereof approved February 22 18i8 and of
the amendments thereto have levied upon
the following named property towit
Four by six 4x6 rods of Lot Four 4
Block One Hundred and Fifty 150 Plat
A Salt Lake City Survey ana will sell
the same or so much thereof as may be
necessary to ply the Taxes and Costs at
Public Auction at the front door of the
County Court House Salt Lake City on the
8th day of February 1889 at 12 o lock M
Collector for Salt Lake Bounty
County Collectors Office No 5 County
Court House Salt Lake City January 10th
WHEREAS I and THE County TERRITORIAL Taxes assessed
against and upon the property of Charles
and J Herman for the year A D 1883
amounting to Two and 40100 Dollars 2iO
remain unpaid
Therefore I Leonard G Hardy Collector
for Salt Lake County Utah Territory by
virtue of the authority vested in me by the
provisions of An Act of the Legislative
Assembly of the Territory of Utah entitled
An Act to provide Revenue for the Terri
tory of Utah and the several Coun ies
thereof approved February 22 1878 and of
the amendments thereto have levied upon
the following named property towit Lot
Fifteen 15 Block Twentynine 29 as
platted in Five Acre Plat C1 Big Field
Survey and will sell the same or EO much
thereof as may be necessary to pay the
Taxes and Costs at Public Auction at the
front door of the County Court House Silt
Lake City on the 8th day of February 1889
at 12 oclock M
Collector for Salt Lake County
County Collectors Office No5 County
Court House Salt Lake City January 10j
For the Season
Lipman S COm aI
Goods Etc
We are Selling Out our
Stock way below Manufactil
Men FfoysChildrens
Elegant Mens and Youths satin
lined Suits reduced from X25 to 1450
Elegant Mens and Youths
lined Overcoats reduced from
Childrens Woolmixed Cheviot
4 to 15 years reduced from 2
Cell Early to secure
Y011r Barg
176 8 3177 dtAI T REE

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