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THE SUNDAY Ye tp r tor Evel HERALD Week rrHE = EXCLUSIVELY found i that Paper I
Two Southern Bloods Fight a
Duel And One i Killed
How Lawyer Brady Daughter Acted When
Struck by n TrainEdward flee
Linger In Jail
Pneciol t THE HIUALD Krarniner Dispatch
BiKMi > on j Ala May 25 George Wil
sn and James Roimtree young farmers
linng near Brownsville Madison count
toted tho same girL They quarreled at
church last Sunday but friends interfered
Let us settle it with pistols at ten paces
said Wilson and a duel was agreed upon
They met at sundown yesterday at a se
eluded spot in tho woods At the first fire
Rountreo was slightly wounded in the arm
and Wilson in the body but their honor
was not satisfied They fired again when
Wilson fell dead the bullett from Roun
trees pistol having passed through
neck and severed the spinal cord Roun
tree fed and has not been captured I is
supposed he has fled the country As soon
as the affair leaked out the police began t
search for Rountice and the seconds but
at last accounts they had not succeeded in
finding them No arrests have been made
The name of the girl has not been made
A Brave Yonn Lady
SL v cal to ThE HUIALD Examiner dispatch I
Puce tDELiiiiA Mari > Edward Brady i I
a lawyer of West Philadelphia has a
daughter who has no equal for pluck and
Jfcourage Miss Bray and H F Ward
started Thursday morning for a twenty I
fire mile drive to Chester Ward is a photo
grapher and went out to obtain some land
scapes Just after dark the stated for
home by way of the Paola and Lancaster
pie Before leaching Bewm station the
road turns abrupt to the right at a clump
of bushes Ward got out and went to the
horses head but the animals began to back
towards the embankment Ward ran to
te phaeton and tried to rescue Miss Bradv
but it was too late George W Johnson
and his brother William who live on
the other side of the embankment
came rushing down across the track bung
mg a lantern Suddenly from Philadel
phaa came the rumble of the express tram
One of the Johnsons seized the lantern and
sprang down the track just as the head
light gleamed around the curve He waived
the light franticallv and the engineer saw
there was trouble and put on the brakes
War called to Miss Brady and asked if she
U could move herself and she answered
jNo A neighbor who had joined the
par added more dispair by crying Mj
God the girl wi be Killed Then
the two men sprang one side and the tram
crashed into the horse and phaeton both
of which projected over the rail The tram
came t a stop just before the last cars
reached the debris The horse by this time
Wa frantic Ward sr aur forward ex
ting t set hoi beheaded before he could
rtttcli her He heard her voice saying she
was all right She was easily extricated
although her shoes had ben torn from her I
feet She was led to a jutting stone where
she sat down The tram remained in the
cut over an hour The conductpi en
deav ored t persuade Miss Brad to come
to town in a special tram fitted with a I
coach She said she was ail right and even
attempted a pleasantry or two and walked
to the drug store where her wounds were
dressed She has quite a severe scalp
bead wound and a large contusion on the fore
T anaccr Rice
Special t Tm HEU LD Examiner Dispatch
NEW i OKI May 23tp to the time of
c osmg the sheriff office last night all ef
forts to secure the release of Edward E
Rice the theatrical manager from Ludlow
Street jail had proved fruitless When
Rice was seen yesterday at the jai he said
that the reason he had not obeyed the sum
mons to appear in court was that it had cl
wavs been returnable in this city when his
business engagements had demanded his
attention in other place The reason he
did not satisfy the judgment was simply
because he was unable to comply with the
conditions for want of mean
Testing the Clark Armor
Special t THE HERALD Esainjier Dispatch
WASHINGTON May 25The bureau of
ordnance has made preparations for the
test of the Clark defensive armor which
will occur at the naval ordnance proving
ground Annapolis Maryland on Wednesday
day of next week This is the invention of
Chief Engineer K H Clark of the navy
and a native of Boston Mass and if suc
cessful the armor will be applied to all of
the new ships The new 10inch gun in
tended for the Miantonomah will be used in
the test I will be dismounted from the
carnage at the velocity battery and trans
r1 ferred to a platform which has been built
for the purpose of this test The target has
been set up and nvitedand the distance be
tween the gun and the target will be some
thing less than two hundred and fifty feet
Of course the muzzle velocity of the gun
will be considerably less than 000 feet and
special cartridges containing a proportion
ate amount of powder to the distance tray
cled will be used
BOBS Buckley and Mayor Grant
Spe al t the UPRALD Examiner Dispatch i
NK YORK May 23Although Chris
Bucklej cal on Major Grant lasted only
a few minutes and was simply for the pur
po of being introduced t our mayor the
TrIune editorially says this morning the
23th It is announced that Mr BucKle
the Democratic boss of San Francisco ac
companied by the versitile and accom
plished Pat Sheedy spent a quarter of an
hour with Mayor Grant on Thursday It is
r f to be hoped it will not pre t have been a
quarter of an hour for the city From all
that can be learned Chris said How do
you do1 and Mayor Grant said the same
and that was about all that was said
Al IIajman on Athletics
Special t TIE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
I NEW YORK May 23 AlHaj man believes
lieves that athletics are good for actors He
yesterday paid foo for a box at the Actors
athletic club benefit next Tuesday
Marriage ofWarI McAllister Niece
Special to THE II HIALD Examiner Dispatch
New Yors May ii At Grace church
Episcopal a notable wedding will take
place at non today Miss Theresa McAl
liter a niece of Ward McAllister w ill b
married t Colm M Ingersoll nephew of
Governor Inge rsoll of Connecticut The
ceremony will be performed bj Rev F
Merrian McAllister rector of Trinity
church Elizabeth K J and uncle of the
bride He will be assisted bj the Rev Dr
Huntington of Grace church
Ballarat Against St Carlo
ISpecial t THE HEBAIJJ Examiner Dispatch
f NEW YORK May 23Mat Allen Senator
Hearsts trainer approached a reporter at
Gravesend today saying I would b
Tjlad if you would contradict th story
prated in a racing diy that Senator
Hearst and myself arc anxious to match
Ballarat or any other two i ear old in our
string against Belmonts St Carlo There
is absolutely no ground for such a state
ment Hearst and Belmont are the best of
friends and I have the highest regard for
Jimmy Rowe both as a man and a trainer
Please say that there will be no match nor
ha there been any talk of one
The curing Sea Difficulty
Special t Tire Hsu AID Examiner Dtspa oh
WASUIVOTXN May 25The state de
partment evidently regards tho situation
in Behimg sea serous one A request was
sent to the navy department yesterday to
hare tke work astened on tho Iroquois at
tho Mare Island navy yard with a view to
sending her north as prompt as possible
The Iroquois will be ready on Monday with
a full complement of officers and men The
revenue cuter Rush Captain Sheppard I
will leave San Francisco today for Oun
alaska where the dispatch boat Thetis will
join her and after the arrival of the Iro
quois the flotilla will proceed north The
British vesselm Behnng sea isthe Sprite
a swell gunboat carrying modern ordnance
Our three vessels could easily blow her out
of the water The significant feature of
the situation is the solicitude of the state
department T he Iroquois would have been
ordered north eventual if therepresenta
tiCS of the tiesurj department prevailed
The officers of the revenue cutters
have represented that even if there were I
no foreIgn v VII vessels in Behnng sea the
cutters mi ht not always be ablb to cope
readily with the illicit dealers Some of
them are armed and would make a vigorous
resistance to seizure by a vessel carrying
heavier guns than I revenue cuter
The state department is evidently prepared
t enforce every American right in the sea
The mater was passed upon in 1829 when
Alaska belonged to Russia and England
and Russia came near going to war on the
subject j It was finally left to nitration
and Behnng sea was decided oa be i closed
sea exclusively under Russian control All
thoughts of Russia were transferred to
this country bj the purchase of Alaska
and it now becomes the duty of our state
denartment to enforce them The Sprite
has no right in Behnng sea to protect ille
gal sealing and it is fair to ask that Mr
Blame shall insist on her withdrawal the
moment she shows any such disposition
The Bishop InquestSome Very Interesting
and Startling Testimony
Special to THEHtnAijj Examiner Dispatch
NEW Yom Mar 2t The Bishop inquest
was resumed yesterday Bishops mother
testified that her son was born a mind
reader At the age of six his first fit oc
curred he remained apparently dead for
seen days but on recovery he exclaimed
Mamma dont bur me for Im not
dead At the age of nine the same thing
occurred He had been in trances
frequent during his life Once he had
been pronounced dead bj several phy
sicians and remained in a trance state
three days Dr Edward 11 Briggs believed
him to be alive In Europe the same thing
occurred after the < Jay disaster where
Bishop had over excited himself bj saving
the life of a lad He lay in a trance
for three weeks Eminent physicians
said he was dead The symptoms were
convulsive movements fingers blue eyes
closed though sometimes open the limbs
cold and stilt He had inherited this ten
dency from herself She had been in a
trance for hours He had travelednll over
the word aud always had a horror of the
surgeons knife and being buried while
alive He always forbade an autopsy
The witness had liequentlv seen the paper
hecarned addressed to surgeons forbidding
an autopsy She say it May 11 when he
placed it in his pocketbook besides an en
velope containing her address The paper
forbade the use of electricity while line
and ice or the use of the knife after seem
ing death The witness carried a similar
paper Years 150 the witness telegraphed
to California forbidding an autopsy when
she heard he was supposed to be dead
Ida Orme Tone testified that abe was
called from Detroit to the Burnett house
Cincinnati in June ihS7 to attend Bishop
who was ill after the performance in
which he went into I trance The phjsi
cians summoned pronounced him dead
The forehead va clammy and cold and
the jaws dropped apart Two hours after
there was a movement He finally re
covered She had spoken of the danger of
an autopsy but Bishop replied News
ImpelS may cut me up but the doctors
never I have taken precautions against
that She was positive the physicians
said he was dead She had never seen the
paper spoken of
Louis Aldrich the actor testified that he
saw Bishop just before and after his death
the face being of a leaden color He was
present when the clothing was searched
In a small pocket was a small bit of paper
on which something was written in Latin
Dr Irvine took it and said it had better be
destroyed Xo dont do that it maybe
important Irvine said he would not and
would keep i The paper was then products
duct by Irvine and identified bv the wit
ness i proved to be a physicians pro
scnpUon The witness declared positively
that he had never sad that he saw the
paper destroyed and had no knowledge of
one except the one identified This dis
posed of the sensational rumor already
Dr James Edwin Briggs of No ill
West Thirtythird street testified that in
1H 3 he was called to see Bishop Des
Leitch and Ford had already pronounced
him dead The witness found him in an in
sensible condition the eyes closed no
pulsation at the wrist and no respiration
He was perfect lifeless to appearance
From his previous knowledge the witness
insisted that he was alive and remained
with him for over twelve hours During
that time there were no signs of life but
every appearance of death At the end of
the twelve hours Bishop opened his eyes
andin a few moments sat up and had fully
recovered in fort minutes Dr Ford is
now dead Dr Loitchis in France The
witness had seen Bishop in a similar condi
tion in his own office and had seen Andrew
Jackson Davis who is still alive and two
others in a like trance and had been in one
himself in 1850
Mrs Mary Augusta Swett of Vermont
was the last witness for the day She had
known Bishop all her life having been in
troduced to h mother at tho Prince of
Wales ball She had seen him in France
fif teeen years ago He was suddenly pros
terated bj a it after breakfast Mme
Bishop administered brand The wit
ness thought the mother was wrong in as
sorting he was alive for she placed cam
phor to his nostrils with no effect The
phvsieians could do nothing and said
Bishop was dead The trance lasted from
915 a m until 9 4o pm Then she heard
the mother scream and ran into the room
and found Bishop moving He finally sat
up and asked How long have I been
The widow of Bishop has not yet been
present at the inquest
An International Salt Alliance
LONDON May Wellington Burt of
Michigan and Charles Burger of New
York representatives of the movement to
unify the American salt interests sailed
today The English salt union has entered
into alliance with them which assures
harmonious relations between the English
support and American required markets and the full financial
A British HanoMYar Aries
NEW YORK May 25Tho British man
of war Buzzard arrived this morning
The Buzzard is attached to the British
North ron American and West IncUansquad
What Was Found in the Cailson
Dan Csughhu of the Chicago ForceTlie Jlllk
mar Who Heard the Dying lEans Cries
Tho Blood Stains
CUICIGO May 25The only man who
heard Di Creams ingcries except his
murderers has been found He i William
Mertes a milkman who lives near the cot
tage where the assassination was commit
ted On the night of the murder he saw
two men drive up to the cottage in a buggy
One was dressed in a long brown overcoat
such as Cronin wore and got out the
other answering the description of the
man who came for Cronin in the buggy
and drove rapidly away Cronin i it was
he went up the cottage steps The door
was opened before he reached it As soon
as he got inside it was closed and the milk
man heard loud cries as i men were light I
lug He believed then was the time of
Cronins death
The revelations this morning throw
strong suspicion of comphutv in the mur
der of Cronin on Detective Dan Coughlm
of the city police force and show the gross
mcompetencj if nothing worse of Captain
Sch lack of the north side police under
whose orders Coughlm works To begin
with it is known in facthe admits it that
Coughlm and Cronm vvcic members of same
Irish political societies and were enemies
This lends significance to the following
facts On the morning of the day of the
murder Coughlm engaged from Livery
Stable Keeper Dinnan a horse and buggy
for a friend of his to be called for that
evening About the time when the man
who decoyed Cronin away would have
called had it been he this friend of
Coughlm called at the livery stable He
closely resembled the man who did drive
away with Cronin He was given a white
horse and drove toward Coughlm house
The horse was out two hours and came
back having been hard driven These facts
were reported to Captain Sehaack bj
Dianne Sehaack says he called Coughlm
to account Coughlm said the man
he hired the buggy for was a
friend of his friends in Michigan
that he sent Coughlm out to find this man
and that Coughlm reported that he had
found and questioned him and was sats
fled he had nothing to do with it faehaack
admits he did not require that man to be
brought before him butallowed Coughlm i
who was himself under suspicion to mike
the report without any check to move its
truth or falsity fochaack says he took the
horse to Croun house and his house I
keeper said it was not the one behind i
which Cronin drove away The house
keeper contradicts this acid Dianne says
Coughlm told him he couldu laid the man I
from Michigan Cou0hlm says he is now
in New Mexico
Superintendent of Police Hubbard said
this morning that the explanation which
Detective Coughlm gave in connection with I
his hiring a horse on the day which Dr
Crouin disappeared was substantially as
A few days before May 4 a man called at
the East Chicago avenue police station and
introduced himself as Thomas Smith of
Hancock Mich and a friend of Cough li
lies brother and said he kept a liven
stable In that town Smith claimed to be
on his way to New Mexico Detective
Coughlm showed Smith the points of interest
teieat about the city and Satuul ij May 4
Smith said he would like t take a buggy
ride that evening but was afraid the livery
stable keepers would not trust a stranger
with a horse Coughlm told him he would
fix the matter with the man Smith got
the white horse and rig and Coughlm did
not see the man again for a week or mol
When he met him he asked Smith why he
had not paid for the use of the ng Smith
gave Coughlm 85 and said he would give
him the other two later Coughlm met
him for the last time one day last week and
Smith said ha would start for New
Mexico the next day Dr Cronm
friends met this afternoon and completed
the arrangements for the uncial I is
thought that at least four thousand men
will march in the procession and that pi oh
adlj ten thousand people will go by tram
to the cemetery
I is denied that Dr Cronin clothes
were found in the Carlson cottage stated
yesterday Vn evening paper says the
letter which was turned over to the police
as coming from one of the mysterious ten
ants of the bloodstained cottage is consid
ered of great importance It is postmaiKcd
Hammond Ind and was received May20
enclosed it were found l J for another
months rent and the writer attempted to
explain away his hast exit and the paint
daubed on the parlor floor He said it was
painted to save his sister the trouble of
scrubbing the floor He neglected to say
anything about the footprints or the
This afternoon Mayor Crezier had a
two hours conference with the superin
tendent of police and the corporation coun
sel Ho said ernphaticallv that extraor
dinary efforts must be made to bring thO i
perpetrators of the crime to justice and
that the officers must be overzealous
rather than not active enough Where
there is a doubt as to whether severe ac
ton should be taken take adv antagc of the
doubt and act The mayor said he would
rather be in the wrong nineteen times in a
case of importance like this than give the
murderers a chance to escape
Detective Coughlm was brought before
the major this afternoon the super
intendent of police the corporation
counsel and two friends of Cronin
being present Coughlm was lowed to
tell his story and was then severely cross
examined It is understood that he became
flurried and nervous but said nothing that
could be used against him When the con
ference broke up none of its members
would talk Coughlm however was taken
away by a detective and placed under ar
rest More discrepancies have come t
light this evening It seems that the des
cnption of the lan who hired a horse now
given bv Liveryman Dmnan and the des
cription eL gave Captain Sehaack several
Jays ago are widely different ana the police
are looking into the matter
A free examinatian of the in tenor of the
cottage where the murder was committed
was allowed today bj the police Evi
dences of a terrible struggle are seen On
the south wall of the parlor are great
blotches of blood A portion of the leg of
a washstand and dressing case had ben
broken off The arm rest of a roclm
chair was broken and the e s scattaied
on the floor There is ever indication
that Dr Cronin was not killed cr even
rendered senseless by tho first blow he IB I
calved but that he probably made a desper
ate struggle for his life I
Events were brought t light this even
ing showing that arrangements for the
Crania tragedy apparently had been begun
as early as February 1 At that date a
person corresponding the description of
the man who subsequent rented Carl
sons cottage opened negotiations for
a room directly across the street
from Cronins office down town In
the Opera House block The room
sought for was the one which affords
the best possible MOW from that
direction into Cronins office windows In
order t get the room i was necessary to
rent the wholefloorthe agents of the build
ing refusing to deal for a single apartment
I and the whole floor was rented In the
room was placed furniture similar to that
in the cottage The furniture was moved
about March 2 just the date when the
furniture was brought to the cottage This
furniture it has become well know
was purchased of H Ravell S com
pany But until this evening It was not
learned that the bill of goods bought from
Revell included the identical trunk which
has since cut a figure in the case The
purchaser insisted on having an extra
heavy strap to go with tho trunk and
though an unusual thick strap was fur
nished ho afterward returned and got lu
place of the original strap one made to
orderr The man volunteered informa
tion that the heavy strap furnished first
would not be sufficient to hold what he
proposed to place in the trunk
A special to the Tint from Houghton
st P f
Michigan says fafIT Thomas Coughlm a
livery man of Hancock says a mm bj the
name of Thomas or James Smith a stranger
to him called at his ban and hired a ng
In conversation the man said ho was going
t Chicago and did not know the city
Couglm told him of his brother on the police
force in that city and said Smith could get
pointers as to the city from i
The Copper Agreement
Special to TIE HERAUD Examiner Dispatch
New Yom May 25The tongues of
the copper men were somewhat loosened
yesterday by the news from Paris about
international agreement Therein a differ
once of opinion asto the effect of the agree
ment on the copper market Agents Horn
several mines report largely increased
orders A copper dealer said The for
mer agreement did not inspire confidence
that the price would be maintained The
payment refund of four and half cents
a pound was interpreted a a sign of weak
ness Consumers are now clamoring for
eleven cent copper I this story of the
agreement with the Frenchmen is true it
is thought they will get badly I left
Tohn Stanton treasurer of Allouez and
Central companies said Details of the
aringement cannot be given out until
everybody the other side is included
I the nature of the negotiations had been
known while they were in ogress we
never could have carrie them thaough I
they were known now it might do us irre
parable injury
Iiisi ectoi Pickler Does not Give the City Of
ficials I Good Character
WvbiiiNGiON May 21 Inspector Pick
her of the interior department now in
Guthrie Oklahoma has sent his report to
Secretary Noble under date of May 18 on
the situation in that city Tn the course of
this report Inspector Pickler says The
city council of Guthrie was very irregularly
chosen to begin with and as the peo
ple understood for the purpose merelv of
putting the machinery of the city in mo
tion At the time the council were chosen
grave responsibilities were forced upon
them and general they have assumed and
settled them in a creditable manner They
have preserved order surveyed the tow n
and practically cleared the streets In these
matters they are commended hyjlll They
have however assume other powers
and undertaken to act in various matters
for which they are very generally and cm
phiticallj condemned They have ap
pointed an attorney at a salary of 400 and
an adviser of the counul on rbitiation at
a salary in excess of this a b ar3of five
arbitrators on settling the right of posses
sion to lots some being meafbers of the
council at S10 per day charging each con
testant 510 before the case could be hen
and leturmng only the 010 to the party suc
ceeding and keeping the emamdei4 They
have granted or pretended grant
a franchise for ten years to a com
pain to supply the city with fratei build
a bridge across a stream grade the streets
and in like manner have taken man such
steps against which the citizens loudly pro
test and further they are now collecting
large taxes an occupation tax of t5 per
month a survey tax recorders tax on lots
etc They have enacted harsh ordinances
for the violation of which severe pemlties
are imposed
They are recklcsslj spending money in
laying officials and arc surveying towns on
lines other than those recommended at the
peoples meeting in order to hive their
own lots Further it is asserted that the
members of the council arc amon those
who came in on Sunday before the 21d
and seized all of the best lots md that the
city government ht in all matters pro
teeted the interests of these men
This charge has been nude more
emphatic from the fact that thecouncil has
instructed its board of arbitration that in
consideiing who is entitled to a lot the
coasideing enttel
boar shall not take into consideration the
time of settling as before 01 sifter 4 ocloc1
but that priority of sett eat iiu on Mon
day the 22d 1 b JiesS of the hour en
titles the part to the lot This the people
consider is in direct conflict with the Presi
dents proclamation A petitio was circulated
culated yesterday asking the council to
call an election to divide the city into
wards aid to make i legisteij of
voters and asking that the election
be held Monday the 27th of May
Everybody practically signed the pe
tltiou Independently of this petition
the citizens held a larg mass meeting
last evening They were very much in
earnest and very determined After
speeches bv different persons they passed
a resolution ousting the mayor md city
council and appointed a committee to so
notify them and also passed a resolution
appointing a committee of seven to call a
city election Ignoring the present major
and council
The inspector states that there were
loud calls for his views that he took the
stand and told them that in his judgment it
was a mistake to not pctltlqu the major
and council to call an election and it
would most likely result in two conflicting
city governments and that they were en
titled to a sworn statement of the present
council as to ill the moneys collected 01
paid out that the incoming administration
should limit the fees that a officers and
boards should be economical and that they
shoald be very careful in regard to grant
ing to individuals the aluable franchises
of the city without due consideration and
that after a heated discussion a motion was
made to reconsider and was carried and a
committee appointed to present petitions to
the mayor requesting him to call a new
election The meeting then adjourned in
goo humor
Cincinnati S oon Closing
CINCINNATI May 2 The police force
and saloon keepers are somewhat uncertain
about tomorrow Thepolico commission
ers have made an order adding to the list
of offenses for which thepolice are author
ized to make arrests that of keeping saloons
open on Sunday giving baseball or the
atrical performances common labor on
Sunday But tho police are under tho
direct control of the mayor and his last or
der on the subject of Sunday saloons was
that policemen should arrest only when re
quested to do so bj n reputable t citizen The
db3e t
mayor has issued no order and says e will
not do so but intimates that an order to
close all saloons on Sundays after June 1
w ill be issued next week
The Brnle Sioux
CHAMBERLAIN Dak slay 23The
Indians of tho lower Brnle and Crow Creek
agencies wore considerably pleased to learn
that the Sioux commissioners were soon
coming and that their agencies would be
visited first They will commence work at
the lower Brule and undoubtedly it is a
good move on the part of the commission as
all tho Indians at the Crow and lower
Brule will sign with very little urging and
I thoir doing so will have a good effect on
1 those at the other agencies who are op
i posed to anything the whites propose
The Burners About a Commission
Positively Denied
In a Mt of Delirium Tremens a Sailor Jumps
Overboard and Is Chased By i Shark
He Barely Escapes
Snecial t THE HEJIALD Examiner Dispatch
WASIIINPTOV May 25The report that
Secretary Blame had determined appoint
a commission to go t Hayti and interfere
between the fictions which now dispute
each others right to govern tho island i
denied a positively a tho officials con
corned could be expected to deny It That
the Boston and Ossippee are both going to
Hati is true but there is nothing remark
able about that The Ossippee which is
now nt Norfolk will return t Hajti a it
has been understood she would ever since
she came north The Boston now at the
Brooklyn navy yard has been ordered to
proceed to Ha > ti to reliev the Galena in
accordance with the rules of practice of the
navy department
Secretary Trace told a WorM corres
pondent last night that no passage had been
secured on either the Boston or Ossippeo for
any commissioner or agent of the state de
putment and the orders under which
these vessels will sail are entirely indepen
dent of the state department What
Blames intention with regard to Hajti
may be nobody knows but himself None
of his brother cabinet officers know of any
intention on his part to send commissioners
down there Not a word on the subject
had been said to any cabinet meeting that
such a move was contemplated it would
certainly be disctased in the cabinet
Such commissioners could not be appointed I
by the secretary of state The President I
alone has power to appoint commissioners
for such purposes At the White House I
state department and navy department the
report is flatly denied and there is no
reason to doubt the good faith of such
oThere is nothing for such a commission
to do I could not arbitrate without the
consent of the principals The President
of the United States certainty would not
interfere in the affairs of Hat without
being invited bj the parties concerned and
no such invitation has been received Even
in case of an invitation the President
alone would have power to act A com
mission such as is mentioned could do
nothing but make observations and report
to this government There is no particular
dearth of knowledge about the affairs of
Hat nor any great thirst at the state de
pai tmeut inoreknowledge The state de
partment has its minister at Port au Prince
and its consuls at Cape Hatieu One is
in communication withH ppolte the other
with Le0itime While under the law of
nations and the practice of our own gov
ernment oui regular minister and consuls
are not permitted to recognize any one at
the head of tho government of Haj ti It is
difficult to see how 1 set offresh comin s
sioners could step in anaput an end to the
revolutionary struggle in favor of either
one part or the other Possibly Blame
would like to have his own minister at Port
au Prince instead of Minister Thompson
who was appointed bj Cleveland in May
ISbo and it is to be expected that a new
minister will be appointed soon but a
change of ministers cannot change the atti
tude of this government toward the bel
ligerents Certainly the orders given to
the Boston and theOssippeo do not meats the
invasion of Hiv ti by the state department
There no reason to believe that either
Harrison or Blame contemplates any inter
ference with 01 without invitation bj a
special commission or otherwise
In view of the fact that there is at present
no Hajtien government in existence to
which to accredit a HOW minister Blame
may think it better to postpone the ap
pointment of a regular minister and to send
to Hat instead a man who will not bear
the title of minister and who will keep the
state department informed of happenings
in Hav t Such an agent might go by the
Boston Ossippee or any other vessel
Alexander Carter Morse has been men
tioned in the press report as one of the
commissioners whom Blame has chosen for
this Hajtien expedition Morse whose
office is next door to the department of
justice was recent the referee in a case
between Haj ti and a citizen of the United
States who had been unjust imprisoned
in the island of Hayti Morse gave judg
m fn hn A n u
well known f i with Haj tien affairs
seams however t be the only foundation
for the report that Blaine has any mien
ton of sending him to Hat
I can say to v ou very frankly I very pos
itvel said he to the World correspon
dent last night I have not even been
spoken to bj Blame or any one else on the
subject I cnotheen requested to act as
commissioner to Haj ti and I have no ex
pectatiou of being asked
Congressman Hitt of Illinois whose
name was also mentioned as having been
invited to be a minister at this alleged com
mission extraordinary but who had de
dined the honor said last night that the
first intimation he had receeived of the
affair was through the published report
I is perhaps of interest to know that
Legitimes gov ernment has been recognized
bv the following governments England
Trance ItaV Portugal Germany Sweden
Russia Spain Belgium and the Nether
lands SanDomingo Costa Rica and Yen
zuela tIn far as alleged offers of territorial
cessionn bj Haj tt to France or Germany
arc concerned the first article of the Hay
tien constitution says Hajtien territory
and the adjacent islands depending thereon I
cannot be alienated bj treat or conven
The same provision exists in the constitu
tion of San Domingo Hat and San
Domingo are bound bv treaty with each
other not to alienate a part of the territory j of
either without the consent of the other It
is rumored here that the Sam ana Bay com
pany of General Grant time has an un
plied understanding With San Domingo
that the old lease can be renewed and made
available for the benefit of the United
NEW Yom May 23The Herald still
claims that a commission Is to be sent to
Saved from I Shark
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEW YORK May 2John Kelly a
Brooklyn fireman on the steamship George
W Clyde which arrived from Cape Haj ti
and Ian Domingo ports Thursday evening
had a thrilling adventure at sea about
three hundred miles north of Turks island
while the ship was outward bound some
weeks ago When the arrangements were
made for the steamer to sail from Brooklyn
Kelly was about three sheets in the wind
in seafaring parlance and before the Clyde
had gone many knots Captain Kelly
realized the importance of placing a guard
over tho fireman The engineer was in
structed to keep his eyes on him which he
did until the vessel neared Turks island
when a heavy squall came up For a
moment the engineer gave a his attention
to his duties and Kelly seized the opportu
nity to go up on deck In a moment a
splash was heard and Kelly was seen strug
gling in the water A seaman named Hill
at once threw Kelly one of the deck chairs
which struck the fireman who clung to it
He was urged t hold on to it until a life
boat could be put in readiness t rescue
him Hill jumped into a boat Before he
had pulled many strokes a shark was seen
bobbing up and down in the water grade
ally closing in on tho drowning man Although
though supposed to be suffering from
delirium tremens Kelly seemed to realize
the critical position ho was in When the
shark was within two feet of him he threw
the chair at the monster which for a mo
ment made him change his course In a
twinkling the fish was again after Kellj
but a blow from an oar in the hands of
Hill stunned him In the interval Kelly
was pulled aboard tho lifeboat terribly ex
haustod and half drowned In a few mo
ments both men were safely aboard the
steamer Kelly was rubbed and rolled on
a barrel until ho revived Then he was
given a good dink of brandy and placed in
a birth
Edward Burgess on the Valkyrie
Special to THE HEHAID Examiner Dispatch
BOSTOX May 25The victories of the
Valkjrie in the races off Gravesend inter
est yachting men in this vicinity Com
ments on the result were varied but that
there was a no very bad caso of scare was
apparent The general opinion seems to be
that the Valkyrie is just the boat that when
put to the test she will have to undergo
when she comes over here there will bo
nothing to fear by the present holders of
the cup I was admitted bj yachting en
thusiasts that she is a weather craft on the
face ol this mornings report but that this
was no criterion of her a around qualities
They prefer t wait and see how she acts
jn a stiff breeze before sotting up as
Designer Edward Burgess who has just
returned from New York was asked for
his opinion of yesterdays race From
what has so far appeared said he there
is no doubt the Valkyrie is a fast boat
just how speedy she is is impossible to
determine from yesterdays race I looks
a though she was a good light weather
boat but even that cannot be told jet
General Paine also has a good opinion of
the Valkv rie While quite confident that
the American yacht can beat her he is not
disposed to discount the Valkjries
powers The fact that this English
cutters topsail was a humble home
thus insuring her more power i regarded
as a sign that Englishmen have learned a
thing or two about vrht building from
Uncle Sam Lvervbodj here considers the
Valkyrie longer much superior to the last chal
The Terrible Experience of the untie when
far away from Port
Special to THE HEitAij > Eiaminer dispatch
NEW YORE May 23The United States
steamer t antic Commander J C Rock
well arrived at quarantine last evening
She was minus her foremast the main and
mizzen and topmasts had been cerried
away and the bowsprit was snapped in
two in the middle She was leaking slightly
and some of the crew were laid up with
slight injures
The Yantic had a lively set to with a
hurricane about three hundred and fifty
miles out at sea The cyclone had gotten
decidedly the best of the contest and there
was a time during the storm when it looked
as if the Yantic and all hands were bound
for Dan Jones locker
The antic appeared in public on the
occasion of the naval parade in the cole
bratioi of the Washington centennial Two
weeks ago she was ordered on special duty
that of destroying wrecks at sea She sailed
away from this port with 140 soul on
board In addition to her regular boats sho
earned a large steam launch which was to
be used as a vorkmg boat about the leks
Tuesday last she was about 330
miles out at sea in latitude 38 degrees
longitude 63 The morning had been per
fect but short after that time the glass
began to act in a remarkable manner
heavy clouds gathered and there was
every indication of a severe storm Every
thing on board was made read for the
enemy A little anxiety was felt I was
not until T 39 that the storm broke and
then it came with the fur of a hurricane
The gale was from the south and lasted
for three long hours The Yantic was
thrown on her beam ends and lay in that
condition for full an hour The steam
launch which had filled with water helped
to hold the vessel down She was cutaway
11 order to right the ship The scheme
proved unsuccessful and as the gale was
becoming more furious ever minute the
captain ordered the foremast cut away I
was soon accomplished In the meantime
three small boats in addition to the steam
launch had been carried away The main
and mizzen topmasts were the next to go
and then the jibboom snapped I was a
slight one The pumps were kept orkmg
Immediately after the hurricane had sub
sided the Yantic started for home as best
she could do under the circumstances
Sullivan Enidoon and Clenrj
Sp cial to THE IEHALD Examiner Dispatch j
BJLI VST > i Y May 23John L Sullivan
van William Muldoon and Mike Cleary
left yesterday on an exhibition tour They
will show in Detroit Chicago Cincinnati
Philadelphia and New York m the order
named On June 1 they will return to
Belfast where Sullivan will complete his
training preparations forhis coming contest
To Sell Beer by height I
SpecIal to THE HER vu > Lxaminer Dispatch i
NEW YORK May 25The saloon kepers
of Astoria Long Island will today com
mence to sell lager beer by weight except
when sold in glasses over the bar They
say this becomes necessary owing to the
great competition They have formed a
strong organization and propose to stick to
the new sj Z at all hazards
Among the passengers of the steamship
City of Rome who landedat Castle Garden
was Eugene Sullivan He said he was one
of the great Sullivan f amij of which John
L the pugilist is a descendent Eugene
spoke of John L as his cousin He crned
with him two big block tern sticks which
he will present to the fighter as a testimo
nial of his esteem Eugene Is an evicted
tenant of Tralee Ireland After visiting
John L Eugene will see t Maine where
he ha two sisters living
Boston 3 Clarksoa Ganzel Indianapolis
3 Boyle Myers
Jio game on account of rain
No game on account of ram
Philadelphia 3 Buffinton Clements
Cleveland 4 OBnen Zimmer
Washington 1 Healey Bright Pittsburg
3 Beans Field
Columbus 3 Gastright Brown Brooklyn
6 Terry Visner
New York 8 Knf Ewing Chicago 9
Krock Flint
ATST tonis
St Louis 10 Chamberlain Boyle Kansas
City 7 Sullivan Donahue
A Coach Held Up
SHAVTANEE Wis May 23Last night
the Landale stage was held up bj a robber
near this place With cocked revolvers ho
hold at bay half a dozen passengers and
compelled the driver to throw off the mail
and drive on The amount secured is un
The Cry that tlmJJochum Miners
Have Taken Up
The Commissioners to the Berlin Conference
arc Orcrw helmed With Invitations Hum
bert Visit to Strassbnrg Abandoned
BEKLIN May 23 Copj righted by the
New YorkAssociatedPress Sir Edward
Malet Mr Kasson and Herr Holstein as a
committee on revision completed today a
draft of the protocle concerning the
Samoan question It contains clauses re
hating to the munnpal government of
Apia the coaling ports hold bj the powers
the land commission and the autonomy of
the Samoan government the text of which
has already been cabled to Washington and
approved bj Blame The remaining clauses
defining the tariff of the Samoa constitu
tion of the native government and the lim
itation of the German claims for indemnity
from the natives have been formed in con
sonance with instructions from Blame
who is in daily cable communication with
the commission Nothing therefore ought
in the opinion of the delegates to prevent
the winding up of the conference Tuesday
when the business is expected to bo limited
to the exchange of the signatures to the
The success of the commission and the a
rapidity with which the business was got
through with was partially due to the con
ciliatory attitude of herbert Bismarck and
the impartial pollcj displayed by Sir Ed
ward Maid and largely to the American
commissioners having definite instructions
covering every point The constant hard
work of the subcommittees marvelously
expedited matters the plenary sitting of
he councils having little to do further
than to make reports
Throughout no embarrassing develop
ments have retarded the progress of the
deliberations When the conference began
it was announced that the foreign office
was confident the session would terminate
the first week in June The discussions
have taken the course forecast bj the Ger
man official world
Following the example of its chiefs the
official world treats the American commis
sioners with high favor If they responded
to all their invitations they would find
their hardest work in recreation Count
Herbert Bismarck gave conspicuous em
phasis to his friendly footing with each of
the commissioners bj his greeting at d
Tempelhoefer Paran when he left
the parade to converse with each
commissioner riding between the carriages
of Kas on and Bates and Phelps and ex
changing cordial words with them
King Humbeits projected visit to Strass
burg was countermanded after the em
bassy received telegrams from Paris re
porting the disturbance m the public mind
The arrangements it Strassburg included a
review of the garrison and a night attack
on the citadel After Signor Cnspi had
referred the matter to Bismarck it was
announced that King Humbert would not
visit Strassburg but would keep on the
Baden side of the Rhine on his homeward
The revision of the treaty agreed upon
during the Kings v isit has not v et received
the adhesion of Austria Associated with
the treatj is i military convention fixing a
definite plan for the mobilization of the
Italian army in the event of war
Signor Cnspi wanted to enter on the
question of the Papacy but Prince Bis
nnrck obtained from Signor Cnspi pledge
for a moderate international policy
toward the Vatican and has asked tho
Austrian prime minister to join m a
united pressure on the Pope to a
maKe peace with the Quirmal It is under
stood that Emperor Francis Joseph reluct
sully allowed Count Kalnok to intervene
m the matter and that the Pope on reedy
mg private assurances of the Austrian
Emperors sympathy promptly rejected the
overtures The result is a distinct breach
m the continuity of the alliance The treaty
will probably remain unsigned until Em
peror Francis Joseph and Count Kahieky
pay their expected visit here
D The Italian generals S Rolunda and Si
mae remain in Berlin to settle the detaiU
of the military convention with the war
office Adverse rumors go to the length of
asserting that the difference with Austria
isleadm0 to a rupture of the tnple alh
ance Emperor Francis Joseph inclIning to
regulate the Balkan question in conjunc
tion with Russia Official circles abso
h telv deny that a rupture is within the
range of probabilities King Humbert m
a letter thinks the people oi Berlin for the
splendid reception aecq iled him and seno
ii gut of 30000 marks for charitable oh
The situation at the Vestphalia collieries
continues critical According to Rhenish
papers a proclamation of martial law is
imminent Hitherto the miners have held
aloof from the Socialists and have resented
then approaches Is ow there are symptoms
of impatience under the passive resistance
of the masters Herr Weber president of
the Bochum strike committee was arrested
after making a speech last night in which
occurred the phrase Var against
capital victory or death is proclaimed
The miners m several pits in Bochum
Gelmkirchen and Aschen will go on strike
again having failed to get the assent of the
owners at Dortmund to the concessions
The other strmes grow nix inousaau
masons m Berlin who resumed work under
the belief that their employers would grant
their demands will strike again on Mon
day Nineteen thousand men employed in
the building trades are now out of work
The aged workmens insurance bill passed
the reichstag yesterday bj only 20 ma
jority Prince Bismarck wanted TO
At 9 oclock this evening the Emperor
and King Humbert witnessed a grand
military tattoo by nearly one thousand per
formers in front of the castle I > lust
Rarten was illuminated with Bengal
lights The display was Aitnessed by
enthusiastic crowds The people gave
the King an ovation The departure of
King Humbert has been postponed till to
morrow The members of the reichsta
gave a banquet at the Kaiserhof this even
mg m honor of Premier Cnspi In the
toasts loyal references were made to the
alliance between Italy and Germany
Cnspi declared that Italy though prepared
for war only desired peace
Arresting the Bobbers of Major Wham
TUCSON Anz May 25 William Webb
Edward Fallett and Walter Fallett were
arrested yesterday the deputy marshal
and deputy sheriff of Graham county on
the charge of assisting m the robbery of
Paymaster Wham They were taken to
Fort Thomas and put in the guard house
Seabird alias Bud Henderson who is
supposed to be the leader of the robbers
was arrested at Globe Arizona last night
bj Lieutenant Dade and a troop of cavalry
assisted bj Indian scouts Another named
Yawers is also implicated and will peeks
blj soon be arrested Henderson was seat
to Fort Thomas
Two Masked Men
DALLA Tex May 25As the east
bound passenger train on the Texas Pa
cific railway reached the outskirts of the
city last night two masked men withdrawn
revolvers entered the express car beat the
messenger robbed the safe of 15000 and

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