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SCNDAY Hay 20 18S9
THE DAILY HERALD Is published every morn
ing Mondays excepted at THE HERALD Block
corner West Temple and First South streets
Subscription price in advance 1000 per an
num post paid
THE SEMIWEEKLY HERALD Is published every
Wednesday and Saturday morning Price in
advance wOO per year six months 8173 post
paid I
THE SUNDAY HERALD Is published every Sunday
morning Price in advance 250 per annum
post paid
SUBSdUBEns will confer a favor by forwarding I
information to this office when their papers are
not promptly received This will aid us to de
termine where the fault lies
AIL communications should be addressed to
Salt Lake City Utah
Entered at the Postofflce at Salt Lake City
Utah for transmittance through the mails as
second class natter I
Ten days ago the commissioners found
among the immigrants landed at Castle
Garden seven exconvicts tho passage
money for whom had been paid by the Lon
don Prisoners Aid society The character
ef the men would not have been discovered
tad the fellows not come under special
labor contracts Every week criminals
land without detention the port authori
ties being without the legal power to make
the search and inquiry into antecedents as
thorough as it should be We let in the
criminals and paupers from Europe by the
thousand permitting old world govern
ments to make of this country a sort of
Botany Bay Our jails and poor
houses are filled with these offen
sive foreigners for whose support we
tax ourselves heavily But the bars
are kept up and the gates securely locked
against the meek and humble Chinaman
whose chief crime is his eternal industry
Only now and then do we hear of a China
mans violation of the law and when
docs occur the guilty chap is usually some
fellow crazed by drink It is also a fact
that nine out of ten offenses by the Chinese
are against members of their own race
We dont advocate the admission of the
Mongolians who deprive white people of
opportunities to earn money but for tho
sake of consistency and for the good of the
country the exclusion should run against
the worst classes of immigrants first Be
fore we keep out the comparatively inoflen
Live Chinese we should close the door
against the criminal and pauper classes
of Europe who are real evils It is theduty of
Congress to enact laws which will enable
Americans to give themselves reasonable
protection against the men whom the
societies and relief boards are so eager to
get rid of that they will cheerfully pay
the steamer fare across the ocean There
should be a law which would permit the
collectors or immigration commissioners to
satisfy themselves that the incomers will
not be undesirable as residents or citizens
If the statutes were to require immigrants
to fetch with them verified certificates as to i
their characters and that they will not be
come a charge upon the public it would
not be asking too much i
But we need to look to Congress for n < J
material charfge from the present loose
system so long as our naturalization laws
are so liberal and the rabble can be so
easily manipulated at the polls It would
be a courageous Congressman who would
propose ameasure which might offend even
the crSminalsamonj the foreignborn voters
and we havent many courageous Congress
men in these days
WHATEVER MO be the outcome of the
first state election in Montana there can be
no do u as to the result in Washington I
XljSAriWivflns earned the territory last
fall and have HOW elected fortyfour the
seventyfive delegates to the constitutional
convention If the Democrats in Congress
had been more considerate of Washington
I four year ago and two years ago when the
territory was pleading to get into the
union the new state would havo been
Democratic at its first election The party
however was neither just nor considerate
It wouldnt listen to the righteous appeal
for statehood and the result will be two
Republican Senators and OHO Republican
Representative will sit in the present Con
gress from Washington
Ithas been said on many occasions since
the national election last year that General
HAHEISOX was not a friend to Utah It
has been the boast of some of the pro
nounced enemies to this territory that the
President was a man whose sentiments
were in perfect accord with theirs It was
hoped that these allegations and insinua
tions were false that the time had gone by
when narrowmindedness and bigotry could
assert thmselves in high places and fanati
olsm exercise a controlling influence in the
nation It seems however that those who
told of HARRISON were familiar with his
character that they knew him to be
narrow prejudiced and fanatical and dis
posed to do little am1 mean things and also
that he hated Utah
If the President is acquainted with cur
vent history he knows that for the past
year there has been more peace in
this territory than during the previous
dozen years he knows there has ben a
coming together of the theretofor incon
gruous elements that comparative har
mony has prevailed in the community and
that as a natural consequence there has
been wonderful material progress as well
as an almost complete revolution in public
sentiment The President must also know
if he has read the newspapers or glanced
over the reports on file in the department
of justice that during the year the laws
have been enforced as never before If he
had desired to know why this was the case
he could have readily learned that it was
because there was not tho open warfare
between the community and the courts
which had existed so long encour
aged and stimulated by officers who
hated peace and loved strife and con
tention The people had come to regard
the courts as institutions of justice rather
than as organizations for persecution and
oppression and the result was the quiet
and matterofcourse obedience to the
authority of the law accompanied by re
spect for those charged with the interpre
tation and execution of the statutes
These things could not have escaped
HAKKISUX unless the man has persistently
closed his eyes and ears to facts which arc
known throughout the length and breadth
of the republic They did not escape him
lie is well acquainted with the truth as
are those by whom he is surrounded And
yet the President no sooner gets into power
than he deliberately and maliciously
schemes to reverse the wheels of progress
in this fair land anl undo all the rood
that has been done He found upon
the bench a wise humane and
conservative judge whose fair and upright
course must b3 largely credited with the
improved condition of affairs existing to
day over that of a year and more ago The
President found the chief justice interpret
ing the law in a firm yet kind and humane
spirit in a manner to make the court and
its authority respected without creating
the impression that this great government
of the United States was the vindictive
enemy of this handful of people in Utah
I sworn to employ its mighty power in
crushing out and destroying the insignifi
I cant community This seems to have been
too much for the prejudiced soul of the
President and without warning or consid
eration he strikes down the man who had
done so much for the welfare of Utah and
whose every wish was that he could
induce the respect for the law which
I all good judges like to see The removal of
Chief Justice SANDman was a thing to be
complained of for the results following his
service on the bench prove him to have
been the right man in the right place But
the office being regarded as one of the pol
itical spoils Judge SANDFOUDS displace
ment was to be expected and would have
excited little comment had there been no
apparent malice in it That there was
malice it is proven by the fact that at
the beginning of his administration HAR
RISON caused it to be announced that no
judge would be disturbed before the ex
piration of his four years term except for
cause There was no cause in this instance
no charge having been preferred againstthe
chief justice Malice is further shown
in the selection of the successor Instead
of placing the removal on partisan grounds
and appointing one of his strikers to the
office the President goes back to the period
when there was most trouble in Utah and
digs up the man who brought more harm to
this territory than any other person W HAIl
RISOX finds the man whose term on the
bench was a continuous period of com
munity strife and turmoil who terrorized
the public like a veritable tyrant whoever
sat like a grim monster heartless cruel
and unfeeling dealing out tortures and
groaning because the law restricted
him in the exercise of that vindic
tive hate which is characteristic of
his nature who alarmed capital and para
lyzed local industries setting tho territory
back years in the march of material pro
gress and development This is the man
discovered by HARRISON and whom the
President returned to the place which he
held four long years tocthc awful distress
and mighty injury of the struggling com
We say the Presidents action in this
matter proves the truth of what has been
said regarding him that he is narrow pre
judiced and fanatical hating Utah and her
people with the unreason and intensity
characteristic of the bigot He is displeased
with the peace prosperity and progress
which he finds in the longafflicted de
pendency and checking and destroying
these things would establish the terrible
order of things which existed while ZINE
was chief justice
IF TilE good people of Utah do not want
IRELAND for marshal they should promptly
inform President HARRISON that they are
eager for the appointment of the expeddler
of nursery lamps
THERE IRE men who would not accept a
judgeship in a place where ninetenths of i
the people were opposed to him and two
thirds of the lawyers who must practice in
his court openly signed a protest against i
his appointment It is needless to say that
those who Jwould decline under such cir II
l cumstances are not named ZANE
The bona fide residents of this county
should understand that there is a scheme
on foot in the Liberal camp to carry the
August eledtion Registration has been
proceeding nominally for some time and I
the registrars or their deputies are lip
posed to have visited every house as the
law requires for the purpose of rectifying
the lists It will not be even pretended
that this part of the law has been complied
with for there are too many dwellings in
this city whose thresholds have not been
crossed by a registration officer When the
ists are completed however it will be
found that no Liberal voter has been over
looked If the members of the Peoples
arty expect or want to vote next August
hey will not trust to the registrars to
hunt them up but will run down the regis
trars and see to it that their names are
properly listed Next week will be the
last for registration Names not on the
ist week from next Saturday cannot be
placed there for this election Gentlemen
of the Peoples party you should bear in
mind that there will bo more names of
liberals on the lists than ever before and
that the purpose of the Liberals is to carry
election these facts being impressed
on you you should next be convinced that
nobody is going to put himself out of the
way to register you The effort must be
aU on your part It will cost you but a few
minutes to acquire the right to vote but
you must take the minutes as nobody else
can do the work for you
TUE ST Louis GlobeDemocrat says The
Mormon leaders are again buying up land
in Mexico and are reported to be really
arranging to sell their valuable property in
Utah and move in a body to form a new
home in a country where laws against
polygamy are less rigidly enforced than in
the United States It would pay the so
called Gentiles of Utah to deal very liber
ally with them if opportunity arises and
thus insure the early admission of their
territory as a state It would annoy some
newspapers to have its falsehoods exposed
but the G D is so much given to lying
whenever it mentions the people of Utah
that it wont worry it in the least to be told
that the above paragraph is false in all of
its allegations There has never been the
slightest intentionof a hegira to Mexico
and instead of selling their valuable posses
sions in Utah if the editor above quoted
will ask any of the real estate dealcrshcre
a1 > outs he will learn that the Mormons arc
very eager purchasers of valuable lands
ANUREW Cuxcaic the Pennsylvania
millionaire iron manufacturer who made
all his wealth by the aid of the high tariff
laws seems to be a humorist as well as a
money maker and Republican campaign
boomer The other day the half starved
and halfclothed employees at his Home
stead mill represented to him that their
pay was so small they could not live
decently not to say comfortably on what
they were receiving and they therefore
asked him for an increase of 30 per cent
in their wages He took a little time
to think the matter over and then
sent his answer which was that
beginning next month wages would
be reduced 20 per cent The humor of the
response was so excruciating that the men
at once gave notice of a strike and it is un
dirsxwd that the mill will be closed until
Mr CARNEGIE can import some shiploads
of the pauper latorers of Europe as he
is in the habit of doing when he finds that
workmen in this country require more pay
than tie ignorant fellows ask who are
found on the other side of the Atlantic
Mr C IRNCGIE is one of the most earnest
energetic and liberal of Republicans on
election days He is a talker s worker and
and a giver In the last Presidential cam
paign > he spent much time and more money
in convincing voters that a high lariif
would insure high wages and good
times for working people protecting
them against the competition of
the miserable wretchesin Europe who did
not more than half J live so poor were they
Having convinced enough of the voters
that he was telling the truth to carry the
election and fasten a high protective tar
iff on the country for an indefinite period
Mr CARNEGIE proceeds to prove the cor
rectness of his utterances and arguments
by reducing the wages of his own em
ployees and driving them to seek work at
some industry less protected
One of these days the laborers of this
country who are also the voters will rise
in their majesty and wipe out laws which
make such men as CARXEOIE millionaires
in a few years by depriving poor laborers
of enough to eat and clothing them in rags
The CAKNEOIES may consider themselves
fortunate if the oppressed people stop at
wiping out of existence the infamous
SAID A gentleman yesterday who is
familiar with the doings in the courts for
th past year Yes a lawyer who gave
promise of reaching the lQvel of W R
IvEmiir of one time local fame as a prac
titioner will make a most capable chief
justice I
A sTJUNdE problem presents itself in
New Orleans and one which is being dis
cussed in the newspapers of that city The
mortality reports prove that white men die
there in much greater numbers than while
women The climate seems to agree with
women In the month of March more than
twice as many men as womcn died the
death rate of the former being 283 to the
thousand and of the latter 135 For one
week the ratio w Jour to one A recent
census shows there are 20000 more females
than males in the city It Is plain to be
seen that if this remarkable disproportion
in the death rate shall continue it is only a
question of time when New Orleans will
be a city of women To equalize things
the corporation will have either to export
women or import men
Tnn MILK in the BUTLEKPOKTER cocoa
nut has come out Sixteen years ago Sec
retary ROBESON sold to BEN BUTLER the
yacht America for 5000 just after the
government had spent 4000 for repairs on
her Admiral PORTER protested against
the sale as the vessel was needed in the
navy and also because she was worth
fully 40000 Finding he could not pro
vent the sacrifice he stripped the yacht of
her new sails and other betterments
BUTLEI was mad and being influential at
the time recovered everything which
POKTEU had taken away Ever since he
has been watching for a chance to get even
with the admiral
IT WILL now hem order to make one E
A IKEUND marshal one W H DICKSON
United States attorney and restore one
WIIMAH McICAT to the pet commissioner
ship Then the old fee fiend ring will be
complete and the terrorizing can proceed
HAVING RESTORED ZAXE to the chief jus
tice hip it will be surprising if HUm os
does not continue in the same line of will
fulness and make IREUND marshal It will
be remembered that ZANE framed a letter
to President CLEVELAND endorsing IKE
LANK most heartily and asking for his ap
pointment Tho new chief justice can not
doless than help his friend and henchman
back into offii o and it is to be supposed
that EAse will have more influence with
this administration than he had with the
How WILL it be with those lawyers
about half the members of the local bar
who have put their names to a statement
bat ZANE is an unfit man to sit as a judge
in this territory t Many of tbosg attorneys
have so much eonteiapl for thtS new chkf
justice j that they pass him on the street
without recognizing him Will these gen
tlemen bottle their wrath and eat humble
pie or Will they find it necessary to close
their offices and go fishing for the next four
UTAH WAS able to stand four years of
ZANR though she came out of the struggle
somewhat crippled The territory having
lad a year in which to recuperate can en
dure another four scars of the wrecker
but the thought of the contest for exist
ence is not agiecable
WniT CIIEME will ZANE first levise to
supplement the law and make it more tel
rible than it reads or than it was intended
The old man will never be content with
the statutes as Congress left J them for
they are not cruel enough to satisfy him
and will not wreck things fast enough for
Nothing will ever surprise us again We
ire now prepared to bet on Ireland Nou
nann Bill Xelson or Barney McNulty for
the marshalship
McBitiDE TO JCixn Im shaking badly
enough already
We suggest to the Tribune the following
very pretty device for a boiler plate illus
tration some morning this week The main
figure a hawk inscribed CS Z tugging
to get at a dove inscribed Utah but held
back by a chain on its leg inscribed Su
preme Court Decisions
We will all consent to be consoled if
Judge Sandford will leave JuJge Lane a
small section of his vertebrae
The Tribune says Judgo Zane was the
Columbus who discovered the way to make
the laws obeyed in Utah it might have
added that ho was the Torquenada who ap
plied them too
< C
Patrique Henry Lannan Democrat one
of the bosses of the Republican Tribune
was one of the loudest rejoicers at the
shelving of a Democratic judge yesterday
C Sum Nichols in his TIIIIS says he has
seen during the week a number of bright
specimens of the writings of the editor of
the Tribune They were I O Us
I Wall paper at Ross
told Jretlal
Portraits cabinet size J4 per dozen Sav
ages Art Bazar
Peoples Equitable admit that they have
brjught prices down
Dont fail to see Millie Viola make her
parachute leap at Lake Park this u f ternoon
Complaint has often been made thatmeals
on dining cars arc expensive On the Union
Pacific and Northwestsni solid train from
Denver to Chicago passengers are fur
nishcd with the best the market affords for
75 cents I
Members of the Harmony club of ltsS
itibil I are requested to attend a meeting to
> e held at time office of Bird Lowe Mon
day eveiiiii May 27 ISM for the purpose
of organizing u club to the luke for the en
suing season rMisLown Prest
CHA H BiiiNK Stvj
Wooio Lund L Judd irc siIliur off
ever thinl at cost
I How Tooele Valley Has All Been EnteredThe
Work Prosccnted by Senior Band
Notwithstanding the fact that so much of
Tooele valley is now practically barren
there is scarcely a foot of it left that has
not been entered upon by ono or another of
the methods which the land laws provide
Within the next two years vast changes
may be expected A look at the maps on
file in the land office will reveal that vast
tracts have been entered by parties here
and elsewhere who under some of the
several laws mainly desert will shortly
bo compelled to get water upon the barren
area or relinquish their claimsa thing
very unlikely to happen This does not in
clude the Iowa cole y which is to settle in
this valley but has been brought about by
a novel anti systematic labor on the part of
two or three persons
Messrs Senior Rand realizing tho cost
and difficulty to individuals ascertaining
what lands were not located upon and of
having them surveyed and staked out
themselves had the work done and kept a
map of all the sections those vacant
together with those taken up Whenever
a person desired to mako a location the
firm was in a position to tell him just what
lands were vacant show them to him point
out tile lines and all ce had to do was to
enter upon the lands If he took it the
firm charged nun a nominal sum for its
services if he did not it cost him nothing
This is how a large part of the Tooele vEl
ley land has been located upon
The same practice and work has enabled
the firm to locate hundreds of persons en
lands in this valley They have kept track
of the surveys and entries of that vast and
valuable tract of land in this valley west of
the Jordan river and today scarcely a foot
of it remains open to entry The first salt
claims on tho lake were entered by Mr E
W Senior and they are now owned by
Jeremy At Co
During tripto New York some time 0
Mr Senior located a great many eastern
parties on lands in this and Tooele valley
one Brooklyn lady Mrs Parrish making
the trip here and back for the purpose
of locating on WO acres of desert land
Even now the firm has control of the sink
ing of a great many artesian wells in this
valley for parties whom they located on
lands by the methods detailed above This
work is now being prosecuted and will be
extended until the law has been fully com
plied with
The Iowa colony when those controlling I
it have tested to their satisfaction the coal
mines in which they are interested will
move the boring machinery into Tociele
valley and begin tho sinking of artesian
wells there The belief that these wells can
he had in any part of this valley is
strengthened greatly by the success the
Utah Nevada railway had in getting
water therewhich now has some six of
these wells flowing in a distance of less
than two rods and they are of compar
itively trifling depth So on many of the
entries made through Senior Rand
the have orders to sink artesian wells
and will begin to work in the near future
As Mr Senior says It is i highly improb
able that any of these parties all of them
well to do would go to the trouble and ex
pense incurred in examining and entering
these lands and then forfeit their
right to them And as many of
the locators are persons of wealth
and nonresidents of Utah it means
they will bring sums of money
into Tooele and this valley spend it and
enhance all the values of the whole area
We think we have done a good work and
are helping Utah as well as the best of
Among recent letters received by the
firm was one asking the waters of Rush I
Lake could be utilized and run out on the
lands north of it The writer is a person
who represents a vast amount of money
and who said money was no object This
is evidence that the minds of interested
parties are not neglectful of their interests
in Utah
Messrs Senior Rand arc still working
in the same direction and locating persons
desirous to enter land in Utah in any part
of the territory
I 1
Ask for Ayers
Sarsaparilla and be sure you get it
when you want the best bloodpurifier
V i With its forty years
t f of unexampled sue
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a Blood Diseases you
5 can make no mis
take in preferring
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forernnner of mod
era blood medicines
Ayers Sarsaparilla
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ular being in great
er demand than all
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smut Thai preparation crib e relief of
rovvr MPTIOX scuoritA EIHT
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N JB > S E E
Make Her Wonderful Leap from the Clouds I
Descending to the earth
in her elegant silk Parachute
The Only Lady in the World
that Performs this Wonder
t III i ful Feat Her last Ascension
q was made in Cleveland May
19 to 75000 people under
t 1 the personal supervision of
Professor J W Price of
s t
Jlf Cleveland Ohio
2 SLs
4 =
fur 1J
SPECIAL TRAINS Will Leave Denver Rio Grande Western Depot at 200 230
300 and 330 pm
ASCENSION a1 530 oolock
The Grounds have been Beautified and the Beach Perfected
for Bathing Purposes
Concert and Dancing Music Daily by Prof Wiegands Select Band
FARE for tl1e RottodL Trip 30 Cen1is
C J Mulkey S P A J H Bennett G F P A
= = = = =
Real Estate
121 S Main Street
Salt Lake City Utah
Square Dealing
THERE subscribers to the Utah
Commercial and Savings bank held
at P W Madscus furniture store
on Wednesday May 291889 at 730
pm to adopt articles of association
and perfect its organization
or THE
B G RAYBOULD President
HARVEY hARDY Treasurer
F M BISHOP 177 Main street
T J BLUE 237 Main street
T L BOWMAN 31 W Second South street
J FRED CORKER 231 Main street
W H CASSADY SI W Second South street
W T CROMAR 44 W Second South street
C S DESKY 121 Main street
C DRISCOLL 43 E Second South street
B A M FROISETH 76 E Second South street
W FULLER 110 Main street
J K GILLESPIC 28 W Second South street
H N GREENE 274 Main street
O GROSHELL cor Main and Second South St
A J GUNNELL Room 20 Scott Aucrbach Blk
II HARDY 177 Main struct
F G HEATH iNS Main street
M E HOPKINS 237 Main street
J F JACK 235 Main street
E F JONES 1C Main street
E B KELSEY tim Main street
G H KNOWLDEN 251 Main street
J L LAWSON 267 Main street
WM J LYNCH 202 Alain street
C E MITCHELL 215 Main street
J A MOKLAN 143 Main street
M K PARSONS 235 Main street
B G RAYBOULD 41 W Second South street
A A RICE 237 Main street
A T RILEY 43 E Second South street
E P SEARS 215 Main street
D A SHILCY cor Main and Second South at
C D ST GEORGE 231 South Main street
S B WESTERFIELD 203 Main street
A J WHITE 34 E Second South street
R B WHITTEMORE 34 W Second South St
T A WICKERSHAM Main street
RM WILKINSON 2G2 Main street
A D WOOLLEY 153 Main street
G YEADON 150 Main street
Parties desiring Information in regard to Sal
LaUe city and territory can obtain the stew
free of charge by addressing an > of the ibou
named persons
L 1
= =
I ziE I rii 1 r
L r
A 1 1 JL O rr j 1
Abstracters of Titles
fl Uo Ul au UUl o Ui II UltJiDj
265 S Main Street Salt Lake City Utah
See That Your Titles are Perfect
Dont Delay in getting titles to your property in shape
Free of Charge
If You Want a Situation
If You Want Help

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