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TO THE FRONT W jjji LI UlUI W T r B W nffi f 111 n iml m < n toltr
U News WITH and Ads THE SALT LAKE HERALD Scramble ON for DfTHE TOP Snperiority
fr They Give their Opinions Upon
the Influenza Epidemic
Seems t be Quinine and Antipyrine Al
the Pharmacies are Crowded from
Morn till Night
Special THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
PAWS Dec 25By cable to the New
York lIeraltLWe are doing a rushing
business said M Robert a fashionable
chemist in Rue de la Paix today the
most of our customers being down with
la maladie de la monde The physicians
have also been busy although many of
them have been laid up with la grippe at
Jhe same time Many people wait six or
ight hours before they receive attention
A pharmacist in France does not make any
suggestions to his patients I is not al
lowed In this country he cannot pro
scribe the only thing he docs when asked
what to take for a very bad cold is to sug
gest quinine antipyrino and elderodyne
An exceedingly good mixture is composed
of ammoniated quinine with a small quan
tity of aconite Chlorodyne is largely
prescribed because it stops a cough
It t is good to take at night
Ten drops in a wine glass half full of
water will sooth a patient and enable him
to pass a reasonably good night
Do you find that prescriptions are
generally the same for the epidemic
Yes I think the men do not suffer as
much as the women because a womans
nervous system is more readily disturbed
bat of a man The most distressiag part
of getting well is the cough which remains
with a person after inlluenza has disap
peared The disease is practically broken
in a few daysbut the cough may remain a
week or ten days longer
We never take our hands off the
quinine bottle nowadays said M Beral
a chemist to me
Is quinine a popular remedy for in
Yes Quninine and antipyrine are
simple remedies Quinine allays feverish
ness but we find a great sale too for
aconite pasties and aconite syrup At
present we do not do much of anything ex
4 cp t for la grippe Not for many years
S ave we had so much work to do We esaer
uite us much to people who think they are
r giiig to have it as to those who have
already taken it
Do you till many prescriptions for con
valescents 1
Yes some It is well to take salicylate
of sodium I is something like antipyrine
though I believe its effects are more per
manent Many cough prescriptions are
made ot morphine and codeine but quinine
is the popular remedy for people who doc
tor themselves and it is taken two or II
three times a day Another good thing
for the pain in the heart arising from cold
is a preparation of carbolic acid and am
monia for inhaling
M Swann of the Rue Castiglione and a
chemist during a conversation on influenza
said It seems to me that as every other
disease has yielded to the epidemi so a
our prescriptions have been for it and most
of our customers have had it in a mild
form Some of them have taken simply
doses of quinine but notably hypophos
phite of quinine In all such cases the
patients have either escaped it alto
gether or have had it in a very light I
form not lasting more than twelve hours
I is taken a a preventive in doses of two
pills a day of one grain each because they
arc equal to two grains of plain quinine II
It appears also that quinine is taken
during the convalescent period and when
administered with food it will never dis
agree with the stomach From the pro i
scriptions we have made the treatment
for the epidemic appears t be purgation
and so quinine and antipyrine are gener I
ally used I
Dr Hogg a Champs Elysee chemistwas I
next visited In answer to the same ques
tion his reply was Quinine and antipy I
iidftWo have done nothing but to attend
toJmfluenza prescriptions Our employees I
ihjee worked from fc oclock is the morning
yntil 11 oclock at night I have three men
constantly employed making cachets I
think that the mild weather is better than
cold and snowy blasts t decrease the epi
BTTiir for there are fewer chances in mild
weather of having catarrhal accidents
Prescriptions are about the same for every
body I 1 were ill I would take antipy
rine As for preventative doses they are
all humbug An epidemic of this sort will
have its run no matter whether one tries
t prevent having it or not So far qui
nide und antipyrine is the general prescrip
tion for our crowds of customers
I had considerable difficulty in getting an
interview with M Equignon director of
the Pharmacie Normale Rue Drouot The
jiish of customers is so great just now that
M Equignon has forthe last fortnight been
obliged t help his assistants
What are themedicines most frequently
prescribed for the epidemic
Sulphate of quinine and antipyrine
Doses vary according to ago and constitu
tion of the patient Some of the doctors
4 also prescribe calming draughts for influ
enza These are usually syrup of codeine
I and syrup of opium besides which such
tonics as quinine and wine of coca are fre
quently given We have also a number of
prescriptions to makeup calling for emet
ics and purgatives This shows that the
doctors who prescribe them are anxious to
clear out the digestive organs and give
their patients a free stomach Such is hve
general character of the various prescrip
tions for influenza that have passed through
our hands The Pharmacie Centralo
Hossfcopathie in the Rue duHelder has for
its ftsvomers many of the shining lights
and instead of the rush and bustle of the
establishment in the Rue Drouot I found
there the calm and tranquil atmosphere
of a salon in the Faubourg Saint Germin
In reply t my first question the direc
teur M Leon Kim said The homeo
pathic treatment for the epidemic is in
variably the same This treatment is as fol
lows At the commencement of the malady
either aconite or baptisa tincture then If
cerebral symptoms manifest themselves
belladonna is given while pulsatilla is
I beladonna whie pulsatla pro
scribed i erratic pains stationary Rhus 1
toxicum is given during convalescence I
Not only is gen invariably fol
I lowed but it also invariably leads to prompt
I recovery the duration of the disease never
exceeding fortyeight hours I may also
add that i when first the chill appears
aconite is promptly taken the malady is
nipped in the bud in first place
The chemist in the Quartier des Halles
are undergoing a veritable siege I was
I only with the greatest difficulty that I
jld induce any of them to lay aside their I
lruld and mortars long enough t give
me the benefit of their ideas on the subject
Some of them
of the epidemic expressed
the belief that fully G per cent of the
population of this quarter had been at
tacked by influenza I is a golden age for
chemists confessed one of them Dur
ing the last fortnight our receipts have
quadrupled I have been told on good au
thority that the Pharmacie Normale took
in tbff other day as much as five thousand
franC Thl ilnarter of Paris where the epidemic
is apparently raging with the greatest se
verity is the aristocratic Faubourg St
Germain At Pharmacie Boinet I was as
sured that nearly everybody in all the
stately mansions of the faubourg has been
I attacked by the epidemic For example
sqid a chemist at the hotel of the commit
tee do P in which there are no less than
l1 <
forty persons the valet de pied is the only
one that i not laid up with influenza It
has only ben ten or twelve days since the
epidemic declared itself in this quarter
At first it was very mild but now it is
complicated with other and more serious
complaints especially bronchial trouble
Six days ago we had hardly an order for a
blister and now we are obliged t prepare
a dozen or more every day and the number
is constantly on the increase I is a curi
ous fact that in the case of children the
epidemic proves very benign and short in
duration The acuteness and length of
the illness increase with the age of the
patient i
The students of today have very little
in common with the Bohemians of the day
of Henry Murger When they fall ill they
take a good care of themselves as any of
the bons bourgeois This however does
not prevent them from influenza said M
Pelisse the chemist in the Rue des Ecoles I
whose shop is alongside the Sarbonne i
for more than a week wo have been over
run with orders My place is never empty
All my assistants have had the epidemic
so have my shop boys What we have the
greatest call for is a solution which I have
strongly recommended for use during the
catarrhal period of the complaint This is
a solution of benzoato of soda which gives
great satisfaction a an expectorant I
have noticed that the complications which
have increased in number during the last
few days are nearly all cases of pneu
monia or similar maladies It is in the
bronchial organs that the chief danger
feared lies Congestion of the lungs is also to be
The Czar Suffers from Influenza
ST PETERsnuno Dec 25The Czar has
suffered severely from the prevailing epi
demic of influenza Today he was too i
to attend the Christmas church service and
was also compelled t omit the customary
review and parade of the guard
The King of Portugal I Victim
LIsno Dec 25 Influenza prevails to
an alarming extent among the soldiers in
the garrison here
The King of Portugal is suffering from
A Millionaire Hires Out Gains Admittance to 1
the Mine and Buys Adjoining Property I
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch1
CANADAIQUA N Y Dec 25 William
H Smith a millionaire interested in coal
and salt mines has a bill of G against
the Retsof Salt Mining company of New
York Livingston county for two days
work as a common laborer in the Retsof
mines The bill will probably be disputed
but Smith doesnt care for acting upon
the knowledge trained during the two days
he took his place with the laborers in the
mines he had purchased a valuable bid of
salt territory which promises to net him a
handsome profit Smith presented himself
to the officers of the Retsof company the
other day and asked for work He was
engaged as a common laborer at 130 per
day and sent down into the mine On the
third day he pleaded sickness and was
granted a day off He was well enough
however to drive to the farm house of L
H Gray who owned a valuable tract of
salt territory which tho Retsof people had
been negotiating for Smith said he was
an employee of the Retsof company and
asked Gray what he would talse for his land
Two rundred dollars per acre for 40 i
acres was the reply and the words had
hardly been uttered when the indisposed
miner pulled 510000 in bills from his over
alls to bind the bargain An agreement
als bargin agcement
was drawn up whereby Gray was t trans
fer his entire estate for O and Smith
returned to the shaft and announced that
he had recovered from his indisposition
and resumed work underground Gray
happening to meet an officer of the Retsof
company on that same day remarked that
he had finally concluded the bargain with
one of their men The explanations which
followed were not calculated to put the
letsof people in good humor They called
the men up from the mine in order t
allow Gray to identify the party of the
second part of the sale he had consum
mated When Smith was pointed out he
was promptly discharged The Retsof
people were chagrined over the way they
had been outwitted and were willing to
raise Smiths ante but it was too late
The millionaire culprit received his dis
missal philosophically and in extraordinary
good humor In business like way he pre
sented a bill for two days labor at the
office but it was not honored He told the I
Retsof people that he was abundantly able I
to stand it that he was coiner to sink a
shaft on his new purchase at once and start
I in opposition
Smiths achievement is looked upon as a
clever piece of business as well as a good
joke He had been approached on the sub
ject of investing in western New York I
salt lands but had never been satisfied in
regard to the prospects of the profit Tho I
Retsof people guarded their interests so I
closely that he could get nothing from
them so in the garb of a common laborer I
he secured admission to the shaft and i
learned all he wanted to and secured valu
able property adjoining just as the Rets I
of people were about to close negotiations
for it Smith is extensively interested in
coal and oil lands in Pennsylvania The
land he purchased from Gray is believed to
> e the richest salt territory in the western
New York regions
No one can afford t neglect a cold
atarrb chronic bronchitis and consump
ton are caused by neglecting common
cold Take Chamberlains Cough Remedy
and cure it while you can For sale by Z
C M 1 Drug Department
Went Ills Way in Peace
Special to Tnn HERALD Examiner Cable
NEW YORK Dec 25 Justice Rodrigo of
Newark thought he had caught the r a
JcSinty yesterday The prisoner was a
tout little man with a merry twinkle in
his left eye and a collection of tin kettles
in his right hand He was Mclnty the
inner but the way ho pronounced his
name made it sound like that of the hero
who went down in his best Sunday clothes
McGinty said the judge how are
you This is the first time Ive had the
Measure of meeting you though Ive often
heard of you McGinty you were drunk
last night
They all do it they all say it respond
ed the tinker dolefully Its McGinty in
the street McGinty in the jail and Mc
Sinty at the bottom of the bay and Mc
3inty in his best Sunday clothes all the
time My names not McGinty judge
darling but Billy Mclnty bad luck to it
Its the first time I ever was drunk Ive
inly been three weeks from Galway
Jclnty was allowed t go his way in peace
The spasms of pain that rack the rheu
matic are relieved by Glenns sulphur soap
Hills Hair and Whisker Dye black or
brown SOc
The McAnlifleCarroll Fight
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEW YORK Dec 25Jack McAuliffo is
much pleased at the decision of the direc
tars of the California Athletic club grant
lug him an extension of two weeks from
February 2 the date originally fixed
for his fight with Jimmy Carroll The
lightweight champion injured his left
thumb in his recent fight with Daly in
Boston and he asked for the postponement
on that account He will start for San
Francisco Janaary 5 in company with
Billy Madden They will box four rounds
at Dronheims theatre Hoboken tonight
and McAuliffes friends will all be there
i C
Already there have been numerous bets
made on the result of the contestin this
city and in every case where even money
was offered on Carroll McAuliffes friends
eagerly snapped up the wagers
We want mothers to know that croup
can be prevented There is no question
about this as it has been done in thousands
of cases and you may depend upon it that
when a child takes the croup it i wholly
owing t the negligence of its parents
True croup never appears without due and
= PF rsh
timely warning a few hours or a day or
two before the attack the child becomes
hoarse This hoarseness is the first indica
tion of croup and is a sure sign that croup
is t follow unless promptly and properly
treated The free use of Chamberlains
Cough Remedy as directed with each
bottle under the heading To prevent
croup will dispel all symptoms of the
Department disease For sale by the Z C M I Drug
A Sure Cure for Piles
Itching Piles are known by moisture like
perspiration causing intense itching when
warm This form as well a blind bleed
Ing and protruding yield at once to Dr
Bosancos Pile Remedy which acts di
rectly on the parts affected absorbs tu
mors allays itching and effects a perma
nent cure SOc Druggists or utah trea
tise free Dr Bosanco Piqua O Sold by
Z C M I drug store
What Sullivan Says of Slavlns Challenge
Jack McAuliffes Fight with Carroll
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEW YOUK Dee 25John L Sullivan I
intended to spend Christmas in Boston but
several friends in this city prevailed upon
him to partake of a Christmas dinner I
which will be given in his honor tonight
The big fellow read in yesterdays World
the challenge which Frank P Slavin is I
sued to him and he said last night regard
ing this manifesto dot desire to say
anything about fighting either Slavin or
Jackson until after I return from Missis
sippi Slavins challenge I shall simply ig
nore He knows that I will not fight for
2500 or 85000 He is 3000 miles away
now and when he arrives hero it will be
time enough to talk about a match Both he
and Jackson know perfectly well that I
wi meet them if they can get the back
Located Cor Main and Third South Streets
The Clif is the best 2 per day house
west of Chicago Rooms large cool and
airy new and handsome furniture electric
lights and a the latest conveniences and
accessories Dining hall spacious and
acessores hal per
Jet in its appointment Table firstclass
Rooms may be secured by telegraph
ANna BRIXEN and wife leave this morn
ing over the Union Pacific for a six weeks
visit in New York
C S KINNeY has returned from an extended
tended trip throughout the east He brings
Mrs Kinney with him the ceremony hav
ing taken place in Chicago on the 1st
corner of Main and Second South Most
central location of any hotel in the city
Opposit postofflce Union ticket and Pull
man office in the hotel Newly remodeled I
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passed > Electric light bells and all mcd
irn conveniences Terms 150 to 2 per
day H L HALL Proprietor
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L P Sc A Co No 03 W First South
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ents call at Dinwoodeys
Remember that it is impossible to gather
strength or flesh while harassed with a
painful cough I is a complaint that
preys upon every tissue and fibre of the
frame Yet it is easily removed A bottle
or two of Hales Honey of Horehound and
Tar arrests and cures any ordinary cough
and a more prolonged use of the remedy
will banish the disease i more deeply
seated Sold by the drug trade univer
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the consumer t buy large size Pikes
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Globe bakery and cafe 2 Main street
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holiday trade Cakes ornamented on short
est possible notice
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itock a pleasure to show our goods Call
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mas presents CrismonScarff Co the
druggists S east First South street
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j < d
A Very lively Eight Over One at
Shawneetown Illinois
Two Drunks Two DeathsA Fight With Out
lwswoJori Je mudersA Rot
I Georgia Eleven Fatal Stabs
CHICAGO Dec 25A dispatch from
Shawnee town Illinois says A free fight
took place at a Christmas tree celebration
in Eagle Creek precinct Monday night in
which Thomas Burrough ta prominent
farmer was dangerously stabbed and sev
eral other persons received quite serious
injuries The fight arose from an error in
distributing presents which had been
labelled taken to the church and hung on to
the tree Some of the tags dropped off and
were replaced haphazard When the dis
tribution commenced one of the farmers
claimed a present awarded to another
child which was bought by himself for his
boy and gabbed it away from the child
Some of the young men present had been
indulging and picked a quarrel with the
farmer and a fight ensued
Kansas White Caps
COXCOISDIA Kan Dec25The outrages
of white caps in this vicinity continue
notwithstanding tho fact that vigorous
efforts are being made to break up the or
ganization A party of seven men are now
on trial for an outrage committed only a
week ago and today James Mansur who
has been employed by a physician of this I
city was paid off yesterday and on his way
homo was held up and robbed Last night
a party of men their faces covered with
white masks visited the house of John
McKee dragged him out doors and admin
istered to his bare back a severe beating
with switches Ho recognized three of the
white caps and swore out warrants for
them today The names of the persons
implicated were not made public but one
s known to be that of a prominent physi
Two Drunks two Dealhs
INDIANAPOLIS Dec 25A special to the I
Sentinel from Stinesville Ind says
George Easton son of a hoteLkeeper and
John Douglass a barber indulged in a
Christmas drunk and were ordered out of
George Buskirks saloon Buskirk locked
the door and ordered them not to reenter
They tried to kick in the door when Bus
kirk fired both barrels of a shotgun at
them fatally wounding both shotgn
A Fight wit Outlaws
KANSAS CITY Dec 25A dispatch from
Vrdmore Indian territory says that yesterday
erday afternoon Deputy United States
Marshal Tucks and another deputy at I
tempted to arrest Lize Bradham and Joe
Uerritt for introducing intoxicating
liquors into Indian territory The outlaws
resisted arrest and
a lively battle ensued
ill the combatants using their revolvers
iradham was mortally wounded Neither
of the officers
ofcers was injured Merritt was
Two Horrible Murders
MEMPHIS Dec 25The observance of
Christmas day was accompanied by two
horrible murders This morning the dead
body of a negro named Hawkins was found
with a bullet wound in his head There is
no clue to the murderer Tonight Emmett
inkstone a streetcar driver was stabbed
and instantly killed by an unknown negro
in a dispute over fare The negro escaped
A Rot in Georgia
SIVANNAH Ga Dec 25A riout occurred
curred today at Jessup fiftyseven miles
south of Savannah Two white men wore
tilled two others seriously woundul > il
several negroes are reported kiUca JDC
Georgia Hussars sent two detachments of
men to Jessup tonight and more trouble is
Eleven Fatal Stabs
OMAHA Dec 25George Jodes stabbed I
his brotherinlaw James Tracy eleven
times inflicting eleven fatal vfounds this
afternoon Tracys wife had let him and
was staying her brothers house Tracy
called and in a quarrel which followed attempted
empted to strike Jones with a chair when
the latter stabbed him with f a butcher
knife Joms is under arrest i
A St Paul Gang of Burglars
ST PAUL Dec 2The police have succeeded
ceeded in running down a gang of house
breakers and daylight sneak thieves who
for some time have been reaping a harvest
in this city Two or three of the men cap
lured aro well known criminals Madame
Madeline Frelinghuysen residing at No 7
Hill street has been arrested as a fence
and a large amount of stolen property was
found in her house Mrs Ellen Brad
shaw of No 14S East Ninth street was
also taken in In her house was found
jewelry and silverware stolen from the
house of Mrs Oakes a month ago
For Bend Conspirators
GALVESTON Tex Dec 25All the par
ties arrested and brought here from Fort
Bend under indictment for conspiracy
have been released on bond except the
three charged with murder
He Resembled Sllcott
OTTAWA Ont Dec 25The man an
swering in several particulars the descrip
ton of Silcott the Washington embezzler
has been traced to this city but is believed
to have left last for
night the west He
was greatly changed in appearance His
hair was dyed a dark brown and he had
entirely discarded the clothing with which
he came into Canada
Christmas In St Louis II
ST Louis Dec 25 Christmas was more
generally observed than for t years past
owing perhaps to the delightful weather
The police courts have had very few holi
day cases docketed 1
I Johnstown Pa
Jon sTowx Pa Dec 25It is surpris
ing how little reference was made today
to the food it was scarcely toned
In Kansas City
KANSAS CIT Dec 25It was difficult to
realize that today was Christmas The
weather was springlike and for the usual
Christmas games there were substituted
summer sports At one of thoparks a ball
game was played and several tennis
courts and croquet grounds were in use
In New York
NEW YORK Dec 25 Christmas dinner
might have been eaten in the parks or on
ho lawns today so perfect was the
weather Everywhere windows were
thrown open to admit the balmy air and
l 41
there was a general resort to garments of
springtime The fashionable promenades
were crowded and there was a large at
tendance at the churches and theatres In
the Tombs and other city prisons holiday
dinners were served while newsboys an <
other children of the streets were permit
ted to fill themselves at the missions
High Water in Los Angeles
Los ANGELES Gala Dec 25The heavy
rain of the last few days continued last
night and the levees on the Los Angeles
river have broken through in half a dozen
places So many railroad bridges have
E ehab
been washed away that no trains were able
to leave or arrive here today From pres
ent appearances it will be several days be
running fore the trains of any of the lines will be
They are Anxious to Remove to Utah and
Want to Know About the Treaty
DCRANOO Colo Dec 25The Southern
Ute Indians have just held a council of the
three tribes relative t the treaty made by
them last year for their removal to Utah
They do not understand why the treaty has
not been carried into effect They were
unanimously in favor of the removal and I
resolved to ask the Indian department for
permission to send a delegation of Indians
to Washington to urge a ratification of the
treaty They want to be heard in answer
to the objections made by the Indians
Rights association to the treaty
Both Fatally Injured
PITTSHURG Dec 25 While returning
from a Christmas Eve dance this morning
Miss Mamie Campbell and her escort
Benjamin Lovett of Wilkinsburg Pa
were struck by an express on the Penn
sylvania railroad near this city Both
were fatally injured
General Madison Drake Injured
ELIZABETH N J Dec 25 General J
Madison Drake was severely perhaps
fatally injured today by attempiing to
stop a runaway horse He fell under the
animal and was kicked several times
Prohibition In North Dakota
BISMARCK N D Dec 25An excursion
of members of the legeslature to the Pacific
coast got away today The party will be
absent about two weeks They will take I
n Tacoma Seattle Olympia and Portland
as extremes and Helena and Spokane
Tails a the principal intermediate points
A similar excursion last year to Helena
was burdened with some outsiders but
his one is comparatively free from
AttornevGeneral Goodwin holds that all
AtorneyGenerl a I
persons engaged in the sale of intoxicating
liquors are doing so in violation of the law
and are liable to arrest and punishment
therefor and have been since the admis
sion of the state to the union all
licenses and license laws in force after
the adoption of the constitution
being > repugnant to the prohibition
article became ipso facto null and void
and since that time there has been no authority
thority in the state for granting licences
for the sale of intoxicating liquors All
persons > since the adoption of the constitu
ion and the proclamution of the Presi
dent having made any sales of intoxicating
liquor or who may do so hereafter are
liable to arrest and punishment The pas
saga of a prohibition bill by the present
legislature has no bearing whatever upon
past or future offenses until it goes into
I effect July 11890
England and Portugal Africa
LISBON Dec 25It is reported that the
dispute between England and Portugal
regarding African possessions will be sub
mitted t Duke Ernest of SaxeCoburgand
Gotha for arbitration i
Belgian Collieries Strike
BRUSSELS Dec 25A general strike of
collieries has been inaugurated Belgium
Scarcity of coal is beginning to be seri
ously felt
Monssa Beys Acquittal
CONSTANTINOPLE Dec 25Persons who
have appealed against the acquittal of
Moussa Bey allege that the judges in the
recent trial favored the defense and omit
indictment ted a decision on count seventeen of the
We have a speedy ana positive curefor
catarrh diphtheria anker mouth and
EDY A nasal jijector free with each
bottle Use it i you desire health and sweet
breath Price r cents Sold by A C
Smith Sc Co
The Monarchist Uprising in Brazil i
LISBON Dec Dispatches from Rio de
Janeiro received in cipher by the news
paper yovidavcs contain important and
deeply interesting facts about the political
upheaval reported there as having oc
curred on tho 18th instant From the information
formation contained it is undoubtedly cor
rect that the provisional government found
itself confronted by a very formidable and
active opposition among the members of
which were numbered many soldiers and a
good contingent from the navy backed up
by several officers from both branches of
the service while numerous citizens also
joined the revolt in favor of monarchy
These Banded together and paraded the
principal streets giving a full aggressive
show of their sentiments and very serious
fighting The revolt was not suppressed
until the morning of the 20th instant when
egularly organized troops overcame and
dispersed the Monarchists The provisional
authorities arrested quite a number lead
lag participants in the revolt
Ihe greatest reduction ever made in
prices > on pianos and organs in this western
country Read the following then bring
J dthen
his add in and be convinced
One Mason Sc Hamlin organ worth 10
or835 and only 85 a month
One Needham Sc Co organ worth S110
or 830 and only 85 a month
One Ploubest Sc Co organ worth 8210
for 10 and only 85 a month
One Beatey organ worth 10 for 45 and
only 85 month
One David O CaUer piano worth 0
for 820 Oand only 1 a month
One Storry Sc Camp piano worth 8450 for
< 225 and only 810 a month
One J Bauer piano worth 8500 for 8250
and only 1 a month
One C D Pease piano worth 8550 for
375 and only 810 a month
We have also a full line of the Famous
Everett the Celebrated Fischer and the
word renowned Chickering pianos A
of which we are selling at exceedingly low
prices > and on very easy terms I only re
quires a visit to ourstore rooms to be con
vinced that you can not afford to be with
out a piano or organ in your homes while
you can buy at such astonishingly low
prices on such easy terms
prces take old instruments in exchange for
new ones allowing what they are really
worth These great bargains are only found
at the F E Warren Mercantile Cos piano
and organ rooms at No 10 east Second
South street Salt Lake city Correspond
ence promptly answered
A County Campaign in Kansas
KANSAS Crrr Dec 25A county seat
election Is soon to be held in Rawlins
county in the northwestern part of Kan
sas Two towns are competing for the
honor of being the seat of government
Atwood and Blakeman The latter town
has inaugurated a novel method of cam
paigning A fund has been subscribed
to purchase all the houses in Atwood and
move them to Blakeman and thus depopu
late its rival Forty seven dwelling hou
ses and stores have already been pur
chased and moved to Blakeman and the
purchasing committee is negotiating for a
majority of the remainder The people at
Atwood are said to be hard up and quite
willing t dispose of their houses at fair
prices Blakeman purchasing committee
is backed by the railroad and town com
pany and finds no difficulty in raising tho
I necessary funds The Blakeman people
are confident of success and the coming
election i
Among the incidents of childhood that
stand out in bold relief as our memory re
verts to the days when we were young
none are more prominent than severe sick
ness The young mother vividly remem
bers that it was Chamberlains Cough
Remedy cured her of the croup and in
turn administers i t her own offspring
and always with the best success For
sale by Z C M I Drug Department
Christmas Shooting Scrapes
TALLEQUAH I T Dec 25 Christmas
was celebrated with several shooting
scrapes The most serious one occurred at
Williams hotel in which David Williams
was shot and killed No arrests were made
During anotber fght in the afternoon Moses
Crittenden was shot and seriously injured
A number of other fights occurred
Oh What a Cough
Will you heed the warning The signal
perhaps of the sure approach of that
more terrible disease consumption
Ask yourselves i you can afford lei
the sake of saving S cents to run
the risk and do nothing for it We
know from experience that Shilohs Cure
will cure your cough I never fails This
explains wny more than a million bottles
were sold the past year relieves croup and
whooping cough at once Mothers do not
be without it For lame back side or chest
use Shilohs Porous Plaster Sold ty A C
Smith Sc Co
Blackburn Sc Knudson Bros Props Gold
silver and nickel plating by the dynamo
process Watches jewelry chains rings
and tableware replated and repaired Man
ufactures of seal presses and wax seals
steel and rubber 3timni nlsn innnnfn
urers of celebrated Blackburn j truss
tlegilding of chandeliers key fitting and
lock repairing in all its branches repairing
of fans parasols and umbrellas Manufac
turers of all kinds of novelties Society
badges of every description made to order
Office No 120 and 127 Wasatch building
Take elevator Factory 76 Centre street
Salt Lake city Utah
An immense stock of silk and linen hand
kerchiefs at Simon Bros
And ingrains decorations magnificent
I line at Dinwoodeys
A Boy Killed at a Party
LEBANON Mo Dec 25 James Carter
eleven years of age was killed at a Chris
mas party last night at Bank Branch by a
man named Jennings The party was given
at the house of John Burns and James gven
er and a number of other boys attended
uninvited In the ensuing quarrel Carter
I was killed I
when Baby was sc we gave her Castorio
When she was a Child she cried for Castorio
When she became Miss she clung to Costoria
When she bad Children she gave tem Castoria
Captain Leavltt Tells of a Discovery far Above
the Territory of Alaska
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
PORTLAND Maine Dec 2 Captain
George Leavitt of the whaling ship Shy
of the Pacific Steam Whaling company is
here visiting his mother having recently
arrived from Alaska where he has been for
five years Ho brings news of what may
possibly be the discovery of hitherto un
known land many miles directly north of
Alaska Leavitts winter quarters are at
Point Barrow For same time Leavitt
says the natives of Northern Alaska and
in the small islands of that vicinity have
been telling stories of an unknown land to
the far north Many older inhabitants
stoutly maintain that there is a large land
north that no white man has ever discov
red and is not down on any of the maps
of the artic region Leavitts story about
ho discovery is that during a cruise of one
of the vessels of the whaling fleet which
ventured many miles further north than
any of the others a few years ago the offl
ers discovered land not found on any of
the charts or accounted for in any way
A L gale drove the vessel far north along the
shore of the land but the season was so
ate the men did not stop to explore desir
lag to get south as soon as the gale sub
I Bucblens Arnica Salve
I The Best Salve in the world for Cuts
Bruises Sores Ulcers Salt Rheum Fever
Sores letter Chapped Hands Chilblains
Corns and a Skin Eruptions and posi
lIvely cures Piles or no pay required I
Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction
or money refunded Price 2 cents a box
For sale by A C Smith Sc Co
in taste and the refined customs of civlliza
ton the evidence of which is that of
454504 cases of champagne imported into
the United States during the last ten years
over twentyfive per cent was G H
Mumms Extra Dry whose imports were
over 200000 cases in excess of any other
brand Quality will tell
Everybody must admit that the Peoples
Equitable Coop is the cheapest and only
equitable store in town
Queen Mary Fans bring smiles and
The Deseret Savings Bank
The attention of those desiring to open
savings accounts is called to the Deseret
Savings Bank which allows interest on de
posit at the rate of 4 per cent per annum
impounded quarterly Money to loan on
approved real estate security Its officers
are as follows
JOHN SHARP President
E A SMITH Cashier
Fresh poultry at Brooks market
Forty pieces 19inch plush all colors file
reduced from DOe
Twentyfive pieces of 16inch plush all
Bros colors 45c reduced from file at Simon
and a kinds of material for fancy work
go to the Mikado No 4 East First South
Patterns all new also a full line of
Japanese novelties Open until 9 3 oclock
every night MAUIUCE STIEFEL Prop
Jensen the jowelerhas a most elegant
stock of Christmas presents of all kinds
ware Watches jewelry diamonds and silver
1 <
A French Proposition for the Ee
1 tirement of British Troops
A J OTement for a Monument to his Memory
A Dynamite Bomb In the Jackson Mich
igan Prison A New Comet
PARIS Dec 25The Temps has an in
spired article on the position of the French
government with regard to the conversion
of the Egyptian preference loan from a 5
per cent to a 4jpercent stock as proposed
early in the year by Sir Edgar Vincent
The Temps reports that the government has
intimated to the British minister that it
will no longer insist upon the evacua
tion of Egypt by England as a
condition its assent to conversion
of this portion of the Egyptian
debt but may consent if England
initiates the process of evacuation by
withdrawing a part of her troops and if it
is agreed that the profit of the conversion
shall be applied to the purpose of strength
ening the Egyptian army It has been
calculated that the saving to the Egyptian
treasury by this reduction would be equal
to 800000 a year and this money spent
upon the Egyptian army would admit
of an important reduction in the
effectiveness of the British army without
endangering any interest that the presence
of that army protects As the Marquis of
Salisbury has hitherto refused to negoti
ate upon the ground that the military oc
cupation and debt were parts of the same
question and as England claims a retire
ment of her troops will be followed by an
overrunning of Egypt from the Soudan
he prospect for the acceptance of the
French proposition is not very promising
Henry W Gradjs Funeral
ATLANTA Ga Dec 25The funeral of
Henry W Grady took place from the First
Methodist church this afternoon The
jody was taken from the house at 10 oclock
nis morning and placed in the church
where for three hours a constant stream of
people passed by it The ceremonies were
performed by five ministers and
were of the simplest character The in
terment was at Oakland and the funeral
procession was toe largest ever known
Every civic society in the city and many
from outside points attended the funeral
Floral designs of great beauty and in great
profusion came from everywhere that
given by the employees of the Constitution
being the most beautiful The whole of
the Constitution staff walked in the proces
sion as an honorary escort
Yesterday a movement for a fund for a
monument was started and before night
all nearly five thousand dollars had been
raised A committee of young men having
he matter in charge have issued an
address to the admirers of Mr Grady and
he movement will assume a national
A Dynamite Bomb at Jackson
JACKSON Mich Dec 25 Another dyna
mite bomb was found yesterday afternoon
inside the prison yard where it had proba
bly been secreted to be used the first favor
able opportunity in wrecking the walls and
perhaps releasing a number of dangerous
convicts Whether Latimer the Jackson
matricide who has been implicated in two
previous dynamite plots is at the bottom
of this is not known
A New Comet
GENEVA N Y Dec 25Proj Brooks
director of the Smith observatory discov
red a new comet this evening Its position
is as follows Right ascension IS hrs 23
mins declination north 34 deg 40min
with a slow westerly motion The comet
is bright and telescopic This makes the
third comet discovered this year by Prof
Max OEell Coming to America
LONDON Dec 25LIar ORell sailed for
America on the steamship Celtic today
MAIL Ares Closes
Easter va U p H R 23 am 63
Easter via D R G W 65 pm RIO am
Western1020am 60pm
San Francisco close pch 620 am
O am 620am
g 63 pm 301pm
North and Northwest uu 635pm 301pm
Park 2 am 30pm
Park am
GO pm 61 am
Southern closed pouch Mi
for 1 rsco and beyond 101 am 250pm
Bingham Cafloa and West
Jordan n u 420pm 640 am
Tooele Countynnnu 34 pm 710 am
Alta and Wasachn 65 nm G 10 am
Shilohs Consumption Cure
No 1 This is beyond question the most
successful Cough Medicine wo have ever
sold a few doses invariably cure the worst
cases of Cough Croup and Bronchitis
while its wonderful success in the cure of
Consumption is without a parallel in the
history of medicine Since its first dis
covery it has been sold on a guarantee a
test which no other medicine can stand I
you have a Cough we earnestly ask you to
ry it Price 10 cents S cents and 1 I
your Lungs are sore Chest or Back lame
use Shilohs Porous Plaster Sold by A C
Smith Sc Co S
Garfield Tea for sick headache
This beautiful addition on the slope of
the east bench will be platted and lots offered
fered for sale in a few days Buyers can
secure bargains by giving Lincoln park a
ta C E WantlanJ 201 Main street
8x8 rods near Liberty Park 450 per rod
7x10 rods corner F and Fifth street an
elegant residence site
5x10 rods cor I and 5th st
9x11 rods cor 3d East and 6th South
0x7 rods cor Oth East and 4th South
front 5x10 rods on J St bet 7th and 8th east
2 choice lots near Liberty Park a snap
2KxlO on 1st South at a bargain
10x20 6th South bet 5th and Gth East St
105x90 on 2d South cor 4th West 150
per foot
49J xlG5 on 3d South close can give option
ion on same 815000
49 x140 on State Road bet 3d and 4th
South lO per foot
An elegant corer on 3d South and 2d
East 350 per foot
113Kxl05 feet on South Temple cheap
Business and prospective business prop
erty also several fine residences close in
Ca and see list before investing It will
pay you KNOWLDEN Sc Co
No 251 Man opposite Walker House up
Spencer Bywater Sc Co have removed
t opposite the city hall where they are
prepared t do all kinds of tin work roof
ing guttering galvanized iron work etc
For fine jewelry and gold watches i you
want a bargain

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