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u News and Ads 1 i rm Scramble for Superiority
I Arose From the Shooting of
I Marshal BarnhLU by
All I Quiet at Present but Trouble May
ComeThe Doings of a Festive Burglar
SAVANNAH Dec20 The trouble at Jes
sup yesterday began at 10 a m when Chief
Marshal Leggett and assistants were attempting
Bob Brewer tho notorious
tempting to arrest noto
rious outlaw and fugitive Brewer raised
his gun and deliberately shot and killed
Assistant Marshal Barnhill The chief
marshal then fired at Brewer but missed
him Brewer returned the fire and shot
Leggett through both legs Brewer and
f Tiis crowd of ten or twelve men then fled to
McMillans swamp The negroes were
followed into the swamp by several citi
zens Among them were William Wood
carpenter and his son William Wood Tho
negroes dodged into the swamp and when
young Wood ran in behind them Brewer
roso up and shot him through the head
killing him instantly and shot Woods
lather in tho face Accomplishing this
much the negroes ran further into the
swamp and escaped The news of the
death of young Wood and the serious
shooting of his father spread like wildfire
over the town Confusion reigned for a
time and Jessup seemed to be in the hands
of a violent mob Mayor Hoff called a
meeting and hasty arrangements
were made to protect the town Sev
entyfive armed men were gathered in
q a few minutes and followed Brewer
and party a distance into the swamp
McMillians swamp covers over four hun
dred acres Brewer is so familiar with its
hiding places that the efforts of the posse
to locate him were regarded as in vain The
strength of the posse was soon increased
by posse of twentyfive armed men and a
picket line was formed Brewer had
threatened the life of Assistant Marshal
Barnhill since tho officers Killed one of
Brewers pals a few weeks ago while at
tempting t arrest a colored man for gam
bling Yesterday was Brewers chance
and he took advantage of the opportunity
When the assistant officer came unarmed
Yto the side of Chief Marshal Leggett who
I I was making his arrest Brewer seemed to
p forget for a moment that anybody was
V trying to capture him and shot Barnhill as
he would a dog
Marshal Leggett who wasbadly wounded
in both legs was seen about the affair last
night He said that when he went up to
arrest Brewer he knew he had a bad man
to fool with He wanted a force large
enough to take the desperado When I
got near him the chief marshal said and
he saw who I was he left two of my posse
who were talking with him and came
toward me I heard him say That
is the rascal 1 want and he stepped
behind Mr Reddish He kept coming and
I threw my gun to my face and told him t
stop He looked at me sullenly and put his
gun to his shoulder and started back I
thought I would return to town and get
assistance When I met an old man named
Rayford and several others all of whom
had guns I turned round to see what they
were going to do and I saw Rayford ex
change a 3 calibre Winchester for a 3
calibre and make threat and curse the
white people I knew we were in for i
so I waited and hadnt long t wait when
I saw Brewer drop his gun to his shoulder
and fire I looked around and saw my as
sistant fall to the ground I then returned
shooting at Brewer Ho then wounded me
at the first fire I discharged both barrels
of my gun andil knew was done and
jumped down the embankment and ran
Reddish stood and Brewer approached him
saying Dn you I have a great mind to
kill you He struck him and took
his gun from him The news reached the
authorities and they knew that J W
Ryan was the instigator of the affair A
posse was sent to his house to arrest him
but Ryan had escaped It is said he put a
Jad idea into Brewers head about the
m duty of white people to colored folk and
report says he excited them by saying that
the murder of a colored man killed by Barn
hill should avenged
Henry Anderson one of the guards put
over Rvans house was accidentally shot
and killed last night by one of his own
party He went t headquarters for rein
forcement and was going back when the
gun held by Townsend was discharged
blowing Andersons brains out Last
night a colored man was shot and seri
ously wounded by a picket while coming
from McMillens swamp He attempted to
slip by the officers when he was shot
At about S oclock this morning a party
of unknown men attacked the jail at
Jessup driving away the guards In a few
minutes the doors were battered down and
four men went inside and shot and killed
Peter Johnson and Bill Hopps The for
mer vas the man who had been wounded
and captured in tho night The military
was stationed about half a mile from the
jail but by the tim a detachment arrived
there everything was quiet and all there
was to indicate what had happeted were
tho bodies of the dead negroes
The Georgia hussars returned to this
city this afternoonThe Brunswick company
was retained on duty by the mayor The
returned soldiers reported the trouble
over their presence was only required t
quiet the excitement The citizens of
Jessup who remained had their kitchens
and out houses filledwith the colored peo
ple of the town who sought the protection
of their white friends
A special from Jessup dated C p m says
that Mayor Hobbs has called a public meet
ng to take steps t defend the town t
o nlght It i believed tnat Brewer is near
with a largo force of negroes Tho citi
zens aro organizing and arming to aid the
Brunswick rifles in case of an outbreak
A special train was run out to the brick
yards where Brewer was reported t have
been seen A detachment of armed men
was sent out as scouts Mayor Hobbs is
in receipt of a telegram from Brunswick
saying that the white man who is supposed
to have instigated the trouble is in that
city but the mayor will not take steps to
have Ryan brought back There is still
great excitement throughout the country
around Jessup but affairs will doubtless
quite down in I few days I is a region
of turpentine distilleries and saw mills
Thousands of negroes arc employed in
Jessup and the trouble is apt to disor
ganize labor for some time t come
Many negroes are quitting their homes
and moving to other towns on the railroad
A largo number of them were taken from
their homos by white men this morning
and severely whipped some of them being
V women of bad character
How the Rot Started
SAVANXAH Ga Dec 26 Nothing addi
tional about the Jessup affair has been re
ceived but wild rumors are afloat that there
was serious trouble there this morning
The military there under the command of
Captain Garden of Savannah is as follows
Georgia Hussars thirtyseven men Brns
jfcjick rifles fifty and Apling Grays forty
five In addition t these there are upward
of one hundred members of different com
panies in the surrounding counties The
trouble yesterday began at 10 a mjust as
Chief Marshal Leggett was making his
round Ho saw a negro on the site of the
hotel rapidly firing a rife Its Bdq
Brewer somebody said a people begn to
pour out of the stores The name of the
notorious outlaw and fugitive sent terror
to the hearts of the citizens who watched
the antics of Brewer It must be
stopped said Officer Leggett He then
went into his store and arming himself with
a shotgun deputized William Austin Mr
Jackson and W T Reddish to arm them
selves and go with him to arrest tho man
After Brewer
SAVANNAH Ga Dec 26The following
was received from Jessup A posse of
twenty men under tho command of S
White has left for Lumber City to intercept
and his who it is
cept Brewer gang ru
mored have gone there for reinforcements
Brewers mother lives at Lumber City
and It i suspected that i he gets out of
McMillans swamp he will go to his
mothers Firing along tho picket line
keeps up but it is principally by boys A
crowd of armed men just returned from a
trip to the swamp report that four colored
men were found dead but gave no names
I is said they did not know the negroes
The jail was broken into early
this morning and two negro prison
ners riddled with bullets Another
negro was found at home shot
through tho heart and one with a flesh
wound In the shoulder I is reported that
others have been killed but the officers
have not found them Search for the bodies
will be kept up all day The negroes are
quitting their homes and going to other
towns A largo number of negroes were
taken from their homes this morning and
whipped many of them being prostitutes
crowd of white men went to several
houses after breakfast this morning and
compelled tho negroes to leave They pun
ished some of them The Hussars have
started for Savannah but an infantry com i
pany of Brunswick will remain till to
morrow The swamp where Brewers
gang is hiding will be searched this after
noon and if the negroes are found a lynch
ing will probably follow The coroner is
now holding an inquest the dead bodies
News from the Swamp
NEW YORK Dec 2GA Savannah special
says Twenty negroes were killed in the
riot at and around Jessup yesterday before
darkness came on The Georgia Hussars
of this city under command of VV W Gor
don are patrolling the village this morn
ing There is intense excitement over the
killing of Deputy Marshal Barnhill and
Lumberman W H Woods Marshal D
Leggett and Station Agent M J Woods
were badly wounded but are resting easily
today and it is expected that both will re
cover While the negroes were retreating
to the swamp several of their white pur
suers were slightly wounded Marshal
Leggett and another citizen fatally Armed
reinforcement from the neighboring vii
lages arrived promptly and with nearly all
the ablebodied whites of Jessup and many
friendly negroes a descent was made on
the rioters The negroes are well supplied
with revolvers and made a sortie from one
side of the swamp They stood their
ground for a very short time as the scrub
trees did Lot afford much protection Sev
eral were shot down in tho scramble for
shelter on their retreat to a dense cane
brake During the night an occasional shot
was heard in the village A negro was
found dead in an alley a few moments ago
and two others of the wounded are re
ported dying
Later Tne most reliable information is
that ten people have been killed at Jessup
A special t the Morning Sews says that
everything is quito there and a company
of citizens has been organized to guard the
town against invasion
The coroner held an inquest this after
noon and the jury returned a verdict charg
ing the negroes Brewer and Rayford with
murdering Marshal BonehiU and young
Woods As to the killing of the negroes in
jail the jury returned a verdict of death
by parties unknown
The Theatres will Hake a New Departure and
Produce OldEstabllshed Favorites
SpecialtoTHE HERALD Examiner DIspatch1
LONDON Dec 26By cable to the New
York Herald There was a time when
boxing night was one of the recognized oc
casions for the production of new plays I
was the rule for nearly every place of
amusement t put forth on that night a
new bill for the edification or reverse of
its patrons but we have changed all that
and with the exception of pantomimic
houses the theatres will tempt fortune
this evening with pieces of already estab
lished popularity Drury Lane and Her
Majestys lead the way in spectacular pan
tomime At both houses will be found pop
ular favorites tuneful music pretty faces
and gorgeous dresses Harry Nicholls and
Augustus Harris have done their best at
The Lane to fill the gap poor Blanchards
death has caused while at Her Majestys
Richard Henry and Clement Scott have de
vised sweet worded lyrics for the old story
of Cinderella The names of Walter
Slaughter and Edward Solomon vouch for
the popular character of the music at both
houses Covent Garden relies upon a
picked circus troupe and a pantomime
played will be by a trained children lion The which great rides attraction on horse I
back and performs various feats of the
ring Barnum makes a bold bid for his
share of holiday makers by giving three
complete and distinct performances in the
morning afternoon and evening
Snapper Garrison Going to England
Special t THE HERALD Examiner DIspatch1
NEW YORK Dec 20 Snapper Garrison
was interviewed by a reporter today as to
whether he intended to ride in England
during his sojourn there He answered
Most assuredly I will if I am permitted
by the jockey clubs Surely they will not
ask of me to serve an apprenticeship of
seven years the same a a common stable
boy They did nor bar Billy Donohuo out
when ho went over there and I do not
ieow why they should have any objection
to me In fact I think they would be
rather pleased t see me ride to compare
the style of my riding with that of the
English jockeys
Garrison sails January 4 He will take
his family with him Garrison will be
back in time for tho regular racing season
hero as ho has a contract to fulfill He
positively refused t state with whom he
had signed saying that nobody but him
self and the person with whom he signed
knew or should know until they meetready
to say which will not be for some time
He would neither affirm nor deny that he
had signed with Dwyers Rumor had it
that he had signed with Dwyers Tomp
kins owner of Hindoocraft and a friend
of the Snapper said he would not be
surprised if ho had signed with Withers
Three Children Burned to Death
1 OMAHA Dee 26Three children of Mrs
Lena Schip were burned to death in a cot
tagc at 2021 Pierce street this morning
One was a boy of seven and the othera girl
of four and a third a baby boy sis months
old The womans husband deserted her
eight months ago and she has since been
earning a living by taking in washing
This morning she started the kitchen firp
locked the door and went out t get spme
clothesDuring her absence the house caught
fire and tho children were burned t death
in the presence of one hundred people who
vere powerless t save them
The New Water Works at Guayaquil
GUAYVQUIL Dec 2GThe new water
works are completed and the city is now
assured of a plentiful supply of fresh
water This it is believed will have an
excellent effect upon the general health of
the people and an increase of both the
I population city and commerce is looked for the
AH Ant Hallway Decision
NEW YORK Dec 26 Judge Patterson
of the supreme court today banded down
a decision in the suit of certain stockhold
ers of theold Houston Texas Central
railway company continuing the injunc
tion restraining the Central Trust com
pany C P Huntington and others from
issuing stock of the reorganized Houston
Texas Central company Tho plan of
that the stock
reorganization provided tat te stoc
holders might have an equal amount of
stock in tho new company upon the
payment of 7 per cent I they did
not come in On these terms the Southern
Pacific railroad company was t
have the privilege of taking the untaken
shares on better terms > Judge Patterson
says in his decision I is apparent that
Huntington and his associates undertook
to acquire the ownership of the railway in
order to make it a tributary to their own
lines The old stockholders are entitled
t the details of the indebtedness in order
to make effectual any judgment He pro
I hibits the distribution of the stock of the
new corporation until the trial of the actions
The Great Epidemic Arrives In the Rocky
Mountains at Last
DENVER Colo Dec 213The Russian in
fluenza has at last reached the Rocky
mountains Threefourths of the citizens
of Denver are suffering from the plague
Reports from Cheyenne are to the effect
that that city is similarly afflicted
Clevelands Christmas
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEW YORK Dec 2GIn reply to the
seasons greetings last night exPresident
Grover Cleveland said Mrs Cleveland
and I spent the day very quietly at home
and I may say it has been a very pleasant
one I have not stirred out of the house
all day We havoreceived no visitors
Subsequent to the above report reached
the office that the exPresident had nar
rowly escaped a serious accident yesterday
morning He left his house on Madison
avenue in his victoria with Mrs Cleve
land by his side according to this report
and drove down town on Fifth avenue
When near Fortysixth street the right
hind wheel of the carriage came off and
Cleveland and his wife were shaken up
The driver stopped the team and quite a
crowd gathered The occupants of the
carriage were not injured They took
a stage down Fifth avenue and the driver
soon repaired the damages Very few of
the people amongst who rendered assis
tance recognized thesexPresident and his
Government Regulation to Control leprosy
WASHINGTON Dec 26At the last
annual meeting of tho American Public
Health association of Brooklyn a resolu
tion was adopted calling upon the marine
hospital service to exercise the same
watchful vigilance to prevent the introduc
tion into the United States of persons suf
fering with leprosy as it does to prevent
the introduction of yellow fever cholera
etc In accordance with the tenor of this
resolution SurgeonGeneral Hamilton has
prepared a series of regulations having
this end In view which will be sent to the
proper officials for their guidance in deal
ing with persons suffering from this dis
ease The regulations have been approved
by the President
A Kentucky Tragedy
McDonald quarreled with his wifo and
after a struggle four pistol s iots w re
hear Outsiders rushed into their rooms
and found both of them lying upon the
floor unconscious from dangerous pistol
wounds I is believed that neither can
recover It is supposed that McDonald did
his the side shooting v as the pistol was found by
Earthquake In Sicily
LONDON Dec 2GThe town of A3i
Reale Sicily was shaken by an earth
quake yesterday Several houses col
lapsed and many persons were buried in
the ruins
The City of Kingston has just been heard
of at Barbadoes
Commissioner Raum of the pension
bureau is quite ill
Von Alwens president of the Bavarian
chamber of representatives is dead
Boulanger denies that he has been en
gaged to deliver lectures in the United
The President Washington yesterday
afternoon on a gunning trip He expects
to return Saturday
The widow of General George H Thomas
died suddenly Wednesday night at her
residence hero in Washington
The university at Odessa has been closed
owing to the discovery that a number of
the students are active Nihilists
The strike of coal miners in the Char
leroi district of Belgium is spreading
The strikers now number 10400
The Wabash Manufacturing company of
Chicago dealers in blank books and sta
tionery assigned today liabilities 200
Tho boiler in Neff Bros mill at Edmoro
Mich exploded yesterday morning killing
Foreman F Stranman and injuring three I
I is reported that the Nadeau winery I
near Los Angeles has been destroyedwith
100000 worth of wine by the breaking of
the levee i
The main building of the Western col
lege Toledo was burned yesterday Loss
1500 insurance small I will be re
built at once
A cyclone from the southwest swept
across Onondaga lake Now York at 10
oclock many structures Tuesday forenoon prostrating
At Northville Mich John A Taylor
and a man named Miller tried to gain ad
mittance to the house of John Rouch who
fired at them killing Taylor
Tuesday morning at Ludlow Mass
John Bassett mill hand killed his wife
and stabbed himself six times He expres
sed himself as well pleased with his work
The spasms ol pain that rack the rheu
matic are relieved by Glenns sulphur soap
Hills Hair and Whisker Dye black or
brown roe
Cloaks wrappers skirts fur sets at clos
ing out prices Fur boas and muffs at 1
each F AraRnAcn BRO
Oklahoma Wants Territorial Government
GUTIIRIE Oklahoma Dec 2QA petition
to Congress praying for tho speedy estab
lishment of a territorial government in
Oklahoma which has been circulated
widely has obtained 30000 signatures
Remember that it is impossible to gnther
strength or flesh while harassed with a
painful cough I is a complaint that
preys upon every tissue and fibre of the
frame Yet it is easily removed A bottle
or two of Halos Honey of Horehound and I
Tar arrests and cures any ordinary cough
and a more prolonged use of the remedy
will banish the disease i more deeply i
beate Sold by the drug trddo univer
sally at 5 cents and Sl Great saving to
the consumer to buy large size Pikes
Toothache Drops cure in one minute
By Which the United States and
South America
I the Commercial Sense of the Word by a
Great International System of Ball
roads and Steamships
WHEELING W Va Dec 2dIn view of
its great importance growing out of the
feeling that inspired the PanAmerican
congress and its gigantic proportions as a
railway enterprise the recently incor
porated Columbia Railway Ii Navigation
company at Richmond Va is likely to
prove a sensation in commercial circles I
The following explanation of the plan as
gained from parties directly interested
will appear in tomorrows Wheeling In
The purpose of the company is to con
struct railroads in South America
steamship lines connecting these railroads
roads with points in the United
States and incidentally every
thing necessary to properly carry
on such business The companys capital
is to be 5100000000 and Captain Parsons
of Virginia is at the head of it Briefly
the objects of the Columbia Railway
Navigation company are as follows To
construct a line of railway from some point
near the mouth of tho Magdalena river in
the United States of Colombia southwardly
along the east flank of the Andes and
headwaters of the Amazon to points in
Peru there to connect with the Peruvian
and Argentine system of railroads From
the mouth of the Magdalena river steam
ships will be run to the southern point of
Florida and New Orleans from whence
will extend a road to connect to all parts
of the country The vastness of the en
terprise contemplated is thu apparent
This continent probably the richest in ma
terial resources of all the continents in the
world is to be opened up to the purposes
of commerce immigration and civilization
its products and people are to TJO brought
into easy communication with the rest of
the world and best of all the direct and
lastingbeneflts of these purposes accrue to
the United States
Captain H C Parsons whoso home is
now at the Natural bridge Va is the
originator and controlling spirit of the en
terprise I is by no means his first diffi
cult and hazardous undertaking on the rail
road line He has been engaged in others
though they were as nothing when com
pared with this For fifteen years Captain
Parsons has given the subject of a north
and south line of railroad in South America
his attention He has traveled and inves
tigated examined and surveyed the coun
try and collected information of all kinds
until he has demonstrated tho feasibility
of his great project and at lasthas brought
it to the point of realization In order
to obtain a more thorough organization
and secure a heartier cooperation In
corporators have been solicited and will
shortly be named in all the southern
states When this has been done and the
organization completed by the election of
officers subscription books willbe opened
and the practical work of making surveys
and estimates inaugurated at once The
only part of the prosposed route that is
unknown and unexplored is fbetween the
sources of the Magdalena ridge of the
Cordillaras in Ecuador Here the moun
tain chain must be crossed in order to pass
from the valley of one river to that of
anotherand in addition to the natural
obstacles are fierce savage tribes who have
hitherto resisted all attempts to explore
their country
The northern terminus as npw proposed
will be Port dirtbiijena on the Curribcan
sea The southern termini will be Cuzcoan
Cerropasco in Peru the distance between
them being about two thousand miles half
of which is along streams navigable by fat
bottom steamers The road will traverse
Pampas del Sacramento perhaps the rich
est agricultural region in the world will
skirt the largest gold and silver mines and
nenetrate forests of untold alue At tlie
southern termini junction will bo niT i d
with the two Peruvian lines railway auu I
the railroad for Buienos Ayreson the At
lantic which road is already in operation
for 400 miles to Alta on the head waters of
the La Plata river Thus different outlets
to the ocean will be secured for products
at present inaccessible
At Cuzco and Corrppasco found the
heart of the gold and silver mining region
which has been popularly reputed to be
enormcuslyjWealthy in minerals find where
it was claimed by some of old church
writers was really the Ophir of King Solo
mon The development of Peru in the
past has been exceedingly slow and at great
cost Its 1300 miles of railroad have
cost the state almost one hundred and fifty
thousand dollars per mile the most costly
road in tho world Notwithstanding this
the constructed portions of these lines have
already been largely paid for by royalty
guano beds What would be the result of
a rapid and complete development of such
resources as it contains can be better
imagined than described Almost as much
may be said for every one of the states
through which the proposed route is to
pass In conversation with an Associated
Press correspondent Captain Parsons
dwelt at length upon tho element of uncer
tainty which must enter into thd problem
on account of the unknown region in the
crossing of the Cordilleras Whether man
can do what has never yet teen done is a
question which the companys engineers
will have to solve in the near future
I must be clear said Captain Par
sons to a casual observer of the matters
involved i that this or some similar i one is
the only practicable channel oy which our
wares can be carried in competition with
those of Europe to the heart of South
America It offers the only possible means
of competing in time with the trans i
Atlantic steamers and La Plata system
of boats By this means travel
ers will be able to make the dis
tance from Lima the capital of Peru
to New York in nine days At Lima he
will be but thirty hours by steamer from
Valparaizo At New York ho is but seven
days from Liverpool FromDChili to Eng
land in seventeen days I it be true that
the United States with its PanAmerican
congress and reciprocity treaties is seek
ing its chief market in South America it
would appear that she can best find not at
Rio de Janeiro not at Buenos Ayres not
upon tho coast fronting England nor upon
the narrow arid plains of the upper Pacific
coast but by piercing to tho centre of the
nutrat once to extra kernelthat all for
eign nations are looking for an opening on
tho outside
A Brazilian Decree
Rio DE JANEIRO Dec 2The govern
ment has issued a decree providing that al
persons found endeavoring to corrupt the
allegiance of the soldiers or contriving or
proposing any measure for active opposi
tion to the republic shall be tried by a military
tar tribunal An opposition journal was
suspended on Tuesday v
Official News from Brazl >
WASHINGTON Dec 26An Associated
Press representative who called at the Bra
zilian legation today to inquire for news
concerning the fighting which is reported
t have occurred at Rio db aheirg f t om the
18th to the 20th inst found tho minister
had just receiyed the following telegram
from Ruy Barboza minister of finance
under the new regime From cablegrams
we learn that unfortunately there is no
speculation from newsmongers against us
which is not credited in Europe in spite ot
all ou warnings against this sort of con
spiracy Reports about the meeting
of corps of artillery are false
There was only a meeting of a few sol
diers which was immediately suppressed
This circumstance has increased her con
fidence in the government which shows
itself strong and prepared with prompt
and decisive means to put down any dis
turbance of the public order The aggra
vation of General Fonsecas illness is not
true On the contrary he is recovering
speedily from his former complaints At
any rate the fate of the revolution is
nowaccepted by the whole country and
does not depend on the contingency of one
mans life however precious it maybe I
tho army itself the revolution can rely on
other chiefs of great prestige and no less
devotion to the cause All the different po
litical parties have espoused with enthu
siasm the time fixed November 151890
for the meeting of the constituent assem
bly they considering that by this act the
stability of the republic insured
Indications In Brazil
NEW YORK Dec 26Tho steamship
Sirius which left Rio de Janeiro Decem
ber 4 arrived here today She reports
several foreign warships among them
I the United States steamer Richmond had
arrived at that harbor and that quietness
reigned in the city but that a riot had
taken place in Rio de Janiero district al
though no particulars could be learned up
to the time of sailing Captain Fisher of
the Sirius was seen by a reporter and
said We were at Rio everything was
quiet and business was going on as usual
although the banks were a bit wary and
drafts for over one hundred pounds would
not be honored There was however an
under current of discontent manifested
and I am not surprised to hear of an out
break there since we left There is evi
dently a considerable number of the peo
ple of the city who desire to see the em
pire established The sentiment has
lot taken shape in any definite movement
but mutterings of dissatisfaction were
heard The truth was the banishment of
Dom Pedro and the proclamation of the
republic came with such suddenness that
the adherents of the empire had no time to
make any demonstration When we were
there looked for troubles not only in Rio
but throughout Brazil for some time to
come Those at the head of the new
novementhave not a pleasant prospect be
fore them by any means
W R Grace today received a cable
from Rio that exchange there is quoted
at 2M pence which is a fall of 3M pence
since Dom Pedro was deposed Rubber
has gone up 2 mills and 000 reis today
Exchange is at 94K per cent below par
Grace said he was not an alarmist but there
are indications of serious trouble brewing
He believed that Brazil contained
beleved Brzi more
corrupt officials than any country on the
face of the globe I the press had the
same liberty as in this country the
rascality would be exposed in a way that
would be surprising
The Electrical Machines at Sins Sing
TestedThey All Eight
NEW YORK Dec 211Today the electri
cal machines at Sing Sing prison were
tested by a committee for the state This
clearly shows that the dynamos are even
more deadly than has been represented
When run at less than the ordinary number
of revolutions per minute the electrical
pressure was found to exceed one thousand
six hundred volts instead of being only
1000 This proves that about three hun
dred ties a second pressure runs about
two thousand volts
Angels Camp Disaster
SAN ANDREAS Cala Dec 26Tho lat
est report from the Angels camp disaster
is that there are at least seventeen and
probahlynlneteen men buried in the mine
here are little hopes of ever recovering
their bodies
British Ironclads for Lisbon
LONDON Dec 2GFour ironclads have
left Malta under orders to proceed to Lis
bon to be present at the ceremony of the
proclamation of King Charles I
The Charleston In Commission
VALLEJO Cal Dec 26The United
cruiser Charleston went into commission
t j day at the Mare Island navy yard Com
mander Louis Kempff formally turned the
cruiser over to Captain George C Reamey
Commodore Bin ham and the officers attached
tached to the navy yard and a large num
ber > of other persons witnessed the cere
mony February The ship will be ready for sea in
Eml Pashas Followers
ZANZIBAR Dec 2GTwo hundred and
fifty followers of Emin Pasha will sail for
Suez tomorrow Emin will not be able to
leave Bagamoyo for three weeks Stanley
will sail for Egypt December 30
Republican League of the United Slates
NEW YORK Dec 211The examination
of James P Foster expresident of the
Republican league of the United States
was continued today before the referee in
he suit of Talemadge and Martin against
P D Lownsberry treasurer of the league
to the sum 511500 for
recover SUU L5O stationery
supplies and printing furnished during
the Presidential campaign of 18b8 Foster
was called on behalf of tho plaintiffs to
show that the league authorized the con
tract but his examination was not com
pleted The plaintiffs offered as evidence
tb report of the auditing committee ap
pointed by the executive committee at
Baltimore but the defendant objected The
referee reserved his decision
The Flood at Los Angeles
Los ANGELES Dec 2GThe heavy rain
of the last few days continued this morn
ing All trains from the northeast and
south are now cut off and the damage to
the tracks is very great The Santa Fe
officials estimate their loss at 200000 and
the loss on the Southern Pacific lines
reach 150000 The country from the line
to the ocean is flooded and many miles of
track are under water There is great
damage to the stest cable lines and bridges
in the city several bridges having gone
entirely Many houses in tho lowlands are
flooded and families driven out There is
a report that the house of James Ryan on
the river bank was washed away and the
whole familyjnissing Tho levee is broken
in several places Fully twenty five inches
of rain have fallen there this season
Death of Consul B J Stevens
SEATTLE Washn Dec 20 Colonel
Robert J Stevens United States consul at
Victoria died suddenly today of appo
plexy at the residence of this soninlaw
Captain J A Hatficld of this city
A Fire In PltUbnrsr
PITTSBURO Dee 26A fire under the
Casino museum tonight caused quite a
panic among 400 people up stairs Several
were badly bruised in tho rush to get out
of the building
North Dakota Almost Bankrupt
BISMARCK N DDec 26 Governor
Mellette says that South Dakota will be
obliged to close up some of her institutions
as the receipts of the state will fall so far
short of tho expenses that there apparently
will bo no other alternative In North
Dakota Governor Miller in Ms message to
the legislature estimated deficiency for
the frt year at nearly one hundred and
fiftysix thousand dollars and called
attention to tho imperative need and importance
portance of the strictest economy In al
departments of the new state Subsequent
development show that the governor un
derstated the deficiency and that the out
look is little better than bankrupcy
His advice was not followed
A Tuscarora Indian Murdered
ander Williams a Tuscarora Indian and a
brother of Grand Sachem Thomas Williams
I lams was found murdered his house on
the Indian reservation yesterday A blood
stained iron bolt was found with which he
had been hit Williams wife is suspected
of having committed the deed The where
abouts of an Indian bravo named Chew i
I also being enquired into
Indian Trouble at Fort Sully
PIERRE S D Dec 26 Reliable parties
from Fort Sully state that there Is trouble
with tho Indians at that place The parties
say the Indians are not satisfied with the
treaty opening their reservation and claim
they are not promised sufficient remunera
tion for their ponies Also that they have
killed several settlers near the fort
Mrs Admiral Rodgers Dead
WAHINGTON Dec 26The wife of Rear I
Admiral Rodgers died this evening
In Honor of Henry W Grady I
ATLANTA Dec 26A largely attended
memorial meeting in honor of Henry W
Grady was held today There were many I
prominent speakers among them Gov
Brnor Gordon and Hon Patrick Walsh
Humor of a Riot Unfounded
MACON Ga Dec 2GThe report of a
riot at Barnesville is erroneous I arose
from the unprovoked murder of a negro of
men excellent character by four drunken white
The Severest Snows for Years Christmas
Herald Corrections
PARK CIT Dec 26 18S9 Special to
THE HERALD The winter storms are
upon us at last with a vengeance and the
snows of the past few days are unequaled
by anything for a long time past Around
town snow is three and four feet deep and
advices from the Ontario and Daly mines
say it is fully ten feet deep thereabouts
fifteen men are kept employed on the On
tario road to keep it open at the Daly
work has been suspended for the time
by storm in the midst of a storm Heavy
orders for fresh copies were telephoned
down today There were two typograph
ical errors in the Park City page which
should be corrected In referring to the
Woodside hoisting plant I wrote that the
vertical shaft had been sunk to a depth of
200 feet with a view to takino in the
large bodies of ore known to be contained
I m the hill with less expense than the
crude methods used by the parties who
were producing ore under the lease The
printer ludicrously made it snide methods
I wrote that Mr Dusseldorf was resident
manager of the Comstock and the printer
made it President and manager
I The Santa Fes New G F Agent
ST PAUL Dec 2GT A Whitmore
i assistant general freight agent of the
Kansas City road has been appointed
I general freight agent of the Santa Fe
Heeling of the National Congress at Bombay
Claims of the People
BOMBAY Dec 211Tsve thousand dele
gates attended the first meeting of the na
ional congress Sir William Wedder
bUn president of the congress condemned
the Indian bureaurocacy and claimed for
be people of India the same control over
their government as the people of England
possess over theirs
Doings of a Festive Burglar
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEW YORK Dec 26An exiting burg
lary took place ChristmasEve in the three
story brown stone boardinghouse of James
Symington Brooklyn at 7 in the evening
Symington and wife had gone to buy
Christmas presents Five boarders had
just left the dinner table and gone up stairs
to the third story and the pretty English
hired girl Kitty Gill was clearingjaway
dishes when she heard a clatter of glass
She rushed from the basement dining room
to the hallway and saw that a small side
light next the door had been shattered and
that there was someone at the door The
stranger stepped into the hal What do
you want she asked
I want money he replied The next
moment he struck her a powerful blow in
the chest She staggered back and fell on
the stairway Her head struck on one of
the stair steps andsho became unconscious
She recovered in about two minutes and
screamed for help The stranger was still
standing in the hallway He struck her
in the face She ran into the din
ing room and locked the door behind her
The boarders upstairs did not hear the
girls screams for help In the basement
dining room was also Miss Saran Jones
dressmaker The two women secured the
two doors leading from the hallway into
the basement and remained in a state of
siege The burglar went upstairs to the
Kitty left the house in search of a po
liceman The burglar tried to open the
door leading from the hal way into the
dining room but the dressmaker had
locked It He went to the front of the
house raised one of the basement windows
and sprang into the room falling on the
floor on his hands and knees The dress
maker sat in tho corner of the room at
work with her needle She was greatly
frightened The burglar picked up a little
alarm deck from the mantel and drew it
back to strike her with it She said
Dont strike me I dont belong here I
ant merely working here At the same
moment she made a dash for the door un
locked it ran into the street and down t
tho next corner By this time two of the
boarders Clarence Boiso and Edward S
Phillips alarmed by the noise in
the basement came down stairs and
found tho burglar standing in the
dining room behind one of tho dining
tables As soon as they entered the room
he opened fire on them with vinegar cruets
pepper sauce bottles salt cellars platters
soup tureens cups saucers and dishes
Nearly all the articles that had been on
the table were broken against the walls of
the dining room The floor was littered
with fragments of dishes The boarders
dodged the flying missiles and as soon as
they could made a break for the burglar
They caught him flung him down and sat
on him till Kitty Gill arrived with two
policemen The burglars arm was badly
cut There was a pool of blood on the din
ing room floor and there was blood on the
walls of the bed room on the parlor floor
He had lacerated arm in trying break
into the basement door He was a young
man not more than nineteen years old
He was partly under the influence of
liquor He told the officers that he would
fight them if he could
Pleasant to the taste and readily taken
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Rev Sam Smalls Daughter
Elopes and Marries
Three Bishops Will bo Cansecrated at One
Time from One Diocese The Be
vision of the Tariff
SpecialtoTHE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
elopement of the seventeenyearold daugh
ter of Sam K Small the noted evangelist
is the universal topic of conversation and
social circles are stirred up as seldom be
fore She was married last night to
William M Graham of Cartersville Ga
the home of the young lady the ceremony
being performed by Rev G W Dumbell
rector of St Pauls Episcopal charch
It is a romantic affair throughout The
husband was her fathers private secretary
when she was about twelve years of age
and her parents discovering that a warmer
feeling than mere friendship existed be
tween them sent the young lady to Mill
ersburg where she attended a seminary
Thither followed her lover and being de
tected in holding clandestine meetings she
became the subject of special prayer in
public which created a great sensation at
the time She was taken from this school
and placed in Centenary college at Cleve
land Here also the lover came to meet
her and aboutayearago she returned home
Young Graham had begun the practice of
law and soon afterwards was appointed
official court stenographer ot the circuit
Several plans were formed for an elope
ment but all were frustrated Tuesday
night a plan was formed which was car
ried out successfully Professor L B
Robeson principal of Carterville Ga
academy is a boarder at the residence of
Rev Sam Jones To him the young couple
went for assistance He formed a plot
which was carried out to the letter Dr
Mayes a mutual friend came to Chatta
nooga Tuesday night under pretense that
lie was going to Atlanta When
tie reached here he immediately ar
ranged the preliminaries A license was
procured and Rev Dr Backman secured
to perform the ceremony Graham took
his sweetheart out with a Christmas horse
back riding party and succeeded in getting
separated without arousing suspicion The
couple then rode rapidly to Rogers station
where they left their horses and boarded
the train for Chattanooga They were
joined by Professor Robson who ostensi
bly left Cartersville on a trip to visit
relatives in this city They drove directly
to the study of Rev Dr Bachman whose
suspicions had been aroused and
who declined to perform the ceremony
and by giving the age of the bride at
twentytwo years succeeded in having the
ceremony performed The party drove to
the leading hotel after the wedding where
hey had a private supper and telegrams
ver3 sent to the brides father informing
him of the event They will return to
Jartersville today The bride is a beauti
ful girl with a classic face dark brown
lair and eyes The groom is a smooth
shaved and boyish looking
An Event In Catholic History
ST PAUL Dec 21A great number of
Catholics are gathering here to witness the
ceremonies tomorrow when three bishops
will be consecrated There will be up
wards of three hundred priests and bishops
in attendance The event is notable particularly
icularly because it is the second time that
three bishops have been consecrated to
gether in the United States and the first
time in the history of the church that three
lavebeen from one diocese The ceremony
will be conducted by Archbishop Ireland
assisted by several noted prelates The
priests on whom miters will be conferred
ire Revs John Shanley of St Paul
James McGolrick of Minneapolis and
Joseph B Cotter of Winona
Revision of the Tariff
WASHINGTON Dec 211The first of the
series of tariff hearings mapped out by the
House committee on ways and means was
held this morning Gentlemen interested
in metals ore and coal are being permitted
to give their views The committee en
deavored to draw from N M Moore and
Powell Stockhouse of Michigan informa
tion as to the amount of labor and capital
contained in a ton of iron ore The res
> onses however were unsatisfactorytbey
declaring their inability to give a correct
answer owing to the varied customs of
different miners
J J Dominies of New York urged
against reduction of the duty on iron ore
Galusha Growe of Pennsylvania advo
cated a reduction on coal but maintained
hat a proviso should he added declaring
hat the reduced duty should apply only to
he products of such foreign countries as
lid not urge an abolition of the tariff but
hat it should be fixed at a rate to cover
he difference in wages in the United
States and Canada
Charles F Mayer president of the Con
solidated Coal company of Maryland pro
tested against any reduction in the coal
duty He did not want to put the Amen
can laborer down on the same plane as the
British laborers A reduction of the tariff
would have that effect
At the evening session Oscar Reen
representing the Newark N J Smelting
works endeavored to impress upon the
committee the necessity of maintaining
the present law in relation to the importa
tion of lead ore when containing a val
uable proportion of precious metals
L E Holden of Cleveland Ohio took
the other view and contended that lead orer
even when it contains ore of the more
precious metals should pay its share of
the duty on imports
Hon H Townsend of Colorado pro
tested against the finding of the secretary
of the treasury as unfair to the miners and
mine owners of the west
Hon Mr Bartine of Nevada said the
people of his region irrespective of politics
or parties were high tariff men so far as
lead was concerned and he argued in sup
port of the resolution recently offered by
him in the House requesting the secretary
of the treasury to modify his lead ore
decision The rulings should bo rectified
without delay The resolutions offered
by him should be considered before a tariff
bill was presented because it was well
known that a bill gave rise to longwinded
debates and might precipitate a deadlock
upon the House He said he had consulted
with President Harrison on the subject
and that the President had fully sympath
ized with the people of the west but he did
not feel at libertjrto go behind the rulings
of his predecessor
The Philadelphia Printers
PHILADELPHIA Dec 26The printers to
day considered the refusal of the proprie
tors of local papers to grant the advance in
the price of type setting and referred the
matter to the executive committee of the
International union for action
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