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News and Ads HERALD Scramble IN for THE Superiority
TIAK 24 1890
T Senator Ingalls Speaks Upon the
I t N egro Question
The Kansas Senators Warning to tho South
Sitting1 Upon a Volcano Shall i be
Reform or Revolution
WASHINGTON Jan 2In the Senate to
day Vest presented the credentials of Clark
and Maginnis as Senatorselect from Mon
I tana Read and referred The four claim
I ants from Montana were admitted to the
privileges of the floor pending the contest I
i A bill increasing to 800000 the appropri
4 ation for a site for a public building in San
rancisco was reported from the commit
tee on public buildings and placed on the
The Senate bill for an immediate appro
priation of 500000 for the continuance of
I the improvement of the mouth of the Col
umbia river passed Also one to place
General Stoneman on the retired list as a
colonel of infantry
The Senate took up the bill Butlers on
negro emigration and Ingalls addressed
i Senate The following are extracts from
Ingalls address On toe threshold of
our second century we are confronted with
the most formidable and port ntious prob
lem ever submitted to a free peo
ple for solution complex unprece
dented involving social moral and political
consideration party supremacy and in the
estimation of many though not in my own
the existence of our system of govern
ai iaent Its solution will demand all the re
Sources of the statesmanship of the pres
enl and of the future to prevent crisis
that may besome a catasthrophe I should
be approached with candor with solemn
ity with patriotic purpose with fearless
i scrutiny without subterfuge and without
reserve The line of cleavage between the
wnites and blacks is becoming constantly
more distinct and perceptible Politically
they are affiliated with the victors in the
I late civil war socially and by locality and
residence they are associated with the
vanquished Fred Douglass the most illus
trious living representative of the negro
race once said to me he thought that
as prejudice and social and political an
tagonism disappeared the races would
blend coalesce and become homogenous I
I do not agree with him Such a solution
in my judgment would perpetuate the vices
4 of both races and the virtues of neither I
After praising the colored people for their
fidelity t the south aunng tne war ne
said I seems incredible that irratitude
should not have defended and shielded
them from the hideous and indescribable
wrongs and crimes of which they have been
for a quarter of a century the guiltless and
unresisting victims J
Ingalls went to speak of the determina
tion of the south t eliminate the negro as
a factor from its political and social history I
and quoted evidence on that point from
Democratic newspapers and Democratic
politicians He particularly instanced the
recent Jackson Miss election and quoted
the statement that the election at Jackson
was the most outrageous overseen the
town had been taken possession of bj
toughs with rifles It was said that
Senator Georges son was one of the rifle
men Resuming Ingalls said Pretexts
for this condition of things all rest upon
the fear of a negro supremacy To this
nullification of the constitution the people
of the north have apparently consented
The south is standing upon a volcano the
south is sitting on a safety valve Alieadj
the mutterings of discontent by hostile
organizations are heard The use of the
torch and the dagger is advised1 deplore it
but as God is my judge I say no
other people on the face of the earth have
ever submitted to the wrongs and injustice
which have been for twentylive years put
upon the colored men of the south without
revolution and blood
Inralls went on to warn the south of the
natural consequences of its course toward
I the colored people Despotism make
i Nihilists Ingalls then spoke of an outrage
committed in Aberdeen Miss on the daj
i of Jefferson Davisluneral when German
tinner a citizen of Indiana accidentally in
the course of his work let fall from the
house roof a cable which had been stretched
across the street by the citizens bearing
an effigy of the secretary of war wIth
the inscription Red Procter Traitor
and for this accident the tinner was brut
ally whipped by one McDonald receiving
at least two hundred lashes and being
nearly blinded and terribly lacerated Mc I
Donald was fined 30 The citizens sub i
scribed twice the amount discharged the I
fine paid for the broken whip bought a
railroad ticket for the victim and sent him
out of town I be continued out
rages like that had been inflicted on an
American citizen in England France
Spcin or anywhere on the face of the
fy earth and there had not been instan
9 taneous disavowal or reparation u a million
men in this country would spring t arms
to avenge the outrage and wrong But this
outrage was inflicted in Mississippi the
perpetrators go unwhipped of justice
Race antagonism applied only t colored
men I they were all Democrats the
race question would be over Four solu I i
tions of the problem have been suggested
Emigration extermination absorption and
disfranchisemcnt But there was still a
fifth solution which never had been tried I I
and that solution was justice I appeal to I
the south he exclaimed uto their experi
ment of justice Stack your arms open I
your ballot boxe3 register your voters and
voters black and white and i your expd
ment has been fairly and honestly tried it 1
appears that the African race is incapable
of civilization i it apptars that the com I
plexion burnt upon nisi bv the sun is in <
compatible with freedom I will pledge my
self t consult with jon about some
measure of solving the race problem
I But until then nothing can be don o The I
Ak citizenship of the negro must be absolutely
at recognized His right to vote must be
admitted and the ballots cast must be
honestly counted These are the fcbbuitial
preliminaries the conditions prec tntfll
any consideration and ulterior and funda
mental questions of race supremacy or
race equality in the United States north 1
or south Those who freed the slaves ask
nothing more they will be content with I
nothing less The experiment must be
iairly tie
At the conclusion of Ingalls address the
Senated adjourned till Monday
The House
WASHINGTON Jan 3In the House to
day a report of the committee on elections
in the contested election case o Smith vs
Jrickson from the Fourth district West
jrrginia was submitted and recommitted
It declares the contestant elected and en
titled to the certificate The minority was
granted leave to file a minority report
The House ivent into committee of the
whole on the customs administrative bill
After the adoption of several minor
amendments the committee closed and the
House aijourned
The Worlds Fair
WASHINGTON Jan 23The House com
mittee on the worlds fair today discussed
the subcommittee
subject and referred to the
mittee already appointed two propositions
presented by Frank providing for a com
memorative celebration of the landing of
Columbus in 1S92 and fair the following
year and another by Springer of Illinois
proposing that the House proceed t select
a site for the fair by ballot Monday The
subcommittee which consists of Candler
Flower and Hitt was increased by the addition
dition of Wilson of Virginia and Frank
of Missouri Virgnia I
Excitement In Florida
2scambia rifles arrived last nicht and
lards were posted throughout the town
hirtyfive ring leaders of the negro
strikers were arrested today but the
chief one cannot be found One negro was
shot to day while fleeing from arrest In
tense excitement prevails but it is erener
ally believed that the arrest of the ring I
leaders will have a quieting effect
labor Organization Discussion
COLUMBUS Ohio Jan 23oint conven
tion of the Land Progressive Union and
Miners met this morning Roe of the
Knights of Labor was elected temporary
president and John McBride of the other
organization vicepresident The balance
of the other temporary officers were reelected
The joint j committee on the order of busi
ness reported that no resolution of consoli
ation will be considered as adopted unless
it receives threefourths majority vote of
arli organization
Tae discussion was opened on consolida
tion by John McBride who strongly
favored an open organization
Roe on behalf of the Knights of Labor
poke at length in favor of one organiza
tion with two branches There was such
a wide difference of opinion that the convention
ention adjourned to give the joint com
mit e further time to work
COLCMIIUS Jan 23he joint conven
Ion of the Miners Progressive union and
hfa Miners District Assembly of the
Knights of Labor today adopted a plan
of almalgamation A committee was ap
pointed to prepare a constitution and re
port tomorrow A committee was also
appointed to inquire into the vexed ques
tion of machine mining
The almalgamation of these two bodies
makes one ot the strongest bodies of or
ganized labor in the country The extent
of their organization and membership was
mentioned in these dispatches yesterday
The Crime of a Denver Cook Against a Beauti
ful Waitress Who Refused Him
DENVER Jan 23For over a year and a
half Bob Scott a cook in a Champa street
restaurant has been persecuting Nellie
Ryan a beautiful waitress of eighteen
years with his attentions A few days ago
Scott insulted the girl She reported him
t the proprietor who discharged him
Scott swore he would be revenged and as
the girl and her sister were going to the
restaurant early this morning to begin
their days work Scott suddenly stepped
from a doorway at the corner of Four
tenth and Cnampa streets ana nreu
at the girls breast A corset stave
caused the bal to glance when she started
t run The murderer pursued her and
fired two balls into her back one passing
through the heart causing instant death
A crowd surrounded the man who stood
them off with a revolver and made his
escape The entire police force and a
posse of citizens are searching for him and I
jf i captured by the latter he will probably I
never live to stand trial
I Kyrle Bellew Left by the Lambs
NEw YORK Jan 23 Kyrle Bellew the
actor was dropped from the roll of mem
bership of the Lambs club at a meeting of
the governing committe The cause was
a bill of sj due to the steward of the club
for nourishment solid and liquid
Heavy Gales In England
LOXHON Jan 23 Heavy gales prevail in
England today At several places the
wind has driveu the water on to the land
causing floods
There is a great storm of wind and rain
in southern England and enormously high
lids as a consequence The Severn has
overflowed it banks Gloucester vale is
submerged There is great loss of prop
erty The Yimington Llally Portsmouth
and South Wales railroads are temporarily
stopped The damage due to the storm is
I found to be enormous as reported in detail
C P HuntIngton Testifies
WASHIXGTOX Jan 23C P Huntington
vicepresident of the Central Pacific rail
road appeared before tim House committee
on Pacific railroads and favored an exten
sion of the time allowed for the settlement
of the indebtedness of the Central Pacific
railroad company and a reduction of the
interest to be paid as propcsed in the Van
dever bill Huntington was asked and re
plied t many questions by members of the
The bill he favored he said was known
as the omnibus bill Ib differed from the
Outhwaite Union Pacific bill in the period
of settlement I covered 125 years years
instead of fifty years and the rate of in
terest t be paid was IK per cent against
3 per cent for the Union Pacific bill
With a reasonable c time g allowance the
Central Pacific would pay its debt I
would pay during the next eighteen years
more than double the sum it now pa s
under the Thurman act
I California Jlaih I
NEW YORK Jan 23 California mails to
this city are still missing and postolhVe
I authorities do not know definitely where
they are They believe they are snow
bound It is now four days since the last
the San 14th Francisco mail arrived They were of
I Adam Forepangli Dead
paugh the veteran circus manager died
late lust night at his residence in this city
A week or two ago he was attacked with
influenza which three or four days ago
developed into pneumonia Forepaugh
amassed a fortune in the show business
which will go t his wife and son
WASHINGTON Jan 23J The Presi
dent today made the following
nominations Collector of customs John
R Berry San Francisco Cal To be sup
I ervisors of the census Nevada George J
Lammon Oregon John H Shupe first
J W Strange second Washington Wil
lam D Jenkins first New Mexico Ho
I ratio W Ladd Utah Amasa S Condon
The Rio Grande System Open
DENVER Jan23TIie entire Rio Grande
system is now open the snow blockade
having been raised late yesterday after
The Union Pacific route to Portland was
opened yesterday afternoon and the first
train in from that city for several days ar
rived in Denver this afternoon at 4 oclock
The San Francisco route opened today and
the first through train for the coast left
Denver this morning
Chinese Coming via Mexico
CITY OF MEXICO Jan 23 Influenza is
increasing and developing into pleurisy
There are many deaths from it throughout
the republic
A number of Chinese have reached
Tampico from Cuba their destination be
ing the United States
No News of the Erin
NEW YORK Jan 23The agents of the
National Steamship line stated today that
they have no additional information re
garding the steamship Erin which it is
feared has foundered with all on board i
The agents however still maintain there
is yet hope The Erin may have made
some port in a disabled condition A crew
of sixtyseven was shipped in Liverpool
and the names are not known here but
Captain Tyson was commander and John
Grant first officer Besides the regular
crew there were twenty cattle men on
board six of whom were working their
passage back to Liverpool and were un
known were Americans to the agents The other fifteen
Murder and Suicide
CHICAGO Jan 23Nicholas Mercer mur
dered his wife shortly before noon today
and then committed suicide Jealousy was
the cause
Sentence of an Embezzling Teller
NEW YORK Jan 23Henry M Jackson
former paying teller of the subtreasury
who ran away to Canada with 10000 and
who pleaded guilty to the charge of em
bezzlement a few days ago was today
sentenced to six years imprisonment and a
fine of 10000 the amount he embezzled
The Rough Experience of the Rhylaiuler Dur
ing a Gale on the Atlantic
NEW YORK Jan 23The steamship Rhy
lander from Antwerp experienced some
of the roughest weather ever known on the
Atlantic January 12 one of the most ter
rific storms ever experienced came on
Towering waves swept over the decks with
such fury that six life boats on the upper
deck were stove At the same time a ter
rific wave boarded the ship astern crush
ins in the turtle back over the steering
machinery and rendering all steering im
possible The steamer was saved from
almost inevitable wreck only through the
heroic exertions of Captain Weir and his
officers The damage was temporarily re
paired so as to render steering possible
The weather moderated somewhat up to
January IS when a gale even more terrific
than the former one came on lasting till
the following morning During the re
mainder of the voyage a heavy westerly
gale and a high southerly sea with fre
quent snow squalls and intensely cold
weather prevailed
IJompard Mistress and Murderer
PARIS Jan 23 Bornpard mistress of
Eyrand who is accused of murder con
fessed that she murdered Gouffe She de
clares that while they were in San Fran
cisco he wanted her to ensnare a French L
admirer there in order that he might
murder him I is said Eyrand has written
to the police from New York offering to
confront Bompard Another report says
Eyrana is hidden in Paris
Caught in Full Bloom
NEW YORK Jan 23From Delaware
comes the complaint that the present cold I
weather has caught he peach and apricot
buds in full bloom
Socialist uximlslon Clause Rejected
BERLIN Jan 23The reichstas today
rejected the expulsion clause of the Social i
ist bill and decided by a vote of IOU to 111 I
to maIm the measure permanent
I Vicar General Lejrarc Dead
QUEBEC Jan 23Monsigneur Legare
vicargeneral of this arch diocese died to
day of la grippe
Wimlom on the Seal Fisheries
WASHINGTON Jan 23Secretary Win
dom has written a long letter to Senator
Frye chairman of the committee on com
merce in regard to the Behring seal fisher
ies The secretary quotes a number of
opinions of previous secretaries in opposi
tion to the principles of the bill now before
the Senate which provides for direct con
trol by the treasury department and the
abolition of the leasing system and adds
The present system commends itself to
my judgment as the wisest and best for the
government adopt for the future
Located Cor Main and Third South Streets
The Clift is the best 2 per day house
west of Chicago Rooms large cool and
airy new and handsome furniture electric
lights and all the latest conveniences and
accessories Dining hall spacious and per
ject in its appointment Table firstclass
Rooms may be secured by telegraph
corner of Main and Second South Most
central location of any hotel in the city
Opposit postofdce Union ticket and Pull
man office in the hotel Newly remodeled
and furnished throughout Table
passed Electric light bells and all I
Electrc lght bels al mod
ern conveniences Terms SL50 to 2 per
day H L HALL Proprietor
JJncklens Arnica Salve
The Best Salvo in the world lor Cuts
Bruises Sores Ulcers Salt Rheum Fever
Sores Totter Chapped Hands Chilblains
Tetteri Hand Chblams
Corns and all Skin Eruptions and posi
tively cures Piles or no pay required I i
i guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction
or money refunded Price 2 cents a box
For ale by A C Smith Co
Go to Barratts for furniture
Pleasant to the taste and readily taken
is Simmons Liver Regulator
Our lines of gentlemens walking driv
ing and party gloves are unsurpassed
14 Main street
Ulanket Sale at
R E Rex of this city representing
Tesse Harris of Fort Collins Cot the cel
ebrated importer of English and Scotch
horses will receive a car load of horses on
the 25th of January He would be pleased
to show to all lovers of the horse some of
the grandest animals on earth Call at
stairs room 1 OS East First South street Up
Mr W H Baldridge druggist Escon
dido California says Chamberlains
Cough Remedy is the best selling medicine
I handle In fact I sell more of it than all
other cough medicines combined Every
one who has used it speaks in glowing
terms of its efficiency For sale by Z C
M I drug department i
To our customers
We hereby notify you that Mr Sidney
Dundas for the past year in our employ as
a delivery teamster and collector is now no
longer employed by us and has no actor
ity to receive any money on our account
nor take orders for the delivery of our
lager beer
4 A FISHER Brewing Company
500 tons choice baled hay for sale in car
lotsa only by D L Davis 03 and 70 W
1st South st
Gentlemen wishing the Miller or Christy
hats should remember that we are sole
agents for the city
J 142 Main street
A NenKiud of Candles Vat Ul In Tin Cups by
i Crlsmojiscirft Company
I Crismon Scarf Co druggists are manu
facturing red fire for street parades They
are also manufacturing a redfire candle
put up in tins especially for pirader = > use
Convenient easy to handle and only fifty
ecus each Every person should have one
in the next parade Send in your orders
for both kinds i
early I
need more men at their houses corner 4th
West and 12th South Can giva employ
ment to all who apply Come as early as
you can
Utah Real Estate and Investments C E
Wantland agent 201 S Main street Salt
Lake city stet
Rubber boots and artics just received at
Dun orls opposite Salt Lake theatre
WILLIAM MORROW came up from Granger
JOHN R BARNES came down from Kaysville
WILLIAM ARCHIBALD is in from snowy
HENRY TRIBE returned Thursday morning
from a months sojourn in Chicago
MR ADAMS of Adams and Sons company
Layton was in town on business yesterday
THE WALKER F Macanrew New Zea
land R Smith New York U L Bachman
Nica N Y L N Hill and wife 1achman
B MeLene T Stein Denver C S Brown
Ogden I P Hatenuker Denver E I Adams
New York H C Ilolire and wife San Fran
cisco J Hobets Cheyenne H 1 Hall Green
Kiver J Stephenson Omaha D C Dodge
W A Ballard Detroit William Much Denver
1 A Miller Chicago J W Levy Sacramento
PJ Hilton Frico J P McClelland and wife
Denver L 3 hilton Logan l S Flersheim
Kansas city I E Grosvenor Boston Mass
W A Murry Ogden W F Farnsworth
Pueblo Colo W S Harmon Sandy A T
Newcombe Ogden B A Menit Omaha C S
Pepper S F Dunbar Denver W F Barrett
Ouray ColoH S Edwards Pleasant Grove
A B Cross New York
TIE GLUT W J Carrington Ohio Henry
Pfeller Kaysville J H Fitgerald Park City
John A Lundgreen Big Cottonwood H H
Bent Los Angeles John Enrest Pleasant Val
ley Junction Mrs Williams Challts W J
Cox Bingham S P Gallacher Livingston 1
Israel A Simon Cincinnati James Wallace
Iowa F VT Hitchcock Jamps Elliott Green
leaf Kans J CFrazer Chicago L G mess
Lincoln Neb James Fay Ion a M J Connors
Central City M A Wood Cincinnati E
Heeney Nebraska James MeQuade Chicago
W H Hughes Laselle Mrs Mary AMartin
Provo E D Pierce Ed Seaman New York
George 11 McAdams Denver
WHITE HOUSE Wm Burns J M Adams S
F Millef Ouray Colo E A Henriod American
can Fork John TRich H A Noll Grantsville
H McLeod Chicago Wm Buys E Buys He
her A Lilyard and wife Dayton Iowa J8hn
Baird Denver Jas Blacklctt and wife Grand
Junction J A Stevenson Ogden J C Clay
Ouray Colo F E Hams Sandy Geo Wood
Springville F D Rees Butte Mont H1I
Hare D R G W H l Cook Denver Tom
Startin Provo
TIE CULLEN Allen D Campbell California
R L Harper Payson T K Williams Omaha
George Lewis Ogdeh B B Toust Cheyenne
T Chattcrton Rawlins Wyo James E Caine
W H Holferinan New London Miss Smith
Omaha W S Still Chicago A H Brawner
New York Charles Crane Kanosh W B Stan
son ley Milford Denver C R Kern New York W H Wil
The Works awl Aims of the Non
Partisan Convent
A Victim Halts a Bunco Stecrer The Scene on
Broadway Fatal Hallway bcident
A Successful Torpedo Boat
CLEVELAND Jan 23The morning ses
sion of the NonPartisan convention was
devotes to the consideration of a constitu
tion A letter was read from John G
Whittier commending the nonpartisan
purposes of the new organization
The preamble of the constitution says
Viewing with the deepest solicitude the
appalling evils of intemperance and be
lieving that a nonpartisan nonsectarian
organization of Christian women devoted
solely to the cause of temperance is greatly
needed we unite ourselves together for
this purpose The organization is to be
known as the American Womans Chris
tian Temperance league
There are to be five departments of work
evangelical educatienal legislative liter
ary and young womans One section of the
constitution declares that no officer shall
pledge the support of the organization to
any political party or any religious sect
Any temperance society car become an
auxilliary by signing the constitution The
constitution was adopted the nonpartisan
and nonsectarian plank being received
with applause
At the aiternoon session after some dis
cussion a pledge was engrafted en the
constitution as follows hereby solemnly
promise God helping me to abstain from
all distilled fermented and malt liquors in
cluding wine and cider as a beverage and
to discourage the use of and traffic in the
Mrs Foster moved to reconsider the mo
tion fixing the name of the organization
saying that several ladies had objected
strenously to it I was reconsidered and
several names were offered among them
New Crusaders National Womans
Christian Crusaders and National Cru
sade Alliance but after a lengthy debate
pro and con all these were rejected and
the new society decided to march onward
under the name of National Crusaders
which was proposed by Mrs Cowles of
Ohio This name was finally adopted and
the preamable and constitution readopted
The convention proceeded to the election
of officers and Mrs Tiltpn of the District
of Columbia in a ringing speech nomi
nated for president Mrs J Ellen Foster
of Iowa Mrs Foster arose and thanking
convention warmly said shcxhad never
shirked duty but she believed that now
she could do more good in the cause of tem
perance on the platform and asked the
ladies not to vote for her
Mrs Walker of Minnesota then nomi
nated Mrs Ellen G Phinney of Onio and
the nomination was seconded by several
amid loud applause
Miss Doty of Cleveland nominated Mrs
Aldrich of Iowa saying Ohio couldnt af
ford to lose Mrs Phinney Besides the
latters health might not be equal to the
task An informal ballot resulted Mrs
Phinney 100 Mrs Aldrich 37 Mrs Camp
bell of Pennsylvania 20
Mrs Phinuey expressed her gratitude
but hoped the formal ballot would be cast
for Mrs Aldrich The latter jpUy moved
to make the informal ballot formal and
this was done with a rush and Mrs Phin
lies was formally elected president It is
possible however that she may resign be
fore the close of the convention
Mrs Foster then nominated Mrs S B
Walker of Minnesota for vicepresident
and she was elected without opposition
Other officials will be elected tomorrow
Cleveland National Crusaders will be the headquarters of the
Cranky Temperance Address
CHICAGOJan 22Tho NationaHVomans
Christian Temperance union in an address
issued today under the signature of Presi
dent Frances E Wiilaid and addressed the
the South Americau Central Auioricri L
Mexican commissioners of Auicnuan states
says the ladies read with surprise that dur
ing the round of banqueting to which the
nations guests were subjected intoxicat
ing i liquors were indulged in by thePan
American delegates The Womans Christ
ian i Temperance union expresses regret at
this fact and assures the southern dele
gates that no better end can be subserved
by them while in this country than to study
the vast benefits of the prohibitQry law as
practices in eight states of the union
Fatal Rail way Accident
CHICAGO Jan 23A husband and wife
were slain outright this afternoon while
attending the funeral of their child The
driver of the conveyance and a neighbor
riding with them were fatally injured and
died in a few minutes Mrs and 11 Fred
erick Payne were the unfortunate parents
Simon Anderson was the name of the hack
man and Mrs Reprogal the neighbor Just
as the carriage reached the gate of Rose
Hill cemetery where the road crosses the
railway track in going the Chicago express
on the Northern road dashed upon
it utterly wrecking it and throwing
the unfortunate victims thirty feet
away A Iine ear old daugter of Mr
and Mrs Payne miraculously escaped with
a slight scalp wound The driver and
engineer are each censured for lack of
caution but the absence of the flagman at
the crossing none being kept there by the
railway company seems to have been the
principal cause of the horror as the view
of both the engineer and carriage driver
was shut off almost if not wholly by the
saloons Rose Hill railway station and a group of
Seagoing Torpedo Boat No1
BRISTOL R I Jan 23The United
States seagoing torpedo boat No I was suc
cessfully launched this morning from the
ship yard of the Herreshaff Manufacturing
company The boat was christened Cush
ing by Miss Katharine Herreshaff daugh
ter of ths president of the manufacturing
company Steam was raised in thirtytwo
minutes and the auxiliary machinery was
startea and the boat saluted herself with
her own whistle
Doings of a Dapper little Man
NEW Yom Jan 23A dapper little man
created a sensation this morning at the
corner of Broadway and Vessey street
There he met Lewis Davis and after they
had exchanged a few words Davis started
to walk away The little man whose name
is Richard Goebeler and who was buncoed
out of 1500 on Grand street on November
1 drew a pistol and told Davis to halt I
you move shouted Goebeler yourbrains
will be blown out of your head This
strange tableau attracted hundreds who
were passing at the time The wiry little
German held the pistol i that position un
til a policeman came and took the weapon
from the excited man The pair were
then taken to the Tombs At court
it was elicited that Goebeler had
been in this city but a short time from
Butte Montana when he was buncoed and
had succeeded having one of the bunco
men indicted The man who is indicted is
known as Johnston Davis who is sup
I i 1
posed to have been in league with the bunco
steerers went on Johnstons bail Johnston
was liberated I was found some time
after that Davis bond was of no value
Goebler went to the district attorney for
instructions in the matter Fellows sued
out for
a warrant Davis arrest This war
rant Goebler carried around with him and
in i order to aid
him in its service he was
granted a permit to carry a pistol Davis
was remanded and taken before Recorder
Smyth to plead to an indictment for per
jury j found against him He pleaded not
guilty and was remanded for trial
Killed by a T rain
NORWALK Conn Jan 23Mr and Mrs
George Comstock an aged and wealthy
couple of Walton were returning from a
funeral at Walton
today when the car
riage was struck by a train and both
fatally injured The tracks are hidden by
buildings and there are no gates or flagman
A Boiler Explosion
at the Western and Atlantic Pipe Line
station on the Burns farm exploded last
night J T Braden Engineer Curtis and
Mrs Burns and a daughter were terribly
s scalde
To Arrest Destrojers of Ships C
PHILADELPHIA Jan 23Two deputy
United States marshals will board the bark
Jennie Harkness on her arrival today from
Cebu Phillipine islands with warrants for
the arrest of two of the crew now confined
in i irons on the charge of setting fire to the
vessel and having been at the head of an
organized gang whose purpose was to des
troy every vessel loading at Manilla Not
long l ago nearly every vessel loading at
Manilla suddenly caught fire the flames
bursting forth instantly from hatches and
decks as if petroleum had been spread over
them The attention of the marine under
writers of all nations of the world was
called to the dastardly act Many of the
offenders were caught and punished and
others sent to their respective govern
ments for judicial trials
No Attempt Will be Made to Move the Two
Westbound Trains at Trnckee
SAN FRANCISCO Jan 23Each day for
the last eight days during which the block
ade of the Central Pacific and the Califor
nia Oregon line has continued the
Southern Pacific officials have felt hopeful
that the following day would see the block
ade raised Fresh storms have come how
ever and the tracks have been in snow
almost as soon as cleared No attempt will
be made to move the two west bound
trains at Truckee nor the four at
Reno The comfort of the passengers can
be looked for at these places better than
any other point in the mountains The
blockade at Cascade would prevent pas
senger trains at this point even it was de
sired to move them I will be impossible
to do much work on the blockade between
Cascade and Summit for some time but as
soon as practicable the rotary plows will
be set in motion there On the Oregon line
work is progressing as rapidly as possible
In Favor of National Banks
WASHINGTON Jan 23A favorable re
port has been ordered by the House com
mittee on banking and currency on a bill
to authorize national banks to issue circu
lation bonds to the full amount of their deposited
Suicide From La Grippe
NEWARK N JJan 23 Gottlieb Mutzer
civil engineer of this city committed sui
cide this morning during a fit of temporary
insanity produced by la grippe I
A Powder Explosion
CHARLOTTE N C Jan 2JA report
reached here late tonight of a terrific ex
plosion of powder in Wilkes county on the
line of the new railroad A great quantity
of rock was thrown up and fell upon the
men Five were killed and thirteen in
jured more or less seriously
A Coasting Accident Last NightSix Persons
A serious accident occurred at the head
of Main street last night by which six per
sons were quite severely injured and sev
eral others pretty badly shaken up Ac
cording to established custom a number of
personsyoung and middle aped were
coasting on the hillside from Corniclfs
residence to the aqueduct on North Temple
street Among other vehicles was a large
schooner which would hold from
twelve to fifteen persons On one of
its trips when it was loaded to its
fullest capacity and while under full speed
it came in contact with a passing horse
and cutter The coasters were swept from 1
the schooner and hurled in every direc
tion George Dwyer was very severely
cut about the head and is considered dan
gerous Herbert Best had his nose badly
disfigured and cut Willie McCornick
bruised and badly shocked Misses Lizzie
and Rose Porter bruised and an unknown
lady badly hurt The other occupants of
the schooner were not injured though
they have an experience that is valuable to
To the Editor of THE HERALD
You are in error in stating in THE HER
ALD of the 23d instant that either
AD 2d myself or
Mr Joseph Smith are contemplating a suit
against the city for any purpose I have
through my attorney Mr M Kaighn com
menced a suit in the District court for
5000 damages for malicious prosecution
i x
against John W Smith who had me ar
rested on the false charge of stealing silver
bullion from the Greystone mill in Camp
Floyd mining distiict Respectfully yours
A Note that Reached the Wrong Man
Meetings to be Held this Evening
The following is a copy cf a letter re
cently received by the county recorder
Recorder of deeds pleas put this deed en
Record and oblige yours truly
MINERAL CITY Washington county Idaho
Also put my name on Redgester sow I can get
a vote their in Feb Election
Come right along Mr Nelson your all
Mr Cannon has referred the matter to
us and we have had your name put on the
redgester of course you live a little to
wards the outskirts of the city but then
thats a mere trifle time and distance dont
count for much in the settlement of the
Mormon question I you have ever passed
through Salt Lake or entertained the
slightest intention of going there or have
lived in any sage brush country for six
weeks or have shaken hands with Mocca
sion McBride you are a duly qualified
voter of Salt Lake When you go to the
polls just give the regulation wink put in
your little vote and we shall see that you
are landed promptly in the county jail
You must learn that a register of deeds
is not a register of voters LEMONADE mere trifle
Eighth Ward Club
The most successful meeting yet held by
the Eighth ward club was held Tuesday
evening last The attractions were so
many and good that the house was packed
to suffocation and no standing room was
obtainable The features of the pro
gramme were Helds band the drum corps
Clawson and Barrell the midget drum
mers Dr S P McKee the colored orator
and the mondolin and guitar club The
latter rendered some of their very exquisite
selections which elicited the heartiest i
selectons elcied herttest ap
plause and as Leader Clawson turned ap
face around it had that how much do you
want for a quarter look that the audience
finally gave in and let the boys quit
Dr McKee seemed to be in the best of
humor as his speech was received through
out with immense applause so many good
points were humorously brought out His
description of the carpetbaggers was im
mense He gave a short sketch of his ex
perience with carpetbaggers in the south
Mr C F Olsen a member of the Legis
lature also spoke for a short time Legs
speech tion was listened to with wrapt atten
A vote of thanks was tendered those tak
ing part in the exercises
The programme for next meeting was
read and meeting adjourned until Tuesday
Jan 281890 C L BERRT Secretary
First Precinct Drum Corps
The officers of the First Second Third I
Eighth Ninth and Tenth wards bands will
please procure four torches and bearers for
the purpose of lighting up their bands at
the next parade Torches can be had at
the Peoples headquarters
The Seventeenth
Members of the Seventeenth Ward marching
club are requested to meet at the schoolhouse
this evening at 730 A full attendance is de
sired GEORGE F FELT Captain
January 1 1590
A municipal convention of the Peoples
party is hereby called to convene at the
Fourteenth ward assembly rooms Salt
Lake city on Monday January 271S90 at
730 p m to nominate candidates for the
various municipal offices to be filled at the
municipal election to be held February 10
1890 and for the election of a municipal
central committee The convention will
consist of one hundred and five delegates
allotted to the several school districts as
To the First School District 3
To the Second School District 3
To the Third School District 3
To the Eighth School District 3
To the Ninth School District 3
To the Tenth School District 5
To the Fourth School District 3
To the Fifth School District 3
To the Sixth School District 4
To the Seventh School District 4
To the Fourteenth School District 4
To the Fifteenth School District 7
To Brighton within city limits 1
To the Sixteenth School District S
To the Seventeenth School District 5
To the Nineteenth bishops ward School District Nineteenth I G
To the Nineteenth School District Twenty
second bishops ward 7
To North Point within city limits 1
To the Eighteenth School District 5
To the Twentieth School District G
To the FiftyUrst School District 7
TO the Eleventh School District G
To the Twelfth School District I
To the Thirteenth School District o 4
By order of the central committee
r Secretary Chairman
The Excellent Display now on Exhibition at
28 First South Street
The poultry exhimition at 23 Frst South
streoi is an attraction well worth a visit
It is under the auspices of the Utah Poul
try association and about a hundred of
Utahs prominent poultry breeders have
Five hundred or more lovely specimens
of the feathered tribes are to Do seen while
first class exhibits are made of Plymouth
Rocks Buff Cochins Langshans Minorcas
and several breeds of Leghorns and Game
chickens Then there are Toulouse geese
several varieties of ducks and some extra
ordinarily fine Bronze turkeys One large
gobbler weighs no less than thirty pounds
ProfessorF W Hitchcock of Greenleaf
Kansas is judge and in scoring yesterday
he made the following awards on Plymouth
Rocks William Clark Ogden First and
second on breeding pens a pen consists of
a cockerel and four nullets first and third
on cockerel and third on pullets
E Tout Ogden Second on cockerel and
second on pullets
T R G Welch Morgan Fourth on pen
W W Browning Ogden Third on pen
third on pullet first second and third on
hen Scoring was also commenced on Wynn
dottes in which William Clark Ogden
took first on pullet and second on pen
Two more days of the exposition remain
and all day to day ProfessorHifchcock will
be scoring which is rather interesting to
What the London Times Says of
the Samoan Treaty
Trouble with the Sioux Jnuians3Insons and
the Eight Hoar MovementRiclilleberger
Not Expected to Live
LONDON Jan 23The Times says the
Samoan treaty bears a handsome testi
mony to Bismarcks reasonableness
That so complete an equilibrium should
be established is much more than we could
have expected from him that he quietly
consented to the prohibition of arms and
alcohol and to the land clauses is probably
due to British influence Their insertion
in such a treaty is a remarkable event in
the history of the relations of a civilized
with semicivilized nation
The Standard says that while it is good
theoretically it is likely that difficulties
will arise In any case provision is made
for a revision
West Virginia Gubernatorial Contest
CHARLESTON W Va Jan 23In joint
session of the legislature today in the
gubernatorial contest Mr Hubbard of
Wheeling counsel for General Golf
charged that the main tenor and purpose
of Judge Johnsons argument was not so
much directed to the law and facts in the
case as in the hope of keeping the Demo
cratic members of the legislaeure in line
and with an unbroken front
Sugar Cane Destroyed
HAVANA Jan 23Nine hundred and
fifty thousand pounds of sugar cane of an
estate near Cienfuegues have been ue
stroyed by fire
Trouble With Sioux Indians
ST PAUL Jan 23APierre S D spec
hal to the Pioneer Press says Trouble has
broken out again on Mile Square between
intending settlers and tile Indians The
latter anticipating an immediate opening
of the reservation are cutting all the wood
along the Bad and Missouri rivers and
hauling it bad to the lands which they in
tend to take up according to the provisions
of the Sioux bill The settlers think this
an injustice to them and hence the trouble
Today an attempt was made by the settlers
on Mile Square to stop the Indians and for
a while it looked like there would be a seri
ous battle Troops were hurried forward
and set the settlers back to the space al
lowed them The Indians have already
hauled off about a thousand cords of wood
The Northwestern railroad officials now
declare that they intend to hold Mile Square
according to the 1879 treaty with the In
National Merchant Tailors Association
CHICAGO Jan 23The closing sesssion
of the National Merchant Tailors associa
tion was held today The report of the
strike committee which was adopted held
that a working day should consist of at
least ten hours and that each man should
be paid wages enough to enable him to live
decently Differences should be settled by
arbitration James S Burbank of Bos
ton was elected president
Jim July Fatally Wounded
ARDMORE Ind T Jan 23Jim July
alias Starr husband of the late noted
female outlaw Belle Starr was fatally
wounded at Caddo Creek today while
resisting arrest
Masons and Bricklayers
KANSAS CITT Jan 23The International
Union of Masons and Bricklayers will not
consider the eight hour question as the
sense of the convention is decidedly op
posed to it and throughly in favor of nine
hours a day
Kennan Siberian Fame
BUFFALO Jan 23 George Kennan of
Siberian fame tonight received a letter
from a Siberian exile which had evidently
traveled a clandestine route before reach
log this country It comprises eightysix
pages of microscopic chirography of which
Kennan deciphered enough to prove to his
satisfaction that the rumored massacre by
Russian soldiers at Yakutsk which had
been vigorously denied by the government
is an indisputable fact
F SV Burkes Shortage
NEW ORLEANS Jan 23The TimesDem
ocrat El Paso Tex special says F W
Burke excashier of the Atchison Topeka
Santa Fe railroad left town two days
aco and his accounts showed a shtrtape of
several thousand dollars His wife is
heartbroken over his sudden disappear
ance and the disrlosures made
Admission of Copper and Lad
WASHINGTON Jan 23A bill introduced
today by Representative Thompson of
Ohio provides that copper lead and nickel
may be imported in ores regulus cements
bars etc for refining free of duty pro
vided that an amount of copper lead or
nickel equivalent to that imported shaUbe
exported within six months in a refined but
manufactured state
Union Pacific Blockaded
PORTLAND Ogn Jan 23 Union Pacific
trains are again blocked It has been
snowing heavily for the past twentyfour
hours and the roads are grertJy obstructed
Rlddleberger not Expected to live
WASHINGTON Jan 23 Private advices
received tonight are to the effect that ex
Senator Riddleberger of Virginia is not
expected to live until morning
The Samoan Treaty in Berlin
WASHINGTON Jan 23The publication
of the Samoan treaty in Berlin has led to
its denunciation by the German press of
both parties Dispatches received here say
the Radical and Conservative papers alike
call it a German retreat
The Louisville Caisson Disaster Verdict
LOCISYILLE Jan 23The coroners jury
consideringthe recent horrible caisson dis
aster returned verdict tonight exonerat
ing the contractors and adding We be
lieve the said accident was the result of
the men in the caisson becoming panto
Scalded to Death
GRAND RAPIDS Mich Jan 23At the
veneer works this evening John Gibson
fell in a tank of boiling water Andrew
Killian and George Kingsworts went to
his rescue and also fell in All three were
fatally scalded

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