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k PublsHed THE BGGEST in Utah I THE SALT LAKE HERALD I More 40 Mater PER Any Rival Today CENr I than
4 Are Finally Adopted by a Strictly
Party Vote
The Grand Army Boaster to be Purchased
Miles and Benet on Coast Defenses
Doings I the Senate
WASHINGTON Feb 14Not more than
two dozen members were present when the
House met in consultation at Thursdays
session Stewart and Barnes of Georgia
nd Reilly of Pennsylvania entered em
atic protests against the adoption of the
proposed code and the action of Speaker
Reed was defended by Barnes of Newr
York Thursdays session then ended and
the session of Friday opened The journal
waS approved the speaker counting a
The committee on the worlds fair sub
mitted its report Ordered painted and
Consideration of the rules was then pro I
ceeded with i
Bynum of Indiana offered an amend
ment providing that when any bill for an
increase of pensions or granting pensions
not formerly provided for is pending it
shall be in order to offer an amendment
providing for taxation for the payment
Shiomas of Wisconsin opposed the
endment declaring its object was to
bury pension legislation in the House
Spinola of New York controverted the
proposition and asserted that the Demo
cratic side of the House would be found a I
true as steel to thi real interests of the
veterans of the country but believed that
a tax should be placed especially sor pa
ing pensions
en of Michigan was glad this hein
ous amendment sprang from tho brain of a
gentleman trained in Indiana politics be
longing t that class of men who were
peace men in war and war men in peace
This proposition disguised as it mignt be
was intended to thwart any attsinpt to al
leviate the condition of soldiers by any fur
ther pension legislation The amendment
was rejected
J Outhwaites motion striking out the
Jiclause constituting one hundred members a
uorum in committee of the whole was re
jected He pointed out that rule 2 which
reads Motious or propositions originating
either i the House or Senate etc would
by implication and against the consti
tution acknowledged the right of the Sen
ate t originate revenue bills He moved
an amendment of this which was adopted
the speaker stating there had been no in
tention on the part of the committee to
make such acknowledgements
Motions by Irish to strike out the clause
conferring upon the speaker power to
count a quorum and by Mills t strike out
the clause that no dilatory motions shall be
entertained by the speaker were lost Five
oclock having arrived the
ccck havg speaker slated
that the previous question was ordereu
tht prerous queston ou
the adoption of the rules Springer en
iuirod whether the motion t recommit
with instructions was in order and re
ceived a negative reply The rules vere
then adopted by a strict party VOlt yea
161 nays 145 and the House adjuiirued
Army Women Pensions
WASHINGTON Feb 14 Senator Davis
today introduced a bill providing a pen
sioning rate of 25 a month from March 4
1SS9 of a women army nurses during the
late war and all who rendered six months
service in camp field or general hospitals
Women who now receive a pensiou rue of
less than 25 shall have theIr pensions
increased to that amount The uili also
provides tat those who now receive pen
tions as widows or dependent mothers of
oldiers who would be entitled t the bene
lits of the bill may also receive 25 a month
I provision Juriajr life as an increase of their present
The preparation of the urgent deficiency
appropriation bill has been begun by the
House committee on appropriations The
largest item of this deficiency bill
will be about thirtyone million
live hundred
1ve hundre thousand dollars on
accoynt of pensions This large
deficiency however does not indicate such
s great increase i expenditures for pen
sions a would seem t be apparent on its
face the statement of expenditures for
the year ending July 1 next being with
this deficiency appropriation included
about ninetyseven million dollars against
93000000 last year After the approp ia
tion for pensions for the present aicil year
had been made on the basis of the reular
appropriation for the previous year it wis
found necessary to make a denVirncy ap
prpriation as the expenditure voald l ex
ceed the appropriation and the cninml <
sioner of pensions waited until after the
present fiscal year now running for almost
seven million dollars to pay pension claim
accruing during the previous year the
effect being really t lessen the aporopriu
tion for the present fiscal year by un L
amount approximating 7000000
To Purchase the G A B Bestir
WASHINGTON Feb HSenat r Ells
today introduced a bill authorizing tho
secretary of the interior to purchase 5100
copies of the historical book of rofer nc <
known a the National Roster of the Grand I
Army of the Republic for which the bill I
appropriates 50000 The purpoe of the
purchase is for distribution by Senators
and Representatives of bne cop to each
cunty library in the United
lbrary te UniW States so
ypat it may be accessible t all who wish to
jrefcd it The bill provides that the ro > tpr
shall contain not less than 400000 name of
exunion soldiers sailors and marines and
the book mnst be approved by the ecre
tary of the interior I
Secretary Noble today transmitted to
the Senate the draft of a bill predated by I
Commissioner Groff of the general laud
office amending the second section f the
act t reduce the expenses of the survey
and sale of public lands The bill provides
a printed manual of instructions for the
survey of public lands and special instruc
tions t the surveyor general where they
conflict with the
arc not in confct instructions ur
manual of the commissioner shall be taken
and deemed t be a part of every coiitrat I
for surveying public lands The seer tary I
in transmitting the proposed hU say tho
puciioj of itis to legalize the manual of ur
Yevr instructions and is intends 10
supersede that prepared by the general
land office in 1S55
Coast Defenses
WASHINGTON Feb HThe Senate com
mittee on cost defenses had before it today
General Miles commander of the division
of the Pacific and General Benet chief of
ordnance who gave their views upon some
matters in connection with the subject of
coast defenses General Miles said that
the ports of Puget sound the mouth of the
Columbia river San Francisco and San
Diago ouehl to be protected He said the
recommendations of the board of fortifications
tions and other defenses i carried out
be sufficient One of the recom
inc1ations of the board was that a gun
ffafotory should be established on the Pa
c4flC coast
ifineral Benet gave the committee fig
ures on the cost of transportation t the
Pacific coast by land transportaton routes
He said that inasmuch as onethird of all
the guns required to carry out the scheme
proposed by the board of fortifications and
other defenses would be mounted on the
Pacific coast the establishment of a gun
foundry there would be a matter of econ
omy in case the boards recommendations
are adopted
In the Senat
WASHINGTON Feb 14A number of
bills were passed including the following
The House bill for the relief of the suf
ferers by the wreck of the United States
steamers at Samoa for
stamers Providing as r
sistants for the secretary of war salary
4500 For the relief of soldiers and
sailors who enlisted or served under as
sumed names To prevent the obstruction
of navigable waters and protect worKs
against tresspass or injury Appropriat
ing i 50000 for a first order light house at
North head Cape Disappointment Wash
ington Appr opriatipg So800 to restore
telegraphic eommunicetion between Ta
toosh island and Port Angels Washington
Appropriating 125000 for a United States
revenue cutter for service on the Pacific
coast with headquarters at Astoria
Oregon Providing for ttie acquisition of
land for
townsites and commercial pur
poses i Alaska To prevent the introduc
tion of contagious diseases from ono state t
ro another A concurrent resolution for
international i arbitration The bill to de
clare unlawful trusts and combinations in
restraint of trade and production having
been reached on the calendar it was laid
aside for the present
Altogether there were sixty bills passed
After executive session adjourned
International Copyright
WASHINGTON Feb 14The House judi
ciary committee today decided to report the
the House for action an international copy
right bill t be prepared by Representative
Adams upon the basis of the provisions of
the Breckinridge bill
Two pension bills of importance passed
the Senate today The first repeals sec
tions of the revised statutes which re
quired that the claim for a pension by a
state militiaman for disability incurred
while temporarily on duty must be filed be 1
fore July 1ST4 The other provides that
Jhe oaths required in pension or bounty
cases may be taken before any officer au
thorized to administer oaths for general
WASHINTTON B Feb 14 Charles Emery
Smith of Pennsylvauia envoy extraordi
nary and minister Ipenipotentiary to
Fenner Lee of Maryland secretary of
legation at Rio de Janeiro
Supervisors of census
Idaho A J Pinkham
MantanaW O Speer
Wyoming Homer Merrill
R s orlds Fair Bill Report
WASHINGTON Feb HThe House com
mittee to which the various worlds fair
bills were referred completed its report
this morning It says it found it impracti
cable to report one bill t cover all localities I
It therefore
submits two substitute bills on I
the question of selecting a site I offers a
resolution to the effect that at the close of
the debate on the bills the House shall be
gin voting on a site and continue till one is
Arc Said to Have Been Discovered in China
Purchasing Machinery for Them
CHICAGO H A conference of great im
portance was held today between two
Chinese dignitaries and representatives of
the big mining machinery firm of Frazer
Sc Chalmers of this city The result was
that negotiations were formally entered into
looking to the construction of a 300stamp
mill in the mountains of China The mag
nitude of the deal may be understood when
it is stated that the mill when set up com
plete will cost nearly four millions
plet wi milons this
including transportation erection skilled
labor etc The Chinese informed them
there had been discovered the richest and
most extensive gold bearing lead in the
world The Chinese have known for many
year that in the mountains of Sai Shan
in the province of Shan Tung there had
been gold but not until a year ago did they
reaize the extent of it when some one
who had worked in the mines
and mills of California began pros
pecting and discovered a bonanza
They erected a rude mill and from the out
set the product of gold was enormous
They claim that not a ton of ore taken out
has yielded less than seven hundred dol
lars while much of it has run into the thou
sands The matter was kept quiet and a
big stock company formed that secured
control of about eighty miles of land in the
vicinity and the two Chinamen now here
were snit t this country t < j uiike prelim
luao arrangements lor lIme pureiuss of
uiart iiery < t uiul also to lluit a ceiiuiu
portion ul too ttock Oau L ug Klan
and Tout sing Kou uiudeil in Saa Frail
c sco uvo muiitu ayo and lad iiu diincuiiy
in uit po slg of tie stock to wealthy June
men of that city Fcoio here they utie
gone to Wjistiiiigtou In aa interview cue
of them sail the gold property is ou I
cnuiMilii across ruts ocean MJI Iroui ths
i > euiusuni of Corea and dnecily wet It
is he said wnuiu sx eei miles of the
sea coast ecu not mere than vveiiy miles
from A good ours h < y couuiniJlatiJ erecting
couwljJat l1cet
tg the Jiuvft plans iu tnj wotu Dll lug
tot dtv Wee was a fcreit uubbub among
tile ufllU oo Cliiimujtn of Chicago UOlg uuu
lully a More ol ttitin callid af the hotel
and lalKcd with their vountrx men 1hp
tteriu visiVra cotton are viculy attired and Wta man
terIu I
Bold and successful Bank Robbery
ST LOUIS Feb HA special to the Re
public from Salem Ills says Excitement
prevails over the robbery of the Salem
National bank last night The cracksmen
got iu the neighborhood or twentylive
thousand dollars in cash and securities
Evidently the robbers found little trouble
in braking the vault The safe proper
was cacked the old fashioned way by
tlu ue of gunpowder The robbers must
nivo Dcen in a srreat hurry as they left
ta quantity of gold pieces scattered on the
floor of the vault and overlooked at least
510000 in currency and securities Presi
dent MacLin announces that the actual
loss in cash will not exceed 10000 and the
bank will be open for business tomorrow
Officers are scouring the country for the
robbers but they are at sea as to the iden
titv of the criminal
Cnntrrslueal Coiiuhteil Elections
lIK ITO Feb HThe House com
mittee on contested elections this morning
by I strict party vote recommended the
seating of Featherstone the Republican
contestant for the seat of Gates in the
First Arkansas district and of Mudd the
Republican contestant for the seat of
Barnes Compton Fifth Maryland district
By a unanimous vote it was decided that
Clarke the Democratic sittmg member
from the First Alabama district be allowed
t keep his seat
The Sioux Reservation Boom
of settlement goes on quietly The military
today warned the boomers who had squat
ted on Indian lands t get off at once
Major Anderson
swooped on a crowd of
amblers and confiscated all their traps
All persons running games of chance or
be selling prosecuted liquor on Indian lands hereafter will
r o
Outlines His Plan for Protection
to Workingmen
Report and the Comments JJpon ItrA Temper
ance Explanation and a Liquor Crusade
An International Copyright Law
BERLIN Feb HThe council of state
summoned in pursuance of the imperial re
script opened today The Emperor in his
opening address said The council
should endeavor t frame a scheme
for the protection of working
men from the arbitrary systems and oper
ations of employers by which gross ad
vantage is taken of their needs and their
inability to help themselves by any other
means than the desperate remedy of
strikes It should also attempt to
protect women and children against I
protracted hours of labor At
the same time due regard
should be given as to how far German in
dustry will bear the increase of burdens
thus placed on the cost of production with
out jeopardy to Germanys position as a
competitor in the markets of the world
Not less important for assuring re
lations between masters and men are the
forms of guarantees to be offered the work
ingmen to secure them the right to express
through representatives enjoying their con
fidence their own statement of their inter
ests in any difference The closest techni
cal study should be given to making state
directed industries paternal and examples
of the effective solitude for the working
man There is a wide field of fruitful ac
tion in the hopeful support and aid of what
the law shall ordain
The committees or sections into which
the council is divided are pledged to abso
lute laid before secrecy them as to the contents of the bills
Cheering in the Commons
LONDON Feb HAmid the cheers of
the opposition la the commons today
ParadE asked what action the government
proposed to take upon the report of tho
commission Smith government leader
replied that the ministers had not had time
to decide upon a course The debate upon
the amendment was resumed Parnell
moved an amendment asking the repeal of
the coercion act He attacked the pettiness
of tie persecutions which the government
daily inflicted upon many persons
and the coercive act under Balfour
Almost every act of Balfour Par
nell said appeared directly toward
driving the people of Ireland to crime The
league of today Parnell declared differed
widely from the Land league of 1SSO and
Balfour could not plead as an excuse that
crime was being revived On the contrary
the people were quiescent in the expecta
tion of soon obtaining their rights The
action of the government tended to its own
defeat and could not succeed in turning the
tidotof aspirations of the Irish people
Webster attorneygeneral charged Par
nell with making accusations against Bal
four without producing evidence to support
his allegations
A TransGuatamalan Railway I
CHICAGO Feb ltA M Bannister the
civil engineer who constructed a line of
railroad from San Jose Guatamala to
Guatamala City in 1SS4 said this evening
he had advices from Central America to
the effect that a line is soon to be com
pleted from Guatamala City to Port Bar
rios near the mouth of the Mataqua river
This he asserts means that Guatamala
is to have a line of railway
from ocean to ocean which may
seriously complicate the Nicer gua
and Panama canal projects The trails
shipment of freight across the country
will save many days and ininy miles ii tie
route from New York to the western
points of South America A strunahip
line from Trampa lila to Port Barrios
would shorten the distance still more Ac
cording to Bannister the eighty miles al
ready the roadway built cover the most difficult part of
Fighting For Ugandas Throne
ZANZIBAR Feb 141n his struggle for
the recovery of the throne of Nganda
Mwanda was assisted by Europeans
There was severe fighting King Kalemas
force was annihilated During the battle
a dhon conveying some Arab chiefs was
blown up and twelve Arab chiefs and
200 fighting slaves perished The victims
include members of most of the leading
Zanzibar families I is not known who
tuc European were
Comment of thu Pal MnllGarptic
Lovwox Fob HThe Pall Mail Gazette
says The report of the special l comets
iou is a more cumplete vindication of the
Parnellites and a in ro sweeping condem
nation of tie Time than the most sanguine
Home Rulers ventured to hope fo I the
view of the Unionist press is right that the I
ivport convicts the ParacHutes as criminal
conspirators what must the ministers do
with them They cannot expel them from
the commons On the contrarythey have
promised already to introduce a bill baud
lug over the local government Ireland to
these convicted criminals The ministers I
must disassociate themselves publicly from L
such views otherwise they will find them
selves in an embarrassing dilemma The
Gazette admits that the judges dealt hon
estly with the facts presented to th m but
says they had prejudices They wore im
partial in their conclusions but have shown
a marked partiality in their distribuiioiuof
expletives hurling epithet after
hurlng afer epithet at
the Irish members without uttering one
disapproving word for the forgeries of the
Commons Leaders Refuse to Talk
LONDON Feb 14 Leaders of parties
in the commons decline to give opinions on
the P rnell report The Irish Nationalists
idd that it improves their position They
criticise it freely and point out various
errors and anomalies in its censures Some
of them accuse the judges of bias because
they did not censure the Times and
The Cotton Oil Trust Restr iiel
NEW YOKE Feb 14Judge Lacombo
today in the United States circuit court
granted an injunction restraining the Cot
ton Oil trust from selling or disposing of
any of their property and commanding
them to show cause why a receiver should
not be appointed
A Temperance Crusade Inaugurated
LATHROP Mo Feb 14The temperance
crusaders today formed aregular organiza
tion by electing Mrs E A Kinney leader
I was determined hereafter to enforce the
law governing the sale of liquors in a man
ner similar to that employed a week ago
when the stock of everal saloonists was
destroyed A address toe the women of
this country will be drawn up urging them
to drive ont the saloonists by force
Important Patent Roller Decision
CHICAGO Feb 14 Judge Blodgett has
rendered a decision of vital interest to all
millers using the mcdern roller process a
While the use of the roller is old number
less patents on special devices have been
granted and some time ago some of the
leading manufacturers formed a company
pooled all their patents and commenced
suit against a number of millers and man
ufacturers infringement Judge Blod
gett has decided in a suit brought against
the Barnard Leas Manufacturing com
pany of Moline Dls that those patents
can only be sustained for such special de
vices as they cover and that the inventions
entered the field at so late a day that they
are not entitled to have the doctrine of
equivalents enforced in their behalf
Secretary WIndom Criticised
WASHINGTON Feb ExRepresenta
tive Page California has written a let I
ter to the chairman of the House com
mittee on ways and means severely criti
cising Secretary Windoms adverse report
gress upon the fur seal bill now pending in Con
American Leprsy Society
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEW YORK Feb HThe American
Leprosy society held a meeting last night
and among those present was Sisier Rose
Gertrude born Amy Flower Many pa
pers relating to toe disease were read
Miss Flower leaves here Monday for San
Francisco where February 28 she takes
the steamer for the Sandwich islands
VThistle and Ill Come to You
NEW YORK Feb 14It is reported from
London that Mrs Shaw the American
whistler is engaged to a widowed earl who
has been paying her devoted attention
A Romantic Cheyenne Youth Attempts to Kill
His Sweetheart and Then Suicides
CHEYENNE Wyo Feb 14Speciai
telegram to THE HERALD The early de
velopment of the passions in this altitude
was strikingly illustrated in a tragedy
which occurred this evening After firing
three shots at a girl of fifteen a boy a year
older turned the weapon on himself and at
the second attempt quickly ended his life
Eugene Callahan the youngest son of
poor Irish people loved to distraction
pretty little Maude Hall whom he met at
school She did not care for him and told
him so He Brooded much over the affair
and this afternoon left home on horseback
with his revolver saying that if he could
not have Maude no one else should
Toward evening he met her coming from
church The girl greeted him pleasantly
and he responded affectionately Maude
turned to continue toward home when
Callahan forced his horse almost upon her
and fired three shots at her none of which
took effect He then rode a hundred yards
way and turn ng his horse loose killed
himself The boy was a romantic lad who
would have nothing to do with his hard
working brothers but studied painting and L
mesic His sister who had been a variety
actress suicided with laudanum a year ago
A New Hampshire Man Arrested Charged
with I Very Serious Crime
body of Hiram Sawtelle of Roxbury
Mass was found today horribly muti
lated and with a bullet in the heart buried
in the woods near Lebanon Maine Isaac
Sawtelle brother to the dead man is under
arrest charged with the killing The case
is one of the most interesting in tho crim
inal history of New England Last Decem
ber Isaac was pardoned for rape
Since then he boarded with his
brother Hiram in Roxbury Mass where
the latter kept fruit store The Saw
telle property was worth from 15000 to
20000 and Isaac deceived his mother and
induced her to transfer to him Hiram
however putran injunction on it so that
Isaac couldnt sell it This caused hard
feelings and it is now believed that Isaac
plotted to remove his brother and entire
family consisting of his wife and three
children Last Saturday Isaac took the
little daughter aged eight to Rochester
N H There he gave her medicine it is
believed with the intention of killing her
but only succeeded in making her sick
He telegraphed Hiram that his little girl
had grippe and for him to come immedi
ately This was February 4 The next
morning another telegram came urging the
mother to come Finally Hiram left for
Rochester on February 5 and was never
again seen alive by his friends The next
day Isaac and the little girl arrived home
and the former denied having seen Hiram
at al The following Sunday he disap
peared and Monday the police began an in
vestigation Detectives discovered traces
of suspicious actions on the part of Isaac
He hired a team at a Rochester livery
stable met a man at the depot undoubtedly
Hiram with whom he drove away Late I
in the afternoon he
returned bought a
pickax and spade and drove away again
not returning until late at night He then
went to Portland and registered at a hotel
under fictitious name Yesterday the of
ficers traced him down and arrested him
This morning his clothing was carefully
examined and blood stains discovered 011 L
the shirt and pants showing evi
dence of having been washed A
searching party of 400 men scoured I
the woods today and found a shoe
believed to have been wcrn by Hiram a
bloodstained handkerchief and a piece of
his coat Soon after a poorlymade grave
was discovered and the body found minus
both arms and head Near by was found a
paper which had been wrapped around the
axe bought by Isaac The case appears to
be a clear one against him and he is sup I I
posed t have a confederate who is believed i
to be Charles Blood who was in prison
with him
Storms in Iennsylvatla and Ohio
PITTSBOHO Feb 14Continued heavy
rains throughout western Pennsylvania
and eastern Ohio have swollen all the
streams and the waters are still rising
Several points report much damage At
Grafton W Va this morning a terrible
storm of wind and hail did great damage I
lieddy Brennan Victorious
CHICAGO Feb 14Reddy Brennan light
weight champion of Montana and John
Eckert from Str ator III fought to a
finish at Oswego Ill last night in
fnish Oswegol 11 seven
rounds with small gloves The fight was
given to Brennan on a foul Both were
severely punished
Why Zanzibars Sultan Died
ZANZIBAR Feb 14 Medical examination
proved that the Sultan diedfromsunstroke
Everything quiet and no trouble has arisen
in consequence of the death of the Sultuu
KhalifaBenSaid and tho accession ol his
brother Sernaid Ali
Two British gunboats have arrived from
Shanghai A British sloop of war has
sailed for Mombassa to ensure the preser
vation of order there Mombassa is
picketed with native soldiers Precautions
have been taken to protect the mission
stations in that vicinity
An Old Couple Found Murdered
OSIAHA Feb 14The bodies of an old
couple nam Jones living six miles west
of Omaha were discovered this morning
hidden behind the barn on their farm
Both were perforated with bullets Evi
dently they had been dead some days
There is no clue t the murderers
Frank Offitt and Jerry Dee two resi
dents of South Omaha were arrested this
evening charged with the murder It is
found that they sold cattle stolen from the
place t a South Omaha commission house
i te
Asa Pugilist by the Champion
John L Sullivan
A Scheme to Kidnap ExSenator TfiborThe
Conspiracy Against Old Hutch Benson
the Forger Convicted
Special to TH HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEW YORK Feb 14I have just inter
viewed John L Sullivan The big un is
notover fond of talking to newspaper men
It is true the New York dailies abound in
alleged interviews with the great heavy
weight but these the Examiner correspond
ent has discovered are usually inspired
from the box office so to speak John Ls
management Last night the fighter un
bosomed himself very freely and his re
marks have the merit exceptional in his
case of authenticity and point The Ex
aminer being anxious to obtain an expert
opinion from the champion upon the merits
of Peter Jackson as a boxer and fighter I
especially directed Sullivans attention to
these points A great many men here who
know more or less of pugilism have looked
Peter pretty thoroughly over since he re
turned from England and some of the
opinions which have been
expressed might
not please the Australians certainly not
Californians who take a just pride in the
dusky fighters pluck and modesty But
New York is essentially a Sullivan city
and a great many of these unfavorable
caiticisms are owing t prejudice in favor
of the champion Curiously enough John
L Sullivan himself does not entirely spare
his views on his friends He has formed
an opinion of Peter Jackson which when
it is remembered that the big fellow does
not as a rule tnrow around compliments
ments freely and that indeed he is some
times very hard on men he has defeated or
expects to defeat must be considered as
very favorable to the California Athletic
clubs pet
What do I think of Peter Jackson 1
said the hero of Richburg eyeing the Ex
aminer mancsteadily Well Ive got an
opinion but I dont know whether you
people would like it
Mr Sullivan was assured that what the
Examiner wanted was any opinion really
his own
Well I will tell you lust what I think of
the fellow When people first began talk
lag about him I did not pay much attention
to him I did not give him much credit for
licking either Godfrey or McAuliffe I
read nil the rnnnrfs of
al his fifrhlintr Tem
Smith There isnt much doubt in my
mind that hed have made a holy show of
that sneaking cur i he had not fouled the
black man purposely and I dont give
Jackson much credit for beating Smith be
cause Smith never was much of a fighter
But Ive seen the fellow put on fghter my
self continued Mr Sullivan significantly
and when I see a man fight with my own
eyes I can generally size him up See
The Examiner correspondent assured the
champion slugger that he did see
The time I anu alluding to was when
Jackson sparred in Boston with Ashton
The made a very bad setto according t
nfyvidea buthat is Jacksons fault for
Ashtofi was altogether too slow for him
You see the public are not in it when it
comes to judging these oouts it is not
often that a boxing exhibition amounts to
anything because i is the greatest luck in
the world when two men are evenly
matched I had rather see two poor fight
ers who are evenly matched than the best
man in the world fighting with one who
i int quite suited to him Then theres luck
in the rounds They wont come just to
suit people All the good licks may come
at first and then towards the end the whole
thing peter out That is said Mr Sulli
van with a grin Cif the thing is on the deal
secure Usually we put a little style in the
fighting so as to make it real interesting
Then you think Mr Sullivan that you
die not have a fair opportunity at Boston
fjudginsr Mr Jacksons abilityl
lf iont say that neither What I say is
t I great many fellows that saw him
box dont know how he is going to fight
going fght
From what I saw of him I thinK he is the
quickest man in the ring I ever saw I
never saw quite as much real science
backed up by solid good sense I mean good
tense from the fighting point of view I
thought too he might have a good head
Yes he must have a good head but I dont
know about that You will have to wait
and see
I gathered from further conversation
with the fighter that a good head with him
was a term akin to genius which accord
ing to the champion was an important fac
tor in tho ring
But Ill tell you what after all is mor
important stillit is hard hitting Jackson
hit hard there is the whole point I think
he can box as well as I can in a general
way perhaps a shade better but can he hit
like a pile driver Thats the business
and thats what Id like to know it I wore
betting on him A great fighter is like WlC a
big gunif he gets one good shot in ii
doesnt matter how much popping tha
ocBer fellow does
With this somewhat mixed figure the in
terview concluded with an assurance 01
the part of Kilrains victor that he wa 01
looking after his
king general health very very
John L weighs three pounds less than
when he entered the ring iu Richburg last
July He has been taking Turkish bath
very frequently of late and this has got a
deal to do with reducing his weight Every
morning he rides in Central
park on n
spirited horse After lunch he takes I a
long walk and by dinner time he has I a
ferocious appetite In the evening he
takes in the theatre and has become quite
a critic after his own fashion in the dra
matic line This is Sullivans modeof liv
Ing and he appears to enjoy himself thor
oughly Nothing disturbs him hardly and
as T DeWolf Hopper says Il is dollar
to red apples that he would rather be John
L Sullivan than the Czar of Russia
f A Fatal Sparring Exhibition
ST Louis Feb 14A special from Dal
las Texas says Jake Kilrain and his
sparring troupe exhibited at the opera
housQ last night I was announced to be
only a sparring and wrestling match Tom
James of Dallas encountered Banzia the
combination champion lightweight for 25
Conditions James should sta four ronds
Bariziu hal l it his own way from the fist
In the fuuith lonnd Banzia struck J fldt mei
iu the necKknocking him limp on the st H
James was unable to rise He was spougfu
and restoratives applied The show con
tinued no one supposing Tames
supposig was hurt
seriously When the
entertainment was
about concluded Muldoon announced that
James was unconscious and called for a
physician James died at 1230 this morn
ing v Kilrain cried like a child The entire mor
combination were arrested charged with
murder I is supposed James neck was
broken Ono doctor says it was paralysis
of the heart The hearing in court is now
i progress
James was a well built muscular man of
twenty two He came from Kansas City
three months ago and followed the calling
of a bricklayer The remains of James
will be shipped to Denver for interment
A assistance in a financial way in his
power to give was tendered t James wife
Muldoon The deceased was married
fully twomontbs ago Kilrain and party
excepting Banzia who remained to answes
I c
I before the court left for New Orleans tonight
I Scheme to Kidnap ExSenator Tabor
DENVER Feb HThe police today ar
rested Oscar Roberts and Arthur Butcher
on the charge of conspiracy to kidnap ex
Senator Tabor and hold him for a ransom
I of 30000 On November 7 1889 Roberts
I wrote a letter from Rincon N 11 to
Butcher who was in Omaha in which he
disclosed the plans and asked Butcher to
meet him in Denver the last of the month
The men met here and by some means the
police got hold of the letter which caused
their arrest When taken to the poiice
headquarters they denied that they had
any intention of carrying out the scheme
but were held till they made confession
Roberts is only twentythree years old and
I Butcher twenty one On account of their
youth Mr Tabor refused to prosecute and
thoy were released from custody
The Conspiracy Against Old Hutch
CHICAGO Feb 14 Young Stoner the i
clerk who it is alleged aided in defrauding
the well known board of trade speculator
B P Hutchison out of several thousand I
dollars by means of ficticious deals re
turned from Canada several days ago and I
returned to his desk in Hutchinsons office
Now it is stated that his partner Burt
King who was employed by Broker Dick
inson is also to return The explanation
made Mr Dickinson is that andHutchi
son satisfied themselves that the young
men were only tools of coterie of brokers
who conspired to defraud Hutchinson
Hutchinson wants to get at these men and ir i
therefore guaranteed the boys immunity
should they return and clear the matter up
I Sensational developments are expected
Benson the Forger Convicted
NICE Feb HTho trial of Benson ar
rested for forging of drafts on the Credit
Lyonnars resulted in his conviction
He was sentenced to three months im
Theodore Thomas the Great Orchestral Leader
is to Harry Miss Rose Fay
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
CHICAGO Feb 14 Wedding bells
HVedding bels are
soon to ring again for Theodore Tomas
the great orchestral leader The announce
ment which was made yesterday has added
interest in this city from the fact that his
fiance is a Chicago lady of high social posi
tion Miss Rose Fay the bride that is to
be is the daughter of the late Rev Charles
Fay an Episcopal clergyman of Cambridge
Mass He was a son of Judge Samuel P
Fay also of Cambridge a man of consid i
I erable note in his time The old homestead
which is still called Fay Hall is a familiar
spot in the
college town but has now
1 passed out of the family ownership having
I been purchased by the Harvard annex
i for the use of lady students It is
only about a year since the Rev
Charles Fay died at an advanced age
Although he never made a permanent
home in Chicago he had many friends here
having temporarily filled the pulpit of St
James Episcopal church a few years ago
The family are members of this parish
Ten years ago several members of the fam
ily moved to Chicago a son and three
daughters having formed one household
until the marriage a few months ago of
Miss Lily Fay who is now Mrs Wilmer
ding The others were Mr C NormaFay
formerly president of the telephone com
pany and now holding the same position in
the Chicago Gas Trust company Miss Amy
Kay the accomplished pianist and Miss
Kose Fay The latter three still form one
family residing just off the lake shore
live at 43 Bcllevuo place
Cruelty on the Enterprise
WASHINGTON Feb ltThe Star says a
sensation in naval circles will develop
when the United States ship Enterprise
arrives from Europe She is commanded
by i H B McCalla I is said that upward
of seventy men deserted owing to the
commanders harshness Two men are
ocr in irons and will be courtmartialed
and an investigation had on the return of
the vessel
Toronto University Burned
TOKONTO Ont Feb HThe Toronto
university was burned tonight the fire
originating from an oil
orignatng oi lamp The loss is
half a million ThE fire broke out just an
hour before the guests began to arrive for
a grand fete which was to have been given
tonight gven
A United States Marshal Assassinated
WASHINGTON Feb 14 Attorney Gen
eral Miller received the following telegram
from Marshal Misselle at Jacksonville
Fla W B Saunders one of my bravest
and most efficient deputies was brutally
assassinated at Quincy Gadsden county
jesterday afternuou where be had gone I
with 11 ybelf aad other deputies ofiiiai
The lirajmie8 ActMitu I
NEW 0La Feb 14Tao PicaYlr
Jacksonville spojLil say United Suites
Marshal Mizll and Dupatiej Lan fura
md Siunciera went to Qaiaey lag VeJ
uesdty to serve subpoeua upon j rjr
and witnesses la the i Cjrnooa tvo teen
naiued McPulind and Aliojail 1 it51 the
officials t ride out to th tv
farms Saunders wens with them Miz i
and Lw fid did not Au hour Juttri
Mtchctl returned with S < vundri > body the
unfoi uuat deputy having bet u > hot in I
tile facai Mitchell vaspMixd unr arrest
nit McFarltud was cOT fllle < No exphv
nat on was given md bv advic
f friends two otnir olUirrs left I
for Jacksonville that night During a
farmer alliance convention a month ago
Mcbarland was arrested in Jacksonville
by Saunders on the charge of conspiracy
to prevent the officers from executing le
tul proceses This is said to have greatly
incensed them He gave bail on that
ctmigti No outer cause for the killing is
KnoW 1
Electric Llulir Convention Concluded
KUXSAS Urn Feb HThe Electric I
Light convention concluded its session to I
day and elected new officers The com
mittee on gislature was instructed to
continue its efforts to have the electric
execution law of New York repealed and
pending that have it amended so that the
executing machine shall generate a cur
rent of not less than ten thousand volts I
A Lumber Vessel Wrecked
VICTOKIA B C Feb 1 News has
been rr cited that a lumbtr laden ship
ha gone to pieces mi Verges island at the
ejutraric to Cluyiiuot sound All the crew
were lost the uomber is unknown
Bridal Party Drowned
PAHIS Feb 14At Pontvia yesterday a
vehicle containing a bride and bridegroom
and a number of friends upset and the
whole party was precipitated into the
river The bride and bridegroom and ten
others were drowners
French Corn Duties
PARIS Feb 14The French council of
agriculture has voted in favor of imposing
a duty of 3 francs on corn 5 francs on corn
meal audits derivatives 3 francs on rice in
the husk 3 francs on broken and cleaned
rice and flour
LONDON Feb iLThe Earl of Sidney is
He Makes Dubois ami Carter
Very Angry
John Charltonlof the Dominion Parlfcraestr
Says There Is a Growing Sentiment lit
Favor of Annexation
WASHINGTON Feb 14Speeial tsle =
gram to THE HERALD Delegate Dubois
of Idaho and Representative Carter of
Montana ars very angry tonight They
are not saying much but they arc doing sr
great deal of thinking The cause of this
anger is due to the cavalier and inconsid
erate treatment they received today from
Secretary Blaine The two gentlemen
called at the state department this morning
to see the secretary regarding the long de
layed appointment of Rounceville Wild
man > of Boise City to a place in the con
sular service They were told that Mr
Blaine was at home and would not
probably visit the department dur
lag the day Out they went in
the driving rain and wended their way
through the mud and slush to Mr Elaines
residence in Lafayette square Their ring
at the bell was answered by an impudent
colored man servant who curtly informed
the two westerners that Mr Blaine would
not see them and that they must return to
the department and await the great mans
pleasure Back they went again but in no
genial frame of mind Soon after their ar
rival TVTV Rlmno Tint in
in on nnnonT arii V
tneir troubles were not ended for not
withstanding they cooled their heels three
hours in the anteroom Mr Blaine did not
choose to see them and they afclast left for
the capitol feeling they had been shabbily
It may bo said in passing that the recep
finn or rather nonreception accorded to
these gentlemen is similar to that which
most callars at the state department are
receiving at ME Blames hands There
are few men in public life who do not bit
terly complain of Air Elaines exclusive
ness and his contemptuous disregard of the
peoples feelings whose business takes
them to the state department What I am
saying is no new thing it has existed al
most from the first of Mr Blames induc
tion into office He has denied himself to
everybody except his intimate friends as
if the public gaze and public touch were
contamination During the time of the
late Walker Blaine who was by the way
a charming and in every way agreeable man
the secretarys brusqueness and exclusive
ness were considerably neutralized by the
formers tact and genial hospitality but
since Walkers death there is no one about
the department to fill his place and as the
secretary insists in keeping to himself the
officeseekers and their congressional
backers have no one to whom they can
personally state their claims
Mr Wildman I might say in conclusion
will doubtless receive the appointment
noswithstanding Messrs Dubois and Car
ter declare that they will not darken the
door of tho stats department again The sec
retary is personally very kindly disposed to
Mr Wildman and the probability is that
before many dayshe will be sent to a pleas
ant post in the foreign service either to
India or continental Europe
The Annexation Sentiment in Canada
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
OTTAWA Ont Feb 14John Chariton
representing Norfolk county in the Cana
dian parliament is a Liberal and by birth
an American Today giving his opinion of
he destiny of the Dominion he said I
regard the condition of Canada today as
most unsatisfactory The neifpublic debt
s SIC per head The protective policy in
augurated in 1879 has borne its It 1 > tinaie
fruit The farmers lumbernnn HI d fisher
men have been heavily taxed for t bene
fit of a small and greedy ring of uioit > i o
lists The exodus the United States ha
increased rather than diminished and
Canada is losing the flower of its popula
Mr Chariton was asked what he thought
of imperial federation to which ho replied
that the scheme was impracticable Can
ada would not consent to pay her portion
of Englands expenses or furnish her quota
of men for the English armies
What about annexation he was
There is an annexation sentiment in
Canada and as the sentiment is growing it
would be impossible to measure its extent
for many men conceal their views Many
causes contribute to the growth of the sea
timent Among these is dissatisfaction
with the conditions of the country The
race ltfiicultps of Canada which have
greatly arvelnjjid within a i ear have led
rtioussid to favor it Lef itp it oulri ffive
Ssixon prcpoiiflTuoce and settle thieF each
question Cornnuiti ho SiiiU uMjwy
veuis of inotf iiititnat social aud business
inter ouru bctueiii the two tie pes nis6
pave tOe way for i union 1 am in favyrcC
tho fullest rum nhil union i tbr moss
pmcicahle phu and would avoid ccrtaHi
srrtye objrtionn nat c < ulu ho raised
against the unrestrict reciprocity plan
tJjese coninii n iui affinity already exists be
swein tot maritime provinces and the sea
board stttu Trade is expanding year by
ear Alrmdy Great Britain occupies a
positiou secondary to that of the United
Star a in rade with Canada and the bust
iiej s between the two countries would
mpidly increase if the tariff restrictions
iCLC removed
Champion Prevaricator Appleton
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dlspatch1
NKW YORK Feb 14 Brotherhood base
ballists were all quite broke up today
when they read that Danny Richardson
would probably fall a victim to Appletons
wiles and ducats and join the National
league Nick Engel and other of the boys
got together and chipped ia to pay the tel
egraph tolls to send a messoge to Elmira
asking Danny if it were true tnat he
would desert them The nervous boys
were made happy an hour after when Nick
received this dispatch You know me
All reports false I am as solid as arock
Then the boys looked for Appleton but
the manager couldnt be found Never
theless he was voted the champion prevar
icator and members of the Players league
drank many toasts in honor ol Danny
Armor Machinery for Mare Island
HAMILTON Ohio Feb 14The Niles
tool works of Hamilton have finished and
are now loading an immense armor plate
bending roll that is to be sent to the navy
yard at Mare island San Francisco The
tremendous machine weighs 400000 pounds
and the freight will be something over ten
thousand A number of special flat cars
have been built for the transportation of
the lot and the whole train will be run
through to the coast as a special It is the
largest single shipment and the finest
machine that ever left Hamilton where
some magnificent machinery is built
Comments theParnellTimes Report
LONDON Feb 14All the papers com
ment at length on the finding of the Par
nellTimes commission The Gladstonian
papers find in it a triumphant vindication
The Unionist papers give it an almost un
qualified condemnation

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