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i r 1
I didnQt approveof my mothers idea
of taking city boarders still as she said
as there were only two of them would
not make much difference in our home
i lifeThey
They were an aunt Mrs Morton and
her niece Miss Emily Ives and a strange
contrast they made in both appearance
and demeanor Miss Ives was shrouded
in the deepest of mourning costumes
and a heavy black crape veil completely
concealed her features She was not a
widow That I knew because in writ
ing to engage the rooms Mrs Morton
had called her niece Miss and had
furthermore added that she had sustained
the loss of a friend which had thrown
her into a state of almost hopeless mel
ancholia that Mrs Mortons object in
seeking a country place so far from New
York as the Genesee valley was in the
hope of effecting an ntire change of
scene and thought for her afflicted niece
Mrs Morton joined us at our little rus
tic board but Miss Ives took her meals
in her room refusing to cross the sill of
her door
My curiosity was piqued
Is she illv I inquired of mother on6
Oh no said mother she is in per
fect health but when Mrs Morton urges i
her to come out with her and see the i
beautiful scenery she says that the sight
of nature no matter how lovely is hate
ful to her
Mrs Morton says that unless some
thing is done to arouse Miss Ives from I
her lethargy she is afraid that she will I
go melancholy madand Geoffrey Ive
been thinking that you may be able to I
do something to arouse her
I mother I exclaimed starting
What could I possibly do to arouse
her as you call it
My mother replied to my question
What could you do why you could 1
play and sing
This was a startling proposition even
though I was conceded to be the best mu
sician and to have the finest tenor voice i
in all the Genesee valley
But mother I said how can I
who am nothing but an uncultivated
country bumpkin sing before an accom
plished musician as lain sure Miss Ives
must be
Before she sank into this dull and
dreadful state of despondency Miss lye
was passionately fond of music espe
cially sacred music but she will never
listen to a note now if she can help it
Mrs Morton and I have talked it all over
I told her that you have the kind of a
sympathetic voice that would melt the
heart of a stone and she is very anxious
that you should try the experiment
I dont ask you to sing before her
but this afternoon Mrs Morton and I are
going out When we are gone you sit
down to the piano and sing sonic of those
touching things you know so well how to
When the ladies were well out of the
way I sat down to the piano and very
softly began singing some quaint old
fashioned plaintive hymns Between
each one I paused awhile fully expecting
= a peremptory message from Miss lve > >
for me to stop None came and after a
while I fancied that I heard a light foot
step overheard
Evidently Miss Ives had risn from the
sofa upon which she lay constantly Was
she coming in person to rebuke me for
my temerity My heart beat high with
fearand hope
With my whole soul in my task I rap
idly glided into the old old hymn of
As the last words There is rest for
me died away the door slowly opened
and there advanced towards me a being
who seemed to me an angel so fair was
she I had never seen her face until
now but that figure I could never mis
It was Emily Ices who stood before
me with eyes upturned as if entranced 1
Sing sing those words again she
Low almost as her own voice I sang
I have buiWed ms a mansion
That eternally shall stand
And rny stay will not be transient
In that fair and happy laud
On the other side Of Jordan
In the fair fields of Eden
There is rest for the weary
There is rest for me
In the grave only there is rest she
fiighed sinking wearily into a chair
speaking to herself she seemed and un
observant of my presence
I spoke no word but followed up the
advantage I had gained by softly striking
into Herricks Prayer for Comfort
When the hoard of many years
Like a fleet cloud disappears
Aud the futures full of fears
Saviour Saviour comfort me
When the secret idols gone
That my poor heart yearned upon
Desolate bereft alone
Saviour Saviour comfort sac
The effect was most unexpected At
the conclusion of the hymn she sprang
to her feet with a look of amazement
almost of indignation
How came you a stranger she de
manded imperiously to know my sto
ry I w > astonished in my turn but replied
I know nothing of your story Sliss
Then how came yOU to choose a
hymn to fit it so exactly Ah I see My
aunt has told you
Your aunt his told me nothing 1 as
sure you Miss Ives but it is easy to see
that you are unhappy and I selected a
hymn that I hoped might comfort you 1
hI understand she r plied silting at
the sUe of ths > piiio 1 thank you for I
your Fnipaihy and since I have be I
trayed that 1 have a storywill Hoii
ladi most gJudly I answered
iuAaJl joiciii tiisl hft l i ardfiu
in the hoiceol a hysj L iwd IM ed
her to bestow upon 125 lyi rop K nct
beivirg that OIls Iwuld J
GitTorro < r t
rI r I i L
I r 1 t
< U
0 r 1
wrecl it I was an orphan with norela
tivco Iut ty aunt who has not strength
enoij h n imracter to control or gu ide
BO otL > und headstrong a girl n s I
am n J umans 1o paused grew
white tniddered at the on
then v 11 effort mastered her eniot ion
and Wlt unwas cashier in a bank
where i had on deposit a considerable
sum oE ricy We met frequently and
I was 11cilated by him He professed
a to lovt jj and became engaged My
i aunt tiiii what she could to prevent my
marrying him but as she coiSid urge
L nothing against his character she was
forced to fall back upon the tiu b hon
i orecLancfto me contemptible platitudes
that he was my social inferioronly a f
bank clerk and poor I paid no heed
to her I loved him and love levels all
barriers Our wedding day drew near
and as I wished him to make a good ap
I pearance and not to feel hampered as to
means to make himself presentable I
gave him a blank check signed and told
I j him to fill it up for three thousand dollars
j lars He filled it up for the entire
I amount I had in the bank and fled to
Canada I concealed his theft andal
I loved the world to think that from pure
caprice coquetry ficklenesswhat you
wi llI had broken off the match almost
at the foot of the altar It was readily
believed that heart broken at my trench
J cry he had gone away to try and bury
j his grief
Try to forget himforgiveness will
How shall I set about it she asked
Begin I said by casting aside
thoe emblems of mourning which I you
wear Go out into Gods sweet air and
sunshine and you will soon return to a
healthy and normal state of mind
I thank you she said simply 1
will try
The next afternoon with some mis
givings as to the answer I proposed that
we should make a sort of family party
and visit a few places of interest in the
neighborhood To my surprise and de
light the invitation was accepted I ob
served with great gratification that Miss
Ives no longer wore mourning but a
suit of delicate pearl gray
Mother could hardly conceal her grati
fication at my success and Mrs Morton
fairly bubbled over with joy
September came and still our city
boarders showed no inclination to leave
us Emilys cheeks had resumed their
pristine bloom the roseate hue of health
I had lovod her from the first and as
the charm und beauty of her mind and
character unfolded themselves to me I
adored her The social difference be
tween us my country breeding above
all my poverty held me tongue tied
And so October camethat loveliest of
all months in the country and with it
a not altogether unexpected windfall for
me A suit which for years had been
dragging along in the courts was at last
settled in our favor and mother and I
divided the snug sum of 20000 between L I
us The homestead was partly mine
and would be entirely so at my mothers i
death Why why I was rich laughed I
aloud in my glee and Miss Ives was 1
poor Now why should I not speak
Come what might I would know my
fate and end the suspense which was
eating my heart out And at last my
well guarded secret escaped me I told
her that I loved her andappalled too
late l at my temeritywaited for her to
pronounce my doom or lift me into para
Miss Ives did not seem as surprised as
I had expected nor did she show any re
She qnly seemed to be thinking but it
was not long before she replied
I do not know whether I love you or
not If I loved that otherwith the
only real love of my life then I do not
love h you but if
But ifif what
If that was only a passing fancy
scattered at once and forever to the
winds by his unworthiness
Oh tell me that it was I inter
This much I can tell you Geoffrey
she said I owe you the deepest grati
tude that woman ever owed to man and
could the same misfortune befall me as
in my betrothal and you were the wrong
doer I could forgive you as I never can
Then you love me I cried I am
sure you do for out of love only could
such forgiveness come
And unrebuked I gathered her to my
heart I
I asked if she would be content to live
at the old country homeshe her aunt
with mother and me but if she would
not I would take her back to the great
city for I was rich now A quedr look
passed over her features when I said I
was rich causing me to flush and bite
my lip with mortification remembering
how paltry a sum 10000 must appear
to a girl who had had 30000
Emily acquiesced in all my proposi
tions and arrangements and we were
married most unostentatiously at the
old homestead Emily positively de
clined to invite any of her friends so on
her side her aunt only was present
Emily declared that she wanted noth
ing that reminded her of her old life
Mrs Morton did not like our homespun
ways as well as her niece did and cheer
d her days by having a number of New
York papers sent to her I never looked
it them but one day Emily ran her eye
ore a newly arrived batch and sur
prised me by claiming in a tone of ir
AJi I have not been able to escape
the reporters even here
At her words my heart seemed to
tand still Escape Reporters af
T my wife Vhat could it mean To
nyrural mind reporters only followed
p 1 those who were wanted for some
I jsdemeanor The horrible thought
shed through lilY mind that perhaps I
til married an adventuress oven a
anna 1 For I knew positively noth
about her aurt she had been won so
t by a simpl country boy
> uiy glanced at inc and laughed
Cln > rroy she said how pale
i > I vlat i look of anxiety
fl the report
I read the following among the per
Miss Emily Ives the eccentric thrice
millionairess gave the slip to the great
world of society and was quietly mar
ried on the 23d inst in to a coun
try gentleman of no fortune to speak of
Dame Rumor says that on both sides it
was a regular old fashioned love match
The friends of the fair brideand they
are legion arc rejoicing that at least
onerAmerican girl has preferred to be
stow her immense fortune upon one of
her own countrymen instead of some
titled pauper
Isisit true I gasped
Yes it is true she answered
But why did you tell me that you
were penniless
H I never said that Geoffreynever I
told you that I had been robbed of thirty
thousand dollars You inferred that t
was all I had
Why did you not undeceive me
Because after my first bitter experi
ence I determined that tho man who
next besought me should not know I had I
a dollar I saw the error into which you
had fallen and was careful not to disa
buse your mind of it How else could I
besure that you loved me for myself
and J not for my money
I The witl 4 a bright smile Emily lov
i ingly smoothes tay ntiir = = = 7 rrrr
and added archly
How dreadfully frightened yon
looked dear at the reporters being after
me 1 Tarn afraid you are after all what
you are so fond of calling yourself a
country bumpkin
But the happiest one alive I an
swered snatching her to my heart
Celia Logan in Belfords Magazine
Turtle as Food
In St Bartholomews or Turtle bay as
the whalers call it where for five months
we lay taking and curing abalones our
food was chiefly turtle This little har
bor swarmed with them After a few
hours hunt oneof our whaleboats would
return with five or six of these unwieldy
creatures in the bottom some so large
and heavy as to require hoisting over the
side Often the green fat under the
calli pee or under shell lay three inches
in thickness I served up turtle fried
turtle stewed quarters of turtle roasted
and stuffed like loins of veal turtle plain
boiled and turtles flippers boiled to a
jelly and pickled turtle is a variously
flavored being Almost every portion
has distinct and individual taste After
all old Jake our black boatsteerer
showed us the most delicate part of the
turtle and one previously thrown away
This was the tripe cleansed of a thin
inner skin When the cabin tabc had
once feasted on stewed turtle tripe
they called for it continuously After
many trials and much advice and sug
gestion I l learned to cook accept
ably the abalone The eatable part of
this shell fish when fresh is as large as a
small tea saucer There arc two varie
ties theovhite and black The white is
the best Cut up in pieces and stewed
as I attempted at first the abalone
turned out stewed bits of guttapercha
fried it was fried guttapercha Then
a man from another vessel came on
board who taught me to inclose a single
abalone in a small canvas bag and then
p und it to a jelly with a wooden mallet
This process got the honey out of the
abalone The remains of four or five
abalones thus pounded to a pulp and
then allowed to simmer for a couple of
hours < would make a big tureen of the
most delicious soup man ever tasted
every drop of which on cooling hard
ened to the consistency of calves foot
jelly When my cabin boarders had
once become infected with abalone soup
they wanted me to keep bringing it
along The Americans do not know or
use all the food in the sea which is good
Prentice Mulford
Amateur Entertainments
Most amateur entertainments are given
hi places where there are no regular
stages and in such a case a platform
should be built about three feet high and
ten or more deep the full width of the
room Curtains of canton flannel can
b e used or large screens if such are
more convenient While the characters
are being posed for tableau or the stage
being set for any scene the piano or or
chestra can be played as in a theatre
and for that reason the piano should be
outside of the curtain or on the floor A
dressing room should be parted off on
each side of the stage
There are books which have many
bright little comedies requiring two
three or four characters Among them
are A Happy Pair only requiring
two persons A Fair Encounter need
ing but two women or Weeping
Wives needing four This last was
translated from the French by Mrs
James R Pitcher of Short Hills N J
There are many others which are bright
and good Let the manager beware of
tragic pieces or scenes from Mac
beth Mary and Elizabeth or Romeo
and Juliet Let everything this kind
be light and sprightly It is within the
possibilities for a man or woman who is
a good manager of parlor entertain
ments to write a piece that shall be full
of amusement because novel and new
and novelty is to be sought forOlie
Uow Ella Wheeler IVileoi Dresses
Among the ladies who seem to have
the gift of dressing is Ella Wheeler Wil
cox the poet She knows heiself and
has h adopted to herself a style that is a
part of herself and it is all white for
home or evening dress When you have
left l her presence all you remember is a
sheen of satin and a film of lace a statu
esque figure not too large or too small a
sweet genial face two loving eyes and a
crown of burnished hair This is just as
it i should be In the street she wears
soft gray and fawn colors and every
thing is just simply a setting which is
uever obtrusive yet is remembered be
cause of its perfection and its quiet fit
ness New York Letter
J T Trowbridgp tho well known
I writer of books for b yo is over 70 years
of ago and lives at A lington Mass He
I as made a fortune with his pen
How Tiliiatacho Agreed to Pay Hs Win
ters Board
There are a number of the older resi
dents of St Paul who remember Mus
tache an original river character who
was also a familiar figure in all the river
towns between St Paul and St Louis
No one however knew him by any
other name than Mustache He was a
raftsman by profession and a fighter by
instinct Though weighing but 150
pounds for a number of years between
18G8 and 187S he was called the best
man on the upper Mississippi His last
trip for the season left him stranded in
Muscatine la late one fall It was pos
sible for him to work his way up to the
pineries on some steamboat but Mus
tache decided to play the gentleman for
one winter at least and accordingly
sought out a German hotel proprietor
and stated his case
I want to board with you this win
ter he said but I cannot pay you by
the week
Veil how vill you bay me5 inquired
the Boniface
Ill tell yel what Ill do an my word
is gineraUy good wid de boys Ill board
wid you all winter take 2 wuth of extras
per week an pay you when tho rafts
come lip from down the river in the
Veil dot ish all right so varashl gan
see replied the German
On this basis Mustache put in a num
ber of months with the German enlivened
a few times by a fight between the rafts
man and some local bully objectionable
10 the house Mustachemade him
self solid with hoarding boss Spring
sprung One day the German took out
from behind the bar a greasy blotter and
called Mustache up to the bar to help
audit the account
Let me zee51 he said gyouhaf been
here von doo tree vpurmonts und a
r a
halluf clot makes owlt eignaeen nine
deen veeksf aindit Now den de poard
makes owit feeftyseven tollars und doo
tollars per week for exdras dot makes
owit in all ninedyfive tollar Now ven
you bay me
Oh Ill pay just as I said I would
said Mustache You remember how
that was
I think I do
Yes I said Id pay when the rafts
come up from down the river
Yaw der raffs ish going by now
effery tay
Those rafts are going down stream
Im waiting same as you are fer the
rafts to come up the river See
There must have been a compromise
on this bill at any rate the German
used to tell the story quite gleefully up
to the day of his death in lS83St Paul
Pioneer Press
Hero Worship
I A Parisian gentleman somewhat blase
with the delights and fatigues of the gay
capital took train for Geneva where he
went to look at apartments in the Rue de
Paris says an exchange The landlady
enumerated in lavish terms the ad41l
tages of her establishment saying among
other things
This room was once occupied by Jean
Jacques Rousseau
You dont say so
It is perfectly true The place is left
just as it stood in the Eighteenth cen
What a joke
This is the table on which the great
man wrote the Village Soothsayer
Oh oh
That is the cupboard in which he
kept his linen
There is the armchair in which he
used to sit the clock which told him the
time Lastly monsieur yonder is his
Oh but I do hope they have changed I
the sheets
lie Wanted an Even Wager
Loud Voiced Party I will bet any man
in the party 10 that I can put two bill
iard balls in my mouth at one time
Solemn Visaged Party regarding him
critically No I cant go you But if i
you will make a wager where the chances
are about even I will bet you 10 that
you cant put the billiard table in your
mouthNew York World
Followed the Iarsons Advice
The parson was greatly astonished at
the growth of kissing among the younger
members of his flock especially after he
had preached a strong sermon to them
on tho matter This is what he advised
Every young man and young woman
should set their faces against kissing
Boston Herald
Afraid of His Cheek
Horse OwnerSay keep your face
away from that horses hoof He may
kick you
Book AgentOh rats He wont hurt
Horse OwnerI know that but I dont
want the animal crippled Lawrence
Not a Success as a Reporter
A young reporter has secured his dis
charge because when three articles were
required of him he turned in ALAn and
TheWashington Post
An Extemporized Hat Hack
n4 til
1 l Jfj1 I S
Finlan Its wan that Mary Ann bong lit
Murphy An a good wan it is Jerry
Th man that shtuffed it knowed his
business Judge
Mamma called little Mamie from the
top of the stairs
What is it
Imgoing to bed tonight without say
ing my prayers
That would be very naughty
Ive said my prayers every night this
That makes no difference
But dont you think we ought to give
the Lord night off Washington Post
0 Effusiveness Explained
KJ a J
Phelimthe tramp May all th bless
ins av hi ven rist on yure head an may
th saints be afther takin care av you
son for th fine good natied purty gin
tleman and so forth
iJ1 i
Mr Ensfodm T struck the most grate
ful old duffer down on the corner you
ever saw I gave him a penny and he
thanked me till I was clear out of hear
Mrs Enstrom Did you leave my hah
eagle to be marked for the bangle
Mr Enstrom Great snakes I believe
I gave it to the tramp Puck
T o c
I 4 M I
The Various Beliaious Ssrvicesthe
to be Held Today
The Diamond CharacterThe Inability to Pray
The Brahmiiis and Christ The
lepers at Mololial
Religious services will be held at the
various churches today as follows
SAINTS Salt Lake Stake of Zion Angus M
Cannon president Joseph E Taylor and
Charles W Penrose counselors Meeting this
afternoon at 2 oeloclc
at 730 a m Sunday school at 945 Morning
service with sermon at 11 a m Bible class at
630 p m Evening prayer and sermon at 730
pm Ash Wednesday services at 11 am and
730 pm
Third South stveetnear Main JBrninardThrall
pastor Services with preaching at 11 am and
at 730 pm Sunday school at 1215 pm Society
of Christian Endeavor at 630 pm Seats free
and everybody welcomed
ST PAULS CHAPEL Morning prayer and
sermon at 11 am Sunday school at KiJd pm
Eyeningprayer and sermon at 730 paa Bishop
Leonard will preach in the evening
Injj in the Temple of Honor lodge room over
Deseret National bank Main street at oclock
Enbuirers invited Adinision free
The German Methodists have seven
churches in New Yok eleven in Chicago
five in Cincinnati five in Milwaukee tour
in Buffalo four in St Louis four in Brook
lyn throe in Philadelphia The Deacon
One of the missionaries of the China In
land Mission a Scotch gentleman worth
1000000 is living in China on twentyfive
cents a week using all his fortune in the
A mission school is to be established by
Rev E W Kelly of Mandalay on the very
spot where Dr Adoniram Judson the first
missionary from America suffered the
cruel imprisonment at Oungpenia
e The Moravians number 93227 and yet
we are told that they have sent out during
the century 25000 missionaries and 300
000 yearly They have nine mission ships
The Illustrated Christian Weekly
Twelve hundred converts have been bap
tized in the Baptist mission in Russia in
the past two years The mission is princi
pally among the German colonists in South
Russia There is also a successful mission
in Roumania and Bulgaria
The public opinion that strengthens the
right and keeps down the wrong must be
watchful as well as fearless and honest It
must strike quickly as well as hard It
must aim at prevention as well as cure of
evildoing Christian Advocate Nashville
A Hindoo gentleman has called a con
gress of Brahmin priests and learned men
tor the purpose of incorporating theBible
among the sacred books of India and offici i
ally recognizing Christ as the last spiritual
avata or incarnation of Brahmin the su
preme deity
There is only one Methodist theological
seminary amon the 250000000 of India It
was founded in 1872 by the gift of 20000
from Rev D W Thomas of the North
India conference It has so far turned out
105 native missionaries and fortyfour
Christian teachersWestern Christian Ad
Father Damiens selfsacrifice and heroic
death among the lepers of the Sandwich
Islands are fresh in memory Another
priest was ready to take his place as soon
as he fell and yesterday there arrived in
New York a woman whose name in relig
ion is Sister Rose Gertrude on her way to
join theleper settlement in Molokai This
woman is not a leper but she has deliber
ately chosen to make her home with the
lepers for their bodily and spiritual good
well knowing that she can never leave them
and return to her home and friends Such
grand devotion to humanity as this gives
one brighter views of Christian charity
than are gathered from the usual course of
news Philadelphia Evening Telegraph
The beauty of character is to reflect God
and just so far as we color this reflection
of God with anything of self so far do we
fail of that clarification of inward thought
and outward life which makes us like him
The diamond is the perfect type of charac
ter Every other precious stone reflects
the light colored by its own texture Only
the diamond reflects light in its essential
purity This is the secret of its superior
ity among gems Other gems may be beau
tiful but the diamond is transcendently
beautiful Young Christians be diamond
characters Catch the divine light and
give it forth again uncolored by selfishness
of any sort Be so simple and so sincere
that all the beauty and all the truth com
ing to you out of the Godlife and the
Christlife shall shine through you into the
lives of others and help to make them also
transmitters of light It is selfcons ious
ness that spoils the beauty of character
The secret of true living is to lose the in
termediate sense of self and think only of
that wider relationship of God and neigh
bor Keep thou thy soul translucent
that thou mayest never see its shadow
Zions Herald
One of the curious facts about the ordi
nary Catholic whether cultivated or not
is his inability to pray He may be able to I
read the prayer book through to follow the
mass with sincere devotion to take an in
telectual pleasure in reading Tne Imita
tion of Christ but thc idea of making
prayer the expression of his feelings and
his convictions the means of union with
God seems foreign to nine persons out of
ten This is not characteristic of the igno
rant alone or of the uneducated It is just
as marked in the scientist and the littcra
teur The doctrine of the communion of
saints is well understood by Catholics as
far as the catechism teaches it but the ap
plication of the doctrine is not thought of
too frequently To pray for the sick and
the dead is a common Catholic practice but
to pray for the tempted brethren through
out the world for those without the fir ht
of faith for those leading lives of sin for
the poor and the outcasts are customs that
do not seem to find favor with tho present
generation The cause of course lies in
the training of the young If they are
taught simply to say prayers bv rote they
will never say anything else Even in our
academies and colleges the teaching how to
pray in its best sense is very rare If it
were oftener done we can conceive that the
new generation would show a much deeper
regard for holy things and for holy living
Catholic Review
To the question whether the dead con
tinue to be conversant with earthly occur
rences and scenes and hence see and
know those whom they have left behind
no answer can be given either affirmatively
or negatively on the basis of mere reason
and so far as we know PO answer is either
directly or suggestively given in the Bible
We are hence in a state of gnoiance on
this point and must so remain as long as
we continue in the present world We re i
member our departed friends as we knew
them when living and think of them
as we hope they are in the spirit woi Id
and assuming their continued existence
with the retention of theintelleitual facul
ties which they had when on earth we c tu
reasonably infer that they remember itu
as they knew us to be when dwelling with
us in this world of trial We may thus in
the absence of present intercourse with
them use our past knowledge in a quasi
communion with them and it stems highly
probable that they may do the same thing
in a like communion with us Though
absent they are not absolutely lost to us
and we may reasonably conclude that we
are not absolutely lost to them What has
occurred is a separation and for the time
being a suspension of all conscious present
intercourse between the living and the
dead This lost intercourse may be add
presumably will be renewed hereafter be
tween those knowing and known to each
other vho shall hereafter be dwellers in
the same world Those who precede us s in
death Will notreturn to us We must K
to them This was King Davids idea We
are assured upon the authority tho Bible
that there is one Being in heaven who is
dearer to us than it is possible for wife or
child to be if we love and trust him a we
ought who bled and died for us on the
cross who rose from the dead and ascended
into heaven who is perfectly conversant
with every item of our earthly history from
the cradla to the grave of whom we have
more knowledge than of any other being
in the spirit realm who on earth was in
all points tempeted like as we are and
wl o does watch over us care for us and
profoundly sympathize with us in every
trial of life That Being is the Lord Jesus
Christ the Godman on earth and tho God
Man in heaven The Bible pours a flood of
light upon this Christ as he was on earth
and as he is in heaven and makes him the
be st friend one can possibly have Having
the sympathizing friendship of Having I
knowing that we have it we must rely on I
him and seek comfort in him patiently ac
cepting the absence of dear ones that we
have loved and lost on earth and hoping to
meet them to know them aud renew our
interceurso with them in a brighter and
better world The Independent
We have a speedy ana positive curefor
catarrh diphtheria ranker mouth and
IiI DY A nasal jijector free with each
bottle Use it i you aesire health and sweet
breath Price 50 cents Sold by A C
Smith Sc Co
We offer fifty dozen toboggan caps at 2
35 and 50 cents worth double the money
p S VLINA Utah Fob 4 lSO
Gents Salvator Magnus cured me of
la grippe completely in four days I can
sincerely recommend it
We will on and after Monday January
27 be prepared to serve the public with
New England homemade bread We make
a j specialty of every thing in our line Have
cooks pastry cooks and ornamental con
fectioners Bring your own cakes and we
will ornament them
Diphtheria and all kinds of sore throat
yields readily to the Microbe Killer Use
it freely it can be relied on D L Davis
70 W First South street agent for Utah
I Prescriptions a specialty at Crismon
Scarff Cos the druggists Try them
Spring styles of Christy hats just re
142 Main street
At Gallachers from 12 to 4 25c Short I
orders a specialty i
Prescriptions a specialty at Crismon
Scarf Cos the druggists Try them I
ARE EVIDENCE That the blood i
wrong and that nature is endeav
oring to throw of the impurities
Nothing i so beneficial in assisting
nature as Swifts Specific S S S
It is a simple vegetable compound Is
harmless to the most delicate child
forces the poison to the surface and
eliminates from the sIiaLe
I contracted a severe case of blood poison
that unfitted me for business for four poion
few bottles of Swifts Specific S S res cured
me J C JONES City Marshal
Fulton Arkansas
Treatise on Blood and Skin
Treti Diseases mailed
Skn Di maied
fre SWIFT SPECIFIC Co Atlanta Ga
RY 7 0
6i1 8 0 < otl I
fol Q l I
tUNG RAL L5 A lv
I Contains No Opium in Any For
Among the best remedies ALLENS LUG
BALSAM stands preeminent The druggists
speak of it In the highest terms as giving entire
satisfaction wherever It Is used gving entre
Coughs Colds D Bronchitis I I
In J thoir various forms are so frequent in tills
j changeable climate and so often lay the found
I ton of disease that no one who has a proper
regard for healh sheuld be without ALlS
For the euro of this distressing ing disease there
has been no medicine yet dldLovored that can
show more evidence of real merit than ALES
Mothers will find ir a safe and sure remedy to
give their children wnea afflicted with
gve chidren aficte iit Croup
Us iiarmlass to fte most delicate cMId
Recommended by Physicians Ministers and
Nurses In fact by everybody who has given it
a good tnal Directions accompany each bottle
Call for Allens Lung Balsam and shun the
use of all Cough remedies without inent and aa
established reputation
As J an Expectorant i has no Equal
For sale bv all Medicine Dealers
Undertakers Funeral Directors
We Guarantee All Cases
No 62 East Second South Street
Particular attention paid to embalming
and preparing bodies for shipment
Telephone No < lo P O BOY 471
I i Mind wandering cared Books learned
a in one reading Testimonials from all
pars of the globe Prospectus POST
FREE sent on application to Prof
I A Loisatte 237 Fifth Ave New Yok Pf
Dr Williams Indian Pile Ointment vill
cure Blind Bleeding and Itching Pies i
when all other Ointments have failed It
absorbs the tumors allays the itching at
once acts as a poultice gives instant relief
Dr Williams Indian Pile relef
Wiams Ointment is pre
pared only for piles andJtching of the pri
vate parts and hothing else Every box I
is wartanted Sold by druggists or sent
by mail on icceipt of price 50 cents aud si
per box
< Cloveland 5
r I
< r
= J
t i
t cD
i r AMD i
PriceS ORE Dolr
REMEMBER There Is no other GiaronrESIm o
REMEMER mons LitverResculator
Headquarters for Everything i the
line of
Diamonds Jewelry
Silverware Fancy Goods and KoYeltles
A New and Elegant Line of
Gorhain Sterling Silverware
In Fancy and Table Pieces Just received
We carry a line of goods that arc not carried
by any other house Dont fail t sea them We
buy direct from the manufacturers and not from
the jobbers saving our customers one profit
Clocks Bronzes Gold and Silverheaded Canes
Plated yilverwaref the finest ever displayed in
the west
thE We have lately added 1 line of the Celebrated
and without Cases which make an Elegant
Birthday Present Give u a call and see for
Agents for the PATEK PHILIPPE CO
Special Attention Paid to Orders by MailS
They are cheapest t buy
They are best to use
They bake evenly and quickly
Their operation is perfect
They Irs syda of tha best matsrial
bhtI liii J2
Sole Agent for Utah
Pogre s 3m a
We handle property direct from owcer WcQ
merely act ib their Broker
Mines Carefully Examined
In all pars of the country by a competent
exert 1 j
Correspondence Solicited
Collections Promptly Attended To
Utah Foundry Machine Co
Succesors tt n Croft t Con
Iron and Brass Gas ings
Builders Ironware
Mining and Smeling machinery
r Axjoso Ar > vo
137 W Sola Temple St1 Salt Lake City
Contractors Supplied lift all Kinds ot
Labor at Short Notice
Men for the Utah Central Railroad Extensions
Good Wages and Steady Work Etenion
5 Girls for Private Houses
We have Renters for Houses and Rooms
and Buyers for cheap building lots and
Real Estate and Loans
Room 5 Auerbach Building
o t

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