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Brad the great serial now running r THE DAHY HERALD is delivered
1 Exclusive THE SUNDAY rights HERALD t Bill Nyes let T > I anywhere cents per veolc in Salt OIl Lake per month city delvered for 2
Prank G
o PrankGCarpeutcrletthrsflppea ly In THE HERALD fD l 0 I per anywherein month or SaltLake 250 per year city for 25 cents
His Enumeration of the Problems
Before the American People
n Assault on AttorneyGeneral Goodwin of
ort Dakota Opposed to Imperial Fed
oration Postal Telegraph
BOSTON March 7The Massachusetts
Reform club gave a dinner tonight and
had among it guests David Dudley Field
J George O Shattuck Darwin E Ware and
others Field was the principal speaker
He said there were six problems before the
American people Honest government
woman suffrage the negro race the rights
of labor the government of cities and the
government of corporations The first
named problem was then discussed by the
The ClaytonBreckinrldge Investigation
WASHINGTON March 7At a meeting of
the House committee on elections today a
subcommittee consisting of Chairman
Howell and Messrs Lacey and Crisp re
ported on the evidence in hand I the
ClaytonBecklnridge k contest and
stated that owing to the alleged assassina
tion of Clay tn whereby the contest was sus
pended it is of the highest importance
ie 1 that the matter be fully investigated They
reported a resolution providing for the ap
1 pointment of a subcommittee five mem
bers to make a full and thorough investi
gation and i necessary go to Arkansas t
pursue their inquiry The resolution was
adopted by a unanimous vote
An Assault on AttorneyGeneral Goodwin
BISMARCK N D March 7The publica
tion of the sensational letter from At
torneyGeneral W Goodwin about the lot
tery matter has created a great stir here
especially among politicians Today
while Goodwin was talking with other
gentlemen in the corridor of the
capitol Represetative Walsh approached
and asked by what authority his
name has been used in the letter
After a few words had passed between the
two Walsh suddenly seized Goodwin by I
1 the nose The latter freeing himself
turned and walked away Goodwin
weighs 125 pounds while Walsh is more
than thrice a large as that The attorney
general was ur ed by his friends to take
legal refused action against Walsh but so far has
Against Imperial Federation
QUEBEC March 7A resolution con
demning imperial federation proposed by
pavid and seconded by Premier Mercier
passed in the legislative assembly today
n follows That this house is opposed to
imperial federation which would prevent
Canada from having with the other nations
tQe natons
on the American continent relations the
most favorable to her commercial and in
dustrial prosperity and social and political
Government Postal Telegraph Argent
WASHINGTON March iThe House com
mittee on postoffice etc today resumed
consideration of the postal telegraph and
was addressed by Ralph Beaumont chair
man of the legislative committee of the
Knights of Labor Representative
introduced in the last Congress a bill for a
governmant telegraph embodying the
Knights of Labors views but the
bill died with many others He did
not think the postmastergenerals bill
was a good business proposition What
farmer would buy half a farm when ho
could buy a whole one No government
was abundantly able to buy the whole
1 thing and carry it on without furnishing
business opportunities for some one else
This country now i practically ee a
f government of corporations by
corporations and for corporations
Dr Green said Beaumont was solicitious
about the people in the telegraph business
who would be ruined by government com
petition yet he was president of the cor
poration that had repeatedly crushed oppo
sition companies and other people who in
vestea money l tao teiegrapn business
The witness favored Wades bill and said
the government should own oper
ate and control its own system
He admitted that if Wanamakers bill result
ed n cheap telegraph rates for the people
he would be better I
generally bettr pleased than
under the present system He wanted the
bill passed but as all legislation was the
result of compromise he should be glad to
see Wanamakers bill passed a an opening
1 wedge
The Rock Island Cut
CHICAGO March 7The Rock Island has
given notice that beginning Monday the
passenger rate from Kansas City t Den
ver Colorado Springs and Pueblo will be
lo This is to meet the Missouri Pacific
cut other roads will follow suit This
makes the rate from Chicago to Denver 18
and 15 first and second classes
3ravo Charges Against North Dakota Legisla
BiSiiABCK N D March 7A private
letter on the lottery scheme written by
AttorneyGeneral Goodwin to a newspaper
friend in Lisbon has been brought to light
The document states definitely that 300
had been paid t members t support the
lottery bill with the understanding that
the mount should be doubled when tho
bill passed It says the attorneygenerals
political rival held out for 10000 Rumors
of lotteries are thick I is said an attempt
will be made to impeach Goodwin attmpt
New York Commercial Company
NEW YORK March 7The New York
Commercial company obtained from Judge
Andrews of the supreme court today an
injunction against number of persons in
cluding Frank Rico secretary of state
restraining others than Rico from taking
any proceeding under the license issued to
them by the of t
secretary state to form a
corporation under the name of the New
York Commercial of
Company Alaska as
well as restraining the secretary of state
from issuing a certificate of incorporation
t any company having that name or any
other resembling it
Belloc Brothers Bankers Assign
SAX FBAXCISCO March 7The private
banking firm of Belloc Freres assigned
today Liabilities are estimated at half a
1 million dollars The establishment is a
branch of the banking house of Belloc
Freres of Paris It i expected that as
soon a the firm receive a remittance from
Paris they will bo able t pay all demands
Chinamen as Cooks on American Barks
WASHINGTON March 7The collector of
customs at Port Townsend Wn reports
t the treasury department the arrival of
the American bark Gerard C Tohey of
New Bedford from Shanghai having on
t board two Chinese who shipped at Shang
F Jai before the deputy consulgeneral as
steward and cook t be discharged at Port
I Tbwnsend The collector refused to allow
them t lnd Assistant Secretary
JCichenor informed the collector there np
pears to be nothing in the Chinese exclu
sion act prohibiting in terms the hiring of
Chinamen on American vessels at foreign
ports that the present cases do not appear
I to necessitate any action on the part of the
department or collector further than t take
proper precautions and exercise vigilance
t prevent the landing of the Chinamen re
1 ferred to in violation of the law
Pendletous Body In Cincinnati
CINCINNATI March 7The body of ex
Minister Pendleton was brought here to
night The funeral exercises and inter
ment take place tomorrow
Charges Against Bishop Bowman Sustained
CHICAGO March 7The conference at
Emanuel Evangelical church today ren
dered the following verdict against Bishop
Bowman The charges are sustained
Bowman i found guilty and deposed from
his office as bishop and the ministry until
the next general conference
Tho charge of unchristianlike conduct
consisted of numerous alleged slanderous
assertions against fellow ministers
numerous charges of falsehood and unbe
coming language One charge the latter
ground was that he stigmatized the action
of a certain conference a a scheme con
iquity ceived in hell and brought forth in in
Mrs Hiram Sawtelles Child Relates Un
solicited Some Very Suspicions Occurrences
Special to THE HERALD Examiner DIspatch1
BOSTON March 7Some facts that may
throw light on the Sawtelle murder have
been learned by Mrs Hiram Sawtelle in
talking with her little girl Marian The
child was not questioned but began the
talk about a trip to Rochester in the cars
with Uncle Isaac and his mother and a
strange appearing man who did not sit with
them but who conversed with Isaac on the
platform or on the end of the car At
Nashua about 4 oclock a long stop was
made the two whispered together The
child says that the man had dark bushy
hair and a black moustache and though
she never saw Dr Blood but once she de
clared he is the man that was with them
on the train Her grandmother cannot re
member anything about the stranger ex
cepting that she was with him for a long
tie at Nashua
G E YalcuSIns Sale
NEW YORK March iThe sale of G E
Valensins Pleasanton Ca1 trotting
horses commenced at the American insti
tute building this morning Owing to the
great sale of Roses horses bidding was
not unusually high nor was the attendance
large The following are the more im
portant saies Mmsaaden b c Scott
Grunton Rrenton 1000 Moss Rose bf
Murphy Dowington Pa 1650 Hattie
b r Jacob Ruyert city 3300 Bentoh
dOr ch f C F Burden city 3000
Valensin ch h F C Fowler Moodus
Conn 3300 b c lSD William Marks
Philadelphia 1500 Gold Leaf ch f J
A Schmidt Parkville L I 8000 Sac
charine b c E Travis ChicaSo 4500
Navarro b c F C Fowler Moodus
Conn 1900 Alda H blk L Charles I
Poberts city 2600 Lady Guy ch L J I
W Daly Parkville L I 2600 Sister
Gilmer b f by Norfolk E J Travis
Chicago 1200 Miss JayEyeSee blk f
H Kirkendall Helena Mont 1000
Young Lizzie b m E J Travis Chicago
1000 Thistle blk f J H Schultz
Brooklyn N YI 1001
One Girl Accuses Another of Theft and the
Other Puts Shoe Polish on her
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
CuLiEPER Cotmr HOUSE Va March 7
A sensational story is in circulation in
regard to matters of recent occurrence at
the poung ladies sminary in this place
Ono of the girls accused another of stealing
a dollar which the accused indignantly
denied During the night the accused
girl with some of her chums went to the
room of the girl who made the accusation
and demanded an apology which was re
fused whereupon the girl whose character
had been impeached aided by friends
seized the offender gauged and whipped
her and administrated a coat of shoe polish
upon her body All the girls engaged in
the escapage are daughters of highly
respectable intense excitement people and the affair has caused
The Burchell Case
NIAGARA FALLS Ont March 7The at
torneygeneral has ordered Mrs Burchell
retained here until he considers her case
so she will not be locked up at the police I
station but allowed to remain at the hotel
under guard An inquest on the body of
Benwell began at Princeton today The
testimony was practically the same as at
the examination of Burchell here
I Edgar W Nye as his parents named
himor plain Bill a he has made him
self known to the world made his first
ungainly bow before a Salt Lake audience
last evening and much we regret that it
is likely t be his last A very select
audience of probably four or five hundred
people assembled to greet him and it is
safe to say that the number would have
been doubled but for the strong counter
attraction at the Grand Nye gives an
entertainment which is like himself dis
similar to anything else on earth in the
earth or under the earth He appears on
the programme as it were in snatches
gives an anecdote then a recitation then a
reading and then some stray remarks all
being intermingled piano solos violin
solos etc and the whole working up an
evening nfost genuinely delightful As his
long lank form surmounted by the per
fectly bold head and moonliko bespectacled
countenance which have been made
cuntnance whch so
familiar to readers of THE HERALD
made its appearance and came down
t the front after the manner of
some immense babya big round
of applause went up that should have made
Mr Nye feel perfectly at home He began
by saying they had arrived so late in the
town that they were somewhat weary
they only had time to dress themselves and
buy some real estate samples of which he
was going to take home with him He re
lated anecdotes of his experience since
strtng out on his stage career and re
lated how his trainer had suggested
various modes of makinc UD his urn
gramme including the hiring of a power
ful brass band to play half an hour
at the beginning of his lecture half
an hour at the close and possibly
right on during the lecture itself He had
also thought of hiring a pugilist nnd had
gone to his room for rehearsal Hi had a
vivid recollection of going to the roomhis
mind was not so clear as to his coming
away There was a hornet the wall one
of the oldfashioned base burner kind of
hornets and while the pugilist was looking
at that Nye had dealt him a powerful
blow one that would have killed him
easily if he had been there He told an
amusing little yarn of an Irishman and
read a la schoolboy with a manner that
told his mimetic powers were as
strong a his descriptive the story
from McGuffeys reader published
in TiE HEKALD a few Sunda s
ago The effect with his third reader
covered with colico was something irre
sistably ludicrous Being recalled he told
how when he attended a school where the
penalty for marring any of the furniture
was a payment of 5 or a fearful thrashing
One day while sitting in school thinking
of the tariff ho had inadvertently whittled
a desk and he was notified t procure the
5 or prepare for the whal ing He had
laid the matter before his father who re
marked that his family could stand all the
beatings necessary through the proper
cnanuel and gave him the 5 to pay the
damage On his way to school he began
to think that 5 was a good deal of money
to pay for a spoiled desk and by the time
he got there he had decided to take the
whaling and retain the money Ho did so
And this said Mr Nye solemnly
was the first money I ever earned
He was applauded and roared at to the
echo for all his efforts half the charm lay
in his manner of delivery which is to the
last extent dry quaint and unpretentious
The other features of the entertainment
were pleasing if not brilliant Mr Dow
neys piano playing and Miss Torbetts
violin solos both won warm applause The
tenor had a cold and was unable to appear I
One of the loveliest characters history
furnishes any instance oias Mr Nyc
beautifully describes himself was seated
in his dressing room alone when a HERALD
I representative was ushered into his pro
sence He had said that if there was any
thing more than another on earth that he
liked it was a newspaper man and no re
luctance was felt in asking him for some of
his impressions
There are many changes in Salt Lake
since I was here twelve years ago said
Mr Nye The whole country is talking
of Salt Lake and there is no question as to
your growth from now on
You originally lived in Wyoming did
you notl
12Yes for many years I practiced law
there for a long time in a quiet wayno
one knew much about i and then I gravi
tated back to newspaper work Did you
stay at Laimie and Cheyenne I Oh yes
and had a royal time just as they would
for a funeral and there was a brass band
in full uniform to meet us at the train
How do you manage to write your
letters for publication and keep up your i
lecture work 1
I Well it is very hard and I shall drop
travelling after this season Theres
money in it of course but thework is too
L How do you dispose of your letters
now 1
OU First to the New York World Thon
instead of paying me as much as they
would otherwise do Is I am allowed to sell I
the same letters to the American Press
association of which I believe your paper
is a member This arrangement has been
very satisfactory to me much more than
my former one was with Bacheller Co
Mr Nye was asked the reason why
Riley the poet had thrown up the tour
but he refused to be interviewed on that
subject he let fall enough however to
show that the poet was given to regal fits
of the jimjams that unfitted him for keep
ing engagements with his audiences Mr
Nye had hired the present company to
help him fill his dates and all was going
wel till the tenor took a cold through hav
ing to tend the box office
The company proceed westward this
drew an audience last evening larger than
before Hundreds were turned away
The sale for today and tonight has been
advance representative Mr Femessy has
reached the city The engagement may
now last four nights
Located Cor Main and Third South Streets
The Clift is the best 2 per day house
west of Chicago Rooms large cool and
airy new and handsome furniture electric
lights and all the latest conveniences and
accessories Dining hall spacious and per
ject in its appointment Table firstclass
Rooms may be secured by telegraph
corner of Main and SecondSouth Most
central location of any hotel in the city
Opposit postoffice Union ticket and Pull
man office in the hotel Newly remodeled
and furnished throughout Table
TablE unsur
passed Electric light bells and all mod
ern conveniences Terms 200 to 250 per
day H L HALL Proprietor
For ono week only we offer the best
realty buy in the city viz 07 feet on Main
street adjoining the St James hotel Easy
terms Louis F Kulak 150 Main street
Mentz agents Beach Densmore 161 Man street
Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint
Is i not worth the small price of 75 cents
t free yourself of every symptom of these
distressing complaints I you think so
c at our store and get a bottle of Shilohs
Vitalizer Every bottle has a printed
Viter botte printd guar
antee on iti use accordingly and i it does
you no good it will cost you nothing Sold
GEORGE PROCTOR Is in from Union
A LEI of Evanston i at the Cullen
W M EAGUAND of Sprlngville is in town
BERT SEYBOLDI is in from Fort Du Ohesne
JUDGE DUSENBERY came up from Provo yes
FRANK BOYER came up from Springvillo yes
terday LAMONI CAL was down from Bountiful yes
DR J B KEYSOR has just returned from a
months trip t the coast
Dusenberry Provo A T Lawrence Denver I
C B Davidson St Paul H Mackey L God
dard Pocatello Idaho Will H Ahpel r New
York T Kirby and wife Denver George R
Hancock Dave Felon Park City C S Thomp
son Thomas Busby Provo F H Dickey Kan
sas City M VVulpl Clay Centre Ks M O
McCoy Washington D C J E Eastes and
wife Chicago
THE CUFT Nat Winters Kansas City Mo
A J Baurdick Missouri A P Lucas Wash
ington D C T E Mitchell Central Michigan
T Topence Ogden J W Jensen C E John
son JB Sanford C G Evans Montana J
Nicholson Anaconda John Schultz Denver
H B Assadorrian 11 D Springvillc Utah F
McNabb Cincinnati J P Anderson Milford
W J Ryan Laramie JA M Miner Denver C
L Johnason Guunison Colo W W Means
Kansas City Mo A M Good Cal James
Murphy Miss Bigler Collinston ds B Dexter
wife and son Glendale G W PresTcott and wifo
Moridan la J N Lenker Grand Island J
W Cramer Chicago
TIE CONTINENAL Rasmus Nielson Spanish
Forks 11 Bert Denvor V L Schmidt New
York M Metz San Francisco L H Young
New York F C Boyer Springvillo Wm
Vauhyke Ogden D Williams Ogden F P
Johnson Boston Chas Kinney Colorado
Springs J W Parker Colorado Springs L jr
Hubert Carlyle I G Sharp Carlyle I I
Charles Snayer Denver Col W J Brown
Provo C S Pearson H C Johnson San
Francisco G R Hancock Park City W J
Calkins New York William Thompson
Waterloo Iowa t S Johnson J Longneoker
Omaha L A McMillcn Chicago John Dahl
Portland Sam Wilwer Kansas City W H
Gabber Tellurido Cal Jasper Hicks
A P Howard T Yunker Denver
J Meyers J E Allen Utah Paul Boisborth
New York James F Drake Pueblo C E BUss
Philadelphia J S McConnell Denver W J
Brown Ogden F C Boyle Springvillo J F
Ferguson Castle Gate S R Commander
Helena George 1C Jenkins Columbus O
THE WHITE T Bird Bathgate N D W H
Woodward Park city F J Kimball A P
Payer New York W H Miller E S Arnold
A D Campbell Ogden MFitzgeraldBlngham
O O Deckerman P V Junction H P Camp
bell Ohama A Jacobson St Paul William
Robarr St Paul A McLean St Paul Minn
R Caughey San Jose CaL James C Madison
B Madison E Beck William Litchfleld J E
Porter Denver F F Wood Brookville Kan
Miss M King Green River R L Langle To
peka Kan James Crow Charles Bircher
Adair In
The Sorrow of a Millionaire Over
His Daughters Marriage i
Marries Her Clandestinely Becauso Ho Pre
fers a Private Wedding Sensational
Shooting Affair in Chicago
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch I
CHICAGO March 7John T Lester the
multimillionaire stockbroker of this city
is deranged A strange cause has brought
about his mental dethronement The per
sons upon whom the responsibility for his
condition is charged are Lesters daughter
and Philip D Armour the famous packer
and speculator Mr Lester is tonight at
his palatial home here the subject of the
most anxious watching by his family and
physicians He and his wife were on their
way to Georgia when he was taken sick at
Hotel Brunswick in New York He was
at once brought home being accompanied
by Dr Craven an old friend the party ar
riving Wednesday Dr Craven said to
day uI consider Mr Lesters condition
very serious His nervous system is now
greatly weakened He has had domestic
trouble which has temporarily unbalanced
his mind I dont think he will become
permanently insane though at times he is
quite violent
Mr Samuel Allerton who has been con
nected in business with Mr Lester for five
years said Mr Lester is a very sick
man His present condition is the result
the hasty marriage of his daughter to
young Armour in his business on the
board Mr Lester became run down physic
ally and then this Armour matter came up
and nearly killed him Mr Lester did not
insist upon a great wedding although he
would have preferred it but when the Ar
mours acted as they did it was a fearful
shock to him I dont know that Armour
realized what a mean trick he was playing
when he allowed that marriage to come off
but it was mean nevertheless and is the
cause of Mr Lesters serious condition
The hasty marriage to which Mr Allor
ton so bitterly referred was a decidedly
peculiar affair Some months ago the an
nouncement was made of an engagement
between Mr Lesters daughter and the
son of Mr Armour Both the parties t
the engagement are very young people but
that did not prevent them from from hav
ing a will of their own particularly Mr
Armour jr who seems to be a chip of the
old block in the matter ofindependence
and determination A development of this
trait was made at just this juncture and
the ArmourLester skies were beautified
and serene and then came the little cloud
no bigger than a mans hand and Mrs Les
ter with a mothers pride set about mak
ing great preparations for the happy
event It was intended that the ceremony
should be attended with unusual pomp and
splendor Mr Lester coincided with his
wifes views and aided substantially in its
preparations The bridegroomelect had
different ideas as to hrvnr ho
should be married Hu preferred
a quiet wedding with a feW
select friends in attendance Papa Armour
took the same view of i Mrs Lester
however demanded a wedding becoming
her daughters station and in opposition to
young Mr Armours protestations the in
vitations for a grand affair were completed
and issued and even an orchestra was en
gaged Young Armour was determined
however have his way and Miss Lester I
agreed with him in his ideas The result
was a hurried marriage one afternoon at
the Armour mansion Not one of the
Lester family was present except of course
the bride
Mr Lesters indignation ih hearing of
the mariage knew no bounds His brood
ing over i seems unending and it is
claimed he has never recovered from the
shock In his more excitable moments he
raves over the event and threatecH his
daughters fatherinlaw with extraordi
nary vengence
A Sensational Shooting Affray in Chicago
CHICAGO March 7The most sensa
tional shooting affray which has occurred
in this city for a long time took place to
night Patrick Crowe being the principal
He succeeded in wounding a woman
slightly and two officers and a citizen
badly One of the officers will probably
die Crowe came hero irom Omaha a short i
time ago and has been working in a pack
ing house Last night he wound up a pro
tracted spree in a disreputable house on
Clark street This afternoon he demanded
at the point of a revolver from Annie Hall
in whose company he was jewels valued at
1500 which she had The woman screamed
and Crowe fired the bullet lodging in the
fleshy part of her arm Heseized the jewelry
and rushed towards the street At the
door ho was met by a colored woman
whom he knocked senseless with the butt
of his revolver He got away for the time
being and later in the afternoon he pawned
the diamonds Officer Lenville who had
been watching for him met him at the
door of the pawn shop and attempted to
arrest him but was instantly shot down
the bullet passing through his face and
cutting his tongue in two Crowe ran
down town followed by hundreds of citi
zens Officer Briscoe located several
blocks down attempted with a drawn re
volver to stop the flying man but Crowe
promptly planted a bullet in Briscoes
breast and kept on Soon after ho turned
and discharged his last cartridge at
his pursuers the bullet striking C
E Cole in the arm At last Crowe was
cornered in a blind alley but kept the
crowd at bay with his empty revolver un
til two detectives stole a march on him
knocked him down and handcuffed him
Fully a thousand followed the trio to the
station yelling lynch him but the de
tectives landed him safely behind the bars
Crowe is supposed to have been crazy from
drink According to his own story he is
of a respectable family He worked in an
Omaha packing house befare coming here
Crowe is a native of Davenport Iowa
where his wife is at present His mother
resides at West Side Iowa and Magistrate
King of Omaha is his brotherinlaw
Killed by a Premature Blast
NEWAKK N J March 7Two laborers
at Nevins Eagle rock quarry Orange
were killed by a premature blast todav
WASHINGTON March 7 Receivers of
public money Frank Lesnet Roswell N
M William M Berger Santa Fe N M
Registers of land offices John W Lewis
the Dalles Ore Perry Janson Blackfoot
Idaho Alexander L Morrison Santa Fe
Postmasters A T Gibson Winne
mucca Nev
Michigan Peaches Damaged
ALLEQAN Mich March 7The cold
weather of the past few days has greatly
damaged the poach crop of next season
San Franciscos Unemployed Want Food
WASHINGTON March Secretary Proc
tor this morning received a telegram from
San Francisco signed Committee for Un I
employed asking for aid and food from I I
the war department Inasmuch W the
committee gave no names and no evidences
of being authorized to make such request
the secretary decided not to consider the
Felix Kampf hanged
CHARLESTON W Va March 7Felix I
Kampf was hanged this morning The crime
for which Felix Kampf suffered death was I
the murder of his daughter May aged
twenty and his son William It was bru
tal and the deed was committed without
adequate provocation
A Ghastly Crime InMoscow
Moscow March 7A ghastly tragedy
came to light last night in this city A
parcel was left at tho residence of Prince
Dolorokoff which upon examination was
found to contain the head of a woman
With the parcel was an anonymous note
saying This is our first exploit We will
soon outdo Jack the Rippert is believed
the woman was killed for betraying Nihl
English Syndicate to Buy Oysters
BALTIMORE March 7It is reported that
an English syndicate has practically con
cluded to purchase all the oyster estab
lishments in this city which have an an
I nual output of nearly twenty millions
A Report that a Syndicate has been Formed to
Hunttho Dead Ones Tusks
Special to THE HEUALD Examiner Dispatch
CHICAGO March 7HThero was a re
markable English syndicate formed in
London just before I sailed said A J
Rexham in the Grand Pacific hotel today
that is if the report is true It was said
about the clubs that a number of rich
young men had organized a company to
hunt elephants in Alaska not live ones but
the dead You know that elephants re
I mains are found all over the great valley
on the Yukon and also throughout
the entire western slope of Alaska
It was not long ago that Sir
Charles Lyell created a sensa
tion by announcing the tact that
frozen elephants were found wedged
among the Siberian icebergs So they can
be found in Alaska The big animals are
on the surface and can be dug out easily
The collecting of elephant tusks is a big
business in Siberia every summer There
are just as many on the Alaska side as in
Siberia and much easier to get I this
company of which I spoke begins opera
tions the members will suddenly become
The Cold Cold World
ST JOHNSBURT Vt March 7The ther
mometer registered 30 below this morning
At Lyndonville 35 below
In York State
TROT N Y March 7The temperature
at aratoga this morning was 2 below in
the Adi rondacks 2t to 30 below
Seal Fishery Information Wanted I
WASHINGTON March 7Senator Dawes
today introduced a bill to enable the secre
tary of the treasury to gather full and
authentic information as to the present
conduct and state of preservation of the
seal interest of the government in Alaska
as compared with that of 1S70
O den City Council
OGDEN March 7Specinl telegram to
TIE HERALDJ ± 730 the regular meet
ing hour the member of the council
present was Councilor Anderson Douglas
Fell Turner Chapman Zimmer Preshaw
Blasdel and Hurlburt came in later and
at roll call all the members answered to
their names except Aldermen Whalen and
Snyder and Councilors Griffin Hank and
Corey H M Barrows in behalf of him
self and others represented that the open I
ing of a street 42 feet in width through
block 50 plat A from Twentieth to
Twentyfirst streets would bo
a great convenience to himself
and others owning lands in that
portion of the city and would render
valuable lands which are now practically
valueless and open up a large amount of
land for taxation He asked that the
street be accepted by the city a name
given to it and that it bo held forevermore
as a street of Ogden city Referred to the
committee on streets
Mary J Clark reminded the council that
the free license kindly granted her in No
vember had expired and asked for a re
newal of the same The petition was
The committee on streets recommended
that the gravel tramway be taken up and
laid down on Washington avenue to the
northern limits of the city and that the
first spring work be done on that street
Objection was made by Councilor Doug
las to taking up the track for the reason
that not all the streets in southern part
of the city had been graveled The chair
man of the committee stated that an ar
rangement would be made with the South
ern Pacific company to gravel Wall avenue
Others thought that the work might be
I done on Washington avenue and the track
again put down where it now is The re
port was adopted
The committee on streets recommended
that the boulevard be built that it com
mence on Thirtieth street at Weber river
and run thence east to the mountains
thence along the base of the mountains to
the bluff at the mouth of Ogden canon
thence west down Twentieth street to
Madison avenue that the city engineer be
instructed to make the necessary surveys
and report the estimated cost provided
that the right of way can bo secured free
of cost to the city
Blasdel objected because the finance
committee had not had anything to say
about it
jLrusuaw iniormea tno council lam no
thought the street committee understood
their businsss well enough to make an
intelligent report and could estimate the
of the
cost contemplated improvement as
well as the finance committee The report
was adopted only Blasdel and Turner
voting no
The committee on streets to whom was
referred the petition to open a street
through Block 29 plate A reportedthat
the petition be referred back for amend
ment and proper dedication Report
The street railway franchise which was
laid over last week came up for a second
reading and final passage Turner moved
to amend by making it read single track
instead avenue of double as apfHied to Wall
Hurlbut offered to amend section five
secton fe
by striking out the words tor on such
parts thereof and Hurlbut moved the
adoption of the ordinance as amended It
was adopted by the following vote Ayes
Shilling Fell Snyder Hurlbut Chapman
Anderson Turner and Zeimer Nays
Preshaw and Douglas The council ad
journed ordinance immediately after passing this I
Refuses to Restrain the Pelican Club
LONDON March 7The judge has de
clined to restrain the Pelican club from
ejecting from membership George Baird
for his action in connection with the Sla
vinSinith prize fight
Portuguese Difficulties at Mozambique
MOZAMBIQUE March 7 Serious difficulty
exists between the Portuguese officials
here and a bodyof 400 imported Goo sol
diers who are British subjects They re
service fuse to for drill tho or Portuguese to perform any military re
The Lake Shore Disaster Victims
BUFFALO March 7 The following is re I
ceived as the list of the killed in the acc
dent near Hamburg last night J Swain I
colored porter John W Flynn Canton
Ohio traveling agent John T Power
Pittsfield Mass traveling agent Mr and
Mrs J E Stewart Rochester Mrs James
D Baucus Saratoga Springs N Y This
morning the bodies of the killed were
brought to the Central depot where the
coroner took charge of them Mrs Baucus
was a bride married only a week ago So
far as known eighteen are injured it is be
lieved that not any fatally Among the
wounded arc George E Martin Boise
City Idaho bruise on chest in hospital
hurt Mr Davis of Los Angeles Cal slightly
Parson Davies Tells How the Troy Man lan
a ell tp Puzzle Peter
CLEVELAND March 7Peter Jackson
I and party arrived today In an interview
Parson Davies den ied the story that Jack
son was nearly knocked out in Troy by
Lambert The latter he said uis a
professional wrestler weighing 210 pounds
who went in to get the 100 promised to
any one who stood before Jackson four
rounds He got it too said tho parson
mournfully He would agree to no one
for a referee but a saloonkeeper friend
and then insisted on eightounce gloves
Now what can any ono no with pillows
Then he didnt fight He rushed in I
grabbed Jackson around the waist and
tried to throw him Peter obeyed the
rules and called for a foul The referee
wouldnt allow it then orwhen Lambert
repeated his tactics In fact all Lambert
did was to run around the stage trying to
keep away from Jackson and when he
failed in that would duck his head rush
in and catch Peter around the waist That
was all there was to it
Mutiny at Sea
NEW YORK March 7The story of a
mutiny is told by Captain A M Praby of
the ship Rieta from Rio do Janiero
The ship was from Calcutta and put in at
Rio She was commanded by the second
mate with nine sailors before the mast
the captain first mate and five sailors
were in irons Several days out from Cal
cutta some salt pork was given the sailors
and during the night nine mutinied
When they complained of the food the
I captain said he would starve them into
submission The men armed themselves
with pistols and swords and headed by the
second mate commanded the captain to
give them the key to the store room Tho
captain refused summoned the first mate
and five seamen They only could find
two pistols and a musket Two of the
sailors that stood by the captain were shot
down The captain and first mate and
three sailors were placed in irons but the
mutineers brought the ship to Rio The
British consul was informed and a naval
court convened which sent the mutineers
England to jail They will probably be shipped to
Tlsza Resigns
PESTH March 0The dissensions betweo
I Tisza prime minister and the other mem
bers of the Hungarian cabinet in regard
to the naturalization of Louis Kossuth
finally resulted in withdrawal from the
ministry of Tisza The Emperor having
accepted his resignation Count von Sza
pary at present minister of agriculture
will succeed Tisza as prime minister
Harmony prevails among the other mem
bers of the cabinet Tisza will continue
as leader of the Liberals
Deligions Dissensions in Uganda
ZANZIBAR March 7 Menanga King of
Uganda who after being deposed had
been driven into the country returned and
with the aid of missionaries conquered the
rebels He has resumed authority in
Uganda He proclaimed himself a Chris
tian has given the principal posts to Prot
estants and Catholics and u dangerous
rivalry has sprung up between them
Major Wifcsmanns Doings
ZANZIBAR March 7The expedition
under Major Wissmann and all the German
officers belonging to it have started after
Saadani the strongest position held by
Bwana Heires force It is the intention
of Wissmann to attack the place The
German expedition to Usumbra has been
A Sugar Combine
NEW YORK March 7 The reported
combination among wholesale dealers in
sugar has caused considerable comment
here There seems to be no fear how
ever that the price of sugar will be iu
creased to any great extent F B Thur
ber says the combination has existed
between New York and New England two
years and now it is proposed to extend i
to the entire country Twelve hundred
firms in forty years have joined j it I is
not a trust but the object is to prevent ir
regularity of prices and cutting below
legitimate profits The price at which
sugar may be sold to retailers will be tele
graphed daily to wholesalers and at the
end of the year dealers will give a rebate
M cent per pound to all who have not cut
under established rates
Clarke of Butte Sues tie Socletle Industtlelle
NEW YORK March 7 William A Clarke
one of the Democratic Senators claiming
the election from Montana began suit here
against Societie Industrielle Commercial
des Meteaux the French copper trust to
recover 5250000 damages on account of
breach of contract made in 1889 to buy from
him the entire production of his mines in
Montana during 189 and 1890 at 12 cents n
pound An attachment upon the property
of the French organization was granted
After Seventeen Yearn In Businaas Mr Gold
berg Retires
Mr L Goldberg for seventeen years
past one of the prominent clothing merch
ants of Salt Lake has finally closed out
his stock und will hereafter be found in the
walks of private life To a HERALD re
porter who dropped into his establishment
yesterday Mr Goldberg said The
whole balance of my stockhas been sold to
Mr Richard Morris of St George who
secured a great bargain by cleaning up the
whole I believe he intends to use the
stock to supply the hands who will work
on the new canal in St George My lease
does not expire till the end of March so I
shall keep my office here till that time A
new front will then be put into the build
ing and the partition wall taken out to
make the stores ready for Mr Kellner the
new tenant
newMr Golberg also said that he wished to
return through THE HERALD his grateful
thanks to the whole public of Utah irre
spective of class or party who had ex
tended him their patronage during the past
seventeen years it was his intention totake
life quietly for a while but i events so
shaped themselves in the future that he
should decide on entering business again
he hoped to be able command a renewal
of the patronage of all old time friends
Mr Morris whose purchases amount to
fiftytwo big cases is pushing off his ship
ments to St George He acknowledges
freely that he got everything at prices un
heard of before and he says he will offer
the goods to the people and the stores in
the south at rateswhich will bo agreathelp
to them in the straits to which many of
them are reduced by the failure of their
water supply
Mr Morns has some fine real estate in
terests in choice parts of the Thirteenth
ward which he will remain here to dispose
Dolplis Special Committee Still
Gropes in the Dark
A Senate Bill for the Same Reported Plumb
Moves to Kednce Salt Lakes Public I
Building Appropriation
WASHINGTON March 6 Senator DolphB
special committee having failed to extract
any information from the newspaper men
today took another tack and beginning at
the head of the list summoned members of
the Senate to appear before it and put them
through a course of questioning similar to
that applied to the newspaper men It is
understood that those summoned today
asserted they had never disclosed the pro
ceedings beyond the limitations of tho
rules The examination of Senators will
require two or three days The impres
sion prevails that a resolution to imprison
the correspondents for contempt will fail
but there is a probability that some of
them will be certified to the district at
torney for prosecution on the charge oJ
i Forfeiture of Railroad Lands
WASHINGTON March 7The Senate com
mittee on public lands this morning re
ported a general land grant forfeiture bill
framed on the same lines as J the bill passed
by the Senate during the last Congress
The bill forfeits to the United States all
lands opposite to and conterminus with
that portion of any railroads not now com
pleted and in operation for the construc
tion or benefit of which lands heretofore
have been granted provided however
this shall not bo construed as forfeiting
lands heretofore earned by the construc
tion of any portion of a railroad under any
act of Congress making a grant of lands
Persons in possession of any forfeited
lands under title derived from the state or
corporation to which the restored lands
were granted are given the right to pur
chase the lands from the United States in
quantities not exceeding 820 acres by any
person at the rate of 125 per acre
at any time within two years
after the passage of the act Where per
sons or corporations hold land to which
under the terms of this act they cannot
obtain title from the United States they
are given six months within which to re
move growing crops or improvements
which may be made A clause added to
this section provides that it shall not apply
to any lands in Iowa in which any person
in good faith has made or asserted his
right to make pro emption or homestead
settlement The bill repeals certain sec
tions of several acts in regard to land
grants in Iowa and Minnesota which
conflict with its provisions In home
stead entries of forfeited lands
parties will be given credit for the time
they have already been on the laud If it
shall be found any lands heretofore granted
to the Northern Pacific railway company
and restored to the public domain lienorth
of the Garrison line in Washington per
sons who acquired title to these lands from
the railway company prior to July 1885
shall be entitled to purchase the lands
within one year from the United States at
the rate of 250 an acre
The city of Portland Ore is confirmed
in certain riparian rights of way which it
secured in order to obtain a good water
In cases where grants are made to aid in
the construction of main and branch lines
and the grants conflict but only one line
has been completed the grant shall not
inure to the benefit of the completed road
The Salt Lake Building
WASHINGTON March 7After unim
portant business the Senate proceeded to
consideration of bills on the calendar The
public building bills on the calendar hav
ing been reached the following passed
Oakland 300000 Cheyenne Wyo 150
000 Helena 100000 The bill appro
priating 8300000 for Salt Lake city having
been reached Plumb moved to reduce the
appropriation to 100000
Paddock opposed the amendment and
said a site centrally located could not bo
had for less than 100000 The appro
priation should really be 700000 The
rents now being paid there by the govern
ment are fifteen thousand dollars to twenty
thousand dollars a year
Plumb asserted that when he was in Salt
Lake city last summer a suitable site
could have been had for twentyfive
thousand dollars or thirty thousand dol
lars The bill went over without action
and the Blair educational bill came up as
unfinished business Hale opposed the bill
Blair then addressed the Senate He in
sisted that the Republican party was
pledged in its platform to the passage of
his bill and he predicted that if that party
failed to make good its pledge that fact
would put an end to the party He was
not mistaken as to the source from which
most of the misrepresentation in the north
concerning bill had come The judi
cial power of the country had decided that
the way to get control of the schools was
to get control of the press The press had
received its full share of attention and had
manifested it full share of subserviency
The New York papers were monopolies of
the worst land and the country papers
had been perverted and poisoned by them
After executive session adjourned untiJ
Paddock Makes a Gallant Fight
WASHINGTON March 7Specinl tele
gram to THE HEIIALD The Senate de
voted a considerable part of its time to day
to a discussion of the new federal building
at Salt Lake Senator Paddock who had
charge of the measure tried to get it
through without any reduction from the
original figure 500000 The Senate mani
fested its willingness to appropriate
400000 but Paddock made a stubborn
fight and pending discussion the morning
hour expired and the bill went over until
It is now on the calendar as unfinished
business and will be the first measure to
receive consideration when the Senate
meets again All the indications point to
the passage of the bill on Monday with the
amount reduced to 400060
The Steamer Maybe Saved
SCITUATE Mass March 7If the sea
subsides it is believed the steamer Deruy I
ter ashore here will be saved together
with her cargo
Reducing Railroad Bates
NEW YORK March 7The Castle Gate
railroad pool reduced the rates for immi
grants today The rate to Colorado points
from New York yesterday was S41 today
13 less The fare to San Francisco has
been reduced in fact to every point west
of the Mississippi river
Young Lincolns Funeral
LONDON March 7 Services over the re
mains of young Abraham Lincoln were
held today at the residence today by Rev =
Monroe Gibson formerly of Chicago The
coffin was hid beneath a mass of flowers
After services tie body was placed In the
catacombs Kensel Green cemetersv >
i C

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