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jJ WORKI AdverlseFree Herald G n s I THE SALT LAKE HER 7LD Obtained HELP in the by Herald Advertising
L Mknsurs Speech on the Idaho
Admission Bill
That is Being Attacked Today butTomorrow
i will be the Catholics I The Com
mittee of Ono Hundred
WASHINGTON April 2Spccial tele
gram to Tim HERALD The debate on the
Idaho bill today Lad the effect of filling
the galleries with crowds of interested L
spectators who
spectatrs patiently through the
four hours debate occasionally punctuat
tug the remarks of the different speakers
with hearty bursts of applause according
as the latters
sentiments found
lattrs a corres
ponding echo in their own hearts
I the discussion this afternoon the
Democrats bore off the honors The
Republicans put forward none of their frst
class talent and the affirmative side of the
question was argued by such second
rate men as Dorsey of Nebraska
Dubois of Idaho and Peters of
Kansas The Democrats on the other hand
were such brilliant orators as Mansur of
Missouri Chipman of Michigan and
Smith of Arizona No better evidence of
the relative interest felt i the debate
4 could be seen than in the rapid thinning
out of the galleries while tno
gleres hie Republicans
J i were speakjng and tho speediness with
f which they filled up again when these
giants of debate Mansur and Chipman L
took the floor
Air lansur spoKe for an hour rio Be
gan by saying that while he had no sym
pathy nor did be believe that any person
on that side of the House had
any sympathy with the institution
oi bigamy or of polygamy yet we find in
this bill there is a mode of striking at thesee
offenses that is in violation of a the best
of our doctrines and
tenets of liberty a
we have universally understood and en
forced them in all times past to the present
time Mr Mansur then sketched atsome
I length the injustice done to the Mormons
in Idaho in the pending bilL I is
g stated that the reason the Mor
I mons are to be disfranchised is be
cause they vote the Democratic ticket
Continuing he said Just pass across the
line an imaginary one a that into Wy
oiLing territory which you admitted as a
state the other day and while there are I
not so many Mormons there as in Idaho
yet they arc nearly a Republicans and
because of the wellunderstood fact that
every Mormon the re votes the Republican
I I ticket you let them vote and not merely
that but you provided the other
day that their wives should have
the right t vote thus giving to
every Mormon and wife in Wyoming two
votes while in Idaho you dcnj the right t
vole even t Mormon men Let those
things be understood a we go along L t
it be understood that it is not a question of
principle anywhere but is in every instance
1 question of expediency alone ol the Re
publican party Let it be further under
stood from fortyeight hours after the Re
publicans began 10 think that they had
carried the presidential election of 1SSS
the whole political world of the United
States was filled with rumors of the new
programme to be inaugurated by that
party One feature of the programme was
me admission ui the new states 10 I
4 strengthen the party in the Senate It I
was also reported and published that there
J wa to be a revolutionizing of the rules of
parliamentary proceedings that there was
to be the unseating of divers member
on the Democratic side and that
the Republicans were to fortify them
selves in this Congress and pass such bills
as they deemed from their standpoint I
necessary t be passed and if new territories
tories were admitted as stales the Repub
lican party being thus strengthened in
the Senate it would be many ears before I
under any circumstances the legislation
of this Congress could be repealed or done
away with These are the circumstances
that led to the admission
up t of the young
est of our remaining territories certainly
the smallest in population and not the best
equipped in financial ability t maintain
statehood I the Morons Mr Mansur
said were black they would be protected
under the fifteenth amendment to the con
stitution But he added impressively
theyare white and Democrats and so they
are your victims
Quoting Judge Wilson the speaker
showed that out of 3000 Mormon voters in
Idaho not more than 2 X per cent were
bigamists or polygamists and that of the II
total of 25000 Mormons in the territory
bigamists and polygamists were scarcely
onehalf of 1 per cent Mr Mansur next
quoted Judge Carton of the Utah commis
sion Dr Miller the editor of the Omaha
JJwaM Representative Strublc of Iowa
Bayard Taylor Chief Justice Wait and
others to show the thrift industry and
general morality of the Mormon people
fA He then proceeded t ask the questions
Why on account of the few men who are
engaged h the practice of bigamy or I
polygamy whether the number be one
hundred and twentyfive a Mr Wilson
estimates i the whole territory of Idaho
or whether it should be greater should w o
insert the penalty uj uiiranuiiisemeui
upon every male adult of that church
merely because he is a Mormon I And
why snould we refuse him even the poor
pitiful right of purging himself by anoath
in which he shall swear that he does not
thus believe For gentlemen please
observe that in said section 3 which
It Is sought t engraft into
the constitutioil of Idaho there
constitutiOl are quite a
number of provisions whereby a man is
V declared t have the right of trial by jury
and shall not suffer the penaity of disfran
chisement until after his conviction
whereas offenses connected with the Mor
mon church are taken outside of the list of
ordinary offenses and a man cannot purge
himsclf ly his own oath that he doesnot
believe in bigamous or polygamous prac
tices does not countenance them and
does not assist in their perpetration
When that is done he cannot complain i
be be deprived of his privileges if
hi ieges i con
victed That is the universal law in all the
states and it Is correct I have been at the
trouble of collecting the law from a the
i several states and there is not t be found
j In one of the states of the union any differ
ent law than that they must be first
tnt tte frst con
victed of crime before
crio you can degrade a
man or deprive him of the Inestimable
right the right to vote the right to serve
on a jury the right to hold an office In no
stat of the union can such rights be taken
from him without conviction for crime first
being made
I ask each and every gentleman on the I
ther side if you vote to strike down these
men without parting you go homo and the
men in your district ask you how you could
deprive citizens of Idaho of these privileges
without a hearing what would your answer
bo when you know the people universally
in your own state believe in a different
doctrine and decreed that it should become
a part of the fundamental constitution of
each and every one of your states How I
repeat will you answer your own people
when they put that question t oul
Mr Mansur then referred to the recent
creation in the city of Boston of the Com
mittee of One Hundred The commit
mittee said he has issued a pamphlet I
reviewing the last encyclical letter of the
Pope and taking the position that accord
ing to the encyclical no man can be an obe
dient and loyal Catholic and at the same
time be a lawful citizen of the United
States This pamphlet takes the position
that the relation
of Catholics towards our 1
government is similar to that of Mor
mons who have taken the oath of the
endowment house and then declares
No ballot for the man who takes
his politics from the
olIcs Vatican This is a i
remarkable length for such a organization
to go and it shows
extent to which
some leading citizens are aroused over the
attitude of the Catholic authorities towards
the public schools
Mr Mansur quoted at length from the
pamphlet one of the paragraphs being a S
follows We have no hesitation in affirm
ing that the oath of
allegiance to our gov
ernment taken by Romanists and by which
they have obtained the rights of the ballot I
of citizenshin and of office
citizenslip ofce amounts to noth
ing if they are good Romanists and has no
binding obligation where the church of the
pontiff requires it to be disregarded We
do not hesitate to say as a measure for the
nations selfprotection that no man who
confesses allegiance t the pontiff should
be allowed to participate a a citizen in
either holding an office or casting a ballot
The United States supreme court has de
cided that the law of one of our states dis
franchising Mormons is constitutional on
the theory that the man who takes the oath
the Mormons are required to take cannot
be a good citizen Why should not this
principle be applied to those who confess
allegiance to the papal heirarchy P
Continuing the speaker said This is
the address now being issued by a commit
tee of 100 citizens of Boston I think I can L
fairly say to the Catholics that if the Mor
mons are stricken down i this bill is to be
carried into effect in this way thus em
boldening the dominant majority it will
not be long before we shall find certain de
nominations and certain classes of people
in this country inaugurating a crusade
against the Catholic because he is a Cath
olic A vote will be reached on the bill at
3 oclock tomorrow afternoon
The Debate on the Idaho Bill
WAsiHNGTONj April 2 1Baker of New
York called up the bill authorizing the
construction of a bridge and approaches at
New York city across the Hudson river to
regulate commerce in and over such bridge
between the states of Now York and New
Jersey and to establish such bridge as a
military and post road The bill passed
The House proceeded t the considera
tion of the Idaho admission bill and Dor
sey of Nebraska in of the
charge billmade
a speech in its favor The
is only opposi
tion to the admission of Idaho ho Q < i5d
came from the Mormons They protested
against the provision of the constitution
which disfranchised bigamists and
bigamist po
lygamists l and persons who were members
of an association which encouragesbigamy
Mansur criticised the provision of the
constitution disfranchising the Mormons
and said the real reason va that the Mor
mons voted the Democratic ticket
Dubois earnestly advocated the admis
sion of Idaho Criticising the minority re
port he said it proposed that bigamists
and polygamists should vote in Idaho
What right had the members of the minor
ity to impose upon Idaho conditions which
never before had been imposed
iposed upon
state coming into the union There was
he said in Idaho a 7iomo
sad jcjius lomo known as
Jack Mormon who while denounc
whie denounc
ing polygamy and bigamy obeyed
all the behests of the Mormon
priests Were the gentleman from
Illinois Springer to live in Idaho
he would probably be known as a Jack
Mormon He closed his discussion ot the
Mormon question by saying the issue was
fairly joined here Would Congress sustain
this treasonable and lascivious institution
or would it hold up the hands of the brave
pioneers who had gone to Idaho who on I
his proposition had abandoned all party
ties and united in saying We earnestly al
desire statehood but we desire it only for
10 American citizens
Smith of Arizona earnestly denounced I
the action of the committee on territories
in failing to report a bill for the admission
of Arizona His people had been unfairly
treated Arizona had every qualification I
for statehood but the bill for her admis
sion was smothered in committee simply
because she had seen fit committe t a Demo r
crat to this Congress The territory of I
New Mexico with a population greater
than Idaho and 1V
Wyoming combined was
also kept in the background Was it be
cause poor Joseph the delegate had
started wrong in his youth and had become
a Democrat
Chipman while favoring the admission
of territories criticised the
trrtres criicised proposed con
stitution of Idaho as an invasion of sacred
individual and religious rights Polygamy
relgous rIght PolYgamy
was a crime which should not be tolerated
but the constitution closed to the accused l
the courts the only asylums against pas
sion and corruption
Perkins spoKe in favor of the bill and l
pending further debate the matter went
over until tomorrow Adjourned
Eehrins Sea Negotiations
NEW YORK April 2 iThe Heralds Otta
wa Ont special says I am credibly in
formed that the Behring sea negotiations
at Washington have not advanced beyond
the preliminary stages of tacit understand
ing that Behring sea is part o the high
seas free to the pursuit of sealing and
which can only be restrained by interna
tional action and that
sation must be made by the United States
for past and mistaken disturbance of Brit
ish scaling operations therein
Protesting Against the Tobacco Schedule
WASHINGTON April 2A large delega
tion of southern tobacco men appeared
before the ways and means committee to
nrotest against the new tobacco schedule
The PanAmerican Conference
WASHINGTON April 2The PanAmeri
can conference today unanimously adopted
resolutions that an international American
monetary union be established that uni
form international coin or coins be issued I
withina year or less from the adjournment
of the conference and that a special meet
ing be held in Washington of a committee
composed of delegates from each nation to
consider the value and quantity of such
currency and coins et quatty
Iowa Republicans are Beginning
to Hedge
The Democrats are In Favor of It The Rea
sons they Ghe Temperance Cru
saders In Missouri
DES MOINES la April 2The antipro
hibition movement within tho Republican
party culminated in a state conference to
day lUG delegates being present
senting several thousand Republicans
Chairman Collins of Keokuk said he had
been a lifelong prohibitionist and done
all in his power to enforce the law in his
city but had failed
faied Other speeches were
in a similar vein ExGovernor Kirkwood
sent a letter in which among other things
he said Personally I favor local
Personaly option
and high license with stringent regula
tions but some of our prohibition friends
say if such a change is made the Republican
can party will never carry an election in
Iowa again That looks to me very much
like bulldozing and the Republicans never
took kindly to that mode of argument This
policy has been pursued for some years by
extreme prohibitionists in Republican
states that have not adopted prohibition
and now it is threatened here I has not
won in the past and r think itwill not in
the future wi
Hon O B Cummins of Des Moines
presented the report of the committee on
resolutions which was received with great
enthusiasm The resolutions declare un
cwni tMnrr nllpfrinnpA tn the nrinninloc nf thc
Republican party as en ncl tediI the
Chicago platform and continue Wo
recognize the liquor traffic as one which
requires regulation but insist that
the object of such regulation
snould be to minimize imtemperanco
and mitigate its evils Experience in this
a well as in other states has conclusively
shown that general prohibition
genera prohibiton operating
upon a communities without respect to
hubit1 conditions circumstances or de
sires is not adapted either to suppressing
intemperance or promoting morals and
therefore the experiment should be aban
doned and the law so modified that those
communities which desire a change shall
have the right to determine for themselves
whether intoxicating liquors shall be sold
as beverages within their limits We I
are unalterably opposed to
unaltrably t any at
tempt t introduce into the at
tution a doctrine of state prohibi
tion The organic law of the state
ought not t be encumbered with police
regulations of that character Political I
organization has no just right to bring into
its declaration principles or new doctrine
unless it bo upon which substantially all I
members agree A large number of the
Republicans of Iowa are and always have I
been opposed to general prohibition and if
the Republican party adheres to the pres
ent position upon this question it is mani
lest that by such adherence it
t nd to exclude from membership
a those who believe the policy fatal to the
best interest of the state Inasmuch as I
members are not agreed upon the subject
there i obviously but one course which the
party can honorably pursue and it is to
rigorously exclude from the party plat
forms every reference to it leaving each
Republican member of the legislature full
liberty t act with respect toit as his ful
ment may direct The experiment of gen
oral prohibition has been faithfully
tried and in many portions of the
state it has lamentably failed
The Republican party can not
justify further support as a party
measure These members of the party
holding our views cannot with favor to
tVir mcf lvfia Innfrrn lend their nl1 f A ITTITI t
upon many communities all the evils of
unlicensed unrestricted and unregulated
liquor selling For these
lquor selng reasons and in
the interest of
intrest morality business and
social order we ask the general assembly
now in session to so amend the prohibi
tory liquor law as to give to communities
that so desire to act power subject to a
minimum license to be fixed by the legis
lature l t regulate the sale of intoxicating
l iquors through the medium of high license
And we insist on such change in the plat
form of the Republican party tle plat
enable us to stand honestly upon it wi
assist in restoring the party to complete I
Local Option In Iowa
DES MOINES April 2The prohibition
question came up in the lower house of the
egislature this afternoon The Democratic
caucus license bill was considered Rich
man Democrat said in spite of the strin
ency of the laws it was plainly to be seen
that in some local cities the prohibitory
l aw was openly violated while in others it
was observed The Democrats wanted to
remedy this condition of affairs and
in i localities where prohibition is un
popular they wanted the liquor
traffic regulated Accordingly they had
prepared a bill to fit the
bi ft whole case a bill
that would give localities that wanted bi
hibition a chance todo so I provided for
settling the matter of license or no license
by popular vote Licenses will be granted
only by the district court and then only to
proper persons Any one could make a
remonstrance against a license and if the
remonstrance was considered sufficient a
license would be refused the license fee
is fixed at a minimum of 500 lcense that
amount is to go to the county in every
case while the municipality could
exact as much more as it saw fit and one
obtaining a license had to file a 5000 bond
for tho full observance of the laws persons
violating the law could bo punished by fine
punisled fne
and imprisonment and anyone convicted
twice should forfeit all right tQ obtain a license
cense again druggists could keep and
properly use liquors under permits Any
person not holding a license and convicted
of selling liquor could be punished by a fine
of not less than S100 After a vigorous
debate of four hours the matter went over
The Crusaders in Missouri
KANSAS CITY April 2A Farmington
Mo dispatch This
dlspath says morning the cru
saders headed by Mrs Williams and Mrs
Foster opened the campaign Armed with
hammers they stopped Thompsons beer
wagon and smashed six barrels emptying
the beer into tho street The women then
took possession of tho wagon and started
for Lassusge four miles south where a
car load of beer belonging to the Klaus
meat Brewery company was sidetracked
They intended to destroy all of it The
saloons near hero are expecting a visi
from tho crusaders
Not I Partner of Stanley
ZANZIBAR April 2A proclamation
been circulated signed Emin addressed
to the Arab populace In it the author
vehemently and absolutely disclaims being
concerned in any way whatever with
Stanley and the English recent civil action
against Tippoo Tib the Arabs leader
Methodist Sympathy for the Chinese
NEW YORK April 2At the New York
east conference of the Methodist Episcopal
church today a resolution was adopted
protesting against the passage of the bill
at Washington providing that after a cer
tai date Chinamen found in this country
without a certificate is liable t deportation
or imprisonment for a term not exceeding
five years The paper characterized the
bill as unjust contrary to Christian princi
pies and fraught with danger to American
missionaries in China
Harmony in the Reading Railroad Restored
PHILADELPHIA April 2The mostjm
portant financial development in this city
for some time was the conclusion of nego
tiations whereby the two parties in the
Reading railroad made harmonious arrange
ments that will put an end to all ponding
legal proceedings against the present man
agement The opposition shareholders will
hereafter have two managers of the com
pany in the persons of Thomas Dolan and
Henry Gibson
Mlzell Confirmed Marshal
WASHINGTON April 2The Senate con
firmed Mizell as marshal of the Northern
district of Florida I
Tho AttorneyGeneral Will Appeal
WASHINGTON April 2It is understood
the attorneygeneral will take an appeal
from the decision of the court of claims
which makes the government responsible
to members of Congress for their loss by
the Silcott defalcation
Psi Kaopa PsI Fraternity
CHICAGO Aprils Tho biennial conven
tion of the grand council of the Psi Kappa
Psi fraternity met hero today with a
large attendance VV B Buskirk of the
University Indiana was elected presi
An American who Claims More Titles than
Would Fill Burhos Peerage
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEW YORK April 2The Stars Wash
ington special says American heiresses
who are hunting titles can obtain a sufficiency
ciency of them all in one person should tho
petition of John Pope Hadnott of Illinois
which was presented to the Senate be sus
tained MrHadnettwho calls himself Hon
John PopeHadnettrequests the American
government through the United States
Senate and House of Representatives t act
as an arbitrator between himself and the
English government of Great Britain and
Ireland for the recoveey of his estate in
England Ireland Scotland and also his
titles in the English Irish Scotch and
Welsh peerage involving the earldom of
March the earldom of Shrewsbury the
dukedom of Buckingham and thedukedom
of York in England the dukedom of
Leinster and the dukedom of Clarence the I
marquisate ofWaterford and the earldom of
Clare of Muskerry of Belvare Belfast
and of Corkin Ireland all of which nas
been in the possession and was the pro
perty of his ancestors England Ireland
Scotland and Wales for over six hundred
years previous to the confiscating act of
William and Mary in confsftng
Mr Hadnett it may bp stated for the in
formation of the aforesaid heiresses is not
at all a bad looking man He has a luxuri
ant mustache a very sonorous voice and
an impressive delivery and has for the last
eight or ten years been a representative
walking delegate of a labor organ
ization He is a protege of Senator
Elaine who has several time presented
petitions on his severa
A Construction Company That Proposes to
Build a Canal Around the Ealls
Special t THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NIAGARA FALLS April 2The Cataract
Construction company which proposes to
build a tunnel around Niagara falls with a
fall of one foot In the
al hundred and to run
machinery in factories by means of the
water power thus obtained signed con
tracts yesterday with the Niagara Falls
Power cmpany Tho contrl tq fA nnt tn
take effect until some minor difficulties are
overcome By this it may be understood
that some people still refuse to sell their
land t the company Tho options on most
of the land wanted expired Monday and
representatives of the company were busy
until after 2 pm yesterday receiving
The Cataract Construction company is an
organization formed under tho laws of
New Jersey Tho work of constructing
the tunnel will be begun it is said as soon
as the machinery can be procured Land
for miles about the village has been pur
cnased by speculators who expect to profit
by the boom which they are sure is coming
The company is privileged by the act of the
legislature to furnish electricity for light
heat and power throughout Niagara lght
Erie counties and has also obtained other
valuable rights
Viscount Hinton Grinds an Organ on Strand
Lady HInton Passes the Hat Around
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Cable
LONDON April 2A scene occurred in
the Strand during yesterday afternoon
Viscount Hinton the son and heir of Earl
Paulett who has made himself notorious
by playing the part of a clown in panto
mimes and who has also undergone im
prisonment for robbery was grinding an
organ accompanied by his wife An aristo
cratic looking gentleman approached them
and endeavored to persuade the erratic
viscount to desist offering him a clerkship
on the stock exchange The offer was
loudly declined in the presence of some
five hundred people Hinton then became
very excited and swore he would never
alter his course of life until his father dies
During this exhibition Lady Hinton took
around the hat to collect coppers and the
good natured gentleman retreated amid the
jeers of the crowd
1 hats Right
PONDON April 2Tee Morning Post ad
vises the government to stop bdllding iron
clads which will soon become worthless
and imitate the marine policy of the United
States Chicago in constructing cruisers like the
Louisiana Jockey Club Races
NEW ORLEANS La April 2At the
new Louisiana Jockey club spring meeting
first day the weather was pleasant and
the attendance large
Six furon Carlton won Silida L
second Nosegay third Timei Sida I
Five furlongs Crispino won Lochlel
second Regardless third Time 102
Threeyearolds seven furlongs Black
burn won Harvester second Hardo third
Time 130
Free handicaps mile McMurty won
McAuley second Seeke Hardy third Time
142 I
Bonninc Course Races
WASHINGTON April 2The track was
fair Maiden threeyearolds and up
wards six furlongsParthian won San
Joso second Gipsy King third Time
Threeyearolds six furlongs Pall
third Mall won Timel18 Little Ella second Faustina I
Twoyearold fillies half a mile Kitty
won Heller mieKity
wont Wallace second Marguerita
third Time 51 Marguerta
Handicap threeyearolds and upwards
mile and a furlong Prather won Frank
Ward second Iceberg third Time 201
Threeyearolds and upwards mile
Manhattan won Car G second Not
Guilty third Time 148
i > c
The University of St Petersburg
t Has BeenClosed
Ills Good Will to HerEmln Enlists Under
the German Flag Tho London Times
Criticises His Action
ST PETERSBURG April2In consequence
of the discovery of a
conspiracy among
the students the university here and the
institution of technology have been closed
by the authorities
Russian Students Petitions Denied
I ST PETERSBURG April 2Count Delian
off minister of
of public instruction has re
fused to receive a petition recently pre
pared by the students of the university
asking for a reduction of the entrance fees
the unrestricted admission of Jews and
tho equality of male and female students
Three hundred excited university students
assembled today intending to march to
the ministry of public instruction but the
police intervened and arrested 175 of them
Three hundred students of the technological
institute ana many pupils from the School
of Forestry and Academy of Medicine have
been arrested for taking part in seditious
Arresting Students at Moscow
ST PETERSBURG April 2At Moscow
fifteen students arrested will be tried on
the charge of being political revolutionists
Fortytwo have been expelled from the
universit fortvfoul m nA hnntni + n
minor punishments and the remainder will
DO released Disorders will be considered
a sign of revolutionary plans in connection
with agitation in foreign countries Re
garding the treatment of the political
prisoners of Siberia it is not thought the
movement has the slightest
slghtest prospect of suc
cess Sixtyseven students at CharkofE
university have been arrested and eleven
A New Plot to Murder the Czar
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Cable
COPENHAGEN April 2A new plot to
murder the Czar has been discovered I
through private letters to tho King of
Denmark The
report has created a sen
The Czar Has Fainting Fits
I BERLIN April 2The
Apri2Tho Kreuz Zeitung says
the Czar is suffering from fainting fits
Count Herbert Bismarck Married
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Cable I
BERLIN April 2Count Herbert Bis
marck is married to Princess do Consolates
with whom his peculiar relations caused I
such a scandal in Berlin nine years
I and brought about her divorce
I Tho Czar Enjoys Perfect Health
I ST PETERSBURG April 2It is learned
I from a reliable source that the report that I
the Czar has been attacked by a sudden
illness perfect is health untrue The1 Czar is enjoying I
The Times Reproaches Emin
LONDON April 2The Times has an ed
torial reproaching Emin Pasha It
out that after British money and enter
prise had extricated him from his unten
able position he is now assisting Germany
in an antiBritish movement
Good Will to America
BERLIN April 2It is said the young I
Emperor is desirous of making an ostenta
tious snow or good will to America and
will seize the opportunity afforded by the
approaching visit of American riflemen to
take part in the coming schultzenfelt to
display it I is asserted that orders have I
been issued that when the stars and stripes
in the procession enter the Brandenburg
gate a salute of 100 guns shall be iired and
when the palace is reached two regiments
of guards shall form an escort for the na
tional emblem of the United States
Hunting for Viscount Boyle
LONDON April 2Hon Henry Boyle
started today for Canada in search of his
elder brother Viscount Boyle who through
his fathers sudden death has become Earl
of Shannon
Seven years ago Viscount
Boyle resigned his commission in the army
when he was joined by his brother in pur
chasing a ranch in western Canada The
undertaking proved a failure and Henry
returned to England The viscount has
sinco been unheard of except through an
innkeeper who saw him two years ago near
a mining camp
Emin Enters tho German Service
ZANZIBAR April 2Emin Pasha has
finally accepted the proposal made to him
by Major Wissmann and entered the Ger
man service He will leave Bagamoyo the
middle of April for Victoria
Apri nyanza ac
companied by a largo caravan and 200
Soudanese troops
Peace Concluded With Bwana Her
ZANZIBAR April 2Bwana Hen i chief
of the insurgents has concluded peace with
the Germans At the request of the latter
ho will return to Saadani from which place
two German expeditions recently at
tempted to expel him Wissmann has at
bidden caravans to enter the German
sphere of influence north of Tanga unless
they have received special permission
The German consul accompanied by two
gunboats is paying an official visit to the
Sultan of Witu
Uprising Russian Peasants
LONDON April 2The Telegraphs St I
Petersburg correspondent says the peas
ants are rising in Riazan and blood has pea al
ready been shed Agitation is spreading
to Finland and Poland and gen darmes
find Cossacks will ouch tho disorder
Excitement is intense ana everybody
I sympathizeswith the students
An Attempt on the Czars Life
LONDON April 2The Berlin corres
pondent of the Chronicle says a partially
successful attempt has been made upon
the life of the Czar
Servia and Bulgaria
LONDON April 2The Servian agent
will leave Sofia tomorrow A rupture be
tween Servia and Bulgaria is imminent
Tho trouble is said to be fomented by Rus
The Portuguese Cabinet Reconstructed
LISBON April 2Tbo cabinet has been
reconstructed ter Pimental is prime minis
Newport Democratic
NEWPORT R I April 2The new
secret ballot law worked easily today but
to couni the votes takes much longer than
usual The indications are that the Demo
crats have carried this city Twenty
five towns and districts exclusive cities
give Davis Democrat 5397 Ladd Re
publican 4022
Hepalrlnc at Louisville
LOUISVILLE April 2The work of tear
ing doW the demolished buildings has
progressed rapidly and within a few days
c 1
most of those standing will be leveled
Subscriptions continue to come in liberally
and today over eleven thousand dollars
was added to the boar of trade fund The
relief committee is busily distributing this
fund so as most effectually to relieve the
suffering At the waterworks the tem
porary machinery was tasted today and
worked satisfactorily I is now believed
the danger of a water famine is passed
PremIer Grcemvay Resigns
WINNIPEctApril 2It is announced that
Premier Greenway and AttorneyGeneral
Martin have resignedtheir positions in the
Manitoba government and Colonel MeNu
lan of Winnipeg will be called on to form
a new cabinet Grelsnway will go to Eng
land as immigration commissioner for
The Champion Shotgun Shoot
WELLINGTON Mass April 2The Wel
lington range was thronged with shotgun
devotees this afternoon and many ladies
witnessed the shooting The event was
the closing shoot in the championship ss
ries between the eastern and western
teams which was won by the latter
Slice won the handsome silver pitcher
offered by the Wellington gun club to the
western score man mailing the highest individual
C W Bndd
BUld Des < Moines 33
J R Slice Omaha 2
R C Bines Dayton 3
C E Cahoon Freeport
J A Ruble 3
34 I
Total u 0 u ou 017 i
I > I McMurchy Syracuse 37
W E Perry Bpston 3
W H Woolstoacrest 2
Philadelphia SO
W S Perry Voreestcr Phiadelphia 1155 3
H B WhilneyPhelpS N J 2
Total = =
0 0149
Mysterious Disappearance of a Young
Woman Trouble la the Mining Exchange
DENVER April 2Special telegram to
THE HERALD Hattie Wooter left Colo
rado Springs six weeks ago to visit friends
promising to return the following week
and carried but little extra clothing I has
been learned that she failed to find her
Denver friends and now her relatives are I
trying to find her She is described as
bright and vivacious aged eighteen dark
hair and eyes and is petite and attractive
Foul play is feared
At Platero mining camp in the western I
portion of San Luis park on Sunday night
Joe Devine fatally shot his partner Charles
Wallace Devino was of a quarrelsome
disposition and Wallace recently made his
will fearing trouble with him
Devine formerly kept
a road I
house near Aspen and skipped his I
bond there for holding up six men The I
coroners jury his last
say murder was pre
meditated and he has been placed in L
Conejos jail to await the action of the grand I
There is trouble on the mining exchange
Acting Secretary Calkins has been sending c
circulars to nonresident members signed I
the board of directors by G F Batchel
der president and enclosing a slip for
proxies Bdt helder repudiates the circu
lar and Calkins declines to divulge the
names of the board members who author
ized it Evidently its purpose was to oust
the present directors A storm is coming
there when the election occurs on the 2Gth
Judge Allen to day announced he would
render his decision in
the mayoralty
mayoraty con
test next Saturday morning
Millionaire Davis Money
BUTTE Mont April 2fSpecial telegram
to THE HERLDT J Davis today ap
plied for letters of administration on the
7000000 estate of A J Davis who died a
month ago
T J Davis comes from Keokuk Iowa
is backed by two lawyers and claims to be
the son of the late
millionaire who
milonaire was
never married He makes the third appli
cant for letters of
administration the
administraton per
son appointed administrator will have
to furnish a bond of 59000000
The City of Paris Arrives
LIVERPOOL April 2The City of Paris
arrived tonight
Murder in Mexico
EL PASO Texas April 2At 9 oclock
tonight a most cowardly murder was comr
mitted across the river in Paso Del Norte
W S Bolton and a man named Clayton
both cattlemen met S H Cavitt another
cattleman on tht street
catteman They picked a
quarrel with him and without giv
ing him any warning Clayton and
Bolton drew their revolvers and
began firing on Cavitt who attempted
to retreat but his assailants followed him
up continuing the fire upon him until he
fell dead riddled with bullets Clayton
and Bolton were arrested and are now in
jail in Paso Del Norte The people on both
sides are very indignant and threats of
lynching the murderers are openly made
Cavitt was a very wealthy and popular
young man A law suit is said to have
been the cause of the affair
u Crime at Three score and Ten
HICKSVILLE L I April 2This morn
ing Gunthel Kiel an old man of seventy
six shot Frederick Van Siz twentytwo
years old killing him and afterwards se
riously injured Fredericks father Sub
sequently Gunther himself was almost
killed by Charles Duryea who beat the old
man into insensibility
The Chicago Bucket Shop War
CHICAGO April 2The board of trade
opened this morning with a tickers and
telegraph instruments off the floor This
is thn result of a resolution of the board tn
go out of the business of furnishing official
quotations in order to run out the bucket
shops The general impression among
members is that it is a doubtful experi
ment There is a rumor on the boards to
the effect that an arrangement has been
entered into with the New York stock ex
change by which that body was to cutoff
its stock reports from the bucket cutof
Members of the board of trade are en
thusiastic this afternoon over the result of
the first trading with quotations dropped
They say the volume of business is lancer
than any day for months They attribute
this to orders from men who have been
dealing through bucket shops
The Bucket Mens Side
CHICAGO April 2 Despite the efforts of
the board of
trade the bucket shops man
aged to secure quotations today with
reasonable promptness and assert their
business was not diminished
The First Axtell Colt
INDEPENDENCE Ia April 2The black
mare Queen by Mambrino Boy dam
Fanny Lawton the property of T T Cur
tis dropped filly by Axtell today
This iJ the first and only product by the
great young stallion in existence
Navies ot the World Review I
WASHINGTON April Secretary Tracy
approves tho proposed plan for a review of
the navies of the world in New York I
harbor in 1892
> r
The California is Wig to Meet
the Big Fellow
Ho Is Reticent Being Afraid That He M
bo Deemed BoastfulThe Baseball
Plajers Races
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEW York April 2Since Jim Corbet
has been east ho has been a lion among th <
sports Some of Sullivans admirers hav
been doing their utmost to
bring about i
meeting between the big fellow and the
Californian A few days ago the question
I whether he would meet Sullivan in lout
I Sulvan a fOU
round contest for a good money considera
tion was put point blank to Corbott Tha
latter said he couldnt give a decided an
swer at the time 3S gve matter almost
wholly rested with the Olympic club in
San Francisco He promised however tc
give an answer by Wednesday Corbetf
was seen last night and said he would b <
glad to put on the gloves with the chant
pion provided his club gave him portals
sion It would not bo
proper he said tc
enter into an agreement to show
in public with any ono without
consulting the directors Though
Corbett as he says came east
ffi SPA tTlA rvniYitmr onrl
n f + < irK TT
considers toe offer made by Sullivans rep
resentatives a very good one He wired
his club last night and exnects an answei
early today Corbett hasnt any doubt
that the
directors will
consent to a match
He says that even after his contest with
Kilrain he hadnt the remotest idea oi
meeting Sullivan but his friends hav
urged him to accept the offer made by Jack
Sullivans representative When
asked if he expected to find Sullivan aj
slow as Kilrain Corbett replied laughingly t
I guess not Never in nty life was j I
more surprised tuna when I stood up be
fore Kilrain When he allowed me to
punch him I thought he was fooling
me I thought I had met a man
with a thorough knowledge of ring move
meats also a man who was quick and
strong I dont doubt for an instant thai
Sullivan is in every way better than ElI
rain and dont think the man lives who can
best him with the gloves However if we
meet you can rest assured Ill do my ut
most to keep my cnn up Mind you I have
not sought this match Wo are to have a
four round contest so I understand it for
gate receipts 63 per cent to the winner
the remaining to the loser I will be de
dared winner if I stay through four
rounds I dont suppose the polico will al
low us to use gloves smaller than three ounce
though it is immaterial to me what size
is used The match must take place within
three weeks as I am to be back on OFar
roll street by the 29th of this month and
resume my occupation of teaching in the
club rooms Ive been away a long time
this year and it wouldnt bo the right
thing to ask the directors to extend my
leave of absence Im in good condition
now and in two weeks can be in as fine
fettle as I ever was
Jack Barnett Sullivans manager wont
talk much now on the subject All he says
officially is that the proposition made on
behalf of Sullivan to Corbett is for both
men to box four rounds The way things
look now the articles of agreement may ba
signed today or tomorrow Then New
Yorkers will see one of the finest exhibi
finns nf still ctvan rrftron Fni Qnllttron nf
course wm not wisn to be aownea ana all
who have seen Corbett know he is not made
of the same stock as George Robinson who
faced Sullivan in the Mechanics pavilion
in Frisco a few years ago Besides Con
bett thinks a great deal of Mike Donovans
opinions arid the latter says the young Gal
ifornian is the coming champion The fight
will undoubtedly take place at or near New
Corbett Like Barkis is Willing
NEW YORK April 2Jim Corbett or the
California wonder as ho has been styled
since he defeated Kilrain when spoken to
about a contest with J L Sullivan said
I am willing to meet Sullivan in any bus
mess office he may be pleased to name tc
arrange terms for a four round contest
with gloves within two weeks This is
the only stipulation I must insist
upon My leave of absence has nearly ex
pired and it makes imperative a return ta
my duties at the Olympic Athletic club II
Mr Sullivan will agree to the time stipula
tion I feel sure a match can be arranged
Corbett spoke throughout the interview
with modesty in fact it was a difficult
matter to get him to say a word about a
contest for fear as he said people would
think him boastful
A Mill Near St Paul
ST PAUL April 2Tom Cummings and
Frank Callahan fought a nineteenround
mill near town this morning Callahan
seemed to have the best of the fight up to
the nineteenth round when Cummings
succeeded in landing three righthanders
which settled him
Players National Ball League
NEW YORK April 2The conference of
the directors of the Players National Ball
league today was harmonious Those
delegates who had in mind an alteration of
the entire schedule
evidently saw no
chance carry their point and the subject
was not broached An important change
was made by amending the opening dates
so that the season of both the National and
Players leagues shall open the same day
April IS This change will have the effect
of making the fight more aggressive and
silence the National league people who
claimed the Players were afraid to clash
with them in dates
The deserter question was promptly
settled by a decision that Binckley Mully
and Delahanty be reinstated if the direc
toes passed a unanimous vote to that effect
No exhibitions will be allowed Sundays
Wisconsin Republicans Paralyzed
MILWAUKEE April 2The Republicans
throughout Wisconsin are paralyzed at the
sweeping victory of the Democrats in Mil
waukee The result is laid to the bitter
fight made by the Catholic priests and Lu
theran ministers against the Bennett com
pulsory education law Many Republicans
predict the defeat of their party next fall if
the fight is on the same lines
F R Townsend Co Assign
NEW YORK April 2F R Townsend
Co commission woolen merchants made
an assignment today The firm was rated
at 5125000 to 200000 The assignee hopes
to pay 100 cents on the dollar
Liverpool Grain Market Holidays
LINERPOOL April 2Next Friday Sat
urday and Monday will be holidays in the
grain and provision markets
Poverty Whisky and Suicide
DENVER April 2
Yesterday evening a
man calling himself George Harman walked
into a saloon on Larimer street and blew
his brains out n the presence of half a
dozen men The body was taken to the
morgue and today was identified as Count
Schemmerman von Hartman of Hamburg
Poverty and whisky were the cause His a
wife will arrive from San Francisco today
to take the body home

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