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y COMPARE LOOM the number ING of advertisements I THE 1 BOOMING
TEMn advertisements
tisements in todays HERALD vvitu wih lve adverlE8
those in fif4t ments class his a nan ana would not one blu of b tem to z0J
V h family
k the Returns from Three Pre
cincts are Irregular
Near Arco Attorney General Jones Opinion
Sustains the Power of the State Land
Board i the Hatter
DE vR Colo April 5Special tele
gram t TIE HERLDrn the mayoralty
contest Judge Allen today decided that the
J returns from three election precincts the
Eighteenth Nineteenth and Thirtieth
Bhould be rejected for irregularities and
pave Londoner until Tuesday next to filei
in appeal bond and twenty days to file a
> ill of exceptions The former bond wa
fled lat this afternoon and the case goes
t the supreme court Judge Allen says it
ret with the defendant to prove his title
t the office It is not enough to allege
generally that he was elected This was
bot done by defendant The precincts
ihrown out will oust Londoner i the
iupreme court sustains Judge Allen
Attorney General Jones submitted
Attrne submittd his
opinion t the state land board today OH
the sale of schoollandsnear Argo which has
been assailed a fraudulent It sustains the
4 power of the board and the legality of its
proceedings but under the statutes now in I
v lorce the state officials have no power to
o idve a deed or title to any school lands
although they may make contracts which
till be legally binding but title cannot
pass till the legislature affords relief This
Jecision may operate to delay speculators I
Irom realizing on their purchases until
ifter next winter unless buyers take the
land under a cloud as these sales will be
lought t the end by those in opposition
Rev St Clair who was accussed of a
murderous assault on his wife yesterday
vas acquitted today the evidence show
ing that the prosecutor is a crank
The Santa Fe railway secured from tho
jouncil last night a rigktofway over the
bid circle road which they purchased some
A years ago and will build freight and pas
jenger stations at once The former El
be built near Cola avenue and the latter
fronting on Lawrence street both west of
Cherry Creek
Frank L Jordan was arrested today
for securing 0 from Sealhom a music
dealer whose employ has Teen since
February 2 He mortgaged pianos
pawned string instruments and finally
forged a check
Colorado Springs has a social shock
The shockers are David W Law ana Miss
Bessie Russell Law was
Russel superintendent
Df Methodist Sunday school and Bessie
taught a class of kids Bessie is handsome
End winning Law was too good t think
evil and Bessie loved him above all others
undue loved her I was strong love
from the outset and last Thursday Bessie
told all t her mother Her condition was
such that matrimony was desirable and
her father was furious Law tried
to criminate others and attempted
t fasten the paternal responsibility b
upon the preacher but Bessie denied
this and Law married her and started for
California leaving Bessie t nurse her
wrath and her baby It is stated now that
the whole story has not yet been told and
reserved details are expressively racy
Realty sales for the week 1450609
The bank clearing for this week was
I 65934359 an increase over last year of 7
I per cent
Religious services will be held i the
< arous churches today a follows
SAIXTS Salt Lake Stake of ZIon Angus M
Cannon president Joseph E ongs and
Charles WPenrose counselors Meeting this
Afternoon at 2 oclock
tommunlon at 730 a m Morning prayer ser
non and holy communion at 1 a m Childrens
a m Chidrens
Service with baptism of infants at
wit1 baptsm at330pm
Bible and confirmation cass at 030 p m Evi m n
tug prayer and sermon at 730
Third South strcctnear ai JBralnardTlirall
pastor Easter service at 11am Easter Sun
day school concert at 730 p m Sunday school
jit 1215 p m Christian Endeavor society at
130 p m Seats free and everybody welcome
Mission chapel on Second South street East
lit 2 pm and 730 p m by Elder R J Anthony
president of the Rocky Mountain mission
invitation to alL Seats fre
Lcnlcr of Pennsylvania the western secretary
Df the board of church extension In the Swedish
thurch corner Fourth East and Second South
this afternoon at 3 oclock All are welcome
SERVICES will be held In the First M E
church Easter Sunday as follows At 1 a m
preaching and an appeal in behalf of the mis
ilonary board by Rev George E Jayne pro
siding elder English work Utah mission At
f30 p m an Easter concert will be rendered by
the Sunday school Class
meeting at 10 am
Regular session of Sunday school at 1200 p am m
Epworth league prayer meeting at 030 p m m
mcetiJ 63 m
All arc Invited Coxiirrrm
CHARGES ELUB lectures In the Federal court
room this evening at 730 Subject Infidelity
Many hearers pave called this
hearer caled a great lec
jr lure I Collection at the ts geat
TIE Spiritualists association will meet in
the Temple of Honor lodge room over Deseret
national bank this afternoon at 3 oclock A
lull attendance i solicited oclocle
Dr A G Lar on magnetic healer will speak
and operate in the evenIng at 730 wi
The American Bible society reports that
Bible distribution was 5 per cent larger
last year I South America than during
any preceding year i
In the Congo Free State there are eight
Protestant and three Roman Catholic mis
sionary agencies already at work
The Christian Inquirer thinks that when
B church passes complimentary resolutions
about a pastor whom it dismisses because
tired of him it i lie putting flowers on
the grave of a man who has been kickea t
dethI reported that the Turks are extort
ng cash and promissory notes from Chris
tians at Messara Crete by threats of im
prisonment The mayor of Zaros declining
to cash a note for 6000 the citizens were
condemned t subscribe for the payment of
Abe amount
All the best sites along the hill country
5f Judea between Jerusalem westward and
the sea have been bought by Russia and
severed with splendid Greek temples The
great pilgrimages of the day are from Rus
Ma to Palestine Every year about 30000
or 40000 Russian pilgrims visit the Holy
pigi viit
Everyone i steadily making a death
parch in the sense that every step he takes
I life brings him one step nearer to his
lying hour This fact while it should not
fciake life gloomy should make it one of
constant preparation for that hour He
who practically lives as if ho were immor
V tal on earth makes a mistake
pendent e mkes grave mistakeIUdc
Dr Pressense the famous Protestant I
pastor in Paris and a legislator as well
who is the author of some historicoreligi
ous works of high character has been
elected a member of the French academy
It is the highest honor to which a French
man of culture and literary or scientific
nigi lterary scentilc
gifts can aspire and this it is said is the
first time it has ever fallen to a Protestant
The Lutheran is doubtless the most
polyglot church in America not even ex
cepting the Roman Catholic Her minis
ters preach the gospel t her people of vari
ous nationalities in more languages than
those of any other denomination These
are English German French Swedish
Norwegian Danish Icelandic Lettish Bo
Norwegan Icelandc Lettih
hemian Cut Minneapolis Wendisli in
Texas Hungarian at Freeland Pa
Slavon at Streator ilL
The Methodists are the strongest religi
ous denomination in the south and relg
nearly all belong t the southern organiza I
tion of that church The northern branch
organized churches and conferences in the
Southern States soon after the war and
still maintains them but they have never
made much headway The Northern
Methodist church is very rich and there
are evidences that it intends to make large
investments in the south I has completed
plans for the establishment of a highgrade
school at Bluff ton Ala to be known as the
TJniversity of the Southland The city has
donated in lands and money 500000 to the
enterprise and Dr Mann who is at the
head of the movement says 1500000 will
be expended on the main building which
i to be an enormous structure of white
warble Ground will be broken on April
15th and the work completed a speedily
as possible
for 1890 arranges for an expenditure of
7OSo000 francs for the year which is 300
Q francs less than 1SS9 The leading items
are 1925500 francs for salaries of the car
dinals over against 2000000 in 1SS9 the
different executive departments cost 1000
000 francst and here a saving of fully 50
per cent is made the pensions for the
Papal army have been reduced from 150000
t 150000 francs the support for needy
churches and priests has increased from I
320000 t 360000 francs alms to poor II
churches and priests in Rome Italy and I
foreign countries make a total of 400000
francs little more than it was year ago
the Papal movements demandSOOOOO francs
the diplomatic corps 300000 francs the
maintenance of the Papal palace also 300
000 francs The Pope has reduced his
stables to twelve horses four of which are
reserved for his personal use
As already announced the archbishop of
Paris has issued instructions to his clergy
commanding them to condemn the practice
of cremation which he regards as the
triumph of materialism over religious
spiritualism M Ernest Renan thinks
that this pastoral letter is in conformit
with true Christian doctrine He points
out that the great dread o the early Chris I
tians was lest their bodies should be torn
by the wild beasts or burned after their
death For myself adds M Renan as
I do not believe in the resurrection of the
body as the dogma of the church describes
it matters very little to me in what way my
body may be disposed of when I am dead I
Whether it be burned or buried or con
sumed by the birds of the air or the beasts
of the field is to me a matter of the most
complete indifference My objection to 1
cremation is that it must be very painful
t the feelings of the survivors Burial is I
sad enough but how much sadder is burn
The very first fat mentioned I the his
tory of man is a compendium of the whole
of spiritual science human and divine
And God created man in his own image
What a pity that agnostics and evolution
ists do not credit that first grand truth
The nature the
character the dispositions
of God are no longer a mystery to the man
who knows that he himself is spiritually
an image of God His own soul is a mirror
in which he sees face t face the image of
the Creator What he is God is That is i
what he is by his original nature as created
not as defaced and corrupted by sin His
sense of justice his benevolence his
truthfulness his paternal instinct
patrna instnc even
his filial instinct his sense of beautYI
whatever in his soul he may have of good
is an exact counterpart of the same qual
itya God In fact we might perhaps say
that the only difference between man in his
depraved nature and God i that God is in
finite while man is finite What difficulty
then can there be in seeing and knowing
God almost a Moses didface to face
Evolutonist too would find in the same
significant and controlling fact a nobler and
more glorious explanation of the origin of
mankind No evolution of matter can pro
duce the living image of God for God is
not matter and matter is not spirit Even
though we might imagine that a gradual
process of evolution is implied when it is
sad And the Lord God formed man of
the slime of the earth yet this was only
the animal man and the next step was
clearly an act not of evolution but of
original creation And breathed into his
face the breath of life and man became a
living soulEx
No Men > ry for ifC
Worlds Pair Boomer in Washington
my dear general I am glad to see you Ton
remember meeting me when you wero in St
Lonis I am sure
PanAmerican Delegate slightly puzzled
I remember your limo very well sir but II
have forgotten all about St Louis Were
i i it Chicago Tribune I
Did Hot Spare the Rod
Squire Sawbuck of tho school committee
Ive been talkin with the new schoolmas
ter Smart man I
Deacon Homespun Yes what branches
does he seem V kncow tho most abeout
Wed from his talk I should say he knew
American most aboout birch branches3 Lawrence
Altogether Too Personal
Deacon t eldcrI thought Brother Sharp
leys remarks the meeting last night were
very pertinent didnt you
Elder who took Brother Sharploys criti
cisms directly t himself Pertinent No
sir Lowell I Citizen thought them very impertinent
I Sideboards
Lady in furniture store t new clerk
Where are those handsome sideboards that
you had last wcl
Clerk embarrassed Oh Iershaved
them off day afore yesterday maam Life
TVhat She Was Thinking About
We sat in the parlor together
And watched her beaming fae
And I said to myself can I sec there
Of love o myself a trace
lii is she thinking about me
And wondering if Ill propose
Or arc the thoughts of tho maid tonight
Of other and richer beaux
I thought cud ECO by her glances
The glances sho cast at me
That I was the ole sho thought of
The husband that was to e
And my heart went out t the maiden
And faster anj faster it beat
And 1 Mid non this is the moment
To throw myself at her feet
Yes ye I said I will ask her
For now is tho chance I se
To give tho beautiful darling
Her hand and her heart t ms
2utshe looked at the clock and Bhoasked
Pray isnt it time t Jog
i after eleven and father
Has purchased C Tig bull dog r
Bcstoa Courier
The Eeacling of M Haraiicourts
Mystic Poem
I Enthusiastically Received Some Very
Strong and Dramatic ScenesBow dyism
and Cries of Assez de Christ
Special t THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
PARIS April 5By cable to the New
York HcraldJLa Passion a mystic
poem in six parts by Edmund Harancourt
was read at the Cirque dHiver last night
by Sarah Bernhardt Phillippe Gamier
and M Bremant Leamereauxs orchestra
executed selections from Beethoven and
Wagners prelude to Parsaval the
motive of which from the scene I
sympathizing with the Saviours utterance
Eat this bread it is my flesh drink
this wine it is my blood was enthusias
tically applauded I was just before the
prelude that Mme Bernhardt robed in
white flowered brocade looking exactly
one of Albert Deers paintings of the
Virgin Mary entered the salle followed
by MM Gamier and Bremont attired i
in evening dress to interpret the
roles of Christ and Judas Iscariot
The enormous auditorium of the Cirique
d Hiver was crowded to its utmost capa
city 4000 persons being present
The poem is a sort of mystic representa
tion of Ecce Homo The Virgil is a
woman in whom all her natural instincts
and love for her son are in conflict with
her religious awe and devotion to the vice
gerent o God Sarah Bernhardt read the
lines l exhorting Christ to fly and save him
self from torture and crucifixion with an
Impassioned i yet subdued force that
caused profound emotions The audience
appreciated this and shouts of Bravo
Brovo 1 and round after round of applause
burst forth when M Gariner read the lines
of Christ as he drove the moneychangers
out of the temple and M Bremont pro
nounce the mocking retorts of Caiphas
the high priest Some of the youngsters
I the gallery made a scandalous demon
stration in favor of the principles adduced
by the publicans and two or three butcher
boys i yelled out Hurrh for the publicans
They are better than our bookmakers at
As M Gamier pronounced tho words
of the Savior calling little children to him
and exhorting to charity and repentance
two i or three voices shouted Assez de
Christ i assez de Christ The audience
rose to their feet with excitement and
cheered and applauded the actors
men in the premiere seats of the
parquet the fashionable portion of the
house shook their fists at the butcher
boi sand the men who had interrupted the
performance and demanded that police
should put them out of the house A la
porte a lajporte resounded on all sides
and the excitement was tremendous M
Gamier with difficulty made himself
heard as he shrieked Ladies and gentle
men do you wish the reading of the poem to
continue or not It not we will withdraw
Oui oui oui continuez was heard
from a parts of salle mingled with a few
shouts of Non non
Mme Bernhardt trembled with emotion
and pressed a dainty handkerthief to her
eyes and wept There was a perfect pan
demonium Nothing could be heard until
M Harancourt the author bowed down
to the platform where the actors were
seated and shook them all warmly by the
hand and facing the tempestuous audience
shouted with stentorian voice The actors
will pause a few moments to enable those
persons who are discontented to retire
1 Harancourt was cheered loudly with
shouts of Bravo Harancourt bravo
bravo Then by the aid of the police
some thirty or forty pf the discontented
left cirque
This lively and agitating scene had now
lasted half an hour Sarah Bernhardt and
her fellow actors were pale and nervous
but the audience with the stormy element
now eliminated shouted Continuez con
tinuez Then the reading commenced
again and was deservedly r applauded
M Harancourts versification is excel
lent It is resonant and thoroughly dra
matic The scene between Judas and the
Pharisee who bribes him is very strong
That between the Savior and the Virgin
just before the crucifixion is very dra
matic and is represented with scenery
and stage mechanism are arranged with
open air accessories as at Oberammergau
would be most effective
The Herald correspondent met Sarah
Bernhardt in the lobby just as she was
leaving the cirque She was rather nerv
ous at the movements she had just passed
through but more eager than ever to in
terpret La Passion with all the cos
tumes abd requisite scenery
M Edmund Harancourt the author of
La Passion is one of the most talented
of the younger French poets EJesaid
We wanted very much to have the r
piece interpreted in costume appropriate I
scenery and all the stage mechanism neces
sary for such a drama The authorities
however were inexorable and all
that could be al
obtained was
permission to give a reading ol Ihe play in
costume de vie I is a curious coinci
dence that all of 1 Harancourts
uncles and there were eight of
them were in holy orders Most
of them perished in the performance of
their duties as Roman Catholic mission
aries in China Burmah and Brazil but one
them survived is now in Bishop G Thibel
To Prevent Gerrymandering
WASHINGTON April 5Bya party vote
of 7 to 5 the House committee on election
of the President and VicePresident and
Representatives in Congress today
authorized a favorable report with amend
meats on the McComas bill to prevent
gerrymandering 3ocngressional districts
The bill also provides Representatives
to the Fiftysecond Congress shall be
elected from districts composed of the
same territory and having the same
boundaries as those from which Repre
sentatives in the Fifyfirst Congress
tatves Fifrfrst Congess were
elected The minority of the committee
will submit a report in opposition t the bill
Sir Samuel BSiers Views on Africa
LONDON April 5Sir Samuel Baker the
wellknown African explorer has written
a letter to the Time indicting the British
government for a policy which he de
clares has led to the los of all the posi
tions gained in Africa by enterprising and
individual Englishmen He justifies the
alliance between Emin and Wissmann and
says it was only natural that Emin should
join the German government expedition
which will never imitate tho fatal
of the English force advancing only example to re
treat Sir Samuel points out how the Ger
mans may in a few months regain the
equatorial province by founding a station
at Victoria nyanza and forming an alliance
with Myangu King of Uganda thus
eventually securing control of the White
Nile at Gondokoro while Italy will Whit
master of the situation
by gaining
situaton posses
sion of the border and Kassola Khartoum
will then naturally fall InlurtOlm
s To Settle Mexican land Grant Claims I
CHICAGO April 5A Washington special 1
says One of the great problems that Con
gress has had to do with for the past fifty
years i th settlement bf Spanish and
Mexican land grant land claims in the
intermountain country of the westGVa
rious efforts hand been vainly made by the
leaders of both houses to devise an accept
able and sufficient bill From the present
ihdication the House is going to send into
the Senate soon just such a measure as
will satisfy that body This is Congress
man Wickshams bill To establish a
United States land court and proviae for
the judicial investigation and settlement of
private land claims in the territories of
Arizona and New Mexico and the state of
The court is to exercise jurisdiction over
th e settlement of private land claims hold
in g alternate sessions in Washington and
the states and territories designated It is
to also have an attorney The Wickham
bill provides that when the description of
the land shall require the location to be
ascertained by mountain ranges mountain
tops forests and the like natural objects
whereby or by any description thereof the
quantity of land in any such grant or
concession is uncertain said court shall
declare and adjug sucbclaim organtvoid
except as to that part of the land in such
grant in actual possession of the grantee or
hi s assignees or legal representatives at
th e dates of the treaties of concession
Petition is required to be made to the
court within three years Failure to com
ply invalidates a claim Another striking
feature of the bill is that no confirmation
shall be made or patent issued for more
than eleven square leagues of land
I the Senate
WASHINGTON April 5 Among tho peti
tions presented was one from the president
of the Methodist church mission protesting
against the passage of the bill providing
for the deportation or imprisonment ot
Chinese j found in this country without cer
tificates Also a resolution of the board of
commerce of San Francisco against the re
peal of the Chinese exclusion act and for
additional legislation effectually to prevent
Chinese immigration
After a short executive session the pri
vato bills on the calendar were pr up
and 113 bills pased in just one hour
Among them was one giving a pension of
50 a month to Mrs Caroline B Stevens
daughter of Senator Baker of Oregon I
who was killed at the battle of Balls I
Bluff and one giving I pension of 100 a
month to the widow of General John F
S Adjourned
A Fact Worth Knowing
Astigmatism which is the inability to see
lines running in different directions
equally distinct is the principal cause of r
defective sight and by far the most annoy
ing and is only detected and corrected by
a specialist thoroughly acquainted and I
practiced in the application of the scien
tific tests In such cases not only must t
special lenses be provided but they must
also be mounted just the proper way as
the same lenses fitted any other way will
be positively hurtful r
Dr G W Tibbits the occulist and aurist
of 10 East First South street is very suc ti i
cessful in such cases His office is provided
with all the scientific tests and lie is thor
oughly competent and practiced in the use
of these tests for full and complete cor
rection People tvhose eyes trouble them
from optical defect will secure permanent
money relief applying to him and will also save I
How a Weiorn Youth CqjnbineTl Senti
ment and SciciiceiSuccossfiilly
It was at Spirit lake at the very lmit of
ho pier Thoy were all alone There wi is
no moon but tho stars were big and bright
and so full of self conceit that they looked at
themselves in the water and winked Par
out a boat slid noiselessly along In a nearer
boat a fair tenor voice carelessly hal
hummed half sang a common love song i
From the hotel came now and then the
twang of the strings the orchestra man
dolins On such a night a this did Dido
stand upon the wild sea bank and wave her
love to come again t Carthage On such a
night n this did Je cbut a truce to the
bard 1 It was the sort of night on which a
man could make love to his own wife Iand
those two Edounrd and Alicia had not yet
bespoken their tender vows
Do you know anything about the stars 1r 1
inquired Edouard in a voico liko the murmur
of the wind in i
mur summer trees
A little answered Alicia tenderly I
know some of the constellations Great
Bear the
Yes interrupted Edouard I know all
about the big bear and I can find the North
star but right over thero is a group Do I
you know the name of that1 And Edouard
threw his arm across Alicias shoulder and
pointed to a cluster of shining worlds in tho
Alicia leaned toward him I dont know
what that is she breathed 4
a one who did
not care
And thero is another constellation just
over our heads Edouard passed his arm
around her neck and placing his band under
her chin s tilted it that it would b easy for
her to see And then to Alicias eyes the
heavens became ono grand carnival of cpu
stellations Shooting stars chased each other
athwart the firmamentconipts played riot
ous games among the planets and finally
there came a soft and radiant blur which hid I
them alL
Edouard had kissed Alicia Seattle Post
Intel ligencer
What Ho Vas After
I heard a funny story about William Henry
Hurlburt the other day It seems he has I
been in the country incog aud somebody
recognized him down in the park staring up
at tho new World building with dreamy
amazement and rushed up to him heartily
Ha my dear Hurlburt glad t see ydu
The astonished oxjournalist drew himself 1
up Confound it sir he said I am not
Hurlburt aud I am not back sir
Then ho drew his mantle about him and r
hurried away
But ho was not to escape thus as ho turned
into Chambers street his old friend Simpson
met him Why Hurlburt how do you do
What are you after now1 I
After a blasted feed and Ive caught i up
with himlTrutu I I
Easy Enough When Ho Didnt Try
Driving over tho hills of western Jersey
last wok a reporter stopped at n lonely littlo
cabin in front of which old
ebiu an man was chop
ping wood and inquired the distance to Anthony
thony The lank and aged citizen straight
ened up and attempted to reply He got as
far a
Tttttttt when his faco grew red and
his grimaces became distressing Ho stop
ped took ft full breath and tried again with
no better success Ho was thoroughly mad
now and his distortions were really sugges
tine of an attack of apoplexy The old fel
low suddenly gave it up and broke out with
out any difficulty
Darn ye drive on and joll git there afore
I can tell ye 1
The reporter drove onNew York Sun I
His Flea
Cumso Simeral Did you hear about Gosling
I Cnmso No whats the matter
Simeral Ho was arrested for kissing a
Boston girl but ho escaped a fine
Cumso How did he
CumsHow manage
Simeral Ho pleaded
SiemlHQ plede temporary insanity
Munsoys WeekJ
Lr u
Emperor William is Making Hissal
Influence Felt
Introducing Simplicity the MOle of Liv
ing Among Army Ofliccrs Bismarck Will
Give Opinions on Important Matters
BERLIN April 5Copyright 1890 by the
Now York Associated Press Tho events
of the week have accentuated even more
than the resignation of the chancellor the
new era of the German history Until his
actual departure the public were loath to
believe that the Emperor was in earnest in
parting with Bismarck Henceforth his
attention will be divided between Freid
ricksruhe and Berlin the center of the
new and untried ime I is impossible
that the Emperor could have been an un
affected spectator of the unending tributes
of admiration and respect that poured in
upon his discarded minister I is also re
ported today that he has again refused to
consent to the publication of Bismarcks
letter of resignation The public still de
dine to believe that the retirement of Bis
marck is final it being urged that he is by
five years the junior of Gladstone and that
he may still count on a decade of activity
The Car tellers hae offered to resign two
seats in the reichsta in favor of Bismarclc
but it is certain the exchancellor and his
son will not accept them at present The
Emperor having declared he will recognize
but two partiesthose for and against him
he will be likely to disregard conventional
party divisions and seek assistance in a
LiberalClerical coalition Thus Bismarck
in the event of entering the reichstag
might seem to be in the unusual position of
the nominal if not actual leader of the op
position The opening of the reichstag and
the royal speech are awaited with the keen
est interest Dr Windthorst claims three 1
indispensable concessions in return for his I
support of the government The return
of all religious orders religious teaching
in the schools and the removal of tho dis
cretionary and revocable character from
all concessions made to the Catholic party
The Centrists are well aware of the
strength of their position and intend to
derive every possible advantage there
According to the National Zeitung the new
military bill provides for a permanent in
crease of 16000000 marks in the annual ex
penditures For the moment colonial
affairs overshadow foreign politics Von
del Heydt the financial backer of the East
Africa company recently declared that i
Bismarcks departure was the sign of a I
new and energetic colonial policy Reich
ardt tile explorer in a lecture showed L
that it is of the utmost importance to se
cure possession of Tabora which place is
further inland than Mpwapwa This and I
the strengthening of the treaty footing in I
I the German sphere of interest appear from rr I
inquiry in the most reliable quarters to be
the sole objects the EminWissmann ex
pedition Emin has advised the conclusion
ofa treaty with Bevanaheri in order that
his assistance may be secured in advance
for the Germans The exact scope of the
expedition is not yet known but it is cer
tain however that the Emperor will de
cline to consent to the adoption of any cob
nial policy antagonistic to England During
the visit of the Prince of Wales the Em
peror did everything possible to show the
value he attached to I close friendship be
tween the two nations
The Emperors solicitude regarding the
army is further shown in an imperial order
published today to the effect that in view
of its
incompleteness the reserve infantry
military officers system hitherto pursued
which provided that the officers must come
from the ranks of the nobility must be lex
tended so as to include those noble by
character in order that the sons of honor
able middle class families may hold ap
appointments in the army The same rules
also apply to the civil service and the Em
peror further disapproved of the holders of
commissions being dependent upon the
private income of aspirants and therefore
decrees that their pay be increased 1
At much length he enjoins the
commanders to set an example of >
selfsacrifice to officers and check
indulgences in unnecessary luxuries and
habjts naming costly presents and the giv
ing of frequent banquets etc In conclu
sion the Emperor desires that lists of as
pirants betsubmitted to him together with
the names of officers who do not conform
to the rule to preserve a simpler mode of
The Kcichsazicgcr publishes a series of i
articles which are supposed to be directly
inspired by the Emperor on social politics
and reforms So far no definite projects
are mentioned but the tendency is toward
legislation for the regulation of the work
ing day and wage question
The Deutsch bank is about to issue
shares in the new German and American
trust company to promote and protect in
vestments in American stocks
Bismarck to Give His Opinions
Special to TIE HERALD Examiner Cable
LONDON April 5Almost concurrently
with the decision of the
wih new German
chancellor Count von Caprivi to abandon
the practice of furnishing official inspira
tion to the utterances of
certain journal 1 s
tind to place respectable newspapers on the
same footing in regard to the publication
of political information
informaton comes the an
nouncement that Prince
Bismarck has con
sented to publicly l >
ublcly express his opinions on
political and other important questions at
frequent intervals through the press As
the exchancellor was the chief
exponent of inspired journalism
in Germany during his official career
himself furnishiug all of the inspiration
that was of interest to the world it would
seem that Von Caprivis decision is likely
to have little influence in shaping new de
partures On the contrary it may be
safely assumed that what Prince Bismarck
may write over his signature will be more
widely read than anything that has ever
appeared unsigned in an inspired news
paper presumably at his behest I appears
quite plain that Bismarck as exchancellor
side will be a very sharp thorn in the Kaisers
A TomFool Banking Scheme Bill
WAUINGTON April 5By request
Senator Ingalls today introduced a bill L
providing for I system of banking by the i
United States proposed by the Wage i
Workers alliance It provides for the
provdes es
tablishment of an executive department of
banking with a at its
secretary head with
it a
salary of S000 and four assistant secre
tarries with salaries of 3000 each Bank
ing for the people is to be done free of cost
except such merely nominal
fees as are
necessary to pay expenses Branches shall
bo established at the postofflces throughout
the country and maintained
Jnd as long as nec
essary Loans will be made on security
interest payable the 31st day of December
every year A failure to pay interest shall
terminate the loan and after the shal
security the excess over theloau if any
shall be pad to the borrower The money
necessary for the transaction of the de
partment shall be furnished by the treas
i ury of the United States and it shall be
full legal tender for all debts shal
ful cl and dues
vithin the
United States Tho money
shall be printed by hand on silk threaded
I paper at the bureau of engraving and print
nnXn tlia JTollowinc dauaiunLcJJnntu
ln tbral wmQ dauoiDnnt On L
two three and five mills one two three
and five cents one two three and five
dollars one two three and five eagles
oue two three and five condes 1100 and
one two threeaml five talents 1000
The Alleged Glove Swindle
NEW YOKE April 5 Collector Erhardt
said this morning ho had received no in
formation regarding the reported swindle
01Ge the government by glove exporters in
Bishop Goodsell Denounces the Liquor Jnteres
NEW Yom April 5At the Methodist
Episcopal conference today Bishop Good
sel l in an address sid that ministers
should not sit on the fence waiting make
up their minds which way to go The
liquor traffic was roundly denounced The
Methodist churcb Bishop Gdodsell said
had no favors to ask from the liquor inter
esMI s It was eminently proper that the
Methodist church shouldtake the lead in
labor questions as it was the church near
the people
Conference of lioulaiiglsts
LONDON April Boulanger and Lai
san Deroulde Laguerre Rochefort and
thirtyone other members of theBoulangist
committee held aconforence in Jersey yes
terday Upon its conclusion tho commit
gave a grand breakfast to Boulanger
The Head of the Home Becomes n Phil
anthropist with Unexpected Results
One day just as we were seated at tho din
ner table MrBover queried
Mrs Bowser what have you done for
charity this fal
I have sent about 100 worth of money
and clothing to our poor relatives i Ne
Humph I said charity
Well if you mean how many old tramps
I have fed how many beggars baskets I have
fled and how many quarter I have handed
out t frauds I can answer you that they are
very few What has started you on tho sub
ject of charity all at once I
All at once The subject has always ben
of the deepest interest t me I have always
felt sorry because I had so little t give
Wo said no more about it but I took meas
ure to discover what ho was up t He owned
9 lot with an old dilapidated and untenanted
house on it Ho was intending to give this
house t any ono who woultl tear it down or
remove it but a humanitarian advanced i
brighter ide He also owned an old house i
but it wa occupied by four or five families
Ho could get no rent disliked the notoriety
of ejecting them and s ho suggested t M
Bowser that our old shanty bo put in repair
for tho reception of some poor and worthy
people he knew of Mr Dowser fell into tho
trap Ho bought lumber hired carpenters
and had paid out 200 before the house was
habitable He tried t keep it all from me
but I kept posted on the work nevertheless
When everything was ready four families
swarmed into the house and blessed Mr Bow
ser When ho came home that night his her
was full and after a little skirmishing around
he sid
Mrs Bowser something happened today
t melt my heart
Ye What was itf
I let four poor families move into our old
house over there rent free and you ought to
h ave heard them asking Heaven t bless me
I t raado mo eel like a womanlike a child
Iivish I was rich enough toy help ten thQt
sandpoor folks
Well I hopo they will appreciate what
you have dono n
Why of course they will Any one of
them would crawl on his hands and knees for
But will they b satisfied with what you
have already done
There you go If you had your way
about it youd lock the doors and burn em
all up Satisfied O course they will b
and are rnoro than sat
The bell rang and the girl said it was a
man to see Mr Bowser Ho went t the
door and the caller said
Had a deuce of a time t find yon old
chap but Ive finally hit it Say do you
know b my wife feels imposed upon You give
that Clark family the best rooms in tire
house and they are no better than we are
Ill do my best to coax tho old woman t be
have herself however but you will have ic <
come down with some tin I want 5 for
grub and fuel
Mr Bowser gave it to him and hurricc
him out of tho house I pretended not to
have noticed nnythiug but ho continued to
look anxious until bedtime Wo were just
through breakfast next morning when a
woman conic t < tho door and inquired for
M As ho went into tho hal sb
And is this the way yea treat a poor and
unfortunate family
My good woman what isitf
A good dcalsir Only one penstock for
four families to get water at and theres
rats in your old shanty sir rats And do
you know wo have no wood t burn Think
of a Christian man expecting people to get
along this weather without wood
He gave her some money and hurried off
and they gave him a ret for two or three
days Then two women who had evidently
been pulling hair all tho way over reached
our house as Mr Bowser came up They
wanted something settled They wanted it
settled then and there They didnt euro so
much about tho absence of a door plate but
as one of them demanded
Wo want to know sir who owns them
front door steps and wlOpe children have I
the right to knock out the window glass
I dont know how he settled it When he
cama in he looked s uncomfortable that I
did not ask any questions Next day there
was a man t see him and on the day fol
lowing a woman camo to make complaint
and for six weeks hardly a day passed that
some of his free tenants didnot show up on
one excuse or another The last ono came
from a whole family husband wife and
five children Wo were in bed when they
came They pulled tho bell until Mr Bow
raised window and asked what
ser risd I was
We want you to come down I replied the
And give an account of yourself added
3Ir Bowser went down They gave him
fits about the water the stairs the front
gate the woodshed tho cellar and the ceilings
ings They wanted all tho other families
turned out the the house
street paved pint
oil and tho room They were out of
meat potatoes wood and flour He argued
and discussed and finally told thorn to go to
tho county house At this they all jumpcl
for him and nothingbufc a strong door saved
him from violence
Was it satire ono who wanted the doctor
I asked as he came up stairs
Mrs Bowler do you hear me he replied
a he struck an attitude under the dim g
I do
Then let mo warn you that this has gone
far enough I oin done with charity I you
ever get mo into another such scrape youll
hear from my lawyer a soon a I can file a
bill I
But I didnt get
Thats enough Youd squirm out of a
knot bole Ill go over and set fire t the
wholo business tomorrow I I
Bat that very night tho old house burned
t the ground and Mr Bowser didnt express
his gratification that all T tho inmates escaped
California Pioneers i Chicago
HolcLan Interesting Meeting
o i
A Conference Held at Senator Chandler
Residence on the Silver Question
Stanford Going to Europe
CHICAGO April 5The regular monthlj
meeting of the Western Association oi
alifornia Pioneers was held this after
loon in this city It was addressed by
Colonel Brewerton of San Francisco and
Hon I M Hutchings the discoverer ol
Yosemite valley who gave many interest
ing incidents of early life in California
Both gentlemen together with Mrs Franli
Lewis of Santa Cruz county Cal a sur
vivor of the
Major Donner
party won
unanimously made honorary members
Colonel Brewerton was a captain in the
irst of the
regiment United States army
which reached the
Pacific coast
being ac
companied by Kit Carson In a brief
eulogy of Hutchinson Secretary Jackson
stated that it was through the formers
efforts that toe state legislature finally
gave a pension to T W Marshall the di3
c overer of gold in Californfa
Mrs Lewis the third honorary member
was one of the
party which in 43 was
snowed up near Lake Taboo in Nevada
while on the road to California the flesh
of the dead members of the expedition being
used as food after the horses and dogs hnc
all been eaten and starvation stared them
in i the face
The association appointed a committee tc
meet the New England California pioneer
excursionists who arrive in Chicago next
Saturday on their road to the coast A
reception will be given them to which all
Calif ornians will be welcome
Republican Senators and Silver
WASHINGTON April 5About twothirdr
of the Republican Senators met in confer
ence tonight at the residence of Senator
handler to discuss the silver question
The western Senators those known as
silver men had the floor at first and ex
plained their views at length When rep
resentatives of the other sections ex
Dressed themselves no marked preference
lor the Windom bill as against the Jones
bill reported by the Senate committee on
finance was shown It was the general
opinion that Congressmen should harmon
ize upon some measure of legislation on the
silver question and press it to passage at aa
early a date as possible The exact pro
visions of this measure will probably be
defined at their conference to be held in the
near future
The action of the Republican members ol
the committee on privileges and elections
i requesting Chairman Hoar to prepare a
national election law was referred to and
it is understood to have met with the ap
proval the conference
i Senator Stanford Coins to Europe
SAX FRANCISCO April Senator Lelano
Stanford arrived here from Washington
today and in an Interview stated
that he will go to Europe for
the benefit of his health and
that he has notified his associates in the
northern portion of the Pacific company to
accept his resignation as president of that
Lieutenant StolPs Case
WASHINGTON April 5The record of the
courtmartial of Lieutenant Stall was re
ceived by General Schofield this morning
and referred to Acting Judge Advocate
General Lieber for examination and report
Dons Pedros Condition Critical
CANNES April 5The illness of Dom
Pedro has assumed a critical phase Ha
was in a comatose state during the greater
part of yesterday His condition was so
serious that it was deemed necessary to
administer the last sacrament
The exEmperor revived today and is
Amending the Articles of War
WASHINGTON April 5 A bill passed
amending the articles of war to provide
that in times of peace general courtsmar
tial for the trial of commissioned officers
shall be appointed only by the President
the general commanding the army or the
general officer commanding the military di
vision that the judge advocates must not
be present at any deliberation of courts
martial in close session Also a bill pro
viding that in time of peace all enlisted
men charged with offenses now recogniz
able garrison or regimental courtsmar
tial shall be brought before a summary
court which shall consist of the line offi
cer second in rank at the post or station
or in command of the alleged offender who
shall hear and determine the case and
when satisfied of the guilt of the accused
adjudge punishment The accused may
object to a hearing by the court and de
mand a trial of courtmartial which shall
be granted by right
Also a bill increasing to eleven the mem
bership of the board of managers of the
National Home for disabled volunteer sol
Rhode Island Supplementary Election
PROVIDENCE R I April 5The supple
mentary election today brings the legisla
ture to stand 47 Republicans 45 Demo
crats There are yet seventeen members tt
be elected and besides these the Republi
cans need seven to carry the grand com
m ttec
Two Democrats Elected
NEWPORT R L April 5The supple
mentary election today for first and fourth
representatives resulted in the election ol
two Democrats It is possible the election
is i not legal as it was held under the old
voting system instead of under the pro
visions of the new ballot law
Carry their toothpicks in their back hair
and always use them aftereatinganythinp
They take care of their teeth and the teet
take care of their stomachs Use tooth
picks freely clean with SOZODONT am
bad teeth and breaths will be scarce
Is the test of fortitude among the Indiai
tribes But we defy any Cherokee Siouj
00 Comanche to endure the twinges oi
rheumatism without wincing These in
deed are slight at first but grow in in
tensity until they become unbearable No
malady is more obstinate in its maturity
than that which gives rise to th em The
more need then of attacking it at the out
set Foremost among remedies for ft la
Hostetters Stomach Bitters safer and in
finitely more effective than colchicum
veratrum and aux vomica all remedies
which might prove destructive of life in a
slightly excessive dose Mineral depurenta
also when not positively mischievous are
far inferior in remedial power to this
salutary botanic medicine It entirely ex
pels from the blood the acrid impurities
which originate the disease and enriches
as well as cleanses it Constipation liver
complaint dyspepsia and other alknentt
1 r I

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