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I y J
HK DAILY HEHATJ is published every morn
Ing Mondays excepted at THE HERALD Block I
corner West Temple and First South bret
Subscription price i advance 81000 per an
num post paid
Wednesday and Saturday morning Price in
advance 0 per year six months 8175 post I
THE SUNDAY H ERAIj > published every Sunday
morning rce in advance 8250 per annum
post laid
BtJBSCKiBnns will confer a favor q forwarding
information t this office when their paper are
no promply received This will aid us t de
termine where the fault lies
ALL communications should be addressed t
Salt Lake City Uth
By the year Invariably in advanceflOOO
By the month 100
By the week 2
T T D0NBAH C Circulators
Parties removing Jrom one place to ant and
desiring papers changed skoM always give former
as vi ll present address
Entered at the Postofflce at Salt Lake City
Utah for transmission through the mails as
condclass matter
TiE HERALD takes off its cap again this
morning and makes its best bow t the pub
lic freely acknowledging that to the pub
lic i due the first praise for the possibility
of a live and teeming twentyfourpage
Journal in a city the size of Salt Lake A
paper may have grit push and enterprise
with plenty of brains scattered through the
various departments but if the public with
holds its recognition it might as well pull
flown the front window blinds and use it
cqlumns for the dissemination of the princi
ples of the Salvation Army
Nothing marks the growth of Salt Lake
more pronouncedly than the growth of
TIn HERALD Fourteen months ago the
Sunday issue considered a very good
sheet for those times printed a total of
ninet six columns or 1723 inches of mat
ter and the fortyfourpage Christmas
Edition of December 1SSS was considered
nlmost a marvelous achievement TIE
SU nAY HEUALD of today consists of 16
columns or 3C9G inches of matter very
nearly equal to the number of inches In
matter of comment that Salt Lake papers
ure five years ahead of the town THE
HERALD hopes to keep there and as long as
the big public shows its appreciation of
Dur efforts as it does today by making it
possible for TIn HERALD to print two ad
vertisements to any other papers one we
have no fear but we shall continue to make
the comment hold good
THE SEW board of regents of the Univer
sity of Deseret held its first meeting on
saturday and a perusal of thereport of its
proceedings will tell of a good beginning
Dr P AUK as reelected president of the
faculty and secretary of the board I
would seem from this that the policy and
course of the university are not t be
changed and also that politics is to be kept
out of the institution Everybody will be
pleased by this and all will feel like
thanking the board for doing nothing that
would tend to destroy the usefulness of
the university
If you dont believe in whipping at the
post for wifebeating you are in sympathy
with the wifebeater if you favored the
amnesty of rebels you were a rebel sympa
thizer if you denounce bills of attainder as
punishment for treason you are an acces
sory t the crime i you regard capital
punishment as an excessive punishment
highway robbery you sustain and uphold
the highwayman i you insist that every
man charged with crime shall have a fair
andimpartialtrial and shall not be punished
unless proven guilty under the rules of
evidence beyond a reasonable doubt then
you are the friend of the criminal and
the supporter of crime if you do not
regard disfranchisement a the proper
treatment of a man whose onlv
crime is membership in the Mormon
church then you are a polygamist by in
stinct and opposed to the enforcement of
the laws made t suppress polygamy Such
Is the logic of DUBOIS and his clique of po
litical conspirators
Other members of Congress whose ab
horrence of plural marriage is quite as
strong a that of Uuitois and whose respect
for the fundamental principles of freedom L
and jealous regard for human rights are i
much stronger than his believe that
the unrepublican unusual and exces
sive punishment of disfranchisement for
crimes never committed should not become
S feature of the constitution of an Ameri
can commonwealth To punish for polyg
amy for unlawful cohabitation for aiding
and abetting in the commission of those
Dffonses and perhaps even t visit upon
those convicted of such offenses the addi
tional punishment of disfranchisement in
the judgment of patriotic and nonfanatical
citizens i to follow the safe precedents of
free government but t go farther and
punish the man who has never married
polygamously who may not believe in it
who has made up his mind t obey the
laws of the country so long a he is sub
ject to its jurisdiction who ha never
aided or abetted in the commission
of the offense nor advised or en
couraged its commission i to overleap
the requirement of the situation and to es
tablish a dangerous precedent
The moral makeup the unpatriotic
despotic disposition of a man who like
DIBOIS can father a scheme t deprive a
large class of fellow citizens of every
right dear to free men deserves the con
demnation of every wise and good man
the indifference t such outrageous wrongs
manifested by honorable citizens of Idaho
End of this territory who are fully ac
quaintedwith the character of the people
sought to be disfranchised is unworthy
their manhood
It is a time when every man to whom
Justice is more dear than political success
In whose breast the love of humanity is
more strong than the love of power in
whose mind reason is more potent than
sophistry should denounce the efforts of
the IdahoDunois crowd and of some local
politicians to do a worthy class of citizens
a great wrong
TrI SACKAMEXTO Bee is out with an edi
tonal advocating the licensing of gambling
I md in favor of the establishment of a state
1 city lottery It says that lthe human
ace always did gamble and will continue
y do until the end
so unti of time There are
strict laws against gaming but they are
lot enforced for several reasons Prob
ibly one of the principal causes is that the
luthoritics receive bribes not t do so
Another reason is that eight people out of
ten prefer t have the games going
The only way to regulate gambling is by
l licensing it By this means the municipal
r treasury i enriched iaics are redu di
L r
and only the socalled square games can
be conducted We would like to know
what sins or what crimes for that mat >
I ter cannot be protected and made
legal through the same line of argument
Our contemporary gets upon a peculiar
platform when it argues that because a
wrong practice cannot be prevented it
should be made legal and protected by license
cense For the sake of their reputation it
is t be hoped that the people of Sacra
mento do not agree with their newspaper
in itSjimmorality
sioo roit A GUESS
Some assert that the present population
of Salt Lake city numbers fully sixty
thousand and they base their declaration i
on a pretended knowledge of the people i
now here There are others who insist
that there are not more than thirtyfive I
thousand people who can claim the city as I
their home or abiding place THE HERALD I
regards both these estimates as extreme I
and i it were going to guess would fix upon
a number about midway between the two I
stated The population in 1SSO was 20703
and if the growth had been normal and
steady that figure would have furnished a
guide for a present estimate but the in
crease has been neither normal nor steady
It was regular up to threo years ago since
which it has been very irregular but all the
time great The past year has been re
markable for the increase so much so that
the new faces on the street are so numer
ous and the old ones so infrequent
that one almost feels that it is a
new community There is therefore no
rule or basis beyond a general observation
which will aid one arrive at a probably
correct estimate of the population All is
problematical and when one says there are
so many people here h simply guesses at
the number THE HERALD proposes to
make this guessing interesting and to set
all the people at it Just how this is to be
done i detailed in another place of this
mornings issue One person at least will
find that to be a good guesser is a valuable
acquirement for he or she will receive
100 for naming the number nearest the
population of Salt Lake city as shown by
the census to be taken in June There will
be nearly two months in which to guess
and l will be strange i somebody does not
hit upon the exact figure ascertained by
the enumerators I
THE ALBUQUERQUE Democrat is brief bu
to the point in the following editorial
paragraph Further comment would be
unnecessary The Mormons in Idaho
are thought to be Democrats so they are
disfranchised by the Republicans the
Mormons in Wyoming are thought to be
Republicans and so they are permitted to
retain the rights of franchise Yet a Re
publican Congress swallows both constitu
tions All is fish that comes t the Re
publican net
Our Malad Idaho correspondent in this
issue of THE HERALD tells the final story
of the conspiracy and perjuy cases which L
have been pending so long and been the
occasion of so much annoyance trouble
and exposure These cases grew out of the
exciting election contest of 1SSS There were i
some men who did not believe in the valid
ity of the test oath law denying the suf
frage to members of the Mormon church
and these concluded t vote in defianqe of
the law but they were prevented by the
registration officers who declined t list Ir I
them unless they would swear that they
did not belong t the church Some of r
these thereupon made up their minds t
sever their connection with the church
and thisthey did in the only way open to
themby giving written or public notice to
the church officials of their withdrawal
In most instances the withdrawals were
acknowledged in writing by the S
and the names stricken from the books
Having done this half a hundred or more
exMormons demanded registration and
subscribing the test oath in which they
swore they were not members of the
church their names were regulary listed
The election coming on some voted but
others did not However all were indicted
by the grand jury specially selected for
the purpose some for conspiracy others
for perjury and some for both offenses
The district attorney and the grand jury
held that the severance from the church
was not sincere and genuine hence the ac
cused committed perjury when they swore
that they were not Mormons I will be
remembered that the accused among whom
are many of the best men of the county
were brought to trial last year when the
jury disagreed a to all save one of the de
fendants SAMUEL G DAVIS who was found
guilty and was sentenced to fine and im L
prisonment The case was immediately
taken to the supreme courtof the United
States on a writ of habeas corpus and a
few weeks ago the court decided that DAVIS
was legally convicted the test oath law not
being valid The others were brought up
for trial at the June term of the district
court Our correspondent tells what
courL tels was
done The defendants did not regard it
that they had violated the Jaw and they
pleaded not guilty Then an effort was
made to obtain a jury and it being appar
ent that the trial could not proceed the
fiftythree defendants being required to
appear again and again as the terms of the
court came along a consultation was held
and the prosecutor agreeing t accept for
the county 1300 or 25 from each of the
accused the latter entered a technical I
plea of guilty the fines were imposed and
the defendants discharged Thus ends a
case which has acquired a good deal of
notoriety and been commented upon quite
generally by lawyers and the press Un
the circumstances the defendants doubt
less pursued the wisest course escaping by
the expenditure of the least money possi
ble and the avoidance of further annoyance
and trouble A trial and conviction would
have been attended by considerable ex
pense and been followed undoubtedly by
imprisonment The accused were in a
sense at the mercy of their enemies the
law the couts and the officials all
being against them That the prosecutor
and the judge showed mercy is due to the
tion fact thattho defendants accepted the situa
VICTORIA THE good queen is said to be
thinking of abdicating in fa von of ALBERT
EDWARD the heir apparent VICTORIA has
been upon the throne more than half a cen
tury and her reign has been most enlight
ened progressive and successful She is
now 7 years of age is broken in health
and in the nature of things cannot hope to
live more than three or four years while
her death is looked for at any time It
would therefore seem wise for her to re
tire while it i possible to place her son
firmly upon the throne for there is great
liability that if she goes hence before sur
rendering the crown there will be an end
t monarchy in Great Britain The popu
lar love for the Queen is so great that the
people would ba loath t do anything that
would offend her So long as she wants to
reign the people will not object and it is
believed that they would respect her
wishes if she were t retire in favor of the
Prince of Wales thus putting off the abol
ition of the monarchy at least one genera
tion And t i5n nearthedanger in
1 1 f
ALBERT EDWARD that there was a few
years ago when he was younger and
given up t the pleasures of life rather
than to mat rs of state He is on the
shady side of life and of necessity must be
less merry and more circumspect than he
j I was ten or fifteen years since
nate in its board of assessors Just
at this time it is unfortunate that Salt
Lake county court has not the power
which the Kansas board possesses The
latter has been fixing the basis of assess
ment of real and personal property for the
guidance of the assessor The rate for
horses mules cows and personal propert
is placed at onethird its valne corn to
the amount of 2000 bushels in the hands of
the farmer is exempt from taxation and
all over that amount must be listed at 3
cents a bushel wheat 20 cents a bushel
real estate onefifth its cash value
The Union Pacific Railway company will
do well to consider carefully the filling of
he vacancy caused by the death of FIAN
CIS COPE There is more than one reason
why the appointment of Mr COPES succes
SOl is worthy of careful consideration and
not the least among the number is the announcement
nouncement that General Manager D ODGE
of the Rio Grande Western Rail
way company is to make his headquarters
in this city
Human nature is about the same the
word over and it is a feeling which is
natural to almost all men to give the pref
erence to those who do the most for our
personal interest and next to those who
do the most for the interests of our city
The establishment of the headquarters of
the Rio Grande Western in this city means
that that road is working to secure the ben
fits of the prestige which the Utah
Central held for so many years
viz that of a local or Utah road
I would be waste of time to attempt dis
prove the fact that a large percentage of the
patronage accorded to the Union Pacific
in the years gone by was due to the circum
stances that the road was connected with
Sal Lake by aJocal road officered by our
own citizens and that the general freight
and passenger agent Mr Core was one
of the most efficient and pleasant gentle
men to be found in the city Had it not
been for these facts hundreds of cars of
freight which came to the city from the
east that were routed via the Union Pa
cific and Utah Central would have come
the other way Today there is no Utah
Central and i the present management
imagines for one moment that it can go on in
the future as it has in the past completely
and almost entirely ignoring the interests
of this city and treating its citizens with
little or no consideration said management
may awaken one of these line mornings to
learn that the business of Salt Lake has
been transferred to a competitor
Corporations have no souls is an old
saying and a true one at the same time
the men who arc managing their affairs
should endeavor to convince the patrons of
the soulless institutions that the business
which is accorded to them is appreciated
I is only a few weeks ago that a very
numerously signed petition from the pa
trons of the Union Pacific was handed in
requesting the appointment of a very pop
ular gentleman 11 JOHN H RUMEL as
the successor of Mr COPE THE HERALD I
has heard nothing whatever as to the man
ner in which the petition was received by
the officials of the road but we wish to
say that in case it shall be disregarded by
them it will be a serious mistake and one
which will be fully appreciated a the
years pass on Utah has been treated in a
manner that does not invite the most pro
found and overpowering feelings of love
to fill the hearts of her citizens
for the Union Pacific and it would be well
for those in charge of the companys af
fairs to endeavor to mend in this particu
lar if they have the interests of the road at
heart and do not care to see its business i
pass out of it hands into those of a rival
Nearly all the citizens of Cache valley feel
under such obligations of gratitude to the
Union Pacific company for the treatment
accorded them that all they lack to shov
how fully they appreciate the efforts of
the company in their behalf is the chance
to patronize another company I is too
well known to need comment from us that I
one by one the men in the employ of the
old Utah Northern were forced out of
their positions to be succeeded by
men from the east Mr GEORGE W
THOTCHER found things were so unplcasont
for him that his own selfrespect demanded
that he retire from the management of the
road A corporation should try inasmuch
as it is devoid of a soul to get a
it representatives not only men with abil
ity and who are the possessors of souls
but those who are also the possessors of in
fluence in the place where they reside
We look around us and see one man out
of twenty succeed and we naturally ask
what is the reason the other nineteen do
not succeed As a rule the failure cannot
be traced to the lack of ability but is due
to the failure to get a firm hold on the
affections of the public and therefore a
failure to get the support of the com
munity I is hard for an individual to
stand alone in this world and make a
financial successof life or other kind of a
success for that matter as we are depend
ent on others for nearly everything in this
life While this is true of individualsitis
also true of corporations although it does
not seem t be generally recognized Salt
Lake city has had no favors from railroads
in the past and is therefore under no debt
of gratitude and her citizens can recall the
fact that they have more than one slight to
Now dont misunderstand us This is
not written for or against the Union Pa
cific neither is it written in the interests
of the Rio Grande Western nor do we
wish to influence trade in the interests of
the Union Pacific as against tho other road
THE HERALD is for Sat Lake city and when
the leading citizens and the patrons of this
paper mako a reasonable request of the
Union Pacific company we desire them to
know that they can count on our support
and we also want the railroad company t
know that it would do well to prove
to the public that it is appreciative of the
interests and wishes of it patrons even
if thereis no soul in the corporation
It is gradually dawning on the minds of
the public that the Utah Central has passed
out of existence and that its place is occu
pied by one of the biggest corporations of
America The longer the people are in ap
predating the change by seeing their
friends and those with whom they have for
years done business in their old places tho
better it will be for the interests of the
company Tho community is made upof
individuals and is as sure t remember
when it is well treated as the individual
although it may not move with the
same speed in showing disapproval
Salt Lake city is the center of Utah and i
issure to be so for all time and for the rail
roads to treat the vere
city though it were a
side station is sure to bring its reward and
that reward will not be the most profitable
to the interested railroads when tho day of
competition arrives I is as certain that
there will bomore than one railroad with
thiscitv forits headouartersi as that the i
u > 4
ticJo of immigration is from the east to the
west Before other roads arrive it will be
well for those tha are within hailing dis
tance t intrench themselves in the affec
tions of the public to that extent that their
business will not melt away from them
when the new lines come
TiE HERALD has no ill will toward the
UnionPacific ana we therefore hope that
its officials will have the good judgment to
consult the wishes of its natrons in the
naming of a successor t Mr COPE I
has been said that one of the reasons why
Mr RUMEL has little chance to secure the
position is that ho left the employ of the
company and is therefore not entitled to
the consideration which he otherwise
would have THE HERALD does not speak
for the gentleman but we are confident
that we speak the facts when we say that
the reason he left the service of the com
pany was the same as that which caused
every longheaded man on the lino of the
Utah Northern to accept the first good
offer which came along to get out of the
c companys employ When a man of ordi
nary intelligence sees the heads of local
friends dropping off to make places for im
portations from Boston or some other
place in tho east he generally steps down
and out when a good opening is presented
and thus saves those in charge of
the companys affairs the task
of amputation Where are the local men
on the line of the Utah Northern who
were in tho employ of the company when
it wag a local road and owned or at least
controlled by home capital Echo answer
gone Mr RUMEL has good ears and no
doubt heard the echo and hence his re
signation Good mule sense suggested to
him the propriety of resigning and THE
HERALD says that good mule sense should
suggest to the Union Pacific folks the pro
priety of his appointment inasmuch as
their patrons desire it
There has come a little lull in tho real
estate market Sales arenot so numerous
as during February and the early part of
March and fewer big transactions are re
corded Some people are interpreting the
aLing off as indicating a collapse which
certain persons have been predicting
They are saying that the beginning of the
end is showing itself and that there will
be no revival
I there were nothing back of the activity
which has been witnessed here during the
past few mouths jf the spirit of specula
tion had alone controlled in the buying and
selling THE HERALD might take some stock
in the evil predictions of the disgruntled
and believe that the socalled boom was in
decline but there was something be
sides speculation in what has
been going on The buyers have
not all been purchasing wholly
with the view selling at an advance All
these strangers that we see on the streets
are not here for the purpose of dealing in
real estate A few may have been attracted
by the prospect of a boom and come with
the hope of cleaning a few thousands and
retiring many however are here to stay
they arc buyingto hold they are building
or preparingto build homes they are going
into business having in full faith cast
their lot with us ajid made Salt Lake their
abiding place The older citizens in point
of residence are proving their faith and
showing their confidence in the city by in
vesting in stone brick and mortar as never
before anil are paying prices for city lots
and acreage which tell better than words
that boom or no bjom Salt Lake must con
tinue to be a ficlTand prosperous and pro
gressive city
I may also be said that while the trans
actions are not so numerous as a few weeks
ago prices continue firm property being
valued by the holders at all they ask for it
There is no marked eagerness to sell
which would be the case i there were any
real suggestion of a collapse for it cannot
be denied that prices are high
The croakers may possess their souls in
peace for there will be no falling out of the
bottom no goip rto pieces of the boom I
is not in the nature of things that there
should be a collapse The great majority
of the population is permanent the
people are here to stay this is
their home and to the growth and
prosperity of the city are they devoted I
the boomers and floating population were
to pick up their traps and go elsewhere it
would not in the least degree affect the
welfare of the city nor check the progress
not would their departure be followed by
a material decline in prices except as to
some outside tracts which have no influ
ence on the value of city real estate
In our opinion the present lull will be of
short duration and it means nothing
I has often been said that the people of
Salt Lake take peculiar pride in their in
stitutions and achievements in their socie
ties their tastes and their evidences of
culture and a high civilization And why
shouldnt they There are many things to I
bo proud of and i the community were I
insensible to tho praiseworthy and com
m ndable which exist it would be strange
and unnatural There is the dramatic and I
musical talent which is conceded t be far
in advance of anything to be found in
other cities of equal population
I is well known that Denver
and Omaha in comparison with Salt Lake
city make dismal failures in attempting
to place upon the boards a firstclass opera
At tho time of the concert for the Johns
town sufferers and at tho concert given
by the renowned GILMORE in our taberna
cle the chorus under the leadership of Mr
EVAX STEPHENS would have beena credit
to city five times as largo as ours There
has been nothing more gratifying to TIE
HEKALD than the permanent organization
of this chorus and tho enjoyment which
the public will undoubtedly have durng
the musical festival which we understand
is to be held sometime during the month of
May is already being looked forward to
with keen interest
No other city in the union can boast f
an auditorium the equal of theSalt Lake
Tabernacle in acoustic We have tho
largest and grandest organ to bd found
Our chorus a stated considering the size
of the city is beyond compare Well
does the writer remember the visit of the
celebrated ALBINI to the tabernacle and
her exclamation of delight in listening to
the fine playingof Mr RADCLIFFE and Mr
WEIHE also the singing of Mr EASTON
She was not only charmed but wonder
fully surprised to find such an auditorium
in the far west and such masters of their
respective instruments as Messrs RiD
Our Home Dramatic club is the pride of
our citizens We have recently spoken of
the artistic and poetical talent of the city
and expressed regrets that it was not fully
appreciated I is gratifying to know that
the Home Dramatic club and STEPHENS
opera company havealways met with the
hearty support of the public and we aro
confident that Mr STEPHENS efforts at the
coming musical festival in May will be
substantially rewarded by our citizens and
that in addition all will feel grateful to him L
for I scoring one more triumph in favor of
this I city
With our beautiful valley surrounded
by 1 its magnificent mountains and our salt
lake which is unequaled in America and the <
artistic operatic and dramatic talent of
ourcitizens we have a combination of ele
ments I and gifts which go to make this I
delightful place in which to dwell
There is one thing which speaks vol
umes for Salt Lake city and that is that I
whenever a person who has resided here
for a number of years goes away it is only
a question of ashort time before he or she
desires to return to locate with us perma
THE regular monthly meeting of Salt Lake
Typographical union will be held at the usual
nlace at a p m today A full attendance of the
executive committee is desired to meet at 1
THE F E Warren Mercantile company invite
all conference people to visit their establish
ment and see the j Fischer piano which C
one of their number will be awarded at the
theatre Wednesday next
days temperature is as follows At 6 a mSalt
Lake City f Helena 33 Ft Custer 3 Ft
Washakie Rawlins 0 At 1 a mSalt
Lake City 5 Ogden 55 Stockton 53 Bing
ham 48 Park City 49 Provo C
HEREAFTER the Union Pacific train leaving
Ogden at 1 p m will leave the junction city on
time Heretofore thiS train has been held to
make connections with delayed trains but this
custom has created so much dissatisfaction t
it has been decided to abandon it
THE following marriage licenses were yester
day med with tho probate clerk Jacob J r
West to Jane K Everill both of Salt Lake I
Milton H Russell to Nellie Prescott of Lima
Montana Edward Richens to Sarah E Drape
of Big Cottonwood Simon Kellstrom of Park
city to Kasa Grata Engo of Salt Lake city
TOMORROW Monday evening at 730 oclock
the recently elected directors of the Deseret
Agricultural and Manufacturing society will
hold I meeting at President Henry W Law
rences ofllce in Kimball block opposite HE HALO
office for the purpose of organizing the new
board and making preparations for this years
THE skeleton of an Indian was unearthed
yesterday by workmen engaged on a trench for
a water main on Second North between First
and Second West The exwarrior was buried
in a sitting position and his remains showed
that he must have been far above the average
height Mr Milando Pratt secured some of the
war sack paint that had been buried with him i a
THE long loudly and frequently debated
question What is the population of Salt Lake
cityi will be a more burning question than
ever from now on THE HERALD announces in I
its advertising columns today that it will give
fiOO to the person who makes the closest guess
the figures of the United States census enume
rators who begin work all over the nation June
I to be taken to settle the question Guessers
and computators go to work Read the adver
tisement start in to cutting out your coupons
from this paper and forward your guesses to
THE HERALD census bureau gcsses
THE popularity of the manly art in this city
despite the numerous knock outs and black
eyes it has received at the hands of the author
ities was fully attested by the very large au
dience which assembled at the opera house last
night to witness the exhibition given by Billy
Maddens pugilistic starsJoe and Jack Mc
Auliffe I was an exhibition pure and simple
and the presence of a number of policemcnwho
were there to preserve the peace was unneces
sary Both of the McAuliffes are tip topper
The event of the evening was the setto be
tween Billy Madden and lack 1 McAuliffe which
was a fine display of skill and satisfied every I
body The contest between Joe McAuliffo and
the Michigan giant in which Mac was to knock
down the 1Ichiganderj was very tame and the
knockdown i not of the fake fakey was so
nearly allied to it as to arouse suspicion This
was doubtless due to the efforts of the men to
obey the letter of the law and they succeeded
limit in not getting within hailing distance of that I
Ingratitude is considered so base a crime
that no man has yet been found to plead
guilty to it yet there is one other crime
that exceeds ingratitude it is the crime
of indifference Who will bo bold enough
to maintain the doctrine of infallibility in
the administration of national affairs I
therefore wrongs can exist either in polt
cal i or ecclesiastical government indiffor
once to wrongs gives license and strength
to men t plot against the purity of consti
utional liberty No nation has ever been
known to fall by a single blow from trai
tors Step by step men wander away
from constitutional restraints under the
guise of working for the public good In
I novation upon innovation is being made
upon our institutions to meet what politici
ans term Uthe spirit of the times Our national
I tional polity like Christianity is mride to
bend to every shade of thought which pro
duces indifference among the masses who
should of right hold the balance of power
in defence of national entegrity Men become
come indifferent to future results as indi
vidual interest becomes lucrative and attractive
ractive There has ever been among man
kind a thirst for notoriety which must bo
gained at any price whether that price be
the sacrifice of principle honor or veracity
Life is so short in this highly cultivated
age that a scramble for office and opu
lence becomes to some men Inevitable A
gaudy inscription upon n marble slab has
more charms for the ambitious than tho
virtues that follow national honor and i
vital Christianity
The tendency of the ago is not towards
good government but rather towards the
accumulation of wealth and the extension
of territory On every hand and in every
nation on the earth this is the greatest
incentive to public and individual Jreatest
This great nation is following tho foot
steps of all others for tho attainment of na >
tional greatness at the sacrifice of national
unity We do not mean altogether a unity
of states we refer toa unity of the people
on national questions What harmony is
there existng among the representatives of
the people for the general welfare Every
move that is being made by the present
dominant party points to an exclusive right
to control our national and state affairs
which if it has any meaning at all pre
sages a central government X requires
no prophet to read tho future of this na
tion when party triumph is accepted as
of more value than national rectitude
The patronage of a dominant partywhen
used for party ends will prove fatal to
constitutional liberty for the simple rea
son that men will too often sacrifice their
better Judgment for the sake of reward
which will create an indifference towards
political corruption Indifference is the
gate through which men escape from in
dividual responsibility We say America
for Americans but who are truly Ameri
cans Those only who maintain the spirit
and genius of American institutions at all
hazards An American has no party The
spirit of democracy or government by the I
people as a whole bind him hand and foot
to his sacred pledge to mantain a constitu
tional government as against political rob
bery and party spoliation Let honest men
say whether or not the spirit and scheming
for the possession of political power in L
Utah is not permeating the whole nation
When the people in these mountains ap
pealed to a certain chief executive and laid I
their grievances before bun he asked Do
you say that this condition of things really
exists in your midstl Yes was the re
ply Then I can do nothing for a people
that will not defend themselves against
such atrocities
We ask now of what avail is i to plead I
with rulers The whole nation is against
us Professing Christians infidels and
traitors anything even a mongrel can
smile at and rob Mormon not because
he is disloyal or ever has been towards a
constitutional government Disloyalty to
us means an unlawful course for the attain
ment of political ends The leaven that I
political manipulators have introduced into
the body politic in Utah will work until 1
the whole American lump is leavened In
fallibility and a negative Christianity will I
fail in the attempt to establish peace on
earth and good will among men Of what
value is a simple admission of the truth of
the Christian system if men hope to obtain
eternal life That life must begin on earth
by a practical maintenance of the Christian
virtues Loyalty to our government must
be blended with love for God and man
There is no such a thing as a separation of
the Christian virtues from our allegince to
our government Church and state are
divided only by a line that places all things
in its own order Our national government
ment is equally responsible to God for its
acts a the church is
Itis the imperative duty of the state to
protect the citizen in his political rights it I
should maintain the rights of all whether
Christian or infidel it is the perogrative of
civil government to use force when re
sisted in the maintenance of justice and
equity The church preaches Christ and a
life to come and finds its strength in God
and the vitality of eternal law founded
upon love and truth and whenever a man
becomes a Christian he becomes the better
citizen as Gods laws forbid disobedience
to constitutional and Christian law My
church right or wrong is a misnomer my
country right or wrong is also a misno
mer and my party right or wrong is as
the deadly Upas tree that destroys all that
comes within its deadly influence know
nothing aside from God and just laws
God and my country one and inseparable
1 am a citizen of America because she pro
fesses to love me and protects me in my
rights and when she forsakes me or gives
me over to spoilsmen and traitors to gves
I can still look up to God that founded out
grand constitutional government and ask
him to restrain the wrath of menVEKITAS
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aturday when the ottlce will close at 3 pm
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s ell us The CONDITION Ofan an Introduction X
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acquaintance following purchased
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quest all persons contemplating making a pur
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upon them Many of them are well known re
liable citizens Some few reside out of
the city Had they all left their addresses we
would publish them Read the list of those
that were WISE and go and do likewise
W E Smedley W A Harrington
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John Schotleld W C Farrow
James McKinley William Howell
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D A Engler Joseph Smith
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Mrs S Fennemore Win Fcnnemore
Remember that the terms on lots at I17M
must be cash and the money is payable when
the lots are selected from the maps In the
office Do not ask for lots at a past weeks
price for we can recede from our position Next
week the prices go away up again Do not de
lay buying too long Extensive improvements
are In1 contemplation
Headquarters at 274jMain street the Origi
nal Greenes omco
C51 South Main Street
c i =
c s k 0
i7 a
Entrance half a block east of Deseret National Bank
v 0

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