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i FREE WAtr THET SALTLME 71 What is the Population of
O OX XI MOV r1L Ur K J HERALD 0 E 100 Salt Lake 00
i I I s The Republican Bills are About
Li J i Completed
Is Inserted i the Senate Bill Con ernlng the
J Ninety Per Cent Rule Plunus
llnanclal Plan
V ianell Pln
I < WASHINGTON D C April 14ESpecial tele
I f gram to THE HKUALD The committees up
I pointed by theRepublioan caucus of tie House
t and Senate held a long session today and o c
I agreed upon a silver bu The Senate bU authorizes
t j thorizes the secretary of the treasury to buy
i 4500000 ounces of silver per month and to issue
I Ii notes redeemable in bullion or lawful money
i < Tho point for which the eastern Senators have
J contended i that a lIt should be set upon the
t ri monthly purchases They hare secured it 1
r this bill and this they think is its chief
f th bi ad is chef su
I periority over the Windom bilL
r k 4 The number of ounces which it
r t i proposed to purchase would at
l J the price of silver represent about f our millon
three hundred thousand dollars in value As the
price of silver rose toward a parity with gold
the value of the purchases would gradually rise
1 towards five million nine hundred thousand dol
1 t lars per month A proposition which the Sen
ate committee has decided to couple with the
j slyer proposition is one that authorizes nations
1 i banks t issue circulating notes o tne lull
I I 1 amount of the bonds deposited as se
j t L curity instead of only 90
i curiy istead 9 per cent
r as under the existing law This would increase
Cl the national bank circulation about I per cent
AL and retard the present tendency withdraw
I 4 circulation
I A bill containing the same proposition i now
pending i the House but it i opposed by the
very men who are clamoring for an inflation of
the currency The Republican committee of
the House has agreed t the principle of the
issue of bullion certificates upon the
silver product of the United States
without limiting the amount bat has
adopted an amendment making the certifi
cates redeemable in gold coin silver com or
treasury notes at the option of the tcasury A
i strong effort is being made to unite the party
in each house upon the plans agreed upon i
committee It i believed that all cf the Re
publican Senators with the possible exception
of Mr Plumb of Kansas and Mr Sewart of
Nevada will stand by the Senate
h plan and refuse to vote for free
coinage The members of the House committee
are confident that they can secure an agree
ment They also are laboring tonight with
I their par associates to this cnd The Sena
tors teem comparatively indifferent whether the
1 House committee agrees with them at the joint
meeting which is to be held tomorrow or
i whether they stand by their own proposition
ft They believe that the matter can be satisfac
1 tonally adjusted i each house passes its own
J measure and the subject i then sent to the
the conferenco committee
to commitee
Senator Plumbs Financial PIi n
WASHINGTON April 1I the Senate Plumb
introduced a bill for the disposition certain
funds in the treasury and asked that it be read
a he desired to call the attention of the finance
f committee to it It provides that the money
required bo deposited for the redemption of the
I national bank circulation to be carried into the
treasury and treated as funds available for the
reduction of the public debt and for current expenses
penses of the government that ah funds be
held for the payment of the matured debt and
t I Interest duo and unpaid to be similarly
c treated and hereafter no funds available above
tk the sum of 10000000 shall be retained in the
treasury This is not to be construed how
c ever as permanently diminishing the fund of
100000003 now held for the redemption of
treasury notes He said there was less than
e MOO of circulation for the use of the
65000000 of people in the United States proba
bly not more than 510 per capita The system
of finance that had been built up and main
wined had brought about that result I had its
merits and its great defects One of the great
est defects was the compulsory holding in the
f treasury of a TOr large sum of money on the
theory that it was needed and on the further
theory that the secretary of the treasury was to
be the arbiter of the financial questions of the
people It had been state i the public prints
that in pursuance of his policy of
hi pOlcy controlling
trolling the finances of the country
I the secretary of the treasury had con
1 tracted the currency during February over ten
millions He Plumb believed the retention
of the in the
money i treasury was an assump
lion on the part of the rccretary to do what
f might have been at one time proper but which
now constituted a menace to the business of the
country and ought t be prohibited by law A
Senator sitting near him had asked him for
t what nominal purpose 23OOOO OlD was held in I
I the treasury He would tell hu A hundred
0 million was held In assumed obedience to tne
law of 1S to provide for the redemption of
legal tenders and treasury notes Sixty odd
millions were held for the redemption of
miions er redempton na
I tional bank notes Of the banks that had gone
out of business or that were retiring a portion
of their circulation between five and six mil
I i lion was held for the redemption of such notes
of national banks aslrom time to time came into
t 4 thf treasury and were found to be unfit for
further circulation About sewcn refill nvas
held for the payment of coupons due und not
presented and of the debt which had matured
jrom time to t1me but evidently which had not
been presented and some which protablv never
would be presented As to the remainder
I was impossible to toil for what It was held
f I The confusion of the subjects and of the
I amounts was such that it was impos
sible for one to tell about it
anyone t tel bat
I t the whble sum retained was about two hundred
and fifty million dollars During the last year
nearly forty million dollars of the national bank
circulation had been withdrawn To meet that
G reduction there was a coinage of silver of
l SoO monthly and the coinage of gold but
J experience showed that not only were th se two
agencies welded but there was also iceded
paper money to the maximum amoun of the
standing debt at any tie The business of
CJ the country was languishing new enter
prises were withheld old enterprises
struggling to keep on their feet that things
would continue s until a remedy was attained
and that a remedy could only come by ligisla
tIonbecause legislation combined with execu
4J4 tive notion had brought the country to where i
now was Congress would legislate some of
these days on the ironsilver question but no
4 no one knew where and no one knew how
Whatever was done would result In a great ad
S ditition t the money of the country geat this
measure of his would
measur give the addition
I at once and the money could be din
horsed within Sixty days He had vertured
thus publicly and brlelly to coil the matter
t the attention of the finance Jcattr
ie hoped i would report the bill or something
like it after its next meeting The soethng
1m afer is nex nleetng bill ivas re
ferred to the finance committee
A message from the House annount d the
t death of Randall and after a resolution for the
I appointment of a committee to attend his fu
I neral had been presented and read Cameron
t moved concurrence The resolution was agreed
C t and Quay Allison Dawes Voorhoes and
EURlis were appointed As a further mark of
journed respect to Randalls memory the Senate ad
I Tongue Hirer Indians Turbulent
j WASHINGTON April 14The commissioner of
I Indian affairs hat received a telegram from the
Indianagent asking for the troops to surpress
a threatening upnsicg of the Indians on Tongue
river rescrrationm Montana
National Linseed Oil Company
dt CHICAGO April 14The National Linseed Oil
r trust as a trust has ceased to exist and in its
place now stands the National Linseed Oil com
I pady chartered under the laws of Illinois The
owners of fortynine liaseed oil mills and Iforty
i = elevators having from 750000000 bushels down
and a tine oManlr cars are Interested The cap
ital fleck is S18JOOOOO The old trustees have
r t t been u elected president directors with Mr hutton of I
i To Brine Sailors Into labor Unions
= NEW Yom April Delegates representing
thcvarions organisations of firemen sailors
1 i tearout oraniations fremen and
f of this city Brooklyn New Jersey Philaflcphia
BaltimoreBoston and Chicago met today for
the purpose of forming a national organization
Resolutions advocating the affiliation of all sea
j I
I faring men at the Pacific Atlantic gulf and
lalc ports with the amalgamated unions under
one head in order that a uniform rate of wages
and equal conditions be established through the
United States were adopted and also one
pledging the union to buy only goods of labor
manufacture where obtainable
I tho House
WASHINGTON April 14An air of sadness per
vaded in the House when the speakers gavel
called that body to order Draped in black and
ornamented with a handsome floral design the
seat long occupied by Randall recalled to the
members the fact that their old colleague had
passed away forever The crayon portrait of
the exspeaker that hung in the lobby was also
tastefully draped with emblems of mourning In
his prayer the chaplin made a touching allusion
to the dead Congressman and when he had
concluded ONcil of Pennsylvania delivered a
brief eulogy then offered a resolution of regret
at Randalls heath and providing for a commit
tee of nine members of dt House to attend the
funeral The House then adjourned
A Fugitive from Justice
I DAYLBSTOWK Pa April 14J Monroe Shel
lenberger a lawyer now a fugitive from jus
tice alter having swindled rcsidinis of Bucks
I county out of 5150 was seen in New York
Saturday capture Large reward arc offered for his
A Good Example for Salt Lake
DENVER April 13For several Sundays a
great many saloons and restaurant keepers
have been selling liquor on the sly contrary to
law Today the sheriff made a raid on these
places and arrested ninety proprietors some of
whom are tho most prominent in the city They
were locked up i jail ball being refused them
The Great Democrat Passes Quietly Away
Opinions of Those Who Knew Him
WASHINGTON April 13It was a sad and II I
touching scene at the Randal residence on
Capitol hill when Congressman Samuel J Ran
dall expired at 5 oclock this morning Around L
the bedside were gathered the family physi
cian and PostmasterGeneral Wananaaker who
had all kept constant watch during the night
A few moments before his death he opened his
eyes and looking tenderly at hte wife said in
a low tone mother a word instinct with all I
the fondest recollections of their long and I
happy married life aud by which he always
called his wife when none but tho family were
near He looked into her eyes as i about to
say something more but seemed to have no
strengt left and i a few minutes he passed I
The watchers saw that all was over and the
the brave wife and daughter who had nursed
and cared for him during his long illness could I
restrain their feelings no longer but gave way
to their grief gye
Speaker Reed called this afternoon to ex
press regrets and learn the wishes of the family
wit respect to the fnneral terrices Among
the callers were Secretary BlameexScnator
Ferry of Michigan who stood next to Randal
during the electoral count proceedings ex
Speaker Carlilse Representative Breckmridge
of Kentucky Springer of Illinois and many
Expressions of regret at Randalls death
were universal and sincere
Representative Mills said
He was a very great mana man of unim
peachable integrity and a natural born leader
of men He had more of the elements of lead
ership than any man I have come in contac
with since I have been in public life Nothing
but his views on the tariff prevented him from
being the leader of the Democratic party I i
had not been for that he would have been nom
mated for President in 1870 and said Mils
with emphasis he would have been elected
and seated for he would have asserted his
rignls But whatever he believed or his opin L
ions were he would never change them no
matter what would happen Why when our
tarl bill was up I pleaded with hlmt urged and
begged him to make some
besed concession or com
promise but ho believed he was right and could
not be moved When all his party except Sow
den and one or two others had come over he
still heltort an 1 would not move That was
the only thing on which we dilTered
Major McKinley said The death of Samuel
J Randall takes out of public life one of the
ablest and purest of our statesmen He was a
natural leader men No man could have been
a geater one As speaker he seemed fitted for
the post always firm and resolute in party con
tests yet fair and courteous to his opponents
In the great contest of 1S76 no man can tell what
might have happened but for his strong and
loss clear head I feel his death to be a personal
Speaker Reed said My esteem for him was
very great I always had and expressed the
highest admiration for his steadfastness and
courage He was a good friend a brave man
and a statesman beyond reproach
Carlisle said Our relations have been not
only friendly but quite intimate I always re
garded him as an honest man in public life and
he was undoubtedly a man who had strong con
victions and the courage to stand by them I
think his death Is a great loss to his party and
to the country and ne deserves to be remem
bered for a great many important public ser
At 10 oclock tonight Wanamaker said the fu
neral had been fixed for Thursday morning
There was a steady stream of callers at the
Randall residence today to express sympathy
with the bereaved family A large number of
telegrams of condolence were received from
well known persons The remains will be I
taken from the house at 8 oclock Thursday to
the church where they can be viewed until 930
when services will begin At Laurel Hill ceme
tery the casket will be opened and an opportun
ity given the friends of the dead man to view
the remains The honorary pall bearers ae
George W Childs A J Drexel Colonel Alex
R McClure William McGullcn
McCure Wiiam lIcGulen ox Governor
G Curtin Charles A Dana Senator Gorman
exCongressman Sowden Representative
Blount Senator Barbour and Dallas Sanders
A Biter Contest Averted
NEW YORK April 4hat threatened t be
a long and bitter contest between capital and
labor in a strikf in the trades generally has been
averted Today the men of all the trades went
to work at the usual hour The difference be
tween the Central Labor union and the Hccla
Iron works was adjusted yesterday and the
announcement was sent forth that the mel
calltd out on Friday and Saturday should re
sume work The nonunion men employed
havo been discharged
Liverpool Dock Laborers Strike
LIVERPOOL April HIn consequence of the
refusal of the dock companies at Birkenhcad
to accede t the terms of the dock laborers
union in regard to hours of labor 5000 men
struck today
I The Massachusetts Carpenters
BOSTON April Organizers reported at a
meeting of the carpenters district council last
night that every trade organization in the state
had promised financially to support the car
penters i their eight and nine hour demand
Labor Agitation in Hungary
Buns PESTII April 1Tho men employed
at the machine shops of the railways met yes
hours terday and resolved to agitate in favor of eight
The Chicago Carpenters Strike
CHICAGO April 14 According to programme
the master carpenters belonging to tho Build
ers association made an attempt to start up
work to finish their contracts with nonunion
men The movement is not general as few non
union men were on hand It is declared that if
I the master carpenters continue putting non
union men at work a general strike of the brick
layers and masons nfL be ordered
The suit of the Montgomery Gar company a
foreign corporation against the Street Stable
Car company of Chicago for SMODOOCO for in
fringement of patents and for an accounting
came up in the federal court this morning The
bill action was I dismissed on the und no cause for
A Decision Concerning the Strikers
CHICAGO HJudge Prcndorgat of tho
county court today rendered a decision of im
portance to the striking carncnters He ordered
the assignee of the firm which had the contract
for the woodwork of the big RandMcNally
building to go ahead with the work and concede
all demands by the carpenters He also in
formed a deputation of strikers that he would
take no action affecting their interest without
first consulting them
Fatally Gored by a Cow
NEWARK N J April HMrs Peter Mona
ghan and Herman Hclnrich were fatally gored
by a cow at South Orange last night They
approached the animals calf when the cow
broke the chain by which she was fastened
kocledbo1h of them down and then attacked i
them ih her horns and hoof They were ter i
ribly cut and bruised I
The Nile Is Falling I
CAIRO April itThe Nile i falling rapidly
The United States Supreme Court
Renders a Decision
Was Properly Taken from Sheriff Cunning
hams Custody by the Circuit Court
Fuller and Lamar Dissent
WASHINGTON April 1 The celebrated
Ncagle habeas corpus case from California was
decided by tho United States supreme court to
day the judgment of theoJrcuit court being
alllnncd This finally disposes of all proceed
ings against Ncagle for shooting Judge Terry
in the railway station at Lathrop Gala on the
14th of last August to prevent him from taking
tho life o Justice Field The opinion was de
livered by Justice Miller
After the shooting Nengle was arrested at
Stockton by state officers but released on a
ha beas corpup based on the ground that Ncagle
who was acting under instructions merely per
formed his > duty us an officer of toe United
States I was on an appeal from this order
that the case was brought before the United
States supreme court After a review theetti
facts leading up to the assault including the
imprisonment of Terry for contempt in knock
ing the marshal down in open court and then
pursuing him with a drawn bowie knife and
after reciting also the numerous threats made
by Terry against Justice Field Justice MicI
iiiysIt is useless to go overthe testimony on this
subject more particularly than this I is sum
cicnt to say that the evidence is abundant that
both Terry and his wife contemplated some
attack upon Judge Field during his visit to
California in the summer of ItS which they
intended should result in his death Many of i
these matters were published in the ncwcpu i
pers and the press of California was huedaffi
filled with conjectures of a probable attack bi
Terry on Justice Field as soon as i became
known he was going to attend the cricuit court
of that year
The opinion then recites tho correspondence
between the attorneygeneral and the United
States marshal California directing the lat
i 1 gti i
ten to exercise unusual caution for the protec
tion of Justice Field against the violence of the I
errs This correspondence resulted in
Neales appointment as deputy marshal with
special instructions to attend Justice lell1 boll
in i court and while traveling between courts
and to protect him from violence After re
viewing all the facts bearing upon tho homicide
the opinion iays they produce upon the court
the conviction of a settled purpose on the part
of Terry and his wife amouting to a conspiracy
to murder Field and we are quite sure that if
Neagle had been merely a brother or friend of
Judge Field traveling with him and aware of
all the previous relations of Terry to the judge
as She was of his biter animosity his declared
purpose to have revenge oven to the point of
killing he would have been justified in what he
did in defense of Fields life and possibly of his
But such justification would be a proper sub
ject rs consideration on the trial Jr the case
for murder ia the courts of the btato of Cal
fornla and theo exists no authority in the
courts of the United States to discharge a
prisoner while held in custody by the stat
authorities for this offense unless there be
found in aid of the defense of tne prisoner some
element of power and authority asserted under
the government of the United States
Judge Miller then takes up the prppisitio
advanced by eagles counsel that Justice Field
when attached was in the immediate discharge
of his duty as judge and that Neagle nna
charged with he duty under the laws of the
United States protect Field from violence
Tho law requiring justices to go on the cir
cuits is quoted Justice Field when attache
had actually entered upon the duties of his cir
cuit and vo1 in the necessary act of retuniia
from LosAngeles to San Francisco where h >
was required by law to be when he was as
saulted We have no doubt Justice Field who
attacked by Terry was enraged in the discharge
of his duties as circuit justice and was entitle
to all the protection under those circumstance
which the law could give him The court doe
not suppose any gve act of Congress which
in express terms authorizes marshals or deputy
marshals to act as a body guard to justice
while on their circuit but in its view of the con
stitutions any fairly and properly inferable
duty from that instrument or any duty from
the marshal to be derived from the general
scope of his duties comes within the provision
of the habeas corpus act directing the release
of peisons who are in custody for an act done in
pursuance of the laws of the United States
tc would h says the opinion be a great re
proach to the judicial system of l United
States declared to be within its sphere sov
ereign and supreme i there is to be found
within the domain of its powers no means of
protecting judges i the discharge of their
duties from the malice and hatred of those upon
whom its judgment may operate unfavorably i
a person in the situation of Justice Field could
have no other guardian for his personal safety
while engaged in tho conscientious discharge of
a disagreeable duty than the fact that i he mur
dered his murderer he would be subject to the
laws of the State and by those laws could be
punished his security would be very insufficient
The plan which Terry and his wife had in mind
insulting him and assaulting him and draw
lag hiia to an offensive physical contest in the
course of which they would slay him shows the
little value of such remedies We do not believe
the government of the United States is thus
Inefficient and that the constitution and laws
have left the high officers of the government so
defenseless and unprotected
It i in the executive department that the
court finds this power of protection to exist and
in the language of the constitution directing
that tho President shall take care that the
laws be faithfully executed and providing him
with the means to fulfill this obligation by
his authority to commission all the
principal officers of the United States
I this duty asks the court limited
to the enforcement of acts of Congress and
treaties or does it include the rights duties
and obligations growing out of the constitution
international relations The
iterationul 1he court an
swers the question tt > the fact that there is no
law or the United States authorizing the gov
ernment to interfere for the protection of a na
turalized citizen of the United States who on
visiting his native place is arrested and made
to do military service and then cites tie case of
Martin liaozta an Australian where the gov
ernment without any specific authority from
Congress demanded and obtained his release
The regulations of the laud office the appoint
ing of umber agents and providing for their
payment which has been held valid by the
supreme court though there is no positive provision
vision of lew for their payment and the power of
the attorneygeneral sustained by the
supreme court to institute spits to set aside
patents obtained by frivud though there is no
statute on tho subject recited in support of
this doctrine Continuing the court say I
cannot doubt the power of the President to
take measures for the protection of a United
States judge who while in the discharge Unicd
duties is threatened with violence and flirt
the department of justice is the proper one to
set in motion the necessary means of protec
tion and that Ncagle hat the proper authority
for the steps he took for the protection and
defense of Justice Field There is says tho
opinion a peace of the United States and the
United States marshal in each case stands In
the same relation to it which a county sheriff
does i maintaining peace in the county
I cannot be doubted it would have been the
duty of the sheriff had one been picEcut to
prevent an assault on Justico Field and to pre
vent the murder contemplated by it and if it
became necessary to kill Terry In a case
where like this it was evidently a question of
choice who should be killed tho assailant and
violator uf the law or an unoffending man who
was in his there
power can Te no
question of the authority of tho sheriff to
have titleS Terry The marshal stands in the
place of uie slienff and i being his duty to
guard the judge and being present at the critical
moment when prompt action was necessary it
was his duty which ho had no lioorty to refuse
to perform 10 take tho steps which resulted in
Terrys death reuled
The court next takes up the contention that
the question of tho guilt of the prisoner of the
crime of murder is a question to be do
termIned by the courts of California I
and that the United States court
had no power to take the prisoner and release
i him without trial by jury according to tho laws
of California The courts reponse to this con
tention is that the express terms of the habeas
corpus act direct such a course where an act is
done in pursuance of the laws of the United
States mil such has been shown to be the case
here The act of the prisoner having been com
mitted in pursuance of a law of the United
States he cannot bo guilty of a crime under
the law of the stato of California and when it is
shown that he is proved innocent of any
crimes against tho laws of the state there is no
occasion then for tiny further trial in the statu
courts and tho United States circuit court was
as competent as any other tribunal to ascertain
whether the act was performed ia pursuance of
a law of the United States and under proper
authority and i was not at all necessary to
empanel a jury for the purpose
The judgment of the circuit court is affirmed
ro ulborizlngNcngles discharge from the cus I
ody of the shcrilt
Justice Lamar on behalf of > himself and the
chIef justice delivered an elaborate and vigor
ous dissent The ground on which they dissent
is that in considering the habeas corpus act a
holly inadmissible construction is placed on
he word law as used in that statute and a
who lly inadmissible application Is made of the
fg se in custody in violation of the constltu
fP cnttu
ion of the United States
It is indlspcnsiblo to observe carefully the
dist inction between individual men and tho same
> persons In official capacities We agree in as
suming the facts in the case to be as shown
by the record that the personal protection
of Judge Eield as a private citizen protecton
death of Terry was not only right but was also
he duty of Neagle and of any other bystander
And we maintain that for the exercise of that
right t or duty he i answerable to the courts of
Cal ifornian and to them alone But we deny
hat Neagle had any duty imposed upon him by
ho laws of the United States growing out of
the official character of Judge Field In short
we think thC was nothing whatever in the
act of the official character in the transaction
and therefore we think the United States
courts have in the present stato of our legisla
ton no jurisdiction whatever in the premises
There was no authority for the release of
In conclusion the dissenting opinion was I
the act of Terry had rcsulibd in the death of
Justico Feld would his murder have been a
crime against the United States Would the
jovernment of the United States havo been
competent in the present condition of the
statutes to prosecute in its ow tribunals a
murderer of its own supreme court justice or
oven to inquire into the heinous offense through
its own tribunals I yes then the slaying of
Terry by the appellee in the necessary proven
tion of such an act was authorized by the law of
the United States and he should be discharged
and that Independent of any official character
the situation being the same in the case of any
citizen But i no how stands tht5 mutter then
The lulling of Terry was not by the states au
thority his relief or vindication could only
be that of the state and the slayer should be
remanded to her courts to bo tried The ques
tion then recurs would it have been
a crime against tho United States
There can be but one answer Murder is not
an offense against the United States except
when committed at places where the national
government has exclusive jurisdiction It is
well settled that such a crlmo must be defined L
by ststute and no such statute has beer
pointed out The United States government
being thus powerless to try and punish a man
charged with murder we are not prepared to
affirm that it is omnipotent to discharge from I
trial and give immunityf all
tral roua al liability to an
tri al anywhere unless an express statute ot C
Congress is produced commanding such dis
charge We are less reluctant to come to this
conclusion because we cannot permit ourselves
to doubt that if the appellee had been Indicted
and gone to trial heforo a jury of his own coun
try God and his country would have given him
a good deliverance gven
An Alleged Expose of tho Nobles of the
Mystic Shri e
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch I
NEW YORK April lLThe Sunday Mercury I
prints four colums of expose of the secret of
the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine giving the
secret words and a complete and detailed de
scription of the initiation ceremonies The mat
ter is interesting although very crudely put to I
gether begining with a description of the furni
ture of the temple The expose says In the
order of Arabian Nobles ttyere is one degree
divided into three sections the first preliminary
the second an actual initiation and the third a
culmination of terrors The obligation is
printed and the last sectfonof the culmination
of terrors is described I this there is apre t
tended execution by hanging The Nobles are
masked and hideous noises are made Then
follows a discovery of a supposed woman in the
sacred precincts of the temple a member disguised I
guised She is dragged to the S
bl ock and a crescent cut on her breast t mem I
ber who divulged the secrets of the order next
discovered beheaded and a false head shown
to tho candidate for whose benefit all i done
A banquet follows the ceremonies of initiation I
Lftti as printed it is ahcand and imposing
anur and beautifully symbollic being worked
as it is in costumes and illustrated by death and
dishonor to traitors
low Salt Lake Stands Among the Clearing
Houses of the Country
DENVER Colo April l4ISpecial telegram
to THE HERALD ho foil owing are the clear
ings for last week of the principal cities
New York G32oO000
Boston u 04750000
Philadelphia nunuuuu 71300000
Chicago 0 u 0 00 74000000
St LouIsuu 00 23000000
Francisco 13900000
P ittsburg 15750OJO
Baltimore Cincinnati 12000000 13250000
iansas City 0 9500000
NeW Orleans 9700000
97 <
Louisville 7000000
Buffalo 0500jOO
Denver 5400000
Detroit 5400000
Omaha 4750000
Milwaukee 6000000
Providence nhu 4900000
Cleveland 4500000
0 u n
0 45
Minneapolis n 5000000
< o
StPaul 4000000
Columbus S500000
Memphis 3500000
Dallas 2500000
Hartford 2000000
Richmond 2000000
Indianapolis 1750000
Fort Vorthu 2a 000
Duluth s 1750000
St Josenh 1500000
Galveston 1400000
Washington 2000000
0 u u u
New Haven 1400000
Springfield 0 1300000
130 <
Worcester 1000000
Portland Me 1000000
Portland Ogre 2000000
Salt Lake 1600000
Seattle 1200000
Tacoma 750000
Wilmington Sioux City 1 809000 800000
Grand Rapids 700000 I
Syracuse 0 700000
Norfolk Lowell 7uO000 700000
DCS Los Angeles Moines GOOOCO 000000
New Bedford 000000
Lincoln Neb 600000
Topeka 360000
Minneapolis Boodle Aldermen Arrested
MINNEAPOLIS April lIThe results of the
grand jurys two weeks Investigation of the
aldcrmanic boodle charges was made evident
this morning when bench warrants were issued
for the arrest of Aldermen John T McGowan
and Fred Brueshager of tho First wardand City
Clerk Charles F Haney The charges are brit
cry or attempted bribery The aldermen arc
charged with solicit ng money for tho vacation
of a str eet and the city clerk is alleged to have
offered to a Chicago company to deliver twenty
paid five aldermanIc 0 votes for a paving contract i he
Elections in Portugal
LISBON April 14 Elections for fifty elective
members of the house of peers have been held
and resulted In the return of the Conservative
was and Progressist elected candidates Not a Republican
The Schooner Dreadnought All Right
CHICAGO April 14Tine schooner Dread
naughtwhich was out in last nights storm
came Into port at South Chicago this morning
hi good condition mornig
JlpCailery is Mere Play for Corhett
NEW YOHK April 14 James Corbett of California
fornia was given a benefit tonight in the Fifth
Avenue casino in Brooklyn and in a threerounrf
contest for points with DominIck McCaffrey
made game of the eastern man outgeneralling
McCaifery on every point This i did not alto
together please tho 2500 spccators who were
present for they wanted to see a knock
out In the first two rounds the sparring
was light but in the third and last round Cur
bett received hearty applause wlfen he demon
strated how easy it was for hlui to do as he
pleased with McCaffrey Steve ODonnell the
referee had no occasion for hesitation in giving
Corbett the palm Bill OBrienlt manager of the
affair said would bring Corbott and Sullivan
together before long corbItt
A Package of Dynamite
MINNEAPOLIS April HA pabkago contain
ing three and D half pounds of dynamite several
cartridges and twentyfive feel of fuse was
found near the state reformatory near St Cloud
Minn and it is thought someone intending to
blowup the instltutlonlietttefUt there proba
bly being frightened a critical moment
She i the Power Behind thede
Throne at Berlin
An Address from Canada to Emperor William
on the Catholic Question Why Her
bert Bisiaarck Unsigned
Special to THE HCRALTJ Examiner Cable
BERLIN April 13It has been reported that on
writing his final letter of resignation Prince
ismarck exclaimed Well this is worthy of
the veugenance of an empress Whether or
not this story be authentic the belief is noW
noIl night universal among the well informed
that the chancellors retirement and also the
temporal dismissal of General Waldersee
and the high appointment given to General Von
Caprice and notably the cardinal and elusic
welcome given to the Prince of Wales Berlin
are all due to the machinations of a neW
power behind the throne which is none other
than the Empress Frederick mother of Wil
amll Before and at the time of the young
Emperors accession the relations between
him and his mother were so much strained that
the two were scarcely on speaking terms
Since then by some means a notable recon
iliation has taken place Not a day now passes
without rt iQ seeing one another and the
aughter of Queen Victoria fsn far too clever a
woman and astute a diplomatist not to exercise
a controling Influence over all with whom she
is thus brought Into contact The Emperor is
too headstrong and selfconfident to submit to
ny control save that of a woman who is shrewd
enough to lead him and at the same time make
him believe he is leading her The first move
made by her in this remarkable game was to
cause him to summon his former tutor Prof
Hintzpeter to Berlin to create him privy coun
illor and to prefer his advice before that of
Prince Bismarck thus giving the latter mortal
iftenso The professor fv earnestly f devoted to
the widowel Empress who years ago person
ally selected him as superintendent of her eld
est sons education Then at the recent Or
dens fest high class decorations and dlstinc
tions were conferred upon all members of Em
press Fredericks household while at the same
tie Count Waldersee and wife were ignored
and slighted in a conspicuous manner Count
and Countess Waldersee have long been
especially i offensive to the Empress
Frederick the Countess who was for
merly a Miss Lea of New York having
during the late years of the old Kaisers reign
set up a sort of court in opposition to that of
the then Crown Princess Being aunt by mar
riage of the present Empress Augusta Victoria
she exercised at that time vast Influence over her
and her husband the present Emperor This
greatly roused the jealous anger of Empress
ITrederickand during her husbands brief reign
she saw to it that the Waldersces were practi
daily exiled from Berlin When William I
came to the throne the Waldersees returned
in triumph and the count was commonly look
upon as destined to be Prince Bismarcks suc
cessor But Empress Frederick has shown her
self more than a match for them She
has caused a hopeless cstransement between her
son and Count Waldersee and the latter is now
sent away on what is euphemistically called a
leave of absence and is to be permanently re
moved from his high position as quartermaster
general and chief of staff Another great stroke
by Empress Frederick was the appointment of
General von Caprivl to the postof chancellor
and of Baron Marschall to the post of secretary
of foreign affairs Both these officers were in
timate and trusted friends of the late Emperor
Frederick and Indeed i was Baron Marschal
who was largely responsible for the publication
of that monarchs diary The baron earnestly
shares the liberal sentiments of the late Em
peror Frederick and on that account has al
ways been particularly offensive to Prince Bismarck
marckre war welcome given to the Prince of
Wales by the gven
Emperor another noticeable cir
cumstance Only a few months ago there was a
great coolness and even hostility between the
two and the prince and princess wero treated
with actual discourtesy by Emperor William at
the time of Emperor Fredericks funeral On
the present occasion however Emperor Wil
liam has gone to extraordinary lengths In lavish
ing every possible attention of honor upon his
princely uncle Moreover when the Prince of
Wales culled upon Prince Bismarck the chan
cellor sent word that illness prevented him from
receivin him although in less than an hour
later Bismarck was out driving in the park
evidently in his usual health Another man
festation of Empress Frederccksinfluences is
to be found in the Impending reconciliations be
tween the Duke of Cumberland and the Berlin
court Like all members of the English royal
family Empress Frederick is warmly attached
to her Hanoverian relations and has bitterly re
seated the manner In which Prince Bismarc
detained thcr personal fortune of the Dukes
about fifteen million dollars for the purpose of
using the income derived therefrom as his press
or reptile fund The Emperor i now negot
cling with the duke with regard to the restora
ton of this fortune in return for which the Han
overian statesman of Windhorst prom
ibes to give a supper to hIs
partizans the government thereby placing the
latter in possession of a parliamentary ma
jority Of course the project of restoring the
vast fortune known as the reptile fund to Its
rightful owner is gall and wormwood to Prince
Bismarck and a souice of bitterness to him
Thus on eV halit Empress Frederick and
her friends are e > ing all the honors and in
lluenco of the German court while their ene
mies are driven out in disgrace and PrInce
Bismarck in retirement at Friedrichsruo has
the exasperating mortification to see his place
as the power behind the throne usurped by her
whom he was wont to term contemptous
that English woman
The Protector of Protestants
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
TORONTO Ont April 14At a large Christian
gathering yesterday afternoon this resolution
to be forwarded to William
Emperor Viiam was
unanimously adopted
To William I Emperor of Germany
Dear and Honored SirAs citizens of the
western world who feel the pulsations of life
that throb at this hour in the heart of Germany
desire to assure ou of having followed
you folowed your ac
cession to the throne with grave apprehensions
and alarm lest the Jesuits feeling confident of
the surrender of the imperilled liberties of Eu
rope to the Pope had determined to return in
force to the land from which they were banished
in consequence of their implacable hostility to
the government which the late Emperor Wit
liam was the honored head Equally sad we
have been made by assurances that negotiations
have been entered into which shall recognize
Pone Leo Xni as head of a government which
is false in fact and hurtful in theory Germany
is the natural head of Protestantism Luther
marked off the channel along which the current
of free thought is sweeping into the future To
surrender to Rome ib to out loose from God and
betray the trust committed to the libertylov
lag people of every land Your rejection of the
overtures of Leo Xm In tho spring 18S7 your
loyalty to God and his commands manifested in
jour elevated purpose to honor and keep holy
the Sabbath at home and abroad and jour de
termination to champion the peoples interests
lead us to the hope that you nave been chosen
by God to strike Romanism its fatal blow and
to build up the nation of which you are the hon
ored head in all the ennobling virtues March
at the head of the advancing thought of the
hour and you shall be more than Emperor of
Germany you shall be one of the leaders of the
embattled hosts of God on earth
What Caused Herbert Bismarcks Resignation
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
BERLIN April l4By Dunlaps cable
Count Herbert Bismarcks resignation was pro
voked by the Emperors resolution not to rec
ognize the counts private marriage with the di
vorced Princess Carolat auht of Prince Hatz
feld who married Miss Clara Huntington
The Grand Trunk and Northern Pacific
ST PAUL April 14A Pioneer Press Winni
peg special says It is said the Grand Trunk
and Northern Pacific have joined hands to build
a transcontinental line west from Winnipeg to
Victoria via Vancouver narrows and Yellow
Head pass over the route originally selected for
the Canadian Pacific by the McKenzie govern
California Doom Sealers Disappointed
SAN FRANCISCO April 14 According to the
prophecy of Mrs Woodworth George Erickson
and several other revivalists who created con
siderable excitement in Oakland some time ago
this was the day on which San Francisco and
Oakland were to bo destroyed by an earth
quake and tidal wave and the cities of Chicago
and Milwaukee were to suffer the same calam
ity There have been no indications of
and y convulsions of nature here but the
doom sealers as they have been termed
held their faith up to the last moment Several I
hundred persons who became believers In their
predictions have been leaving Oakland for high
ground during the past week or two and today
they were encamped on the hills near Santa
Rosa St Helena and Vacavillc holding re
ligious services and waiting for news of the
Burled In the Potters Field
KANSAS Crry April 14Last week the body
of an unknown man was found in Kaw river at
Argentine Has From a railroad ticket It was
ascertained he was on his way from Portland
Ogn to New York and from other papers that
ho was probably H C Bassett of New York
Tide le coroners jury returned a verdict of acci
dental death No one appeared to claim tine
body and It was buried in the potters field
Railroad Suits
NEW YORK April ILJudge OBrien of the
supreme court denied temporarily Friday the
motion to dismiss the complaint in tine suit of
Michael Gerusheim and others against
Frederick P Olcott C P Huntington et al to
prevent the consummation of the reorganize
tinn scheme for the Houston Texas Central
Today he came to the conclusion the com
plaints should have been amended and ad
journed the case until Monday next to enable
counsel to make amendment
Tine Premier Ureemvay Scandal
ST PAC April 14The Globes Winnepeg
correspondent says that Johnson the lessee of
the Nicolot house bar has instituted suit for
damages for wrongful dismissal against P
O Connor proprietor of the hotel and called as
witnesses Premier Grcenman and the woman
tho exposure of whor escapade with that
statesman he alleges has been the cause of his
dismissal A great sensation has resulted antI
a complete ventilation of the scandal Is prom
Colonel Stanton Says tire Grand Canyon of the
Colorado Abounds With Mineral Wealth
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
DENVER April 11 Colonel Stanton com
r mander the recent exploring expedition in
the Grand canon of the Colorado river today
makes public some interesting precious mineral
discoveries which his party made in that far
famed canon It now appears that the bole
reason why Harry McDonald deserted the ex
pedition was on account of these rich discover
ies He quit tine party in the cation and made
his way to Kanab Utah where ho made known
the new llnds organized a company of pros
pectors and they are now in the canon in force
the news having leaked out and a general
stampede being tho result Mr Stanton has a
fine collection of specimens consisting of all the
wellknown precious minerals as well as coal
marble etc He says that 400 miles of the
c canon shows a wealth of the precious minerals
The steel walls of the carton show quartz veins
in places and assays from specimens obtained
on the trip down the river demonstrate that
these veins are of remarkable richness The
action of the water has worn smooth the sides
of the cafiou and the vein matter is clearly dis
cernable to the naked eye Placer cold is found
near the entire length of he river Every
point panned produced colors and in places r
the bars were found to contain coarse ri i
gold in surprising quantities In place
south of Lees ferry veins were
found which had evidently been developed in a
crude way by the Indians perhaps by the now
extinct race of Aztecs Mr Stanton says the
placers could be easily worked because there
no lack of water facilities A short distance be
low Lees ferry the expedition ran across old I
Jack Summer a member of Major Powells ex
pedition In 1869 washing out gold In a primitive
way and taking out from five to ten dollars per
day Summer aged with the twenty odd years
he has spent in the canon is still looking for the
immense mineral outcroppings which were dis
covered by Major Powells expedition Colonel
Stanton is of the belief that ho relocated the
bonanza so much talked about by Powells men
Eulogistic of Randall
VAsntFCToy April 14A largely attended
meeting of the friends of the late Samuel J
Randall was held at the Arlington hotel to take
appropriate action on his death venerable ex
Governor Curtln of Pennsylvania was selected
as chairman Governor Curtin a lifelong friend
of Randall made a most feeling address In call
ing the assemblage to order and spoke of the
deceased in terms of the tenderest endearment
A committee appointed reported resolutions
setting forth the nations loss in the death of
Randall The speeches were warm In sympa
thetic feeling and eulogistic of Randalls high
character lofty ambition honest purposes pure
and exalted manhood firm and courageous de
votion to conviction Speeches were made by
Congressmen McCreary of Kentucky Blount
of Georgia Rogers of Kansas Interstate Com
missioner Bragg and others
Dead Body in the Custom house
NEW YOBK April 14A Copenhagen cable a
few days ago told of the horrible murder of a
factory messenger some time ago by one Phil
ipsen a soap maker who had confessed and
said ho had strangled the messenger for the
money he was carrying and packed the body in
a barrel of lime which ho shipped to a delicious
name at Racine Win It is now learned the bar
rel arrived here by the Thlngvalla February 4
It was shipped and the charges paid by Mr
Smith and consigned to Beresford Bros
Racine Wis Wells Fargo Co being named
as forwarders The cask was sent to the ap
praisers office where tIre head was taken off
and a little of the contents examined having a
resemblance to plaster of Paris The cask was
then reheaded and set aside with the duty fixed
at J205 The express company wrote to
Racine and learned that no such firm
was there Word was then sent to Mr
Smith in Copenhagen but of course no
reply was received When Phiiipsens confes
sion was made the authorftles cabled the
Danish consul here and the cask was examined
by the customs officials A body was found in
it in a fair state of preservation though those
who opened the cask were driven away before
more than one hand and a side of the face had
been encountered It is not yet known what
dlspssltlon will be made of it
A lucky Freshman
HAIITFORD Conn April 14 Ernest Leon
Dickinson of the freshman class of Trinity col
lege has received news of his accession to a
fortune of 53000000 through the death of an
uncle in France
Prince Karl Placed Tinder Control
VIENNA April 14 Prince Karl of Troutt
mansdorff has been placed under control be
cause of his reckless extravagance and specula
An Interview With Stanley
LONDOH April 13In an interview with the
Times correspondent at Cannes Stanley de
clared the statements Father Schinzo had made
could only emanate from a depraved nature
The Schinze party were half naked and half
starved until he provided for them Referring
to Emln Pasha Stanley said that the whole of
Emins action is on a parwith thatof Do Braze
who got lUng Leopolds money and then handed
the results of his labors with it to France
Stanley was surprised at England allowing
Wissmanns enterprise to proceed without pro
test and says the exploits of Dr Peters ought
to be watched
PanAmerican Conference
WASHINGTON April 14The PanAmeclcan
conference today adopted the report of the
committee on banking and the supplementary
report of the committee on customs regula
tions recommending the establishment of a
central union bureau of information and statis
tics concerning customs
Illinois Central Trains Suspended
NEW ORLEANS April 14All trains between
New Orleans and Jackson on the Illinois Cen
tral has been suspended Railroad men calcu
late from the seriousness of the overflow that It
will bo several days before communication is re
Grand Duke Constantine Arrested
BUCHAREST April 14The Ttelgzaful of Jazzy
states that Grand Duke Constantine has been
arrested at St Petersburg for being connected
with the revolutionary propaganda
3Iatthew Harris 31 P Dead
LONDON April 14 Matthew Harris member
of Parliament for East Galway is dead
Why Emin Entered Germanys Service
ZANZIBAR April 13Ernie openly declared
that Stanleys speeches and his own disap
pointment were the principal causes of his en
teringthe German service
John T Plmnmer ttt COB Schedules
NEW YORK April ILThe schedules of John
F Plummcr Co dry goods merchants were
filed today Liabilities S37000 nominal assets
1041000 actualiassets 75000
Were Wounded by H M Stan
ley Three Years Ago
Will Receive no Recognition from the Ges
graphical Society of Paris if He VisIts
the French Capital Emlns Doings
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEW YOKK April 11i Herald cable from
Paris says Stanley was once unlucky enough
to wound Gallic susceptibilities by a speech he
delivered in the French capital Three years
have passed since then but his offense has S
not been forgotten Ask any ordinary French
man what sort of a reception would bo accorded J
to the African explorer should ho abridge his
stay in Cannes so as to spend a day or two hero
before proceeding to Brussels and the answer
would probably be a simultaneous uplifting of
eyebrows and shoulders In Paris circles out
side of the AngloAmerican colony where the
arrival of Stanley might be thought a matter ot
some moment great and anxious has been the
discussion regarding the attitude it would bo
proper to assume toward Emin Pashas rescuer
Tho permanent committee of the geographical
society avows that it is in a dilemma On the
one hand there are Stanleys acknowledged
merits and on the other that unfortunate speech
of his
Up to the present said Comto do BIzemont
president of the committee of the society wo
have not been notified regarding Stanleys fu
ture movements consequently we have not had
to deliberate officially upon how we shall re
ceive him We have each of us however
formed personal opinions and I have no objec
tion to giving you mine I do not think it nec
essary or opportune continued do Bizcmont
to make too much of Stanley in case of his
coming here This explorer has positively no
claim upon our sympathies In interviews
printed in the Herald and other papers ho 1
showed his whole concern was tine benefit that
might accrue to England from his travels
while of Franco he said not one single word
Moreover without wishing to detract any way
from the merit of his travels I must say Stan
Icy has always kept an eye on number one Ha
Is not adverse to the large pecuniary profits
which hid business capacity enables him to
draw from his journeys in the Dark
Continent Undoubtedly he is a bold
intelligent explorer but at the same
time they are to him speculations
Now wo of the Geographical society make no
account of personal interests Our dominating
preoccupation is the interests of science Thus
it was wo gave no fete in honor of Captain
Trlevier for after minutely examining the story
of his travels wo became of the opinion that
the French explorer though giving evidence of
extraordinary courage by crossing Africa al
most alone had unfortunately followed in the
footsteps of previous explorers His notes
did not contain any fact not hitherto known to
geographical science
io return to Stanley I will give you
another reason for my lack of enthusiasm
When after his first journey the explorer came
to Parts he Considered it good taste to effect a
certain disdain fo De Brazza This American
friend of Tippoo Tib got from his French rival
as good as he gave Stanley has always
profited pecuniarly from his travels while Do
Brazza it must be said in his praise has spent
more than his private fortune on be
half of science and his adopted country
Some people may think continued De BIze
mont that because Stanley holds one of the
five gold medals awarded by our society wo are
bound to do something in his honor Nothing
could be further from the truth I can say only
this much more were the American colony to
get up a banquet in Stanleys honor I should
absent myself from Paris so as not to bo able to
accept any invitation that might bo sent me
Comte tie Bizemont will have no need to quit
the capital Stanley had the means of getting
the Geographical society out of its dilema and
he has done so When the Herald stated yester
day that the explorer had decided not to pay a
visit to Paris the members of tine society com
menced berate him
Glldden Patents held Invalid
PORTLAND Ogn April 11Judge Dent in the
United States circuit court today rendered a
decision in the cases of Washburn and Moen
Manufacturing company Worcester Mass and
Elwood of De Kalb IlL against Knapp Bur
roll Co of Pittsburg denying the motions for
an Injunction and holding the Glidden ttents
invalid These decisions affirm the decisions of
Judge Treat of St Ljmis and Judge Slims of
Serious Disturbance In n Theatre
PANAMA April ILA serious disturbance oc
curred hi South Lucia theatre Santiago do
Chili Sunday evening The management
without previous intimation changed the play
and curtailed the performance by one or two
acts The audience tore the drop curtain to
pieces the piano was smashed and chairs and
other furniture wrecked The managers and
actors beat a timely retreat else they would
have been roughly handled
The American astronomers of Harvard col
lege have left Antafagasts for Calico after com
pleting important observations
Races at Memphis
MEMPHIS April 14 Today the track was good
and the weather pleasant
Four furlongs Bowen won Joe Carter see
oat Chemest third Time 01
Seven furlongs Workmate won Marie sec
ond Mary J third tTime 123
Mile and onesixteenth Mamie Fouso won
Tudor second Jacobin third Time 115
Mile and an eighth FavetteJ won Stony
Montgomery second McAuIley third Time
Six furlongs Barney won Bonnie Taw sec
ond Oklahoma Kid third Time 1192
Parnell and Balfonrs Bill
LONDON April 14 Parnoll will make a
motion in the house of commons for rejecting
the Irish land purchase bill recently introduced
The Jewish tailors and pressers and machin
ists at Manchester have struck for shorter
hours and higher wages
The Sawtelle Confession
GREAT FALLS NH April 14The alleged
confession of Isaac B Sawtelle is universally
discredited here It is generally thought that
the story is a fabrication and that if Sawtelle is
the author he has constructed it to make it ap
pear that the murder was committed ia Maine
so that he may escape the gallows
Electric Submarine Torpedo Boat
PARIS April 14 Further trials of the new
electric submarine torpedo boat Goubet named
after the inventor have been held at Cher
bourg The boat was submerged threefourths
of an hour and performed a number of ma
nouvres which proved that she can bo handled
with perfect ease and safety under water
A Eire In Omaha
OMAHA April 11A fire this morning des
troyed the clothing store of Browning King k
Co damaged the stocks of N B Falconer dry
goods and Mrs J Benson millinery Loss
Butte Goes Democratic
WASHINGTON April 14 Messrs Maginnis
and Clarke the Democratic contestants for the
Montana senatorships tonight received dis
patches from friends in Butte announcing the
city was carried by the Democrats today They
are making a clean sweep Butte is In Silver
Bow county where the famous Precinct iii ia
Claassen Pleads Not Guilty
NEW YORK April ExPresident Claassen
wrecker of tho Sixth National Lenox Hill ana
Equitable banks this jmorning answered the
grand jurys indictment in the United States
court He pleaded not guilty
See the killing costumes of the Skule
3x10 rods Brigham street botweea
Eighth and Ninth Fivy room house No
862 barn fruit and city water Price
5300 1000 cash 1300 in sixty days 2oo4
in four months balance December 1 In
quire of owner room 42 Volley house cot
Call on Chins E Angel Secesd So
3popsito Cull nlrotel Acreage seekp

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